Bat in a sentence | Use of the word bat examples

When Harmison spotted their captain coming out to bat, he felt the fire of acrimony burning in his belly.

This served as a bat signal for Lahren, who took it up as a topic on The Blaze.

Or perhaps he had just come too late in life, and his bat speed wasn’t what it used to be.

For a player with such an outsized reputation, known more for his bat flips and on-field encounters than anything else, it appears humbling.

He’s brandishing the bong alternatively like a lead pipe and a baseball bat.

Thompson is more of a straight kicker, chambering his knee between himself and his opponent rather than swinging his kicks in like a bat.

Every time Laszlo turns into a bat, you get the feeling he turns into a bat at every available opportunity, just because he can.

Given delays and diversions, even short flights can take longer than sitting through your aunt’s adult bat mitzvah.

Bruce Wayne is not a billionaire playboy who dresses up in a bat costume and beats up criminals for fun.

Levitan set the tone right off the bat, starting the email with … “Krista Schmuck.”

A black baseball bat autographed by Derek Jeter rests in a glass case on a mantel above the fireplace.

Overall Flavor: 3; Spiciness: 6.5; Texture: 5 Right off the bat, I was pleasantly surprised by the spiciness of KFC’s Creamy Buffalo.

When Pence popped up a fastball and tossed his bat away in a huff, the game seemed to be headed to extra innings.

Then there’s the larger-than-life self-portrait, “Crazy bat Lady” (2018), by Monster Chetwynd (formerly Spartacus Chetwynd and formerly formerly Marvin Gaye Chetwynd).

But if Bautista’s bat flip could cause such a ruckus, Paige’s antics might’ve gotten him banned from Major League Baseball.

Microsoft OneDrive, five gigabytes, so right off the bat we can see that Google Drive is the best deal.

Sign catcher Chris Iannetta, so tarnished prospect Mike Zunino can take the year to get his bat right in the minors.

I was like, “I’m going to bust this wide open.” Especially when it had vampire bat placenta in it or something.

Titled “Hate Power,” the new track roars into being like an extremely technically proficient bat out of hell.

I remember being in China, walking along the Great Wall and imagining beating him with a baseball bat.

If an immigrant has tattoos that appear gang related, the consulate will deny his application off the bat, said Lincoln-Goldfinch.

(Reuters) – British American Tobacco (bat), the world’s No.

bat forecast sales of vaping and e-cigarette products to accelerate in the second half of the year.

You literally went to bat for us.

Check out pit bull Cardi go to bat for the dude.

It’s interesting, because if any other first lady had said cyberbullying was her cause, no one would bat an eyelash.

There is an absurdly loud, bordering on unbelievable, crack of the bat, and then the camera follows the runner and then the video stops.

But in another twist, it turns out “hot sauce” for Beyoncé is a baseball bat named Hot Sauce with “Hot Sauce” written on it.

It’s a Marvel riff on the iconic bat Signal that alerts batman that Gotham needs him.

Showing Joe Fan why he’s in the bleachers, and why Big Papi’s at bat.

As an aside, let’s recall that the US regulators did not bat an eye at this merger.

Right off the bat, we see our main character, Molly (Beanie Feldstein), in a turtleneck, blazer, and tights.

In short, the photographic equipment on-board the Corona satellites was nothing to bat an eye at.

GRU, whose emblem features a bat hovering above the globe, was founded as the Registration Directorate in 1918 after the Bolshevik Revolution.

When police arrived, LeGrier was wielding an aluminum baseball bat, which Rialmo used to justify his decision to pull the trigger.

In its initial argument, the city also blamed the bat for Jones’ death and said Railmo had no choice but to pull the trigger.

Republicans didn’t bat an eye.

Swizz Beatz is going to bat for DMX, saying the rapper’s manning up and facing his trials and tribulations … and he deserves respect.

is following in the footsteps of X’s manager and Jayson Williams, who have also gone to bat for the rapper.

But the bat ricocheted off the chair and accidentally struck Edwards over his right eye.

86-year-old Roy Syvertson from New Hampshire got a shock when he opened up his iPad case to find a bat squeezed inside.

He told WMUR-TV he took the bat outside, but not before it nipped his finger.

He thought nothing of it until the next day when he saw the bat had died.

When opening up your iPad, a rabid bat is probably the last thing you’d expect to see.

Syvertson said the bat nipped his finger, which he thought felt like a bee sting at first.

“A bat that flies into your room while you’re sleeping may bite you without waking you,” the Mayo Clinic website states.

“If you awake to find a bat in your room, assume you’ve been bitten.”

The Baseball Hall of Fame revealed their plaque for Homer Jay today—specifically in honor of the 1992 episode “Homer at bat.”

Another way is to add unique architectural features — like a bat cave that doubles as an exhibition space, for example.

So Wednesday, he changed back to his good-luck charm: teammate Matt Szczur’s bat.

“I hit well with his bat, so he has hits in it,” he said.

And it’s not like Szczur needs that bat right now—he’s not even on the NLCS roster.

“He’s done it a few times, just to grab my bat,” Szczur said.

He did it last night and got his first hit, that broken bat single.

Now, look, was it actually the bat?

