Becoming in a sentence | Use of the word becoming examples

The same is becoming true of how voters consume information about political parties and campaigns as visual platforms begin to dominate social media.

This lofty goal is seemingly becoming a reality.

I would say … Look, I think Nancy Pelosi becoming Speaker of the House is one of the most important wins that we will have.

Global collaboration came to the fore in Bonn showing that Paris is becoming a real-world reality.

This low-fat versus pro-fat battle is becoming the British equivalent of dueling banjos.

“I guess, unfortunately, marijuana is becoming a part of our way of life,” Kransy told the Times.

The clearest path up is becoming a principal — which is essentially an entirely different job.

“The trouble with becoming a rebel is that if something’s legal it’s not very rebellious to take it,” said Pearson.

Once again, both parties goad us into becoming smokescreens for their insidious initiatives.

So the carmakers, the danger they had … they have been worried about is becoming the dumb pipes, essentially, the way the cable operators were.

So that experience with the technology and kind of becoming falsely comfortable with the safety of it is one of the challenges they face.

So I think this ends up becoming public transportation.

There’s a lot of education that needs to happen here to prevent genetic risk prediction from becoming genetic astrology.

“You imagine these things becoming crazy and alive and taking over the world.

“While families were suffering the crisis, you were becoming millionaires,” he told PP members in parliament.

On an overpopulated planet that’s becoming overrun with waste, more and more expensive, and gradually less inhabitable, downsizing could be what saves everyone.

And when she really makes it big — becoming a bona fide billionaire — she signs the Giving Pledge.

“Democrats, little bit by little bit, are becoming more like the Republicans,” wrote Michael Tomasky in the New York Times.

“Brexit is becoming soft to the point of disintegration.” Reporting by Kate Holton and Alastair Smout; editing by Costas Pitas

Berner helped establish the agency as a Treasury Department official before becoming its first and only director.

But they are becoming more common and visible than ever thanks to Instagram and the rise of influencer culture.

Beijing and Washington on Friday implemented import tariffs against each other in what is becoming a protracted trade fight.

I will never forget seeing Russian boys and girls visiting Vermont, getting to know American kids, and becoming good friends.

Since becoming CEO last year, Woods has pushed Exxon to take greater risks, including in energy trading operations.

Acting upon his impulses, growing more isolated and becoming more unhinged.

I was 8 or 9, and I was planning on becoming a fighter pilot or a lawyer, depending on the time of day.

After capturing the low-hanging fruit of gaming, the technology is becoming more of an enterprise solution.

and have persisted for centuries, with violence in the name of honor becoming a part of the mindset in most patriarchal societies.

Before becoming a venture capitalist, he spent three years at AOL and Netscape.

All of this is leading to IoT becoming falsely known as a luxury industry.

Instead of my original plan of becoming a military linguist, I worked in gas stations on third shift.

“I don’t fear that we’re in danger of becoming Weimar Germany, with a battle for control over the streets.

Where Trump differs from his predecessors is he has a not insignificant chance of actually becoming president.

Open abayas over long skirts or jeans are also becoming more common in some parts of the country.

“I believe we must be extremely cautious about becoming arbiters of truth ourselves,” Zuckerberg wrote.

But in sectors like technology, company valuations are becoming so lofty that banks will no longer finance the majority of some deals.

Are we becoming slaves to our technology?

They tend to rehash the same conversations over and over, pontificating about their partners’ imperfections but becoming hostile when confronted about their own.

There’s additional evidence to suggest that brides are also becoming more averse to traditional bridal gown price tags.

Indigenous residents’ fear of becoming a minority is inevitable with Gwadar’s population expected to jump more than 15-fold in coming decades.

He first surfaced at the White House in January without a formal title in hand, sources said, before becoming deputy chief technology officer.

Nasirov has denied becoming a British citizen.

Not only is the technology outdated, but keeping these weapons functional is becoming increasingly difficult.

Welcome to the VICE Guide to Life, our imperfect advice on becoming an adult.

And drug poisoning is becoming more common as a method of suicide, he added.

Since becoming president in 2014, former army chief President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has overseen a crackdown that has swept up Islamists and liberal opponents.

You can do anything.” Despite an uproar when it was released in October 2016, the tape didn’t stop Trump from becoming president.

Not only infections like tuberculosis, but also common problems like STDs and urinary tract infections are becoming resistant to treatment.

So I ended up doing my ninety days with Giuseppe, and that ended up becoming a lifetime.

becoming, Part 1” (season 2, episode 21) “becoming’s” first half is a beautiful marriage of theme and plot mechanics.

But the near-universal expectation that it will occur is also becoming part of an entrenched narrative.

Is her death an exploitative example of every story about black trans women becoming a story about violence at its core?

There’s a feeling in the air that women are becoming more politically active in America.

This means that whoever gets appointed could serve for 30 or more years — a tenure that is becoming more and more the norm.

While many once-violent rivalries are becoming more placid with the game’s modernization, this one is only heating up.

Abusive people also turn the tables by becoming angry with the victim as a way to maintain power and control.

Since becoming attorney general a little more than a year ago, Sessions has made combating violent crime, illegal immigration and drug offenses his priority.

She felt that becoming pregnant while her husband was imprisoned would help continue the Palestinian resistance.

What if that person went looking for our girls?” Obama wrote in ” becoming.”

With pets becoming the new kids, McMenimen told The New York Times, the decision was “kind of a no-brainer.”

He barely mentioned the market at all, except for a vague, tangential promise about Bolivia becoming a world leader in eradicating malnutrition.

