Ass in a sentence | Use of the word ass examples

It’s a pain in the ass; it’s also a profoundly spiritual experience.

Who gives a shit that he can kick ass better?

Dessert just seems to taste better when it’s homemade, but homemade dessert is kind of a pain in the ass.

I’m gonna get on my beast shit and get to dropping shit on their ass out of nowhere.

Hey you loser we got your ass on camera 🎥 stealing our shit!

She tweeted out, “Hey you loser we got your ass on camera stealing our sh*t!

Morty was laughing his ass off when we played him the first song and instantly wanted to help out.

Vida Guerra is worried someone’s on her ass … and she wants help from the LAPD to keep it safe.

He asked the crowd … “You guys ready to see D.C. get his ass whooped again?”

It’s the weekend and odds are you’ve worked your ass off to make somebody else rich.

Cardi B and Drake worked their ass off this year and gave us bops after bops smh.

I, for example, am Carrie’s neurosis, Samantha’s sex drive, Miranda’s misandry, and Charlotte’s ass.

When he finds out Aleksandr slapped Carrie in the face he threatens to “kick some Russian ass.”

That’s a lot of time to hit some big ass animals.

But definitely I’d try to help everyone who’s busting their ass every day, just like me.

At the time, the woman told police Parks threatened to have his cousin fly in from Philadelphia to “beat her ass.”

And then there’s the freestyle, which sounds decent for a first draft until he shouts: “I’m all in your ass.”

The price of a single photo depends on how fat the girl’s ass is.

Throughout the movie, he just acts like a callous ass, promising the world to people and never delivering.

Delays are also a huge issue at this time, making travel a total pain in the ass.

You better read this or I’ll kick your ass.

4) If you haven’t figured it out yet, Miami’s transportation sucks ass.

Me: Extra dry, my ass Chearno: “Actually, extra dry means sweeter.

It was unbelievable to see you grow and work your ass off from a freshman until the day you were drafted.”

Normally, not a big deal but Berg had a 9-year-old warrant, so they arrested his ass.

For the uninitiated, ass Eatin’ Season is a thing on Barstool.

“Clap his ass!”

My dumb ass just shrugged and said, “No clue.”

I am also not the only grown ass person that loves boy bands, because Lil Yachty loves boy bands too.

If that is the law, he exclaimed, ‘The law is a ass — a idiot,’” Alito wrote.

If that is the law, he exclaimed, ‘The law is a ass — a idiot,’” Alito wrote.

“I’ve been hanging out getting ready to ram a hot poker up David Hogg’s ass tomorrow.

“I’ve been hanging out getting ready to ram a hot poker up David Hogg’s ass tomorrow.

“Man I’ll bust Quavo ass out.

They just go in and kick their ass.

But, Rel ain’t havin’ it and went off on Morgan on Twitter, saying, “This is one hating ass dude right here.”

Conor McGregor says he’s fascinated with Khloe Kardashian’s “big fat ass” … and says he really wants to see it in person.

“Maybe I’ll search for Khloé’s [Kardashian] big fat ass,” Conor said.

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“This is going to be a really fun pain in the ass!”

She says he latched on to her bare ass underneath her skirt.

“Kabibs hiding scared cause I slapped the sh*t out of him,” Nate posted … “Conor already got his ass beat twice.”

The pool table kicks ass, though.

The next logical step on the threat escalation ladder is aliens, which naturally raises the question: Can cars also kick ass in space?

Kaley screamed her ass off.

Presumably, you’ll be able to find it listed under the “ass Play” category.

She’s been jiving and thriving since the split, dancing her ass off on Halloween and performing with Lil Wayne on ‘SNL.’

Romanik, who works for KQQZ 1190 AM, was blasting Waka for wiping his ass with a Trump jersey during a concert.

Want your ass to feel what it’s like to be a Seahawks team rep during the NFL Draft?

He previously told The Washington Post that Trump has “lied his ass off” about the deal.

Show your mom how grateful you are that she raised your crazy ass.

So they need to give me something better.” So you’ve been that pain in the ass from birth.

I worked my ass off.

Bottom line, Farrah’s ass won’t be in a boxing ring.

So everyone was doing hyped ass songs like Bon Jovi and Queen, and Keith got up and did “Colorblind”.

Hanni El Khatib kicked ass in 2016, unleashing a volley of EPs that saw him experiment past the blues-rock idiom.

If the city was a much-needed kick to my ass, escaping it is a much-needed balm for my brain.

Working my ass off for you people.

“Oh, I needed to do the downward-facing dog.” I was like, “Well, we’re talking and now your ass is in my face.

I was standing up with the ass in my face.

Kodak Black wants to make sure his next duet doesn’t get his ass thrown back in jail.