And if it works for Rizzo, then the Cubs should have dozens of Szczur’s bat ready for him Thursday.

Freeman, a 27-year-old two-time All-Star, will instantly be the top bat on the team.

When we were developing the arrangements—you’ll hear it right off the bat with the overture—there’s a lot of influence from James Horner.

You’ll notice this right off the bat.

Right off the bat, many found the show’s sex scenes impossible to watch because of the torturous way that they are often depicted.

Ruben Gil, a 19-year-old student, entered the fray with a baseball bat, the newspaper said.

In a team effort to wake the bat of slumping Yan Gomes (.165/.198/.313), the players put on a clubhouse exorcism/sacrifice to the baseball gods.

Gomes wore a white robe and knelt at an altar while holding a bouquet of flowers and a baseball bat.

They didn’t bat an eyelid at the fact I was stark naked.

Will supermarket tabloids with “bat Boy” covers be exempt?

That recommendation came after a woman was seriously injured by a broken bat at Fenway Park.

SNL started insulting Trump right off the bat.

I’ll be blunt: Right off the bat, this thing was not particularly precise.

I wouldn’t bat an eyelid, but if you go on about any of my students, then I’m going to defend them.

In your case #BIGC***” Instead of dragging your mother, learn the difference between ‘you’re” & “your’, ding bat.”

When a toymaker is abducted by a bat on his daughter’s birthday, a mouse detective comes to the rescue.

(These days, he’ll sometimes borrow Mike Napoli’s bat.)

He reached the majors in 1951 and immediately stood out for both his bat and his excellent defense all around the infield.

And then, in his fifth start of the 1957 season, when Score was 24 years old, came the line drive off McDougald’s bat.

McDougald remained a .250 hitter from then on, and the pop was gone from his bat.

I swung a bat.

CN: For gaming and my Chrome bat … well, Chrome just destroys my laptop.

He actually portrays 44 different species of animals — from a bat to an insect to wild boars — coming in and grieving.

But then she grabbed a wooden baseball bat and swung it toward the sergeant.

But then she grabbed a wooden baseball bat and swung it toward the sergeant.

What’s the bat population like?

Let’s just deal with a couple things right off the bat.

bat Sheva Marcus who tells her about the sexual obstacles that she helps women deal with.

And all off the bat of a 20-year-old rookie, with less than a hundred major-league games under his belt.

For tossing his bat on a home run crushed to center field?

She thinks Weinstein was off base to beg his powerful friends to go to bat for him to prevent his firing.

Foreman then went to bat for Colin … “This guy’s a great football player.

I had a visualization of a woman dragging a baseball bat across a chain-linked fence.

Newcomb exited his start against the Philadelphia Phillies after a comebacker off the bat of Phillies catcher J.T.

The line drive exited Realmuto’s bat at 102 mph.

Unfortunately for the fans, Ortiz struck out in his final at bat.

It sounds like Ben Affleck won’t have to worry about making any gnarled, growling sounds as the bat.

While on set for the film, Empire said they were swept past images of the bat‘s gadgets “married to a lime-green glow.”

I asked John, if he were a GM, what he would do with a catcher who had a chance to be an impact bat.

During the struggle over the bat (captured on video), some parents began attacking the man, beating him down to the ground.

In addition to your fetching aviator sunglasses, you could have a bat suit of some sort with some special power.

Known to sow terror in the streets of Helsinki, these villains ambush him from behind with a baseball bat, knocking him out cold.

His smile was as big as his bat.

We clicked right off the bat on the court, clicked right off the bat off the court.

Gennett, who had four rehab appearances at Class-A Daytona and three at Class-AAA Louisville, will play second base and bat sixth.

Typical of their small-scale ambitions, they didn’t connect again right off the bat.

And if you look at each fight scene in Civil War, Black Panther is going after Bucky right off the bat every single time.

Right off the bat, Deadpool seemingly has no conscience, which sets off all the alarms that he’s a villain.

“I’m more skeptical about the glove than the bat,” an NL West scout said.

So utilities must convince customers that they support renewable energy, first thing, off the bat.

For one thing, he doesn’t recommend discounting your product or service right off the bat.

Or maybe, just maybe, it was your bat signal set to the frequency of “man hater” that did it in.

O’Neal’s flow is straight fire over a classic Jay-Z beat — and he mocks LaVar’s basketball career right off the bat.

So, bat signal goes up.

They just disconnected me right off the bat.

In fact, Clinton took a shot at Zuckerberg right off the bat.

It’s pretty apparent off the bat.

So you won’t get this, but it was like being a rookie getting a home run at his first at bat.

Though I was a first time bio parent, it wasn’t my first at bat for caring, feeding, nurturing, and loving a small human.

We got a single—and it was a broken bat single.”

“It became extremely, abundantly clear that Kelly had to go when he went to bat for White House staff secretary Rob Porter,” Matthews wrote.

The demon, in this case, is an unsettling combination of bat, rat and wolf, clutching Judas’s upper arm with his claw.

Courtesy of indispensable bat flip curator @MyKBO, we have this unconventional double from the Korean Baseball Organization.

I’m the first one to go to bat for someone has been ripped off, but sometimes there’s nothing there.”

