Avid in a sentence | Use of the word avid examples

On the other hand, such an avid push could be dangerous.

So I will write not as an expert but as an avid listener, and really as an ardent fan.

Fueling his upset win was Trump’s avid support among white non-college educated workers.

The writing is sensuous, and that in itself quickly pulled me in: I became an avid reader, curious to learn what happens next.

Takeda’s father, Tsuneyoshi, was an avid horse rider who also led the JOC.

1920) has been an avid and prolific draftsman since he began his career as an illustrator and cartoonist.

My son also is an avid user of both things.

When something becomes something else, I think someone who’s an avid user gets annoyed by the shift.

He and I are avid Monopoly players,” John Elliott, one of the game’s creators, told me over the phone.

“I could see how the lengthier process would be a little more intimidating to someone who’s not an avid pickler,” she admits.

I’m sure Lil Wayne, avid sports lover, is following it closely.

An avid runner, Mercer even slipped back into a normal workout routine once Nick was arrested.

We’re told the meeting between Wozzy — an avid poker player — and Molly played out more like a mutual admiration society.

“She’s a grinder.” Chan is an avid reader and is obsessed with learning.

Bolsonaro is an avid advocate to a return of generals to the highest public office.

We’re told the experience is sure to be one for the avid Instagrammer … and could feature some celeb appearances too.

Despite his attacks, Trump remains an avid user of Twitter, which has allowed him to communicate directly with people and bypass traditional media outlets.

Both Rodgers and Rohrbach are avid golfers — so maybe it was just a platonic trip to the links.

Young is an avid skateboarder … with a record.

She used to be an avid reader and writer, but because of all the treatments, it destroyed her ability to concentrate.”

JS: You’ve also been an avid surfer.

She assists her sisters—both avid cooks who can cook for numbers that range between three and 200—with equal gusto.

But even if you’re an avid fan of video games, you might never have considered their tabletop equivalents worthy of your time.

For avid Twitter user President Donald Trump, social media is more than just a means of communication.

So non-linear editing systems, like today it would be avid and Digidesign.

That means the WWE’s main event is off the table, so avid wrestling fan Dassey is screwed.

As a biracial Asian-American kid who grew up in Chicago, I was an avid reader before I was into anything else.

Condis is both an avid gamer and a professional student of gaming culture, and wanted to understand the attitudes fueling Gamergate itself.

To make the film, he trained his camera on three of his friends, all avid skateboarders, for years.

An avid cook, I was used to buying whatever ingredients I wanted during grocery runs.

I used to be an avid runner and would love to go on a run again, even a short one.

Miku concerts are usually visited by avid fans just like any pop idol concert.

But Bannon is the younger man, and seems temperamentally to be more in touch with Trump and his more avid supporters.

Martin’s books, and for an avid fan of the books like myself, that prospect is both tantalizing and concerning.

An intelligent child and avid reader, he won a place at a prestigious local school before studying at Oxford University.

Angelyn Otteson Fairchild is an economist, writer, and avid traveler based in North Carolina.

Cowboy is an avid diver — and went to Cozumel to explore some of the underwater caves with a team of scuba divers.

But as an avid Twitter user, I have some questions about how you end up “accidentally” retweeting something onto your page.

We sat down with Max to discuss the band’s legacy and had him come face-to-face with the opinions of one particularly avid fan.

Portions of the guitar solos from “Paranoid Android” echo the phasing effects from Aphex Twin’s 1995 track “Acrid avid Jamshred.”

He became an avid collector of sounds that inspired him, and the more raves and festivals he attended, the greater his campfire collection became.

That said, I’m sure plenty of those who remain avid players will welcome a new way to play the game.

He’s avid about staying in shape in order to protect his body from being injured by each toss.

His father, an avid ham radio listener, called to ask what all the fuss on Route 1 was about.

“She’s a grinder.” Chan is an avid reader and is obsessed with learning.

Bill Gates The Microsoft founder turned philanthropist is an avid bridge player.

I was an avid Facebook user for more than a decade.

“I’ve read that Matt Duchene is an avid guitar player.”

Actress Tiffany Haddish, an avid fan of the Harry Potter books, was given an early look at Wizards Unite.

StockX operates a marketplace that helps avid high-end sneakers buyers find those sellers who hold rare kicks.

Helus, 54, was an avid fisher, according to photos on his Facebook profile.

Not actually Scottish by descent, Kidd is an avid Star Wars fan.

Since I was a child I’ve been an avid drawer, so it’s naturally a big part of my work.

I was an avid collector, and my collection got so big that I had to open up a store.

They’re both avid runners and athletes, and together they own a tourism business called Big E Tours.

He was also an avid baseball fan.

And yet by the end you noticed that many of the people you were writing about were avid Trump supporters.

and Noah “40” Shebib, both avid crate-diggers themselves.

With Scott being an avid golfer, we also asked the NBA legend if he would ever play on a Trump course.

He had a doctorate in philosophy and was an experimental theater performer, champion of radical culture, and avid collector of underground newspapers.

Hairston was also friends with Donald Trump Jr. — an avid hunter — and even visited the Trumps at the White House in 2017.

When I was younger, I was an avid tennis player.

Save $40 on an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite The Amazon Kindle is a must-have for avid readers.

An avid rebounder and shot-blocker with sneaky hops, Tyler has developed a reputation for fearlessness above the rim and in the clutch.

In addition to his political extracurricular activities, Perkins was an avid sailor and a major figure in the yachting world.

“I’m not an avid Warhammer player, but I’ve always been a fan of the lore,” Thier says.