Maybe that’s a sign that the American people are becoming inured to Trump’s falsehoods & distortions.

For one thing, gun ownership is becoming less common over time, in part because of the urbanization and suburbanization of American society.

The bohemian himself considered New Zealand his homeland, becoming a citizen in 1881 and visiting Europe only three times until his death in 1926.

Many Māori did find ways to profit from the influx of immigrants, becoming influential, powerful landowners who adapted to European customs.

The strength of the piece is the character’s tender process of becoming animal— contrasted with her bare vulnerability and her inscribed sex-worker sexuality.

“They weren’t just talking about becoming stars; these weren’t just pipe dreams.

There’s no indication that Trump is changing his rhetoric or becoming more “presidential” in behavior.

Imagine, if you will, that “innovation” really started taking off and becoming the basis for bipartisan climate policy.

The founders took very separate paths, with Samiof going into hotel trade and Nissen becoming a professional photographer and art director.

They started becoming the powerful people that ran Hollywood, that ran Madison Avenue, and for the first time, ran the White House.

Suddenly you had the counterculture becoming the culture.

And lets not forget Michelle Obama opening up about smoking pot as a teen in her memoir becoming.

While Erdogan retains a large support base, he is becoming increasingly isolated as his inner circle defects.

Even within Bisttram’s more figural “Koshares” (1933) the limbs of individual K’osha Clowns seem to multiply, becoming almost autonomous from their owners.

That means the default solution — rebuilding the island’s electrical grid the way it was — may end up becoming the likeliest scenario.

Dennis Hof, the owner of a half-dozen legal brothels in Nevada, is on his way to becoming a Nevada state legislator.

Dennis Hof, the owner of a half-dozen legal brothels in Nevada, is on his way to becoming a Nevada state legislator.

The obvious guess for its target is Trump, who owed the bank some $300 million before becoming president.

The work evokes the purest transitions: of birth, or aging, or between spiritual planes, or in a more abstracted state of moving and becoming.

“The people of the United States are becoming less and less religious and that is not an artifact of age,” he says.

“I think [celebrity prayer candles are popular] because in some sense you see religions becoming more personalized,” Fosse says.

Kotoshogiku rolled onwards, winning his final two matches and becoming the first Japanese rikishi to pick up a basho win in a decade.

Clint Barton (Hawkeye) saw his family disappear before his eyes, and has been trying to cope by becoming an angry vigilante.

In a country where appearance is seen as central to one’s very citizenship, patients agree to becoming experimental subjects in exchange for beauty.

Party loyalists are increasingly seeing a vote for Ted Cruz as the only way to prevent Donald Trump from becoming the Republican presidential nominee.

We’re seeing the cost of shooting up a satellite becoming the cost of a personal computer, thousands of dollars.

Identifying as anti-abortion before becoming pregnant, Jade only knew of the procedure “as a sin.”

Before becoming a management board member in 2015, Zipse was a vice president of technical planning and for product strategy.

She already had her tickets, but was becoming concerned about whether she would be able to find anywhere to stay.

He reacted with measures that are just now becoming the mainstream, like stress rehabilitation, college-level classes, and required hours of rehabilitation, or vocational training.

These allegations are becoming a thing.

As the chair of the Democratic Governors Association, do see gun control becoming a big issue in the 2018 governors midterms?

The futuristic hyperloop technology is one step closer to becoming a reality: The company Hyperloop One successfully tested its first full-scale passenger pod Saturday.

And social media was kind of becoming a thing at the same time.

But it adamantly opposes that instrument becoming a sovereign currency.

Yet addressing the plastic crisis is becoming a bigger policy priority, and more countries are now banning single-use plastics — including plastic cutlery and straws.

“I feel very strongly about who I’m becoming as a man,” he says, speaking over the phone.

To really master lucid sex dreaming, it’s vital not to obsess about becoming lucid, says Love.

He was also wary of the festival becoming too cosmopolitan, with the presence of so many foreign neo-Nazis.

He feels he’s slowly becoming unemployable.

Faig Ahmed’s melting rug, too, toyed with unexpected thrills, physicalizing solid becoming liquid.


There’s a reason you pay extra for guac, it’s because avocados are becoming more and more endangered.

“Thus, you could say that older adults are becoming prejudiced largely against their will.”

I can’t wait to feel like the clown I used to be by becoming a new one.

One of the more growing arguments is that some black art is becoming too instructional.

I have a little bit of probably a nontraditional background to becoming a CEO of a technology company.

It was slowly becoming real.

The dismissed official Qahtani, 40, rose to prominence after latching onto Prince Mohammed, becoming a rare confidant in his inner circle.

Mrs. Ezekwesile retweeted me also and from there the tweets started becoming popular.

It’s possible to imagine him winning the nomination, which means it’s possible to imagine him becoming president.

She attended UCLA for fine art with the aspirations of becoming a gallery painter.

I’ve been quoted before saying how concerned I am about slopestyle courses in the future becoming standardised and stale.

For foreign brands still establishing themselves in the US, that means deliberately becoming a little more American.

Ultimately, the idea of becoming French comes out on top.

Besides the promotional element of Instagram, what is becoming increasingly key is the successful commercial aspect of IG pages like Avant Art.

“And that ultimately means Indian women becoming safer.”

“Then it ends up becoming a much longer consultation, and really, I mean, people become suicidal—and understandably so, because the stigma is so bad.”

becoming a partner “means taking on more responsibility and broader accountability for the firm in its entirety,” Holmes said in the Q&A.