Luke Cage Luke Cage, right off the bat, looks like a lot more fun than Daredevil or Jessica Jones.

The plan has already drawn a scolding from activists who claimed right off the bat O’Rourke should have offered more aggressive goals.

“VR does some of that, right off the bat, for free.”

His bat never quite measured up.

When he connected on that 18th pitch, Cora tossed the bat aside with an ease that was almost casual.

Then Eddie Alvarez stepped up to bat and hit Dos Anjos’ head for six.

They could also use either a third baseman or some trained seals to distract the crowd whenever their third basemen come to bat.

Does he just get on top of a building and send the bat signal?Ben: Yeah, it’s a big mascara-covered eye.

When Wiki goes to bat he shows up to win.

Or for one at bat with the game on the line?

Not exactly Madison Bumgarner swinging the bat.

Watching Trump bat the issue around for cheap populist huzzahs has the air of an absurdist nightmare.

Judging from these pics, Michael doesn’t strike out when he’s at bat.

Candice Maupin, 37, was out with her daughters Jacobie, 18, and Jonasia, 15, and armed with a baseball bat in case anything escalated.

So we had that mentality right off the bat with this record,” Prowse explains.

Candice Maupin, 37, was out with her daughters Jacobie, 18, and Jonasia, 15, and armed with a baseball bat in case anything escalated.

When switching to the 52- and 56-degree wedges for testing, I was able to have more success with these clubs right off the bat.

Between Darlene calmly accepting that side of herself and beating Cisco over the head with a baseball bat after his[?]

The rapper headlined Gigi Ashkenazy’s bat Mitzvah party at the famed Rainbow Room in NYC.

Reddick should play left and help as a lefty bat, and Hill, once his damn blister clears up, should be a huge lift.

As for who throws a lavish bat Mitzvah like this … it’s Ben Ashkenazy, who owns a commercial real estate firm.

Interestingly, she also goes to bat for drivers … whom she says get exploited.

She says Ray hasn’t been able to get up to bat in the bedroom lately.

“Each night we ‘tune’ the room.” With Echolocations, Bird has chosen an apt title: he’s more like a bat than a bird.

The US president, who cannot even come up to bat, is obviously not included in the analysis.

Or for one at bat with the game on the line?

Grades: Bumgarner 70 Otani: 45 Hitting: “Otani would be a legit prospect with the bat.

The line drive exited Realmuto’s bat at 102 mph.

Or for one at bat with the game on the line?

Isaiah Washington knows what it’s like to be shunned by Hollywood … and that’s why he’s going to bat for Terry Crews.

The first episode occurred in 2004 after a friend’s bat mitzvah, the social event of the season.

For some artists, it’s right off the bat, but I feel like we’re really just arriving at that now.

The dreams became less frequent after a couple of years—once bar and bat mitzvah season ended—but they didn’t stop completely.

“Only with a baseball bat,” he replies.

They’d look at the cost and be like, ‘I could save 20 percent off the bat.'”

And definitely, don’t bat out the classic: you need to work on yourself before you can love someone else.

The man tried to chase the animal away with “a baseball bat.”

She was punched in the neck, face and head … while he was bludgeoned with a baseball bat.

We’re told the bat belonged to David’s son … and it appears the suspect grabbed it as the couple entered.

We have those covered right off the bat with MATTE’s wallpaper.

Kiermaier then belted a 97 mph fastball on a 3-1 count out to dead center, dramatically dropping his bat as he completed his swing.

A bat flew in at the window, uttering little cries.

Just to frighten your people straight off the bat,” she said.

Silicon Valley is beginning to bat around these questions, and OpenAI’s announcement fits neatly into that vexed conversation.

The very first episode of Will & Grace — which aired in September 1998 — plays games with audience expectations right off the bat.

I was also surprised to learn that bat farts have never been recorded in the scientific literature.

It’s so easy to tear apart, you can do it with a baseball bat.

The suspects struck Dina in the face and head and bludgeoned David with a baseball bat.

I should return to the bat cave.

When you watch a baseball game, you’re also listening for the hum of the crowd and the crack of a baseball bat.

What makes a baseball bat sound so good?

“My bat cracks sound different when the roof is closed versus open,” Stoakley says.

But off the bat, he is going to spend $3,000 to $5,000 for just the basics, and honestly, it’s not an issue.

BC was leaving Mastro’s in Bev Hills and, right off the bat, it was clear she had more than water at dinner.

“Our minds kind of clicked right off the bat, just in pickup and short practices we had,” Baker said.

As a flight attendant approached, things got more intense with Jason screaming, “I’ll bat the f**k outta you!

Nnedi Okorafor has a vocal fan base that’s ready to go to bat for her.

Steph: I don’t know, I’ve never bitten a bat’s head off or anything like that.

Witnesses say Sen. Jeff Flake was at bat when the shooting broke out.

Ryan has been pushing a plan that includes a border adjustment tax, or bat, that would levy a 20 percent tax on imported goods.

When the Braves refused to come to bat in the top of the first, the umpire forfeited the game to the Giants.

You can fumble into a place hungover and order seven cheeseburgers at 10:30 in the morning and no one will bat an eye.