If you’re an avid hunter or outdoorsman, you’ve almost assuredly seen guns, boots, antlers, skulls, and other paraphernalia colored via this process.

Chelsea had very recently started writing fan fiction for herself after being an avid reader for some time.

Oh, and an avid gamer.

Adam Fields is a chiropractor based in Kentucky, and has been an avid gamer since he was six years old.

Despite being an avid computer games player, I’m not blind to this industry appalling capacity to generate meaningful stories.

He was an avid Rangers fan.

We’re joined for dinner by Pheak and Pek’s friend, professional Khmer boxer Pech Arun, who is an avid dog diner.

China’s vast number of soccer fans are avid watchers of European soccer, and the value of European TV rights there has been soaring.

Messages and e-mails to Dandiya, an avid Facebook user who last appeared in a live video on March 23, went unanswered.

Where technology and economics collide Donald Trump is an avid user of Twitter, and that includes Twitter’s “block” feature.

(Unfortunately for avid adblocker users, it’s not trying to end advertising altogether.)

Affectionately nicknamed “Auntie Maxine” by her supporters, Waters has inspired an avid social media following and spawned a series of viral clips.

I was literally disgusted,” said Josephine, an avid Snapchat user.

hosted by Leigh Francis in his guise of celeb super-fan avid Merrion.

As for Twitter, I’m an avid user.

Accomplished journalist, avid runner, as it says in your bio.

But even if you’re an avid fan of video games, you might never have considered their tabletop equivalents worthy of your time.

He was an avid pilot who continued to fly until he was 81.

And we were both avid b-boys, you know.

Morgan was an avid gem collector; Kunz named the new pink stone in his honor.

She’s an avid birdwatcher who’s become attuned in particular to the behaviors of the crows that gather outside her apartment.

It was made by Ivo, who calls himself the “master of the wind” and is an avid kiter and helicopter and jet pilot.

Trump is also an avid supporter of the Keystone XL pipeline, which has been seen as a potential climate disaster.

She’s also an avid video game player; in fact, for the right amount of tokens on MyFreeCams, you can add her on Steam.

An avid athlete, Henry Tudor jousted and hunted, threw the javelin and excelled in archery.

Sanders went into the visit an avid support of the Canadian health care system.

Uttech lives and works on a former farm, and is an advocate of prairie restoration and an avid bird watcher.

An avid diver, Schneller quickly recognized it as a personal submersible device—a mini-sub that the man had used to travel below the ocean surface.

avid is concerned that the location of the Verne disadvantages those held there,” McGinley said.

avid is an umbrella for 20 visitors groups across the country, numbering nearly 900 volunteers, from students to pensioners.

John Adams and John Quincy Adams were both avid connoisseurs.

Instead, he found a lovely bunch of avid amateurs and serious professionals.

Noah Strycker is an avid birder from Oregon, who just completed a “big year.”

Noah Strycker is an avid birder from Oregon, who just completed a “big year.”

In addition to his carnival work, Wikstrom was an avid maritime artist, depicting the Louisiana swamps and waterways in lush oil paintings.

Giffords, a mass-shooting victim, and Kelly are both avid gun owners.

This bra is for all sports—the woman who made it, Sabine Seymour, is an avid snowboarder—but can be used for yoga as well.

Over the span of months and years, many Creative Growth artists developed strong visual languages, created significant bodies of work, and attracted avid collectors.

As an avid skier at the University of New Hampshire, 19-year-old Monica suffered a severe injury in 2006 when she missed landing a back-flip.

In fact some historians have theorized that some Vikings kept their beards short because they were such avid fighters.

Takeda’s father, Tsuneyoshi, was an avid horse rider who also led the JOC.

Since I was a child I’ve been an avid drawer, so it’s naturally a big part of my work.

The investigation follows a turbulent year for avid Life Media after hackers, in August 2015, leaked information about millions of Ashley Madison users.

The investigation follows a turbulent year for avid Life Media after hackers, in August 2015, leaked information about millions of Ashley Madison users.

There’s another possibility, too: We know that Russian President Vladimir Putin is an avid collector of Patriots memorabilia.

An avid appreciator of art, Simons uses intricate methods to reinterpret the very works he’s inspired by.

Jeff Steinke, a tech worker in Atlanta and an avid poker fan, echoed this view.

An avid rock climber, Herrera started his career in the Mexican finance ministry.

“That’s what the readers tell me, it’s changed,” confirmed Simon, who admitted to never having been an avid reader of Charlie Hebdo.

I just basically had a link to my YouTube channel, and I would be a very avid poster on big WoW forums.

This is Seagal’s character seeping into Gino’s as Seagal’s Wikipedia page tells me he is an avid activist for animal rights.

and one avid fan responded: “I’ve never seen any gay characters in 7th Heaven before.

He’s been an avid golfer for a while.

“I gotta be pushing upward 1 billion lines,” avid data collector David (not his real name) told me in an instant message.

Born in Düsseldorf in 1927, Beate Kuhn was an avid potter and ceramicist who worked until her passing in 2015.

Entrants ranged from avid players who had made the trip from Montreal, two hours away, to first-time competitors.

As an avid journaler and one-time art kid, I love a good pen.

Koritha Mitchell is an associate professor of English at Ohio State University, a literary historian, and an avid runner.

If he’d been an avid follower of a club perhaps there’d be something to say, but this was not the case.

Later, having overcome his illness, he became an avid soccer player.

An avid tomato gardener, Doudna thinks her tool can benefit everyone from large food companies like Mars to individual hobbyists like herself.

He’s also, believe it or not, an avid guitar player.