If you’re into showing up, moshing your ass off, then getting drunk on cheap wine afterwards, then this list is probably for you.

Life just spun him around and kicked his ass too many times.

And my ass.

Richard slapped my ass, and headed for the shower.

When Pelosi’s allies make the case for her, none of them say that she routinely kicks ass on Morning Joe.

That I’d worked my ass off for.

That means kissing ass, showing your face at the right shows, and begging the right collectors or agents for a chance.

His flying ass passed like three feet in front of my face.

“Get your weak ass outta here,” Woodley said … “You could have fought me a long time ago.”

“As we say in arabic, I’ll wipe my ass with it because 100 ain’t shit.” — @stupidvalentino 63.

Kate Hudson’s arms avoided getting burned thanks to nature’s sunblock, but her ass wasn’t as fortunate.

Basically, a deadly ass scorpion convinces a frog to bring it on its back across a wide waterway.

Mickey Rourke may be the world’s biggest defender … he will kick your ass if you talk smack.

They’re kicking ass.

August 6 will be both a pain in the ass and exciting.

Matt Lauer’s not getting his ass kicked to the curb in NYC … at least when it comes to his favorite restaurant.

I’ve been hanging out getting ready to ram a hot poker up David Hogg’s ass tomorrow.

but after our conversation and that tiny ass show at Black Flamingo, I have been deeply inspired to get back into it.

Platinum Fire opens with the warm guitar strings of “Sometime ass Nigga,” which is a testament to Ray’s impatience.

In fact, the ex-WWE superstar even bragged about it on Twitter — “So proud of my baby @SarahJadePole for kicking ass at #MissPoleDanceAmerica.”

In the documentary she wrestles in denim hot pants that are up her ass.

I can’t.” They were kind of there but they’re like up Julia’s ass.

Again, my judge-y ass was served by watching this thing, giving it a shot, and really enjoying it.

Today they’re talking all about ass, delving into everything from products custom-made for your butt to an art duo fixated on derrières.

Somebody come get this raggedy ass show.

Moving still sucked a thousand kinds of unwashed ass, but, you’ve got to find the light where you can in all this darkness.

Someone’s ass is getting fired!

They’re a pain in the ass.

I’m running your ass over in the Fiesta.

ass had a puerile sense of humor and only a rudimentary grasp of the English language.

ass had a half-dozen or so fans who regularly liked and commented on his posts.

… It became clear that the vast majority of ass’s fans were not real people.

“If you want to fight him, then fight his ass — don’t undercut him.

After dinner, Kylie slipped into something more comfortable that made her ass sparkle.

It was Rob Ford’s 2010 election as mayor of Toronto that was my kick in the ass.

I was probably being a pain in the ass, like usual, because I knew there was a Mignon egg in the house.

Why did UFC star Fabricio Werdum bring a big ass 48″ TV to the airport?

The very next day, Nipsey told TMZ Sports he was going to find Wofford and “beat yo ass.”

Nipsy saw the tweet and fired back with a 4-point message: “1st: I’ll beat yo white washed Samuel L Jackson in DJANGO ass.

“And for the record, he would kick your punk ass,” another summit attendee said to Karem, as others chanted “Gor-ka!

There’s now a superior court in Brazil wondering why “Big Country” Nelson kicked “Big” John McCarthy in the ass.

We caught up with the comedian at LAX who roasted the parents-to-be, poking fun at Blac Chyna’s baby bump and her ass.

… Don’t you wish YOU could kick ass and crack skulls, too?

I was nervous as shit at first, and some of the kitchen tasks kicked my ass, but each day was filled with little victories.

Models, horsepower, fashion, dangerous stunts … and Rihanna’s ass.

Here’s a scary thought … Jon Jones, Arthur Jones and Chandler Jones teaming up to BEAT YOUR ass at the same time.

“He worked his ass off to make that happen,” Cena said.

But usually Trump just pulls the term out of his ass to escape from reality.

KS: I think sometimes it’s a CYA thing, cover your ass, more than anything.

By the way, to the guy who reached over and slapped her ass … THAT’S assAULT!

To be honest, it’s hard to pay attention to the art with daylight shining on my ass.

If someone tries it on you, you could be forgiven for wanting to kick them in the ass.

Because it’s Cardi, there’s also no shortage of her in lavish outfits, sexy dance moves … and shots of her ass.

It would be a pain in the ass for me to go back and play the original, untouched Shadow of the Colossus now.

“A dozen turkeys shoot out of their ass.

Mafia my ass.

In this case, though, I was trying to put out another fire, one lit under the ass of my source.

I’ma hurt your ass!”

“I’ll fight you in the ring first, and I’m definitely going to whoop your ass.

Then, I’m going to fight you in the Octagon, and whoop your ass in there!”