Further, if men can buy “things” on sites like Amazon, why bother venturing into a sporting goods store to buy a baseball bat?

Rajai Davis, choking damn near halfway up his bat, somehow hit an eighth-inning game-tying homer off Chapman.

They even offered me my dream campaign with one of my favorite denim brands of all time right off the bat.

Right off the bat, we had our buddy Madison roll, as he was visiting from out of town.

Paired with his resplendent bat against left-handed pitching, Flores, once a nomadic liability of sorts, has embraced in his new role.

In the document, House Republicans outlined their communications strategy, which included three steps to selling the bat.

They didn’t bat an eyelash.

I stormed up to him and pointed my baseball bat in his face and told him off.

This, right off the bat, tells you that something is wrong with the Trump narrative.

As usual, all of his value still comes from swinging his bat.

These new buttons look like an ad right off the bat.

Wonder Woman, to billionaire businessman and bat enthusiast Bruce Wayne.

In a real life Suddenly-Moscow-is-pro-Rocky twist, Boston Red Sox fans began chanting “We want A-Rod” during Chase Headley’s at bat. Update: Oscars host Chris Rock addressed the #OscarsSoWhite issue right off the bat during his opening monologue Sunday night.

If you handed me a pair of Plattan 2s and told me they cost twice the price, I wouldn’t bat an eye.

“I know a few people who have celebrated their transitions with a bar or bat mitzvah or naming ceremony,” Costello noted.

The bat‘s like a toothpick in his hands.”

The animal host of Ebola is widely believed to be the fruit bat, although scientists haven’t been able to confirm this.

I cooked myself some tea in her pot, and she didn’t bat an eyelid.

Also, he wears a bat mask.

Fouts: He was 12 years old, hitting home runs with a wood bat [practicing] at CSN at that time.

There was a time where he took BP one summer and he hit five straight out with a wood bat.

The overwhelming majority of those were with a wood bat.

There were times when he would get a little more angry — he’d throw a helmet or throw a bat or whatever.

Props to Luis … who even threw the bat back to Adeiny so he could continue to use it.

If there was a fight, the most you might see was a baseball bat.

If anything, work on giving your bat flip a bit more rotation, Bote.

Torres emerged from his vehicle with a baseball bat and chased the teenagers.

I knew it was me right off bat.

Approached by two black males, 1 has a bat.

Almost as shocking as the crimes themselves is the fact that after two years here I now barely bat an eyelid.

#ManyPeopleAreSaying bat Boy attacks are up 1,000%. Certainly, not all instances of exaggerated or false political claims are as transparent as the bat Boy tweet above.

Minnesota responded with a three-run seventh, getting a solo home run from Cruz and a pinch-hit, two-run shot off the bat of Sano.

Netanyahu has tried to bat away one corruption charge after another for months, but the charges continue to stick.

Pretty much off the bat, it exploded,” he says.

“The anchors are the movements—for example, dribbling a basketball, or swinging a baseball bat, or shooting an arrow in archery.

You can hear her bleak, grey-blue tones in bands like bat For Lashes and Warpaint.

We also ran into Senator Jeff Flake, who was reportedly at bat when Hodgkinson opened fire during an early morning practice.

There are, as of this writing, five sexy deer outfits, six women’s panda ensembles, and 15 different sexy bat suits.

Very few people living abroad get employment-based green cards right off the bat, and they tend to be exceptionally skilled workers and rich investors.

Jaime Griesemer People forget that Halo wasn’t a chart-burner right off the bat.

I knew how to hit, but it’s different hitting when the bat is feeling like a telephone pole.

So we had like a two, two-and-a-half hour conversation right off the bat.

Katt Williams avoided jail time in a gun and drug case that started with an alleged baseball bat beatdown … getting years of probation instead.

Like a baseball bat or something striking something not—not soft, and not hard.

Golbat is a giant face with wings — more face than bat.

Let’s say there were Kepler’s Three Laws of Swinging a bat.

We know it’s Valentine’s Day, but we’ll go to bat for this hot dog as the centerpiece of your meal.

Three Laws of Swinging a bat… One, focus mentally having on a good bat path through the zone.

His Kickstarter Campaign in 2013 to remix some of his first generation Amiga title music raised £20K straight off the bat.

It’s a song that inked the blueprint for the rest of his oeuvre: maddeningly memorable earworms that bat away any care for cool.

He turns on the bat Signal, then waits around an abandoned warehouse?

with a baseball bat.

If a person from Eastern Europe said “donutsies” instead of donuts, I wouldn’t bat an eye.

Imperial, bat and Altria said the ban on menthols or flavored cigars was not supported by science and evidence.

“Turnbull can and must bat this away,” said Haydon Manning, a political science professor at Flinders University in South Australia.

Not the case for Joe D’s bat … that’s irreplaceable.

For now, Ripley’s is replacing it with an autographed Michael Jordan bat from his time with the Birmingham Barons.

Cagen is an advocate of the self-wedding, which she views as a much-needed coming-of-age ritual that functions like a bat mitzvah or a quinceañera.

In 1999, she married Pakistani squash coach Rehmat Khan, who in his previous marriage had fathered bat For Lashes’ Natasha Khan.

