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During his time in office from 2007-2012, Sarkozy earned the nickname “President Bling-Bling” for his brash style and close association with tycoons and celebrities.

“If people in the rest of the world make this association, it’s because Meng Wanzhou’s arrest was really way over the line.

It started with social media calls for companies — like Hertz, MetLife, and Delta — to end their partnerships with the National Rifle association.

Joanne McCall, president of the Florida Education association, is urging state lawmakers to do the same.

“The challenge now is to make these mechanisms interoperable,” said Piet Mallekoote, the CEO of the Dutch Payment association.

An exhibition sponsored by the National Riffle association at the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, has sparked protests from gun control activists.

I, on the other hand, received the early and strong endorsement of the National Rifle association.

And there was a strong association between people with higher blood levels of lead and a higher risk of death, especially from cardiovascular complications.

A polygenic risk score derived from huge genome-wide association studies predicted heart attack risk in nearly 300,000 people in the UK.

They created an association named DOC, and started to look for artists and crews to start flooding the place.

Constituted under the IAWA (Irish Wrestling association), IAPA have absolutely no authority when it comes to professional bouts.

Hong Kong’s Tourism association said some travel agencies stayed away from Tsim Sha Tsui on Sunday.

“These findings indicate no harmful association between MMR vaccine receipt and ASD even among children already at higher risk for ASD,” the researchers concluded.

The American Kratom association described the DEA’s proposed ban in very grim terms: TAKE ACTION TO SAVE KRATOM NOW!!!

“I think this is a marathon, not a sprint,” said Michael Beckerman, the president of the Internet association.

The association will join EssilorLuxottica’s strategy and integration committee.

Brian Phillips wrote a nice explanation for where the word “soccer” came from for Slate in 2010: “It’s an abbreviation of association football.

No other team in the National Basketball association has a similar lounge for predictive gaming or actual betting.

The Air Canada Pilots association, which represents more than 4,000 commercial pilots, said the decision was “important to ensure continued public confidence in aviation”.

Dana Loesch, a conservative radio host, narrates the video, which appeared on the National Rifle association‘s news site.

Surely they were more interested in uncovering a criminal record, or an illegal association with a foreign operative.

If you are struggling with an eating disorder, contact the National Eating Disorders association.

The NFL Players association declined to comment.

The main organizer of protests against Bashir, the Sudanese Professionals association (SPA), rejected the minister’s plans.

At one point in the hearing, Nichols, somewhat incredulously, asks Sahota how to explain the Western States Petroleum association’s bad-faith display.

He also started the association Hello Tomorrow with the aim to mix science, technology, and entrepreneurship, while accelerating innovation and technological development.

The camo-clad doll is being sold to support the REORG Jiu-Jitsu Foundation … a nonprofit launched in association with The Royal Marines Charity.

Numerous investigations have been started by the Football association, by individual clubs, and of course by the police.

The Football association has set up a hotline for potential victims.

“Insofar as there is an association between Bitcoin advocates and carnivorous eating, I find this encouraging,” O’Hearn wrote me in an email.

Others, like the American Studies association, have endorsed a boycott of institutions within Israel proper.

Many of the events are organized by Columbia’s Muslim Students association.

But the older-50 crowd and their premiere lobbying group, the American association of Retired Persons (AARP), is a behemoth.

In that handout, the Oklahoma Education association sought an $812 million increase in the first year alone.

Commenters on the Oklahoma Education association’s Facebook had a similar reaction to the news.

“We’re seeing significant stress transcending party lines,” said Arthur C. Evans Jr., the American Psychological association’s chief executive officer.

“We’re seeing significant stress transcending party lines,” said Arthur C. Evans Jr., the American Psychological association’s chief executive officer.

The non-profit tech association Softec has also launched a GoFundMe campaign to replace the team’s robotic equipment.

Be it an association with slavery or “the third world,” our self-determination can quickly be disregarded.

Melania Trump has been heavily criticized for wearing a white pith helmet in Africa, due to its association with colonial rule.

But even as of mid-June, according to the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s association (the police union), officers still hadn’t received it.

For months, the Patrolmen’s association has complained that the city was sending officers out to fail.

For one thing, the Department has to consult with the St. Louis Police Officers association union before going forward with implementation.

The American Medical association says there’s no medical reason for trans people not to serve.

That group includes the American Medical association and six other major health organizations.

Fellow Americans’ – that association has meant more to me than any other.

The president of the All India Food Processors’ association (AIFPA), Subodh Jindal, told ET that the proposed FSSAI regulations were neither scientific nor practical.

Hospital associations, health worker labor unions (including Nurses United), and the American Medical association have publicly condemned rescinding DACA.

Michelle Lozano is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and member of the Anxiety and Depression association of America.

Susan Rawlins, the director of education for the National association of Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health, has seen this firsthand.

Aukeman has curated the current exhibition, RAT BASTARD PROTECTIVE association, at Susan Inglett (April 27 – June 3, 2017), which is its second iteration.

This, of course, is one of the real differences between the artists associated with the Rat Bastard Protective association and their New York counterparts.

RAT BASTARD PROTECTIVE association continues at Susan Inglett (522 West 24th Street, Chelsea, Manhattan) through June 3.

Wrong, says the Brewers association (BA), whose job it is to “promote and protect American craft brewers.”

Julia Herz, Craft Beer Program Director for the Brewers association, told MUNCHIES that this code of conduct will have very real implications for brewers.

A series of streaky, semi-abstract photograms, each depicting a detail from the paintings’ landscapes as though it were melting or combusting, reinforces the association.

I’m involved in the nightclub association, the small bar association here.

Still, the association between the genetic mutation and athletic performance is interesting.

The National Collegiate Athletic association writes many dumb rules.

That number is expected to double by 2050 as the population gets older, according to the American Heart association.

