Beard in a sentence | Use of the word beard examples

During a previous court appearance, on October 19, Kinsman had a scraggly beard, long hair, and wore a T-shirt and overalls.

Associated with the racist skinhead movement where members typically shave their heads, Millerberg grew out his hair, shaved his overgrown beard, and got glasses.

“Louis” was not a candle maker, but her fellow cop Vahan Kapagian, who had grown his hair and beard out to blend in.

His latest project, Epic beard Men, is a collaborative effort with an old friend and comrade.

Slash: A Punk Magazine From Los Angeles, 1977–80, out from Hat & beard Press, is available through Amazon and other online booksellers.

Regardless, it has enough merit that the James beard Foundation awarded Camp Washington parlor a Best Regional Dish award in 2000.

But Dead Man’s Chest still rules, and Davy Jones’s weird tentacle beard is amazing to watch and think about blazed.

His big beard?” he said.

Well, listen, I didn’t have a beard when we first met so I’m getting there.

You have to get the Lincoln beard if you really want to go the full hog.

The man with the beard is Alan Ruschel — a defender on the Chapecoense soccer team, based out of Brazil.

His beard has a smattering of gray in it.

And his beard.

The guy with the beard, barely holding back tears?

he calls to a man with a long beard wearing a prayer hat.

He also re-introduced the nose-ring and grew a beard.

Azealia Banks claimed to have been sent clippings of Dorsey’s beard hair to fashion into a protective amulet, although Dorsey denied this happened.

The eccentric black and gold silk wizard cape, the voluminous strap-on beard, and the top hat makes for an unforgettable Damian Lazarus costume.

She writes the James beard Award-winning Washington Post column Unearthed, and farms oysters off Cape Cod.

He wore a skullcap, his beard cropped and dyed red.

He wore a skullcap, his beard cropped and dyed red.

“A professional beard trim with an old school razor.” —Grant Sabatier, blogger at Millennial Money 7.

Their families told the Associated Press that children there started calling Boyle, who was somewhat overweight, “Santa Claus” after he grew his beard out.

I say this perched on a mountain, twisting a long beard.

He grew out his beard and began wearing a traditional Afghan clothing.

He grew out his beard and began wearing a traditional Afghan clothing.

Instantly recognizable with his wavy blond hair and beard, Branson is one of Britain’s best-known businessmen.

Facing the camera directly, he proceeds to shave off his copious body hair and beard with an electric razor.

Check out the clip … Hawk also talks Browns, Tom Brady and Julian Edelman’s beard.

… but the beard remains off limits.

That’s not a beard.

The guy next to me has painted his beard blue and stuck gold stars on it, to honor the EU flag.

Welch and beard lost paper stock, tools, artworks, and a 1920s letterpress.

Welch and beard have also set up a GoFundMe page in the hopes of covering some of the costs of the disaster.

He’s about 5-foot-5 with ruddy skin and a surprisingly on-trend man bun and beard.

Our brand and content just got nominated for a James beard Award.

His epic beard has helped a lot too, apparently.

Just as his beard was turning gray, Kristofer left an unfulfilling decade-long relationship that had kept him monogamous.

Growing a beard put me over the top on that one.”

Congratulations on your happy ending, Cap, and thanks for all the memories (and the beard).

In other cases, like Holt v. Hobbs, when the Muslim wanted to grow a half-inch beard, there is no harm to third parties.

Former intelligence officer Zeyar Phyo, who has let his hair and beard grow long in jail, pleaded not guilty to murder and abetment.

In a three-minute video titled Come On, an actor with a fake beard poses as a taxi driver.

In a three-minute video titled Come On, an actor with a fake beard poses as a taxi driver.

He had a big bright red Afro, and a lumberjack beard and sunglasses.

He grew a beard and walked around barefoot until the soles of his feet grew tough, like elephant hide.

beard tracked sudden religious conversions in temporal lobe epileptics.

In their paper, Dewhurt and beard documented six conversion stories of extreme religious encounters correlated with seizures.

The series luxuriates in the world of tasting menus and molecular gastronomy, Michelin stars and James beard Awards.

Not only that, but Warhol also shot some of beard’s footage.

Correction: A previous version of this article stated that Peter beard’s reels were confiscated by Lee Radziwill.

He had also begun to dress “Islamically,” in a long robe, and was growing a beard, a family friend told CNN.

As told to Alex Swerdloff Justin Severino is a three-time beard nominee for Best Chef Mid-Atlantic and a skilled whole-animal butcher.

To put a beard on Captain America is to mask the literal face of our country.

But when you see it — without prejudice — the beard makes sense.

The beard made its first appearance in the promotional material for Avengers: Infinity War.

The beard looks great, even if it’s blown out and bluish.

Trying to pay attention during those seven minutes is especially difficult with the beauty that is Cap’s beard demanding your attention.

For some, seeing the beard inevitably piques curiosity.

How long did it take him to grow his particular beard?

If Captain America is everything good about America, then what does America’s beard feel like?

