Audiences in a sentence | Use of the word audiences examples

Numerous supporting characters are given zero time for audiences to understand who they are and their importance in the story.

Without marketability to mainstream audiences, it only made $8 million from a $6.8 million budget.

It also has rave reviews on Rotten Tomatoes from audiences and critics.

The political satire, based partially on “Nineteen Eighty-Four,” could not appeal to mass audiences.

Although many audiences have since fallen in love with the film, most critics still rate the film fairly poorly on Rotten Tomatoes.

“Death to Smoochy” was a miss for critics and audiences alike.

The key to a successful remake is making it relevant and accessible to new and different audiences.

Before this happy human was entertaining audiences with his out-of-this-world acting, he was just another chuckling child growing up in Virginia, MN.

They’ve sold out Carnegie Hall, they’ve dazzled audiences all over New York City, and now, Tengger Cavalry is hitting the road.

That is, he may try to reach out to new audiences, but nobody will trust the new, sober Trump.

What might strike audiences as contradictory stances on issues of sexual expression and marriage equality may well be understood within their larger discursive context.

Contemporary photographers are pressed to consider how to uniquely communicate through their medium to audiences in which everyone totes a camera.

(A female first officer was also absent, after her presence was deemed too progressive for NBC audiences.)

audiences, through social media, have since established an increasingly direct feedback channel with TV studios and creators.

The “black films don’t travel” myth is part of a larger pattern of outdated ideas about audiences in Hollywood.

The younger audiences are very, very, very focused on intersectionality, which is this idea …

We thought about audiences shifting to new platforms.

Frankly, as a white woman, I simply don’t know how this film will play to black audiences.

We trust our audiences to be smart enough.

That kind of reaction is not unusual for a film by Aronofsky, a filmmaker who rarely seems interested in coddling his audiences.

Noah wasn’t particularly beloved by audiences — it received a soft “C” Cinemascore — and I’m not expecting Mother!

It’s poised to baffle and annoy a lot of audiences, but those who can go along for the ride won’t regret it.

Founded by artists in 1928, SculptureCenter provides an international forum that connects artists and audiences by presenting exhibitions, commissioning new work, and generating scholarship.

“I think you need to be a good storyteller and have audiences come to that through the character work.

Bisttram’s abstractions were not radical, but they were outside the mainstream and challenging for American audiences.

She didn’t really speak to large audiences and rallies, and refused to participate in a debate among leadership candidates.

It’s what audiences want from a movie like Endgame.

I might’ve just been lucky to have obedient audiences every time.

By inserting themselves into the song, contemporary audiences, Caetano believes, are using similar tactics of protest as the festive left of the ’60s.

The biggest thing that non-technical audiences (whether journalists or readers) get wrong is the limits of any single study.

Focusing on the struggle and not necessarily catering to black audiences.

audiences were equally unenthusiastic, giving “MIB: International” a B CinemaScore.

Males accounted for 58% of tickets sold, while 64% of audiences were over the age of 35.

And then the other related question is, can their audiences move?

Strang and Buting basically became heartthrobs that audiences loved to watch at the time of the show’s release.

Rotten Tomatoes also lets audiences rate movies, and the score is often out of step with the critical score.

The film serves as the perfect platform for audiences, new and old, to experience his work.

To connect with their audiences, both have to be seen as the friend who’s got it all.

Fortunately, Amazon Prime has imported the series for American audiences.

Different audiences, different creative tools, different jobs.

And we’re seeing a bunch of great antidotes from advertisers about how they love the performance on the platform, they reach unique audiences.

audiences also fill out ballots to vote on audience prizes.

Instead, power has shifted to companies like Google, Twitter, and especially Facebook that help their massive audiences filter online content.

These common elements presented North American audiences with something irresistibly new and strange.

The Grudge experiments with non-linear storytelling and gives audiences a complex assortment of sub-plots.

It worked for both American and Japanese audiences because violence and media is something both cultures have in common.

The J-horror genre was growing too fast too quickly, and American audiences lost their taste for repetitive Japanese ghost stories.

Japanese audiences, on the other hand, are still passionately consuming Ringu and Ju-On films.

Japanese audiences are in for the long haul.

American audiences, not so much.

As in most cases, there were multiple audiences.

He came out on the stage, and gave audiences what they wanted out of him: The Hits.

Meanwhile, some networks are pulling back and focusing on more artistically challenging work (like Sundance) or on serving underserved audiences (like WGN America).

audiences have wised up to banner ads and pop-ups—or simply stamp them out with adblockers—so branded and sponsored content has spread everywhere.

For better or worse, TV audiences wanted to see Mary as a sunbeam, dealing with flawed but largely likable people.

Netflix is spending billions to attract new customers while Disney and Apple Inc build streaming rivals and Inc makes gains with audiences.

Tribal audiences bring intensity, which brings more clicks, views, shares, and reach, which bring more advertising.

Even football and the Super Bowl — considered the last holdouts where advertisers could guarantee huge live audiences would be watching — are not immune.

Frame the spectacle through phrases that drive new audiences to find your frames through search engines.

audiences know there’s always a showdown.

For Democrats, Trump’s ability to draw huge debate audiences is something they are self-conscious of.

There’s a lot of debate in the documentary world about who our audiences are.

Having screened it for a number of different types of audiences, I feel like it has that potential.

The matinee audiences have been amazing.

“Politicians have responded accordingly,” Nyhan said, reaching out to audiences directly through blogs and social media campaigns.

Employing things like time-lapse photography, multiple exposures, dissolves, pyrotechnics, theatrical machinery, and more, he dazzled his audiences.

