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The latest beef — Sonni claimed Jeremy was behind in support payments for 3-year-old Ava.

#TwitterFingers#UrGettingBodiedByAStripperN***a” We’ll say this, Kanye got personal first, by dragging Wiz and Amber’s son into the beef.

Add enough water to just come three quarters of the way up the beef in the pot.

Goods produced in South America made the list, including soy, beef, tobacco, cotton and frozen orange juice.

The deal will result in the United States securing a guaranteed share of a 45,000 tonne EU quota for hormone-free beef.

In both sets of talks, increased shipments of beef to Europe is a key demand.

The beef issue is technically a separate matter.

It’s a Bloody Mary with beef consommé!

Is a rap beef better when it’s two dweebs exchanging misspelt bars on a platform?

So what better way to remedy this—and beef up that profile engagement—than by sharing some Humans of New York-esque posts with our LinkedIn contacts?

HERE’S THE RUNDOWNJanet Jackson: Brother Ignites Custody Fight!Kanye West & Wiz Khalifa: beef SquashedDr.

Take the Brazilian beef industry.

As the second-largest beef producer in the world, Brazil’s need for cattle-worthy land has directly contributed to Amazonian deforestation.

Take the Brazilian beef industry.

As the second-largest beef producer in the world, Brazil’s need for cattle-worthy land has directly contributed to Amazonian deforestation.

Xiaomi, meanwhile, has been seen as needing to beef up its patent position, especially if it wants to sell devices in the U.S.

Our autumnal beef will be fought between a man in a double-breasted suit and someone called “Pusher Tee.”

For Joe beef‘s David McMillan, coaching alongside the Habs legend was a childhood dream come true.

There were also increases in the prices of light motor trucks, pharmaceutical preparations, beef, residential electricity and jet fuel.

beef Steer #022B,” an Angus raised by Wrighteous Organics in Schoharie, New York.

More offensively, Clear Labs found pork DNA in one sample of beef patties and one sample of ground beef.

(Ground lamb, bison, and chicken patties also contained beef DNA.)

In two vegetarian burgers, there were also trace amounts of beef DNA.

(Discogs would need to beef up their servers, that’s for sure.)

Tony Rock’s calling out Mo’Nique for exercising extremely poor business etiquette in her beef with Netflix.

Seriously, stop trying to figure out the Drake and Pusha T beef for two minutes and just do it.

Potée Replace the beef from the pot-au-feu with salt pork (which you’ll have to de-salt), and you’ve got potée.

Bocuse claimed to have been inspired, among other things, by a chicken and beef soup that farmers in Ardèche topped with truffle shavings.

To mitigate that risk, the Marine Corps often rolls out tactical vehicles on the ship’s deck to beef up security.

They have no kids so if there’s legal beef, it will be over property.

“Puerto Rico should be a multi-port destination,” he said, discussing plans to beef up airport capacity in the south and west of the island.

Horsemeat (interestingly, one word) was smuggled into the mainstream meat supply and sold as ground beef.

Though in most cases the horsemeat was mixed in with beef, in some instances what was supposed to be beef was pure horse.

Two Brits and a Dane have been arrested on charges of fraud for mixing beef and horsemeat for sale to an unsuspecting public.

The 2013 scandal began when Irish authorities discovered traces of horse in frozen beef burgers.

Tests of meat samples during Horsegate also found that beef sometimes contained traces of pork.

China is also a major purchaser of Brazilian pork, beef and poultry to satisfy the tastes of its increasingly affluent consumers.

Walmart said all its beef suppliers in the Cerrado are monitored to ensure they don’t contribute to deforestation there.

Or maybe a really, really good bowl of Vietnamese pho, with a nice broth, the proper portions, really nice fresh beef.

Not sure who eventually won that beef … but at least now we know who’d win in the halfpipe.

A Republican lawmaker wants to beef up the federal background check system for guns.

Not intentionally trying to beef with him, but I just said it because it’s facts.

Her other beef is money.

Cardi had a longstanding beef with Jade because she thought Jade slept with Offset.

“They need to reenergize and beef up the police forces there,” Ollivant says.

Irving and LeBron later squashed the beef and seem to be cool now.

Even National Geographic has pointed out that eating a pound of beef is the carbon-emitting equivalent of burning a gallon of gas.

For beef, Brussels said the agreement would allow EU imports of 99,000 tonnes from Mercosur a year, with a tariff of 7.5%.

“Chicken or beef?”

The Irish Farmers’ Association said the deal will decimate the Irish beef market by allowing cheaper South American cuts into the EU.

Danielle Bregoli confronted fellow social media star Woah Vicky to settle their smack-talking beef … and all hell broke loose.

He added … the beef is good for hip-hop culture, but stressed there’s no upside for it to go any further.

His key to success is a three-part blend of ground beef, veal, and pork.

It’s been a long year, and I need a break from beef for a while.

We’re not sure whether it’ll be chicken or fish at the wedding … but, in this case … it’s clearly beef.

The beef industry has requested it, too.

The fight was awesome … and was arguably the biggest heavyweight fight in a decade — but both guys had beef with the result.

Taylor Swift, who famously has beef with Katy Perry, were there although there’s no evidence they ran into each other.

Add the beef and cook, stirring and breaking up the pieces, until browned, 6 to 7 minutes.

This beef isn’t going cold.

These are flanked by generous roasts of beef, mutton and pork.”

The overproductive cheese industry recently got a similar bailout, and the price of beef continues to be depressed.

Be sure to use a pork hot dog for the “wiener blossoms”—Chef Kris says beef dogs just don’t work here.