If having a beard used to connote a sense of rebellion, being clean-shaven represents compliance.

The beard grounds the character Marvel introduced to us eight years ago, making him more relatable and human.

In Endgame, Rogers’s first minutes onscreen are spent giving himself a shave — the beard is already gone.

It’s possible Rob shaving his beard is a subtle sign he’s getting healthier, but sometimes beards are awesome.

Madani emerges wearing his original outfit, and without the fake beard, according to CNN.

I have a graying beard, whitening crop of hair, and a receding hairline, as he did.

As beard and Beneš have, Dozier similarly notes the ability of the symbol or text to be used in multiple ways.

He was shackled at his ankles and wrists, and wore a pale blue prison uniform, a long beard, and a skull cap.

Follow Claudia beard on Twitter.

Now, “I can grow a full beard within a few days,” Claire, who wouldn’t give her real name for this story, told me.

Claire’s beard isn’t an easy thing to keep secret; it grows thicker than than many men’s.

The degrees of hair growth and location vary, though—not all women with facial hair grow a full beard as Claire does.

She was feeling more confident for the first time in a long time, but that confidence disappeared when she grew a beard.

The social abuse she experienced as a kid lasted throughout high school, but Claire said no one ever discovered her beard.

A woman having a beard blurs the line between male and female in a way, and that’s scary for a lot of people.”

After shaving her hair for 16 years, the performer Little Bear Schwarz now wears a beard proudly.

Researchers at the Hirslanden Clinic in Switzerland took swabs from the beards of 18 men and found every beard contained bacteria.

beard hair is coarser and more curly so traps dirt more easily, with hair around the nostrils and mouth the prime hotbed for bacteria.

Between the crazy beard and the dance-offs with fans, it’s easy to forget that Thornton is also racking up his usual solid numbers.

It’s cool when Thornton does it, since his beard goes down to his knees.

IZ: Tom shaved, I can’t grow a beard so … TL: He has a song called “7 Years.”

Growing a beard is like a superpower—a way to take the face your parents gave you and totally transform it.

So I decided to stop shaving until I had grown a full beard.

The beard finally doesn’t look like a mistake.

DAY 20 The beard and mustache parts still don’t connect.

My beard is shit and I hate myself.

Why was I interested in trying to grow a beard in the first place?

And yet on neither side does it really count as a beard.

Yes, the beard looks terrible and makes me feel even worse.

Maybe the beard and I can get along.

The votes themselves range from whether Merrill should grow a beard, to whether he should get a vasectomy.

The votes themselves range from whether Merrill should grow a beard, to whether he should get a vasectomy.

And, as of right now, he’s still going strong (although I’m sure his beard has grown a little).

“Blue lipstick, beard stubble, fab shoes, frocks, mad hair, attitude.

“I ‘buzz’ it with a ladies version of what is essentially a smaller beard trimmer, usually at least once a week.

There’s an 84-year-old man called Captn_Iglo with a bushy white beard and pipe, looking to date women aged 19 and up.

Chef Hugh Acheson is a James beard Award–winning author, and a legend of the city’s culinary scene.

A beard is not a style women are taught they can sport, after all.

On stage, she belts arias and show tunes in poufy dresses, her beard an ostensible contrast to her high, delicate voice.

If they don’t like your beard, then they make you feel bad about yourself.

Does your beard inspire your performances?The “bearded lady” thing definitely propelled me.

The confidence, beard, and performance all kind of happened in tandem.

My beard kind of provides a backbone to my persona, which isn’t really that different from my offstage persona.

White guy with a beard.

Another white guy with a beard.

I think he has a mustache, and I have a beard.

Was growing out your beard a form of gender expression?The “gender expression” thing is tricky.

My beard is intensely feminine because I am intensely feminine.

David Letterman’s beard is hate fueled … so says his former band leader Paul Shaffer.

Fourth-generation barbecue pitmaster and James beard semi-finalist Sam Jones also weighed in.

To be the devil’s advocate for a second—surely, there must be something good about this couple-blogging, unicycle-riding, beard growing, vintage shop, austerity trend?

I also enjoy that young man with the beard, Cruz continues.

Dana Blatchford’s wife jokes that his beard is the 5th member of the family.

The 3rd generation Giants fan colors sprayed his beard with the team logo before every game.

Not that you’re this guy in a bow tie and a Lincoln beard.

beard‘O ever since.

The lead-list broker who set Willocks up with Schmeets was Sanjay Williams, a 28-year-old Jamaican with a bushy beard and long dreadlocks.

Spraying my beard came much later.

You’ve got this crazy beard!

My decorated beard and the new design I create for each game.

When I grew my beard I thought it would be fun to decorate it.

A shirt company took notice of a Giants design I did on my beard and contacted me.

They’ve been there for me for years—and I’m not talking about just their crisp haircuts and beard trims either.

I haven’t cut my hair or beard since 2007 by the way.

A Dalston beard will have a different interpretation of it to a 50 year businessman sat at La Torre in Ibiza enjoying the sunset.

