Assumed in a sentence | Use of the word assumed examples

When Portugal decided to decriminalize in 2000, many skeptics assumed that the number of users would skyrocket.

I assumed it was normal behavior—the type I’d seen growing up with a dad who is often paranoid about food safety.

Before Chandrasekhar, scientists assumed that all stars collapsed into white dwarfs when they died.

“When I think about the important responsibility I have assumed, I am filled with a sense of solemnity.

As far as my gender and orientation went, I assumed that what I would do while serving would define me.

Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani told Reuters on Tuesday that he assumed it was “not going to affect” the Mueller investigation.

But it’s worth looking closely at what’s being assumed here.

Modern ratites are all flightless, so biologists have always assumed their ancestors were also devoid of flight.

Movies by and about women, many had assumed, simply won’t play to a large audience of all genders.

Real interest yields on 10-year Treasury notes are assumed to average 1.5 percent over 30 years, rising to 2.3 percent in 2047.

Little Grover doesn’t “hate” Hannah, as she’s foolishly assumed in the frustrating weeks pre-latching.

Was that because they assumed Trump wouldn’t be elected?

Photo courtesy of Becca Hess The sudden mandatory evacuation caught residents, most of whom assumed the fire was under control, off guard.

Furthermore, the industry itself is assumed to be so exploitative and abusive that anyone involved is just setting themselves up for trauma and PTSD.

Some on the board have assumed that Benchmark will drop the lawsuit as part of the funding deal with SoftBank.

Since the beginning of this year’s contest, it’s been assumed that Hillary Clinton holds the upper hand with minority voters.

He was acting paranoid, which I assumed was a hangover from his time in the slot.

This kind of Wall Street bro-on-bro violence can happen when that assumed trust sours.

This outcome is assumed in the team’s baseline economic forecasts and doesn’t present big policy changes.

If you were a Roman citizen around, say, 200 BC, you probably would have assumed Rome was going to last forever.

Corker’s comments were largely assumed to be those of a man on his way out, free to say what he really feels.

I was surprised because I assumed people would think it was someone who covered [with a hijab] and I actually don’t.

Last month it assumed the full cost for supporting the former soldiers from the U.N. and the Venezuelans.

Extra curricular entertainment, I assumed at least, would be way, way down the pecking order.

He divulged that his first love—widely assumed to be Aly Raisman, who was abused by Larry Nassar—was a victim of sexual assault.

Men are assumed to be fighters, which frees them up to build messaging around ideas like hope.

Apple also announced the fix to the shutdown glitch early in 2017, and aging batteries were assumed to be the cause.

I assumed I would be the voice of reason.

I assumed that when his apologies went unanswered, he chose to run—further evidence of his guilt.

I assumed this visual experience to be a lesser translation than what was felt tactically by Clark and Broadway.

“[They] assumed that they were going to be immune from this kind of decline.

And then when I assumed that I had this permission, I went in and I tried to be very easy to work with.

I always assumed that editors want the best possible.

They assumed that Black men spoke for us.

I assumed everyone was dead at the end of the first season.

So I assumed Trump was cut from the same cloth as the non-Romneys.

“It is assumed that if something has that Apple logo on it, it must be counterfeit,” Rossmann said.

Since I experience it as a sound, I’d always assumed the problem was in my ear.

That wouldn’t be a surprise, since TV and video experts assumed that the streaming audience for the game would top last year’s.

Zuckerberg was there, too, for what he assumed would be one of his last college parties.

Additionally, they may be assumed to be conservative or highly religious and as a result homophobic themselves based on their heritage.

He assumed executive leadership of Turner in January 2014; before that, he was chief financial and administrative officer of Time Warner Inc.

“I assumed they would understand it as art.”

He assumed Vernon was a spy.

Temer, since he assumed power in May, has initiated a wide-ranging restructuring of government.

Back at Scottsdale Stadium, Bill Hayes is pitching batting practice to the team’s heavy hitters—a responsibility he assumed even before his promotion.

Democrat Phil Murphy assumed the governor’s office in January and ran on a platform of legalizing weed.

She had assumed some people would forget, or just stay home.

Petrov correctly assumed it was a false alarm and decided not to report it to his superiors, thus preventing a counterattack and nuclear Armageddon.

Petrov correctly assumed it was a false alarm and decided not to report it to his superiors, thus preventing a counterattack and nuclear Armageddon.

That seemed funny when the smart money assumed a Clinton presidency.

“We never assumed when we wrote those regulations that we would have a problematic Attorney General you know?

They just assumed that’s what it was.

How could a country assumed to be so morally advanced by so many elect a man so overtly foul?

Is it—contrary to everything we assumed about the film, its director, and its stars—basically an argument for conservative, traditionalist values?

“I ignored it, assumed maybe it was caused by sex, and thought it’d heal by itself,” she says.

Having read your book, I assumed this would be lower given how tumultuous the writing and recording process seemed to be.

I assumed the McCain campaign had done the same, but no.

After experiencing trouble hearing, Holley went to a doctor who assumed she had ear wax build up.

“Aesthetic responses to consonance are commonly assumed by scientists to have biological roots, and thus to be universally present in humans.

Puri has assumed office at a time of distress in areas of Indian aviation.