Freedman was an avid music fan, and she was there to take photos for JazzAmerica, a TV series chronicling the history of jazz.

However, as an avid toy collector, the singer is fond of the controversial kitty.

“Do not hire a replacement.” Bukele, an avid social media user with more than 700,000 Twitter followers, has fired several other officials via tweet.

I have always been an avid reader, but I took this pastime to the next level in prison.

President Donald Trump — an avid viewer of cable news — insisted Wednesday morning that he is not watching television.

As an avid gamer and eSports fan, Johnston has an edge.

And he was always like hella avid about working together and you know, anything-you-need-holla-at-me type shit.

So you must be a pretty avid poster if you’re using it to let your mom know what you’re up to.

Additionally, while always an avid, exploratory beer nerd, MomOfADragon hadn’t actually sampled the shower-beer lifestyle until she stumbled upon the Reddit community.

Carson, 24, is an avid user of Instagram.

LG: Anne is not the only avid cyclist we’ve had on Too Embarrassed to Ask.

My kids are avid on Snapchat and Instagram and stuff like that.

avid vintage shoppers swear by spraying vodka or vinegar on their finds to get rid of the smell of previous owners.

For as long as I can remember, I have been an avid viewer and fan of the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

An avid rock climber, Herrera started his career in the Mexican finance ministry.

An avid rock climber, Herrera started his career in the Mexican finance ministry.

According to the research, Filipino anime fans can’t stop Googling Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, and Ecuadorians—apparently the most avid anime searchers—prolifically research Ranma.

An avid rock climber, Herrera started his career in the Mexican finance ministry.

The Swerve follows Poggio Bracciolini, a 15th-century Italian employee of the pope, a humanist, and an avid book collector.

As an avid listener myself (shout out to the buoyant bad film podcast How Did This Get Made?

Candy* grew up as an avid churchgoer in Hong Kong’s suburban New Territories.

Takeda’s father, Tsuneyoshi, was an avid horse rider who also led the JOC.

An avid fisherman, Justin had initially been elated when the rain started that August afternoon.

This is most definitely the region that avid adventurers should head to when they wish to get completely off the well-hiked trail.”

I come from a family of very avid self-taught people.

Moby, an avid environmentalist and early public proponent of veganism, was among the 19.5 million YouTube viewers mesmerized by Cutts’ work.

She’s an avid caver, but she’s also a microbiologist.

Ken Metzger, his neighbor and patient, was an avid golfer and loved maintaining his yard.

Ross, like Sandness, was an avid hunter and outdoorsman; at his funeral, fellow hunters were asked to wear their camouflage.

Obviously, Trump himself, his avid supporters, and his voters deserve a large share of credit for his victory.

The unusual timing sent the internet spinning: Was Trump, an avid Fox News consumer, sending political messages through the network?

“Given that I have been an avid gamer all of my life, I surely hope otherwise!”

Cost-conscious Brazilians are avid users of free messaging apps, and WhatsApp is by far the most popular.

An avid watcher of 90s Japanese TV shows, Lencinas began to draw early on in his childhood.

An avid amateur astronomer, Lynch convinced his mother to take him to Germany so he could see the whole thing.

Sleepy Jones: If you’re an avid uniform dresser, Sleepy Jones will help you keep the momentum going after hours.

He’s now a real estate agent in Germany, but in 2001 he was an avid windsurfer and traveler.

In an interview earlier this week with BuzzFeed Japan, he confessed he was a bit worried about Miss Ellen’s more, er, avid fans.

An avid traveler, she began exploring ancient art before delving into American art.

She grew up in New Jersey and quickly grew into an intellectually curious young person and avid reader.

“As an avid news reader, I found it troubling that there are extremely few reportage images of drone strikes abroad.

Until earlier this month, Karl G. was an avid driver for Uber and Lyft in Austin.

Dakota’s an avid surfer and soccer player, and honestly a younger, cooler version of his pops, Michael.

For many millennials and younger — even those of my cohort who are not avid politicos — this positivism feels naive.

As an avid sneaker collector with a background in sneaker writing, I’ve worn my fair share of shoes over the years.

I’ve had several tweets from Nescafé who are clearly avid supporters of the Azera chair project.

Brothers Matthias, Jasper, and Sebastian Ahrens grew up in rural Germany in a family of avid hunters.

You’ve said that your dad was an avid hunter.

In true Vegas fashion, the space is accompanied by a gamer-themed menu from chef José Andrés, an avid gamer himself.

(Though they were not at all crass in their appeals for critical attention, they were avid heralds.)

If you don’t know, I’m also an avid [Dungeons & Dragons] player.

“We interviewed a huge number of women, everyone from avid cyclists to people who would rather take public transportation than bike now.

Usher’s son, an avid gamer, campaigned with a pin reading “Do it for lower ping” — the latency for streaming.

He’s a longtime devotee of Washington’s natural places and an avid hiker, and it shows.

Asked by a reporter if he would go to the premier golfing event, Trump, an avid golfer, said he wanted to but was noncommittal.

Dec 5 (Reuters) – avid Technology Inc : * Says Jeff Rosica appointed president Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:

An avid music fan, Krueger posted about rock legends including Bruce Springsteen on Twitter and wove David Bowie into his lectures.

That bottleneck means avid headset users may run out of top-notch experiences to view, and let theirs VR rigs gather dust.

We were about the same age, from neighboring southern states, both avid readers, and uncomfortable in our own skin.

Eric just appeared on CBS News and said his brother was not an avid gun collector.

“Not an avid gun guy at all…where the hell did he get automatic weapons?