There’s talk of kicking alien ass, but the levity of Smith and Goldblum’s buddy routine is beyond Usher and Hemsworth.

“Here I am working my ass off doing hair, and these ladies are giving her hundreds of dollars for junk.”

Don’t think that I’m ever gonna kiss your ass for supporting this band.

And sense enough to realize that no grown ass men die from one stab in the neck with a wire hanger?

It’s a damn pain in the ass to have to shave it every week.

“They don’t know their ass from their elbow.”

I’m gonna get it tattooed on my ass.

We also talked to Knowles about the viral footage … and he wants another shot at Kobe, saying he’ll “kick your ass” again!!

I want a rich ass girl to want to be a girl who grew up poor like me.

Trump loves people who kiss his ass and Giuliani has been doing that for months.

And they feel like, hey I got to do this thing without having this whole pain in the ass process.

Let’s make a couple more million kicking Chuck Liddell’s ass.”

It’s hard enough to make an indie film in Toronto without the mayor’s brother all over your ass.

If she and her partner are free of infections, ass to mouth isn’t likely to cause any health issues.

A lesson for costumed character enthusiasts — if you hijack Nickelodeon’s “Paw Patrol” characters … they’ll sic their legal dogs on your ass.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of ass Cabin, yes.A Fun Night at ass Cabin.

It argues that solar photovoltaics (PV) and EVs together will kick fossil fuel’s ass, quickly.

“You voted for Jill Stein, you thoughtless ass!

Kim Kardashian’s famous ass just got jacked by Liziane Gutierrez … who paid top dollar to get it.

ass, the beginning part, I’m with.

That movie kicks all the ass, so close this window and go back to having terrible opinions somewhere else.

Kicked ass in 2017?

DF: Kicked ass, or won the year, whatever you want to say.

The only thing missing at the gig was Amber Rose’s ass, but you can see plenty of that in the “Mask Off” video.

“All in Your Head” has a chorus that’s Godzilla big, it’s the soundtrack to kicking ass.

And, yeah, he says he’s “dead ass” serious.

You bet your ass I will.

The plastic applicator was not very absorbent, and I got a stain on my ass during my first class.

I’m going to kick your ass, say what I want to say, beat you.

Even at the best of times we all stink like ass by the end of the first day at a festival.

Calvin laughing his ass off at her.

“I am going to be kind of a hard ass” on Russia, Graham told reporters recently.

“I see some beautiful ass ladies in the building,” Nasty bellowed out into the crowd.

Cormier is trying to light a fire under White’s ass to get the deal done.

Let 2016 be a kick in your ass, not a boot on your throat.

If I’m already dressed, all my depressed, sluggish ass needs to do is to walk out the door.

But the most important thing I did every day was to sit my ass on the floor of the Senate.

It was just the kick in the ass SF’s nightlife needed.

Even when the two were estranged, he needed her to bounce ideas off of — and often to save his ass.

Cam says, “When it’s time to take a s***, you don’t want no paper cuts in your ass.

There’s something to be said for someone that can make a tired ass subject still feel fresh.

I’m zoning out, bored, and the make-up artist starts to spray Titan’s exposed ass.

Rating: Big demerits for robbing us of a glimpse of some crystalline waters by using this sad ass Parisian filter, my guy!

“There’s a hope that when you get knocked on your ass, you stand back up.”


Pro Wrestling Sheet also reported Shad’s heroics, which were pretty bad ass … especially considering he didn’t know it was a BB gun.

“Everybody wants to give the Downtown Eastside a kick in the ass, say we’re just a bunch of junkies.

And I thought, 10 years down the road if I decided not to do this I’d be kicking myself in the ass.

2 See Brief for Respondents at 145, n.53, United States Telecom ass’n v. FCC, No.

I fought the biggest girl in school, and I beat her ass.

And Mom’s ass.

Opposition of Respondents to Petitions for Panel Rehearing and Rehearing En Banc at 28, United States Telecom ass’n v. FCC, No.

4 United States Telecom ass’n v. FCC, 855 F.3d 381, 389-390 (D.C. Cir.

Not for nothing, the sight of women kicking this much ass in front of and behind the camera is literally moving audiences to tears.

He’s been working his ass off for three-and-a-half years or something.

“We stomped some ass,” Ramos wrote.

In fact, she says Tyler’s post lit a fire under her ass.

“We stomped some ass,” Ramos wrote.

Nate was asked to respond to the tweet — and gave the ultimate Nate Diaz response, “Conor got his ass beat.”

I’ve been working my ass off to get my name out there and I will continue to do so to build my empire.”

Folks in the upscale neighborhood tell us they’re relieved after the rapper proved to be a pain in the ass.

Post fights back tears telling us about some of his favorite memories … like kicking ass with Miller at beer pong.