(People born before 1957, when measles was widespread, are assumed to be immune since they probably suffered through an infection.

People have long assumed that this is the case—you know, “once a cheater, always a cheater.”

OLs were women employees in “pink collar” or service jobs who were assumed to have a polite, demure personality.

While many US government officials and analysts confidently assumed Riyadh organized the effort to kill Khashoggi, the kingdom’s reversal is no less stunning.

But to make their budget balance more easily, Republicans in Congress have just assumed all that spending goes away.

Because presumably the tax cuts would take a while to ramp up, the economic feedback being assumed is even great than that.

“Women are assumed to be emotional; sometimes overly so, or rash,” she tells Broadly.

The company’s chairman, Mahmood Ebraheem Al Mahmood, has assumed operational responsibility of ADSS, it said.

But with The Apprentice and a burgeoning global audience, he assumed the dimensions of a folk hero.

JL: I’ve assumed they could do this for a while.

And I think he just assumed that he would be able to get the Saudis to cough up the dough.

The guys say they were SENT a ton of bottles while hanging at the club and assumed the bottles were comped.

The analysis assumed that the Fox deal closes early next year and excluded elements such as stock appreciation.

The letter assumed that PKN will buy at least 53% of Lotos shares.

A year ago, most of the media world — including Vice CEO Shane Smith — assumed Disney would buy the company.

Chalamet assumed that James would sign with the Knicks that year.

June’s Brexit referendum was nonbinding, but most people assumed it had more-or-less decided the matter.

Initially, most people assumed that the prime minister’s office would be able to provide Article 50 notification on its own.

He assumed that the part where we dragged him out of bed and stopped his heart was a dream too.

It can be assumed that he expected to find one of these.

But he assumed that when we stopped, I would just shut off my fare and wait for him.

But so many in the market incorrectly assumed that if they made their own releases gory, gamers would come in comparable droves.

I assumed there was some kind of small-scale block party worth attending in central Paris.

I can assume one argument, but if I’d played another character, I could’ve assumed the other side of the argument.

It’s also possible that there is more friction around reducing hours than was initially assumed.

The satellite is assumed to be “a write-off,” one of the officials said.

I assumed he wanted to grumble.

Dowd assumed a more prominent place on the legal team after another lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, took a reduced role.

But with Snapchat, video was the assumed experience from the beginning.

I also assumed that the mix of meat stayed similar to what it was today: less beef, more chicken and pork.

They saw this positive headline, I think, and assumed

Opponents of the tax penalty rejoiced, and many, like Rick, Patrick, and Michael, assumed it took effect immediately.

I assumed it would be in a conference room which was very common.

She assumed that he was washing his hands.

There was a time I assumed if the Democrats “moved left” they could win over the working class, even those who don’t usually vote.

But before it was held up, everyone assumed that the DACA would not be held up, and we had a deal with the Democrats.

Britons have assumed that if they are the descendants of Cheddar Man, then he would have looked like them, with pale skin and eyes.

Like many people, I have long assumed that Christian Slater was never a child.

She assumed that other children grew up in similar circumstances, and only applauded the leadership to avoid getting into any trouble.

The Arizona mother whose anesthesiologist assumed she smoked marijuana because of the way she did her hair.

A personal favorite is a small Surrealist work that, not realizing the booth’s theme, I assumed to be by Giorgio de Chirico.

We assumed their denial about collecting this data was company-wide.

Medical marijuana patients themselves, they’ve also assumed roles as political advocates, petitioning state legislators to expand Texas’s severely restrictive cannabis regime.

All across public life, the assumed omnipresence of technology is being challenged.

Some people assumed that, as a result, Lee’s wealth had soared.

Any deliberate killing of a police officer is assumed to be felonious, regardless of whether the perpetrator has been convicted in court.

Back in 2009, many assumed that letting the government compete with private companies would eventually destroy the insurance industry.

When I quit Facebook, I assumed it would be for good, but I was wrong.

Sometimes people saw my father and me in the mall together and assumed my dad was kidnapping me.

Marcos Rojas, who remains vice president of international affairs, has assumed the role on an interim basis.

Knowing little about her besides her status as a noteworthy matriarch, I assumed it was a compliment.

Where technology and economics collide Before the election, a lot of people — including me — assumed that a Donald Trump win would send stocks plunging.

Israel is also widely assumed to have nuclear weapons, although it neither confirms nor denies it.

Although De Pasquale wasn’t afraid of demons specifically, she assumed she needed to fear spirits because of her Southern Baptist religion.

They are assumed to be in compliance.

He’d even pulled me out of school for the day: I assumed they were going to tell me my mother had brain cancer.

Some people assumed this would produce a major uptick in the rates of violent crime in Sweden.

“It confirms what a lot of people already assumed to be true,” he told me at the time.

Trump has insisted that to avoid conflicts of interest, his children would run his sprawling business operations once he assumed the presidency.

People have assumed Tyka — who has taken the reins — would get everything, but that’s not the case.

Second, because it assumed this was a natural condition.

“The amount that our study participants assumed based only on a name was remarkable.

Kim III assumed the title of first general secretary as his dead father was elevated to the rank of eternal general secretary.