Grigorian was an avid collector of Persian coffee house paintings, some of which he hung in his studio.

avid Korn-watchers will know that Korn Koffee is the latest in a series of unlikely partnerships for the nü metal Beatles.

An avid viewer of cable television news, Trump recognized that the family separation issue was a growing political problem, White House sources said.

For avid soju drinker Dan Foley, a usual night out has him easily drinking two bottles.

Today, most kids are avid technology users, spending countless hours on their devices, creating content and sharing deeply personal data — photos, networks and locations.

Schulz never received a university degree, but was an avid reader, and started his own local bookstore.

She’s an avid caver, but she’s also a microbiologist.

“My family, all of us avid Dark Souls fans, encouraged me to make one more post about it before Ringed City.”

That’s what makes the continent so appealing to “avid” Ingress players like Zach and his mom.

Actress Tiffany Haddish, an avid fan of the Harry Potter books, was given an early look at Wizards Unite.

I became an avid Northern Ireland film and television location spotter.

Robert Delaware is a US citizen, a former Microsoft contractor, and an avid Freedom of Information Request (FOIA) filer.

I’ve never been an avid fan nor hater of Taylor Swift.

But I’m also an avid musician and fan.

We were shooting mostly documentary stuff (parades, events, concerts, things like that), but I’m not an avid documentary watcher.

An avid fan of the band since she was a kid, Knoles had originally signed the lease without knowing it was “the” house.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m an avid menstrual cup fan.

As an avid comics reader and frequent e-reader user, the idea of trying to marry the two is downright headache-inducing.

My mother and grandmother were avid shoppers there.

An avid music fan, Krueger posted about Bruce Springsteen and other rock stars on Twitter and wove David Bowie into his lectures.

Bonnie and Donald were avid boaters in the area over the past 30 years and Travis’ brother, Cory, is a fireman in Fresno.

That is why you, avid steam train enthusiast, have come to pay homage to this emblem of a bygone age.

I’m an avid camper too.

He was an avid surfer, and friends and family honored him with a paddle out in Newport Beach last weekend.

However, as an avid toy collector, the singer is fond of the controversial kitty.

In fact, he was an avid printmaker with a sustained interest in moody lighting effects.

Today, Wattpad is going after its most avid readers with the launch of a new program offering exclusive stories, called Wattpad Next.

The space exploration game No Man’s Sky features biodiversity that would make Earth weep with envy, and players are incredibly avid taxonomers.

Wegman is an avid collector of vintage postcards, picturing everything from ski resorts and famous artworks to Italian restaurants and bad ’80s fashion.

avid Life Media, the company that owns Ashley Madison, is Canadian.

Scholl has his private pilot’s license, however, and besides being an avid student of aeronautics engineering, can also spot top talent in others.

Fox News, of which Trump is an avid viewer and which often propagates his message, followed suit.

One criticism that avid Angeleno gallery-goers may have is a familiarity with some of the work.

And Paddock’s brother, Eric, told reporters earlier today that Paddock “wasn’t an avid gun guy,” per the NYT.

Muslim Americans watch at least an hour of television every night, regularly recycle, and are avid college sports fans, as are other Americans.

He became an avid record collector, with a particular passion for the Beatles, but money was always an issue.

She was also an avid gardener who “loved dancing and people,” her roommate Carol Crewdson, wrote on Facebook.

Even if you’re an avid Intel fan, you should hope that AMD keeps delivering real performance and value like this for years.

She’s also an avid voice on Twitter about cybersecurity and women in tech.

Yiannopoulos, an avid Trump supporter, was accused of inciting a movement on Twitter to savage Saturday Night Live actress Leslie Jones.

Plus, she wanted to live near horse facilities because she’s an avid equestrian.

Jose, who asked that his last name not be used, is an avid reader—and a tuberculosis survivor.

The big three are Audition by Adobe, Pro Tools by avid and Logic Pro X by Apple.

She is an avid user too, booking about 45 nail, hair and massage appointments in the last year through Reserve.

They’re simply avid fans of what’s called indie rock and think we’re a notable indie rock band.

I am an avid user of emoji and even after years of entering emoji, I still can’t remember where certain ones are,” he says.

His father was also an avid shooter.

He’s also deeply interested in technology, and is an avid follower of games and gaming culture.

Noted musician and avid Noisey reader Father John Misty—real name Josh Tillman—took the news particularly hard.

The Russian official is believed to be Russian central bank official Alexander Torshin, a longtime figure in Russian politics and avid gun-rights activist.

If you’re an avid hunter or outdoorsman, you’ve almost assuredly seen guns, boots, antlers, skulls, and other paraphernalia colored via this process.

She was an avid photographer who liked to help the families make scrapbooks in the hospital.

Meg Lazaros is an art director by day, rock musician by night, and an avid collector of memories.

(An avid Jazzerciser and Zumba enthusiast who has trouble sitting still, she admitted she often was herself.)

Indonesians are among the world’s most avid social media users.

But… you’re cash-flow positive and you’ve built a solid community of avid users, why take venture money?

It also provides evidence indicating that minority audiences are more avid media consumers than the rest of the country.

Below are some interviews with some avid LC fans in the year 2016: Alavia: Back in High School I used to watch Laguna Beach.

Let’s see your avid, Academy, College, & Career wear today!

He’s also an avid musician and has been producing and collecting synths and gear for decades.

And more than a few avid Tesla fans were taking them up on that offer, too.

Boggs, an avid outdoorsman and consumer of Miller Lite, is an excellent follow on Twitter.

But avid mystery-lovers who came before them were likely directed toward an earlier whodunnit heroine: Nancy Drew.

