Bear in a sentence | Use of the word bear examples

Satoshi Kojima’s paintings don’t examine human relationships — they fondle them like a bear fondles picnic food.

For the most part, Kojima’s paintings do not examine human relationships — they fondle them like a bear fondles picnic food.

Workers would still bear the cost of taking time off — by delaying their own retirement.

Initially, this was launched by shows like bear Grylls’s, but this whole “surviving in nature” period transformed into a more survivalist trend.

Homicide experts canvassed by VICE said the three murders in Southeast Seminole Heights this month do bear some characteristics pointing to a serial killer.

Now there is a fundamental reset on how much tech exposure investors are willing to bear.

As a nominee to the Supreme Court, I understand the responsibility I bear.

It will also come to bear on those who are not.

There are early signs China’s efforts to win hearts and minds are beginning to bear fruit in Gwadar.

We have to more or less grin and bear it and do our jobs, when in fact we want to respond accordingly.

It made me appreciate the fact that women in general, and my wife in particular, are usually the ones to bear the burden.

Kelly’s methodology does not always bear close examination.

“I’d like to be known as someone who can make it through a lot of things.” She describes herself as a mama bear.

They’re facing down a bong-wielding terminator who just walked through a cloud of bear spray and wasn’t fazed—I’d be frightened as well.

Trans women of all races are at a heightened risk of violence, but trans women of color bear this burden disproportionately.

Mexico is one of the few countries that, like the US, guarantees the right to bear arms in its constitution.

The paintings, featuring geometric shapes of gold and black, bear an uncanny resemblance to a backdrop used in Lamar’s new video.

“Throughout the primary, it seemed to bear out that he was mostly accurate that he was self-financing his campaign,” Stewart says.

You cannot bear life on your own and those on whom you depend can end up shattering your life.

This is from Mississippi’s justification for slavery: None but the black race can bear exposure to the tropical sun.

“He will protect our right to keep and bear arms and is an outstanding choice to fill Justice Kennedy’s seat.”

Turns out her “Depp” was really Crawford … who does bear a striking resemblance to Donnie Brasco.

And that’s really starting to bear fruit.

And, importantly, bear this in mind: if you’re going to be an academic, that could soon be you.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ You may also have noticed the name “tunnel bear” in the supplied Miami, Florida address.

Puerto Rico provides a chance to test this idea and see whether it would actually bear fruit.

Alexandra describes her designs, which often bear fruit motifs and smiley faces, as “very childlike, whimsical, and dreamy” — delightful in a pure, uncomplicated way.

That’s still true, and any changes will bear it in mind.

But in the case of Brigsby bear, it makes perfect sense.

Mooney co-wrote the Brigsby bear screenplay with Costello, and McCary directs.

But Brigsby bear is a little more than that.

James has a poster of one of the Sunshine Twins on the wall of his bedroom, which is decked out with Brigsby bear paraphernalia.

Brigsby bear was a project of enormous, if twisted, devotion to his welfare.

But Brigsby bear gets it: sometimes, we love something so much that we find our place among other people who do.

Brigsby bear opens in theaters on July 28.

“The new data bear this out, and it’s just common sense.”

The Russian bear never dies, it just hibernates.”

I was deeply unfamiliar with this proverb, so I turned to Google to learn more about the wintering habits of the Eurasian brown bear.

In an interview about Vladimir Putin, Pence said, “history shows the Russian bear‘s ambitions never die, they just go into hibernation.”

However, the term “Russian bear” has been used to symbolize Russia and the USSR; sometimes in a pejorative way.

“Russia will ultimately bear responsibility for any further escalations in ‎Syria,” Haley said in a statement.

The bear‘s creator, children’s artist Viktor Chizhikov, once told the Wall Street Journal that Misha was “the face of the country.”

Did he get confused by the actual saying, “Don’t poke a sleeping bear“?

The judge says the right to bear arms is not limited to guns … it applies to all weapons that have some legal purpose.

We also decided to re-record two previously released songs (“Freak Out” and “bear“).

Swinging bear Video: Siberian Times/Artem But Pretty self-explanatory.

But the bear swings on, in what is perhaps the most Siberian thing ever captured on film.

Piotrowska’s images easily resonate with women from any background, but they also bear traces of her personal coming-of-age in Poland.

The descriptions of Ford from her acquaintances and colleagues, in fact, bear a close resemblance to how Republicans have described Kavanaugh.

I realize he’s not Prince, but bear with me.

The exit polls bear this out—Trump did not win young voters or poor voters; the only group he really won was white voters.

At just 19 years old, his interest in markets and trading led him to start his career at bear Stearns and then Lehman Brothers.

Those flaws will come out in implementation — and Republicans will bear full blame for the resulting chaos.

“@Kanye couldn’t have said it better: Illegal guns are the problem, and we have the right to bear arms.

As the IAB’s LEAN standards bear fruit, we expect several of these concerns to be pacified.

They bear the full brunt when insurers hike their premiums to account for Trump-inspired uncertainty or the GOP’s repeal of the individual mandate.

The firm Crowdstrike attributed this as a hack from Fancy bear, citing the malware used, and other firms agreed with this assessment.

But Fancy bear’s phishing campaign did send out malicious links to nine DNC email accounts in March and April 2016.