He assumed that human nature was plastic and malleable, capable of assuming any form given the right conditions.

When María was a teenager and noticed she wasn’t attracted to guys, she assumed she was gay.

Asexual men are accused of not being manly enough, or it’s assumed that they don’t want to admit they’re gay.

British Museum director Hartwig Fischer, who assumed the position in April, also praises these policies in his letter.

Still, most industry observers assumed a longer exit path.

While I assumed this might be a slightly tongue-in-cheek marketing ploy, Ruku quickly set me straight.

“I assumed the conservatives would be a major part of the Republican Party,” he said of when he first got to Washington.

Michelle Lujan Grisham, a Democrat who assumed office after the midterms, said in a statement Tuesday.

Michelle Lujan Grisham, a Democrat who assumed office after the midterms, said in a statement Tuesday.

We just automatically assumed that.”

Everything felt so thoroughly cheap and rushed and pointless that, watching it, I assumed it would have an agenda.

Women are assumed to be the have-nots because a massive lobby devotes itself to proving Venus is worse off than Mars.

I mean you could go on, but you could probably name one year by year, that everyone assumed … Smart people assumed.

Indeed, in our litigation scenario analysis, we assumed a doubling of cases to 10,400,” said Alistair Campbell, analyst at brokerage Berenberg.

“There were no screams coming from that direction, though, so I assumed it was just local teenagers playing with fireworks.

The Pozzos assumed the Watford’s debts when they purchased the club.

With renewed vigor and a focus on his cardio, it was assumed Rumble would be an even tougher fight for Cormier this time around.

“The amount that our study participants assumed based only on a name was remarkable.

At least three separate witnesses recounted the same story and assumed the white man in the truck was the shooter.

Because we had never talked about it, I assumed that he had tuned out Vietnam, or perhaps put that film on pause.

“The sign painter is assumed to have done all the background work, with the detailed work being done by Mr. Russell,” Berson explained.

The Greek state assumed control of the Stavros Niarchos Cultural Center.

He also grew up right around the corner from Carson High School, where it was assumed he’d one day play.

In other words, when setting pollution targets for coal- and gas-fired plants, the EPA assumed utilities could build wind and solar farms elsewhere.

I assumed they had documented their journeys, but they had mostly just taken selfies on their smartphones.

But its passage can’t be assumed.

But the officers immediately assumed Mumford was their target, claiming that the men look alike.

I eventually assumed her goal was a particularly frustrating combination of both.

I assumed that she thought she was doing me a favor—that I might enjoy it.

CN: I’ve sort of always assumed that the basic transcription stuff will eventually become free.

So I just assumed he wanted me to buy a money order.

It is assumed that when you get to this level in the academy, you are a leftist.

I assumed Steve was among those arrested.

For a long time, I’ve assumed that the people who work at Amazon, Jeff Bezos on down, know what they’re doing.

“That wasn’t decided, but that was expressly assumed in the opinion,” he told VICE News.

Guaido assumed the interim presidency in January after declaring President Nicolas Maduro’s 2018 re-election a fraud.

Ciccarella assumed her results would be positive.

The 6-foot-2 Siberian quickly assumed the role of tennis’s glamour girl, and won the US Open two years later, in 2006.

Until after the referendum, I still assumed these were just a small minority of cases.

How would I feel if, on the job, I knew that everyone assumed that I got that job because of affirmative action?

Yet after the sexual assault claims surfaced, it was also assumed Murkowski and Collins would be the only two Republican senators who cared.

It is frequently assumed that age, or at least the passage of time, brings with it a complex of experience, depth and wisdom.

Given the level of emotional care she doled out, I’d always assumed she’d formed genuine connections with these men.

Perhaps Trump assumed that it was all so simple because from the outside, he had it all figured out.

Most assumed Trump would drop this lunacy as president.

All of this material is assumed when a show is set in the same world that viewers live in every day.

I had assumed he wasn’t into me and acted accordingly.

“You assumed he wasn’t interested, so you didn’t let him know you were interested?”

Passengers say they heard the dog barking but assumed the bin was ventilated because the flight attendant had been so insistent.

Passengers say they heard the dog barking but assumed the bin was ventilated because the flight attendant had been so insistent.

“The amount that our study participants assumed based only on a name was remarkable.

For someone like me, drafted in the first round, I knew (or at least assumed) that I would be around for a while.

Secondly, McDonald’s breakfast items are relatively healthy, at least that’s what I assumed when I started this journey.

When Nicki complained about structural racism in the music industry, Taylor assumed she was making a slight against her.

I completely assumed that my life was headed in another direction.

They ended up hiring her, and it was the bias that prevented her from being hired, because they assumed she wasn’t good technically.

They said that submitted papers “undergo rigorous peer review,” and are always assumed to be “provided in good faith.”

Now that Trump is being advised by several former Goldman Sachs bankers, some have assumed the president will simply ax the existing legislation.

They didn’t communicate to you clearly what they wanted, but you assumed they had a political motive, targeting Americans.

They assumed they’d be able to build a rival smartphone operating system and be a major player in the smartphone business.

“I guess I always saw women like that and I assumed you grew up and you [got breast implants],” she says.

assumed to be natural enemies, these groups united in their calls for economic justice.

