Aspects in a sentence | Use of the word aspects examples

And because the series is an HBO project, its technical aspects are as good as TV gets.

The new version bungles the story’s religious aspects as well.

As such, many aspects of the story — including some of its moral about taking care of society’s neediest — are left out.

In the two galleries devoted to history, you can also find these multimedia aspects.

Everything felt too complicated, too expensive, and injected pointless competition into all aspects of life.

I know that confidence on the basketball court translates into confidence in other aspects of life.

He leaned into the overtly racist aspects of anti-Obama and anti-immigrant politics rather than shying away from them.

Clinton, as a quasi-incumbent, is eventually going to have to defend some important aspects of the status quo.

(Schiff’s focus also included other aspects of Trump’s foreign policy, including his financial ties to foreign countries like Russia and Saudi Arabia.)

For Collage as Painting, Kate Abercrombie and Trevor Winkfield look at mysterious, esoteric, and sometimes troubling aspects of everyday life.

“But there are also positive aspects for Spring.

One of the most interesting aspects of the work is the photographer’s own moral arc.

At first glance, the paintings seem like musings on the more mundane aspects of black life in the South.

“All aspects of their biology seem to inform us about other animals, including humans, particularly when it comes to healthy aging and cancer resistance.”

“There is now public confusion about critical aspects of the results of our investigation.

And to win a major, they must also eliminate the weaker aspects of their game.

Some of the unique cultural aspects of medicine exacerbate these stressors.

A series of short films commissioned from three British filmmakers will explore different aspects of Shaw’s life and creative output.

These are also, conveniently enough, the aspects of the film that stand to benefit most from FX’s new television adaptation.

Key aspects of it, including what the corporate tax rate and the top individual income tax rate will be, are not yet determined.

Of course, there are other aspects of the criminal justice system that Republicans find troubling — mainly, the system’s cost.

(Kuhl and Lee came up with 300 numbers for different physical aspects of a face — like skin color or emotional expression.

Meanwhile, state and local officeholders have to worry more about the practical aspects of regulating Uber.

But the connection between the presidency and the more mundane aspects of governance is not completely obvious.

Some aspects of the island have withstood the force of nature and even hurricanes, according to Sonswa’s video.

“We are investigating all aspects of the event.

I loved all aspects of reporting, and just had awesome tutors who were the editors of the newspapers at school and all of that.

There also has to be dedicated teams that handle any customer support issues in addition to a number of other aspects.

It hasn’t been like this since the 70s when black artists had room to show off different aspects of black culture.

A handful of automakers have adopted aspects of a similar system, pioneered by Japan’s Toyota Motor Corp.

Work’s social aspects can feel less controllable.

The knowledge that they’re doing an essential job can make the tougher aspects of the work a little easier.

“Labour will seek to amend and remove the worst aspects from the Bill as it passes through Parliament.

Even leading Conservative Brexit supporters criticised aspects of the bill.

So far, consists of some instructional videos, some drills, and some short documentaries about various aspects of the game.

For me, the most compelling aspects of the book were those that used optical illusions and text puns like the Trump/Pence logo.

She thinks about all those aspects as we’re recording: choreography, where things will fit into her performances.

Hollub’s background in the technical aspects of oil production contrasts with her predecessor, a banker and known dealmaker.

Sophisticated software could control many routine aspects of the flight, allowing people to become pilots with less training than they require today.

Many aspects of public life in Quayside will be tracked by data sensors.

“If you’re asking me whether I think there are aspects of big government that are good, the answer is absolutely not,” said Williams.

However, many other aspects of NAFTA would remain in effect, including provisions on government procurement, labor, and environmental conditions, services trade, and arbitration proceedings.

It’s through disagreeing with other people that we make progress, that we learn to look at aspects we had perhaps overlooked initially.

Hughes, who “always loved ritualistic aspects of religion” — from music to incense — incorporates Catholic imagery into his practice.

All the artist appropriate aspects of consumerism and elevate their materials into rarefied art objects.

Then what’s next for you?Creations more experiments more musical aspects and trying to do something more than just music man.

“He’s been clear that he has concerns, that there are a number of aspects that he doesn’t believe are fair.

They also believe in the bigger mission and vision of the film about showing the dysfunctional aspects of American society.

He talks about struggle, love, pain, and so many different aspects of life that I could relate to in my own.

“There remain, however, uncertainties around operational and security aspects of DLT, as well as questions concerning settlement finality, legal underpinnings and governance arrangements.

In 2017, she was included in a four-person show, aspects of Abstraction, at Lisson Gallery, which I reviewed.

“The interplay of these two aspects of physics is what brings about the beautiful patterns, especially when in motion.”

It’s so sad and tragic, in so many aspects.

Dzhibladze points out how this association of “Westernness” with LGBTQ individuals imbues all aspects of how being gay is understood in Russia.

These aren’t extraordinary achievements; they’re just the regular banal aspects of doing the job.

One of the more interesting aspects of Yeezus, beyond the music itself, was his headspace surrounding it.

It’s a bit like certain aspects of Judaism, where you ask questions and consider life deeply, with a sense of wonder.

All in the name of education and entertainment, he recorded and revealed hidden aspects of nature, no matter the subject matter.

It won’t be long before WeWork has a hand in all aspects of how its members live.

“It’s because people don’t have cash.” Many important aspects of the policy remain to be determined.

This fact is ingeniously appropriate for the subject matter: those aspects of the built environment that frame our automotive infrastructures.