The American Petroleum Institute, the largest U.S. oil trade association, opposes lifting the ban, which would hurt their market share.

The National association of Truck Stop Owners, or NATSO, came out against the trade restrictions, arguing they are solutions in search of a problem.

Since the beginning of the campaign season, the National Rifle association has cast Clinton as an existential threat to gun rights.

That is because the companies that provide those services do not want to expose themselves to sanctions risk by association with Rusal.

“According to the American association of Individual Investors, 18% of investors are saying they’re bullish,” Liu told us.

The biggest problem for Kavanaugh, though, might be his association with Bush.

Uber also said it was joining the International association of Public Transportation (UITP) to connect more people to public transport.

The proposed port projects are crucial to industry growth, said Hal Quinn, president of the National Mining association.

The Sugar association, which represents most sugar producers, has already suggested it could sue the FDA about the new label.

Researchers aren’t quite sure why coconut oil might help, though, and the National Eczema association notes that it might not work for everyone.

The biggest barrier may actually be the low cost of water from Malaysia, said Gabriel Eckstein, president of the International Water Resources association.

They found an irrefutable association between being similar to and being interested in the other person.

Maia Christopher, executive director of the association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers, typically handles pedophiles after they are charged with sex abuse.

Now a clean-cut father of two, he speaks in schools as an activist for Never Again, a Polish anti-racism association.

As my colleague Ella Nilsen noted, this answers a call by some Republican lawmakers and the National Rifle association (NRA).

But now IFC, the movie’s distributor, is facing sanctions for violating the ratings rules of the Motion Picture association of America (MPAA).

His record is strongly pro-gun, and he once boasted of his “A” rating from the National Rifle association.

“This is the most exciting news for our members since Charlton Heston became President of our association,” LaPierre said.

And last month, he became the newest member of the National Rifle association‘s board of directors.

The state pays the Sheriff’s association $1 million a year to administer the program.

The subject of gun control was inescapable at this weekend’s National Governors association meeting in Washington, DC.

As the chair of the Democratic Governors association, do see gun control becoming a big issue in the 2018 governors midterms?

But there is good news from the American Pregnancy association.

That’s partially because of Hall’s supposed closeness with the American Beverage association, which represents a product that makes Glassman furious: soda.

I got a call about what was then the Newspaper association of America, and it was immediately …

So it was called the Newspaper association, now it’s not.

Many immigration judges — and the American Bar association — have repeatedly called for an independent immigration court.

This is not the first time the NYPD’s association with Clarion has generated controversy.

The NYPD’s Muslim Officers association said it wasn’t aware of the event, and declined to comment further.

The Tactical association did not respond to request from VICE News for comments or details about the conference.

And according to the American association of Clinical Endocrinologists, up to a third of men over 75 have low testosterone levels.

But that’s your association with the word.

The American Hospital association named the bill’s cuts to Medicaid as its biggest problem with the bill.

According to the U.S. Travel association (pdf), lodging represented about 20 percent of the $947 billion in travel spending in 2015 (excluding airfare).

“The false claims of association are being used by the democrats to undermine the impact of our publications,” WikiLeaks responded.

Earlier this week, China’s auto association reported the worst-ever monthly drop in sales.

In the meantime, groups like the Grocery Manufacturers association lobbied Congress to block Vermont’s law.

The newly-formed German Pugilism association, chaired by rabid Nazi Georg Radamm, determined that Rukeli had an ‘un-German’ boxing style.

Pamela Bailey, president of the Grocery Manufacturers association, likes it because it “prevents a patchwork of confusing and costly state labeling laws.”

In 2003, the German Boxing association finally gave something back to him.

Hunter O’Hanian was appointed executive director of the College Art association.

The Sudanese Professionals association, which mobilized the protests, has said demonstrations will continue to until civilian leadership takes over.

The Sudanese Professional association, a trade organization representing those and other professions, is one of the main forces behind the current protests.

The annual conference of the American Historical association in early January featured a session on sexual harassment in the field of history.

Germany’s Lesbian and Gay association welcomed the proposal, saying treatments can cause isolation, mental illness and suicide.

(Press association via AP Images)

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads BOSTON — Set aside your association of Botticelli with the “Birth of Venus” (ca.

But Trump may be concerned that the lawyers’ association or its members represent or support the other advocacy organization.

They benefit from association, whether or not they deliver the same results.

According to the American Pet Products association, 68 percent of US households own a pet, which comes to about 85 million households.

“The pipeline itself is just too small,” said Marc Nivet, chief diversity officer of the association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).

And in 2008, the American Medical association issued an apology for a century of racial discrimination in the organization’s past.

John Brock, 53, president of the Indiana State Rifle association, has a similar mindset.

Wates secured contracts with Westminster council in central London and One Manchester housing association to reclad 14 towers it covered in 2007 and 2010.

Polis is proposing free pre-K and full-day public kindergarten for Colorado students; meanwhile, Kennedy has the backing of the Colorado Education association teachers union.

It’s also gotten more Thai’s training—Westerners’ fascination with Muay Thai has reduced the sports’ association with poverty.

The association warned that the lack of staff could pose dangers to visitors.

A 2017 study by the National association of Realtors (NAR) and American Student Assistance found that student debt delays millennial homeownership for seven years.

AZ: I tabulated data I found through the College Art association.

US existing-home sales in January rose more than expected to their highest level in nearly a decade, according to the National association of Realtors.

We also have an association called the association for Latin American Art.

and, by association, how did things go so right?

That year, he was inducted into the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic association Hall of Fame.

[Artdaily] Emmet Cohen was awarded the 2019 Cole Porter Fellowship by the American Pianists association.

ExxonMobil and Shell are for remaining the Paris deal; Murray Energy and the National Mining association are against it.

The complications from surgery have prompted a nonprofit volunteer organization, the TNA Facial Pain association, to find a cure by 2020.