Much of his work is focused on the importance of social movements speaking to broader audiences and avoiding just talking to themselves.

Plus, as high-end fashion brands look to younger audiences to reimagine what cool is, streetwear has become synonymous with luxury.

That’s a fine message for some audiences but a terrible message for convention shenanigans.

Media coverage of financial news, unfortunately, is generally geared to those audiences and ends up emphasizing the negative.

Politicians fine-tuning their speech for their audiences happens all the time.

Traditionally, media companies have focused only on developing audiences, but it’s no longer enough.

And despite advertising likely being down, a Trump administration could spur audiences to keep tuned to CNN.

But it remains to be seen whether audiences will follow suit.”

But it remains to be seen whether audiences will follow suit.”

But I don’t think that’s what audiences pay to see.

When I first started out, almost no one in my audiences had even heard the phrase “yes means yes.”

By the end of the decade, he was hugely popular and financially comfortable, touring the country and playing to large audiences.

The latest inductee to The Cult was a divisive British boxer whose bouts with Nigel Benn attracted huge TV audiences.

It was a misplaced movie because it was a difficult sell to audiences.

Because I do see you can create bigger businesses with smaller audiences if you can target those audiences.

The biggest challenge then was being able to reach a wide array of audiences.

“Love Actually” hit theaters just in time for 2003’s holiday season, and audiences deemed it an instant Christmas classic.

Have you been satisfied with the reactions from audiences?

Instead, it’s pitching itself as a way for TV networks to reach audiences they’re missing out on.

Zuckerberg also went on a shopping spree, snapping up companies that seemed to be building big audiences on mobile devices.

Whelan’s misgivings and fears about the future make for a riveting film, of interest to audiences far beyond dance nerds.

It is designed to help audiences understand the mentality of the witch trials, ideally without projecting a contemporary narrative upon it.

But what does it mean for audiences who identify with the equally empowering Black Panther symbol when it is censored?

As audiences, we witness the range of contemporary aesthetic practices on display and the emphasis placed on contextual understanding.

But he’s definitely emphasized different things for different audiences.

It reminds me that whatever we think news audiences are capable of, we’re right.

Large-scale silhouettes allowed Walker to map imposing, lifelike figures into scenes of brutality that draw audiences inside of the trauma.

However, she also believes that a more true-to-life fictional story about FBI agents would resonate with audiences.

Justine Flatley, Senior Manager, Partnerships, Reuters, said: “UGC is authentic, resonates with audiences and plays an essential role in modern media.

However, the notion of the masterful individual continues to retain a powerful allure over art-going audiences.

He demonstrated that the platforms celebrities have at their disposal — adoring audiences, name recognition, press coverage — can translate into real, tangible political power.

Simply put, these were already challenging songs, and it’s no coincidence that audiences found more energy to wring out from each of them.

And as I got older, I learned that romance to American audiences often featured Leonardo DiCaprio or Hugh Grant or D.B.

The ad partners basically build “audiences” for advertisers to help them reach customers.

“We really had two audiences in mind for this piece,” the collective told Hyperallergic.

Then earlier this year, audiences were wowed by Vikander’s portrayal of an artificial intelligence in “Ex Machina.”

But was there ever a tension between appealing to the frothing hardcore and attracting new audiences to the franchise, through the movie?

If they don’t reach big audiences, they lose their value.

As a result, Chinese art has metaphors and allusions that can be lost on non-Chinese audiences.

—that you find in a lot of the best children’s programming, but it also has a sweet heart that will reach older audiences.

“I brought in all of those people’s audiences,” Paul says of the numerous features across CrazyNDaLazDayz.

And it lets white audiences in on a joke, while failing to demand reflections on that joke.

As for what audiences will take away from the experience, that’s something the DIA has left very consciously open-ended.

It finds a safe place in every gag, jest, and pun that audiences hear.

Content farms were born out of depersonalized blogging principles that appealed to even wider audiences.

What online scams all have in common is that they prey on their audiences‘ naïveté and ignorance.

Today’s audiences aren’t so easily tricked by projected images, and Silverman doesn’t try to deceive.

This is to be expected when adapting a story from one medium to another, and especially when updating a 1962 novel for 2018 audiences.

Disney will join the market at a time when audiences are facing a host of choices, and monthly bills, for digital entertainment.

Not for nothing, the sight of women kicking this much ass in front of and behind the camera is literally moving audiences to tears.

It tried to please everyone—black and non-black audiences alike—without angering a soul.

She also sees a shift in the treatment of female audiences.

Marvel’s Netflix series like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage have drawn praise from critics and found loyal, vocal audiences.

Digital and traditional media must be combined for all audiences, advertisers and profit margins alike.

A new director often rattles the cages, challenging conventional films in a way that audiences and critics alike respond to.

At its worst, it can make audiences uncomfortable and give them the feeling that the interactive elements are just propping up an empty narrative.

Back in 2011, Adele opened up about her own experiences, saying, “I’m scared of audiences.

The film also talks down to audiences with cliché-riddled lines like, “Grandpa asked us to set Elephant free.

Did you think about how to depict such violent and traumatic scenes for young audiences?

It feels like movies like Black Panther or Crazy Rich Asians are about conversations within communities more than explaining things to white audiences.

It’s been affecting people in a good way, both white and black audiences.

In both cases, their intended audiences were primarily, and often exclusively, African American.

BlacKkKlansman is a passionate, no-holds-barred film excoriating white supremacy and those who adhere to it, and it pleased many critics and audiences.