The distinction between online “free speech”—often posited as a defence by website owners and admins—and offline harassment and abuse is becoming increasingly discredited.

Hooper told me the trade war is becoming increasingly “tangible” in corporate earnings, with companies saying that tariffs are an issue.

Though it wasn’t her intention, Nary made history that day by becoming the first Cambodian woman to compete in an international distance event.

As precious metals continue to trend in piercing culture, jewelry is becoming more customizable than the mass-produced stainless steel of yesteryear.

Europe is ceasing to be ‘Mother Europe’ and is becoming ‘Grandmother Europe’.

In 2017, Waithe also made history by becoming the first Black woman to win an Emmy for Comedy Writing.

It seems like there’s this trend of reporters becoming celebrities that has expanded under Trump.

“The health of the U.S. economy is becoming a theme not only in the U.S. but globally.

This is doubly true as computing power increases and becomes more efficient, and PlayStations, XBoxes, and PCs becoming increasingly similar to one another.

He points out that Walmart is becoming healthier.

Data show that the threat of large rent spikes is becoming more prevalent.

His proposals have been widely panned, and protesters and hecklers are becoming an increasingly regular features at his events.

Inside nearly every one of us is a 5 year old who’s just pissed that we didn’t end up becoming astronauts.

One can get drown in the same repeated days, becoming one of the people on the street.

“It’s becoming a bit of an obsession,” he tells Creators.

Mercifully, there is no evidence that H. ducreyi is becoming resistant to antibiotics, as are many disease-causing bacteria.

Translation has improved, becoming high quality enough that you can read news articles in other languages.

The value of the British pound drops so low that “we had to make up for it by becoming coins ourselves.”

This has nothing to do with the tech industry becoming pro-woman.

The dispute has now been picked up by world media and widely publicised, hence becoming something of a high-profile tiff.

“We are seeing utility-scale solar becoming much, much more cost competitive,” Perea said in an interview.

And Democrats are becoming more liberal over time.

Democrat Stacey Abrams faces an uphill battle in deep-red Georgia, but she has a shot at becoming America’s first black woman elected governor.

We took acid about an hour earlier, and were just starting to trip, the edges of everything becoming slightly surreal.

By 2000, the scene started becoming more commercial and many of its core community moved on.

Gold is quickly becoming the new cocaine in Colombia.

What follows is a betrayal, a gooey self-realization, and Andy reverting to becoming a holier-than-thou figure.

A growing number of people are becoming convinced that Bitcoin’s price is going to go up in the long run.

They’re competing for proximity to celebrity itself, and all the advantages that proximity to celebrity entails—money, cachet, becoming a celebrity yourself.

“We cannot strengthen the West by becoming dependent on the East,” Pence said.

Lyla described her role as a friend-for-hire as a kind of training toward becoming a life coach.

She spoke of her dream of becoming a lawyer, and of inspiring other Rohingya girls deprived of education.

These features weren’t exactly dismissed, but both ended up becoming deprioritized as features to implement because of the disagreement around them.

Can she work open-endedly without becoming either slight and predictable or bogged down in process?

Duffy has impressed with his striking abilities since becoming a prominent member of the UFC’s lightweight roster.

But even as I mostly enjoyed season three, I couldn’t escape the thought that Black Mirror is becoming trapped by its own success.

Errol Morris was a private detective before becoming one of the most revered documentary filmmakers on Earth, and here’s where it really shows.

Nearly four years later, it’s becoming clear that her turnaround effort is failing.

But either way, it’s becoming clear that Mayer’s turnaround plan isn’t working.

And the royal family is becoming even more closely associated with imperialism in the Brexit era.

Apple is well on its way to becoming the first trillion dollar company in history, largely carried by the success of the iPhone.

Here’s what I know: Society is capable of becoming far worse than it is right now.

I think it’s great that people are becoming more sensitive and are trying to break down the walls of all these –isms.

We can now see how Republican voters were becoming more secular, making the social conservative piece of the Reagan coalition less important.

Honestly, I’m not sure how this happens absent Trump becoming the Republican nominee.

The skies over the Atlantic Ocean are becoming increasingly crowded.

In June, Finland’s national intelligence service raised its threat level to “elevated” after becoming aware of terrorist plots.

On top of that, Beto seeks to ban all federal lawmakers from ever becoming lobbyists.

Salisbury follows, by all appearances, a pattern we’ve observed for some years – Russia is becoming more unpredictable and more aggressive,” he said.

Similarly, public opinion on immigration keeps becoming more favorable the longer Trump persists in office.

“Working with this medium has encouraged me to be brave and prevented me from becoming too precious about the works.”

Once she’d started training, the CIA intended her to finish, becoming “the first line of defense against explosive threats.”

The young are becoming more polarized, and it’s possible social media is part of the reason.

After all, on January 2 — weeks before becoming president — he promised that North Korea wouldn’t test an ICBM under his watch.

But it’s hard to extrapolate this story out to the millions of jobs scale without it becoming alarming.

People are already talking about it becoming LA’s riparian response to New York’s Highline, a rehabilitated locale with its own development issues.

We can’t drag them into becoming better humans — that’s their job.

As it stands, Google risks becoming complicit in the Chinese government’s repression of freedom of speech and other human rights in China.

For a while, it seemed like we were becoming a society that could appreciate people from everywhere.

He even, weirdly, invented a story about the two of them becoming best buds in the green room before a 60 Minutes episode.

becoming Imperceptible was organized by the Contemporary Art Center New Orleans and traveled to the Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver before coming to Cleveland.