As he put it … “She married me as a bear.

Hilary Pollack(@jaggedlittlehil) Associate Editor, MUNCHIES “I am truly obsessed with a little Russian spot in my neighborhood called Masha and the bear.

Democratic President Barack Obama’s attempts have failed to bear fruit amid partisan gridlock.

I think that’s very important to bear in mind.

Disney seized upon the popularity of Pooh and over time pushed out numerous products associated with the gentle if dim-witted bear.

And South Korean government and military experts believe that South Korea would bear the brunt if Kim decided to retaliate.

Those defeats didn’t faze the president, however, who early on established that he would bear no personal responsibility for Republican losses in the midterms.

Quite the opposite: It shows that by perpetuating the conflict, the responsible actors bear real responsibility for such abuses.

bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers came next.

That left emerging market stocks in a technical bear market, or down 20 percent from recent highs.

European banks and copper also fell into bear market territory.

Pay attention, fellas … Papa bear don’t take no mess!

This means generic manufacturers don’t bear the same R&D costs.

His years of negotiating with Israel failed to bear fruit even as his security forces worked to suppress dissent in the West Bank.

It was 5-4, upholding the individual right to keep and bear arms.

Hunting for rebounds on your own like some handsome, rugged, virile bear looking to eat a filthy Leonardo DiCaprio is almost entirely useless.

The male and female were the only two that bear tattoos, which were applied with a carbon-based pigment.

In tests on human subject, no one could bear the ray for more than five seconds.

It’s a burden he’s prepared to bear.

No, it’s about a computer-animated bear named Paddington, whose latest film, Paddington 2, hit US theaters on January 12.

An internet-connected teddy bear has exposed more than 2 million voice recordings of parents and children. This is a lot of excitement for a children’s film about a computer-animated bear who is very polite to people.

Why this bear?

But the “core” Paddington titles are the 15 chapter books about the bear published between 1958 and 2018.

These contain several smaller adventures featuring the bear, each taking up its own chapter.

The bear’s adventures are whimsical more than they are boisterous, and even when he causes mayhem, it’s very small-scale mayhem.

When Paddington is sent to prison, the neighborhood starts to fall apart without the little bear to be kind to everyone.

As a server, because of the burden of representation people of color bear, she didn’t want negative stereotypes to be true.

“In the 2014 extended bear market the memes did at some point start to give way to more blatant depression, though.

Kaplan said that insurance companies bear much of the blame for selling policies that force patients to cover so much of their own costs.

After examining the offerings in town, we venture farther afield in search of Bärlauch (“bear leek”), known in English as wild garlic.

Fancy bear: One of the code names of the Russian hacking group accused of penetrating the DNC network.

Up until then, logging and poaching were the bear‘s primary foes.

It’s just the sort of “pic-a-nic basket” Yogi bear loved to steal and Dorothy used to carry her little dog Toto.

I couldn’t bear the thought of playing the game.

Major papa bear material.

Was it bear 747, who this year truly represented the jet which shares his name?

This is the cross that Lee “Chappy” Chapman must bear.

“Is that a bear, or a hippopotamus?” Katmai’s Facebook page asks.

Each day of the week, ending today “Fat bear Tuesday,” had a round of competition.

As Outside magazine explains in a fascinating post, there’s a lot we don’t understand about the science of bear hibernation.

(For even more bear science, check out Mashable, which devoted a whole week of content on the fat bears.)

He couldn’t bear to be away from his daughter any longer.

He couldn’t bear to be away from his daughter any longer.

“The right to bear arms is a right we’re supposed to have on paper, but in practice, it’s being curtailed.

The hike comes just a day after she hit the slopes with friends in Big bear, CA.

PNG’s government has said it has agreements in place to sell the cars immediately after APEC and taxpayers will bear no financial loss.

But now we’re in bear market.

The Sun Trapp is right next to the Metro—it’s a cowboy bear bar that has been there forever.

But now we’re in bear market.

That Bitly account, according to SecureWorks, belonged to Fancy bear.

A wounded bear is dangerous,” an MEP in the far-right Danish People’s Party told the Guardian last month.

bear that in mind this month, because most of your plans will go awry.

The backlash and pressure were too much to bear.

They’re a hundred percent wrong, and history will bear this out.

“He could not bear the thought that he wouldn’t smoke the food himself,” Carla remembers.

Fancy bear did not limit its resources to Podesta and journalists, however.

In December, I returned to see if anything escaped the flooding or the mold only to take one stuffed teddy bear.

Oil and gas don’t have to be faster than the bear — they just have to be faster than coal.

There’s an online marketplace where shopping for a bear, lynx, or even a Bactrian camel, is like browsing the racks at Neiman Marcus.

“I have a 7 month old, bottle fed, Kodiak Brown bear cub for sale,” one listing says.

But I suspect the true allure of owning an exotic animal, such as a lion or bear, is entirely inherent to their untamability.

“From the outset, I have believed these allegations were extremely serious and bear heavily on Judge Kavanaugh’s character.

Many low-lying poor countries also will be among the first to bear the worst impacts of climate change.

Some bear signs of violence, their shrouds bloodied.

But that’s your cross to bear.

Bolsonaro pledged when campaigning for the presidency last year to change the laws to allow more Brazilians to bear arms for self defense.