For my part, I’ve given up on speculating about how audiences will react.

This isn’t to say that other frames can’t work for particular audiences at particular times.

“We want to get audiences out of their comfort zone, so we can start conversations,” he says.

There’s a lot going on in Funny Games: class and generational conflicts, audiences’ desensitization to violent media, societal upheaval, you name it.

Straight cam boys can also carve out lucrative niches for themselves, catering to gay audiences who prefer a straight-acting performer.

I don’t think it’s been good for audiences’ trust in us.

The critical and commercial success proved that audiences wanted to be challenged.

Until the screen went black, TV audiences were used to solid endings that bid a pretty solid farewell.

She’s a character who wants power and money, but for audiences today, that’s less inherently villainous.

It is through these peer-to-peer collaborations that Lewis says radical ideas are spreading on YouTube, and picking up larger audiences along the way.

But it may be that there’s different packages, there’s more flexible packages, that we can develop for different audiences.

audiences, just like creators, aren’t fixed entities.

Sketches from Ernest Howard Shepard’s Winnie-the-Pooh illustrations remind audiences that, before an illustration can be mass-produced, it must be drawn.

Print is the art and technology of how to put text on paper and then to have audiences read it.

audiences have barely met Lyle before he’s instructing his brother to kill their parents to end his molestation.

So why did the powers-that-be decide to treat British audiences to a theater release of Broly?

October’s record-breaking returns were the result of several movies performing well with audiences.

Venom, for instance, earned a B+ Cinemascore from its opening weekend audiences — solid, if not ecstatic.

It’s a wonderful blend of high and low that’s perfect for audiences new to opera and for the more adventurous cognoscenti alike.

In private conversations, Clinton tells the audiences in front of her more or less what they want to hear.

Wayne has spent the year touring with 2 Chainz in a way that has once again recontextualized his music for audiences.

And this data shows that even older audiences can find a critical mass of neighbors and peers who participate in this belief system.

Apple would step between those publishers and their audiences without sharing crucial data about paying customers.

His bare, minimal style allowed viewers to engage with his pieces in a way that allowed audiences to form their own opinions.

Gilger adds that news organizations also have a responsibility to reflect their audiences if they’re going to be effective in covering the news.

571, docking at various locations between August 7 and August 27 to bring arts programming to audiences along its route.

Monrovia, Indiana isn’t quite the scintillating investigation into life in a red state that audiences might expect.

Monrovia, Indiana isn’t quite the scintillating investigation into life in a red state that audiences might expect.

So we saw this, and the audiences were showing up, and we’d do live shows and people were screaming.

It didn’t resonate with audiences.

Having audiences goes a long way.

Girard’s artistic legacy and distinctive aesthetic vision have long been known to diehard design aficionados but are perhaps less familiar to general audiences.

The main Avengers series has always performed well with audiences.

Even as someone who regularly performs in front of audiences, I was extremely nervous.

A lot of it was talking about the prison-industrial complex, a lot of things that white audiences aren’t into hearing about.

Despite the fact that depictions like Insatiable are problematic, they end up being preferred by audiences.

Such images can certainly spark outrage in empathetic audiences, but for the victims depicted, this kind of art brings little change.

The Force Awakens left audiences on the green islands of Ahch-To, where Rey finally finds Luke Skywalker and offers him his long-lost lightsaber.

None of these trends was the “correct” one; TV audiences have always wanted shows that break new ground, but not too much of it.

The organization reports that 40% the activities they support are in high-poverty neighborhoods, and 33% of their grants serve low-income audiences.

Some of the most impressive work takes the form of long-term community-based projects that are not oriented towards visual display or even museum-going audiences.

And while Instagram has gently guided its algorithms toward highlighting your real-life friends, personalities can still amass very large audiences.

Too often, laughs from white audiences seem to be prioritized over the comfort and dignity of ethnic minority punters.

The same way that Facebook can drive giant audiences to read stuff, to watch videos even if they’re being auto-played.

Facebook and other big platforms, but really Facebook can drive these big audiences, can drive people to sample your stuff.

Most recently it has been helping advertisers track audiences they want to target on YouTube.

It bombed with critics and audiences and was his last attempt at directing.

audiences are ready to fall in love at the movies again.

audiences are demanding more than just sitting in a field,” Mitchell says.

If white audiences choose to listen in, they may, but you’re clear from the start: This was written without them in mind.

We have almost 40,000 pledges that we’ve gotten from our audiences across platforms.

The company has leaned into that mission, of “advocating for a sustainable planet,” which resonates with younger audiences.

“I don’t think anybody’s going to knock it out of the park right now in terms of huge audiences and a great execution.

But thinking about critics and audiences as two mutually exclusive groups shortchanges both, and ultimately cheapens the movie.

Aiming to market himself beyond black audiences, he mixed country songs into his rhythm and blues sets.

Modern audiences seem to take little stock in the rasping thoughts of movie-chair pundits.

There’s two different audiences, Peter, so one is the general broader audience, and yes, they like Trump videos.

The audiences … I’ll just give you a sense of it.

That’s why they’re making stuff that is across the board speaking to different types of audiences.

Do you think audiences will look back on the show as a cautionary tale or something that’s prophetic?

Both offer temporary reprieves from reality, but more than traditional film and stage, the developing art forms have audiences more aware of the present.

We’re lucky that you can address different kinds of audiences and take certain artistic risks and that has paid off for networks.

An oft-cited justification for such whitewashing is that those roles go to big-name (white) actors, who in turn attract bigger audiences to the movie.