Adam Pendleton: becoming Imperceptible continues at the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland (11400 Euclid Avenue) through May 14.

So why all the activity today, and the excitement about it becoming a reality?

becoming an MEP confers a degree of legitimacy.

Bill Masuku is fast becoming one of the most well-known comic artists in Zimbabwe.

Masuku is fast becoming one of the most well-known comic artists in Zimbabwe.

“This was not another step towards us becoming machines, but towards us becoming more human,” Babitz has said.

That device has tremendous and unique value: Always with you, always on, location-enabled, and becoming more useful for more things every day.

They’re leaving their government jobs and becoming lobbyists.

In September 2016, that idea became the Fidget Cube, which ended up becoming the 10th most funded project on the site of all time.

And yet, it was clearly where she started dreaming of becoming an artist.

Bit by bit, the “other apartment” is becoming home, and the place I share with friends in Dorchester is becoming “the old place”.

Anxiety disorders among the general population were already on the rise, and mental illness was already becoming increasingly more socially acceptable to discuss.

Newsom’s got a good chance of becoming the next governor of Cali, and we hear he has presidential ambitions.

They’ll solve it themselves, even if it means becoming the town’s first responders in their spare time.

You’re not going to foreclose on, hypothetically, Sprint and T-Mobile becoming one company.

That being said, does it seem, though, that tech and telecom issues are becoming more partisan?

“Zach Galifianakis dreamed of becoming a star,” the film’s synopsis reads.

Delegation skills

Being a great leader isn’t about becoming some super human that can get everything done without any help.

Nineveh is becoming a dust bowl, and farmers, who came home after Islamic State fled, say they feel abandoned by Iraq’s leaders.

becoming My Own Half-Asian Man” was originally published in Banana Magazine Issue 004.

Now they’re becoming useless, as overprescription and overuse in mass farming lead to the rise of drug-resistant “superbugs.”

I wasn’t quite there yet, but I was becoming my own man.

That’s just how these services are, I think, evolving and becoming good at each of those things.

With the types of live shows we were playing, it was becoming a grind, and it wasn’t as fun as it used to be.

Society becoming more democratic and socialist at the same time renewable energy replaces fossil fuels sounds like a utopian dream.

), and the political battles of the Iron Islands somehow becoming prominent.

Football is becoming consumed by grief.

That’s becoming clear, so I’m kind of bashful about doing visual art.

In other words, makeup in the UK is becoming less costume-y and more a way to bring out your natural beauty.

“Makeup is becoming more real again, less artificial looking but more enhanced,” O’Donnell said.

“Reflective lips are becoming something more frequently requested,” Sarwate said.

The chip card, despite its irksome reputation, is quickly becoming a system of choice.

With the ubiquity of HTML5, this is becoming truer than ever before as it relates to gaming.

Behind this furor, and its uneasy resolution, is the reality that Trump isn’t learning from his mistakes — he’s becoming embittered by them.

Climate scientists still don’t know what causes this pattern or whether it’s becoming more common due to climate change.

He was becoming a person I had never seen before.

And we’re becoming the band, and it’s the four of us.

The LED lights imitate the beats of the music with the journey becoming more intense until the woman awakens into a new reality.

Jogging, once unusual, surged to “fad” status before becoming the fixture of life it is today.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that their one major legislative accomplishment of the year — tax cuts — doesn’t seem to be enough to win elections.

They’ve got tax cuts and a conservative Supreme Court justice — and the tax plan is becoming increasingly less popular.

I don’t think we realize how vulnerable we are to becoming someone else’s monster.

“I think he’s getting to that stage in his life where he’s becoming reflective,” he replies.

Goodman conjures up scarred, ectoplasmic beings without becoming theatrical.

Scale is not directional, with the second version becoming either larger or smaller.

How worried should people be about this becoming so machine-learned and so in-AI and everything else?

But I was 36 years old and it was becoming a week to week, pay check to pay check thing.

More NYC residents are becoming homeless.

And I’m becoming mentally stronger every day.” Read This Next: Can Researchers Treat PTSD Without Using Triggers?

“We’re still in the mainframe era, but people are becoming aware that there’s soon going to be a desktop.

Nonwhites, who had historically been Europe’s colonial subjects and slaves, were now becoming its citizens.

The so-called e-prescribing is becoming increasingly popular across the country, but New York is the only state that currently mandates it.

Clearly, becoming a witch is the answer to all my financial woes.

Lately, there’s been a lot of hand-wringing over AI becoming too powerful, both in fiction and media.

“The world is more interconnected than ever before, and it’s becoming more connected every day.

“This is becoming more and more like a Soviet-type of economy here,” said Sen. Ron Johnson, a Missouri Republican.

(“Natural” earthquakes, on the other hand, are not becoming more frequent, according to Beroza.)

He’s now on board, possibly with eyes on becoming the next PM should May step aside.

It’s becoming a big debate — where does Tom fall on the NFL’s G.O.A.T.

“Would people consider the city of Atlanta becoming a more affluent city and becoming more expensive a success?”

Pelosi has remained outwardly “confident” of her chances of becoming Speaker since the Wednesday following the midterms.

The 1990s represented a “turning point for immigration becoming linked into the welfare reform discourse,” which combined with existing understandings of the immigrant-as-criminal.

She refused, instead becoming one of the longest-serving attorneys general in history.

In August, the American Heart Association released a statement warning that the disease is becoming more common in the US.