Not that he was a bear.”

The couple hit up Bullets and Burgers in Vegas Saturday — the day he turned 27 — and they were loaded for bear.

This bear, where Carrie is effectively trapped, is at the Black Museum.

Then she takes the Carrie teddy bear and burns the Black Museum down.

Actually if you Google Khabarovsk and bear shopping center, you can see.

Deer in the streets doesn’t sound like a bear.

#DemDebate It shouldn’t bear repeating, but evidently it does.

Until then, the options for urbanites are more or less the same as they’ve always been—grin and bear it, or GTFO.

He also allowed those concubines who did not bear him any children to leave the palace and remarry, breaking with ancient tradition.

“As for Libra, we must bear in mind that the potential global user-base could be enormous,” Amamiya said.

I bring a tenderness to bear on the whole world.

And the numbers certainly bear this out.

Director, writer, and lead actor Rik Swartzwelder might bear some of the blame here.

I just yelled, “P as in panda bear!”

And it’s the localities that are having to bear a lot of those costs.

The numbers bear that out.

Sadly, we’re told the tragedy has stoked animosity among Honey Boo Boo’s family members … especially toward Sugar bear.

The two of ’em were seen holding hands and coming in for a big bear hug.

“The property contains markings which are substantially indistinguishable and, therefore, bear a counterfeit design/word/mark as indicated below,” the letter said.

She is expected to bear children that will belong to the older woman’s family.

KS: What about your own cameras, like, you know, in the teddy bear, that kind of stuff?

It took time for that approach to bear fruit.

Some research has found that the actual prices insurers and patients pay bear little relationship to the published charges.

Paps got Meghan out in Toronto Tuesday morning making her way to a yoga class with mama bear Doria Radlan in tow.

I leave hoping that he will bear the weight with grace.

Mencken wrote that injustice is relatively easy to bear; what stings is justice.

They range from a burly bear to a muscled jock to a fey Goth.

As I passed the 40 mark, the baby face, my cross to bear for years, became an asset.

But this, this – this I cannot bear.

The U.S. Constitution protects the right of Americans to bear arms, a measure fiercely defended by Republicans.

In “Grand Hôtel Bon Port” (1959–60), miniature buoys bear Spanish stamps, paying passage to Gris’s native country.

But in an unfortunate twist, Kettering Tyres were no longer interested; the club’s hard work did not bear fruit.

The statistics bear out the concern.

Too many long-time Labour voters wouldn’t turn out because of him, though they couldn’t bear to vote Tory.

Around the painting’s border are what appear to be markers of childhood: the image of a teddy bear, a washcloth.

The audience is being asked to bear witness.

Who could bear it?

Like, how many guards who do all the stuff Gordon does on offense can also switch onto a bear and not get mauled?

Today there is a lone sign propped up amid the grassy fields of South Carolina to bear witness to the Stono Rebellion.

Apple had essentially asked the consumer to bear the cost of the strengthening dollar.

There’s a teddy bear sexiness about him.

In a democracy, you really need a crisis to bring about change,’ says Tennebaum, a former bear Stearns executive.

This pup ended up looking a little bit like a bear cub.

The highest levels of American politics bear an uncomfortable resemblance to a gerontocracy.

Those efforts appear to be starting to bear fruit.

“If New York’s in debt,” Jefferson raps, “why should Virginia bear it?

“If someone got killed by a bear, everyone took care of their family,” said Carson, a Republican presidential candidate, at the town hall.

Riskier is the park staff’s role in the regulation of Yosemite’s black bear population, which numbers in the hundreds.

Yosemite rangers work diligently to educate the public about bear safety, such as keeping food in bear-proof lockers.

But with minimal park staff, it’s difficult to know if people are continuing to follow bear safety practices.

I recently watched a bear amble through Stoneman Meadow, midday, midwinter, something I haven’t seen in recent years.

I’ve also heard reports of bear tracks leading to garbage cans and through employee housing in the past few weeks.

It can help us bear witness actively, and it can strengthen our souls for the work we need to do.

Watch the video below, and please bear with the rough English transcription: This article originally appeared on

Gannon likens it to a bear standing on its hind legs.

So bear with me as I break it down.

It’s unclear if Fancy bear had anything to do with those operations directly.

Fancy bear — also known as APT28 or Sofacy — has ties to the GRU, which means the attacks could benefit the Kremlin.

It’s just not clear who the person is who can bear the full weight of the Not Trump coalition.

That’s the kind of activity Symantec caught Fancy bear doing.

When a utility like PG&E has to bear the costs of record-breaking wildfires, it effectively has to become an insurance company.

“Now, my view on Putin and the Russians is, don’t poke the Russian bear with a stick.

To be sure, Hamas does bear some responsibility for helping organize these protests — but the standoff didn’t have to be this bloody.

The movie follows Mooney’s James as he sets out to find out why his favorite TV show, Brigsby bear, has ended.

Tasha: Julia beat me to recommending Brigsby bear, the 2017 film I most hope finds a wider audience.

Another way of looking at it is how much investors want to be paid to bear the risk of the bond.

On Thursday, the Nasdaq Composite index .IXIC slumped to the brink of a bear market, finishing almost 20 percent off its August record.

bear in mind that because CarPlay relies on your iPhone, it’s piping data through the phone.