Each year at the Hot Docs film festival in Toronto, hundreds of documentaries screen for audiences voracious for non-fiction-based cinema.

It’s only a matter of time before the best of Hot Docs 2017 will make their way to general audiences.

In turn, more diverse teams guide more diverse coverage, welcoming new audiences and helping our work serve more people more effectively.

They offer intelligent but accessible fusion of classical and electronic sounds, existing outside of what those genres’ respective audiences are typically primed for.

Yahoo also connects advertisers with target audiences through a streamlined advertising technology stack that combines the power of their data, content and technology.

What do you think current black cinema is asking of its audiences?

“Sometimes you make movies for different audiences, and this one hit the core of what it was trying to do.”

Lindsay’s work, however, can better strike a chord with audiences who entered the workforce at the height of the recession.

Once again, it seems that notions about the power of “niche” audiences might need a refresh.

These channels are fighting to game YouTube’s algorithm to reach young audiences.

For another, conservative media elites profit the more they work their audiences into a frenzy of paranoia, fear, and loathing toward the left.

And today she gets paid a little bit more because she attracts a larger audiences.

The survey also indicated that audiences want to see art in “non-traditional” venues like parks, public spaces, schools, airports, and hospitals.

In 2018 her snapshots of time past challenge audiences to consider how far we have (or have not) ventured into tolerance and inclusivity.

The Society’s collection features members of 39 nations, but most of the images were not intended for Native audiences.

Fairview is supposed to make its audiences uncomfortable.

Yes, Bohemian Rhapsody was a massive hit with audiences, just like Queen’s music — both in opposition to the opinion of critics.

“It is near impossible to get foreign stories in front of American audiences, and how can we not cover ISIS if everyone else is?

While it’s broad-based programming isn’t exactly a swashbuckling fantasy epic, it knows how to draw big audiences.

What happened to the Central Park Five now aligns with what audiences see in the news every day.

Reviewers and audiences called her a poser and a tween.

As Title IX and LGBTQ rights gain larger audiences, more colleges and universities are seeking legal exemptions on the basis of religion.

But he isn’t winning over new audiences with Fox News; he’s just preaching to the choir.

The audience vibe is really second to none.Yeah, the audiences were really enthusiastic and curious, but also respectful of each other.

Plus they already have massive audiences, and people like to write things they know others can find and read.

The TV shows critics went nuts for, from Twin Peaks to The Leftovers, boasted truly minuscule audiences.

For that reason, it might not register as groundbreaking to audiences tired of narratives focusing cis people’s reactions to a trans subject.

On the one hand, the show didn’t have any major twists this season for audiences to second guess.

“He got audiences with these billionaires and he was never out of his depth with them,” said one person close to the organization.

At the beginning, the challenge seemed much more straightforward: Introducing audiences to a new franchise with a new kind of game design.

The NFL has some of the most popular and valuable content in the world, and Snapchat has one of the most valuable audiences.

Sometimes, in those audiences, eyes would light up, tiny smiles creeping at the edges of a 13-year-old’s mouth.

Sculpture, conceptual art, performance — these all demand different things from audiences, while the practitioners who populate the cast find themselves dissatisfied with their craft.

The scheme is highly valued by our audiences and helps us establish lifetime enthusiasts for Shakespeare and live theatre.

This implicit danger is what makes performance art audiences different from other art audiences: they genuinely like and seek out the frisson of risk.

And also, just to make sure I’m speaking to all the audiences, some of those bots are fine.

Online audiences are willing to devote significant time to in-depth scholarship, she says, so long as it is well-conceived.

Out of the top five movies that real audiences saw prior to Logan, Merlin only got one ( John Wick 2) correct.

But the shift also stems from audiences and critics searching for deeper meaning in superhero films.

The troops reportedly booed him—and he lost younger audiences when he returned home and continued to serve as Nixon’s mouthpiece.

Yet after seeing Avatar numerous times and luxuriating in its far-off, 3D world of Pandora, audiences were hungry for something different.

All news sources exist for the whims of their audiences, but few have as innate an understanding of those whims as a local paper.

And yet Alice experienced lower-than-average drops each weekend it was open, reflecting audiences‘ sustained interest in 3D filmmaking.

US audiences have cooled on Depp in recent years, but he’s apparently beloved overseas (though possibly not in Australia).

Or, they’re overly engineered in using a lot of growth-hacking tactics on Facebook in order to get audiences.

Two of his early compilations, Sound of Siam Volume 1 and 2, were key to introducing the genre to audiences outside Thailand.

He led his audiences to believe that a total collapse of the US was likely and they should buy gold.

How will they leverage their existing audiences, use their unique voices, and sustain the accounts could make or break the project.

Good way to lose both audiences,” and, “Women ruin everything.”

There’s a lot of people that make a lot of money for programs that very small audiences watch.

The advice I always give audiences when they say, “I don’t know who to trust.

And so we believe that as those dollars get freed up, our brands are big enough, and the audiences, and really the engagement.

So you already have large install bases of audiences that you can program to.

She can be both the unruly woman and the ingenue, because she’s laid the groundwork for audiences to see her as both.

So knowledge and education is a real start, and then just install bases of audiences.

The point is to cater to millennial and black audiences, innovate new outreach techniques, operationalize customer happiness, etcetera.

That’s a good chunk of change for an art form audiences rarely want to see in a movie theater.

But it’s proved a modest success for GKIDS, and Beckman takes delight in American audiences finding the film.

Having more specificity about podcast numbers will attract more advertisers and benefit the creators of shows that have passionate audiences, Quah explained.