Among the topics were bat flips, Goose Gossage, and Bryce Harper.

Newcomb was drilled by a liner off the bat of the Phillies’ J.T.

Minaj then followed up with, “Instead of dragging your mother, learn the difference between ‘you’re’ & ‘your’ ding bat.”

In the interviews I did, some patients told me their hospital was willing to negotiate right off the bat.

I definitely can’t bat for everything U2 have done over the last 25, 30 years.

“Right off the bat, I saw in Kerby an innate talent for design thinking and solving problems,” Unger said.

With the strike authorized, though, it’s clear that the WGA is willing to go to bat for their demands.

For more tips on where to go and what to eat while in bat City, check out the complete MUNCHIES Guide to Austin.

We have words that look the same and mean different things, like a baseball bat and the flying mammal bat.

(Reuters) – British American Tobacco (bat), the world’s No.

How does collaborating with someone who is 3,000 miles away work?With D.G., he got it right off the bat.

bat forecast sales of vaping and e-cigarette products to accelerate in the second half of the year.

I thought for sure that I’d know exactly what to say, what to do, right off the bat.

But his bat does still work; or, at least, he’s used it more often than his glove, anyway.

So right off the bat, nothing is seamless for me.

Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent together make up the “bat” trio of China’s top tech firms.

Holy shit, you stopped a flying baseball bat from straight-up murdering that baby you made.

I knew right off the bat when we started writing songs with him that the album was special.

If you have a knife, or a baseball bat, or almost anything else, they will probably work better.

Take a look at this man, who for some reason, was taking a bat to the entrance of a California police department.

Mama Tattletail may not always be able to see her kids, but with those plush bat ears she can certainly hear them.

Kumawat tried to bat the administrator’s hands away while his teammates watch.

A complaint of bat feces in an attic.

Simonyan often deploys sardonic humor to bat away allegations from Western governments about her broadcaster’s impartiality.

And then she pulls out a bat and starts smashing storefront windows and car windshields.

(Is that hot sauce actually hot sauce, or a bat?

She goes to bat for him, but Leventer sides with the DA.

Sometimes, the injuries were caused by a baseball bat, with shattered bones and bruising as bad as that from a car accident.

The magazine, Deadline, launched in 1988, and the Tank Girl strip was a hit straight off the bat.

Most people outside the series’ target bubble notice its outsize, navel-gazing persecution complex right off the bat.

Christopher Horner posted the picture on Twitter when a bat went flying into the stands at a Pittsburgh Pirates game on Sunday afternoon.

Luckily, a nearby man reached out his arm to perfectly block the bat from hitting the young boy’s head.

Horner then tweeted the before and after shots of the bat ricocheting off the man’s arm.

But Yaya Toure took it with a precise shot to the corner that not even Mignolet could bat away.

bashed in the head (and almost certainly killed) by the character Negan and his barbed wire–wrapped baseball bat named Lucille.

succeeds precisely where Aronofsky’s earlier films do not; it doesn’t pretend to be realism, nor does it simply bat its eyes at horror.

I don’t have eyelashes, but bat your eyelashes.

The scene ends with Axelrod braining his former friend with a baseball bat.

Right off the bat, Midori told us to come up with our own physical arousal symptoms that another person would be able to identify.

And he cuts a truly menacing figure as he strides around with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire and named Lucille.

Then it does go black with another blow from the bat.

OK, so right off the bat we’re annoyed by the show’s title.

Will the Little Mix fandom turn into a baseball bat wielding firm?

I had to put screws in the tip of [the bat], to make it break.

I said it was a hit, right off the bat.

And given current bat declines, even if scientists find a solution now, populations will take a very long time to recover.

Does The Walking Dead really want to be the show that kills off a pregnant woman with a baseball bat?

I want to make an MMA-fighting bat named Ramielle (pronounced like Ram-Yell).

Spike Lee is clearly fed up that Colin Kaepernick is unemployed — and now he’s going to bat for the QB.

Would that even make Mike Pence bat an eyelash?

But it became extremely, abundantly clear that Kelly had to go when he went to bat for White House staff secretary Rob Porter.

Characters have names like President Merkin Muffley, General Buck Turgidson, Colonel bat Guano, and General Jack D. Ripper.

Our friendship felt more sacred than my own bat mitzvah would.

Me, I grew up with it — I don’t have a hard time telling people right off the bat.

Instead, he is trying to build a network of schools right off the bat.

Set foot in Havana for more than a day, and you’re guaranteed to hear the crack of a bat at some street corner.

Hey, Ted Williams was a genius with the bat, but he didn’t make for a great major league coach either.

she yells before attacking his car with a bat.

In this third episode of Q&As w/ KTB, Noisey editor Kim Taylor Bennett catches up with bat for Lashes a.k.a.

Pitch gives one of them a ball and the other a bat, and then watches to see what happens.

You could wait a whole season to see a team bat out of order.

Luis Aquino came on in relief of starting pitcher Jeff Fassero, and would bat ninth.

Alou, for his part, was incensed, arguing that Floyd should bat in his rightful fifth spot because January had made the mistake.