Also playing a big role in the video is Alex Turner’s “communist history teacher” beard, which, y’know.

He said it again, quietly this time, the words barely escaping the hairs of his beard.

She writes the James beard Award-winning Washington Post column Unearthed, and farms oysters off Cape Cod.

Perhaps the most noticeable difference in Holzer is his prominent salt-and-pepper beard, which thinned out during radiation.

Fresh off a James beard Award victory, Maloney gave it to me straight.

Mel Gibson looks like he’s hunkerin’ down for the New Year … with a Grizzly Adams beard and a big bag of rations.

“Popeyes has great fried chicken,” says James beard Award-winning chef Ashley Christensen.

J. Kenji López-Alt, another beard Award-winner, goes even further.

On the evening of 17 February 2018, Professor Mary beard posted on Twitter a photograph of herself crying.

By contrast, these festival goers had metal all over their faces: Roughly 66.6 percent of them sported a thick beard.

Key to this video — Khaled’s chat about his “sex symbol” beard and, of course, the big reveal.

In a New York Times piece, he makes the case that in Western countries, trends in beard popularity often closely follow trends in capitalism.

Valiant didn’t like losing his beard, so he started putting his hair up against the Assassins’ masks.

Anyway, today she said that that guy upstairs, the short guy with the scraggly beard?

My voice doesn’t change, and my beard doesn’t fall out.

No man with hair that buoyant, a beard that manicured, a vest that crisp, has ever deserved an eyepatch.

And voilà; your phone should unlock, even if you change your hairstyle, put on glasses, grow a beard, or as your face changes.

Among the 70-plus participants, one name stood out in particular: Tim Hecker—and not just because he doesn’t have a beard.

They knew from experience that a long beard could be grabbed onto and used against them during a battle.

So that was Matt Schlapp and his beard wife making that bullshit up.

“How do you like my beard, I’m in ZZ Top.” And then what?

You have some egg in your beard.

Isn’t it annoying to have a beard when you eat?

I compare my beard to the bushes growing along the wall of an old house.

(My beard) collects bits and pieces of my day along the way.

My beard was yellow for days!

Astros Quick Comment: Is it possible Dallas Keuchel’s struggles are due to unbalanced beard density?

Toward the end of the night, we met this thickly muscled Bulgarian man with a gray beard and salt-and-pepper hair.

Classicist Mary beard has suggested that Pompeii, and indeed most classical sites, are in fact collaborations between ancients and modern excavators and conservators.

That’s where the James beard Award-winning Lebanese restaurant Al Ameer makes some of the city’s best kebabs and kibbeh.

He wears a short beard and small stud in his nose.

Though beard hasn’t been through the loss of either of his parents, parts of his movie are clearly rooted in personal experience.

A man in an NRA hat sports a bushy beard in anticipation of the Swamp Buggy Days beard contest.

Mark (Benny Andersen) has always had a beard, and I keep my hair blond.

Everybody in Shoreditch is a mod with a beard.

Had Sargeant lived longer, beard believes he would have joined the pantheon of early 2oth-century figurative artists, like Thomas Eakins and Winslow Homer.

He asked if he could play with my beard.

beard’s fanciful, fictitious paintings are recourse for a community that’s often invisible in historical texts.

Many of beard’s compositions also contain the poetic subtleties.

Here, beard transposes that almost fetishistic archetype and subverts it by swapping genders and inverting the male figures, as they perform handstands.

Through his persona, beard reiterates an urgent need for deeper dives into history.

She is a brown wire-haired Terrier with a slightly gray beard, dark ears, and huge brown eyes.

You can have a beard and wear a dress.

I have a beard so people think I am Muslim.

When she was only two or three years old, she’d draw pictures of me with a beard.

Zach Galifianakis’ dramatic weight loss has gone next level … even the guy’s beard is thinning down!

“Because of this terrorist issue, [people say] ‘they got a beard,’ that’s why they think we’re terrorists,” said Kareem.

“We did have some defensive lapses,” Texas Tech coach Chris beard said.

The Cajun-born and French-trained chef boasts a thick, powerful build, a bald head, and an impenetrable beard and mustache.

Fulmer’s first game without his beard, September 3rd against the Royals, began with highly efficient dominance.

Not that there’s necessarily a connection to performance but … any regrets about shaving the beard?

Captain America has a beard now.

The slight Athenian sports a trim beard and an easy laugh.

Though Babet would not specify which vegetables, James beard‘s recipe would involve leeks, onions, carrots, turnips, and celery.

By my mid-20s I had grown a long beard, to make me look older.

This is most evident in a scene where a shopkeeper tells Blade&beard that “they will be killed” if their music is political.

I didn’t shave my beard.

I feel like he’s quite young but I guess his beard makes him look older?Yes, I was going to say.

He’s got that beard that I don’t really like.

I like when your dad had a beard.

I think [his beard] is what makes people think, ‘Gosh, he looks different’.

It’s possible that no two words in American food culture carry as much weight as the name of James beard.