Fears about liability and image collection evidently lead the Whitney to curtail certain aspects of that show.

Separate aspects of laws at both the state and federal level criminalize drugs.

Those aspects really became more important than capturing the demonstrations.

That reflects reasonably robust evidence that the training and mentoring aspects of the program are actually adding value.

She has played key roles in building many aspects of the Facebook app, including leading our work on video and advertising.

It was a shocking scene that highlights one of the more controversial aspects of American air travel.

“There are so many aspects to this show, so many amazing things all weaved into one.

A poor-fitting spacesuit means it’s harder to maneuver in space, and harder to complete the technical aspects of the spacewalk.

For example, in different regions, Facebook is likely concerned with popularizing certain aspects of its platform more than others.

“If a state law targeted the expressive aspects of wedding cakes, it would trigger the First Amendment,” Phillips’ complaint reads.

“All of the legal aspects in the film are a reality for trans people,” says Alessia.

He thinks there’s aspects of it that aren’t fair.” Trump cannot unilaterally withdraw from the WTO.

Zdziarski took apart aspects of the FBI’s case.

There are three basic options in terms of the military aspects of US policy.

“Mistreatment, when you look at it in all of its aspects, certainly includes people being shouted at, scolded, or experiencing physical and verbal abuse.

This policy draws from similar aspects of the Boston’s Women’s Compact that has been in place since 2013.

Updated to include Mueller’s spokesperson’s statement calling aspects of the BuzzFeed piece inaccurate.

The water creature is by far one of the most terrifying aspects of Inside.

The show’s conceptual aspects are balanced by a thorough, research-led process.

The answer will be incrementalism in all aspects: in autonomy, range, scope, and usage.

We don’t apply that that kind of sophistication or intelligence to the aspects of being that are redeeming.

But I tend to think they are looking at the same aspects of life but asking different questions about those things.

Their contention goes to one of the most controversial aspects of the case.

A lot of pixels have been spilled on the basic hypocrisy of the procedural aspects of the AHCA.

The unifying aspects of Algerian communities were removed such as expressions of culture, the Arabic language, and visual and musical vocabulary.

“One of the most important aspects of your relationship with any medical provider is how well you communicate with them,” says Hayden.

Here, again, is where Trump’s recent tweets show a misunderstanding of basic aspects of the US criminal justice system.

Williams says that some aspects of “Quantico” are quite accurate.

Slowly, ApolloLV—who doesn’t even play many games, let alone create mods—has tweaked various aspects.

This makes it almost impossible to capture the more serious aspects of the life inside a labor camp.

I changed more aspects of the game, but I think those are the most important ones.

So it seemed plausible that they might control other aspects of our lives too.

There is some aspects of some of the work that is going on that the future is unknown.

Eurosceptics in the Netherlands and Denmark have won referendums against aspects of EU policy in recent months.

So they crept on, traveling to 12 different countries on four continents to capture the cultural and geographical aspects of this opaque phenomenon.

Researchers believed a meta-analysis could suggest which aspects of perfectionism, if any, showed the strongest relations with suicide ideation and actual suicide attempts.

Mardi Gras Indians are one of the unique aspects of New Orleans’s adaptation of Carnival.

If an image is abstract or blended, the psyche is emphasizing the non-personal and symbolic aspects of it.

If we can understand that reality has many aspects, we can begin to take responsibility for our role in our own lives.

This problem, in turn, has three big interrelated aspects: This is not a situation that anyone should feel okay about.

It’s about access to all aspects of life, and that sure as hell includes music.

“I’m so disgusted with so many different aspects of our current government,” Fairooz told the New York Times.

“I’m so disgusted with so many different aspects of our current government,” Fairooz told the New York Times.

General outlines begin to appear that show what aspects of the building he is fixating on or how he is considering form over time.

“Better to weigh all aspects of your existing and alternate jobs where the fit feels right, taking into consideration the human factor.”

aspects of Abstraction continues at Lisson Gallery (138 Tenth Avenue, Chelsea, Manhattan) through August 11.

The latest policy change, which is effective immediately, is the third time HHS has rolled back aspects of the increased vetting.

WhatsApp users and security researchers reported Tuesday that certain aspects of WhatsApp’s service were no longer working in China.

Poverty complicates the mental illness aspects of homelessness.

WhatsApp users and security researchers reported Tuesday that certain aspects of WhatsApp’s service were no longer working in China.

However, critics warn this is just another part of the government’s efforts to control all aspects of the internet.

Fragments of sound and image appear and disappear, unveiling far-from-glamorous aspects of Jamaica with beauty.

It’s not irrelevant, but it tends to pale in comparison with the economy and other aspects of the political environment.

On the last wall of the small gallery space, Shake combines all aspects of the video works into a single installation.

Do you believe that in some aspects, the #MeToo movement has gone too far?

Gita says her goal is to be her “own architect, learning all aspects of the machine you’re constructing.”

Feeling like you might be underpaid can be one of the most disheartening aspects of work.

Ties to Alaska’s Wild Plants offers an alternative perspective, highlighting positive aspects of tribal culture.

With lots of the rivalries, you seem to suggest that some aspects of fandom are almost predetermined by age, location, or political alignment.

Clinton’s record overwhelmingly reflects continuity, for better or for worse, with longstanding aspects of American foreign policy.

One could obviously quibble with various aspects of this, especially Trump’s treatment of the “wealth parked overseas” issue.

Develop a bedtime routine

We already know that habits play an outsize role in many different aspects of your life.