After Sims allegedly told her her work ethic was the problem, Njee assumed the company wasn’t giving raises to anyone.

“I assumed I would be modeling nude, since the daguerreotypes were nude,” Rodriguez said.

When I turned and did not recognize the man, I assumed he was a protestor.

Because he was a full-fledged adult, I assumed that he knew better than I about what my future should look like.

My wife says it, so I just assumed maybe it was OK.

Pundits assumed that, like Hillary Clinton, he was about to blow it.

He walked out on her and their unborn child, and rightly assumed that she wouldn’t have the courage to kill him.

Sanders has now won seven of the last eight Democratic contests, surprising some political elites who had assumed the Democratic race was already over.

I did end up breastfeeding my children, and I assumed they would be better off for it.

Trump’s FBI director, Christopher Wray, assumed office in August, with McCabe as his deputy.

The Flashpoint researchers assumed a fake identity and responded.

I assumed you were going to dodge.

This score is controversial because CBO assumed money would be lent within the 10-year period but not recovered until afterward.

The other thing has to do with his fellow candidates, almost all of whom just assumed Trump was going to implode.

“I think we all went in there like we were supposed to and assumed that Mr. Manafort was innocent,” Duncan said.

I sort of assumed that most people with Instagram famous pets manage their dog’s careers themselves.

It was unclear from the conversation who else would be at the dinner, although I assumed there would be others.

So, we assumed that they were our top users.

She’d already qualified for the program twice before and assumed her renewal would be a formality.

She’d already qualified for the program twice before and assumed her renewal would be a formality.

(Clarence Thomas didn’t speak, as usual, but he can safely be assumed to side with the conservatives.)

I hadn’t either, though doing theater, it’s assumed that you can do everything, especially if you’re a trained theater actor.

But I assumed the decency in the majority prevailed.

Most experts had, however, long assumed this wouldn’t happen for hundreds or maybe even thousands of years.

It also means that law enforcement could legally racially profile people by asking to see papers if they assumed someone was undocumented.

Jason Patrick, 43, assumed a leadership role after the arrests of the militia’s leadership and fatal shooting of its spokesman Tuesday night.

Trump and McDougal never discussed whether she was his only mistress, McDougal said, though she assumed at the time that she was.

Jason Patrick, 43, assumed a leadership role after the arrests of the militia’s leadership and fatal shooting of its spokesman Tuesday night.

Kim Reynolds assumed the position.

In this case, however, it seems that Brenner, the initiator of the project, assumed a curatorial role as well.

In fact, insurance companies assumed that there would be what’s called “pent-up demand” for healthcare.

So they assumed that a lot of these people had been blocked out of the market before.

Before that, I just assumed it wasn’t for me.

He gave me a dirty look, which I assumed meant no.

Despite previous criticism of the Mueller probe, Whitaker assumed its oversight once he became acting AG.

But he had assumed from what had transpired and the fact she had never told him no.

The United States and some European countries, as NATO allies, assumed Turkey would buy the platform from one of them.

They just knew that I was taken by the ADF and assumed I was dead.

Many pieces depict ziggurats, in keeping with common interpretations of the fabled tower’s assumed shape, though skyscrapers and ruins are just as common.

“The assumed attitude is that the child is resilient.” Alternatively, the parent can become an overbearing caretaker.

I just assumed you were.

But here’s another opportunity for error: The company doing the assembly may have assumed that the battery integrator has performed sufficient testing.

She assumed he was just being nice, she said.

In cases where we didn’t know how many civilians were involved in a shooting, we assumed there was one.

Without cameras to watch, Republicans assumed they were taking the wind out of the Democrats’ protest sails.

In these cases, we assumed that every civilian involved was armed with that weapon.

I assumed that you made money by showing me a banner ad there.

He assumed that a moderate step would satisfy the Euroskeptics, when in reality they wouldn’t stop until a full Brexit referendum was held.

It’s so big that, when I played it, I assumed that the world was ending.

“Measures to contain the outbreak are assumed to moderately depress global pork production in the short term,” they said.

The Presleys, like everyone, assumed the worst.

Or once I got that certificate, I wrote that I had that certificate, and it was assumed I had high school.

During all this time, citizenship was assumed to be a firewall.

It’s assumed I had my high school [degree] because I was up until this month technically still enrolled in York University.

People in power have assumed that they can behave in certain ways and get away with it.

Stephan Lewandowsky: As recently as two or three years ago, I would have assumed that it exists.

National Security Adviser Michael Flynn apparently assumed no one listens to phone calls with the Russian ambassador.

I assumed he would know what he’s doing.

In May 2017, she assumed the role of COPINH coordinator, acting as a spokesperson and travelling abroad for meetings and conferences.

“Our results fundamentally challenge this viewpoint and thus require revision of models we have assumed to be correct for quite some time.”

Do you have intimacy issues?” It’s sort of assumed that marriage is a thing you do.

The separation, the researchers assumed, would be associated with negative emotions and therefore cooling of the ears, while being reunited with people (excellent!)

I assumed that development was fundamentally a matter of knowledge, not politics.

We simply assumed that they did.

I’d heard him referred to as a felon or an “ex-con” in a number of stories, so I just assumed he was one.