It has now done three years at schools across Scandinavia and is becoming a very serious part of the curriculum.

There are no physical barriers to becoming a live model.

Minnesota:  Refused to comply, said commission “risks becoming a partisan tool to shut out millions of eligible American voters.” Mississippi:  Refused to comply.

And Flanders started to wonder whether distributing pictures of naked women was becoming a business liability.

And at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, she made history, becoming the first transgender person to speak at a national convention.

Do I anticipate this game becoming a massive sensation?

It’s unappetizing details like these that prevent the film from becoming too precious.

It’s also dead on arrival in the Senate, and has no chance of becoming law.”

They risk becoming playgrounds for wealthy professionals, which can lead to resentment and social unrest of the sort popping up in San Francisco.

It’s a critical time as Tesla attempts to ramp up from a luxury automaker to a mass market one while also becoming profitable.

The ongoing journey to becoming a carmaker for the masses and a profitable one has not been easy.

There are also some signs that the Chinese public is becoming more accepting of the country’s LGBTQ community.

There would be nothing left to tamp down those feelings, no more seeming path to becoming a new person.

Don’t you want to have girls all over campus seeking you out, becoming more and more grateful to you?

Now, due to the size and scale of our metropolitan areas, because of the investments in knowledge institutions, it’s becoming more expensive.

Men who had circumcision didn’t have any problems with their penises becoming less sensitive.

However, it’s becoming more common for networks to be part of the corporations that produce the shows in the first place.

While Lloyd is steering Kate Spade towards becoming a full-fledged lifestyle brand, not everything has worked under her auspices.

In order to keep myself from becoming too full to discharge my duties, I limited myself to a strict three bites of each dog.

But according to Gutman, that fact that Walmart isn’t opening a ton of new supercenters doesn’t mean its supercenters are becoming irrelevant.

The country’s cyber-security laws leave very little space for foreign companies to operate without becoming a localized and compromised arm of the state.

The country’s cyber-security laws leave very little space for foreign companies to operate without becoming a localized and compromised arm of the state.

I watch an Elk stumbling toward an expanding horizon, slowly becoming a blade of grass, and then a fleck of pollen.

As more women graduate from all levels of education than their male counterparts, many professional fields are inevitably becoming more female.

“I started birth control at a time when I was still becoming a woman, so I didn’t know my sexual self,” she says.

Arizona is becoming a major battleground state this election.

But that won’t stop ridiculous-sounding objections like this from becoming a mainstay of Trump campaign rhetoric for the rest of the campaign.

Meanwhile, the yawning divide between the haves and the have-nots is only becoming wider.

By becoming his own cottage industry he did away with many of the inefficiencies that stem from traditional project workflows.

Their resulting mother/son bond is right on the border of co-dependent, so specific in its sweetness that it manages to avoid becoming saccharine.

As Facebook users get closer, they might be becoming ever more isolated.

Depression is the mold on those six ketchupy plates by your door becoming sentient.

Before becoming a lawyer, Steed was an English professor.

“People are becoming prisoners in their own homes.

becoming a parent in Alabama if you’re gay, lesbian, or transgender could be about to get a lot more difficult.

becoming a parent in Alabama if you’re gay, lesbian, or transgender could be about to get a lot more difficult.

Upon further review, Twitter is not becoming Facebook, although it will start using an algorithm to show you content you might otherwise miss.

That’s because becoming TV is hard.

“Growing up with a disability, the thought of becoming a professional athlete is as I have said before like the thought of climbing Mt.

* May 3 – Trump wins Indiana, becoming the party’s presumptive nominee after Cruz and Ohio Governor John Kasich withdraw from the race.

Police lurking on genealogy sites to solve crimes is becoming more common, but is still highly controversial.

During that time, Apple evolved from selling Mac personal computers to becoming an architect of the mobile revolution with a cult-like following.

Widower of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, Zardari spent 11 years in jail on corruption and murder charges before becoming president in 2008.

The parties are becoming more hardline and their bases more ideologically unified.

Good chance of becoming President of the United States.

Before becoming a sexologist, sex counselor, and sex educator, Anita Hoffer was a professor of Urology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Duran masterfully keeps a lot of balls in the air in this and the other paintings, never becoming formulaic or reductive.

However, some prominent business leaders came to Echevarria’s defense, saying that consumers and investors were becoming spooked by the acrimonious political mood.

Things that were once very meaningful to you have lost their spark, and things you never considered are becoming options.

Hicks goes on to question Fields’s credibility, saying Fields has a history of “becoming part of the news story.”

But the road to becoming a member was not easy.

But over the last two years, and now especially with Next, every part of it’s becoming deeper.

And it’s becoming broader, as well.

Now that it’s becoming increasingly global, Pakistan’s commercial sector is trying to capitalize off of it.

The Manchin-Toomey bill, the only gun legislation in Congress after Sandy Hook that came close to becoming law, didn’t even establish universal background checks.


Apps are becoming extremely reliant on in-app ads

But she also cited fear over becoming “the bread-bag girl” as a driving force for productivity.

If you thought Russell Westbrook’s swag would drop off after becoming a parent …

This is what Colbert asked for when he asked for hope: evidence that we could be better, that we were becoming better.

For example, while 45 percent of men expressed interest in becoming mobile app developers, just 31 percent of women said the same.

As for David just sitting back and becoming a spectator in life … well, he scoffed at the notion.

Red Lodge has a small yet growing art community that I can see becoming really big in the next few years.

