Bismillah in a sentence | Use of the word bismillah examples

When you are a Muslim, if you kill you must say the prayer that says bismillah (in the name of God) to be sure that the spirit of the one you are killing doesn’t attack you.

With the first cut by the knife, you must say bismillah, then the goat’s spirit doesn’t come and hold on to you and trouble you.

Some people are walking around, holding Turkish flags, and as they usually do after a soccer game, those in their cars are honking their horns, chanting and singing “Ya Allah, bismillah, Allah-u Ekber” — oh God, in the name of God, God is great.

That she found a way to work in “Bohemian Rhapsody”s lyrics like “bismillah!” or “Beelzebub” without showing her hand.

In a meeting at Camp Morehead, an American special forces camp training Afghan commandos, the top Afghan Commando, Lt. Gen. bismillah Waziri told Graham, “40% of our operations are countering [ISIS], and most of our resources are also based there.”

bismillah, 18, runs one of the stores.

“If Raheel Sharif hadn’t been chief, these militants and criminals would have destroyed Pakistan,” said bismillah Khan, a bus driver in the southwestern city of Quetta.

Retired biology professor, Felix Coe, taped two signs outside his office requiring students to say “bismillah,” an Arabic phrase meaning “in the name of Allah” before entering his office,  reported.

I said the words — bismillah Allahu akbar (in the name of god, god is great) — and I made the cut.

Global Witness lists bismillah Khan Mohammadi, who was Afghanistan’s defense minister at the time of the takeover, as one of Mr. Malik’s supporters.

“Minister bismillah Khan was not supporting Malik; he did not support him in getting the lapis mines in Badakhshan,” Mr. Salangi said.

“Commander Malik called bismillah Mohammadi to assure him that the mine was taken over, and that no one had been killed and that he would follow orders from him,” Imamuddin said.

Tracks like “bismillah” intersect with many points of history and culture: rhythm from India and Africa, the late ’60s modalism of Alice Coltrane and Charles Lloyd, and the radical new ways that more and more jazz bandleaders are conceiving and recording their music.

“It’s a bit difficult for us now to take a second person — the police stop you and give you a hard time,” said bismillah Khan, who bought his motorcycle for about $300 two years ago.

“Who won last night?” bismillah, 13, asks.

bismillah asks his friend next to him the player’s name, and then shouts after him: “Hey, Ibrahim, can you give me some of that water?” Mr. Ibrahim, tall and athletic, steps over the rope to hand him the bottle through the railing.

His sun-beaten lips moist now, bismillah puffs his chest and begins a commentary on the game in front of him as if he were on the radio: “What a glorious shot!

The ball is running toward the boundary!” “They should just give me a list of the player names and a loudspeaker,” bismillah says, satisfied with his own performance.

“It’s not just a regular jail,” bismillah says.

The provincial governor of Zabul, bismillah Afghanmal, said that as many as 1,000 Taliban fighters stormed the police outposts in the Shajoy district, along the highway to the regional hub of Kandahar, in an early morning attack.

However, bismillah Khan, the head of criminal investigations at the district’s police force, insisted only 9 people had died.

Mawlawi bismillah, the Taliban’s head of education for Kunduz, said the group’s position was intended to reduce the headache for teachers, who need to make long trips to the provincial capital to withdraw their money.

“They should come and monitor the payment process,” Mr. bismillah said.

Col. bismillah Taban, the police of chief of the district where the attack happened, said six Afghans and a British citizen were killed in the attack, and 27 others — 11 Nepalese, 11 Afghans, and 5 British — were wounded.

“The enemy is aware what is a good time to attack,” said bismillah Attash, a provincial council member.

Mr. Raza, Ms. Chilson-Raza, an employee or the customer will chant, “bismillah Allahu akbar,” which roughly translates to “In the name of Allah, Allah is greatest,” and with a sharp knife, slit the throat of the animal in a single motion.

But the residents’ asks were simple: “Our only request is for security,” said bismillah Atash, a member of Baghlan’s provincial council.

bismillah Watandost, a member of the group, said the activists had planned to travel to various parts of Farah to call for peace and a ceasefire between the warring parties in Afghanistan.

bismillah Watandost of the People’s Peace Movement of Afghanistan, to which the activists belong, said that 27 of its members were abducted by the Taliban in the Farah assault.

bismillah Watandost of the People’s Peace Movement claimed that 27 of their members were abducted by Taliban forces.

Bahir Ahmadi, a spokesman for the governor of Kandahar, said a delegation led by the chief of the Afghan Army, Gen. bismillah Waziri, had arrived in Kandahar Province on Friday to investigate the shootings.

The ministry said the country’s army chief, Gen. bismillah Waziri, had traveled to Nangarhar to investigate the shooting.

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