It’s all buried still in the trappings of the assumed humanity.

Trump’s retaliatory and impulsive behavior, which I think I assumed was a campaign tactic, have carried over into his actions as president-elect.

“He didn’t know me, and he assumed that about me.

If he assumed that about me, who else did he assume this about?”

“He didn’t know me, and he assumed that about me.

If he assumed that about me, who else did he assume this about?”

Everyone assumed, this being the 10th outbreak of Ebola in DRC, that there would be a high knowledge and awareness about Ebola.

She said she requested a meeting, but never heard back, and assumed the shutdown had put the rule review process on hold.

He just assumed it was going to be terrible.

She found Kercher’s door locked and assumed she was sleeping.

The philosophy of the Internet has assumed that friction is always part of the problem, but often friction can be central to the solution.

I knew it was fictional, but I still assumed this was a Trump story.

I’d made quite the rookie mistake and assumed Wyatt’s gender.

Thune, who did not give a date for the hearing, said he assumed Kavanaugh and his accuser Christine Blasey Ford would testify.

Others have assumed that a public report of misconduct is essentially equivalent to jail time, or at least career destruction.

After Obama’s victory in 2008, his transition team assumed a chastened GOP would be ready to cut some deals.

After Obama’s reelection in 2012, his staff no longer assumed Republicans would cut deals, but they were at least optimistic.

Because of this, most of them said they assumed they wouldn’t be believed if they reported him.

I walked into the nearest convenience store, grabbed a pastel package of gum, and assumed it would be something pleasantly fruity.

It was popularly assumed, for a time, that George W. Bush was too stupid to be elected president.

Some even reached out to the vice president to consider them to be his deputy because they assumed I was dead.

It then immediately assumed its perch at the top of the Billboard 200 chart, selling 285,000 copies in its first week.

I assumed she was sound asleep.

Between us, and listeners to this podcast, I think that AT&T assumed this trial would be over by the time they came onstage.

The company’s chairman, Mahmood Ebraheem Al Mahmood, has assumed operational responsibility of ADSS, it said.

According to Sunderland, Nalcor simply did not take the needed measurements, and instead just assumed that the mercury would be diluted.

Tovey is fantastic, showing off a soulfulness and tenderness to Kevin, whom we always assumed was as untouchable as he was unfeeling.

“Everyone just assumed that prairie dogs are tolerant of people since they’re found nearby,” Shannon says.

You can’t cut the president out … the president is assumed to have every clearance there is.

However, it didn’t quite receive the hysterical response we might have assumed, from critics or even fans.

I assumed, “All right.

The victory, fueled by domestic economic problems, elevated party leader Erdoğan to the premiership, which he assumed in 2003.

In 2013, a year after Xi assumed power, China set up a new national security commission, which Xi also heads.

Instead, Rhodium assumed “allowances are auctioned and freely traded across the country to facilitate efficient and least-cost compliance.”

“They have assumed that they could always control them.

The cases revolve around Operation Pacifier, in which the FBI briefly assumed control of the “Playpen” website.

Bebe told us everyone who assumed Jesús is white, just got it wrong.

Therefore, President Trump is generally assumed to be able to declassify whatever he wants.

Caroline: I assumed it was some sort of demonic IVF situation, but that’s one of the grosser fantasy/sci-fi tropes ever, so hardly better.

The show killed off two characters when it was expected (assumed) that they’d just kill one character.

I went to college and assumed I was safe—it hadn’t affected me for ages.

Since Bolsonaro assumed office on January 1, his popularity has fallen substantially among evangelicals.

She said that when he said he had something to donate she assumed it was food and sent him to the kitchen.

READ: Equifax’s ex CEO got crushed by Congress, but it won’t matter Werner assumed the Mr.

READ: Equifax’s ex CEO got crushed by Congress, but it won’t matter Werner assumed the Mr.

Its operations assumed that modernist expression in literature, art, and music forged a path for spreading capitalism, democracy, and liberalism in the American model.

What did he mean when he said he could help me get what I only assumed was a counterfeit doctor’s degree?

I had assumed they were names of places.

I assumed they were related, or at least friends, and walked over to chat.

Cuéllar assumed the position in May; previous dean Fernando Castañeda Sabido had welcomed Building H and then left amid the ensuing controversy.

They had assumed she would remain close to home.

And we can imagine the bus driver assumed we were going to stay put.

In February 2015, the FBI assumed control of Playpen, one of the largest child pornography sites on the dark web.

SR: Well, a white male artist has the privilege and liberty to have that be assumed that that’s their purview.

Recall that the Times story notes that Trump asked McGahn to fire Mueller last June — just one month before Cobb assumed his new role.

The digit ratio is also assumed to be a good measure of adult steroid hormones because of its link with fetal steroid hormones.

If your intervention assumed that people could sell goat milk to support their families, it might not work once goats are everywhere.

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy sacked Catalonia’s government including Puigdemont and his deputy Oriol Junqueras and assumed direct control over the region.

In the pre-Christian world, they never assumed progress would occur.

Central government ministries assumed the powers of the Catalan administration until a regional election takes place on Dec. 21.

At the time, pretty much everyone assumed this was about Kanye West, but, uh … maybe not!

