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So far, most chatter around a Clinton presidency involves big plans like infrastructure reform and new Supreme Court appointments.

He’s going to be asking our men and women in uniform to risk their lives in conflicts around the world.

This week, two more things happened that make it seem like that cloud will be staying around for a while.

around Butte County, upward of 52,000 people have been forced to evacuate due to the Camp Fire.

On the morning of November 8, Jenkins watched as the sky turned orange, and embers and ash fluttered around her house in Paradise.

By the time she returned home, the Camp Fire had spread around her house.

Through 2022, Volkswagen Group and its joint-venture partners will invest around 15 billion euros in e-mobility, autonomous driving and other areas.

It is easy to rally people around specific, upsetting provisions in a piece of legislation.

It’s much more difficult to organize a protest around unprecedented norm-breaking and lack of good faith.

Kylie and Jordyn weren’t alone, there were some mutual friends around to help break the ice.

By all accounts, Kylie’s peace summit with Jordyn went well and it seems like they’re getting more comfortable being around each other.

Defiant, cackling melodic guitar parts dance effortlessly around a bottomless pit of doom.

Though in a city of 15 million, the number of people coming out to a show is around 150.

(Reuters) – Roman Catholic leaders in Texas on Thursday identified around 300 priests and others accused of sexually abusing children.

The majority of the priests identified in Texas have died, as is the case in most dioceses around the country.

The U.S. will run alone around the track.

Huawei employs around 2,000 people in Hungary, where it has invested $1.2 billion since 2005 according to company figures.

And then hopefully I’ll continue to make music for a long time, travel around the world and get to know new, creative people.

That way, he would probably have enough time to get his name on ballots around the country in time for November.

You have a lot more players who are bigger and taller, but they don’t seem to be sacrificing their movement around the court.

As I’ve said many times, I’m not sure why it turned around.

There was a lot of attention when I was walking to the practice court and trying to practice, just a lot of people around.

They agreed Jeremy would pay around $16k for support and another $24k for her lawyer and accountant.

Since taking over German IT firm Comparex earlier this year, SoftwareONE employs around 5,500 people.

It means Sanders has to beat Clinton by around 58 percent to 42 percent pretty much constantly.

On Tuesday, I called around various Cabela’s locations to inquire about their in-store supply of bump stocks.

Gasps echoed around the courtroom as the verdict was read.

Washington said black children and teenagers across the country can now walk around a little safer because officers know they will be held accountable.

around a quarter of a million tickets have been sold for the week with around 70,000 expected to follow the action on Friday.

There are also 18 huge jumbotrons around the grounds to keep fans up-to-date with all the day’s twists and turns.

around the world, some 47 million people are currently living with dementia — including more than 5 million Americans.

Even they would have struggled to get their heads around this goal from Shaun Williams, because it’s absolutely twatting magical.

The biggest concern around Snapchat appears to be tied to user growth.

Remember the fiasco around President Obama’s “if you like your health insurance, you can keep it”?

(Added up, the Sanders-friendly states like Kansas, Nebraska, Idaho, Wyoming, and Oregon have around the same number of delegates as Clinton-friendly Illinois.)

We’ve seen some pretty tough stuff come up recently around the cultural appropriation debates.

around 4% of people living amid armed conflict had moderate mental health illness, and for severe conditions the prevalence was 5%.

The next few weeks will be major around cash and self-worth.

Venus retrograde begins in fellow water sign Scorpio today, asking you to reconsider your beliefs around Venusian themes like love, beauty, and money.

It produces around 90% of photoresists, according to a government report.

They have a worse chance of being upwardly mobile if they grow up in a racially segregated environment with no white people around.

around midnight, the show begins.

“We’ve been around a long time.

That means Snapchat has now raised around $1.4 billion in total.

Citibank took control of gold for around $400 million BCV was supposed to repay in 2020.

around campus, he says, kids seem more relaxed since they’re not juggling as much work early in the day.

For those who’ve been following Trump’s rhetoric around MS-13, the comments came as no surprise.

For those who’ve been following Trump’s rhetoric around MS-13, the comments came as no surprise.

The local tribe appear to have been supplanted by the newcomers around 4,200 BC, as demonstrated by new funeral rites, pottery and hamlets.

“Our society has grown around alcohol and it has always brought humans together.

It is wages and economic issues, it’s issues around reproductive freedom and criminal justice reform and inequality,” he added.

It is wages and economic issues, it’s issues around reproductive freedom and criminal justice reform and inequality.

I think what you will see is what you always see around these issues.

We’ve been dealing with censorship around multimedia, about multinational companies and the content they create for a very long time.

I would say one of the big fails of this week has been this conversation around likability around Elizabeth Warren.

A culture around her for reasons good and bad decided that.

Based on what we’re seeing around the edges.