For Burr, the project offered a chance to return home and “lean into the autobiographical aspects of his work,” said Feinberger.

“A lot of aspects of Yelp are frustrating for most businesses due to its unorganized nature,” Jackson said.

And they call into question aspects of the U.S. government’s long-running narrative about Snowden’s time at the NSA.

A few have consistently been critical of at least some aspects of the administration, particularly where fundamental rule of law issues are concerned.

It’s a caring, tender family dynamic that also functions as one of the more loving, if not aspirational, aspects of the film.

One of the defining aspects of the “Reagan revolution” was pushback against federally imposed civil rights policies.

One of the morbidly fascinating aspects of climate change is how much cognitive dissonance it generates, in individuals and nations alike.

Yet de facto racism persists and pervades nearly all aspects of American life — from implicit bias to residential segregation.

Converting aspects of the online space ran parallel in MA Photography student Neale Willis’ work, another Nova shortlister.

One of the more confusing aspects of A Song of Ice and Fire is that characters born centuries apart sometimes have the same names.

(Cosby says that the sex was consensual, and has disputed numerous aspects of Constand’s account.

This week, evangelicals have been debating how to respond to challenging aspects of Trump’s presidency.

Sure, there were a couple of unsavory aspects to the proceedings.

Like many other aspects of American politics, the network neutrality fight is becoming increasingly polarized.

Tillerson did not indicate in what aspects he believed Trump tried to violate the law.

But it added that if an agreement on key aspects of the conflict were to be reached, that could boost the Swiss economy.

Feinstein is cooperating with Republican Judiciary Chairman Senator Chuck Grassley on some but not all aspects of the committee’s investigation of Trump-Russia allegations.

The proceeding could result in the cancellation of 13 U.S. patents already granted to the Broad Institute on various aspects of CRISPR technology.

The companies don’t take issue with all aspects of the five proposed bills.

But many aspects of the political order allow disparity and outright violence to persist.

I’ve always tried to reject this way of thinking, and in most other aspects of my romantic life, I have.

How many FBI agents and DOJ officials have illegally discussed aspects of an ongoing investigation with reporters?

“They shared their memories of the former school with us, their experiences and memorable aspects of the building,” she said.

But it has alleviated the physical symptoms of my depression and allowed me to focus on the mental aspects of my disease.

His work covers all aspects of the human condition, from heartbreak to love, political unrest to peace, depression to hope.

In these aspects, they anticipated “Swale”; however, “this is the one that’s really public,” explained Mattingly.

Cultural Codex invites anyone to contribute stories and experiences that record aspects of indigenous cultures they want to celebrate.

“We will only be able to simulate a few aspects of this experience.”

Letters for Olson aims to affirm and preserve these aspects of history, in which Charles Olson’s work and thought played no small part.

There are aspects of that in Rochester, 1996 as well.

Non-fundamentalists can understand certain aspects of this upbringing, particularly if it has to do with being a woman and/or queer.

In the past, concerns about the cultural, political and privacy aspects of Facebook have led countries to establish their own alternatives.

He set out to reveal the slower aspects of busy cities.

This isn’t the first time that the Olympics has tried to incorporate aspects of hip-hop culture into its program.

Today, the EU includes a political and economic bureaucracy, based in Brussels, that shapes and controls many aspects of European political life.

In many aspects of Healthcare practice and policy, I am seeing a “bending away” from evidence in this Administration for (probably) many reasons.

How would you say you try to balance your time fundraising versus other aspects of campaigning?

At the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Tatsuo Miyajima uses light to reflect on the transcendent, spiritual, and experiential aspects of time.

There’s no story to speak of—only segments detailing aspects of Juliane’s life and her daily routines.

Yet the relentless focus on measuring aspects of individual lives is too narrow.

So the private letters is one of the few aspects of that archive that probably still survive.

Still, certain aspects of the edit work.

It doesn’t help that different federal agencies control specific aspects of the digital regulatory infrastructure.

She doesn’t need to hide aspects of herself.

One of the tricky aspects of writing about climate change is that it often involves tossing around tiny numbers with mind-bogglingly large consequences.

(Note, this is all separate from the UN’s bigger Paris accord to tackle most other aspects of climate change.)

These are all different aspects of gender transition that an individual may go through.

But still—their representations have aspects of the mystical and otherworldly, a touch that is not to be overlooked.

The first is to develop “identity capital,” or skills and aspects of yourself that stay with you for a lifetime.

For some aspects of federal policy, there’s no substitute for careful study combined with practical experience.

It seems like all queer aspects, no matter the gender, aren’t tied in.

“A lot of aspects of our tax code, the benefits are usually used by the wealthy,” Booker says.

They use it as leverage.” The PNG government did not respond to questions on funding for the boulevard project or other aspects of APEC.

Their scholarship has led the way in challenging entrenched and persistent double standards in all aspects of women’s lives.

At Vassar, she has taught courses focusing on various aspects of 20th-century art.

“Every day,” she writes, “I was questioning aspects of myself, slowly becoming unhinged.”

Lawmakers plan to highlight other aspects of the immigration debate, like increased immigration arrests and deportations of non-criminals, with guests.

By the time I was in primary school I was au fait with many aspects of Jamaican culture.

So, Thwaites decided to focus on the physical aspects of becoming a goat.

I guess there are two aspects to the response that the US government should take, at least.

One of the interesting aspects of this week’s primaries was Colorado’s experiment with allowing unaffiliated voters to participate in the mail-in primary.

Each chapter shifts focus and deals with different aspects of his life.