They’re avid consumers of pop culture, with tastes all over the place, which partly explains their super full sound.

Garry was an avid baseball fan.

Garry was an avid baseball fan.

I’m an avid marathon runner now, and my butt is smaller than it once was, but it’s still very much there.”

I studied interviews with the Karmapa Lama, the second-highest ranked Lama in Tibetan Buddhism—and an avid FPS player.

He also had roles in movies, such as “The Hangover” and “The Hangover II” — and was an avid baseball fan.

Talking about books, I know you’re an avid reader.

I’m an avid NARS user: Eye Paint in Black Valley every day.”

Girls are avid users and consumers of technology.

As an avid eyebrow-filler, I was panicking about my choice to try this treatment.

Mandy Naglich is an avid homebrewer and National Homebrew Competition gold medal winner.

An avid music fan, the artist is not immune to the influence of his community within Madison, Wisconsin.

Bearded ouroboros, avid vaper, and Ryan Adams annoyer Father John Misty has released a new song.

He is an avid commentator in all forms of media in relation to criminal justice issues.

It was a 19-year-old “sports memorabilia collector and avid Patriots fan,” of course.

One of his old law professors wrote in the New York Times that Kavanaugh “is an avid consumer of legal scholarship.

An avid collector of traditional Vietnamese costumes, Thao designs flattering, minimal garments with subtle nods to ancestral garb.

It turns out that Kardashian quite the fan of Dunham’s newsletter and Dunham is an avid follower of Kardashian’s personal app.

avid fans will be able to pick them all out, casual fans will definitely know who the important characters are.

ili Instant Translator Not all avid travelers are fluent in all the world’s languages.

Apparently the friend’s boss is an avid disc golfer and was in on the joke.

She is also an avid gym-goer, which a source close to the star previously said helps her achieve a consistent weight.

“As an a avid lobster diver and fisherman, I was shocked to see and catch a lobster of this size,” Loescher told MUNCHIES.

“Zac has been an avid wish-granter and supporter of Make-A-Wish,” the rep told PEOPLE.

Beside her work at Redstone Digital she is an avid traveler, design enthusiast and angel investor.

The hip-hop artist behind “U Can’t Touch This” raised in Oakland and grew up an avid Oakland A’s fan.

Every avid follower of MMA will know of Gastelum’s abilities and huge potential as a UFC welterweight.

She remembered him as “one of the brightest students” she ever taught, calling him an “avid reader” with a big vocabulary.

Let me begin by saying: I am not an avid tennis fan.

The urgent care physician and avid runner had been crushed by a boulder that had tumbled down the rugged bluff that golden April morning.

Caplan told me he voted for Stein in 2012 and is an avid Bernie fan in 2016.

Zaffer also is an avid martial artist, and the “sexual assault” actually appears to have been a martial arts hold he was performing.

Also in the press conference, Chief Newsham described Martinez as an “avid runner” who spent most of her evenings jogging around the city.

Duncan, who described herself as an avid Trump supporter, told Fox that finding Manafort guilty “was hard for me.

ili Instant Translator Not all avid travelers are fluent in all the world’s languages.

Since I am an avid shooter, I have friends at some of the major shooting companies.

As an avid Snapchat user, she said she was eager to get the tech world’s latest offering.

Hargitay is an avid advocate for survivors of sexual assault; she doesn’t just play one on TV.

Explains co-founder Simon Bruno, “Mobile apps for avid readers just suck.

The market leader in social networks for avid readers, Goodreads, is practically synonymous with archaic,” he says.

Angelina Jolie is raising some avid readers.

Read at your own risk.If you’re going to really get into Outlander, it helps to have an avid interest in Scottish history.

Rousey, who says most of her female friends are also avid gamers, is especially glad to have unlocked this achievement based strictly on merit.

CECIL’S NET: An avid Washington Capitals fan, reliever Brett Cecil enjoys the occasional game of street hockey with his teammates.

And the avid supporter of former presidential nominee Hillary Clinton also reminisces about getting to honor Clinton at a Glamour event.

In short, it’s adding a little something for avid gamers and neophytes alike.

Kardashian is a known avid tea drinker — and she even has an entire drawer dedicated to tea bags in her home.

Father John Misty, avid Noisey reader, is the perfect late-night TV guest.

Hart describes her daughter as kind and giving, a “smart and funny” girl and an avid reader.

He is also a pretty avid gamer, and uses video games as a way to unwind after recording or producing in the studio.

Even if you aren’t an avid Dancing With The Stars viewer, this might be the season to finally take the plunge.

avid gamers have at least 326 news ones to look forward to in 2016.

“All right, chefs,” the announcer began, “let’s go!” An avid Iron Chef fan, I knew exactly what to do.

Swaney was an avid world traveler who loved her family, horseback riding and adventure, a member of the family told CNN.

“He’s not an avid gun guy at all,” Eric said.

So, one of the things—especially as an avid New Yorker—we are bombarded at all times with stimuli from every direction.

If you’re an avid hiker, however, the endless battery, GPS, and trekking features make it a truly valuable asset.

ili Instant Translator Not all avid travelers are fluent in all the world’s languages.

As an avid non-fisher it’s hard for me to quite grasp the depths of depravity associated with a fishing trip.

That’s OK with Chong, who is almost synonymous with marijuana and is an avid collector of marijuana seeds from around the world.

At the conclusion of a press event, I asked Musk, an avid reader, what he’s been into lately.