Craig Claiborne once declared beard a “missionary in the gospel of bringing good cooking to the home table.”

Even more emphatically, Julia Child once said, “In the beginning, there was beard“—a quote repeated by food critics to the point of cliché.

beard came out as gay in a revised version of his memoir, Delights and Prejudices, in 1981.

Currently, Birdsall spends his days poring over the many facets of beard‘s life for a forthcoming biography.

It will be the first since 1994, and Birdsall intends to bring beard‘s queerness to the fore.

“We’ve known that beard was a really a pivotal figure in American food in the 20th century,” said Birdsall.

Of course, beard was so prodigious that it’s entirely possible to survey his career without once mentioning his personal life.

In a way, the historical erasure of beard‘s sexuality has roots in a broader straight male-dominated culture in professional kitchens.

This queer experience in America’s restaurant kitchens was the topic of a private roundtable discussion hosted by the James beard Foundation last year.

He’s a former Marine, a killer chef, a James beard award winner, and overall, a true Renaissance man.

Grab a fistful of ones, and you can have a vegan burger made by a chef whose restaurants have won James beard awards.

Another acquaintance, however, told police that Lahouaiej Bouhlel had recently grown a beard “for religious reasons.”

On the surface, with a wisp of gray hair and a neatly trimmed beard, Endre cuts a more traditionally handsome figure than Mária.

The menu has retained stalwarts and featured some curiosities, including James beard‘s pancake recipe, but with the buttermilk swapped out for sour cream.

beard would approve of our pancakes and that’s important to me,” Silver says.)

At one vegetable stand, I meet Deniz, a twenty-something with a full beard and a bomber jacket.

They’re all-natural and will keep his beard and face feeling smooth and moisturized.

You may also remember him as the owner of the most homeless looking beard in the entirety of American history.

His beard is braided into two pigtails tied with colorful bobbles.

Dressed in a fleece, with the sort of choppy beard that’s popular in Longyearbyen, I hailed him over.

Two women who have really inspired us are Leah Tokelove and Elspeth beard.

Elspeth beard is a bit of a legend in motorcycling.

Anyone who did not have the right-sized beard or trousers of the prescribed length was whipped.

“They accused me of refusing to grow the right sized beard.

Classicist Mary beard has suggested that the various Greek texts are too professional and involved too much labor, to be labeled graffiti.

The character of beard, that’s him, plastered all over the art for the second game.

And it was real honorable, like, because beard is the coolest character, I think.

Up to 85 percent of black men get unsightly razor bumps along their beard area.

Ai posted photos of himself with the donated bricks, including one with bricks stuck in his hair and beard.

The beard has been a conversation piece as well.

Beads of sweat dribble from the tip of his nose, through his silver-streaked beard, down his neck.

My beard, for instance!!

Recently nominated for a James beard award, Amanda Cohen works magic with celeriac and pea shoots.

“Our James beard cruises simply heighten that experience with the company of expert guest hosts, themed activities, wine tastings, and informative lectures.

In 2014 employees damaged King Tutankhamun’s golden burial mask by gluing its dislodged beard back on.

He shaves off Justin Turner’s beard with a fastball, then strikes him out to end a historic game.

Every element of the setup is immaculate, down to Rahman’s meticulously groomed beard and ironed white-and-red striped shirt.

He was all contrast: unwashed, M4, baggy camo pants, boots, beard.

Export New Zealand Executive Director Catherine beard said the move was a positive one.

beard noted that the FTA could also open up markets for services in areas such as education and information and communications technology.

Recent mug shots showed him sporting a long black beard.

To Wolfe, Everett is a “rugged outdoorsman, a hard rider with a thatchy reddish beard and a head of thick thatchy reddish hair.”

Wearing a blue t-shirt and sporting a long, gray beard, he appealed to the government in Rome to intervene and prevent his execution.

Adam Scott showed up on Conan Thursday night, rocking a glorious beard, to mount a feminist defense of The Bachelorette.

Rick has shed the sheriff look and traded it in for his signature beard.

Chris Bethell is a charming man with a beard who just really, genuinely looks like he hugs expertly.

Today, some friends joke that I too look like a terrorist when I grow my beard out, which is useful to know.

I now make sure my beard is trimmed when crossing the United States border—which is a privilege on its own to have the option.

I changed phone numbers, deleted my Facebook account, and grew a full beard.

beard management is also crucial: Every year, Marchetti endures a multi-day bleaching process to make it pure white.

People assumed I was a cisgender woman, but my license appeared to belong to some dude with a beard.

Prince Harry lifted the beard of a badass military hero to present him with a medal at the inaugural Endeavour Fund Awards.

As far as we can tell, though … only Harry grabbed a handful of beard hair at the event.

Artist Natalie White settled her lawsuit with photographer Peter beard.

One way they do that is by talking about the “beard,” a code word that everyone in Havana understands.

If you want to ask me if you can tug my beard you’re very welcome to do so.

From his unkempt beard and slow, phlegmatic voice, we understand Zakhaev, by juxtaposition, to be Modern Warfare’s antagonist.