It’s long been assumed that “the party” would go all out to stop Trump from winning.

We all assumed that there would be many more meals to share in the future.

Bradbury, for example, assumed his vouchers were still hanging around his house somewhere.

When she started the project, Sara assumed she’d eventually run out of women to showcase.

By this standard, along with the fact that Perloff blurbed the book, I wrongly assumed that Som agreed with her.

As acting attorney general, Whitaker has assumed oversight of the Mueller investigation.

“Society has changed in many positive ways,” Emily Greytak, GLSEN’s director of research, told The Atlantic, “and we assumed schools would follow suit.”

He ultimately assumed the position of artistic director for the Old Vic, a role he held from 2004 to 2015.

From the time Rand Paul first ran for Senate in 2010, he was assumed to be interested in running for president.

I assumed those conversations were confidential, but to be absolutely clear they never involved any matter between me and a third party.”

And I assumed it was a BS thing, but I looked, and it actually is her account.

Scientists once assumed that these auroral light shows were mirror images of each other.

Left assumed that this meant that Valeant was creating phantom invoices to book fake revenues.

The couple assumed ownership of the winery after Cambianica passed away in 1956.

You can’t even be who you are before you’re assumed to be something else.

The annoying thing is that we assumed season two was going to be the story of whatever Stage Two is, and it’s not.

The attendant nurse’s demeanor was so familiar and warm that, at first, I assumed these other people were well-known to her.

I assumed I was in for a few episodes of beautiful people doing vaguely unattractive things against a picturesque backdrop, roll credits, fin.

He assumed that he’d get good enough at the drums and back-up singing that some great band would want him.

Taylor even allegedly told the Daily Mail that she always assumed they would marry for a third and final time.

The story caught fire and lots of people assumed the root of his evil could be found in the genital region.

At 12 years old, I automatically assumed that every song on Superunknown was about heroin.

Clinton: I kind of assumed there would be a lot of these charges and claims and so — Trump: Facts.

Cooke has been tagging animals for two decades, and as a conservationist, he always assumed he was doing some good in the world.

Soon his art-making assumed a central, urgent place in his life, and, before long, he committed his energy full-time to producing drawings and paintings.

The man, who was introduced as Adam, said he is now “worried” because he assumed “Remain” would win.

It also assumed a shift to 2022 of the targets previously set for 2021.

But I just assumed he’d write this from his crushed velvet couch or something.

It’s widely assumed that the true number of incidents is much higher than those which are reported.

But as labor lost members and money, businesses also assumed a larger role in funding Democratic candidates.

At first, I assumed it was influences of Western freedom—with hippies constantly visiting northern parts of India and even Afghanistan—but I was wrong.

“The amount that our study participants assumed based only on a name was remarkable.

Trump says he pardoned Arpaio as Harvey hit Texas because “I assumed the ratings would be far higher than they would be normally.”

He assumed power in 2014 and has since steered his country toward dictatorship.

He assumed power in 2014 and has since steered his country toward dictatorship.

Trying to conceive of it as an inflatable, I just assumed we needed it to be a simplistic design.

As the feudal system dissolved, and the Meiji Emperor assumed his office’s long-suppressed powers, the race was on to modernize.

Here, he just allegedly assumed the role of a liar.

In fact, people who worked for him usually assumed any chat with him was effectively public.

The first, conducted largely in secret, was his first known trip abroad since he assumed power in June 2011.

Welsh assumed the role after the resignation of David Lindberg in March.

I’ve always assumed that George R.R.

And I really probably assumed that was fine and I was extremely busy because of affairs of state — doing other things.

I assumed he wanted me to drive his car to Chanello’s, the pizza spot two miles off campus.

I assumed it was a topic Axelrod had daydreamed about often in recent months.

“I think we all went in there like we were supposed to and assumed that Mr Manafort was innocent.

Since she assumed her position on campus in 2016, students have been placed at the front and center of our dialogues.

He and the Penguin assumed that the American electorate would respond to “plain honest talk.” This was part of Trump’s appeal.

I’ve always assumed that part of Medicaid’s popularity is that, from a cost-sharing perspective, it is very generous to the end users.

“I would have assumed there would have been a more coordinated effort to address these potential security breaches,” Isner said recently.

In fact, the majority of Animagi assumed animal forms to escape persecution or to hunt for the tribe.

The then President of India, Shankar Dayal Sharma, assumed all the functions of the Uttar Pradesh government and dissolved the state assembly.

Everyone else was assumed to be part of the problem.

Now that Trump has assumed power, the question of what drives him and why will become increasingly important.

“I assumed when I called them they would take care of everything for me,” Mizui said.

The president is doing things that many assumed could not, or would not, be done.

(Several people I spoke to assumed the move was made for political reasons, so Colau’s administration could have something to call its own.)

While the tone of the videos felt overly dramatic, I assumed the center knew how best to reach its audience and accomplish its goal.

Lee stopped writing monthly issues in 1972, when he assumed the role of publisher at Marvel.

I assumed he meant his dorm room, but he led me to a dark parking lot behind his dorm instead.

Myrcella never assumed the throne like her brothers Joffrey and Tommen did, so she never had a literal gold crown.