Rogers was furious, and told the commission that Feynman was becoming “a real pain in the ass.”

In person, the burning bowl of sulfur probably smelled like Satan’s ass.

“If you put a fat ass into a small tight garment, the fat doesn’t go away,” she explained.

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And…that ass!

Now Dykstra’s firing back — insulting Mickey’s face, his age … and joking that he’d beat Mickey’s ass first.

I think that dude, like, did a good job and worked his ass off.

You don’t think they’re lawyered up the ass too?

Where do you think you sit between the two scenes?Eaddy: We’re sitting right up their ass.

This is getting worrisome and I am on the MAGA bandwagon for a long ass time now.

My boss kept mentioning my ass.

Turns out, with enough sausage patties, your ass becomes a piñata full of flaming snakes.

When that innovative computer was new, Phil Schiller scoffed at critics with the line, “can’t innovate any more my ass,” and he was right.

He was brilliant, and he stayed brilliant and still a pain in the ass.

There is nothing worse than busting your ass for something that doesn’t mean anything to you.

The conspiracy theory of “management’s got their heads up their ass,” or whatever it is.

Not only that, in keeping with the maturity eSports is known for, Newell called Harding an “ass” in a Reddit post announcing his decision.

If you’re wondering HOW they’ve stayed together — check out the pics of her ass … and his abs.

James is an ass, and we won’t be working with him again.”

After Turtle serves his duty on “ass patrol,” the bros take a group of women back to Vince’s mansion to swim in lingerie.

Burch says Ortiz got violent with him … so he proceeded to beat his ass.

“I guess your mother would kick my ass if I didn’t, huh?”

The guy’s a pain in the ass.'”

Who’s been ripping astronomical ass.

Shaq would straight-up MURDER his ass … so says their co-star Kenny Smith.

I hit all the wrong notes with the confidence of a madman and shook my ass while I was doing it.

We owed money on the bus, and they were getting up our ass about that.

Does that jive with the notion of a mass audience that’s bored by watching UConn kick ass?

“Now, this is an ass I’ll eat,” Big Freedia said.

But is it a pain in the ass?

A simple problem in hindsight, but it was a total pain in the ass back then.

Meditation kicks ass.

There are some things that you simply can’t complain about without seeming like a complete and total ass.

The problem is that moving forward while getting lanced by jabs is really only dictating the pace at which you get your ass kicked.

If you’re thinking a hot ass … you’re close because they’ve all landed on 2018’s Maxim Hot 100 list.

This is the kind of stuff Trump could spend his time as president “working [his] ass off” to fix.

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It’s your regular PC on a big ass screen in a different room, with a couch.

Does Facebook keep pouring money into this because they believe is some dorky ass vision of the Metaverse?

Her drunk man takes a plate of scavenged food from her hand, grabs her ass, and sways lazily to the song.

Bad news for Mark Ballas … you’re going to get your ass kicked — courtesy of UFC superstar Paige VanZant.

Maybe the Russians took the loss harder than we thought and kicked his ass outta there.

Disick shared the clip of a 19-year-old Richie in some skimpy Santa gear moving her hips and shaking her ass in his kitchen.

Studies have repeatedly found that DEET kicks ass at getting bugs to not bite you, and it’s safe for pregnant women.

“Conor McQuitter was a way better fighter than Canelo’s cheating ass and I beat the breaks off him too!”

Oh, and then she proceeded to BEAT HIS ass!!

Apparently, that’s when another woman interrupted the convo, and accused one of the 2 men of grabbing her ass earlier.

“When he came back out, there was cornstarch all over his pants, from where he’d put it on his ass.

If there was never another Darksiders game, you know that the Horsemen appeared and whooped ass.”


Clap for a QB with his passing ass … Russell Wilson don’t pop molly, he rocks Tom Ford.

The Drum Jesus shoulda beat the little drummer boy’s ass for bringing this as a gift.

Unless you’re Sandra Bullock in some weird ass movie where she gets to come back, which was just unbelievable.

Mars will square off with Jupiter on November 19, so watch out because a fire will be lit under your ass!

No, really, take her.” [Vogue / Lena Dunham] Movies spotlighting people of color are kicking ass right now.

I worked with a feminist collective burlesque troupe in Toronto called the Scandelles [to make] Give Piece of ass a Chance.

Rihanna’s attempt to hide her boyfriend is funny … just look at him laugh his ass off.

In a music video released yesterday for the song “Nani” by rapper Mr. Cardamom, Jaffrey stakes her claim as a whole ass mood.

I am no Puritan, google my ass.”

Multiple stars have called for the Knicks to fire his ass — including Kenyon Martin and Fat Joe.