Any kind of animal or fish protein — beef, duck, tuna — can be grown without the animal, essentially.

Though Europe is not Brazil’s largest buyer, it is the country’s best-paying customer for some prime beef cuts, Camardelli said.

On Friday, Abiec reiterated overall beef exports are expected to rise by 10% both in volume and in financial terms in 2019.

A chimichanga is a fried burrito filled with shredded and seasoned meat (beef or chicken.)

Marissa Mayer’s roots are as an engineer at Google, and she has made an effort to beef up Yahoo’s technical talent.

The 2 spoke privately inside but we’re told they did not squash their beef.

Under this legislative framework, transporting beef also entails a minimum ten-year sentence.

One thing is certain: The act of eating beef is anything but neutral in India’s tumultuous cultural climate.

Somehow they have been able to wall off their personal beef.

Lanzhou beef noodle soup is traditionally a breakfast food.

Li is the headmaster of what he claims is the largest beef noodle soup school in Lanzhou.

Those funds are also intended to beef up drug overdose training for first responders.

He started off with just one beef noodle soup shop, and today he has 400 to 500 restaurants, mainly scattered across Northern China.

The school also teaches soup basics, pickling, and beef stewing techniques.

A bowl of Lanzhou beef noodle soup averages about $1 USD and intensive training is required before one can fluently pull noodles.

“My dream is to go back to Iowa and open a Lanzhou beef noodle soup restaurant there,” student Henry Lin says.

The Northern diet is mainly composed of meats like lamb and beef paired with all sorts of noodles.

beef noodle soup just happens to be the permutation that made it big.

“That’s what Lanzhou beef noodle soup is, really.

The Drake and Pusha T beef is squashed … so here’s Lil Yachty to kick-start some new drama for the 6 God!!

The beef was stewing even before then, though … BB dissed Iggy in song to kick off 2018.

During a period of strained relations with much of the West, Russia seems to be looking to beef up its weapons system.

During a period of strained relations with much of the West, Russia seems to be looking to beef up its weapons system.

My beef with DamassaClan”—a rap collective that includes Haikaiss—”is a million years old.”

Land clearances for beef and soy farms have been “key drivers of deforestation”, especially in the early years of the period, they said.

Most funds for beef and soy went via the Cayman Islands, Bahamas and Netherlands.

They also face strained relations between the United States and Mexico, a major buyer of U.S. corn, wheat, beef, pork and dairy products.

Aficionados say whale tastes somewhat like beef, but with a stronger flavor.

Yeah, they got beef.

My biggest beef with this whole thing was that it didn’t feel very Twitter-y.

She then made the mistake of reading the label, which informed us that the meat product was made up of chicken, beef, and pork!

EPA administrator Scott Pruitt is working with the beef industry to end the Clean Water Rule.

The video is also being promoted by the lobbying group’s policy arm, Beltway beef.

EPA administrator Scott Pruitt is working with the beef industry to end the Clean Water Rule.

The video is also being promoted by the lobbying group’s policy arm, Beltway beef.

There have been a number of scandals in the US involving restaurants purposefully mislabeling Kobe beef and Wagyu beef.


Some people may be surprised to find out that A5 and B5 are basically the same beef; the difference comes from its yield rate.

Common says he respects the NFL players — his beef is squarely with the owners.

Tyrese is weighing in on Kanye West and Drake’s beef and wants to know — how you gonna act like that?

Spotify stepped up its longstanding beef with Apple over Apple’s alleged anticompetitive behavior.

When new members join a herd, the herd has to reevaluate their hierarchy, which results in these cows having beef with one another.

We also added a spicy beef one which is doing well too.

Season the beef with one tablespoon of salt and one teaspoon of pepper.

Reduce the heat to maintain a simmer and cook 1 ½ to 2 hours, or until the beef is soft .

Cook 1 ½ to 2 hours until beef is soft and falling apart.

When beef is cooked strain into a colander, reserving the liquid.

Shred beef very finely and reserve.

Climatarian describes someone who eats less meat, particularly emissions-intensive kinds like beef, for climate reasons.

The beef started when Uzi took a hard pass when he was asked to join Rich the Kid’s record label, Rich Forever.

“How do you like your beef?”

So, it’s unclear what Moramarco’s beef is at this point.

Porteños, as Buenos Aires locals are known, prefer soft white bread and tend to consume hunks of beef late in the day.

For a couple of years, they were advertising Kobe beef that wasn’t actually Japanese.

Also, in that Kobe beef example, the vast majority of beef in the US is what I’d call drug-laden.

(And yes, you can substitute beef or lamb in a pinch.)

Real Kobe beef would have no drugs in it.

Add the beef and veal and cook, stirring, and breaking the meat up using a wooden spoon until browned, about 5 minutes.

This is why we must age beef or game—to break down the proteins and make it tender and delicious again.

I am the only chef that is dry-aging this much beef on-premises anywhere in Los Angeles.

At any given point, we have around $50,000—or two tons—worth of beef aging in-house.

Reuters reported on Friday that private military contractors who do secret missions for Russia flew into Venezuela to beef up security for Maduro.

Even this beef isn’t big enough to overshadow the continuing fight against injustices.

That’s how we did our lamb soup, because they don’t eat beef or pork.

China has imposed tariffs of 25 percent on $110 billion worth of U.S. goods, including soybeans, beef, pork, seafood, whiskey, ethanol and motor vehicles.

Tiffany restates her party line — that there’s no beef.