Jeirry Sumampow, a spokesman for Indonesia’s church association (PGI), called on the government for more help for security at churches.

I’ve had as many condolences as congratulations about that,” the United States Golf association (USGA) senior managing director of championships told Reuters.

A 2014 lawsuit by the Rent Stabilization association, the landlord group, sought to disband the unit, which can audit landlord records and seek penalties.

The minute the initiative was filed, the association of Washington Businesses, a conservative-leaning business group, filed a lawsuit challenging the language.

The association argued that Gov.

Both the landlord association and the division declined comment on the lawsuit, which is pending.

The Rent Stabilization association‘s Ricci disputed that the example described in the court filing is a common business practice.

The association declined to comment on her case.

Newsome, the tenants’ association president, recently met with Hamilton but said she came away with no commitment from him to change the law.

The association had filed a rent reduction complaint due to broken elevators and other inconveniences.

Luke Bonner is the co-founder of the College Athletes Players association.

Kandinsky, whose association with theosophy strongly shaped his theories of art and color, believed that blue had powerful mystical qualities.

The gallery is a Kunstverein, a registered art association that has no explicit connection to the art market.

It’s a 100-acre wildlife center and botanical garden run by the North American Butterfly association.

It worked with the NFL Players’ association and other groups to create mandatory education programs for all league employees, including players.

The single most powerful political organization when it comes to guns is, undoubtedly, the National Rifle association (NRA).

There is no reason to believe they wish to tolerate open association with the KKK.”

He tells us he hasn’t received an apology from his homeowner’s association … but he’s not tripping either.

The deputy president of the Malaysian Consumers association, a man named Mohd Yusof Abdul Rahman, urged the government to start policing WhatsApp groups immediately.

Instead, there is actually an association with decreased risk for mental health problems.

Opioid overdose is now responsible for one in five deaths among young adults—an astonishing proportion, according to new data from the American Medical association.

Flickinger, who now works as a creative director, feels especially tainted by her association with the show.

Butina first came to the U.S. to enroll at American University and later became close to people within the National Rifle association.

Butina first came to the U.S. to enroll at American University and later became close to people within the National Rifle association.

Whenever the association launches an initiative to conserve a local spring, it gives the Njuri Ncheke responsibility for protecting the water source.

Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire URN:42395277 (Press association via AP Images)

And gun owners are backed by a powerful lobby: the National Rifle association.

The American association of University Professors opposes trigger warnings.

The deal between the Norwegian Shipowners’ association and the Industri Energi and Safe labour unions was brokered by a state-appointed mediator.

MUNCHIES got in touch British Dietetic association, where we caught up with Dr. Anna Williams: “No.

“I choose to own guns for self-defense,” Louis Dennard, director of the National African American Gun association’s Minnesota chapter, told Vox in 2017.

At the 2016 Not Forgotten association Garden Party, she wore a whimsical felt fascinator bedecked with pink leaves.

The College Art association launched a revamped website.

The National Education association has even published a guide on how to talk to students about the election.

The National Education association has even published a guide on how to talk to students about the election.

So to some readers, the persistent association of his work with Gamergate seems to be both a stretch and fundamentally unjust.

A 30 percent import tax on cars from other association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries was scrapped this year.

Without a legitimate players association, they don’t even have a say in what the rules are or how they’re enforced.

His words were seconded by Tom Dominguez, president of the association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs.

Mass shooters want to be associated with the Islamic State, exactly because the association will amplify the shockwaves set off by their killings.

Sacramento Police Officers association shared that statement on its Facebook page but didn’t respond to VICE News’ request for comment.

Andrew Milligan/PA Wire URN:36143453 (Press association via AP Images) More women than ever are running for office this year.

On Wednesday afternoon, they presented more details about their findings at the Alzheimer’s association International Conference in Chicago.

According to the China Cuisine association, there are 26,300 hot pot eateries, hiring nearly 500,000 employees in the Chongqing region of China alone.

The plaintiffs also include Planned Parenthood of Northern New England Inc, the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health association and Public Health Solutions Inc.

19-05433; and National Family Planning and Reproductive Health association et al v Azar et al in the same court, No.

Because of this association, I would have to say that is my favorite along with .

“I’ve had this strong association with food my entire life.

The association said it will issue warnings on companies that offer executives pension contributions in excess of 25% of salary.

Washing with warmer water might make intuitive sense, thanks to our association of “hotter” with “cleaner.”

However, as the association for Research into Crimes Against Art (ARCA) notes: In 1974 the Luxembourg-based company Artemis S.A, purchased the statue for $700,000.

Still, SNL’s longstanding association with Franken meant that its jokes at the Democrats’ expense felt a bit more pointed than typical.

The NFL and NFL Players association did not respond to requests for comment on Trump’s remarks.

My immediate association for the title is like an 80s infomercial voice-over.

“Eating disorders are complicated and counterintuitive,” says Ilene Fishman, a licensed social worker who co-founded the National Eating Disorders association.

An association for French antiques dealers, Syndicat National des Antiquaires (SNA), subsequently sued the auction house saying that the levy amounted to unfair competition.

The National Rifle association did not spring up overnight.

The American Medical association declined to comment on the policy because it has not seen a written proposal.

And gun owners are backed by a powerful lobby: the National Rifle association.

Dzhibladze points out how this association of “Westernness” with LGBTQ individuals imbues all aspects of how being gay is understood in Russia.

The average public school salary in the United States for the 2016-2017 school year was $59,660, according to the National Education association.

That includes one of the Valley’s leading lobbying groups, the Internet association, which represents companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter.

Iris Eichenberg uses polymer clay for its dual association with both industrial production and craft-making.

The National Rifle association, or NRA, helped him pay his legal bills of the case.

In May, 2012, The Journal of Consumer Research released a study that links consumer association of meat with masculinity.