Even my Dad, these days, tells me not to let my beard grow out.

I’m a 280-pound black guy with a bald head, a beard, and, sometimes, a gun.

Peter Dunning, who sports a beard and a crotchety, rugged individuality, lives and farms on 187 acres in Vermont.

A grin spreads beneath Mandeep’s twirled moustache and wiry beard.

Your bio on Insta says you’ve got an invisible beard.

Thomasson is a middle-aged engineer, glasses and stubbly beard, a smiling but intense look.

Is your lack of beard a source of pain for you in your dating life?

Where’s your beard?


In February of 2016, Cala was named a semifinalist to win the James beard Award for best new restaurant in the US.

He now boasts the look of a prophet — long hair, beard and all.

So off came the helmet, on came the hair, panther, cape, beard, etc., and thus Catman was born.

And that same rumor also claims that these micheladas happen to be James beard Award-winning too.

If you’re a guy, you’ll try answering that question with a beard.

“I had no desire to win a James beard Award,” says Gerard Craft, winner of the 2015 Best Chef: Midwest category.

“For some reason, people really freaked out—not in a good way—I got knocked off the beard list.

He had a beard and long blond wavy hair, probably wearing a plaid flannel shirt.

Just in the past year, we had an Asian chef, Ha Luu, and Latina chef, Gabrielle Denton, receive beard nominations.

Yeah—with the beard, the beer dribble down my shirt.

Way back in the mists of the distant past, probably sometime in the late 1990s, a man grew a beard.

He was a brawler, a wild six and a half feet tall mammoth with gigantic hair and a big black beard.

The chef, Saipin Chutima, has a James beard Award for God’s sake.

Is The beard Trend Over?

IS THE beard TREND OVER?!?!?

Yes, many erudite and hirsute readers thought, The beard is beloved.

Even the well-known (and highly respected) classicist Mary beard became the target of uninformed criticism and trolling.

Why are they telling me how to trim my beard?

Under the bushy beard, he’s got a baby’s face (I swear, no pun intended) and sad eyes.

I’m Bored by Jess Rotter (Hat & beard Press) I’m bored.

The U.N. report said his presence as a look-alike who wore a false beard suggests the murder was pre-planned.

After the petition garnered more than 21,000 signatures, Publix recently announced that September 28 would be the last day of its beard ban.

Also, if he went this hard on recreating the animated character’s hairstyle, what happened to the beard?

“But I would never be the beard and cardigan-wearing type.”

Strother said that he’s not clear on why Chick-fil-A has a beard ban either.

Because he cooks, managers have raised concerns that his facial hair could get into food, but a beard net would lessen that possibility.

Chef Hugh Acheson is a James beard Award–winning author, and a legend of the city’s culinary scene.

A union construction worker with dark curly hair and a carefully trimmed beard, he speaks with heavy Brooklyn accent.

He has a thick, mostly gray beard, and is turning 70 in June.

We kicked things off with an ocean trout sashimi with sea buckthorn nuoc mam from James beard award-winning spot Uchi.

Also, at one point a big guy with a beard stripped down to his thong.

Brunson’s gnome-like tuft of beard serves to exaggerate his comically projected chin.

I had been used to her having a beard my whole life and, accordingly, made fun of her for not having one anymore.

I have a decent beard, and my chest is flat.

I had lunch with [Lampoon Co-founder] Henry beard, and I asked, what’s the deal?

beard maintenance and grooming is also key, particularly if you struggle with patchy or uneven facial hair.

But Titters was a response to Henry beard saying that chicks aren’t funny.

There, I met research scientist Ken Clark, a congenial physicist with a sandy-coloured beard.

Hutchison—a four-day beard around his jaw—seems at odds with the anxious introvert that comes through on the record.

Or you can sample a variety of themed products: jerky, whisky, gin, scotch, rum, craft beer, cheese, sex toys, and beard oil.

I give the character a beard, kind of like the one I have, only more of it and a little bit thicker.

Can’t she just have a beard in drag now anyway?

You can see even men have something approaching a 28-day cycle in their beard growth — which I did measure for three years too.

“Best night I ever had was when I met this beautiful Swedish man with a huge beard.

The man in Home Alone dons a pretty thick beard.

“I can’t think of anyone that’s really close to Donald that has a beard that he likes,” the associate said.

Elvis could grow a fine beard, sure, but his facial hair clearly stopped well below his bottom lip.

But below this beard lies another important piece of evidence…

The creators also asked him to grow out a beard.

But that’s also so Tinder, 2015, and the scumbro has evolved with several varieties of beard.

(“I can’t even grow a beard!”

But no, that’s not enough for this James beard Award-winning pit master.

O, how the beards shimmer and undulate under the weight of their craft beard old!

I’m a hairy white guy with a beard who goes to the gym.

Tests showed the beard microbe—part of the staphylococcus epidermidis species—were effective at killing even the most drug-resistant E. coli.