During the lunch break, I ate out of a wooden bowl, enjoying a meat stew with onions, carrots, and beef.

No explanation was given for the flinging of the beef there.

“What’s the beef you have against this nose guy anyway?” Vivian said.

Sounds a lot like Young Money owner Lil Wayne’s beef with Cash Money, right?

“It does seem that beef farmers and the dairy industry are powerful groups and it does seem that they have some influence,” Malik said.

“I like beef better,” he said.

Array Biopharma Inc surged 56.6% after Pfizer Inc agreed to buy the drugmaker for $10.64 billion to beef up its cancer portfolio.

New rap beef brewing?

Next, Lino throws in the beef ribs.

Even if we get caught, I’m thinking the man takes the beef, the woman never goes to jail.

The beef ribs are now ready to cook for the next seven hours.

Beyond fruits and veggies, Americans today eat more chicken and less beef, way more yogurt and less milk.

The Game’s in a big beef with Tekashi69 … warning 69 he better get humble quick … or else.

For beef it’s 23 to 25 calories in for one calorie back out.

For it’s part … BMG says Daz’s beef is really with eOne, the music licensing company that controls rights on the song.

It’s no Donald Trump vs. Rosie O’Donnell beef, but considering the players involved, it’s certainly a lot more interesting.

It even “bleeds,” just like real beef.

But their roasted banana ice cream and slow-roasted beef and Cheddar sandwich are worth going into debt for.

You could argue that eating one horse steak a month is better than eating an organic beef steak each week.

But the dish that underscores Banks’ homage to the land is his crapaudine beetroot, slow-cooked in beef fat.

It appears Xan has beef with the guy in the video over money owed.

Put down that beef jerky for a second.

Her mom fed her roast beef for dinner and agreed to drive her to the start line in the morning.

Nicki’s also been poking Cardi where it hurts … after making a not-so-subtle casting decision that probably reignited their supposedly-squashed beef.

Vendors around Delhi now offer varieties like aloo (potato) and paneer in addition to traditional staples like beef, mutton, vegetarian, and chicken.

Oprah Winfrey ripped off the hit series “Iyanla: Fix My Life” … according to a woman who’s had beef with mighty O for years.

The main argument offered in defense of bullfighting on animal welfare terms is that it isn’t as bad as agricultural practices involving beef.

This argument betrays an ignorance of what is actually involved in modern beef production.

Tommy’s Joynt: Grab a tray and order a fuckload of meat (corned beef, brisket, pastrami, etc.)

“Most of the literature that we have looked at about factory farming written by animal rights activists contains very little about beef production.

That is because there are very few animal welfare problems that exist with beef production.”

Finally, in August 1932, the beef between neighbors became lethal when Dockery recruited a black man known as Lawrence Williams to rob Merrill.

The US needs to beef up its mental illness care, too, said Sauaia.

China has imposed tariffs of 25 percent on $110 billion worth of U.S. goods, including soybeans, beef, pork, seafood, whiskey, ethanol and motor vehicles.

Instead, I purchased an assortment of vegetarian beef crumbles, chicken strips, lemongrass chicken, and sweet potato chili frozen meals.

When it hits the hot oil, it “bleeds” beet juice just like beef would blood.

But its beef crumble and chicken strips aren’t as strong as the burger in mimicking animal meat.

From a single piece, she tastes tomato soup, roast beef with a baked potato, and blueberry pie.

This is because, late last year, Congress repealed country-of-origin labeling requirements for beef and pork.

The end of the event (which was what I most looked forward to) was a special dinner with all kinds of beef dishes.

But how do you get people to stop eating mouth-watering beef with such obtuse arguments as these?

Laura told us she has respect for Tamar and Vince, and has nothing to do with their beef.

It’s a far cry from a meal kit box with fresh grass-fed beef, kale, and a tiny container of Sriracha.

But, Lock says there’s NO beef AT ALL — in fact, he’s been getting along pretty well with Flacco so far.

Even better: While one arm of Time Warner has a beef with Vice, another is doing lots of business with the company.

That move made everyone think she’s got beef with Selena and/or her ex-bf.

Sales of beef to China this year represent less than 1 percent of U.S. beef exports.

Overall, the U.S. has sold nearly 360,000 tonnes of beef for export this year, of which almost 211,000 tonnes have been shipped.

And they’re selling a lot of beef in China.

They were not allowed to sell beef in China,” Trump said.

China proposed tariffs last week on U.S. beef, soybeans and other agricultural goods in the deepening trade dispute.

Some U.S. beef shipped to Hong Kong is later brought into mainland China.

Last year, about 3,000 tonnes of U.S. beef valued at $31 million was shipped to China, making it the No.

It will be incremental.” Overall U.S. beef exports were up about 10 percent so far in 2018, USDA data showed.

Meat processor Tyson Foods this month launched its first vegetarian and mixed-protein products, including a beef and pea burger.

Sooo … he definitely stretched the truth, but the beef is at least Trump adjacent.

Nestle and Canada’s Maple Leaf Foods Inc are launching their own competing patties and vegan “ground beef” in coming months.

Instead, Silvia, the evident class clown, Vargas and Wilson are mixing ground beef with eggs and breadcrumbs for an improvisational meatball main course.

It’s got a lot of beef, a one-two punch of bacon and hickory sticks, and spice that will get revenge on you tomorrow.”

No one eats beef out there but Parsis eat everything.

beef with Pryor doesn’t go back to college; Jenkins’ Florida team never played Ohio State with Pryor.

Cocina Central will offer-festival goers a five-course meal, ranging from Baozi to braised beef in citric emulsions prepared by local chefs.