There are two aspects of ISDS that have raised particular concern.

But psychedelics are different from other drugs in that they frequently make us face aspects of ourselves we might prefer to ignore.

It was only natural for me to focus on the sinister, morbid, forbidden and dangerous aspects of life.

Many stakeholders who supported other aspects of ACA noisily or quietly wanted to see the public option dead.

But instead of rejecting Chicano identity, Lambe Culo finds inspiration in it and navigates these tricky aspects through art.

But for me, in general, Xicanx is not being bound to the feminine or masculine aspects.

They are able to reveal aspects of their personality that are held in check by social etiquette and rules.”

The Madrid-based and Mexico-born artist is particularly interested in playing with the various aspects of medium, light, and texture in her seamless digital creations.

Now that the pinball world champion title is under his belt, Gagno can focus on clearing levels in other aspects of his life.

Artist and Mother would be remiss, though, if it ignored those fractured aspects of parenthood— depression, loss, the eventual pigeonholing that colors a career.

And, importantly, it’s not necessarily connected to the more outlandish, norm-violating, violence-threatening aspects of Trumpism that make Trump the man so terrifying.

Wilde united both aspects.

But such simplifying claims can make it dangerously uncomfortable for sex workers to talk about any potential negative aspects of their work, she explained.

In both bug hunting and Pokémon, the collection and battle aspects come together to make a fun, long-lasting activity.

I have had many fun discussions about all the good aspects of the sport, my team, and the fun of a fall afternoon.

Particularly fascinating: The geographical aspects hold regardless of where you live as an adult.

They describe small towns, fights with parents, wrecked cars, late night meet-ups, and other aspects of the universal teenage experience.

The government can extend the deadline to 2020 to complete some aspects of the system.

But it’s still what I felt, because I was so enjoying this season’s focus on other aspects of Issa’s life.

Exactly how expensive a single-payer health care program is depends critically on aspects of how the program is designed.

“One of the highly problematic aspects is the excessive influence of the government by European standards,” he told Reuters in an interview last month.

However, these aspects of the museum have not previously made it particularly visitor-oriented.

“We are for the time being looking at all the aspects and monitoring the situation very carefully,” the Publicis chairman told Reuters.

A few other aspects of this story are worth highlighting.

There are many groups working on different aspects of advocacy and relief.

But on this specific channel, there’s aspects in terms of — there’s multiple videos, for example.

But he has shown that his administration will combine the worst ideas of his campaign with the worst aspects of his temperament.

Admins handled the technical aspects of the site and hosted it, developed and enforced rules, and other tasks.

Right now it’s a positive but at some point the negative aspects will come into play.

Is Grande actually queer or does “Monopoly” suggest she’s stealing aspects of LGBT culture?

“Our mission is to promote the cultural and historical aspects of the game of chess,” Bailey stated.

While they reflect some vibrant aspects of the subcontinent, they don’t tell the whole story.

It is not known what aspects of Amazon, Facebook, and Apple could be investigated.

Yet they influence many aspects of our lives, including car insurance rates, sales tax assignment and home appraisal values, to name a few.

Yes, in the promotional aspects of the fight game, Garbrandt repeatedly proves himself to be thicker than two short planks.

We lived in Oakland for about four years and during that time, life changed drastically in all aspects.

But they also imposed a system of oppressive religious taxes and issued a series of decrees covering all aspects of public and private life.

Do you enjoy the puzzle-solving aspects of constructing a whodunnit like that?

I love how Buddhism addresses the very mental aspects of the self-consciousness, perceptions of reality, community, and one’s role in the world.

But the devotional and philosophic aspects of religion, at its best, are beautiful.

Placed next to her ceramic pottery and embroidered works, Baoding Balls alludes to the intuitive, calming aspects of a physical practice.

Design, technology, product, so he was … he worked on all aspects of the magazine, but he had particular experience in that area.

But Hungama fuses the most vibrant aspects of his culture and sexuality, which led him here tonight.

Extracts from the statement said that both Lula and Rousseff knew about aspects of the Petrobras corruption scheme.

It would effectively decimate many aspects of the law if successful.

“There is now public confusion about critical aspects of the results of our investigation.

Sent back to England to show the public what the Empire was like, they highlight very ordinary aspects of lived experience rather extraordinary ones.

Since these aspects are shared among many popular dating apps, the findings should have some explanatory potential across platforms.

Just different aspects of life.

Every relationship has positive and negative aspects, it’s not black and white.

Some aspects of the Catalan conflict were discussed in the talks, with important speakers like Angela Davis, Ivan Krastev, and Arundathi Roi.

Overall, it’s hard to draw concrete conclusions about what aspects of spaceflight led to these changes (provided they are real).

The program gave me coping skills to save me from myself and realize crucial aspects of my personality.

There are still aspects that don’t make sense; angles that were never fully fleshed out, stories that were never squared.

But, I think when it comes to the technical [aspects], everybody I know can do that.

But despite backpedaling on various aspects, neither woman has actually recanted the details of her original testimony.

“On January 18, the Special Counsel issued a rare statement describing some aspects of the BuzzFeed story as inaccurate,” Nadler’s letter reads.

In the sixth century BCE, Athenian stories began to unravel on stage that explored aspects of being a person in new and different ways.

With theater, we can relive life and all its challenges and emotions, putting a microscope on the aspects that characterize being human.

The documents also revealed previously unreported aspects of the ACU proposal, including the involvement of a Russian nuclear equipment manufacturer currently under U.S. sanctions.