It started when my actress slash receptionist friend said she’d been going to improv classes run by a company called The Free association.

Which is, as it turns out, exactly what the people behind the Free association want to change.

The Irish Farmers’ association said the deal will decimate the Irish beef market by allowing cheaper South American cuts into the EU.

On September 13, danah boyd took the stage at the Online News association’s annual conference in Austin.

The National association of Home Builders blasted the legislation, saying it would damage home prices and punish homeowners in urban areas.

Sales tumbled 16.4% in May from the same month a year prior, the China association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) said.

Other Libra association members include companies like Visa, Spotify, eBay and Vodafone, as well as venture capital firms like Andreessen Horowitz.

Between 2009 and 2015, the number of independent bookstores grew by 35 percent, according to the American Booksellers association.

Nash says that’s not it at all … telling our guy players moving around is just the way the association is now.

Television’s executives, producers, and stars just wrapped up the winter Television Critics association press tour.

“All you see is charcoal,” Freddie Jack, president of the Seventh District Baptist association, told the New York Times.

It went on to say that the association would work with local housing authorities to set a price floor that developers must sell above.

The sites only had a small favorable relation with drug-related crimes, and a small unfavorable association to problematic heroin use or injection.

The Phoenix association of Realtors claims to have invented the “I Voted Today” sticker in 1985.

But this study, published last month, focuses on the association of femininity with greenness.

First, it was observational research, which means it can only tell us about an association and not cause and effect.

The British Bankers’ association (BBA) will release stats for November at 9.30 a.m. GMT (4.30 a.m.

Does it discredit the moderates on the same side, by association?

They were formed under an agreement between the UK Newspaper Publishers association and the shareholders of Reuters at the time.

The team presented their research at the annual meeting of the American association for the Advancement of Science.

The team presented their research at the annual meeting of the American association for the Advancement of Science.

A study published by the American Psychological association in 1992 found a link between nightmares and the 1989 San Francisco earthquake.

The powerful National Rifle association (NRA) group has long lobbied for no restrictions to the constitutional right to bear arms.

The state’s pot businesses employ about 20,000 workers, according to the Marijuana Industry Group, a Colorado-based trade association.

A senior government source speaking to the Press association Wednesday suggested this was not a follow-up attack but rather a case of cross-contamination.

This includes groups like labor unions, the National Rifle association, and corporate PACs.

On December 1, the NBA Players association filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board.

The American Bar association unanimously ruled him “unqualified,” only the fourth such rating since 1989 (and the second under President Donald Trump).

Of all of Mortensen’s positions, his association with the Center for Immigration Studies is most troubling to his critics.

(The American Library association was founded in 1876, the American Institute for Architects in 1856.)

Check out the American association for Men in Nursing and Minority Nurse.

This would allow young freelancers to join these association plans, for example, further dividing the market between the young and the old.

The Oakland Education association has been trying to negotiate a new contract since the last one expired in 2017.

On the second go, the author actually found a slightly negative association between cannabis and leukemia.

The NFL Players association can still appeal (again) to the full 2nd Circuit Court … which would be heard on an expedited schedule.

(Press association via AP Images)

It accounts for about 22,000 direct jobs and supports 100,000 jobs indirectly, said the Canadian Steel Producers association.

“He’s a solid guy,” Roy Richter, president of the Captains Endowment association, told the New York Daily News.

Lou Turco, president of the Lieutenants Benevolent association, agreed.

The aluminum industry employs about 10,000 people in Canada and indirectly supports another 20,000 jobs, according to the Aluminum association of Canada.

One possible defense is that Major League Baseball and the Players association had no agreement on domestic violence until August 2015.

They’re not cheap, but according to the American Miniature Horse association, miniature horses are a bargain compared to the big ones.

(These stats come via the American Wind Energy association, which has similar factsheets for all 50 states.

Schumer identifies as a feminist, and a lot of her comedy includes feminist themes, so her association with Metzger didn’t exactly match her brand.

The association for Magazine Editors awarded its National Magazine Award for General Excellence, Literature, Science, and Politics to Aperture.

JetBlue CEO Robin Hayes echoed these sentiments in an interview published by the International Air Transport association earlier this year.

Yet this 2017 Health Affairs study found an association between Medicaid expansion and improved high blood pressure control.

We are an association.”

The outgoing governor’s association with Barton is longstanding.

A 2014 study from the American Political Science association showed California is by far the most polarized state legislature in the country.

In the end, Scott signed a gun reform bill that was opposed by the National Rifle association.

In the end, Scott signed a gun reform bill that was opposed by the National Rifle association.

“They were prepared to throw the book at John,” Earl Buchholz, executive director of the association of Tennis Professionals, told the Times.

ProPublica confirmed that around 60 people were killed, but one estimate from a victims association put the death toll closer to 300.

That’s me, I’ll never box for AIBA (International Amateur Boxing association) again, they’re cheating bastards, they’re paying everybody.

Activists are applying increasing pressure on major corporations to sever their association with Trump and his incendiary political rhetoric.

Instead, actively participant in local chapters of a national group or a neighborhood association.

[Victoria Jones/PA Wire URN:42631088 (Press association via AP Images)]

The National Mining association, which represents the U.S. coal industry, supports extending the tax credit.

The association said clean coal lowers emissions, but provided no data to support the claim.

The sculptures with an hourglass shape underscore this association.

Again, they found no association between episodes of knee pain and weather.

A chilling National Rifle association ad gaining traction online appears to be ‘an open call to violence.’

The association of UK Dietitians called it an “unbalanced, time consuming, socially isolating diet,” and a “sure-fire way to develop nutrient deficiencies.”

Higher tariffs on these products would “hurt American families,” said Hun Quach, a trade lobbyist for the Retail Industry Leaders association.

The groundbreaking deal was not to last, however, with the always-forward-thinking boys at the Football association swiftly stepping in.