1) Since Donald Trump won the Republican nomination, many liberals have assumed Hillary Clinton will easily defeat him in a landslide.

She assumed that his behavior with her was an aberration.

Money flowed in the Valley, and I assumed that the future would take care of itself.

Zuckerberg was there, too, for what he assumed would be one of his last college parties.

And for long time, psychologists assumed that flat-out outlandish headlines — like “Pope Francis Shocks World, Endorses Donald Trump for President” — wouldn’t produce this effect.

Even if a given film made good money in the US, distributors assumed that overseas audiences wouldn’t go see it.

Morell heard the explosion from his workspace and immediately assumed it must be a bomb.

She assumed her phone was tapped, so she wanted to meet a bank official in person.

We didn’t know whether to laugh or ask why she assumed we weren’t his fathers.

Tattoos were eschewed because they were assumed to be unpopular; once that was proven incorrect, body ink was suddenly welcome.

These men, who she assumed were Russian special forces, bundled her into a van and drove her over the border, she claimed.

Sessions’s strongest protection, though, has been that he’s been assumed to have the support of his former colleagues in the Senate.

I dreaded getting my new phone, assumed it would look and feel like garbage.

He must have assumed that these “wayward” poems would be buried overnight.

De León said he assumed, when Trump took office, that the administration might focus solely on removing immigrant criminals.

Medicine has, by default, assumed that they must be all in your head.

Many assumed she, like so many before her, was just another producer trying to break into the comedy television circuit.

I assumed, however, that he was being sued by another victim.

#Emmys Everyone assumed it was Donald until the photo made it clear that wasn’t the case.

I’ve always assumed that being socially anxious and shy amounted to the same thing, but you argue that that’s not true — why?

“We see over and over again that assumed exclusivity simply isn’t true.

Which is surprising; I just assumed he was running as a joke.”

It’s often been assumed that the self-control questionnaire and these cognitive tasks measure the same or similar thing.

“We would be the exemplars,” Tarter says she had assumed.

As a consequence, for years many economists assumed, almost without questioning, that minimum wages destroyed jobs.

Since it doesn’t occur in nature, any measured ruthenium 106 is assumed to originate from human activity.

I didn’t know it hadn’t been looked at, I assumed it had been.

I assumed that what the pharmacist provided was that [sic] we needed.

Even people within the administration assumed the ban would be put on hold by lower courts.

It was assumed to be a nebula, a region of gaseous space where stars are made.

* The United States recognized Guaido shortly after he assumed the interim presidency and has been one of his most vocal international supporters.

Cadmium and silver were also present at levels higher than historical models had assumed.

So he assumed it would be easy to tell him what to do.

After the election, Jordan personally assumed the selection of administration personnel.

According to the company, some things aren’t included in iCloud backups because it’s assumed the user can easily restore them via other means.

Still I could feel that what I assumed, he assumed.

Everyone else just assumed it was the same Ashley.

Anything relying on electricity has to be assumed to potentially fail.

Mitsotakis, 51, assumed the helm of New Democracy in 2016.

She called in a lot to a Redskins podcast I listened to, so I assumed they had met her at least once.

Second, if anyone at the DNC had been thinking strategically, they would have anticipated — or, in fact, assumed — that a hack would come.

Finally, it effectively dissolved parliament and assumed its powers.

And in Freaky Friday style, all four teens have assumed the physique of the in-game characters they selected.

NASCAR says Brian’s uncle, Jim France, has “assumed the role of interim chairman and chief executive officer.”

(We assumed that everyone in each income range had income in the middle of that range.)

Premiums represent the expected benefit costs that insurers will pay out plus an administrative load (which we assumed to be 20 percent).

We assumed zero premium increase from eliminating the individual mandate.

We assumed that consumer-paid costs would increase from 30 percent — with insurance paying the balance — to 100 percent of these adjusted costs.

My parents just assumed I’m a very butch lesbian.”

(People born before 1957, when measles was widespread, are assumed to be immune since they probably suffered through an infection.

He later assumed he would not ultimately be arrested or harmed in Turkey, she said.

So Hill assumed there was nothing wrong with what was happening to her.

The computer just assumed if you’re talking about a doctor, it’s a man.

Now, a man who is truly inexperienced has assumed Obama’s duties.

Fittingly, today McGuigan manages another boxing world champion and the man who has assumed his mantle as a cross-community sporting hero: Carl Frampton.

In any other administration, the delayed implementation of a Russia sanctions bill would be assumed to be an innocent bureaucratic screw-up.

He had a green card and no recent trouble with the law, so he assumed the issue was a misunderstanding.

He had a green card and no recent trouble with the law, so he assumed the issue was a misunderstanding.

The ruse fooled even K, who assumed he was that baby boy.)

“The amount that our study participants assumed based only on a name was remarkable.

Internet randos naturally assumed the non-shooting was a politically-motivated act of violence.

Most assumed that was because the demonstration had taken place at the syndicate.

Fatima assumed the distinct posture of a bored teenager, softly replying “OK” each time the interpreter finished explaining.

“Ireland is no longer the socially conservative, church-ridden country that many abroad had assumed,” he told VICE News.

She assumed it would only be a matter of time until he could join her in Ohio.

She assumed the art would all be destroyed, so was surprised when the next day there was a knock at her door.