I have concerns around kind of Washington-speak.

He promised his parents that he would use baseball to support them, to turn their lives around.

Just a normal gung-ho kid goin’ around talking about music,” said Boutte.

There’s a fair amount of trash, recyclables, and cigarette butts lying around, and everyone smells… rather natural.

So that’s where this Brew, this drink, comes in—it’s enslaving people around the world.

One is that they’re so big and scary it can be difficult for people to wrap their heads around.

Somewhere around noon, a security guard noticed the broken window and called police.

When the seasons change, he feels himself physically rejuvenate along with the wildlife around him, he says.

For one, he emerged from the Soyuz landing capsule Tuesday around 1.5 inches taller than he was before the mission.

After a few years, their unremitting kindness wore me down, and “fundamentally incompatible” stopped circling around my head.

The four-hour documentary describes in detail how Jackson allegedly manipulated those around him to gain access to young boys.

But that doesn’t make much sense: Medicare is a program that has been around for 60 years, one that is well-established.

Obamacare has been around for five.

Portuguese officials estimate that by the late 1990s roughly one percent of Portugal’s population, around 100,000 people, were heroin users.

I collaborated with producers from around the world, subtitled their videos in Urdu, and released them on our platform.

We went early and we joined around 200 protesters.

Every single cocktail is a story or something very personal to me, or something I can kind of weave the cocktail around.

Argentina’s grid “collapsed” around 7 a.m. (1100 GMT), leaving the entire country without power, Argentina’s Energy Secretariat said.

In Libya, our consulate, the symbol of American prestige around the globe was brought down in flames.

The woman says Kelly asked her to strut around and pose like a model … and convinced her to take sexy photos.

Fighting for the well-being of women and girls around the world.

Interserve shares rose around 5% in early trading.

She used to work with victims of domestic violence before she was recruited by Cook County around the same time that Dinschel switched jobs.

GAYCATION follows Ellen and Ian as they set off to explore LGBT cultures around the world.

His stint as premier this time around is harder, said Mahathir, in part because of the challenge of rebuilding and restaffing key ministries.

This time around, I had to form a new government with people who have no experience.

Taking a seat at his desk next to two large computer screens, he swivels his black office chair to gaze around the room.

“I was super amazed at all these gay people like me walking around,” he says.

Vogue Knights officially starts at 11PM, but the competitions only heat up around 2 AM, leaving the floor to serious ballroom dancers and fans.

Mike will DJ the party from start to finish, from 11 PM to around 5 AM.

After the show, hanging around outside the venue waiting to get paid, his frustration is clear.

“Big Freedia ruined my set!,” he says to Cakes, loud enough for the dozen or so friends clustered around them to hear.

“Although it was injected with tranquilisers it could be captured only around 20.15 local time when the medication took full effect.”

“Although it was injected with tranquilisers it could be captured only around 20.15 local time when the medication took full effect.”

Pascal Lemieux: Yeah, we’ve been around for 25 years, and we started as an army surplus store.

These math skills may have been an important factor in the extraordinary evolutionary success of honeybees around the world.

“I was always around and helping emerging artists because they wanted to get on my shows for free just to show themselves,” he remembers.

As The Intercept first revealed, DragonFly would censor certain search terms, in particular around human rights.

The Intercept noted the project has been in development since spring 2017, and involved around 300 employees.

“Canadians, we’re polite, we’re reasonable, but we also will not be pushed around.”

“Canadians, we’re polite, we’re reasonable, but we also will not be pushed around.”

“POTUS is not going to let a Canadian prime minister push him around, push him, POTUS, around on the eve of this.

However, it’s difficult to ignore the fact that the primary creative team around Kubo isn’t Japanese.

He scowls and stomps around, and he always seems like he’s putting on an act.

Then people around the world can download that data and process it into stunning color pictures.

Juno makes an elliptical orbit around Jupiter.

One night the following week, after dinner, my family gathered around the dining room table.

We can talk anywhere and anytime!” On many foreign policy issues, Trump’s ideological compass seems to spin around like a propeller.

“It’s because of a little something called contract negotiations and it’s gotten complicated this time around.”

But this time around, that rhetoric seems to have been replaced by frustration at the Turner Broadcasting executives in charge of their contracts.

But in the footage, Brown turns around and returns the cigarillos — presumably so the clerk can hold them until Brown comes back later.

The video that was previously released by police, however, showed Brown at this exact same store around 11 hours later.

As family members sit around the table, it’s likely some form of recognisable music will come tooting from the speakers.

Here are a list of new-ish songs to listen to while inebriated and around your immediate family this festive season.

You’re bobbing around sober for a while, until suddenly the DJ flicks a switch.

But to bring it back around to our conversation—guns are not the problem, video games are not the problem.

And because of companies like Rmory, the weapons we’re running around with are, for better or worse, surprisingly authentic.