Their action comes after hackers who claimed to be unhappy with avid Life’s business practices publicly released Ashley Madison customer data last August.

avid Media did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

I was an avid CrossFitter and yoga-goer before baby (I was at CrossFit the day before I went into labor).

avid said it does not know the focus of its FTC investigation.

Segal acknowledged that the company is not worth that much and said avid still doesn’t know how the attack happened or who was responsible.

This avid color hunter takes us to a lush tropical world through palm-tree-heavy travel photos, bold still lifes, and super-saturated minimal photography.

His team, hired by the company in late September, found simple backdoors in avid Life’s Linux-based servers.

Offerman, an avid woodworker, feels like a natural fit for a campaign launch that highlights old-fashioned “technology.”

An avid hunter, Scalia didn’t join his companions for breakfast the next morning or when they went out to hunt.

“I am an avid scrapbooker, painter and mixed medium artist,” she said.

Johnson, an avid mountain climber, took on the challenge of the biggest mountain of them all.

As the partial owner of a sushi restaurant and avid home cook, he eats plenty of fish, but almost never anything he catches.

An intelligent child and avid reader, he won a place at a prestigious local school before studying at Oxford University.

Both teams will report into avid Modjtabai, head of payments, virtual solutions and innovation.

But did you know that she’s also an avid video gamer?

An avid animal activist, Day earlier told the mag that she’s “not really fond of birthdays anymore.”

As an avid fan of video-game super heroes, I thought I would base it loosely on Mortal Kombat.

Put simply, Crowe seems to be an avid phone photographer and it’s amazing.

“I am an avid animal lover myself.

That pricier option would sport “enhanced features targeted at avid video gamers.”

“I am an avid supporter of anyone who is the nominee of this party,” said Rivera, who lost his bid for delegate.

Unless you are an avid golfer or suffer from hypertension, you’ve probably been conditioned to value high scores.

Black history buff Prince was an avid reader of Dr. John Henrik Clarke and other Afro-centric historians and philosophers.

Spiller’s is still going strong today and is an avid participant in RSD.

Seeing the number “3” at the beginning gave the avid football fan a new perspective.

Ivory Woods, 27, is a vintage clothing seller and avid collector of all things that “speak with their own energy”.

Even if you’re an avid viewer, chances are you didn’t catch it.

The 34-year-old Sarasota resident was an avid traveler and easily made new friends.

My personal network couldn’t relate to what I was feeling as they weren’t avid travelers.”

Canadian and Australian diplomats, avid supporters of their immigration programs, have long shaken their heads at our lax enforcement.

Other than taking the Founders Pledge, he is an avid supporter of and donor for YUNUS Social Business to generate sustainable social impact.

Hanley is an avid college football fan; Brady Quinn was a star quarterback at Notre Dame.

Donald Jr., known as an avid hunter, can be expected to make an appeal to the Second Amendment crowd.

(“She’s an avid watcher but doesn’t know what is going on,” her father joked.)

“I’m an avid runner, and I find it easier to make excuses to keep from my training in the winter months.

‘s avid use of field recordings, samples and world music has often been dismissed as “cultural appropriation” rather than an attempt to decolonize pop.

He’s an avid sneakerhead who used to play in rare Jordans at UNLV—and changed colorways at halftime if his shot was off.

Clinton looked to use the moment Thursday as an opportunity to take a jab at Donald Trump, whose sons are avid hunters.

Many of her most avid watchers were among her most hateful trolls.

Bandar enjoyed American culture while he was living in the United States, according to Riedel, including being an avid Dallas Cowboys and McDonalds fan.

He is an avid McDonalds Big Mac fan.

There was no much-storied context for my mother becoming an avid fan of games in the early 80s.

(I am an avid listener of two such podcasts.)

I learned Corey is an avid meditator.

Lash tabs, on the other hand, may be familiar to outdoorsy people or avid mountaineers.

Camilla is an avid book lover and likes to read to her seven grandchildren, including 2-year-old Prince George and 9-month-old Princess Charlotte.

Vietnamese-language papers and radio stations in hubs such as Westminster, California, and Houston, Texas, are following the trial and have an avid audience.

“For avid travelers – that means 155 weekly trips,” Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said in an online bulletin.

Expert Sponsored Posts Every avid Instagram user knows that following a celebrity usually means seeing several posts about the products they endorse.

He has two sons, Daniel and Christopher, and is described by the NYPD as an “avid hockey player and motorcyclist.”

“I wasn’t an avid reader [of Archie Comics], but I was familiar with them.

He has two sons, Daniel and Christopher, and is described by the NYPD as an “avid hockey player and motorcyclist.”

“I’m an avid cyclist,” Worthington told me.

“Do these stereotypes actually push girls forward?” Chastain has long been an avid supporter of women’s rights and social pay equality.

Larry Balma was an avid skateboarder and commercial fisherman in San Diego when he started Tracker Trucks in 1975.

However, I’m still an avid user — and can attest that my life has been made easier through its fast electronic genius.

LePage, who is an avid supporter of Donald Trump, called the Republican presidential nominee “very powerful.”

Make no mistake: avid female football fans are just as avid as male football fans.

She is a writer, poet and avid activist.

Creator Jaap Meijers writes: My girlfriend is a *very* avid reader.

A Knicks superfan, an Italian with a neverending appetite, and an avid Baywatch viewer — LeBlanc captured all of Joey’s quirks.

She was also an avid reader, Wan said.

Green Deviled Eggs An avid participant of St. Patrick’s Day?

So, we’ve turned to the experts for some help: avid online shoppers who are selective about what they let into their inboxes.

Fortunately, the avid surfer and paddleboard enthusiast survived the incredible, and likely indelible, moment of taking a large adult dolphin to the chest.