Even top-shelf Wagyu beef could come from cows who eat Cadbury’s for every meal.

It’s clear Andy’s not ready to squash the beef yet, and just might be praying for rain on Dec. 31, 2019.

Kelly said the “Durty Donald” was like Trump himself – “so extravagant” – with double beef, double bacon, topped with strands of yellow chicken floss.

Last year, the National Cattlemen’s beef Association revived the famous “beef.

It’s the same vibe as Joe beef but they switched the vegetables for main and used meat as a garnish.

Stay tuned for the latest beef developments.

Since the Parkland shooting, the government has shoveled millions of dollars to schools to beef up security.

In the case of SportstoNews, the company can help newspapers beef up otherwise ignored coverage while bringing in new ad revenue.

They’re found at high levels in animal-based foods such as red meat (beef, bacon), poultry, and full-fat dairy milks, butter, and cheese.

It looks tiny on the plate, so I add a scoop of beef stroganoff on the side.

The Swedes have surströmming, Janssons frestelse and beef Lindstrøm, and the only Norwegian specialties I can think of are myseost (brown cheese) and waffles.

These can appear naturally in some foods, such as beef and lamb.

His beef ramen caters to the Western palate, with ground beef instead of a chewier slice.

The dish (billed as beef tenderloin stir-fry on the Llama Inn menu) “is a childhood favorite,” Ramirez tells us.

RECIPE: beef Tenderloin Stir-Fry

The Japanese Wagyu beef, which costs a hefty $130, is the restaurant’s specialty.

To cook it, players need to have cooked beef, tomato, cabbage, goat cheese wedge, three salt piles, garlic, and two things of wheat.

Lil Wayne and Birdman are ending their beef and no one’s happier than Nicki Minaj and Drake.

With Mnuchin by his side, Trump is looking to beef up a national campaign to take on Clinton this fall.

Back to the crickets—these guys pack a similar amount of potassium as beef.

Right now the average Chinese person eats about 170 grams of beef, pork, poultry, and lamb a day.

beef and lamb produce the most greenhouse gases per kilogram of meat produced.

The beef has somewhat divided the music industry … some siding with Taylor, and others with SB.

Currently, people in China eat much, much more than this — around 170 grams of beef, pork, chicken, and lamb each day, CNS estimates.

Instead, Silvia, the evident class clown, Vargas and Wilson are mixing ground beef with eggs and breadcrumbs for an improvisational meatball main course.

Alvarez blamed tainted Mexican beef for the positive test and insisted he never intentionally cheated.

21’s already got beef with 22 over the whole name thing, and this song won’t help.

Aficionados say whale tastes somewhat like beef, but with a stronger flavour.

They’re the guys making sure that beef and poultry prices don’t skyrocket due to a disease outbreak.

It was apparent one of them had some beef.

Canada is the world’s sixth-biggest beef shipper and largest canola exporter.

Steve Medlen’s House of beef serves juicy steaks and “the best tri-tip sandwich in town” to the residents of Oakdale, California.

For that reason, House of beef is pretty well-loved.

beef LOVER [sic] SHOULDN’T MISS THIS PLACE,” reads a recent Yelp review.

Although the footage of the beef thief has made the rounds online, Medlen told MUNCHIES that he has yet to be identified.

“It’s hard for me to believe that no one’s recognized him yet.” I guess you could say that Medlen’s got… beef.

For now, even talking about cows and beef gets people in trouble.

Youth Congress members in Kerala, India’s largely Christian and atheist state, were also arrested for holding a beef festival.

In a completely unsurprising turn of events, the once-imaginary, now-very real Nicki Minaj/Cardi B beef has escalated once again!

(It’s a long, complicated beef; here’s a primer if you don’t already know the details.)

A source connected to Drai’s tells us Chris had a heart-to-heart recently with the management team and squashed their beef.

Remember, Lisa told us the Dorit story was false, and assured us there’s no beef between them.

For $11.99, you get a whopping 16-ounce beef stack with bacon, cheese, peppers, onion, mushrooms, and fries.

The shops on Hillside Avenue sell roti and Jamaican beef patties.

Savage says the guy who pushed him knew who he was and had “beef” with him.

It’s not fully heated beef between Spicey and McCarthy, but he’s definitely been critical of her ‘SNL’ portrayal.

Don’t slide the rest of that beef into the trash.

It’s almost as if this beef never existed.

The beef was soon forgotten, and now only lives on through crude angelfire and geocities sites and a single grainy YouTube clip.

There was always rumor of a beef.

Each time, he’d hand her his field ration, often sacrificing the one item he could stand to eat — the beef enchilada.

“Not secretly, and I can’t think of a billionaire that has a beef with us,” Levin replied.

Each time, he’d hand her his field ration, often sacrificing the one item he could stand to eat — the beef enchilada.

It’s copper and iron ore and soy and corn and beef and wheat and all of that.

What was their beef, the telecom guys?

We also spoke with D.C.’s boxing coach Rosendo Sanchez who tells us the beef with Jon Jones couldn’t be more real.

Brown started the beef when he saw a pic of one of Jacob’s other clients wearing a Chris Brown tee.

“I brewed up the bacteria in petri dishes and put it into roast beef soup and then I drank the bacteria,” Marshall said.

Desus and Mero have some major beef with Travis Scott.

But all beef was put aside, and their meeting was just the cutest damn thing you’ve ever seen.

He says within minutes, they started scrambling to beef up security for their event which is going down Saturday and Sunday.