What was once a symbol of frigidity is becoming the new normal.

becoming a professional video editor and getting out of that awful house became everything to me.

The agency also found that French society was becoming more open-minded and eager to embrace diversity, “despite the rhetoric of certain public figures.”

Angie Tribeca makes a noticeable shift toward becoming a more streamlined show by the sixth episode.

We are, all of us, always one bitterness away from becoming hungry ghosts.

In the UK, the drone situation is becoming more acute by the day.

The agency also found that French society was becoming more open-minded and eager to embrace diversity, “despite the rhetoric of certain public figures.”

Maternal health is also becoming more complicated.

Such statements, once considered radical, are becoming more appealing to drug officials in other countries.

I think it’s increasingly becoming part of the mainstream.

Still, there are significant omissions in the dossier that prevent these files from becoming definitive proof of Soviet spying.

“Five years ago, I moved to London to pursue my intention of becoming a full-time photographer,” Bannino tells Creators.

(Chad Gregory, president of industry group United Egg Producers, told Eater that becoming cage-free costs about $40 per bird.)

She used to work at a nonprofit before attending Le Cordon Bleu in LA to pursue becoming a full-time weed chef.

Campaign spokesperson Hope Hicks said Fields has a history of “becoming part of the news story.”

Lurie had already served as interim leader of SurveyMonkey, after the tragic death of David Goldberg last year, becoming its executive chairman.

Since becoming a mom, I’ve balanced it all into our family life and it all transcends naturally to my kids.

Right, and as you say in the book, declaring yourself something doesn’t translate to it becoming real.

In fact, the Republican establishment in South Carolina poured a lot of money into stopping Norman from becoming the Republican candidate for the seat.

Qatar brokered a compromise, with Hariri becoming head of a coalition government that included Hezbollah.

And thus, the Swede’s life avoids becoming a strained metaphor.

becoming Muhammad Ali It was after the first Liston fight that Clay changed his name to Muhammad Ali.

becoming a regular industry.

Sixteen-year-old Austyn Tester lives in rural Tennessee with his family and has big dreams of becoming a social media star.

The Conservatives won the Copeland by-election, becoming the first ruling party to make a mid-term gain of a comparable size since 1878.

For Microsoft, becoming a strategic ally to retailers has meant big business.

But one of Obama’s first actions may end up becoming one of his most consequential: nominating Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court.

So explain to me why you’re becoming more, not less, alarmed.

Internet shutdowns by governments are becoming more frequent and systematic.

Alissa Wilkinson So they come in through one gate, but with the goal of becoming a director?

The language is becoming common, the person said.

“We were becoming Venezuela — nobody doubts that.

Back in February 2016, Jeff Sessions took a major risk by becoming the first United States senator to endorse Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

“The long development ended up becoming its own burden,” said Andersen.

However, figuring out exactly how much electricity Bitcoin mines use is tricky, since computing hardware is becoming more efficient all the time.

That’s a very real risk, and it’s becoming an increasing source of concern to AI researchers.

The project comes out of my own experience of working in this field, and also becoming a mother. There is scant evidence that Trump is even worth billions, let alone that he’s lost that much by becoming president.

The idea of a shadowy studio figure becoming a massive pop star in this era of overexposure is fascinating, and Bryson Tiller, a.k.a.

Vice, what did they end up becoming?

It’s one of the mysteries that has puzzled cancer epidemiologists: Why are younger and younger people becoming sick with colorectal cancer?

This is about Gazan Geeks becoming entrepreneurs and building businesses like everyone else around the world.

As Little puts it: “Climate change is becoming something we can taste.” How could this affect the average person?

The article lamented that tourism was becoming too dangerous for visitors.

The episode is kept from becoming a sociopolitical screed in the way Brooker, Bridges, and Haynes broaden that depiction.

As is becoming tradition now, I closed out the last moments of the festival at The Do LaB.

becoming a mother is more dangerous in the United States than in any other high-income country.

Your book is about becoming wise.

The decision is often framed as a choice between having an abortion or becoming a parent.

), but becoming 1UP’s news editor was A Big Deal.

You know, it’s becoming clearer that this may be one of the most consequential elections of our lifetime.

They overwhelmingly support free trade and oppose immigration restriction, and in both cases the public is becoming more pro-globalization, not less.

Don’t look now, but Microsoft is becoming a serious player in the world of iPhone apps.

Not a bad way to reward herself … after becoming the new face of Snapchat.

We are fast on track to becoming an urban species, and the issues of urbanization — pollution, transportation, waste management — will increase with that shift.

Because if you don’t have sex, you end up becoming friends.

We’re becoming a drug-infested nation.

Drugs are becoming cheaper than candy bars.

“Now that we are finding the deep ocean is becoming more and more important, we need more observations,” he said.

Having DACA doesn’t give immigrants any path to becoming legal permanent residents or citizens.

But now, extreme weight cutting is on the verge of becoming a relic.

The country was becoming more ethnically diverse and less religious.

One moderate Conservative MP told Business Insider that Johnson’s chances of becoming Conservative leader were now: “incredibly low.

And as data grows and grows, it’s becoming more neccessary.

I’m working on becoming a better writer and learning guitar.

Now the parties are becoming more polarized, and the system is buckling under the pressure that creates.

And Salem’s draw, for other witches, has transcended its witchy history, becoming as much about the present as the past.

Before becoming engaged to Harry, Meghan, who starred in TV legal drama “Suits”, had spoken out on a number of feminist causes.

Now, it’s becoming undeniable that the two are unavoidably linked.