This victory came at the highest of all possible costs, so I assumed that with the benefit of hindsight I could surely do better.

I assumed it was just a really good line.

Yet the key war planners assumed the war would be a cakewalk.

Once art historians generally assumed that humans made art; but what happens when machines — made by meta-artists — produce the art?

Because it contains some valuable lessons about how politics drives public attitudes toward science — and not, as is often assumed, the other way around.

I assumed it’s Recode.

When they assumed positions of power under Bush in 2001, they did not seek to trick America into that war, but rather tricked themselves.

“At the same time, we assumed also quite arrogantly that we would solve this.

We assumed we were entitled to continue to lead, in Silicon Valley and this nation.

The Peterson analysts assumed that China and Mexico would retaliate by raising tariffs on American goods and imposing other trade barriers.

I just assumed one of them would do it.

I assumed that she’d finally entered a fugue state, desperate to shield nature itself from the incarcerated population.

We didn’t see Rhaegar there, nor was there any mention of him, but book readers have long assumed Rhaegar was Jon’s father.

Scientists at the time assumed the fossilized remains — along with fragments of their stone tools — relatively new, maybe only 40,000 years old.

Russia, which has in the past decade largely assumed the mantle of top drug-warrior on the international scene, used particularly retrograde language.

Sixteen card-carrying Democrats cosponsored his Medicare-for-all bill, including most of the Senators assumed to be likely 2020 candidates.

I assumed there had been a brownout in Costa Rica; they still happened occasionally in non-thermal-powered countries.

“ISIS supporters had a much harder time doing this because they assumed that they were always under surveillance,” he said.

French assumed the kid’s a high school athlete raising money for his team, but seems to realize he should’ve confirmed that sooner.

We all assumed the future was now; instead, it’s been delayed to “soon.”

But FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, who just recently assumed the top position at the regulatory agency under President Trump, thinks that should change.

In their gibbous anthropomorphism, I assumed they were derived directly from the lamps.

I kind of assumed Trumpism was just the latest iteration of that, [like Ross] Perot, if you want to be nicer.

I always assumed he just needed to engage in a recreation to expunge his trauma.

Everyone converges on a path toward Camilla, whom Lisbeth long assumed was dead.

Pincus and Rock assumed that they would find a large, compliant population of test subjects.

It is now widely assumed he will become France’s next president following the general election in May 2017.

It is now widely assumed he will become France’s next president following the general election in May 2017.

But I think there was part of me in my head assumed people were discerning it out, knew the BS from the non-BS.

His shock win is the revenge for a brand of French conservatism that many had assumed was extinct.

Instead of a thorough discussion of these issues, it is tacitly assumed that all the fragments are Dead Sea Scroll fragments (cf.

If the bride has bled, she’s assumed to be a virgin, and the marriage is officiated.

Provisions can expire, dramatic tax hikes can be put off until the 10th year, aggressive administrative savings can be assumed.

That’s presumably why ETLA and Strobe assumed she was cheating by somehow hacking the game.

Most work in economics has assumed that employer labor market power is close to zero.

There are lots of secondary reasons, but the main one is that she assumed she’d win and win big.

I assumed this guy had lots of money.

At the outset of the war, military tacticians assumed that submarines would have limited range and would be used mostly to protect ports.

I had assumed that achieving a superhero body was something that was—I don’t know—ten or 15 pounds away?

“I always assumed that if an officer gets arrested, their career was over,” Stinson said.

People were really shocked—they had just assumed that I was fostering because I couldn’t get pregnant.”

“I just assumed what I was experiencing was normal.”

“I’d assumed that you’d have to set up some type of trust or whatever and you don’t,” he said.

They simply assumed that Juggaloism leads to crime.

Throughout the season, the townspeople and sheriff of Wind Gap have just assumed that the person who killed Natalie and Ann is a man.

Frank Ferrer assumed the role in ’06, but with former members reuniting, Matt could be the likely choice.

He’d evidently assumed the conversation was off the record, but it was instead being broadcast, through headphones, to waiting reporters.

But, frequently, it is assumed that those heads of state will bring that history with them — and that doing so is acceptable, even appropriate.

At least, this is what my friend Sean and I had always assumed.

At the time, people assumed droughts would occur, but they didn’t assume droughts would get off-the-charts terrible.

So I assumed this would come to some conclusion, either I would do the podcast or he would calm down.

The obstacles between Millennials and Greatest Generation–type marriages, once assumed to be the happy default, are many.

So the Tax Policy Center assumed the pass-through cut was there to stay.

Mitsotakis, 51, assumed the helm of New Democracy in 2016.

“The Notorious” was all smiles as he assumed the role of groomsman on Aoife’s big day.

Like all challenges to assumed daily truth and one’s own place within it, Piper the cat was tiny, beautiful, and impossible.

The fundamental problem with the “adults” theory is that it assumed a group of subordinates could successfully trick their boss for years.

He then assumed a new name and lived under it in St. Catharines for the next 30 years.

It can be assumed that his appearance in the revival probably coincides with his returning to town.

Based on simplistic ideology alone, these may not be the assumed positions.

Zeigler’s wife, however, assumed that Walker was a burglar attempting to enter the home.

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