According to Ralph Moir, Teller’s student and eventual colleague, Teller believed that scientists bear no responsibility for the use of their creations.

The dichotomy was almost too much to bear.

On this subject, as on so many others, Obama is more optimistic than the facts can bear.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to … these efforts will bear some bipartisan fruit in the time to come.

The initial Post report that set off this fiasco had some ambiguities that bear mentioning from the jump.

Of course a curse onsets, and there’s a horrifying bear attack scene, but ultimately Brave shows how important courage is.

Brother bear (2003) If you’re like us, you probably don’t remember this one.

He then kills said bear, then turns into a bear himself.

Kenai’s other brother then wants to murder him while he’s in bear form, not understanding what has happened.

She will bear the brunt of this, but you’re right.

The setting of a jungle is scary even without this factor, but the presence of a song-singing, knowledgeable bear named Balloo is quite soothing.

So those planning IPOs describe new, accelerated timelines to try and beat the bear times.

From then on in my life, I could absolutely not bear to eat scrambled eggs.

My parents have instilled in me a deep loyalty in the right to bear arms.

And that’s nothing to take away from Steve, I have a great fondness for Steve, he’s a big bear of a man.

The statistics bear this out: Drug offenses are indeed a significant contributor, making up about 21 percent of the jail and prison population.

Countless streets and schools bear her name, while public memorials keep the memory of the White Rose alive.

Still, the research doesn’t seem to bear this out.

So weird, in fact, that plenty of Republicans cannot bear to support him.

It’s like, don’t poke the bear and give them a reason to be against you,” Covington said.

Bhanusal’s specialty makes him predisposed to prioritizing skin health, but not all doctors will bear this in mind when prescribing antibiotics.

The ursine form of “bear for Mary and John” stands upright and has human hands.

Now, there is a legitimate discussion to have about who should bear the cost of covering our sickest citizens.

— Lauren O’Neill, Oh Boy, Lil Peep’s Debut Album Is Here Can a Grizzly bear album matter in 2017?

Abbott is an ardent defender of the right to bear arms under the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Rilakkuma’s name means “bear in a relaxed mood,” and the character leads a stress-free life.

Staring at this bear made me feel better.

“The mentally ill should not bear the burden of being regarded as the ‘chief’ perpetrators of mass murder,” he concluded.

Their protest comes after French bus drivers wore skirts after Nantes city officials forced them to bear their long uniforms in the heat.

Yes Bank extended its bear run, ending 5.58% lower, after credit agency Moody’s put the company’s under review for a downgrade.

If you turn on the service now, they’re pushing one out with bear Grylls.

Both are presented as no-nonsense, tough-talking women who are forced to bear the burden of a world unfairly tilted toward men.

You didn’t want to skin the bear open?

The exhibition is called Already Gone, and each of the five paintings bear that title along with a number.

I can’t bear to see if my old, unreinforced masonry building is still standing, as I already know that it can’t be.

Roughly three-fourths of the S&P 500 was trading in bear market territory.

And my ego was such that I just couldn’t bear to not have my stuff public.

And across Colombia’s border region, local governments are preparing to bear the brunt of the migration.

“But bear in mind, we are on IFC and these are the Spirit Awards.

bear in mind that there is research showing that even introverts enjoy behaving like an extrovert, far more than they think they will beforehand.

But to bear witness to their formidable intelligence is humbling.”

In “Everything,” players can become whatever they see: from an atom to a bear to a tree to a planet to a galaxy.

Oil also continued its slide further into bear market territory.

bear in mind that Cameron faced no formal rebellion here — at least not yet.

As human-polar bear interactions increase across the Arctic, this town in northern Canada may have found a solution.

A few people screamed when Ernest lumbered in; one man fainted, unable to bear such a close encounter with the afterlife.

As human-polar bear interactions increase across the Arctic, this town in northern Canada may have found a solution.

Located in northern Manitoba, and nestled on the banks of the Hudson Bay, Churchill is known as the polar bear capital of the world.

In the 1960s when the odd bear would wander into town, Churchill’s polar bear managers used to simply shoot the bears dead.

“In my first full bear season, in 2015, when that bear phone rang, I used to get so excited,” he recalled.

A picture of Ouellet included with the site does bear a striking resemblance to Mason.

Tourists will pull their cars over if they spot a polar bear, and get out to take photos.

“They look back and they’re a lot closer to the polar bear than they are to their vehicles,” he says.

“As part of our education, we tell people, don’t walk at night during polar bear season,” he says.

And the second person that was mauled was a gentleman who came out to her screams and hit the bear with the snow shovel.

“I didn’t know the ref was right inside of me, bear hugging me.

It’s too early to tell what this fall’s polar bear season will bring.

As for bear 19173, Chuchmuch says, “In all likelihood, he’ll probably be back next year.”

Otherwise, the increased frequency of bleaching events plus acidification could prove too much for most reefs to bear.

But that means they “bear a certain responsibility,” he added.

This is where the encounter is designed to become much harder to bear, first with verbal harassment, and then, the final assault.

They say a bear snuck up on the cruise crew members and attacked.

They fired a warning shot, in an attempt to scare the bear away, but it didn’t work.

At that point, the company says, the crew shot and killed the bear.

They say a bear snuck up on the cruise crew members and attacked.