“There’s going to be a lot of podcasts realizing that they didn’t have audiences as big as they [thought],” Quah said.

He played to near empty audiences for a month, before aborting his Broadway dream.

My feedback from audiences has been those takeaways.

audiences immediately recognized John Mayer’s guitar playing or Earl Sweatshirt’s dazed flow or Andre 3000’s staccato vocals.

“Politicians have responded accordingly” by reaching out to audiences directly through blogs and social media campaigns, Nyhan said.

Then, at the end of last year, Aquaman’s overstuffed epic surprised and dazzled audiences.

Now she’s performing Chariot to audiences across the globe while on tour with Citizen Cope, which ends April 11.

A live-action “Star Wars” TV series also is being developed for a streaming service that Disney is launching to capture online audiences, Iger said.

But I hope that audiences will form their own opinion as to who Hatsune Miku is and what she signifies.

CENTCOM and SOCOM are also strange audiences for Trump to involve in his war on the press. In case you didn’t finish watching the video, here’s what it says: audiences LOVED GOTTI.

When film critics trash a movie that audiences like, they generally aren’t thinking of the audience.

The idea that “audiences” loved Gotti was supported by the audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, which as of today is at 61 percent.

They refused to sell Lewis time for Smoot and Manion’s programs, fearing they would alienate their established audiences and drive away advertisers.

It’s the same procedure used in the back door that audiences have seen Real Housewives get done on camera in the front door.

They have more substantial audiences, but more recent releases like “Bullet Catcher” … What is “Bullet Catcher”?

But evidence continues to mount that conventional Hollywood “wisdom” about box office and audiences needs a serious refresh.

HA: Is this series targeted to Western audiences, Arab audiences or both?

LM: The series is primarily targeted to Western audiences.

audiences walk away feeling that they’ve uncovered an Arab world they’ve never seen depicted in the news or on television.

At least one ad was specifically targeted to audiences in Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore.

They both write frequently for popular audiences and are somewhat heterodox for Republicans.

Through the Naturally fashion shows, photography, and design, the beauty of Blackness was on full display, capturing the attention of non-Black audiences as well.

But they didn’t talk about the issue in front of non-Latino audiences.

It’s somehow both experimental and educational, and it’s been delighting and confounding audiences on the festival circuit this year.

(Other scholars have found greater impact in experiments and studies of particular audiences, and still others have argued that public rhetoric has other purposes.)

I think the filter for us is we want intent-based audiences.

Were the audiences smaller, necessarily?

Reynolds first tap-danced her way into movie audiences’ hearts as the bright-eyed star of Singin’ in the Rain.

So many complicated things go into how audiences interpret the emotions of an actor in a certain way.

I wanted audiences to be confronted with a woman fully naked—me!—totally going for it.

Read more about influencers and social media: Jake Paul and other influencers are promoting ‘mystery boxes’ to their young audiences.

Even today, the play is a cornerstone lesson in getting predominantly straight audiences to empathize with queer suffering.

audiences might also know Shaw for her role as the M15 supervisor Carolyn Martens on the BBC show Killing Eve.

However, some audiences suspend their disbelief when the person leading our country spins his tales irrespective of inconvenient facts.

We believe in working with talented people, the judgment of our staff, and the transcendent importance of serving the interests of our audiences.

audiences can now be reached directly and taken anywhere,” he tells The Creators Project.

More weighty news events also draw big audiences.

All live broadcasts capitalize on the power of social media to quickly attract large audiences, whether the event lasts a few minutes or hours.

We will issue corrections for a factual error or if a typo in the copy could cause audiences to misunderstand the story.

Occasionally, Vox Media will conduct contests and giveaways for our audiences.

When it comes to appealing to younger audiences (also known as digital audiences), even growth-starved Twitter beats them.

New York audiences generally know about guitars, but when it comes to old master Japanese art we really need instruction.

“[Trump] uses these events to speak to home audiences,” Tomas Valasek, a former ambassador of Slovakia to NATO, said.

No one’s really in charge, enforcing consistency of language or tone or direction, so different audiences hear different things.

Conservative media often featured Trump, mostly for the same reasons that the conventional media did: He attracted audiences.

Comedians have been testing the limits of the form — and of their audiences — for decades.

“Mother Drum” compellingly makes the case that indigenous art performance can be universally compelling to contemporary art audiences within a decolonized paradigm.

“We cannot thank you enough for your support,” Armstrong wrote to audiences once, after blogging about her depression.

Thus, curators have long had their hands tied regarding how they can reach out to engage new audiences.

Common features of powwow music can encourage audiences to believe the songs are alike.

Fellow SNL alum Chris Rock declared that he won’t perform on college campuses for fear that his humor will offend overly sensitive young audiences.

Anthony Roth Costanzo has made it his mission to make classical music appealing to broader and younger audiences.

However, should any one platform fade, it’s highly unlikely that audiences will return to a landing-page focused mode of content discovery.

Should any one platform fade, it’s highly unlikely that audiences will return to a landing-page focused mode of content discovery.

If museums double as culture classrooms, then they have a mandate to educate their audiences with the facts.

Looking ahead to expanding its impact for new audiences and generations, The Clay Studio is shaping plans for a bigger, broader reach.

Place the “c” and “l” too close together, and it starts to get a bit unsuitable for family audiences.

Why have people (critics and audiences alike) responded so strongly to it?

Indeed, Gatecreeper’s appeal spreads beyond death metal audiences and into the hardcore arena.

“The way audiences react to her—there’s a certain, perhaps, shock of sympathy for her when she reveals herself on stage.