Rather than hiding from her identity, Estabrook uses the masks to express aspects of herself more honestly.

the black & sequined flags reflected upon other aspects of ourselves that day.

This way, the program “learned” which of these aspects is most likely to correlate with a particular ruling.

But I am not really recording all aspects of life: I am attracted to recording only the celebrative aspects of life.

I’ve written a few things on different aspects of progressive foreign policy.

Superflex at their best shed light on the mundane aspects of contemporary life, lifting veils to help us see the obvious.

“[The military equipment] has contributed to the worst aspects of the drug war in this country,” he said.

But that circumcision actively harms the physical aspects of male sexual function is not backed by science, Bossio said.

Check out more video from Creators: “Appreciation of art has two aspects,” says Shigeru Watanabe, who led the study on pigeons and paintings.

Why do we obsess over these two aspects of life more than any other?They’re both beyond our understanding.

You know, drivers can have it in their car, and so managing the operational aspects of … KS: Is easier.

Multiple Justice Department offices have investigated aspects of the inauguration.

The movie screen, which tends to literalize everything, makes the funnier aspects of her writing difficult to adapt.

Crowdy’s ministry also drew on aspects of Christianity.

As public as my life may be in certain aspects, I’ve been very private about my dating life.

Other aspects of the exhibition may be more typical, though these too are generally executed well.

Numbers for being the same, in all aspects.

Of course, these companies (and many others) also compete directly with one another in other aspects of the IoT market.

Pontormo’s “Visitation” is an obvious masterpiece of Renaissance art, but can we also appreciate the edgier aspects of this visionary Mannerist’s work?

And there are some unrelated aspects of the S8 that I found wanting in several days of testing.

During the recession, Congress cut back on certain aspects of the program, like funding for summer semesters.

There are aspects of the coming Mosul offensive that would without question do real damage if made public.

But there are some good aspects.

So we’re hardly excessively telegraphing many of the aspects of the campaign.”

There are other aspects of Holmes that can feel contrived, too.

With this has come a more intense focus on the problematic aspects of that era — Indian removal, slavery, and the construction of white supremacy.

By making horror a social experience, readers can no longer hold the aspects of a story at a distance.

Reilly has applied some kind of transparency to aspects of the self-portrait, so the cut footage sometimes obscures his image.

“There is now public confusion about critical aspects of the results of our investigation.

Who has time nowadays to consider philosophically the self-enriching aspects of higher education?

If you want to think about the aspects of the US trade policy that mattered most for poverty reduction, it was that component.

We seek unconditional positive regard in most aspects of our lives, especially our relationships.”

But if you can separate yourself from that, and focus on the visceral aspects of what was happening, I love it.

So even though you made this film of such broad scope, there were aspects to the story that you weren’t interested in telling.

He said the deal was only on military aspects and any political or other agreements would have to wait for further talks.

“EA has given us feedback and support on many aspects of the project,” Suda told me back in 2011.

The rest of the game-y aspects don’t function as more than filler, either.

We’re building all aspects of our collection, but one that has definitely grown is our contemporary collection.

The film plays with aspects of class and gender, as Ochō uses sex to navigate worlds that would be otherwise unavailable to her.

The Met is not afraid to highlight Eurocentric or imperialist aspects of Girault’s work.

Even if you’re not very familiar with Magic, you can see how this deepens the competitive aspects of the game.

“[Walker] was able to talk about the technical aspects of the work,” artist Kahlil Irving told Hyperallergic.

They were specifically chosen to represent aspects of their party coalitions — and to make geographic appeals.

After all, MMA includes aspects of boxing and McGregor has had experience with the sport, unlike Brown.

It just focuses on the negative aspects of things and won’t let go of it.

“This is a cool case of retro-futurism because […] enthusiasts were able to redress problematic aspects of earlier synths,” he said.

[Motherboard has recorded a podcast discussing the technical aspects of the FBI order and Apple’s potential First Amendment legal defense.

“The only way to protect the long-term viability of the plan’s best aspects is to kill it,” he said.

Drawing on such sources, the author renders some aspects of Eva’s personal life — like her difficult love affair with Natalie — in electric detail.

As always, the most interesting aspects lie outside the constraints of the mainstream.

We try to carry all aspects of human history and emotion.

One of the most “jarring” aspects of the visit, she said, was the base’s oddly beautiful surroundings.

6 seed West Virginia with a final score of 83-56, and were dominating them in all aspects of the game.

The songs are all about our connection to land and the spookiness of the natural land and the supernatural aspects of the natural world.

As the crisis escalates, the “wide area” aspects of UN:SOC start to be felt.

Not all UN:SOC’s wide area aspects work so well.

But the general takeaway is that trans people as a whole suffer from vast disparities in all aspects of their lives.

“So you know where fashion is going, and sometimes it’s one of those aspects of being inevitable.

“By design, Facebook emphasizes the sharing aspects of the site — sharing, liking, commenting, and so forth.

My First Skateboard keys in on the community and cultural aspects of skating.

But as you get older it’s important to branch out to other aspects of life.

“When it comes to the non-treatment-based aspects of cancer care, there’s huge unmet need,” Reisenauer reflects today.

May 1 brings a soft, dreamy vibe when the Sun sextiles (one of the most helpful astrological aspects) dreamy Neptune in Pisces.

As Lowry writes, it is at least possible to imagine a savvy and practical implementation of the more “populist” aspects of Trump’s agenda.

Net neutrality will be, but it will apply, again, to other aspects of the Internet, of privacy and the rest.