Transhumanism In 1949, Teilhard described pursuing this future as a process of “transhumanizing,” and a path towards becoming transhuman.

In Egypt, well-connected human rights activists who had been previously considered out-of-bounds for authorities are also becoming the target of intimidation.

Religious people are becoming increasingly involved in transhumanist efforts, and that will probably only accelerate in the coming years.

Ultimately, his paintings are about the endless process of becoming.

I was taking steps toward becoming a real person, instead of the v-necked party monster I’d become.

I was taking steps toward becoming a real person, instead of the v-necked party monster I’d become.

The result is still a cut in benefits for Americans affected by the changes, and millions more people becoming uninsured.

“Those who do make it out often have trouble holding down jobs, reuniting with family and becoming productive members of society.

Like many other aspects of American politics, the network neutrality fight is becoming increasingly polarized.

PC: The whole project is becoming alive, and is a new, extended life for me.

Lagerfeld worked at Balmain and Jean Patou before becoming head designer of the French fashion house Chloé in 1964.

becoming citizens of an empire, coming from a colony, is unique, opportunistic, and fruitful.

As Lee wrote: Candidates are becoming less and less dependent on conventional media outlets to get their message out.

While they might not love May’s deal, they probably hate the idea of Corbyn becoming prime minister even more.

Vaca Muerta, a Belgium-sized shale formation in Neuquen province, is the key to Argentina’s plan for becoming a net energy exporter by 2020.

The paths forward are becoming clearer.

Here, the drawn elements penetrate the frame itself, becoming a three-dimensional wooden structure that irreverently presides over one of its corners.

Hatch and colleagues analyzed data from a randomized controlled trial that was primarily designed to study ways to prevent infants from becoming overweight.

As if becoming attuned to the excitation of our own molecules, we forget what we can’t know and simply become it.

He was approached about becoming a manager, he said, and a white coworker became enraged.

—LZ Republican lawmaker Kristi Noem is on the road to becoming South Dakota’s first woman governor.

Now she’s hoping to make history again by becoming the first Muslim woman elected to the US Congress.

The idea of the United States becoming friendlier with Iran, particularly in the wake of the Iran nuclear deal, also terrifies the Saudi regime.

Constant vigilance: notice when you’re buying too much or becoming too distracted, and start becoming more conscious every day.

He then erased himself from the pictures, becoming invisible yet impossible to ignore.

One source said, “There are a dozen other big players that are interested in becoming partners.”

But because Jennifer wasn’t a virgin, the sacrifice went wrong, and it ended with her becoming possessed by a demon and craving human flesh.

For some, the idea of Uber becoming the dominant bundle provider for most transportation transactions in a city may be cause for concern.

Instead, it suffered the latest — and, arguably, harshest — in what’s becoming an unbroken string of judicial smackdowns over the travel ban.

It disappeared into a list of her policies, rather than becoming a rallying cry.

The country is becoming more diverse, which means that many white Americans are confronting race in a way they have never had to before.

(becoming a Chick-fil-A franchisee, as it turns out, is a lot of work).

But legal experts say the case is becoming bigger than that of Chapo’s guilt or innocence.

LARCs are incredibly effective at preventing pregnancy and are becoming more popular; use has tripled in the United States since 2002.

“It’s becoming a march toward an inquisition just to get the conviction on him.

They can remain in the US after their legal status expires, becoming unauthorized immigrants.

Her work shows Dean and Ramona becoming attached, but in a lighter and more poetic fashion.

He has also horizontally segmented his body, with each study becoming progressively more disjointed.

Similarly, in digital media, it is becoming increasingly clear that time is all that should matter.

What is clear is that texting is becoming a force in American politics.

Their becoming a couple didn’t give way to petty hijinks; instead, it deepened both their characters.

Mike Pence have a better-than-normal chance of actually becoming president of the United States.

Mike Pence have a better-than-normal chance of actually becoming president of the United States.

One of the reasons why air travel is becoming more affordable is that low-cost carrier airlines are expanding their reach to serve more people.

To an extent, it’s a smart strategy that has prevented the company from becoming embroiled in often unwinnable and expensive regulatory wars.

In this vision, kinder, gentler computers will offer customized assistance on our path to becoming more competent and confident people.

“It is becoming a contested war fighting domain and we have to adapt to that reality,” Mattis said.

But the sound of DC is changing, and hip-hop, long overshadowed by go-go, is becoming more prominent.

How do people start down the path of becoming a conspiracy theorist?

She’s incredibly mellow about becoming an overnight sensation.

As it expanded further and further, it lost energy and momentum, becoming diffuse, aimless, and, by the end of book five, plain boring.

Mourdoukoutas’s argument that libraries are becoming less useful is patently false, in a way that’s fairly obvious.

Bush’s reelection campaign flailing, Ailes swapped Bush for Rush, becoming executive producer of Limbaugh’s new television show.

Now, it seems on the verge of becoming reality.

“Trade disputes and growing protectionism in many parts of the world are increasingly becoming reality for German companies abroad,” the DIHK said.

“The world is so busy, the idea of becoming immersed in the story is so relaxing, almost like meditation.

These organized gangs of hooligans, referred to as “firms,” are becoming more prominent around the country.

I got a thrill out of sharing my enthusiasm and this new vision I was becoming increasingly more devoted to.

The world is so busy, the idea of becoming immersed in the story is so relaxing, almost like meditation.

They’ve even exacerbated flooding, becoming dams when rivers have overflowed.