It’s not just that your audience is larger and more relevant than other audiences.

The road audiences could believe whatever the hell they wanted to, I just needed them to laugh at me, to like me.

I didn’t want to confront audiences on the road, I just wanted them to love me.

But the posturing still reveals something about the candidates and the audiences they are playing to in the debate.

Small audiences will gather in these private spaces to hear O’Loughlin’s story of mortality, survival, and the courage to ask for help.

audiences can come and go as the event clock ticks out of time.

CNBC, CNN, and Fox Business have audiences in their 60s.

As a result, the internet has dramatically expanded these papers’ audiences.

It’s hard to sell digital if you’re niche and small, which is why people try to aggregate big audiences.

Is popularity still popularity if audiences didn’t pay?

How has it been showing the film now?Well, there are two distinct audiences.

Even so, those games drew small audiences on Twitter compared to TV.

He added … “My thanks goes out to my loyal and devoted audiences around the world.

The idea that distribution is the most important part of a product, I think is something that a lot of audiences don’t recognize.

The really interesting thing, though, is that different audiences have different tastes for popularity.

There was no digital feedback loop to tell producers the answers to these questions and what audiences really wanted.

They obviously have unbelievable reach to audiences that care voraciously about their favorite teams, their favorite story lines.

Those audiences came to see people die.

Let’s assume that, instead, it’s stuff like soccer, baseball and other games that draw much smaller audiences.

Academy Award–winning director Barry Jenkins has been pretty busy since stunning audiences with Moonlight.

It sounds like you’re opening up the possibility of reaching and monetizing audiences, and doing everything but platforms [Facebook, Snapchat, etc.].

In it, Fox said that ESPN’s programming targeted the audiences of Fox Sports 1 and the regional sports networks, among others.

A third of the projects receiving grants were specifically designed to reach low-income audiences.

And for audiences unable to see the limited run of Angels for themselves, well, a little was better than nothing.

But even a supposedly dismissible piece of cinema can have a huge impact on the world beyond the audiences it was made for.

He knew how to simultaneously shock audiences and also collaborate with a fellow performer to manipulate producers and protect his brand.

But not all of those audiences are on the same page.

As the story goes on, he does some things that I think will surprise audiences.

For Barack Obama, code-switching played a role in his election, as he used it to gain support among white and black audiences.

BlacKkKlansman is a passionate, no-holds-barred film excoriating white supremacy and those who adhere to it, and it pleased many critics and audiences.

With it, they’d have to provide key information about the audiences that those ads targeted.

Even though TV audiences have been shrinking for years, some media executives hope to see similar numbers this weekend.

From fashion sites with large millennial audiences to traditional print media, newsrooms are assigning teams of reporters to generate wall-to-wall coverage.

All of that makes her interesting to audiences who might not normally pay attention to a wedding, royal or not.

The Root and Essence — publications focused on black audiences — have also dedicated coverage to the significance of Markle’s racial identity.

This move comes at a time when audiences are getting a host of offers and attractive monthly bills for digital entertainment.

In neighborhoods so rough that many people are afraid to enter, Lei Di Dai has enthralled audiences.

Technology complicates our metaphors of space and place, including the belief that audiences are separate from each other.

Works in The Hidden World such as Houteff’s pose a classification challenge to audiences.

The move “reminds audiences, at least in passing, that his role in the 2004 controversy was minimal, insignificant, and/or manufactured by his performing partner.”

Had she stayed, she would most probably have become as well-known (to American art audiences) as the artists she befriended.

Nanette has been making headlines for being difficult to watch, for making audiences uncomfortable.

Creators like Crowder have built deep relationships with their audiences through content that drives the user engagement tech platforms crave.

But cumulatively, I’ve had very big audiences for both films, far more than I would for a live television showing.

Among friendly audiences, Republicans are prone to dismiss climate change as a hoax.

You just say, “Oh, that’s the Mona Lisa.” What audiences really like is just getting a sense of letting something run.

And the number of disturbing videos targeted at child audiences is much larger than previously known, YouTube’s response reveals.

And the number of disturbing videos targeted at child audiences is much larger than previously known, YouTube’s response reveals.

Noé wants to see how minds react to drugs, how bodies react to pain, how audiences react to graphic displays.

Instead, he’s mainly toured the country with comedy troupes to perform in skits and make audiences laugh, experts tell me.

“He is immensely grateful to all of his collaborators and audiences over the many years.

To attract these audiences, the museum underwent a fair amount of rebranding.

As Barnum is assembling his circus, someone asks him if he isn’t ashamed of peddling the fake and phony to his audiences.

Also playing to huge audiences that were there because they loved the music, nothing else like it.

The idea, he told me, is to directly reach the rural audiences that currently constitute Fidesz’s hardcore base of support.

He called out stereotypes and pressed audiences to question their internal biases.

How did audiences react?

With shows like Aziz Ansari’s Master of None, are white audiences getting to see a new version of lead characters?

These are the things audiences have come to expect of the director, and such habits have earned him devoted fans and detractors alike.

I feel like people might initially think of both taxidermy and erotic cakes both as “gross.” I guess the audiences are similar.

Traditional newspapers, magazines, radio broadcasts, and television networks still reach large audiences.

As the market for anime grows internationally, audiences are getting more diverse stories.

Even with the current pace of growth, there’s still so much potential for music subscription to reach new audiences and territories.”

This cultural exchange challenges audiences to reconsider ethnic identity outside of race.

He’ll sing these songs quietly, and the audiences will sing warmly and drown him out, sharing in a communion all their own.