Gates strongly supports personalized education as the primary way kids around the world should learn.

That was when they were … those were outfitted cars that we drove around the area, the Google campus area.

So the third one, it was 60 miles driving around on roads.

Gone it went, which makes them get around, essentially.

And those goals were because just to show … to have hype around it or have proof that you could do these things?

And so, I think what this can do is, so much of getting around is just mundane.

Like around a university, where there’s no other humans or … No it’ll … No driving cars.

People move around.

There’s no more horses around.

For Nest, some of the business’s difficulties stemmed from internal clashes, primarily around the acquisition of security-camera startup Dropcam, which soured dramatically.

Paps got the couple Tuesday showing some extreme PDA while strolling around Buenos Aires before Abel’s gig later this week.

WeWork acquired it for around $200 million, according to Axios.

In the United States, around 735,000 people each year have a heart attack.

All that said, Yeh, the research cardiologist, says there’s still a lot of optimism around these scores.

Zimbabwe was never among the world’s top producers: output peaked at around 15,000 tonnes in the late 1990s.

So I started messing around and I wrote one too.

There are hundreds — god, maybe thousands now — of different teatox companies around the world, the vast majority of which are independently owned.”

“There are hundreds — god, maybe thousands now — of different teatox companies around the world, the vast majority of which are independently owned.”

Back then, Selter had around 1.3 million followers; she now has 9 million, thanks to her famous “belfies”.

After dating Vine star Curtis Lepore, Felske developed a nice-but-modest following of around 45,000 followers.

His home is palatial … set around a golf course that Trump hits up when he’s there.

Amazon is paying around $50 million for the 10 games it will show next fall, according to a person familiar with the deal.

I noticed that you have that very specific communication you have to have with kids around that age.

Months before her death, she fears her lack of artistic success is a disappointment to those around her.

Air pollution isn’t causing all the dementia we see around us.

As a society, we can choose to design better communities around some of this knowledge.

Daryl Easton was hanging with a plastic bag over his head and an electrical cord around his neck.

Harper’s published a similar essay at around the same time, and was also pounded for it.

Contracts for annual supply are typically not agreed until around the time of the Asia Copper Week conference in Shanghai in November.

The games, captured by commercial satellites passing high above, have generated headlines around the world — and more than a few “Top Gun” jokes.

The games, captured by commercial satellites passing high above, have generated headlines around the world — and more than a few “Top Gun” jokes.

Daniel Tarullo will resign from the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors on or around April 5, according to a statement on Friday.

For the postcard series, Kippenberger poses as the consummate tourist in tourist havens around the United States.

While the artist sits, his companion stands, wrapping one arm around Kippenberger’s shoulder and shaking his hand with the other arm.

Right now, most microgrids around the world rely on diesel generators, which are polluting and loud, so they’re not very green.

It can also provide grid services to the larger grid around it.

In the meantime, there are a gazillion reports floating around.

Ukiyo-e, or pictures of the floating world, emerged around 1660 in the form of monochrome prints, and tended to have erotic themes.

Yet it’s worth remembering that when 2015 began, Sanders trailed Clinton by around 40 points in the Granite State.

“All companies usually try to take into account changing factors that are going on around them.

So basically, she created a fashion collection around the idea that food brought people together.

From there I wrote the music around it, Alex mixed it… Job done.

America traditionally stands and fights for democracy around the world, at least in theory, and Maduro is clearly no democratic champion.

This time around in Miami, the failures felt real.

Beaches around Mobile, Alabama were washed by storm-driven waves, said Stephen Miller, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service.

In the docs, Antonette says Rich has been shelling out $4,500 for her rent and around $3k in other expenses.

It is about a sense of place and being around people and celebration.

For God’s sake just do it around people.

I should also say that I always try to center my musical portrait films around special moments in the lives of my artist-subjects.

Here, we rounded up a list of 10 of the most amazing waterfalls around the world.

The culmination of her residency, Rachal Bradley’s conceptual exhibition, Interlocutor, revolves around low-fi remedies to our high-fi, high-tech institutional ills.

The culmination of her residency, Rachal Bradley’s conceptual exhibition, Interlocutor, revolves around low-fi remedies to our high-fi, high-tech institutional ills.

When she won Best Supporting Actress for Julia, Redgrave threw around some strong fighting words, which were met with boos and hisses.

Dodd’s paintings on aluminum generally measure around 5 by 7 inches.

An army of thousands of interviewers are sent to hundreds of polling places around the country.

Some stress around work, school, and your commute will pop up today, so give yourself extra time.

Lots of talk around career and your reputation will begin happening, too, now that Mercury is in Libra.

Are you interested in more discussions around health care policy?

This is around a third of the number of firms currently certified to assess medical products.