Hell, even Moby gets to poke fun at his staunch veganism by playing an aggro bro named beef who fronts a meat-themed metal band.

As you know … Drake had MASSIVE beef last year with Pusha T, with both rappers going back and forth at each other with diss tracks.

Canelo has maintained his innocence throughout the process … blaming Mexican beef for pumping ‘roids into his veins.

“Dear Pembroke catering staff, stop mixing mango and beef and calling it ‘Jamaican stew’,” one student wrote on Pembroke’s Facebook page.

There’s more, though … because the rapper’s still got beef with Drake over allegedly stealing bars from his song in 2006.

“We set off with corned beef sandwiches and the cheapest lager available,” Bez continues to recollect.

You had the north side/south side beef going on, with people from the Rosewood and South Park neighborhoods taking each other’s cars.

That’s why they were able to rap about the beef, the swangas, all that stuff going on in Houston.

Add the beer and beef stock and cook for 1 to 2 minutes.

They keep things moving, even as the musical’s attempts to beef up the comedic flair of the minor characters tend to fall flat.

Later, they lunched on beef shortribs in the State Dining Room.

There’s been a buzz Tekashi’s crew did the deed because of a social media beef between the 2 rappers.

(He’d initially called them “the world’s greatest steaks” — “the best-tasting, most flavorful beef you’ve ever had.”)

“I am no stranger to Angus beef and high quality lean cuts of meat — having a butcher in the family,” one wrote.

Unexpected ingredients dot the menu: think anchovies and caper butter, broccoli and sauerkraut, or roast beef with chopped liver.

Still, he’s laying the groundwork to squash the beef … though, it hasn’t happened yet.

Rearing beef cattle in West Wales is a precarious job and whether the UK would keep paying the cash after Brexit concerns them.

At Jaunt, Kliavkoff says he wants to beef up the company’s workforce and push further into international partnerships.

Soulja Boy and Chris Brown’s feud is going beyond fake-ass Twitter beef and hittin’ the streets … according to O.T.

We’re told the two women involved have a long-standing beef with each other.

The beef burrito was more edible, but still the main takeaway was that it was gross.

Back at the car, we assess our failures over a meal of beef jerky and granola.

It consists of ground beef or pork with browned onions, which is basically like any regular garbage supermarket meat pie.

The “Bleecker Black” is a double cheeseburger with Irish beef black pudding in the middle.

Try the pork shoulder and beef chuck steak meatballs with the stall’s homemade spicy tomato sauce.

Filled with partridge, beef, prunes, bacon, onions, and topped with our prey’s intact head and talons, I couldn’t have asked for more.

Forum Cop investigates the ugliest of internet beef, getting to the heart of online squabbles and extricating facts from gossip in digital enclaves.

Over the past 15 years, Barcelona Supercomputing Center has continued to beef up the MareNostrum’s computing power.

My beef was with Mark Parker.

Ollie food contains things like spinach, chia seeds, and blueberries, and is heavy on protein like chicken or beef.

Tyron and Conor have had beef before — when they got into an altercation behind-the-scenes at the UFC 205 press conference back in 2016.

While conducive to cupcakes and alcopops, rosé is less widely adopted as something that can beef up your main.

Mostly, the Internet is simply a platform for Twitter beef and Piers Morgan.

We’re told Birdman has his own beef with Jay, which made Wayne’s diss sting even more.

Once Vlad made it clear he understood … both sides agreed to squash the beef.

Vlad and Xan’s beef appears to stem from a dispute over money.

But some of the hogs had beef with the ladies, got aggressive, and sent the ladies squealing and running.

The beef Industry Council introduced its sole lasting legacy to the cultural imagination 27 years ago, in 1992.

beef, and the activities around preparing it — butchering, barbecue, and grilling — have always been coded as masculine.

You usually don’t even acknowledge rap beef.

beef, for now, still seems to be what only men make for dinner.

This will make it easier for companies that import beef to adjust volumes and avoid triggering tariffs, the sources said.

The parcel contained a pair of army boots, a knife, two coils of copper wire, and three small cans of corned beef.

His beef is clearly with Spacey connecting his alleged molesting of a teenager to his being gay.

“We’ve just got a lot of beef to wade through,” said Dennis Smith, commodity broker form Archer Financial Services in Chicago.

Malbec, a popular varietal in Argentina, pairs great with beef.

Tip and Floyd have had beef since their 2014 brawl outside a Fatburger on the Vegas strip.

China has imposed tariffs of 25 percent on $110 billion worth of U.S. goods, including soybeans, beef, pork, seafood, whiskey, ethanol and motor vehicles.

Consider that some of the foods that city is best known for—Italian beef, hot dogs, and tacos—are all under the $10 mark.

beef and veal.

Located in the nearby ‘burb of Elmwood Park, the dipped beef, fries, and homemade Italian ice are legendary.

Fiddy and Meek’s social media beef is getting more intense by the hour — but it’s also getting funnier.

The beef apparently started because Iggy talked smack on social media, saying who would even go to one of Bhabie’s shows.

In the docs, Scrub Daddy also has beef with Reaux marketing his sponge holder as fitting “perfectly in Scrub Daddy [sponges].”

Something tells us, Cardi would give this beef her stamp of approval.

We need to show where the beef is, and that there is beef.

– @jeffzeleny & @Kevinliptakcnn report The first lady’s beef with Ricardel isn’t the only recent report of her clashing with administration officials.

The beef some Sanders supporters have with Kaine centers on his stance on global trade deals and Wall Street regulation.