You think about the scope and individual aspects of the future as it may relate to yourself.

Roma holds up a mirror to Mexican society in so many ways, showing aspects both flattering and repulsive.

Instead, it has been seeking out a partner that would handle those aspects, while Nokia contributes design expertise, in addition to its brand.

Sextiles are helpful and communicative astrological aspects, and this one between the Sun and wild Uranus will bring some excitement to your life.

Trines are super easy aspects, suggesting harmony and flow.

The Russian government, clearly, is systematically very sophisticated at the technical and social engineering aspects of hacking.

There are so many aspects of making it in an artist today.

I wanted to talk a little bit about religion because this music… there’s so many religious aspects.

Theatre can represent certain aspects of the world and place them in a concrete story.

Massachusetts voters approved recreational marijuana last November, and Pressley hopes to convince state lawmakers to adopt some aspects of the model legislation.

Massachusetts voters approved recreational marijuana last November, and Pressley hopes to convince state lawmakers to adopt some aspects of the model legislation.

“And we splice it all together into a single feed.” Some aspects, of course, were controversial.

There are aspects of this game that are no doubt reckless, which is part of its appeal.

Researchers agree that a well-pigmented epidermis is better protected than Caucasian skin against the harmful aspects of sunlight.

The answer here will be important for just how serious both the political and the criminal aspects of the scandal are.

There are many aspects of fascism that are excluded from this simulation.

Most aspects of it can be accomplished now even though it would not be fully automated.”

“These aspects have undoubtedly been achieved at Habitat 67, and are actively being enjoyed today,” Brittain said.

In reality, our children are taught that they have every reason to criticize her, to see only the darkest historical aspects.

Dubinsky: To me, the much more interesting aspects of mobile have been the applications on top of it!

Yet certain aspects of Biden’s political persona fit uncomfortably with a changing Democratic Party, and those problems came to the fore last week.

It’s hard to ignore the performative aspects of P-Orridge’s work.

Lakota ceremonies cannot be photographed or taped because they are sacred, so documenting various aspects of the ride could be difficult.

Juggling these two aspects of the book — the conceptual and practical, if you will — is no easy task and deSouza does a good job.

Here is a look at some aspects of U.S. plans outlined in the report’s summary.

But there are problematic aspects to how the exhibition relates the past to the present.

Like the haenyeo, Kim has embraced her Korean heritage while challenging certain male-dominated aspects of the culture.

Any time that I have that dialogue with myself, that is a part of my yoga—to help me understand aspects of myself.

Quora user Pratish Ganguly pointed to the technical aspects of the game, rather than the historical, as a way of finding an answer.

aspects of Ori Gersht’s images are fused and inverted, reflections made into a world I can visually swim in.

aspects of the image are fused and inverted, reflections made into a world you can visually swim in.

Hell, even if you’ve done it before, there are aspects that can be trying and test your patience.

Christopher Schroeder: There have been some protracted battles, but at least in their procedural aspects, not many of them have been similar to this.

aspects of their surprising start.

—Colin Joyce One of the strangest aspects of the human experience is how feeling awful can suddenly and violently shift into feeling absolutely ecstatic.

In fact, the White House spin — particularly during McMaster’s Tuesday presser — ended up confirming some key aspects of the Post’s story.

“Device management is one of those overlooked aspects of IoT,” George says.

Yes, this is one of the most difficult aspects of the discussion we’re now having about morality in America.

Destruction Quartet is a meditation on four different aspects of destruction.

Police have confirmed that a knife was found on the property, but did not comment on any other aspects of the TMZ report.

For active Republican politicians, to go against Trump they must either defy their voter base or criticize aspects of the GOP ideology.

In reality, our children are taught that they have every reason to criticize her, to see only the darkest historical aspects.

Finally, to avoid noise-induced hearing loss, as with many aspects of health, a little common sense can go a long way.

And we covered the hell out of it in lots of different aspects.

However, single mothers can have a hard time finding or maintaining work that can accommodate the unpredictable aspects of having small children.

But, like most aspects of Byrne’s F1 efforts, this did not go to plan.

But despite its fantasy trappings, Game of Thrones does reflect aspects of our world.

For those who are remote, some aspects of the project will also take place online.

What aspects of this work are the museum staff and wall-text protecting me, or my kids, against?

In a retrospective in the south of France, Paz Errázuriz’s kaleidoscopic vision encompasses all aspects of life in Santiago.

Errázuriz’s kaleidoscopic vision encompasses all aspects of city life.

For active Republican politicians, to go against Trump means they must either defy their voter base or criticize aspects of the GOP ideology.

As both a parent and an analytical observer, Tucek echoes aspects of artist Mary Kelly’s Post-Partum Document (1973-1979).

But some aspects of Beautiful Boy also nudged my eyebrow up a few notches.

– As with all aspects of my life, I’m hoping that making a joke will cover up my intellectual shortcoming.

In all aspects of his art, Wikstrom was versatile.

The question is whether it is prudent at this stage to simply let doubts overwhelm other aspects.

One of the more unusual aspects of the show is the concept of “fusion.”

So it’s a way to weave together in a narrative, chronological way, all the aspects of his life.

All the aspects of his life.

As personal writings, they provide us with a more complete and democratic understanding of many aspects of the ancient world.

Ostensibly, could you enhance various aspects of cognition?

I think that those aspects of our relationship are already established, and marriage is not going to change them.”

The social aspects can be achieved through Facebook.

The sections are useful for underscoring different aspects of home, from the socio-economic and geographic to the emotional and imaginative.