They fired a warning shot, in an attempt to scare the bear away, but it didn’t work.

At that point, the company says, the crew shot and killed the bear.

Carnival said it had to add an extra sailing day to the slow-sailing ship’s cruises and will bear the related expenses.

“For the bear, it was a matter of life or death.”

Cover image: A dead polar bear lays at the beach at Sjuøyane north of Spitzbergen, Norway, on July 28, 2018.

The polar bear was shot dead by another employee, the cruise company said.

If implemented poorly, congestion pricing could dramatically add to the burden that drivers already bear.

A true return of the repressed, they bear the unholy spirit of the corporate world that everyone in Margaritaville is determined to avoid.

Perry’s success was the ultimate rebellion, and the powers that be could hardly bear it.

“The poor bear the brunt of insufficient water conservation efforts,” the statement cited Modi as saying.

You’ll always think about polar bears when someone says “polar bear.”

The government — which has to subsidize their health plans — would bear the brunt of these increases.

“Consumers will have to bear the consequences of this decision.

bear in mind that Silva has finished one choke in his MMA career and zero guillotines.

Ford brings some specific details to bear in her accusation.

Compulsory voting may also lead to democratic inequalities, where the burden for not voting is highest on those who can bear it least.

Campeau, also known as DJ NDN, is one-third of the Canadian electronic hip-hop outfit along with Tim “2oolman” Hill and bear Witness.

Our phones bear witness to our existence more than any other person or thing.

Also, different companies bear different levels of responsibility.

We have paleolithic emotions, and we are bringing that to bear when we are about to hit play on a YouTube video.

Take out the heating pad and you have a kind-of-okay teddy bear.

He was not able to bear her and the children seeing him in his condition.

bear in mind that he got a grand total of 12 votes for student president.

But as Smokey the bear has cried for decades, you can help prevent forest fires.

“The perception that China cannot bear it is a fantasy and misjudgment,” the commentary said.

The powerful National Rifle Association (NRA) group has long lobbied for no restrictions to the constitutional right to bear arms.

“They invite all Christians to pray fervently for God to bless this meeting, that it may bear good fruits.”

The viewers bear witness to the structuring/restructuring of a piece generated by the dynamic clash between virtual, geometrical, and dynamic visual elements.

As we previously reported, Smith’s wife, Jewel, gave birth to “Kota bear” in early January almost 5 months before her due date.

A company hired by the Democrats to investigate the breach, CrowdStrike Services, said groups codenamed Fancy bear and Cozy bear were behind the infiltrations.

I had been recording some other shit with the homie Pooh bear.

As major nuclear powers, we bear special responsibility for maintaining international security.

A bear or a deer, too, has got to be scared of a coward the same as a brave man has got to be.

Still, I felt I owed them something, and I did my best to bear witness to what was happening inside that hall.

Carnival said it had to add an extra sailing day to the slow-sailing ship’s cruises and will bear the related expenses.

It’s like, don’t poke the bear and give them a reason to be against you,” Covington said.

The Weinstein Co. screwed the pooch when it comes to that lovable, popular bear, Paddington, according to a new lawsuit.

Beyond their names, the Johnsons don’t bear much resemblance in profile or personality.

“Lebanon cannot bear them,” he said.

We’re told Davis, aka Greasy bear, pled no contest to a DUI charge for his single car wreck last October.

Our initiative addresses a blind spot in international conservation thinking, namely, the cost the farmers have to bear because of conservation related activities.

People of color bear the brunt: over 1 in 13 black citizens of the United States are disenfranchised.

The thought of having the stigma of imprisonment after imprisonment is terrifying, depressing, hard to bear.

Ernest & Celestine (2013): A bear and a mouse become best friends in this French charmer.

It all explains Mueller’s apparent strategy of bringing legal pressure to bear on as many Trumpworld figures as possible.

The grand prize is a seven-day Polar bear Photo Safari for two a Churchill Wild–Seal River Heritage Lodge, plus bragging rights.

And undercover officers just happened to be at the club to witness Daniels’ alleged behavior — and allegedly bear some of it.

And undercover officers just happened to be at the club to witness Daniels’ alleged behavior — and allegedly bear some of it.

That program dates back to the 1950s, around the time when Julia Child was complaining that chicken tasted like teddy bear stuffing.

This is starting to bear some resemblance to the Cosby scandal in terms of the sheer number of accusers.

But he added Greece could not bear the burden by itself.

If you live in a community that size and a bear eats someone, it makes sense to take measures to avoid bears.

Trump’s tweets “bear no resemblance” to the policy enacted by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson or Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, Yochi says.

Under a licensing agreement, the proposed project would bear Trump’s name.

Many of Hamilton’s drawings bear a striking kinship to contemporary art.

In a Constitution awash with words about ownership, it is conspicuous that the Second Amendment talks about “keep and bear,” not owning.

If it escalates we’re going into a bear market.

If this gets ugly and we get another 2008 style bear market everything goes down.

Allowing the states to have members of the National Guard keep and bear arms is a lot different than personally owning a weapon.

Los Angeles-based gummy bear brand Sugarfina is selling coffee-infused gummy bears in collaboration with Alfred Coffee.

“I will bear true faith and allegiance to Pakistan,” Khan read from the oath, standing next to President Mamnoon Hussain.