–Victoria Jones/PA Wire URN:42299363 (Press association via AP Images)

In 2014 Joel founded the Sierra Madre Mountain Club, a civil association, to ensure the continuation of his work, lest he suspiciously disappear.

The provisional government entrusted Shamsul Haq to form a sports association, the Bangladesh Krira Samity (“Bangladesh Sports Committee”).

The National association of Realtors said on Wednesday its pending home sales index rose to a reading of 109.5, up 0.2 percent from October.

These genome-wide association studies search for small variations, that occur more frequently in people with a certain disease.

Nadia also lost its place in the Indian Football association for a year as punishment for hosting the Bangladeshi side.

The PGC-ED is currently working on genome-wide association studies of bulimia nervosa and binge-eating disorder.

On top of that, the National Rifle association endorsed Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

Historical sales and assessment data and analysis were provided by ATTOM Data Solutions, the International association of Assessing Officers, and Data Driven Detroit.

When I called up Monte Shaw, executive director of the Iowa Renewable Fuels association, he assured me that ethanol still had plenty of clout.

The Indian Medical association said the “barbaric” attack at the NRS reflected a national problem, and called for a countrywide protest.

That’s what the White House Correspondents’ association is built for.

Jordi Alberich, director of Barcelona-based business association Cercle D’Economia, met Puigdemont on Oct. 7.

And that was a new thing for me: the word, and the association with another human being.

Cover: President Donald Trump speaks at the National association of REALTORS Legislative Meetings and Trade Expo, Friday, May 17, 2019, in Washington.

The National Rifle association and other groups attacked the plan and lobbied to kill the reporting requirement.

The National Rifle association also sponsored radio ads attacking Ossoff.

This condo carried minimal risk because it is in a highrise in downtown Denver that has a solid Homeowners association maintaining the building.

The American Medical association wants the FDA to ban prescription drug commercials, which have been ubiquitous on American television since the late 1990s.

Winfrey is running as a pro-gun control candidate, in contrast to Rogers, who has an A+ rating from the National Rifle association.

Professional Bull Riders association, same thing.

Emily Douce of the National Parks Conservation association (NPCA) says the contingency plan has been a concern of the association since it was introduced.

Clinton accused Sanders of supporting the National Rifle association (NRA) and voting several times against legislation mandating background checks.

But there are hardly any “adequate measures to rehabilitate” cattle, said Fauzan Alvi, vice-president of the All India Meat and Livestock Exporters association.

Claudio Izaguirre, the president of the Argentina Antidrug association (Asociación Antidrogas de la República Argentina), told Motherboard he doesn’t think so.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads APAP/NYC, the annual conference of the association of Performing Arts Presenters, has hit town.

It doesn’t matter that the American Medical association and other groups say these laws have no medical benefit.

“There are many people in very typical bodies who are struggling,” says Lauren Smolar, the director of programs at the National Eating Disorders association.

Yesterday (June 14) Yoko Ono attended the annual meeting of the National Music Publishers’ association with her son Sean.

It’s a very big lobby, and it’s a very powerful lobby, and we wanted our own association.

The Aerospace Industries association, the biggest U.S. arms industry lobbying group, welcomed Monday’s announcement, made by senior State Department official Tina Kaidanow.

However, a popular association with extramarital affairs, prostitution and hidden cameras has sullied their reputation, exacerbated by their often garish decor and muted lighting.

Finsbury Park mosque rose to prominence in the 1990s because of its association with the radical cleric Abu Hamza.

US sales of foods with alternative proteins totaled $4.9 billion in 2016, according to the Plant-Based Foods association.

WHITEHOUSE: You helped raise money for the Republican Attorney Generals association while you were on its executive committee.

Did you solicit in your role at the Republican Attorney Generals association any of that funding?

A group of bakeries, for example, might form a bakers’ association and purchase coverage en masse.

The White House Correspondents association said revoking Acosta’s credentials was a disproportionate reaction to what happened at the news conference.

That makes us very popular,” says Robert Hayden, a Georgia-based chiropractor and a past president of the Georgia Chiropractic association.

Echoing this sense of gloom, the VDA carmakers’ association said car sales in Europe would shrink by 1% this year.

You can find members of the American Chiropractic association here and doctors linked with the International Chiropractors association here.

But it’s interesting how, when we started the company, the public association with the term AI was very, very negative.

So she joined the National Family association for Karoshi Awareness and founded its Tokyo chapter.

North American demand grew by an estimated 4% last year, according to the U.S. Aluminum association.

A new association representing repairmen and women across all industries was just formed to make sure nothing like that ever happens again.

More urgent is the double association of an ad-hoc child’s swing set and a row of nooses.

The American Lung association estimates that 133.9 million people in the United States are exposed to unhealthy air conditions every year.

In 2011, a Georgetown Hoyas game against the Chinese Basketball association team Bayi Rockets memorably ended with a bench-clearing brawl.

He’s a member of the National Auctioneers association and the Missouri Professional Auctioneers’ Hall of Fame.

President Donald Trump and the National Rifle association both advocated the idea, sparking virulent opposition from teachers unions.

Stanley Krippner is a professor of psychology at Saybrook University in Oakland, California and a member of the American Psychological association.

Infantino, 48, is currently president of the Federation Internationale de Football association, or FIFA, the global governing body for soccer.

And leading the pack is – automated packaging – growing nine times faster than the economy as a whole, according to the trade association UCIMA.

The National Rifle association just gave its endorsement to Republican presidential candidate, and de facto nominee, Donald Trump.

The National Rifle association donates millions of dollars every year to Republican lawmakers in Congress.

“Reached for comment regarding this, a spokesperson at the American Medical association just giggled,” reported the Daily Beast.

And even though we’re a month and a half into hurricane season, Trump still hasn’t named a director for the association.