“And those aspects of his positions or predispositions that don’t match up with reality he will find shaken up pretty quick.

They explore other aspects of love.

I can’t remember what aspects … You weren’t in some crazy South American country?

“We did not expect they would attack us on so many aspects,” Ren said, adding he expects a revival in business in 2021.

“Many aspects of the site are preserved as part of Historic Fort MacArthur.

There are other reasons to prefer physical media to streaming services beyond the technical aspects.

Far from not seeing through the eyes of others, Twain’s desolate Palestine is one of the least original aspects of The Innocents Abroad.

All of the arrays have capabilities to look at some aspects of all of these things.

Progressives increasingly believe that the criminal justice system is involved in far too many aspects of American life.

“You can speculate all day, by what you perceive people to do, but I think there’s two aspects to athleticism.

It’s part of a wider movement to include neurodivergent voices in all aspects of society.

We couldn’t conceivably get into the internal aspects of every organization we fund, because we fund hundreds of groups.

He acknowledges there are “unhealthy” aspects to what he’s doing, but remains committed to it.

“In many aspects of life, we’ve become less patriarchal,” he said.

Others could be unresolved — Mueller has referred some aspects of the investigation to other Justice Department prosecutors to handle.

One of the most frightening aspects of Trump’s rise has been his clear appeals to white nationalism.

At the same time, he was distant from other aspects of his heritage.

I don’t feel comfortable discussing any aspects of the terms.

Know that racism is still an evil plaguing this nation and pay attention to aspects of Jasmine’s approach.”

That may sound like refractory nonsense, but in fact it neatly describes many aspects of internet culture — in particular alt-right trolling.

There are several aspects of all the incidents that make it tougher to ask more pointed questions and elicit specific alibis.

Other artists also examined different aspects of a bewildering, shape-shifting zeitgeist and its discontents.

Kelly’s interest in Jones seems to have been spurred, in part, by a desire to probe the more human aspects of his personality.

“The vase motif connects what I do to all aspects of art.

Now it’s back for season two, which will explore different and seemingly dangerous aspects of that captivating realm.

He’s definitely changed some aspects of it absolutely.

Ora’s look was almost entirely designed by Fendi One of the most eye-catching aspects of Ora’s outfit was her glossy plaid skirt.

I’m still communicating with my higher self when I’m creating, but there are different aspects.

One of the harder-to-swallow aspects of Reichl’s 2014 novel Delicious!

In 2013, Kwong connected with the social and shareable aspects of Instagram to experiment with her art.

This imagery is especially harmful in a film that neglects to identify aspects of Chinese culture that are redeemable, aside from its scenic environment.

The aspects that drew Carol to this style has a lot to do with his personal history.

A robust critical community has arisen around gaming, with a multitude of writers taking on the social and theoretical aspects of games.

Many of exhibits geared toward young kids employ virtual reality aspects.

Under the radar, some aspects of life on Earth are getting dramatically better.

One of the people described the plans as fluid, with many aspects still not decided.

Reuters earlier quoted U.S. government and private-sector sources as saying China had backtracked on almost all aspects of a draft trade agreement.

The artist had recreated aspects of a well-known — some would say infamous — gay bar in the city’s French Quarter.

But Trump is also tapping into some of the darkest aspects of American history.

Other aspects of the book are purely humorous and mocking, as when two students stumble into a gallery opening.

It requires assimilation into a white supremacist society, which means we’ve had to deny or hide certain aspects of our culture and background.

Although both aspects must somehow be involved, it’s hard to articulate them in tandem.

Our hope is that this model provides examples of how collective decision-making may work in other aspects of the global community.

1 reason is there are certain aspects of the Obamacare framework that are not subject to the reconciliation process.

We’re actually launching something in a couple days, probably by the time this podcast is out, that incorporates more community aspects into it.

You need the psychological and mental aspects.

And so a lot of what we’re doing is certainly some editorial aspects, but it’s more about curation.

Certainly there’s many aspects of this walkout which speak to the uniqueness of Google.

I think actually, that’s one of the unattractive aspects of being in tech.

but without the problematic aspects that we’d unintentionally released into the world.”

That’s because beyond some of the fundamental aspects of the technology, little about Uber X and UberPool translates directly to Otto’s business.

One of the most impressive aspects of the exhibition is the array of printing styles, techniques, and formats brought together.

At least now when we look back at the many embarrassing aspects of our adolescence we can (partly) blame the stars.

One of the greatest aspects of our relationship is that we have gotten to know each other in a deep way.

“You’re seeing higher naphtha cuts and higher jet production,” said Robert Campbell, an analyst with Energy aspects.

It’s because many different aspects of ourselves that go into success at school have a genetic basis.

We also inherit aspects of our personality that help us make it through school, like conscientiousness.

Essentially they’re all focused on different aspects of scaling the business.

We’ve been told time and again how digitization is affecting all aspects of life, from retail purchasing to health care management.

There are a few aspects to that.

They had five clone printers on the ship, for the five aspects of god.” “Let me guess,” Vivian said.

“It has many, many aspects to it.

Even for me, it took a long time to realize what a wealth of fascinating stories come out of miserable aspects of life.

Blair told reporters on Tuesday that regulations will address all aspects of the marijuana industry from production to recreational consumption.

Those aspects of exercise can work to motivate some people, but for me, they distract.

I know that confidence on the basketball court translates into confidence in other aspects of life.

But several aspects of Ted Bundy’s story could have made for an insightful film and a much better drama.