“—but for now, for today, we are all coping with the idea of the man braid and the magic doctor beard.

Robby just signed a deal with Wilhelmina Denver, which explains the bushy beard.

“Yo, Keytar,” screams a dude with a ginger beard and a Red Sox cap.

He’s that kid with a full beard who dominated your Little League and drove the team bus to and from games.

In person, Spencer is short and portly, with a neatly trimmed black beard.

At Hauser & Wirth’s booth, celebrity historian Mary beard was consulted for a Bronze Age-themed local museum-styled display.

Lenny “The beard” Brenner (unconfirmed–2016), former art director of MAD magazine.

He had a bald head, a bushy beard, and he looked like he could grill up some good ribs.

To deal with this vastly broader range, the series expands from one presenter to three: Simon Schama, Mary beard, and David Olusoga.

Still a little mystified by the mussel’s beard?

Our friend Julia Ziegler-Haynes explains: “Mussels have a hipster “beard,” also known as byssal threads.

This might be sexy, but no one wants to eat a beard.

At certain points, particularly in beard’s “How Do We Look?”, the series echoes some of Berger’s concerns.

“I thought we came out ready to play and got off to a great start,” beard said.

His beard was full of sauces, fish heads, crushed fruit.

“So we kicked him out.” Aliyar, now 73 with a long white beard, remembers the day Zahran left in 2005.

This dude knows what I’m talking about:… Skinner’s fuzzy white beard is adorable.

The minute you start hearing the complexity in music, that’s kind of where you’re getting into more “beard scratchy” territory.

Recent CDC Secretary Jeffrey beard, who retired last week, acknowledged that the savings haven’t been exactly as promised in the blueprint.

“Have we achieved the savings?” asked beard.

“Look at the beard, the beads, the witchcraft charm, the goofball glasses, and the ridiculous cap,” said another.

We’ll have to see if he keeps the beard.”

Also overseeing the new outpost is Nate Appleman, the James beard award-winning chef who currently serves as OTG’s Vice President of Culinary.

In some ways he’s sort of like Drake without the beard.

If you’re Tehran techno DJs Anoosh and Arash, who perform under the moniker Blade&beard, the answer is: very carefully.

The red beard is clearly a clue, but still … good job blending, Harry.

Lincoln’s iconic dark hair and beard fade into Trump’s blond hair, swooping across his forehead.

The chap with the large beard to Beckham’s right, by the way, was not one of the other receivers.

He often says it was before he could even grow a beard.

I was once Buffalo Bill with the white beard.

Sometimes she has 300 heads, or a beard, or blue eyes on the back of her head.

He would look ecstatically happy one moment, cackl ing and stroking my beard, and terrified the next.

Is that when you shave the beard?I don’t know if I’ll shave the beard.

But if she likes the beard, I’m probably gonna keep it.

(Charles Darwin’s impressive beard later in life probably doesn’t help here.)

This wine has Action shouting “whoa” and engaging in an epic beard shake.

By my mid-20s I had grown a long beard, to make me look older.

Also, it’s how many references to Burns’ beard you’ll see every time anyone mentions the Sharks.

I was maybe 17, but I had a beard so I looked 21, and I just got in.

Because it wants you to play as Han Solo with a really gross beard.

“We are asking the city to try to see the public interest in keeping [The Redstone Temple] in community hands,” beard said.

“There’s nowhere else for us to go in San Francisco, sadly,” beard said.

“San Francisco was the originator of the alternative art scene boom in the ’60s and ’70s,” beard said.

And things are only getting worse, according to beard.

It was the wild beard that threw them.

She in floppy hat and sundresses, he in skatewear, trucker cap, and bushy gray beard, they complimented each other perfectly.

Wil Myers has the most facial hair someone can possibly have without having a proper beard.

No Uzbek, especially a young man, would grow such a thick, untamed beard, they said.

“When he came here I guarantee you 150 percent he never had the beard,” Zakirov said.

“In an Uzbek mosque you don’t have a beard like that,” he said.

Sure, anyone can don a Santa hat, beard, and suit and invite parents to plop kids on their lap.

“I think the market is able to absorb that 2 million bpd of U.S. exports easily,” beard told the Reuters Global Commodities Summit.

Now that the U.S. has moved away from being an “energy island”, beard said he expected that trend to continue.

And you’ll notice I didn’t say fake beard.

I try not to take it too seriously, but I have a really beautiful beard.

Not every Santa’s real beard looks as good as the Santa in “Miracle on 34th Street,” for example.

As a well-built, 6-foot black man with a thick beard, Thames stands out “like a sore thumb” around town.

Do kids try to test you by pulling on your beard?

He had a big bright red Afro, and a lumberjack beard and sunglasses.

My beard is tied on in three different spots.

It’s really beautiful, and children under the age of 8 have a tough time distinguishing between my beard and a real beard.

That being said, if someone wants to tug on the beard, they’re very welcome to.

I’m a middle-aged white Jewish gay man with a beard.

I’ve got the belt, the wig, the beard.

He doesn’t even have a beard.