LA-based gummy bear powerhouse, Sugarfina, is in the business of bringing more sophisticated flavors to candy.

They put that in a gummy bear.

The limited color palette and repetitive protrusions bear resemblance to neo-avant garde Italian painter Enrico Castellani, specifically his undulating, monochromatic “Superficie” (1974).

In this, and this alone, a war with North Korea would bear some similarities to the war in Iraq.

Hough said the bear seemed to be having a “grand old time” and grabbed a video of it.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department searched for the bear but weren’t able to find it.

The mid-cap S&P 400 also confirmed it is in a bear market.

There is no clear right to bear arms under Israeli law.

Whole social institutions, from housing segregation to education, bear the mark of this legacy.

In its 2008 District of Columbia v. Heller ruling, the court held that the Second Amendment guaranteed an individual right to bear arms.

You mostly bear witness to these stories, though you are given small parts to play throughout each adventure.

There’s just one problem with Winslow’s thesis: The basic facts and timing of the opioid epidemic don’t bear it out at all.

They forsake what’s in the title of his exhibition, deceptively feigning as if they bear it.

But small manufacturers’ activity improved to a six-month high, suggesting that policymakers’ efforts to support the struggling private sector are starting to bear fruit.

The Black bear Bar originally defended the event even after the Southern Poverty Law Center posted a warning about the event last week.

In spite of this, Black bear Bar posted images to their social media page showing people of color in the crowd.

To avoid any further confusion as to Black bear Bar’s stance in this regard, tonight’s show is cancelled.

In their first album since 2012’s Shields, Grizzly bear is back with more synth than ever.

Americans like outsiders and fresh faces, not veteran insiders who bear the scars of every political controversy of the past two generations.

In so doing, the show calls on Hong Kongers to bear witness to what occurred during the 1970s, ’80s, and beyond.

Matthews also asked Trump on Wednesday whether men, too, should bear responsibility for abortions.

“Generally in econ classes, you just don’t have that.” The numbers bear that out.

IndieWire cited anonymous sources close to the production, but many of the details bear out in the show itself.

Proteus also happens to bear a giant impact crater called Pharos, which stretches at least 230 kilometers (143 miles) across its surface.

They were the first to bear the brunt of the coming changes.

Amazon also appears to offer only one flavor, and one pack size, of Mama bear baby food, about a year after launch.

They’ll bear almost no resemblance to the entire basements they once were.

Millennials may bear the blame for making $15 avocado toast a thing and killing American cheese, but the proliferation of fake news?

Millennials may bear the blame for making $15 avocado toast a thing and killing American cheese, but the proliferation of fake news?

But that still leaves 17 percent of the Obamacare marketplaces unsubsidized, and these enrollees bear the full brunt of the premium increases.

If we start talking like this, suddenly we bear the responsibility entirely.

bear in mind, for most people, college education is quite different from how the media depicts it.

Both parties bear responsibility for this desertion.

Also, bear in mind that disliking your appearance in photos is a common experience.

“Right now in Colorado, there are no distinguishing characteristics between the gummy bear that contains marijuana and one that does not,” Pabon said.

She cannot bear it, she says.

$64.50 is a little easier to bear when you’re not going to be in debt for the rest of your life.

A teddy bear with an orange wig and a red tie clawed its way into the national consciousness this morning.

After shaving her hair for 16 years, the performer Little bear Schwarz now wears a beard proudly.

Trumpy bear also costs $40 — sorry, two payments of $19.95.

The designer of the bear is a person named V.L.

Which is why Trumpy bear will probably sell gangbusters — but this time it won’t be Trump who’s making money off it.

Will any of these shows bear fruit?

Power.” bear in mind that the unconscious has no pencil or notepad and certainly no eraser.

Trump had vowed in January to bring federal intervention to bear to quell gun violence in Chicago.

The word “bare” in the title is a homonym of “bear,” a nod to the Chinese tradition of playing with such aural puns.

“(If we go into bear market) it will be very sharp and very fast.

“You could call some of the market in bear market territory.

In this case, we clearly bear some responsibility, because if our car hadn’t moved there wouldn’t have been a collision.

“I bear the responsibility for the exit but I thought we put out a good team today,” he added.

We are in a bear market for tech and the broader financial markets.

This end of the tech cycle and concomitant financial bear market can often be a part of a long-term secular bull market.

So is Unedited Footage of A bear comedy, art, or both?

It might bear a person’s weight.

He often uses his own name for characters, or they bear some shared biographical detail.

Tig’s mother is dead, even if Tig’s memories of her grow harder and harder to bear.

In theory, the right to bear arms is enshrined in the US Constitution — for all citizens.

They wear bright safety vests and patches on their jackets that read “bear Clan Patrol.”

Why did it have to take a bear Clan Patrol, our own race, to find her, you know?”

“The right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed upon.

When you are a queen, are you still yourself, or are you the title you bear?

I would not, I told myself, ever fall in love with a man who practiced the right to bear arms.

It’s pretty nerdy, but interesting, so bear with me.

Not even when he brought me in for a musclebound bear hug as I was leaving.

Market watchers point to other factors they say also bear the hallmarks of a turnaround.

So when circumstances call for shared sacrifices, things tend to get bogged down in arguments about which European nations should bear the biggest burden.