After booting Alou, January let Floyd bat fifth anyhow, never mind that this technically was illegal.

Look real close and you’ll be able to see that there’s more than one bat waiting for Negan on set.

In essence, she’s throwing up her version of the bat signal …

Amused, Finley brought Burrell on as a bat boy.

“Someone took them out with a baseball bat.

The indignities began right off the bat.

He will bat fifth and play right field.

Whether Mattis goes to bat for them, and how Trump responds, remains to be seen.

Example: Margot Robbie deserves a tongue punch in the fart box,” she doesn’t bat an eye.

The deal was set, and he got the bat.

We’ll watch drama protagonists kill people or destroy lives or cheat on their spouses and barely bat an eye.

I didn’t quite get it right off the bat.

After all, Pam’s been going to bat for Assange, saying he’s a misunderstood soul … not a criminal hacker.

Nick Poulos is back home in Richmond, VA, after tearing Chicago several new ones with bat at the Metal Threat Festival.

drummer Felix Griffin—slayed tunes from bat’s recent full-length debut, Wings of Chains.

It was actually around the first time we broke up that bat started.

I didn’t really think I’d end up using them for anything, but it worked out for bat.

In bat, we write shorter songs that are heavier and harder.

That was before I met Felix, actually, but it wasn’t long after that when bat got rolling.

Casey could have checked the bat, but decided to surrender it, and scurried to his plane.

The man’s son pointed at the picture, at some sort of bat writhing on the ground, clutching a letter.

The “bat wart” chia seeds are certainly an innovation, much like the Microsoft Zune was an innovation.

At first, when I pulled it out of the closet, I thought it was a baseball bat.

“I want to dress in a bat costume and punch individual muggers,” he growls.

Kirk Gibson was the Big Game Hunter, Lawrence Taylor was The Terminator, Kevin Mitchell was bat Man.

Show any fan of the Walking Dead comic books a picture of that bat, and they’ll know exactly who you’re talking about.

My biggest worry right off the bat was that this season is going to become the Trixie Mattel Show.

I brought my bat down.

I began to rage in earnest, taking big swings at the printer with the bat and then the heavy sledgehammer.

Women, he allegedly claimed, needed a male host to “go to bat” for them.

What was behind the decision to do that right off the bat?

J-CH: The Vampire bat is a great horror film, and what we did to restore that is really interesting.

Either way, it’s stunning work, one 60-minute piece that goes by in the bat of a possibly moist eye.

And it only took them one at bat apiece.

Right off the bat, you picked that up?It’s a Spike Lee joint.

The real challenge, at least for Austin, is finding the bat in question.

“He was a good prospect, no question about it, but my baseball people loved Ken Phelps’ bat.”

“He was the hardest puncher that I ever fought,” said Wepner, “It was like getting hit with a baseball bat.”

Others will go to bat for Little Joy.

That tactic could help Republicans in Congress bat down calls for impeachment if Mueller ultimately finds clear evidence of presidential wrongdoing.

Her team was the first in Thailand to study bat pathogens.

Students record the type of bat and measure every part of their body.

I think once the state Department of Education really realized what we were under, they went to bat for us.

He was, nonetheless, clearly viable after a strong showing at Panama in the offseason and a hot spring training at the bat.

The second caller described the horrific scene … Lindholm was repeatedly bashing his girlfriend with a bat.

(In the Kardashian-Jenner world, becoming old enough to shill #spon is a sort of coming of age, like a bat mitzvah or a quinceañera.)

These days, it can be worn in most offices and social situations without causing anyone to bat an eye.

But who wins in a Gooden vs. Tebow at bat?

Facebook has to bat it down.

Remember that bat flip?

I did, too, with a wooden bat.

On November 17, 2016, a bat flew into Ally McNamee’s mouth.

A bat flew into her house, and she attempted to shoo it away with a broom, assuming the bat would retreat.

Vox learned of McNamee’s bat incident during a running, months-long investigation into emergency room costs.

A bat collided with his 8-year-old son’s chest last summer and left behind two scratch marks, a sign of a possible bite.

The painting of the bat was actually longer, but I painted over it, that’s why it looks kinda freaky.

Right off the bat, I did things in the wrong order.

That’s especially true because House Speaker Paul Ryan’s border adjustment tax (bat) plan faces gigantic hurdles.

And we talked to … Yeah, we got a lot of people right off the bat.

Tech companies are preparing to go to bat for transgender rights when the Supreme Court takes on the issue next month.

That would take away insurance from 11 million people, right off the bat.

“So without this or bat, add $2.3T onto government credit card.”

There’s a bat on the ceiling!

That’s $600 off taxes for the $59,000 a year household, right off the bat.

Off the bat, he pointed out a “LATINOS FOR TRUMP” sign in the audience, reading the sign aloud and adding: “It’s true, too.”

Danner then grabbed a baseball bat, and swung it towards the sergeant.

The methane rule was the very last up to bat, and the Senate didn’t take it up until the last-minute.

“Right off the bat, they assert the arbitration clause applied to everything, even though it plainly didn’t,” Lord said.

Odor dropped his bat, stood, and admired his work for a moment, very much feeling himself.