According to Urbonas, LaVar said his beef is with the coach … and not Lithuania, the Lithuanian people, or the organization.

On their second album, they beef up the high-soprano chants of their 2017 Pink with hard beats that turn march-like occasionally.

Just in case you didn’t know, those pulled beef nachos with extra cheese are pretty much ruining the environment.

This has been the world’s greatest music beef; a defining beef for our time.

The Gallagher brothers’ beef is dead.

Long live the Gallagher brothers’ beef.

The kitchen rolls 120 to 150 kilos of ground beef and pork per week by hand.

Kendall’s beef is with Cutera, which used her face and name to advertise their Laser Genesis acne treatment.

As we reported … the Budden/Migos beef began during an interview before the BET Awards in June.

When informed he had served his allergic customer fish, the waiter said he was sorry and offered to switch it for beef.”

The chunk of beef rib central to the caldo can often be a fatty, gloopy, chewy experience.

It’s a heavy, unctuous broth, but because Rubiana ensures the hunk of Colombian beef is well-sourced, it’s not too greasy.

Elsewhere on the short menu—rudimentarily displayed on scraps of paper tacked to the wall—you can get beef rib with rice and eggs.

Article continues below This is what initially bothered me about this phase of the game, and is still my biggest beef with Prey.

Organic, grass-raised beef involves lower embodied emissions than factory-farmed beef.

We’re told the warning only pissed off Drake … and reignited the beef.

China has also blocked Canadian exports of canola seed, pork and beef.

Smiling from ear to ear, the cook carefully places a first layer of the beef and onion stuffing atop a disc of dough.

@amazon logo made out of ground beef at an LA-area @WholeFoods.

My beef, rather, is that improving the American education system, while important, is neither a neglected cause nor a tractable one.

I’ve never really had any beef with anybody yet, so I think that’s a good thing,” Thompson told Fightland.

Stadiums are inflicting all kinds of escalating horrors on their foods—take candied apple beef sandwiches, for example.

“No beef, no hating, no bullshit.

Drake is not letting his beef with Pusha T go, sending him an invoice for $100k for resuscitating his career.

beef exports to China fell 34% to 30,242 metric tons.

China is not a major buyer of U.S. beef but imposed a 25% retaliatory tariff on imports last year.

Large U.S. supplies of beef and pork are keeping a lid on chicken prices too.

How did you catch the murder beef in West Virginia?

I refused to testify and they stuck the beef on me.

Keef has beef with Tekashi69.

Naengmyeon is noodles in a chilled meat broth, topped with beef brisket, pickled radish, sliced cucumbers and half a boiled egg.

I ordered the spicy cumin lamb burger, pork “zha jiang” noodles, and “spicy and tingly” beef noodle soup.

I try the “spicy and tingly” beef soup first, and I’m blown away.

And the beef is so incredibly tender; it practically melted in my mouth.

The agreement, expected to be signed within days, would simultaneously open beef imports to both countries, Bircher told Reuters in an interview.

The deal would also open a new market for the U.S. cattle sector, although demand for U.S. beef is low in Argentina.

The last time the United States sent fresh beef to Argentina was in 1999, according to Argentina’s official statistics agency.

The country fell off the top 10 list of beef exporters during her eight-year presidency.

The United States produced 11.9 million tonnes of beef last year and exported 1.3 million tonnes, according to USDA data.

Argentina produced 2.8 million tonnes of beef and veal in 2017, exceeding its domestic consumption by 293,000 tonnes in 2017.

Array Biopharma Inc surged nearly 57% after Pfizer Inc agreed to buy the drugmaker for $10.64 billion to beef up its cancer portfolio.

I really miss salt beef bagels from Brick Lane, where I lived the first two years I was [studying] in London.

The beef is purchased fresh each day from Morgan’s Meat Market six blocks away, Drummond said.

He’s got beef with celebrities from Oprah to Rosie O’Donnell to Alec Baldwin, along with countless political figures both at home and abroad.

FYI, GGG destroyed Canelo in an interview on Wednesday … calling his tainted beef excuse a bunch of BS — “It’s not Mexican meat.

Lloyds isn’t the only firm looking to beef up abroad to counter the effects of Brexit.

As it happens, Lil Tay appears to have beef with Bregoli.

Take, for example, the beef and Sweet Potato “Lasagna,” which replaces pasta with sweet potatoes.

Anyway I don’t need to speak on this kind of beef.

So let’s focus on the rules for the other kind of rap beef.

2) If rap beef occurs in a pool, ABSOLUTELY NO SPLASHING.

3) If someone’s phone rings, all rap beef will PAUSE IMMEDIATELY for them to answer, because what if it’s an emergency?

4) Q: Cmon pleaaaaaase can I rap beef?

12) Q: Will their song be good?A: oh heavens no You can beef with DVS on Twitter.

If you look at them closely, almost all of them will have roughly 20 percent venison and the rest will be normal beef.

“Your son picked up on your beef, real shit,” he raps.

I also assumed that the mix of meat stayed similar to what it was today: less beef, more chicken and pork.

Just eat less beef and stick to health guidelines for meat eating.

Their beef goes back a few months … when Aaron trashed Logan for his video stunt gone wrong in the suicide forest in Japan.

Closely related to the beef canvases and their interpretations are Soutine’s images of fowl.

Critics offer various interpretations of Soutine’s obsession with food and death, as well as the specific motifs of slaughtered fowl or beef.

The kind of phrasing that tastes like a bit of beef jerky, or that unlocks a car without a key?

You should think as fish as being no different as expensive prime beef.