And avid horoscope readers that we are, we figured the stars were a great place to look for a little inspiration.

If you’re an avid Kylie Jenner follower on social media, you probably noticed a big change in her beauty routine.

If you’re an avid instagrammer and a die-hard fan of ex-POTUS, Barack Obama, then you’re probably familiar with Pete Souza’s account.

He is also a bachelor and an avid reader and student of military history, earning a second nickname: “The Warrior Monk.”

Well for an already avid fan, they were pretty surprising — and may have just displaced my need for olive oil, almost completely.

The 38th president was known to be an avid swimmer.

Regular podcast listeners straddle the fence between enthused hobbyists and avid knowledge explorers.

Amanda Kershaw Kershaw, 34, was an avid photographer and loved dance music.

George considers himself one of the NBA’s most avid gamers and wanted his second-generation shoe to express that, according to Engadget.

“But I think everyone can understand a little bit of why I have been such an avid supporter of Obamacare.”

“They’re anti-America.” And Trump, an avid “Fox & Friends” fan, tweeted them out verbatim soon afterward to his 61.9 million followers.

PB: I’m an avid runner, and a huge fan of professional running — road, track and trail.

In Washington D.C. alone, temperatures have reached unseasonably warm highs, as avid protesters flooded the National Mall wielding signs, and banners to ignite change.

Woods has previously played with President Barack Obama, an avid golfer — Trump has in fact repeatedly criticized Obama’s indulgence in the game.

An avid biker, he sometimes brings his own racing bike on his travels.

Cumulatively, avid runners can add up to three years to their lives before things start to level off.

Investors are just as avid bookworms.

As an avid reader, I realized that the term “unicorn” has been overly reported on Western/China/India startups.

Long before Telford’s cancer diagnosis, she was an avid marathoner.

The “mock” awards were handed out in Lizeth’s avid class that prepares students for college.

Saudis have nonetheless been avid consumers of Western media and culture.

Since she’s an avid denim fan, Zendaya wanted to add her own spin on the wardrobe staple.

Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama was an avid user of his executive powers.

Bolsonaro is an avid admirer of Trump, tweeting his congratulations on Inauguration Day.

Apparently, based on Garrett’s old tweets, we now know a few things: he’s an avid Trump supporter who hates protesters.

While Trump and Peña Nieto are both avid Twitter users, you won’t see Slim engaging in that conversation.

avid fans will recognize the recipe from an Instagram photo Ina earlier this month.

Golub’s career at Gluster, Plaxo, avid and Verisign, after all, is impressive in its own right.

Once again, the American Idol winner has taken inspiration from daughter (and avid reader) River Rose, who turned 3 years old this month.

A married father of three, Trudeau is an avid athlete who runs, skis, surfs, boxes — he’s even mastered yoga.

She added, “His family told us that Mr. Haines was an avid gardener.

So Bill, an avid biker, decided to ride south, from Madison, WI to Baton Rouge, LA.

Press was not allowed for the closed-door chat, but thankfully, the lucky developers who did make it in were avid tweeters.

If you’re an avid follower of all things comedy, you’ll know that there’s something brewing on Twitter.

Pence predecessor Joe Biden was himself an avid diplomat.

Half of U.S. homes are now podcast fans, Nielsen has said, and 22 percent consider themselves “avid” fans.

Even if you’re not an avid beauty lover, chances are you’ve heard of this bronzer.

Those purchases lure avid Fortnite players to spend real-life cash on virtual cosmetic items, like special character skins (today: a winter skiing set!)

The budgets are small, but the buys are a reminder of the unusual efforts being undertaken just to convince one particularly avid television watcher.

But WAFFLESNCREAM, a group of avid young skaters are taking to the streets to change this perception.

Lohan is an avid Twitter and Instagram user with more than 15 million combined followers.

Austin, Texas-resident Abbie Scheider, an avid camper, says she’s out of luck in the woods of central Texas.

An avid runner in her early years, she had me, her only child, and quit exercising.

Yoxall was charged with theft in 2000; the felony case prevented the avid hunter and shooter from carrying a gun.

If you aren’t an avid participant in the Instagram beauty community, you probably haven’t.

avid horoscope reader that you are, you’re always tracking the progress of your sun sign.

President Barack Obama, also an avid golfer, waited months before playing a round when he first entered office.

A pediatrician and his weight struggles Rockney has always been an avid exerciser, as well as a foodie.

She said he was an avid athlete who played soccer, hockey and golf.

What’s an avid television-watcher to do in August when the well runs dry?

According to an essay by his mother, Kay Howe, McCumber worked as a carpenter and stonemason and was an avid surfer and skateboarder.

Cromwell is now an avid animal rights and environmental activist.

My other 3 have become avid science fans because of this STEM program.

I’m an avid online shopper — in fact, I probably shop more online than I do IRL (don’t we all at this point?).

The King of Pop Culture and avid pizza lover Doug the Pug is pretty great at bringing smiles to everyone he encounters.

An avid cook, she wrote a cookbook in 1996 called “Home Cookin’ With Dave’s Mom.”

avid Celebrity Big Brother UK watchers aren’t convinced Johnson has what it takes.

“Before my injury I wasn’t really an avid swimmer, but after, I’ve really tried to compete as much as I can.”

Old habits die hard, though, and even turning off notifications probably can’t keep the avid email answerer from sneaking a peek.

(END VIDEOTAPE) AZUZ: Even when you’re an avid skier, windsurfer or kiteboarder, you might never have experienced something called snowkiting.