Looked like they were both into the show of affection — although Ryan wasn’t the one with his ass in the air.

and “Beat his ass!”

I’ve put in my time and I’m not just pulling shit out of my ass.

I was like, ‘Just put it in my ass.’

It kicks ass, then swaggers off into the sunset.

Day drinking isn’t just tolerated, it’s downright encouraged—just remember the unspoken rules: no puking, no punching, no unsolicited ass grabs.

No: Steve Rogers is kicking ass for Bucky Barnes.

It was unbelievable to see you grow and work your ass off from a freshman until the day you were drafted.”

“That’s why the ‘anabolic window’ thing is such a pain in the ass.

At Jones’ Good ass BBQ and Foot Massage, you can get virtually anything you want fried.

L.A Banks has a whole ass vampire huntress series, Joss did not invent vampire hunters.

“I am Trojan horsing cannabinoids into the ass, but this is a wellness protocol.

That leeway could end up biting me in the ass, but hey, it might end up being richly rewarding too.

[Lead singer] Klaus Meine is 70—he still kicks ass; he’s in great shape.

Suggs has since apologized on Instagram … saying, “My bad Y’all.. Dumb ass SiZ.”

Later on I listened to them again, but I’ve never seen them live.Nergal: They kick ass.

Your ugly ass?” As far as Smiths inspiration goes, I don’t have too much Morrissey in my lyrics.

Yup — and David Guetta’s happy ass is enjoying it all.

It’s the kind of music that makes you want to get off your ass and celebrate life while you still can.

You can’t entirely separate my incredibly privileged and lucky autistic ass from these devastating statistics.

It’s almost like, gee I don’t know, he’s about to pull something out of his ass.

Fish markets that will let you buy fresh, shell-on shrimp when you’re drunk off your ass at 4 AM.

Question is … is there anything high-profile athletes can do to shield themselves from random violence while they enjoy some random ass?

The rapper better have put his ass on a jet right after the show, in order to avoid big legal trouble.

Moments later, her alleged assailant repeatedly slapped her ass outside the door of her apartment block.

Martin’s immediate reaction — “The Nerve of an AWFUL AND COWARD ass COACH.”

He then slaps her ass five times and walks off.

“I really believe that that first shot took his ass out,” she told me.

The most popular target is the ass of a dummy saloon piano-player; if you hit him, he bangs out a tune.

“You have a healthy boy, and he is pure ass.”

“Legacy, my ass,” shouts another.

Crawford: “I’m gonna beat your ass” “I’m gonna get all them burritos out you, boy.”

They are a pain in the ass, with all their stupid reporting of facts.

I took the internship because I didn’t want my dad to kick my ass.”

That you don’t have to be freezing your ass off?

Here’s some good news for your weekend: Wind power is kicking ass in the US.

Here are the three most impressive ways wind is kicking ass.

“It didn’t feel like a CEO coming to cover his ass or to smooth away liabilities,” he said.

Start with her reenacting Kim K’s bare naked ass photo shoot and finish with a little In-N-Out.

As he put it, “Take your ass home.

KS: Get off your ass.

“Sorry ass thing.

KS: That would be mine, get off your ass.

But it’s not like sitting on your ass in an undersized seat burns calories.

“First it was me talking about girls shaking their ass.

He added the caption, “Folks got the game so ass backwards these days you don’t know who to trust!”

He is a lad, a Brit abroad, a cheeky chappy with a glint in his eye and a regrettable tattoo on his ass.

Hart added a comment when he posted the footage on IG — “weak ass rappers.”

They slapped a little ass.

It’s truly wild how the political climate of the 1980s came back to bite us all in the ass.

“I think he’s scared … scared to get his ass beat,” Tavares said.

They are pure and simple and give you exactly what you want—if what you want is Keanu Reeves royally kicking ass and nothing more.

The only problem is that the song never comes out of its own ass.

The entire island of Trinidad is waking up with an ass hangover — courtesy of Amber Rose and Blac Chyna’s awesome Carnival appearance.

ass Wednesday, indeed.

You know that big ass steer in Australia that went viral for being the biggest freakin’ thing you’ve ever seen?

Two “Little Women: Dallas” cast members opened a can of whoop ass on each other during filming and it ended with a human dogpile.

Group Doueh’s music kicks ass and is available on Sublime Frequencies here.

That is a bunch of crap,” he writes in Think Big and Kick ass (co-authored with Bill Zanker).

Hauling wine barrels and hundreds of bottles into a deep natural cave must have been a pain in the ass.

Take Luke Aikins, the man batty enough to jump his ass out of an airplane from 25,000 miles up without a parachute.

This honestly was just a course requirement at USC, which is just why I think it’s a great, kick ass school.

It also has an admirable premise in that it focuses on Batman’s detective work rather than swinging around the city and kicking ass.