With thoroughly written wall texts that contextualize the work, the exhibition feels academic but still refreshingly legible to wide audiences.

Television ratings for stuff about Trump, even among Clinton supporters, drew larger audiences than stories about Clinton.

Sometimes the mirror can reflect a little too much truth for audiences to bear.

There is no more selling the idea of ‘new audiences‘ and ‘new thoughts and/or ideas.’

Even if a given film made good money in the US, distributors assumed that overseas audiences wouldn’t go see it.

Show me the young artists that don’t want bigger audiences.

And I don’t want my role as a writer to be a translator of black grief to white audiences.”

The belief underlying the campaign — that actual competitors’ images and achievements aren’t enough on their own to excite potential audiences — is exactly the problem.

Part of the reason to use science, not art, as the basis for animation in film is that audiences demand hyper-realism.

The company also touts its extensive data operation that allows it to target audiences at higher ad rates.

b) Draft a total social media solution that markets your company’s brand and message to target audiences.

2 reveled in its brightness, transporting audiences to a kaleidoscopic faraway planet full of emerald and golden hues.

Toss in an explicit scene of zombie assault, and it would perhaps turn audiences against her too thoroughly.

Martin Scorsese’s historical religious epic Silence has been drawing accolades from critics and audiences since it entered limited release in late December.

Vibrant though it was, the Japanese avant-garde was relatively unknown to Western audiences for most of the 20th century.

The show introduced American audiences to Japanese art and kickstarted critical study and awareness of modern Asian artists.

The last debate could have been rated as MA: mature audiences, per TV parental guidelines.

The audiences can be very mixed—Deaf, Hearing, gay, straight or maybe those just learning to sign.

In spirit with Barragán’s work, she frames shots to let audiences take in and consider different spaces.

It’s a Marvel movie, and a damn good one; critics, audiences, and Oscar voters seemed to agree on that.

“My theory was, why not draw from something that already has audiences engaged?

Records played samples on a continuous loop, and audiences were invited to remix the sounds, even walking away with their own vinyl.

Public opinion has shifted, and critics and audiences are reevaluating their relationship with Allen.

audiences in Coal Country love to hate him.

If you weren’t prepared to toss out your principles and drink the Trump Kool-Aid this year, conservative audiences weren’t listening.

What this means is that talk radio hosts are now gravitating toward their audiences rather than audiences gravitating to hosts.

The project has certainly resonated with audiences at home and abroad.

What is it about conservative audiences that makes them so susceptible to fear-mongering hucksters like Limbaugh?

They have a discrete charm while referring to the works of other women artists already better known to American audiences, such as Senga Nengudi.

Tut’s tomb had been excavated in 1922, and audiences were still familiar with the details.

White audiences demand proof of their brutality and we give it to them in its rawest, most spectacular, most primitive, most titillating form.

This indicates that museums have an opportunity to grow audiences, but only if they maintain engagement throughout visitors’ lifetimes by providing valued experiences.

Despite growing audiences and growing revenue, journalism won’t be saved on the internet.

It misdirects audiences to prior pollution abatement efforts, such as reducing dust and acid rain, to suggest the industry is proactively addressing carbon emissions.

While the mass audiences are now on digital, the big money is still in TV.

So will Disney allow Fox to continue making movies aimed at a wide variety of audiences, some hitting and some flopping?

Mainstream moviegoing audiences rarely get to see this viewpoint onscreen, let alone presented this unapologetically.

This exciting step for the museum is part of an initiative to draw diverse audiences.

The museum will launch a PNC-funded “Family Fun on Saturdays” including guided tours, hands-on workshops, and activities for age-inclusive audiences.

He has spoken to black audiences — to a black church in Flint, Michigan, this week, for example.

An artist’s artist who audiences also love.

The fact that there are other websites out there attracting larger audiences isn’t evidence that Twitter is doing anything wrong.

ProPublica last month reported that Facebook allows advertisers to exclude audiences by race and ethnicity, which poses a serious civil rights problem.

Just content … KS: I mean, if you were just doing content of Grindr audiences, I could guess the top 10 stories.

The best-represented artist in the show is Sanja Iveković, whose photo essay “Tragedy of a Venus” (1975–76) will still resonate with audiences today.

Magical things happen when museums trust their audiences to not only handle their materials but to delve into them however they like.

These new audiences, he said, will play a big role in helping the Times reach its new target of 10 million subscribers by 2025.

We need to share it with South African audiences.

Well, Nietzsche is always talking to two different audiences.

During Spazz’s active years, punk and metal played to different audiences, and power violence didn’t neatly land on either side.

For such artists, Spero’s trailblazing path of feminism that initially shocked and embarrassed her audiences has been particularly inspiring.

RT is watched very, very little by tiny audiences in the US, Britain, and the rest of Europe.

What do you think has changed about television in terms of how they’re gonna write for the audiences?

So you are starting to reach those … the younger audiences.

Covering all of these people, these big personalities who we have not historically covered, has seemed to resonate with our younger audiences.

In a sense, that makes audiences an active participant in the whole conceit.

“They were talking to people who were already radicalized to some extent, and had a harder time reaching new audiences.

What they did is, with wisdom, greater wisdom than, I think, you demand from them, they started getting these extraordinary outsize audiences.

He inserted progressive messages within his works to white audiences that might not have cared before reading them.

Suddenly it was over too soon … There is somehow, always, a mystical or psychic blur between audiences and Bowles’s work.

Why would you want to deprive American audiences of this?

“And audiences loved that band.