Companies such British American Tobacco, (bat) drugmaker Aspen Pharmancare and foodservice firm Bidcorp were in demand thanks to a weaker rand.

The bat would set up an end-point consumption tax that would effectively tax imports and encourage exports.

bat was up 2.9 percent, Aspen climbed 2.5 percent and Bidcorp picked up 4.5 percent.

Schiller demoed the MLB At bat app.

It was such a bat to the head.

And with one mighty swing of his bat, Tebow cast the Prince of Darkness back into the shadow.

Example: the Christmas Island pipistrelle, which was the only insectivorous bat on its island.

In docs, Glenn and Irene Schwartz also claim Lewandowski intimidated them by standing outside with a baseball bat.

I got up to bat in the top of the final inning, my team down a run.

Sean Newell A-Rod vigorously dried off his bat between his legs last night.

The latter is a reference to Stingily’s grandmother, Estelle, who had a habit of keeping a bat at the entrance to her home.

A single, inconsequential bat in Spelunky sets off a chain reaction that brings most of the level down around you.

Scheduled performers for Sunday included Kanye West, Chvrches, bat for Lashes, and Galantis.

“He will swing (the bat) in a few days,” Mackanin said.

The House Republicans’ border adjustment tax (bat) is, finally, as good as dead.

Jim Brown is going to bat for Hue Jackson … telling TMZ Sports the bitterness toward Cleveland’s ex-head coach needs to end.

Why would I want to bang them off the bat?

And she didn’t even bat an eye.

“They didn’t even bat an eye at it,” she says.

The bat speed was better than advertised, and he sprayed balls across the outfield.

The future of 21st-century political youth movements was shaped by a barrel and a baseball bat.

Derek had used a baseball bat to bludgeon their sleeping father to death while Alex watched, encouraging him.

His range in the field was evaporating, his bat prone to weeks of ineffectiveness.

I was served a piece of cake on a table tennis bat in Barcelona around 2008, which still gives me sleepless nights.

One day after Bautista flipped his bat on a home run and then later seemingly apologized, Teheran hit Bautista with a pitch.

Within China, the same can be said for the bat companies.

Republicans, meanwhile, don’t see the need to make concessions right of the bat.

“That’s some of the fastest bat speed you’ll see in the big leagues,” Astros manager A.J.

We have a good month-and-a-half of touring right off the bat, and then another leg up to Sasquatch.

As a prospect, he was lauded for his bat speed, which some scouts rated as the fastest they’ve ever seen.

… Astros SS Carlos Correa became the seventh native of Puerto Rico to bat cleanup in a World Series game, joining teammate Carlos Beltran.

The Home Run Derby is kinda dumb, except when Vlad is letting his freak bat fly.

This tea maker uses loose-leaf tea, so off the bat, you’ll get a fresher, deeper flavor.

Because we can work with some big companies, we go line-by-line and we cover 90% of their use cases off the bat.

But urban noise pollution, habitat loss, pesticide use, wind farms and a fungal disease are causing bat populations to plummet.

Alejandro Inarritu is going to bat for the creative team behind the Oscar nominated documentary about Syria … posing one simple question for the feds.

Right off the bat there is something pleasing about the title, isn’t there?

Then the scientists placed vertical plates near real bat colonies — and the wild bats crashed into them, too.

In this way, it is a successful evocation right off the bat.

The diversity of trees isn’t diminished, though bird and bat populations decrease.

At Illinois, faculty members must nominate and vote for candidates, and so far, no one’s gone to bat for James.

Dudes with xisteras (curved bat things) swing a ball at crazy speeds against a wall, (usually) barely avoiding injury.

But in this at bat, the pitcher tried to throw a couple sliders out of the zone.

Southern gothic is at least as important to understanding Nick Cave as the bat cave variety.

Let’s clarify something right off the bat: medically, it is not recommended that you eat chalk.

On Sunday, if refinery is what you’re after, don’t worry—Baltimore comes to bat for that too.

In another disturbing incident reported by the Post, Shanahan defended his 17-year-old son who allegedly beat his mother with a baseball bat.

“Use of a baseball bat in self-defense will likely be viewed as an imbalance of force,” Shanahan wrote.

For one: you should only bat flip after you’ve crushed ass.

Right off the bat you should be able to tell whether or not a feature-length Godzilla anime is right for you.

The other question about Sánchez going forward is the bat.

We got the ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ star in NYC Monday, shortly after she launched Operation bat Rescue.

Dolores explained her doctor’s visit was delayed after she stumbled on the baby bat.

She asked him to take the bat to a BIRD sanctuary … which doesn’t exactly add up, but beats leaving it for dead.

Turns out it’s a male Eastern red bat.

How a bat is depicted actually contributes to its meaning, which is typically delivered through wordplay.

“It’s got the point where I now sleep with a large wooden bat in my bed,” one woman said.

“In the old days it was good luck to get a bat in the house,” Zhang said.

“Now I think people are happy to stick with bat ornaments.”

We no longer bat an eye when someone writes down every book they’ve ever read and posts the exhaustive list on Facebook.

Of that group, Perez seems the most due for an upgrade; his bat does not quite match his superlative defense, at least not yet.