These wrestlers usually charge £150 for an hour-long private battle in a private mat room, though I got my ass handed to me gratis.

Because, as Dallas says, “The history of NPCs in video games is to be alternately helpful, or quite a pain in your ass.

I stand perfectly still, Jurassic Park style, and pretend I didn’t just possibly lodge a cork in someone’s ass across the pool.

Even If I did, though, no one would mourn: There’s enough ass here to feed, house, and militarize a small town.

Shit, they could develop a space program with this much ass.

Like, for real, it is a lot of ass.

I’m pretty sure I just saw a stripper clapping her ass in Morse code.

At every part of the pool, there is someone shaking their ass.

I witness her majesty up close for just one beautiful moment before continuing on towards the garage and before anyone can smell my ass.

Whoever robbed him left his ass his ID.

The car of choice was a pearl white 1965 P544 named Gazelle, which from the back looks likes the rounded ass of a stinkbug.

Bayonetta, Vanquish, Metal Gear Rising: Revengence—they’re all kick ass games about kicking ass.

After the game, Russell went off to reporters saying, “I’m gonna get his ass back.

Westbrook on the Pachulia incident: “I’m gonna get his ass back for that one.”

I’m here to either get my ass kicked or kick somebody’s ass.”

That is some West Coast hippie ass shit, but that’s what I want.

Avery kicks some serious ass before he got cheap-shotted — and even the sucker punch didn’t phase the guy.

You watch your ass cause I [unintelligible], I’m going to put a bullet in ya.”

Cap’n Murica is back to the future after being frozen for decades, and he’s kicking ass.

According to docs, the message ends … “If I saw you, I’d snuff your stupid f**king ass.

You watch your ass.

Jones started it … saying to Cormier, “I could slap your wife on the ass and you could literally do nothing about it.

“Get your ass ready … for kicking.”

I swear I would never touch your wife’s flat ass lol.”

“He said my wife got a flat ass?

She DOES have a flat ass … but I love it!

However, VICELAND’s Desus and Mero disagree, saying that it’s totally fine to kick some major bigoted ass.

I love my wife’s flat ass!”

But the funniest reaction is Serge Ibaka — who looks genuinely pissed about the ass gas at 30,000 feet.

stands for Does Real ass Music, a pseudonym for rapper Shelley Marshaun Massenburg-Smith, whose song “Broccoli” was everywhere last year.

Karrueche Tran really put her ass on the line for dinner at Catch.

Blac Chyna is fed up with YBN Almighty Jay’s shady ways … and that’s why she dumped his ass.

“Make me my coffee,” Mommy said with a mock-pout, grabbing my ass, “one last time.”

“We’re gonna miss that ass, Shiloh,” Mommy called after me.

Don’t be scared, I got yo ass now.

I’ve got three victories since you got your ass kicked off by Luke Rockhold.

But who’s the person who’s like, “Yeah you do good ass shit, that shit be fire.

You do foul ass shit too and I still love you.

For your foul ass shit and your good shit.”

While Eisen put up a pretty decent number at the main event in Indy (5.94) … Katy tore that ass up (5.77)!!

You bet your ass he can.

But Justino paid her fine, she served her suspension, and she worked her ass off to get back into the MMA’s good graces.

Adrien did speak his peace, though … telling Vargas that he clearly beat his ass … and that his 6ix9ine-looking face proved it.

And I don’t cook, so I’m pulling this shit out of my ass!

They look like they can kick your ass … and in style.

Kick some ass.”

Donald Trump sounds like my cousin who never accepts that I kicked his ass in Xbox.

I was stuck where God planted my ass, and even then it barely worked out.

When you explain it to white people, it’s like, “Oh it’s ‘lick ass.’

Marshals will be on his ass … TMZ has learned.

I owe my life to sobriety, but I’ll be the first to admit that it’s a daily pain in the ass.

You bet your ass.

Don’t bring your ass of a boyfriend.

And touching his ass is too much?”

You got the meanest ass with those thighs, let me creep inside.”

Remember that one time he decked his dome in some bright ass red?

“When someone intentionally harms you or your reputation, how do you react?” he wrote in Think Big and Kick ass, his 2007 book.

“My husband works his ass off, and other people come over [from Mexico] and benefit more,” she said.

Paul says, “Any YouTuber who thinks they wanna step up after I beat KSI’s ass, better start training now, son.

And the same damn outcome: Me feeling like my overweight ass needs to hit a gym.

First of all, definitely don’t go on any first dates with a broke ass.

You need a man who’s gonna cover your ass.

This way you find out if he’s a broke ass or if he’s gonna spend the money.

because Gigi’s much beloved ass was definitely missing at the NYC event.