At a nuclear power plant outside Rockford, Illinois, Shimkus said his state of 13 million people shouldn’t bear the risk of radioactive waste.

After a decade of solitary confinement, though, I couldn’t bear to put another living thing in a cage with me.

bear in mind that these questions represent guidelines, not set-in-stone rules.

Okay, I did too many, you’re just going to have to bear with me: 101. b. Don’t shit on the dance floor.

They’re a survivalist breed bear Grylls would be proud of.

A 25-year-old with the build and personality of an oversized teddy bear, he was raised nearby and still lives here.

A 25-year-old with the build and personality of an oversized teddy bear, he was raised nearby and still lives here.

“Obviously, there would have to be an incredibly high standard for who would be able to bear arms in our school.

It’s entirely possible that we are on the verge of not just a stock market crash, but an unprecedented generations-long bear market.

Bringing a more authoritarian mien to bear on the urban crisis made Americans feel better about the situation, politically.

So generic manufacturers don’t bear the same R&D costs.

Did you hear about the time 22 flights were cancelled at London’s Heathrow Airport because there was a polar bear on the runway?

Did you hear about the time 22 flights were cancelled at London’s Heathrow Airport because there was a polar bear on the runway?

Here, the gypsum mixture is soft enough to be carved by sharp hand tools but sturdy enough to bear the weight of the glass.

This one’s stretching the definition a bit, but bear with us, because it’s a fun story.

Bedidjo had lived through Ituri’s ethnic bloodbath nearly two decades before, and the prospect of another was too much to bear.

GoT’s resident teddy bear turned White Walker-slaying badass Samwell Tarly finally reached the Citadel and has begun studying to become a maester.

Everything … there are so many things that bear some responsibility, I think it is fair to say that.

“Because I think it’s important to say their name and bear witness to them, and keep them alive.

An ad from Tokyo trains in 2012 featured a cartoon manspreader encroaching on the space of a child inexplicably wearing a bear suit.

Anita Fisher is starting a bear Clan Patrol in Kenora, Ontario following the death of her daughter, Delaine Copenace, this spring.

With it, Cordray supported extending to the states a personal right to bear arms first enunciated by the court in 2008.

I think it’s important to bear in mind here that I’m not a psychologist, and I’m not a quantitative researcher.

“Companies, not schemes, bear the primary responsibility for ensuring that supply chains are responsible,” she said.

Despite the passion with which this subject has been broached and the studies brought to bear to demonstrate the problem, the situation persists.

“Oh god, I’m sure he’ll bear some responsibility on his shoulders for [Rickon’s death],” Hempstead Wright says.

A child’s teddy bear in a display case is apparently intended to humanize Rough Rider and vocal NRA supporter Theodore Roosevelt.

Their performances bear the same weight as the records they parse from.

The drawing is gridded, showing the bear, always in a spread-eagle position, concealed in various hiding places.

Deductibles have risen steadily over the past decade, meaning that patients are more likely to bear the full brunt of their health care bills.

It’s all a bit arcane—enough to require an elaborate FAQ with apologia about its complexity—so bear with me.

“I do enjoy kind of poking the bear.

This news is incredible, but bear with me.

They’ve got vegetables that only blossom every 12 years or some shit—they have trees that bear fruit every 12 years.

” Charlemagne Palestine’s bear Mitzvah in Meshugahland is on view through Aug. 6 at The Jewish Museum, 1109 Fifth Ave. at 92nd Street.

Fisher Price’s internet-connected teddy bear has a tiny camera on its nose.

The bear is also able to respond to the children’s questions, according to Fisher Price.

“But where a bear hangs out over winter—is that information that should be splashed around and available to all?

“If I give you the latitude and longitude to where a bear hibernates, then that’s where that bear is,” Cooke said.

“‘Paddington 2’ is ‘The Godfather Part II’ of Peruvian bear movies, a sequel that surpasses the superb original.”

Paddington is a bear for all seasons.”

“This bear is constantly striving to earn the approval of the humans in his life.

Sometimes you just need to forget about all the small things and focus on the big picture, just like our fatty bear brother Otis.

But as Donna Dickens has argued at Nerdist, Johnson can’t quite bear to let Poe face the consequences.

Some monuments do indeed bear the vestiges of glorifying the Confederate cause; however, there are many hurdles on the path to their removal.

He is still loved in much of the north and many supporters will bear a grudge towards his killers.

The people closest to our hearts bear the brunt of our cursing: our family, particularly our mothers.

A recurring question posed to visitors is how many of these animals they can bear losing to the current age of human-driven mass extinction.

“Confiscated items included a stun gun, mace, knives, bear spray, an axe handle, pepper spray and a can filled with concrete.”

Still, I can’t bear the thought of hobbling through my long commute with blisters abound, just for the sake of sophistication.

They bring the humanities — arts, social theory, cultural criticism — to bear on these issues, and therefore bring them to life for people like me.

The data doesn’t necessarily bear that out.

Something like he’s going to accuse her of an affair with — I don’t know — a polar bear.

It’s also disingenuous to say poor people will bear the burden of the tax.

It doesn’t seem reasonable for me or my employer to bear those costs because of other people’s abusive behavior.

And those costs don’t fall on all people equally: Women and minorities bear them more heavily.