And even though we’re a month and a half into hurricane season, Trump still hasn’t named a director for the association.

He also jump-started the British Industrial Biological Research association, a consulting firm whose clients include ExxonMobil and Procter & Gamble.

The Semiconductor Industry association, which is backed by Intel and Micron, said some chips did not fall under the U.S. government sales ban.

“What we will not do is a wholesale rollback of Dodd-Frank,” he said at an American Bankers association conference.

Turns out, Nance turned pro back in ’96 — and took 1st place at the International Hot Rod association‘s All ProWinter National.

The Soil association tries not to use specific figures, but says they might be close to ten times the national average.

Industry trade groups, such as the CTIA and National Cable & Telecommunications association, are saying, um, not so fast.

The group uses that abbreviation to distinguish it from the American Psychiatric association (APA).

LGBTQ activists disrupted the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric association in 1970 in San Francisco.

The Native Women’s association of Canada (NWAC) has waited more than 11 years for this inquiry, the organization said in a release Wednesday.

The American Hospital association, the association of American Medical Colleges, and America’s Essential Hospitals all released statements condemning the Senate’s proposed bill.

Women with lichen sclerosus often experience problems with painful urination and sex,” says Dr. Karen Gibbon of the British association of Dermatologists (BAD).

The association of Insolvency and Restructuring Advisors saw its membership plunge by 40 percent to 1,403 last year from its high in 2010.

The association for Lichen Sclerosus and Vulval Health estimates that between one to three percent of women around the world have LS.

The White House Correspondents’ association expressed regret over the monologue. White House Correspondents’ association president Margaret Talev on Sunday released a statement on Wolf’s monologue.

The biggest barrier may actually be the low cost of water from Malaysia, said Gabriel Eckstein, president of the International Water Resources association.

That’s where the National Rifle association (NRA) held its big national meeting on guns and firearm policy this May.

Critics include the American Hospital association and America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), the health insurance industry’s biggest trade group.

Boucher fretted over Paul’s grass clippings that ended up in his yard, confronting the senator and complaining to the neighborhood association.

That would leave BABs issuers without a federal subsidy, according to Bill Daly, governmental affairs director for the National association of Bond Lawyers.

However, her social media accounts show she attended many National Rifle association events and met with top officials of the lobbying group.

Among the most important of these rights are to freedom of speech and association.

For Laura Berger, staff lawyer at the Canadian Civil Liberties association, arresting someone does not necessarily authorize police to conduct in-depth searches.

The association with “Clorox” might not resonate in quite the same way.

However, this was still above the American Diabetes association’s recommended target of 7%.

Feeling incapable of meeting others’ weighty expectations also showed an association with repeated suicide attempts.

In August, the American Heart association released a statement warning that the disease is becoming more common in the US.

Big Little Lies was the most buzzed-about and boasts 16 nominations, three Creative Arts wins, and a Television Critics association award.

and you give them a four- or five-point continuum scale and ask them to rate that association.

LONDON (Reuters) – Queen Elizabeth is expected to meet her new great grandson, the son of Prince Harry and Meghan, on Wednesday, Press association reported.

The annual event, organized by the Hollywood Foreign Press association (HPFA), hands out trophies for achievement in both film and television.

The American Gaming association estimates that Americans illegally bet $150 billion on sports each year.

Their voices, plus fierce opposition from the National Restaurant association, led lawmakers to reverse the ballot measure in July 2017.

These opponents include state Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem and the North Dakota Medical association.

“The proposed petition would be very difficult to implement in a safe and cost-effective manner,” the North Dakota Medical association said in a statement.

This feature is part of The Noisey Guide to Music and Mental Health (in association with Help Musicians UK).

A political party is a voluntary association, and Trump’s voters have no obligation to stay Republican or support Republican candidates.

“We get so much arthritis in our hands over time, I think it’s pretty tempting for people to make the association,” Kawchuk says.

The American Diabetes association reported the most funding from the industry: more than $28 million in 2014 alone.

One way that Jacobsen’s poetic sensibility manifests is through visual and conceptual association, both within individual artworks and across works in the show.

Polis is proposing free pre-K and full-day public kindergarten for Colorado students; meanwhile, Kennedy has the backing of the Colorado Education association teachers union.

Nathan Fields the director of biotechnology and crop inputs at the National Corn Growers association (NCGA), said, “We’re excited for the potential.

Britain’s Prince William, President of the English Football association, said he had known Vichai for several years.

We, as the regulation body of MMA in Brazil and member of the association of Boxing Commissions, will not tolerate such conduct.

He’s fought Nazis, and Hydra by association, on several occasions.

Their voices, plus fierce opposition from the National Restaurant association, led lawmakers to reverse the ballot measure in July 2017.

And, according to the American Medical association, there is no strong evidence that such programs encourage drug use.

The move was viewed as a concession to the National Restaurant association and House Republicans who didn’t want to hike the minimum wage.

Customers are waiting for a correction,” said B Govindan, president of All Kerala Gold and Silver Merchants association.

For the first time, more Americans are cremating their dead than burying them, according to a National Funeral Directors association study late last month.

The national funeral industry association says that in 2015, 48.5 percent of dearly departed Americans were cremated, while 45.4 percent were buried.

Jones’s website hackers didn’t explicitly claim association with Yiannopoulos or his followers, but they referenced Yiannopoulos’s Twitter ban on Jones’s webpage.

One of those lawyers is Laura Lichter, former president of the American Immigration Lawyers association.

Scott Walker, who chairs the Republican Governors association.

Freya Simms was appointed chief executive of the association of Art & Antiques Dealers.

“The striking thing for us was that the association with age holds even when accounting for ideology or party.

The American Bar association‘s (ABA) analysis of speech that crosses the line into harassment is used as a reference point.

Those artists’ works would immediately become so fraught because of their association with the Trumps.