He says his beef is really over 39 seconds of the trailer, which have a slew of images similar to his movie.

Martin Shkreli already pissed off Wu-Tang Clan, Ghostface Killah and the feds — and now he thinks he’s got beef with TMZ.

The regime is over and Dexter has been successfully, if reluctantly, weaned off delicious E numbers and artificial beef slop.

I have a beef with them,” Kruise recounts.

For the dressing, mix the beef or vegetable stock, apple cider vinegar, and mustard and add to potatoes.

Add the beef and cook, stirring and breaking up the pieces with a large wooden spoon until brown, 6 minutes.

Then, with the speechifying out of the way, everyone slaps beef on the barbecues and gets down to gorging.

beef … it’s what’s for dinner on IWD.

Look for “You Don’t Need No Teeth To Eat My beef” scrawled on the side of the house.

If banks fail these tests, they’re required to beef up their reserves.

Chicken fried steak, which is, in fact, breaded beef, is a Southern favorite and usually topped with a hefty pour of gravy.

Martin says he doesn’t know the suspects, and has no idea why they had beef with him.

Despite the menus hawking “free-range chicken and grass-fed beef,” Chapin wrote, “D.C.

In new docs, obtained by TMZ, Jay fires back at Iconix, saying its beef is with the Roc Nation corporation, and not Jay-Z, personally.

Broner says 6ix9ine started the beef by calling him a “clown” over Instagram — which set A.B.

It’ll likely spare Gardenburger’s and Boca Burger’s sad, dry simulacrums of beef.

So, where’s the beef?

But when you think about beef, which can be dry-aged for months, I suppose it makes sense.

Hopefully Taylor will hit back and we’ll enjoy ourselves a delicious rock beef.

They’ll finally get a chance to settle the beef once and for all on Saturday at UFC 229. Who’s ready?

He doesn’t eat beef and doesn’t eat pork.”

Kevin Durant dove headfirst into the Shaquille O’Neal vs. JaVale McGee beef … and Shaq ain’t havin’ it.

Nerd fights are the the background radiation of the cryptocurrency universe, but occasionally a beef becomes so acrimonious that it bubbles over in public.

A recent spat between famous cryptographers and a digital currency called IOTA was one such beef.

Sometimes you just need some prime beef to remind you of the facts.

The thin-patty burgers reminiscent of White Castle sliders are handmade from fresh ground beef and cooked with onions on a flat-top grill.

In response, states are trying to beef up their cybersecurity defenses, with support from the federal government.

Noel White, a company veteran who has been running Tyson’s chicken, beef and pork businesses, will replace Hayes.

But refusing to adapt can hurt sales, especially as Amazon continues to beef up its own in-house brands.

Next up, beef and shrimp noodle rolls (ngau cheung and har cheung).

She thinks musical beef is the better option … that way everyone can profit.

Fresh beef on the grill.

Another one for the adventurous — steamed beef tripe (ngau paak yip).

Plate and cover your food so it doesn’t mingle with last week’s beef taco bits and you’re good to go.

By and large, producers want the contestants to beef at each other because it makes for more dramatic television.

Some critics, particularly Democrats, say measures that only beef up infrastructure or do not create recurring funds fall short of the mark.

Iggy was talkative at JFK Wednesday and wanted to make it clear … she has no beef with Beyonce over Becky-gate.

He was too busy hitting the shit out of some beef joints in a warehouse in Philadelphia.

Fermented soy bean paste and dried anchovies make this beef stew packed with flavor.

The idea that he and Dan have some underlying beef, he says is completely untrue.

There’s a beef going, as my son calls it, it’s a beef … but she handled it well.

From Spicy Braised beef Signifies the Coming of Age for Mexican Teenage Girls

Tyron also says he and Conor have some unfinished beef stemming from a backstage altercation at UFC 205 back in 2016.

The closest you’ll get to this now is watching a beef unfold in Instagram captions.

hollers back his friend in a long, navy and white pinstripe overall, standing by a yellow plastic tub full of beef.

Egypt is home to a population of skilled grilling experts who deftly fan beds of charcoal under sizzling spits of chicken and ground beef.

For beef, Brussels said the agreement would allow EU imports of 99,000 tonnes from Mercosur a year, with a tariff of 7.5%.

Packed with fatty beef, hot spices, and a roti booze mop, it’s a perfect drinking food.

Add the beef crumbles and cook until “browned,” about 10 minutes.

Except for one state, that is, where eating beef is not only legal and accepted, but also an important cultural tradition.

“We really grew up eating beef,” says Prima Kurien, a chef who grew up in the Kerala city of Kottayam.

beef was on the table once a day, at least three or four times a week.

That’s why this entire beef controversy is very scary.”

Eating beef is a subject that’s historically been taboo in India, but lately it’s a debate that’s sizzling more than ever.

But the flames are still hot, and last year a Muslim man in northern India was beaten to death over allegedly eating beef regularly.

“If I was providing food for a public affair, I would always avoid beef.

“In my hometown, I’ve seen over the years fewer people eating beef and turning away red meat because of health issues,” says Kurien.

1:52 PM PST — Shortest beef ever?

beef is just not a priority.”

“We do pride ourselves on our beef, but we pride ourselves on our cuisine in general,” says Kurien.

beef is just one component of everything we eat.”

I’m spoon-feeding you.” Just, where’s the beef?

Look for “You Don’t Need No Teeth To Eat My beef” scrawled on the side of the house.

Their Sloppy Burger is a double beef, bacon, grilled onion, and queso-topped creation that’s available on their late night menu.