So yeah, t’s not exactly free, but if you’re an avid luxury beauty spender, this might just be the rewards program for you.

Jackson preferred James K. Polk, an avid expansionist, and like himself, a slave holder.

Before then, I was a day one viewer, the kind of avid fan who religiously watched every Sunday.

When the film debuted recently at the Tribeca Film Festival, Murray discovered a range of people who hold an “avid fascination” with Ledger.

If you’re an avid runner and you mostly run outdoors, you’ll appreciate the durability, structure, and bounce of these lightweight sneakers.

‘Gram GoodWhile Colicchio isn’t an avid selfie-taker, he does enjoy taking pictures of (what else?)

An avid fisherman, Justin had initially been elated when the rain started that August afternoon.

The students who received the “awards” were enrolled in avid, an advanced learning and college prep program.

Moir admitted that she hates running and that Zumba classes were not challenging enough for her, but she is an avid cyclist.

Not to mention, Busy Philipps is an avid SoulCycle devotée.

“I was and still am an avid gamer, and when Minecraft came around, I saw potential in it for classroom use”.

11 complete avid editing suites, along with 10 graphics stations and a voiceover booth will work in real-time to produce the broadcast.

Tiffany is a mother of two, according to BuzzFeed, and describes her 6-year-old daughter Emmersyn as “an avid reader.”

That’s what it’s like being an avid fan of a Netflix show.

Billy is an avid smoker, but Montgomery is not.

He is an avid baseball fan and has played on the congressional baseball team since he entered Congress in 2008.

Hodgkinson’s own descriptions on social media portray him as an avid consumer of political shows.

If you’re an avid book reader, chances are you always carry a pencil with you to write some notes in the margins.

He is avid baseball fan and has played on the congressional team since he entered Congress.

We will continue to invest across Tech and Life Science both in Europe and the US,” said GV general partner avid Larizadeh Duggan.

He was also an avid gamer, studied computer game design and loved to attend Comic Con, they said in a statement.

The German Chancellor has always been an avid listener.

(See: Shakeitoff6202 on Tumblr, one of Swifts’s most avid fans.

“Look, I didn’t even know what they were until this week, and I’m an avid sportsman,” he said.

Hillhouse Capital, an avid investor in China’s biggest technology firms, closed its latest fund at $10.6 billion in September.

However, Saudi Arabians remained avid consumers of Western media and culture.

Trump himself has made clear he has no plans to abandon his avid use of Twitter.

Although a cardinal rule of parenting prohibits choosing a favorite, every avid Trump-watcher knows that Ivanka is the apple of her father’s eye.

Messages and e-mails to Dandiya, an avid Facebook user who last appeared in a live video on March 23, went unanswered.

Trump, an avid golfer, was also cheered by visits from two professional golfers who joined him Wednesday in the Oval Office.

I also ditched relying on the subway commute a while ago and have since become an avid bike rider.”

The most avid listeners have stopped downloading, and those who are still downloading are rarely spending an average of $9.99 per month.

The interaction didn’t sit well with Phillips, who is an avid Instagram stories user.

While many avid music consumers have stopped downloading, they’ll make an exception for certain artists.

“I also created a little Easter egg hunt for the avid fans,” Vernoff continued.

You’re an avid feminist, you talk a lot about girl power and the strength of women.

Yet conservatives are not Miller’s most avid target audience.

Chapple, an avid quilter and knitter, was happy to have input from her fellow artists.

Alyssa Milano has been a vocal and avid supporter of the movement and is credited with helping the hashtag go viral earlier this year.

Robert, an avid dog lover, had a 1-year-old Vizsla puppy who seemed to have difficulty recognizing Robert as his health waned.

I’ll be first to admit that despite my years in the beauty industry, I’m not an avid DIYer.

He’s also worked as deputy general counsel for products and IP at Google and is an avid tweeter and baker.

Actor Jason Ritter, an avid fan of the show, explained it pretty well on Monday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

One of his sons is an avid piano player and was concerned the family’s piano would be destroyed by the floodwaters.

An avid advocate for women, Ratajkowski spoke to Elle about the campaign with Kérastase Paris before its release.

It’s no secret that actress and activist Emma Watson is an avid reader.

It’s niche, but a devoted niche of avid Kindle fans.

I am not an avid climber and stick to the 5.7s the whole time.

I’m an avid watcher, and I’ve found any robust conversation about the negative aspects of Black Lives Matter or Antifa sorely lacking.

— an avid runner and has said that if she weren’t a comedian, she’d be an exercise physiologist.

But, as any avid Riverdale viewer will know, this girl is complicated.

He was a frequent guest on television and talk radio, and an avid Twitter user.

Any avid people-watcher knows that there are no better people to watch than people that are on a date.

He is an avid consumer of TV and culture.

And Brazilians are avid mobile users.

This will be extra handy for avid Prime members as Amazon doesn’t release an official Black Friday ad scan like most retailers do.

Yet, after going on a third date with a guy who just happens to be an avid cyclist, I became curious.

Sasse is known for sharp-witted tweets and has repeatedly criticized Trump, also an avid Twitter user, on the platform.

According to the Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial website, Caldwell was an avid outdoorsman who also loved the rodeo… but his real passion was firefighting.

Other than taking the Founders Pledge, he is an avid supporter of and donor for YUNUS Social Business to generate sustainable social impact.

One key supporter of silencers is Donald Trump, Jr., the President’s eldest son and an avid hunter.

For the avid moviegoer, MoviePass is the clear winner — you’re only paying $9.95 to see all seven.

We hope avid in a sentence examples were helpful.