Here, he has painstakingly included individual beard, mustache, and eyebrow follicles.

Look at this beard,” said Bisping gesturing towards Anderson’s face, which sported grey stubble.

Ramzi’s profile picture is of a near-pixellated image of a man with a very precisely shaven panelled beard.

He is sporting an ash speckled beard, the same big, menstrual-red trousers, and a bucket hat.

He was tall, and relatively handsome with an appropriately groomed beard.

Since The Hills ended, Brescia has continued to play music, keep an untamed beard, and wear leather boots to water-based locations.

I had a beard.

Brett Houghtaling is built like Popeye’s nemesis Brutus and has a black beard to match.

Carolyn Phillips is a James beard Award-nominated food writer, scholar, and artist.

One attacker wore a white construction helmet, another sported a long red beard.

I’m cracking my knuckles a bunch, and I’ve touched my beard so many times I’m shocked pimples haven’t formed yet.

You decided to let your beard grow out.

I like my beard and it’s taken me a long time to admit that.

Is he going to come with beard?

I imagine that he will have a beard.

You already have the beard.

Normally what happens is you quit your show, and then you grow the beard out.

I’m going to keep the beard.

What is the, “I’m no longer on TV, I’m growing a beard?” Letterman did it.

My guide was Mauricio Murillo, or Moe, an amiable Bostonian with gauged earrings, a cocked beanie, and a Williamsburg-ready beard.

Devin Pacholik has been trying to grow a beard for 28 years.

Charlie, now sporting a beard and an almost manic mumble, whisks Marnie away from her misery.

After that, Serena honed in on her baby daddy, Alexis Ohanian — and pointed out the gray hairs on his beard.

I asked who did believe in it, then, and he gestured as if he were stroking a beard (Cuban sign language for Castro).

And eating a hamburger with Conchita Wurst backstage at a gay bar — before she was famous — and watching the grease run down her beard.

When I say so, Dom nods, scratching absentmindedly at his beard a little.

Spray Paint a beard with your team’s logo?

Poundland Bandit: I’ve seen photos of you from back in the day; you didn’t have the beard.

“I do this with my radio and beard trimmer when they act up,” he added, without mentioning whether the shaking actually helps or not.

In it, MGK took shots at Eminem’s age, his beard and his miserable attitude.

Why does Drake still have a beard?

Seriously, why does Drake still have a beard?

“When he built the Four Seasons, he hired James beard.

Food is my passion and I make a bloody mean curry, but racists don’t see past my beard or skin color.”

I’m with Bill Esparza, a James beard award-winning journalist best known for covering LA Mexican food.

By 2016, he earned a James beard award for his food coverage.

It must be the beard.

“The myth you most often face as a hermit is that you should have a beard and live in a cave.

Seeing it live, it was magic of the type that leaves your beard blood red and your cheeks looking like ripened eggplants.

Captain America (Chris Evans) is sporting a beard.

The remaining groundwater district member, a rancher named Tom beard, stayed.

(beard did not return messages).

Unilever expanded its Dollar Shave Club subscription razor service to include cologne and beard oil in 2018 and toothpaste in 2017.

He grew a large beard and started posting YouTube videos in an attempt to pivot to a right-wing provocateur.

Big beard, heavy brow, large sword, could probably throw you over his shoulder and carry you off.

Also, Miz Cracker did her the benefit of making her shave off that scraggly ass beard of hers.

There’s the beard, the red uniform, the fauxhawk.

Abdel Rahman, 31, with long hair and beard and a blank stare, gave little away in a separate interview with Reuters.

Like, when she was trying to seduce him in that outfit and talking about his little beard.

Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Voyager was an early pop culture “beard” for me.

His thick beard, usually neatly trimmed, has begun to creep up his cheeks.

A slouchy middle-aged guy with no hair on his head and a throwback 2010s beard was sitting by the door, scrolling through his phone.

The man is an inked giant; he’s well over 6 feet tall, covered in tattoos and sports a dark ZZ Top beard.

I have to have a beard and go, “So,” vaguely menacing.

“For example, the eyebrows, eyelashes, beard, mustache, chest, and armpits.”

Calvin was shocked, because he and Tracy don’t look alike … apart from the beard.

This seemingly unrelated Kratos lives in the Norse realm, surrounded by frost and ice trolls and growing the appropriate beard.

She held him up to the light, taking in his bright blue eyes, white sculpted beard, and once-shiny medals painted on his chest.

She moved her hand up to cup his cheek, with its painted white beard.

His hair is long and bedraggled, and he has grown a huge, matted beard.

He was wearing tweed, sporting a neatly trimmed white beard, and his cheeks were round and rosy like polished holiday apples.

I closed my eyes and tried as his beard scraped against my thigh.

Braving the chilly weather, I took my beard and digestive tract to Kate Away on San Gottardo street, so not far from A’ Vucciria.

Garey Faulkner’s face and beard on game day are spectacularly tiger-striped.

After one of my son’s football games, he mentioned that it’s been a while since I grew a beard…almost three years.