Jonathan Spalter is chair of Mobile Future, the national mobile technology association.

The association of California Egg Farmers and the National Pork Producers Council are opposed.

The deal between the Norwegian Shipowners’ association and the Industri Energi and Safe labor unions was brokered by a state-appointed mediator.

According to the American Psychological association, when we have a good feeling about someone, we’re more likely to find them persuasive.

The American Water Works association estimates that more than 6 million lead pipes are still in use across the country.

Make people want to help you

The American Psychological association reports that Cialdini found “reciprocity” is a key factor in persuasion.

According to the American Psychological association, scarcity it another one one Cialdini’s principles of persuasion.

We’re told the Occupational Safety and Health association is now trying to determine if there were any workplace violations that caused the accident.

The National Women’s Studies association and other academic groups in the US have voted to boycott Israeli universities.

“That 25% is just going to whack us on the head,” said Rick Helfenbein, president of the American Apparel and Footwear association.

The association has not endorsed a candidate.

There’s no anti-immigration equivalent of the National Rifle association — a large, national interest group treated with respect by most Republican politicians.

Everyone was so scared of us after that, just by association.

Usually the National Rifle association is silent after a school shooting.

Taken together, Liu’s works stimulate free association in ways that defy Freudian interpretation or any other formal explanation.

The presidential press association, headed by Reuters journalist Elizabeth Pineau, welcomed the decision.

The American Diabetes association estimates there are about 75,000 people in Arkansas who don’t even know they have diabetes.

The industry’s leading trade association argued it wasn’t necessary because the research was already under way, Muffett said.

I reveled in it—my status as exemplary, unique, white by cultural association.

“The challenge now is to make these mechanisms interoperable,” said Piet Mallekoote, the CEO of the Dutch Payment association.

Just ask the Country Music association.

But the head of Toronto Police association Mike McCormack has attributed the decrease to “an influx” of police officers in the area surrounding Insite.

Here’s what the CDC recommends: Psychologist Locator, a service of the American Psychological association (APA) Practice Organization.

Find a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, a search tool by the association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies.

And the Internet association stressed Pai’s final order should apply to fixed broadband internet access as well as mobile internet alike.

In another trial, published in 2015, researchers looked at AMH levels as a marker for predicting fertility, and they also didn’t find any association.

The narrator implicates himself in a violent and criminal activity that was part of a larger war, by association and only in retrospect.

According to the American Psychological association (APA), EMDR therapy aims to tackle these memories by changing the way they are stored in the brain.

The State Department Correspondents association issued a statement of disappointment at the decision.

Where does that association come from?

But he was clearly aware of the association: “People consider us a nativist, racist, neo-Confederate site,” he offered, basically out of nowhere.

Its latest award goes to the Press association, (like the British version of the Associated Press).

The Press association award will fund five human journalists that will be tasked with building templates, identifying stories, and editing content.

By the end of 2016, according to the Brewers association, there were 5,234 craft brewers and brew pubs in the US.

Women, however, tend to be linked to psychic ability because of its association with feelings and subjective, rather than scientific, analysis.

Pending home sales increased 1.4% in March, according to the National association of Realtors (NRA).

Citing cost and effectivity, in June the Illinois High School association announced it had ended its testing program.

The International Fine Print Dealers association announced the appointment of three new members: Galerie Maximillian, Hauser & Wirth, and mfc-michèle Didier.

The 2020 Fed Cup champions will receive $3.2 million for the players and $1.2 million for the association.

Recent advances in psychedelic research are intrinsically linked to the Multidisciplinary association for Psychedelic Studies, or MAPS.

Until recently, these tech companies fought the bill under the umbrella of the Internet association, a lobbying organization formed in 2012.

But getting a new disorder into the DSM, which is controlled by the American Psychiatric association, is an ultimately subjective science.

This association of dynamism and density with urbanism is seen as a normal development.

(Niall Carson/PA Wire/ Press association via AP Images)

A 2015 Brennan Center analysis, as well as past research, shows that there’s a strong association between alcohol consumption and crime.

The finance minister, central bank governor and head of the banking association all issued statements on Monday stressing Lebanon’s financial and monetary stability.

Notably stood up to the National Rifle association after the Parkland high school shooting.

He has also said he plans to campaign against the National Rifle association and that he is making a film about the president.

Eva Franch i Gilabert was appointed director of the Architectural association.

[Art Historians association of America] The Climate Museum in New York is hiring an arts marketing coordinator.

“Our recommendation is to reject,” Brian Bryant, general vice president of the International association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) told Reuters.

Warm regards, Michelle Michelle Lozano is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and member of the Anxiety and Depression association of America.

Hunting groups like the National Rifle association and the Safari Club International Foundation, which had opposed the ban, were thrilled by the news.

The European Automobile Manufacturers’ association (ACEA) said it now expected car sales in the European Union to just exceed 15 million this year.

“The threshold in the bill is too high,” said Bradley Kading, president and executive director of the association of Bermuda Insurers and Reinsurers.

It was discovered at a Londons Antiques Fair in March by the association for Research into Crimes Against Art and the India Pride Project.

Cal and learn the facts and help the victims,” the Pasadena Fire association said.

“His comments are reckless and insulting to the firefighters and people being affected,” Harold Schaitberger, president of the International association of Fire Fighters, said.

“It has been a challenging time for us.” Nathan Dufresne of the Southeast Seminole Heights Civic association said he was relieved with the arrest.

“It has been a challenging time for us.” Nathan Dufresne of the Southeast Seminole Heights Civic association said he was relieved with the arrest.

Cover image: Attorney General Jeff Sessions speaks at the association of State Criminal Investigative Agencies event Monday, May 7, 2018, in Scottsdale, Ariz.

He is also the executive director of the National association of Latino Elected Officials Educational Fund.

In a statement from one of the association’s policy managers, the CCIA echoed Walker’s concerns.