Let’s just remember better days — Gigi’s ass at last year’s Tommy Hilfiger show …

Snowflakes my ass.

Your crazy-ass girlfriend just beat the shit out of me in a bathroom for your piece of shit ass.”

Enter B-Hop … who says not only should the fight still happen — he wants to train MBJ to beat that ass!!!

She ain’t gave me ass ever since I mentioned her again in the last interview.”

“I have to get this win so I can buy her something real nice, and hopefully I can get some ass next week.”

I wished him well and turned around to hurry my ass onto the set.

If you do something less than that, you’re going to get your ass kicked.

Beatking x Mr. Mitch – Lock That ass (Geng Beatleg)13.

Total pain in my ass.

It’s a pain in the ass, because …

They got to the point, and they’re like, “This is a pain in the ass.

“KISS MY FAT ass!”

It turned out it was one of my naked elephants, and it was tattooed right above the ass of drag queen Lisa Limbaugh.

But this version from NYC’s Porchlight bar will knock you on your ass, so sip it slow.

Nothing about Sean Kingston’s face says he got his ass whooped by Migos … according to Sean.

Come on America put your big boy pants on—this election you have a choice—GET YOUR ass OUT AND VOTE !!!!

They can only ever be performers and reflections in mirrors, various angles, ass, face, right here, right now.

His instructional video is going viral, so we HAD to discover Michael’s secrets to kicking ass and taking names.

Aeryn Sun (Claudia Black) is a badass soldier who kicks the male lead’s ass in the first episode.

The graphic novel paints AOC as a larger-than-life character who shows up in D.C. to kick some GOP ass with her fellow freshmen.

Or Jon and his chosen ass with his nine lives crawling out of sub zero waters.

If you’ve been irresponsible, it will bite you in the ass now.

Three amps and big ass drums.

It’s kinda terrifying … Halloween’s officially behind us but luckily these celebs went all out for one last scary ass bash in 2018.

Games needed someone to light a fire under their ass.

Guessing it helps that he’s in L.A. instead of freezing his ass off.

“If ya’ll want to see me whip this guy’s ass, make some noise.”

“I move my ass because I like to, not because you want to see it,” she’s said in an interview with Playground.

But now, like some kind of fire bird from the soot, he’s kicking ass again.

I’m not trying to be a smart ass.

I don’t know you/ Glock on me, turn your ass to tofu.”

He confounds the confusion by also warning he’ll “turn your ass to Thai food.”

and Yes without getting sucked up their own ass.

“I know it must sound like a privilege ass sacrifice but it’s all I got.

I know it must sound like a privilege ass sacrifice but it’s all i got.

That’s cause they’re kissing your ass, Kara.

I convinced myself that, aside from a dull ache in my left ass cheek, I did feel slightly more like my old self.

The photos are hot, for sure, but they missed one big thing — her ass.

It’s a pain in the ass.

Kim Kardashian served up some morning coffee with a giant side of her ass.

I can’t expect the world to stay on my tired ass.

He already got his ass whipped.

“Watch the f*ck out, ’cause we’re whooping your ass.”

“Nick grabbed his ass

“I just tapped the dude and said, ‘I told yo ass!'”

I will whoop your ass.”

I laughed my ass off when I saw that one.I usually don’t do anything that shocking.

The model bounces her ass in the air before her Instagram handle flashes on screen.

Jo seemed more bad ass, more mysterious to me.

“I’d tap that ass,” Riddick tells TMZ Sports.

“If you gave me three months, I’d tap that ass.

She is in the band for a reason, because she kicks ass on the bass.

Check out the clip … she’s also got some tips on how to build that ass in the gym.

“He should just sit his ass down somewhere.

We caught the trio live the other week and it’s with great relief that we can confirm they also kick serious ass live.

No … it’s the cops — and they busted Elin Nordegren for hauling ass on a Florida highway!

McCarthy says Lacy needs to get his ass in shape for next season … or else.

Of course, WHJ didn’t have Pontius Pilate on his ass.

“It was life kicking me in the ass saying, ‘You think you know it all?

The only curse words allowed by Clemson players are ass, damn and hell because those words are in the Bible.

Somehow, things continue to escalate beyond that point: Turns out a lot of people want to eat the Grinch’s ass, or vice versa.

I’m not going to go into the details, but she kicked my ass, let’s just say.

It may have affected his balance because it looks like he had to use Kim’s ass to stay upright.

The lyrics include, “Splish splash apple bottoms make that ass phat.”

You would get transvestites slapping your ass or whatever, all dressed up in drag.

Louis Van Gaal sent out a bunch of kids and retreads and Manchester United proceeded to kick Arsenal’s ass.

She would always bug my ass and order a club sandwich in the middle of a rush.