It removes the press, that pesky membrane between stars and their audiences.

The film’s desire to keep this dynamic simple is understandable — action movie audiences aren’t looking for a tutorial on North African jihadism.

Among the subjects, audiences will meet trans people, grandmothers, Dreamers, doctors, artists, and the proud parents of soldiers and social workers.

His images of towering women and mind-bending vegetal forms, found many audiences through theater posters for Sarah Bernhardt and rolling papers.

Time’s Jeffrey Kluger congratulated modern audiences for seeing through The Civil War’s “subtle whitewashing” the way 1990s audiences hadn’t.

The part of 1984 that’s eliciting such a strong response from its audiences is the play’s torture sequence.

And slowly, a cultural awareness has grown of her devotional music—which was never intended for audiences outside the community of her ashram.

As in Mendieta’s work, their process is often private and later shared with audiences through video, photography, painting or installation.

The strange cover was created for the new kids animated movie Sing, which will showcase a number of genre-bending covers for audiences.

The audiences were bigger, but the record sales weren’t going up.

I assume you mean the large companies with the huge audiences.

“Social media has increased this cycle exponentially as popular YouTube hosts continue to pick up the story and distribute to new audiences.”

—Hrag Vartanian March 21–July 23 For many American audiences, this retrospective was their introduction to the beloved and brilliant Brazilian artist Lygia Pape.

From Transformers to The Martian, Hollywood films are looking to China’s massive audiences.

Abra has captivated audiences around the world with her 80s synthwave production and sensual melodies.

By contrast, Bang wanted BTS to be full of figures that audiences could relate to.

Meanwhile, the detective stomps around paying visits, snooping, and yelling, but without much effect, robbing audiences of any sense of discovery or insight.

Why did the show struggle so much to land with audiences?

Most of the great advances in filmmaking history never would have happened if the sole concern were audiences’ comfort.

“Both of them carry themselves with a naturalness that is very appealing to audiences.

As their spookily charismatic performances begin to win over audiences, they’re elevated from backup singers to rock ‘n’ roll frontwomen.

They either capture the TV audiences onto their own platforms.

Give it away for free, bring in TV audiences, develop relationships around shipping and then sell them e-commerce.

They want to take the audiences away from TV, put them on their platforms and monetize them in a digital platform.

They’re getting real audiences.

To American audiences, this is striking rhetoric from the Republican nominee for president.

The trick is to borrow from performance styles that already have accepted cinematographies, that audiences know how to watch on television already.

Trump’s innovation is taking advantage of the US’s pro-gay trajectory in recent years to adapt the technique for American audiences.

Maura is the easy-to-follow, digestible storyline novice audiences can hook into.

Has the biggest audiences.

Live sports — games — certainly have big audiences.

And yet, while his films have found a following among certain American niche, they largely remain overlooked and underseen by most audiences.

But 2016 belonged to a different kind of onscreen religion, aimed at mainstream audiences.

But as close watchers of the industry can attest, these certainly constitute an observable uptick in religiously oriented content for mainstream audiences.

Making our products accessible to all audiences has required us to be proactive and unwavering about inclusion.

This fascinating campaign opens up so many possibilities for the multiple dimensions of describing artworks for all audiences through a lens of accessibility.

“Disco Sucks,” the tagline for the event, became synonymous with reclamation for both mainstream rock and underground punk audiences.

Wieber was a Michigan native, and the kind of spunky white teenager American audiences had warmed to in the past.

Trump began citing the water rule on the campaign trail as an example of EPA overreach, earning cheers from rural audiences.

Mass, simultaneous audiences — you know, like TV.

This grab for cash has in turn left club owners attempting to target the audiences they perceive as more desirable.

With audiences shrinking and becoming more niche, it’s easier to make splashes with casting choices.

Facebook started testing paid memberships last March, and both Twitter and YouTube have been allowing live streamers to raise funding from their audiences.

The norm among Christian-identified rock stars is to make a show of perpetually reconverting their audiences, who haven’t strayed an inch.

And audiences deserve more credit — this isn’t the first time these themes have landed on Broadway.

They offer wonderful insights into social history.” Like phenakistoscopes and zoetropes, peepshows entranced Victorian audiences with optical illusion and fantastical illustration.

audiences gobbled these films up, and more contemporary genre entries like Tremors and Lake Placid kept the workingman’s creature feature fashionable.

Gaffney still tells audiences to download it (it’s available for free on CSP’s site).

It would also require large online platforms to offer information about the audiences those ads targeted.

Modern news media is designed to bombard viewers with breaking news and discrete pieces of information that briefly capture audiences’ attention.

Swift and Beyoncé release their music so differently because they have completely different relationships with their audiences.

Trumpbait, the mutated form of Clickbait that resonates with mass audiences has been the Republican Establishment’s worst nightmare.

Twitter wants the kind of video creators YouTube has — and the massive audiences that come with them.

But a more vulnerable effort by Lil Wayne has a greater potential of touching more than “mature” rap audiences.

What have been the most intriguing responses you’ve heard from audiences?

Do you think audiences are ready to ask those questions?

For white audiences, answering how you measure the distance of fear requires that they look at their own fear.

Many of these attempts died almost immediately, while others (particularly the 2009 debut The Good Wife) attracted smaller, tonier audiences.

audiences seem to be craving something that’s different from what they’ve been hearing, yet still familiar, and “Despacito” offers that.

Watch the video above to see how cable news’ weapons fetish primes audiences to support war.

“We surprise audiences,” she says.

We hope audiences in a sentence examples were helpful.