The wearables market topped $4.2 billion in 2015, up about 40 percent from the year before, according to research from the Consumer Technology association.

Her association, Tevereterno, now has a 19-year lease on that area of the Tiber.

The Canadian government released a draft report this month that found a “consistent and statistically significant positive association” between talc exposure and ovarian cancer.

Georges Benjamin, executive director at the American Public Health association, was booked to be one of the keynote speakers at the event.

Consider, for example, American Heart association No-Fad Diet: A Personal Plan for Healthy Weight Loss.

He’s also a member of the association of American Physicians and Surgeons, a fringe conservative group with extremely alarming views on scientific matters.

That is the farce of Cooperstown, and more specifically the Baseball Writers association of America.

The American Medical association (AMA), the US’s largest physician group, officially endorsed a variety of gun control measures on Tuesday.

“We hope that he will work with us and the Players’ association to forge this critical path forward.”

It’s the annual convention of the association of Lincoln Presenters.

Trump tweeted Saturday, “I will not be attending the White House Correspondents’ association Dinner this year.

Activists must also overcome the influential Sheriffs association of Texas.

That summer, he ran into Philip Berk, then a former president of the Hollywood Foreign Press association, which hosts the Golden Globes.

The National Rifle association donates millions of dollars every year to Republican lawmakers in Congress.

The Oklahoma Oil & Gas association did not respond to VICE News questions about the plan.

The Oklahoma Oil & Gas association did not respond to VICE News questions about the plan.

However, a popular association with extramarital affairs, prostitution and hidden cameras has sullied their reputation, exacerbated by their often garish decor and muted lighting.

And Dorsey’s appointment was greeted with hope that he would quickly turn around the product and, by association, the stock price.

That’s good news, and it underpins (that) integration through education can succeed,” the head of the BDA employers association, Steffen Kampeter, said.

Produced at Playwrights Horizons in association with Page 73, A Strange Loop is a title with history.

The association hired lobbyists in Sacramento to oppose Leno’s bill and has urged Gov.

And gun owners are backed by a powerful lobby: the National Rifle association.

Solar Energy Industries association said.

The Electronic Products Recycling association (EPRA) is an industry-led not-for-profit that oversees a network of end-of-life electronics recycling facilities across Canada.

The CDC also noticed a small association between Zika and Guillain-Barré syndrome — an autoimmune disorder that’s suspected to be trigged by Zika.

Our sources say cops told them there’s nothing they could do but they should take it up with the homeowner’s association.

(The MIT Knight Science and the association of Health Care Journalists run excellent training programs and fellowships for reporters.)

The average U.S. household now has almost as many smartphones as it does televisions according to research from the Consumer Technology association.

Gordon Smith, the chief executive of the National association of Broadcasters, defended the media’s free speech rights.

“Companies can look at both guidelines and make their decisions,” said Michael Sax, chairman of The App association.

We also believe it is of benefit to both sides for the UK to have a close association with Euratom.

An average-sized residential system in the U.S. has dropped from $40,000 in 2010 to roughly $18,000 today, according to the Solar Energy Industries association.

The Women’s Tennis association responded with disappointment and alarm, tweeting a response.

He also co-founded the Young British Heritage Society (YBHS)—a right-wing libertarian student association.

Mad Max: Fury Road won Best Picture from the Chicago Film Critics association and Best Film of the Year from National Board of Review.

China, which imports more than a third of all U.S. soybeans, could retaliate, heaping more pain on the sector, the American Soybean association warned.

We built that association,” one prominent white supremacist told the Daily Beast.

Mercury retrograde is infamous for is association with frustration and delays, as you probably already know if you’re reading your horoscope online.

Since 2014, 872 cetaceans – which includes whales, dolphins and porpoises – have been put into captivity in China, according to the China Cetacean association.

The Catholic Medical association applied for Title X funding this year.

The increase was a pleasant surprise even to the association’s chief executive, according to the Associated Press.

The increase was a pleasant surprise even to the association’s chief executive, according to the Associated Press.

He recently struck a reassuring tone in remarks to a D.C. conference organized by the U.S. Travel association.

From this, the doctor draws an association between memory and melancholia.

Cover image: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire URN:38130443 (Press association via AP Images)

Last week, Saudi Arabia, the Unites States, Russia and Kuwait refused to use the word “welcome” in association with the findings of the report.

A spokeswoman for the Consumer Technology association, which puts on the annual Las Vegas-based trade show, also declined to comment.

“Punitive duties can’t be the answer,” Bernhard Mattes, president of Germany’s VDA automotive industry association, said in a statement.

The American Medical association formally designated alcoholism a disease in 1956.

The Libra blockchain will be permissioned, meaning that only entities authorized by the governing association will be able to run the computers.

The software will be “open source,” meaning companies outside the association can build applications on top of it.

The association plans to move toward a permissionless blockchain within five years of Libra’s launch.

The Libra association is a 28-member independent non-profit based in Geneva, Switzerland.

The association aims to have 100 members by launch.

Their only association is Jack Abramoff, who served time in a federal penitentiary for, among other things, bribing members of Congress.

Experts in homegrown extremism say it’s not so simple — Hodgkinson had no known association to any left-wing extremist group.

Experts in homegrown extremism say it’s not so simple — Hodgkinson had no known association to any left-wing extremist group.

“If you think about it, leftists never joined the National Rifle association — unless they were radicals, they never thought about stockpiling weapons,” he said.

However, this was still above the American Diabetes association’s recommended target of 7%.

Photo by: Niall Carson/PA Wire URN:43342022 (Press association via AP Images)

Tiberi works for a trade association.

We wanted to know more about this very strange, almost super hero-style phenomenon, so we contacted the UK Synaesthesia association.

Click here to find out more about the UK Synaesthesia association.

The association claims DHS promised it would address the gripes but went radio silent.

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