He has a normal stance, his feet offset and his bat held still a few inches from his shoulder, that his size renders severe.

He shifted his considerable weight and brought his bat through, and the ball arced easily over the leftfield wall.

Interestingly, Rachel goes to bat for her guy and bumps heads with her mom over the hostile approach.

But I’ve brought a big bat.

It was the top of the third inning and John Jaso was up at bat looking at a 1-2 pitch.

Sure, in a perfect world, you’d like a Mike Trout at every position: fast, athletic, with an otherworldly bat.

LeBron bit the head off a live bat and spat it at Kevin Love!

“That’s easy, I can say that off the bat, that’s me,” Pierce said.

By going so big, right off the bat, negotiators practically guaranteed gridlock and lowest-common-denominator outcomes.

Remember when Richie Incognito smashed his Ferrari with a baseball bat back in 2014???

As O’Reilly helped me understand it, you have the bat and the pitcher has the ball.

Same pitcher, same bat, different pitch.

When I first began snowboarding I was only 12, and I started competing right off the bat.

Catz testified that Google’s general counsel Kent Walker approached her at a bat mitzvah in March 2012 to discuss the lawsuit.

The second-year shortstop has an event horizon for a glove, a whip-fast bat, and a fluorescent smile.

“It sold very well off the bat, exceeding our expectations.

The long-eared bat, which is native to Europe, has gigantic ears that seem to be important for echolocating and finding prey.

The Switch comes with two, encouraging local multiplayer play right off the bat.

Unlike manmade flying machines, the bat‘s body plan has been under development for millions of years.

It’s a whole gender revolution.” And when I saw my brother-in-law, he didn’t bat an eye.

Turn the sound up, and you’ll hear a screeching noise that can only be described as “bat out of multiple hells.”

So what’s the deal with the bat?

Negan tells Jadis his bat is named after his dead wife Lucille.

The bat, the bat got me through this, so I named it after her.

He said that he can throw but has a problem gripping the bat.

Martha doesn’t bat a tasteful eyelash.

Again, a bat swing’s arc is fairly rounded and predictable, and the player stands in a fixed position.

Adam West was honored in L.A. Thursday night with the iconic symbol he helped popularize on TV … the bat signal.

Also in the past year, the Christmas Island pipistrelle, a bat found off the coast of Australia, was declared extinct.

When she had to bat off the adoration of some excited heads of state First there was French President Emmanuel Macron.

The At bat app introduced multitasking in a February 2016 update, along with picture-in-picture streaming for live video and highlights.

“We thought it was a scam off the bat because we had no record of him within our system,” Perkins told the site.

In popular culture, one often thinks of the shillelagh as a short stick, a small bat, but that weapon is actual a cudgel.

Rock Hudson films from of the 1960s, bat Mitzvah parties from 1990s, and the Miami gay club scene of the early 2000s.

After fouling it off, he threw his bat in the air and caught it.

Gray-headed flying foxes are Australia’s largest bat, weighing up to 2.2 pounds and boasting a wingspan of more than three feet.

“No one would bat an eye at that.

“The game players don’t really use training the way baseball players bat a thousand times.

So you go outside, see a kid with a bat, and you’re given a pretty good case for what happened.

Fresh out of the package, a quality pair of tights isn’t typically perfect right off the bat.

You cannot take your eye off the bat.”

But still, it seemed like a cheap shot to take right off the bat.

Nothing makes us happier than a new bat for Lashes song, video, whatever.

Harris’s true eyes, those of a hideous bat, emerge, and he hisses at his enemy.

What an unsavory character he really appears to be right off the bat.

I have been to like 30 bat and bar mitzvahs in my life.

Hot-hitting Tommy Edman broke the tie with an RBI triple in the fourth before Fowler’s bat took control of the game.

Outside of MLB at bat and NHL’s apps, we haven’t seen broad adoption from the developer community.

Now, don’t you think Harley Quinn should be carrying around that bat you gave her everywhere?

This is nothing to bat an eye at, but it was still just a drop in Instagram’s ocean of selfies.

When did we decide that “birthday cake” had a distinct flavor somehow different from “graduation cake” or “bat mitzvah cake”?

When Kevin Smith wrapped on the set of Suicide Squad, Warner Bros. gifted him the bat prop that Margot Robbie used for the movie.

They don’t bat an eye at it.

After he gave her the bat, “Harley cried tears of joy for the next 2 hours,” Smith went on.

So anything that had a bat and a ball and nine guys on the field, I was interested.

[Laughs] Someone who knows what they want straight off the bat!

As the pitcher delivers, he loads with a very slight leg lift and by bringing the bat back slightly.

He is likely to bat second, ahead of Cano.

Outside of the sport of baseball, the most natural context for a baseball bat is as a weapon.

You grab that bat from under your bed to investigate a strange sound in the night.

I got hit over the head with a bat.

I barely bat an eye at the person melding with the floor tiles; I’ve seen this many times before.

My daughter was getting bat Mitzvahed, and she starts disagreeing with her Torah portion when she’s reading me her speech.

We were busy right off the bat and we’ve grown every year since we’ve opened.

If you dress up like a bat and fly around the city, that’s a B-movie.

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