As Outside magazine explains, there’s a lot we don’t understand about the science of bear hibernation.

I cannot bear the tragedy of the present time.

Remember those Charmin commercials where the mother bear scolds the baby bear for unspooling too much toilet paper?

Tushy’s Bidet Attachments are sort of the like the IRL version of mama bear (keyword being ‘sort of’).

Chinese shares are now deep into “bear” market territory.

Even then, the background Fourth Amendment rules mean that they have a light burden to bear.

Pruitt was forced to resign in July after a flood of alleged ethics breaches became too much for his boss, President Trump, to bear.

This impression that being pro-life means supporting the people whose wombs bear life as much as the life itself has never left me.

This natural awe at the emergence and power of new human life is inseparable from a reverence toward the mothers who bear it.

Pecknold recounted how he recently took to Instagram to praise Grizzly bear‘s “Three Rings,” the first single from their forthcoming album Painted Ruins.

“I wanted to say, ‘Grizzly bear: best band in America,’ and I was like, Are there any other bands in America?

NC: Well, the first point to bear in mind, which you already mentioned is that Assad is a horrible war criminal.

By bringing people together to eat, they remind us that, differences aside, we all bear responsibility for the sapping of our environment.

They’re members of the oldest, but not only, polar bear club in the US, and this is what they do—on purpose—every Sunday.

It’s why swimmers new to polar bear plunges should take it slowly and go with experienced polar bear swimmers.

That’s the best time to go, Thomas says—when there are experienced polar bear swimmers around to watch your back.

That Bitly account, according to SecureWorks, belonged to Fancy bear — a hacking organization that’s known to be a front for Russian intelligence.

They should bear that in mind — lives are at stake.

For now, the Lebanese government is likely to bear the brunt of Saudi Arabia and Iran’s jostling.

But if there’s a pullback, I think it will be in the 5 to 10 percent range, as opposed to a bear market.

As a nominee to the Supreme Court, I understand the responsibility I bear.

Landmarks around the town were also destroyed or knocked over, like this bear statue.

“The mentally ill should not bear the burden of being regarded as the ‘chief’ perpetrators of mass murder,” Stone concluded.

They bear passing association with Richard Tuttle’s fabric works, but overlapped on the floor, that reference is mostly lost.

She squinted at Sunny, as if the light was too brilliant to bear, though what filtered through the canopy was soft and emerald.

bear it, I mean.

Here, for example, is the DEA’s warning about highlighters: And the warning about the dreaded teddy bear stash: The advice is well-meaning.

The thought of remaining pregnant for weeks—and being forced to have a surgical abortion, rather than a medical abortion—was too much to bear.

History will attest the soldier does not bear the sword in vain,” he added, quoting the Bible.

And I’m going to read you something, Chris, and you bear with me.

bear deaths at the hands of humans are increasing as the animals wander onto farms and eye livestock for food.

The delisting proposal mandates that if the bear populations ever fall beneath 600, all hunting or “discretionary mortalities” would have to cease.

People have a right to bear arms,” she said in a January 15 debate in Las Vegas.

“What I support is sensible regulation that is consistent with the constitutional right to own and bear arms,” she said.

And science can only help so much in deciding what level of bear population is best for both bears and humans.

Those people, Haroldson noted, can indeed get better at living alongside bears, namely by managing garbage and other bear attractants more strictly.

Artelle mentions the Nuxalk first nation community in British Columbia as being particularly adept at living alongside bear populations.

But authorities and homeowners “don’t shoot the bear” when they do, Artelle says.

Her father called it “disgusting” and even her ever-optimistic mother couldn’t bear to take a bite.

A polar bear near the eastern Greenland coast gazes into the water.

to The Simpsons and Yogi bear have stolen pies off of windowsills.

More than that, though, the polar bear hunt is hailed as being “in the Inuit’s blood.”

More than that, though, the polar bear hunt is hailed as being “in the Inuit’s blood.”

Doing so would outlaw the international sale of bear hides, and the Canadian pushback turns on this fact.

The message was “POOH bear COME HOME,” and nobody knows whether she ever did.

In the 1960s and 1970s, unregulated commercial and sports hunting led to a sharp drop in the polar bear population.

“But at the same time, these predictions that in 100 years, the polar bear will be extinct, that is very far fetched.”

“Polar bear hunting is one source of nutrition…and it’s also an opportunity to generate a little bit of income,” said Delisle-Alaku.

It’s like, don’t poke the bear and give them a reason to be against you,” Covington said.

“When your daughter demands you both be Elsa for Halloween … you grin and forking bear it,” she captioned the photo.

Best known for illustrating Paddington bear.

But with municipal elections looming in May, it is an open question whether his full ambitions will ever bear fruit.

In one drawing, bear’s Heart captured the excitement of fishing for sharks.

bear in mind that Tesla has never made a profit in its 14-year corporate history.

bear in mind that Tesla has never made a profit in its 14-year corporate history.

Anything from a bear that has no chance of getting through, even down to little frogs and toads.

In this sense, the Pentagon’s fantasies bear an eerie resemblance to the actual present.

Mr. T can talk shop with anyone, but especially Cub Scouts … because he used to be in the bear Patrol!!!

This protected the right to bear arms only within the context of a militia.

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