I think there’s complexity in the technical aspects.

With MicroG, the user can even pick and choose aspects of Google Play Services to incorporate into their phone.

One of the most marvelous aspects of the Outsider Art Fair is the way in which much the work displayed is steeped in stories.

One of the most marvelous aspects of the Outsider Art Fair is the way in which much the work displayed is steeped in stories.

In heavy metal, as with many other aspects of the genre, this seems to be amplified.

And one of the most revealing aspects of Queer California is how it repositions lesbians as central players in queer history and art.

Ultimately, the researchers envision their technology being incorporated into a comprehensive speech therapy program that also offers training in other aspects of vocal quality.

Besides campaigns and incumbents, other aspects of the party apparatus have been targeted, too.

Questions surrounding various aspects of Darger’s life and how they relate to his art abound.

Others rated social networks, connections, and aspects of race, gender, and class — reasons collectively labeled as “social replicators”— to be major drivers of success.

He is a loner who has absorbed and reconfigured aspects of Gertrude Stein and H. P. Lovecraft, concrete music and gothic science fiction.

It starts with a person who, necessarily, only has relevant experience in certain aspects of the job of presidenting.

It is about a certain tradition of aestheticism — the fascination with the lavish ceremonial aspects of traditional Catholicism.

Later, in one of the best-received scenes in the play, the same actor explored the more philosophical, psychedelic aspects of ketamine.

Gallery and installation aspects of SculptureX continue at various locations in Toledo, OH, through November 11.

Democratic Representative Joe Neguse said the hearing was “productive” on pre-election aspects of Mueller’s investigation.

Using foreign currency and understanding local costs can be one of the most confusing aspects of traveling abroad.

Another theme in Lee’s work is an interest in the immaterial aspects of nature.

The Creators Project: How have you incorporated aspects of boatbuilding into your art practice?

I try to focus on the everyday rather than sensationalizing certain aspects.

Within the fiction itself, meanwhile, this revelation significantly changes our understanding of several different aspects of the story.

One of the most difficult aspects of making policy better for poor people is aligning the interests of politicians with those of the poor.

Still, as with most aspects of Detroit’s urban planning, it’s difficult to imagine pure motives behind the eviction.

Trump has promised to repeal Obamacare, while Hillary Clinton has praised it but said she would work to improve aspects of it.

Among the more intriguing aspects of Ringe’s work is the thoroughness of its self-analysis: nothing, not even randomness, is done without a reason.

But in fact Ringe’s connection to the transcendent or mystical aspects of Beuys’s belief system is more metaphorical than not.

In a kind of Jungian way, she was interested in finding the archetypal aspects of children’s art.

As with many aspects of the US criminal justice system, low-level crime enforcement disproportionately falls on poor people of color.

And how do we explore all those aspects?

You determine the good aspects of the interaction between technology and human nature, and pursue those.

Could it be used in other aspects of our lives–like our homes?

In Quach’s work, however, any moralizing aspects are removed.

One of the installation’s strengths, I think, is connecting the mechanized bodies and object relations characteristic of Fordism to psychological aspects of work.

What kind of politics, what sort of social aspects is art capable of handling?

But human metabolism is too complex to allow you to manipulate any aspect of it without affecting other aspects.

Don’t think of a workout as a way to burn fat, unless you’re confident you can manage all aspects of the energy-balance puzzle.

Yet because Marvel’s movies are strong in other aspects and its heroes are charismatic, its villain issues have never truly hurt its films.

In previous instances where weak oil exports have hurt the loonie, other aspects of the Canadian economy have picked up the slack.

Of course, there are some positive aspects to this deal for the taxpayers.

One of the other alarming aspects of Trump’s rise to power is that he won, in part, by inciting racist tendencies.

Since Maple Match is swipe-free, Goldman said, the matches are based on “deal-breakers” and other aspects of dating that matter most.

What aspects of Montreal have you come to appreciate?Honestly, it’s the people.

When you gain acceptance and greater measures of equality, you lose some aspects of your identity that were built around marginalization.

We do have a unique way of breaking up our topics, switching off between aspects of a story.

In many aspects, men and women lived in more egalitarian partnerships in the GDR than in West Germany.

The passion behind this rivalry has exposed some of the uglier aspects of the modern game.

Though using symbols and iconography Sadeghi refers directly to Iranian history and mythology, there are aspects that are universally significant.

Then try to keep from using aspects of my old identity and my new one and leave everyone behind and start a new life.

These aspects of Initiative Q have raised the most suspicion.

Three experiences tackled different aspects of the current refugee crisis—Invisible, Home: Aamir, We Wait—while others examined issues of epilepsy and blindness.

One of the most difficult aspects of making policy better for poor people is aligning the interests of politicians with those of the poor.

There are important aspects of any university where it’s critical to not leave the students in charge of the big decisions.

I think what’s missing here is an initiation into the performative aspects of Bailey’s work.

All of these are currently hosting different aspects of an exclusive exhibition of works by Ai Weiwei, titled Natural State.

The controversy, naturally enough, focused on the most contentious aspects of the bill rather than on the most broadly popular.

Rather, he absorbed aspects of various styles and, in the cauldron of his art practice, welded them to his personal and cultural history.

That first time onstage, with all the aspects of a production coming together (lights, costumes, sets, sound, props, etc.)

Showrunners manage all aspects of a TV series’ production, from conceptualizing stories in the writers’ room to editing each episode in post-production.

We hope aspects in a sentence examples were helpful.