Riveira nods in agreement, contemplating the 15,000 kilos of prime beef his parrilla grills up over the course of a month.

And the myth that all Argentine beef is still grass fed on the extensive pampas plains is dispelled by Colombo in a flash.

“Those idiots [from other steakhouses] swear their beef is grass-fed but the truth is, it isn’t.”

The retail price of beef has dropped by 22 percent, pork by 7 percent, and chicken by 5 percent.

The carbon footprint of beef production fell 16 percent from 1977 to 2007, with much of that reduction resulting from responsible use of technologies.

There’s a Global Roundtable for Sustainable beef, with members like McDonald’s, that’s working to define and measure “sustainable beef.”

The beef, pork, and poultry industries are all working to turn some of their waste into energy, use less water, and use fewer antibiotics.

Others say whale provides protein with a smaller carbon footprint than beef or pork.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) now has a plan to beef up election security and make voting easier.

Instead of pork, beef, or chicken, the food would be mouse-based.

Her music has always been a vessel for her internal grievances, and authenticity questioned by those on the opposing ends of her beef.

The Carrera’s 370 is already plenty of beef — the additional 50 horses for the 4S were for me needless.

On Monday Argentina also sent its first shipment of refrigerated beef to Shanghai.

Nothing in the history of hip-hop was bigger than the bi-coastal beef that Pac took part in​ with his Death Row cronies.

I’m a fast food platform, so I can’t be responsible for the beef I serve.” I adore you right now for saying that.

BTW, the beef was over Tamika accusing Kandi of getting with Jermaine Dupri’s father.

Today we’re talking about a Tomi Lahren’s ongoing beef with hip-hop.

Season the beef with salt and pepper.

Cook the beef, gently turning occasionally, over the charcoal until the internal temperature of 50-55°C is reached.

Transfer the beef to a cutting board and let it rest for at least 10 minutes before slicing.

Garnish the beef with the horseradish cream, watercress, and sea salt.

This “beef” is toxic masculinity at its peak.

Aitor explains that for beef or pork, we consider the cuts and distinctive parts of the animal, but for fish, we rarely differentiate.

I have no personal beef with Johns Hopkins University, the institution.

Is it possible to witness the very presence of an otherworldly being in a single, magnificent piece of beef?

beef clocked in with the highest average tax at 40 percent, with milk and other meats requiring a charge of up to 20 percent.

She was responding to Kanye, who had called her out for inserting herself in his beef with Drake.

Law enforcement sources tell us they believe Ellison had “real beef” with Tekashi.

She also formed an improvisational noise act called beef, but turned to electronic music after an arm injury left her unable to play drums.

As for Greem, she sees her role in DUST as similar to the one she carried with beef.

The antitrust principles outlined in Clinton’s fact sheet suggest she could beef up antitrust enforcement even further.

The beef is hand-cut, and we even threw some béchamel and caramelized onions in there, because why not?

Seemed like a happy ending to a beef that’s gotten violent — until we reached out to Game.

She even has Nicki Minaj — who’s had her own beef with Swift — on the song.

Marissa Mayer’s roots are as an engineer at Google, and she made an effort to beef up Yahoo’s technical talent.

Cole: beef With Lil Pump

Sad about Drake and Meek Mill squashing their beef?

The beef‘s about “Carousel” featuring Frank.

In beef, look to chuck, Delmonico or sirloin steaks.

Dr. Paul’s suing for libel and defamation …and there’s side beef too.

Others have beef … ‘Stars Wars’ didn’t get nominated for best pic, nor did J.J. Abrams for best director.

Neil tried to close the book on their “flat Earth” beef by going on ‘The Nightly Show’ and doing a little spoken word.

Detroit is looking for ways to beef up its public transit in response to losing out on the Amazon bid.

In docs, obtained by TMZ, Sesame says its beef is with the marketing campaign that features the tagline “NO SESAME.

And it takes even more feed to produce beef and pork than it does chicken.

Something to think about, perhaps, next time you contemplate a veggie versus a beef burger.

McConnell’s first beef with “100 percent renewable” claims is that they are, on the level of physics, not true.

Mmmmmm…quashed beef…delicious….Wait, what?

Yes, this is an article about the quashed beef between LaVar Ball and Joel Embiid, and not the delicious food item.

beef up skills training and apprenticeships.

The tour has had its bright spots, including a guest appearance from Meek Mill where the two squashed their long-running beef.

Pat Brown doesn’t care how much ground beef you eat — just so long as it doesn’t come from a cow.

This beef just keeps getting juicier.

Forum Cop investigates the ugliest of internet beef, getting to the heart of online squabbles and extricating facts from gossip in digital enclaves.

No, honestly, though, don’t bring preformed beef to the party: Any fights that start out should happen organically.

Fifty pounds of that is meat—anything from beef cow to horse.

The Tripleta combines grilled beef, chicken, and ham on a roll of bread topped off with mayo, mustard, and ketchup.

China has imposed tariffs of 25 percent on $110 billion worth of U.S. goods, including soybeans, beef, pork, seafood, whiskey, ethanol and motor vehicles.

Turkey’s Doner Kebab is a pita is filled with shavings of either lamb, beef, or chicken in addition to vegetables and yogurt.

beef exports to China fell 34% to 30,242 metric tons.

China is not a major buyer of U.S. beef but imposed a 25% retaliatory tariff on imports last year.

Large U.S. supplies of beef and pork are keeping a lid on chicken prices too.

I liked the way he smelled: somehow, although he doesn’t eat beef or pork, his lips exude a eau-de-salami.

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