Both of my kids have fond memories coloring my beard with sidewalk chalk when they were really little.

Plus he’s got a custom jersey that says “Bengals beard.”

Almost six years ago I started painting my beard and head with Bengals’ colors.

They wouldn’t have allowed Sabol to grow the beard into 2017 and next football season.

My beard – Bengals beard – it was just an easy fit.

He did the most cliché thing someone on the run can do—he grew a beard.

The first star: Joe Thornton and Brent Burns—The Sharks made an ad featuring these two cheering on a guy getting his beard trimmed.

When I was standing in a circle with a group of other journalists, I noticed an angry-looking man with a giant beard walking by.

Thankfully, Travolta made the unusual choice of going with the world’s weirdest beard for this movie.

While out for a drive, he encounters Travolta, whose beard looks like the chin strap for a wrestling helmet.

His face is covered on account of the waterboarding, so you can’t see his beard.

A few days after Chef José Andrés picked up his Humanitarian of the Year Award from the James beard Foundation, we had a conversation. #SyrianRefugees @IOM_news — David beard (@dabeard) January 31, 2016 I see this image and I wonder.

I give the character a beard, kind of like the one I have, only more of it and a little bit thicker.

When you can customize your player character in the starting menus, what’s the first thing you do?The beard!

Correction: Research by Elizabeth Johnston was originally incorrectly attributed to Mary beard in this piece.

He grew out his beard and began wearing a traditional Afghan clothing.

He grew out his beard and began wearing a traditional Afghan clothing.

Bless him for dealing with what must be an aggressively itchy beard by now.

Do you see his beard?

Will Sabol’s beard keep growing?

The Age of the beard at the Florence Nightingale Museum in London examines through photographs the Victorian mania for elaborate facial hair.

Dubas: [running his fingers through his beard] No.

It’s more than just a fat belly and a pretty beard.

I remember plenty of kids freaking out because, face it, it’s a giant dude with white beard.

I would guess 75 percent of the kids yanked on the beard.

He had the rosy cheeks, the full beard.

It wasn’t anything artisanal and there certainly wasn’t anyone with a beard behind the counter.

As you grow a beard, it keeps learning and recognizing you.

In 2014 employees damaged King Tutankhamun’s golden burial mask by gluing its dislodged beard back on.

He choose the Marlins, but not without giving his beard a proper burial, according to the Miami Herald.

From the Herald: Cashner said shaving off a distinctive beard he wore for years wasn’t pleasant.

Do you see that beard, that hair, those chunky glasses?

He wears it like war paint—elegantly nestled in the space between his sea captain’s beard.

Maybe subpoenaing medical records of every short guy with a beard using a men’s room?”

Adam Danforth is the James beard and IACP award-winning author of two books, published by Storey Publishing, about slaughtering and butchering livestock.

Mine, however, looks more like a 13-year-old’s valiant attempt at a beard.

This guy from Hat and beard Press had some Slash Magazine-related publications, a Belladonna of Sadness book, and a David Lynch book.

Matt beard, 38, has been in soccer his whole life.

beard led Millwall to 16 consecutive victories and a league title.

The beard is averaging 28.2 points (No.

The feeling was mutual—after a tough season filled with injuries, beard was ready for a change.

“I wanted to move and challenge myself in a different country and environment, to challenge myself as a coach,” beard says.

They also signed beard‘s former goalkeeper at Liverpool, Elizabeth Stout, who beard believes will be a USWNT player soon enough.

“I was dressed as a woman but I had my beard on, and was giving them gender-bending realness.

I have a beard, I work out five days a week, and people construe me as a “bear” (again, a label I hate).

Just one morning, Jack Dorsey shaves his beard and eats a waffle.

Jeff Hull is a shaven-headed man in his mid-forties, with a neat dark beard.

There’s the ones that have the beard but no mustache, I call them the Amish Ts.

– Dave, 39 “Leaves beard hairs all around sink.”

Well, this news is for those of you who are on Team beard (that would be us, too!).

For this month—and this month only—he’ll go on at you about growing your beard longer and abandoning Western clothing.

Their lead singer, Noddy Holder, with his cartoonishly unkempt beard, beaming grin, and love for color-clash three-piece suits, was almost impossible to dislike.

“He carried on singing with custard in his beard.

The beard of the 3,300-year-old mask fell off under mysterious circumstances and was clumsily reattached, potentially causing further damage to the prized artifact.

The bar menu featured traditional mezcals and custom-created cocktails, and our bartender sported a pointy beard and a handlebar mustache, waxed into wispy curls.

Alex Trebek found a way to spice up the 35th season of ‘Jeopardy’ … shocking viewers by growing out his beard!!!

However, he could reasonably be any white guy who works here: “He’s the guy with the beard.

Alex calls the journey into season 35 “magical” … and he’s got the wizard beard to back it up.

LG: Jane beard wrote to us.

“As a hint to my age, I’ve grown a moustache since 1976 and I don’t have any tats or beard or piercings.”

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