Politico’s Nahal Toosi noted that Tillerson didn’t hold a town hall for three months after becoming the secretary.

And Euro 2012, becoming the first country to win three major tournaments in a row.

becoming yet more political could even jeopardize the bank’s independence, its biggest asset.

These coups were really designed by the military to prevent the democratic process from becoming too chaotic or too violent.

But to attack Trump for becoming “soft” on immigration, Scarborough takes the mindset of those who believe in the hard-line position.

Florida is on the verge of becoming the 15th state to arm teachers after Gov.

Florida is on the verge of becoming the 15th state to arm teachers after Gov.

“I think people haven’t appreciated that these bugs are becoming, and are resistant to antibiotics,” Fischetti told me.

Some parents are actually paying so much for child care that “they’re becoming homeless,” Kruckel said.

Related: Two Artists Ask, is Virtual Reality becoming “A Nightmare You Can’t Wake Up From?”

“This is becoming a regular event.

So this was the first material you released after becoming a father, yeah?Yeah, that sounds about right.

But Schiattarella refused to let his affliction stand in the way of becoming a world-class performer, choreographer, and videographer.

I’m becoming a grown man.

It turns out the answer is simple: Iowans are becoming more aware of immigration because they are seeing more immigrants in their own state.

The government has called claims of abuse “distorted.” “Tensions remain high and they risk becoming worse,” Annan said in a statement Thursday.

Shortly after becoming pope, Francis announced the creation of a Vatican committee to fight sex abuse in the church.

He denied becoming part of the criminal underworld himself, but did, however, admit he had been reckless.

“We are changing demographically, we are changing racially—we’re becoming a truly multiracial society.

(If you chew a savory cracker for a while, you’ll notice it becoming sweet.

The town was becoming more consumerist and globalized, but most teenagers longed to leave behind the quiet life in search of real opportunity.

Just as Derek’s extremist ideology was becoming mainstreamed in America, he renounced it.

Breakdancing becoming an Olympic sport would further underscore rap’s cultural relevance.

GPS and sensors are becoming more and more ubiquitous in city infrastructure, getting cheaper and more accurate along the way.

So most eradication technologies have a “shelf-life,” becoming less effective over time.

Like finding stillness and becoming less reactionary and being able to not lash out at people.

It came very close to keeping a powerful man from becoming even more powerful.

The difference is, is that somebody that’s a really good developer could spend six months becoming a pretty reasonable app developer.

However, it was becoming increasingly clear he was punting this issue down the road,” he said in a statement.

Historians tend to think the Illuminati were only mildly successful — at best — in becoming influential.

“It’s becoming the norm for children to face these terrible risks on the route, and it’s just unacceptable.”

That domination was driven in large part, initially by Kim Kardashian West becoming a tabloid fixture and then a reality star.

In fact, the link between skin and stress is becoming better understood in the medical community. “

Eric Barry Drasin (EBD): Also, these tools are becoming rapidly more accessible to more people.

The incident made maritime banditry infamous, later becoming the basis of the movie Captain Phillips.

He says he hopes to become a model, but he’s also interested in becoming a designer.

VICE News went to see some of the first people to become U.S. citizens under President Trump, and spoke to them about becoming citizens.

In September, the retailer said it is cutting down on lower-performing products and becoming more aggressive in clearing out seasonal merchandise.

Khosrowshahi said they have had early discussions with the company about becoming one of Uber’s flying car partners.

The book opens with an example of senior staff basically disappearing some material from Trump’s desk to keep his wishes from becoming policy.

Which is why I’d argue that the divide between rural and urban America is becoming unbridgeable.

How do you create an organization of believers without becoming an organization first and believers second?

It’s becoming increasingly hard to gauge what someone’s true reach is In 2017, though.

The country is moving beyond the period of catch-up associated with its market transition and becoming a middle-income nation.

Solar power, despite its weather-related challenges, is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing energy sources worldwide.

Now he’s vying to make history again by becoming the state’s first black senator.

She has, by fits and starts, started to really look at the people around her, and thereby to grow into who she is becoming.

Their only bonds were to members of their own family, who were already becoming criminals.

NATO does have a free-rider problem that is becoming less of a problem but is still there.

The influence of the far right — and Le Pen herself — was becoming harder and harder to overlook.

They are not constrained to the auditorium, stage or screen but merge with the street and the civilian, becoming part of the everyday.

The Falwells wanted to keep “a bunch of photographs, personal photographs” from becoming public, Cohen told Arnold.

TV personality Rabbi Shmuley Boteach says America is becoming too unforgiving … and Roseanne’s teary apology should warrant some sympathy.

It was on this ramp, when he was 11, that he captured his first major headlines by becoming the youngest-ever X Games competitor.

Volvo is quietly becoming a tech superpower – When you think of high-tech cars, you probably think Tesla or BMW.

But there’s another automaker that is quietly becoming one of the industry’s most tech-centric brands.

“The destruction is becoming obvious.”

ZMapp is one of the few remaining treatments in development that has a shot at becoming a crucial tool for fighting Ebola.

ZMapp is one of the few remaining treatments in development that has a shot at becoming a crucial tool for fighting Ebola.

This is becoming a thing — Trump vs. eagles.

The league is obviously becoming faster and faster.

One of which is the rise of the super rich and the fact that India is becoming much more unequal.

So how did you end up becoming a swami?

Yet the few sectors offering decent yields are relatively small and becoming pricey.

Ghandour ended up becoming Alsallal’s mentor, and his investments helped Jamalon get off the ground.

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