“[Andrew C. Caldwell] if you don’t get out my inbox before I punch the testosterone out yo GAY ass,” Broner wrote.

But then, you realize something: Smoothies are a pain in the ass.

“Can I be a middle-aged lesbian, chubby and spanking my ass in the bathroom?

That leaves some time to send Vin Diesel out there to kick some alien ass.

BTW, Mama Chiesa will be in the building for the fight … and told Mike to kick some ass!

He provided copies of the alleged texts that read, “I want to get you pregnant” and “I’m dead ass serious.”

DJ Pauly D ripped a page out of the newly elected New Jersey governor Phil Murphy’s book and ROASTED Chris Christie’s ass.

You know, cover your ass.

He’s always been on brand, a pain in the ass … Yeah?

The trick with this one — which not every guest figures out — is to keep your composure while letting Galifianakis make an ass of himself.

Except, also, he’s a badass, and also a bad ass.

“I worked my ass off this summer,” Forbes said.

Omarosa went up against Marissa Jaret Winokur, and kinda got her ass handed to her in the process.

‘”), butt play (“Amber ain’t never stick no fingers in my ass.

There’s no two ways around it: Pruning this list is a pain in the ass.

Tito Ortiz says it doesn’t matter … ’cause Conor McGregor would get his ass kicked by either guy in a boxing match.

What a horse’s ass he is.

The universe has leveled my ass tenfold.

You work you ass off, Libra!

We got the ex-NFL star (sweatin’ his ass off!)

“Lookin’ like we about to whoop the Dodgers’ ass” … and the Yankees’ too — so says ScHoolboy Q.

From Roman antiquity, for example, we know the funny story of Lucius being changed into an ass.

During one of the last games of the season, Fournette got fed up with a heckler and threatened to beat the guy’s ass.

“He said kiss his ass.”

I call it the spiritual ass kicking.

Nunes stayed onstage and vowed to beat Rousey’s ass when they get in the Octagon in December.

He always tells me that I was very fortunate he’s an ass man.

But “My ass” was neither the first, nor the most vitriolic anti-protest country song to come out this fall.

Mama Jenner was still plenty entertaining though — Tristan laughed his ass off and Khloe recorded every moment.

It may make you feel like somebody else is kicking ass while your life sucks ass.

“People were screaming, but we had just as many people laughing at the absurdity of the sphinx’s ass opening up.

WWE star Baron Corbin would send Conor McGregor’s ass to the hospital if the beefing stars actually fought … according to WWE legend Taz.

Does she have a fat ass?

Without access to the Philippines, everything is just a much bigger pain in the ass.

But in the meantime, because people worked so hard and particularly women, women in the state kicked ass.

A first-class ass whooping at the hands of Golden State’s swarming defense on Monday night notwithstanding, Jackson Jr. is a migraine down low.

In a response to a Tweet from UFC middleweight Josh Samman, Sonnen assured that he would “whip his [Cormier’s] ass.”

You bet your ass there will be a choir.

I really worked my ass off and I stuck with the family the whole way.

We’re told Dan’s been working his ass off all year to set up the retreat benefiting Wishes For Warriors.

A little ass kissing can go a long way.

So is it fair to say those guys are kicking ass?

Well don’t grab their ass, how bout that?

“Either you’re going to compete, or you’re going to come up with excuses for why you got your ass kicked.”

If you show up to work every day, and you can cook your ass off, you’ve got the job.”

When I was younger, I thought it was okay to slap any random girl on the ass.

Coal plants are closing (and not getting built) because coal is getting its ass kicked on the market.

When you record an album, it’s such a pain in the ass to compose with musicians.

Using a plug will get the receptive partner used to the feeling of having something in their ass.

Wanna REALLY kick someone’s ass?

Also Estelle gets to sing about it while kicking another Gem’s ass, which is pretty much the best.

As we previously reported … Odom has been training his ass off in hopes of playing pro basketball again.

Cardi B’s mouth is coming back to bite her in the ass … though it’s close to being frozen shut.

Soulja almost got an ass whooping, anyway.

Nicki Minaj ain’t afraid to put her ass on the line … on the heels of Remy Ma talking serious trash about it.

He sent me a post on 4chan: “WHICH ONE OF YOU 400LB ass HOLES HACKED THE DNC.”

Murrell thinks there needs to be less stigma overall when discussing the ass.

“If I’m ass up somewhere, it needs to look good.”

You have to tell them to move ya, or I’m going to beat your ass.”

“Whether you’re talking out of your ass or actually well-traveled, I certainly like to make a point of talking about travel,” Murray says.

The fact that he sends some old dude ass over tea kettle doesn’t bother the bottom feeder though.

Now the Democrats don’t want to play with him because he’s been such an ass.

We hope ass in a sentence examples were helpful.