For most of its lifespan, it was happy to soar around with its comet buddies in the frozen Kuiper Belt surrounding the solar system.

You can feel the newlywed love … as they played around in the water.

– Disney’s library of kids’ content dwarfs Netflix’s, with over 700 titles compared to around 400, according to Barclays.

After Trump’s election, they refused to include Democrats in conversations around repealing the ACA and rushed through an error-ridden tax cut bill.

around the Philadelphia refinery, air quality had not yet been cited as a problem.

But HF is risky because it forms dense vapor clouds low to the ground that can easily move into the communities around refineries.

Much more than that was contained by water spray cannons around the burning unit.

Are you interested in more discussions around health care policy?

around 8 PM last Thursday, a loud pop pierced the quiet streets of Southeast Seminole Heights, a suburban neighborhood in Tampa, Florida.

Mitchell was shot on October 9 around 9 PM while waiting for a bus.

Usually, they’d meet a sticky end at the hands of their male oppressors but this time around, Björk has changed the ending.

The rhetoric on the right around the Kavanaugh allegations represents a large group whose crimes are disconnected from punishment.

Death Is Elsewhere was shot at 2am in South Iceland around the time of the summer solstice.

Fernandez’s attorneys have valued his estate around $2-3 million.

Police claim 11 officers were injured by the protestors and told AFP they have filed cases against around 3,200 people for vandalism and assault.

around 40 percent of the population is without any access to electricity, according to the Ministry of Power.

Then, around 9:30 into his rant takes aim at the Jews.

Omega bronzer to add warmth around the face and cheekbones.

Watch the video to learn more about how sushi’s practical beginnings helped make the food’s mark in cuisine around the world.

Living and working conditions vary around the world, with differing visa requirements, paid maternity leave and cost of living.

In the US, the average cost of rent stands at $1,671, while transport comes in at around $94.

Here’s a moment, from some time around 1974.

Check out the video that Ciara shot … Russell is aggressively chomping on a stick of gum as he maneuvers the chopper around CenturyLink Field.

around Morgan’s halfway point, a major new character enters the story.

Chicago soybeans futures contracts for May delivery fell 2 percent, closing at around $10.15 per bushel, retracing some losses after a 5 percent plunge.

Today I say to Mr. Putin: we will not allow you to undermine American democracy or democracies around the world.

around the world we have witnessed the rise of demagogues who once in power use their positions to loot the state of its resources.

Orienting US national security strategy around terrorism essentially allowed a few thousand violent extremists to dictate policy for the most powerful nation on earth.

They went around the room that day in December, introducing themselves one by one.

Other work around issues like self-driving cars is well under way.

Last month, the rest of his restaurant chain in Britain folded, leaving around 1,000 people without jobs as branches ceased trading immediately.

“If you look at our production, it is hovering around 10 million bpd so we do have additional spare capacity,” he said.

She can nudge what happens around the edges, but that’s about it.

But the caucus isn’t entirely united around this strategy.

Stages: Drawing the Curtain continues at various locations around Winnipeg through September 4.

A teaspoon of neutron star weighs around 10 million tons.

For me, it’s a real problem to communicate just with intellectuals around the world.

You’ll leave the Industry City event with a greater appreciation for makers and a life centered around the tradition of craft.

Issues around power will come up for you to work with tonight.

Issues around power are important to consider this evening.

Redditor reddripper put together this excellent map of what “the beautiful game” is called around the world.

They were all around her: June Glasson noticed the Nutz immediately when she moved from from Bangkok, Thailand to Laramie, Wyoming.

That’s when I started playing around with making uteri I could hang off a the back of a car.”

It could also be because neither of them understands how to be around other humans.

They were excellent all around.

Booker is averaging between 2 and 3 percent in public polling, putting him around seventh place in the crowded field of candidates.

She says Stormy said, “picture this, Donald Trump chasing me around the bedroom in his tighty-whities.”

Walmart’s VR push represents how the traditional calculus around retail employees has changed, according to Gartner’s Hetu.

“Now, they’ve turned things around, in part using technology to give employees more information.

Here, he reflects on his experience and the deadly social mores that kill around 1,000 people in Pakistan each year.

Here, he reflects on his experience and the deadly social mores that kill around 1,000 people in Pakistan each year.

But part of the buzz around his rise is tied up in a broader seismic shift in American politics.

Watch “Cold Turkey: New Hampshire’s Prison Detox” Read “The Golden Age of Drug Trafficking: How Meth, Cocaine, and Heroin Move around the World”

Excitement around a financial issue will arrive this evening, Pisces!

6:24 AM PT 6/4 — Law enforcement sources tell us Janet expressed she was worried Wissam was using drugs around her child.

And researchers are trying to paint a more complete picture of how the virus is afflicting Indigenous populations around the world.

And researchers are trying to paint a more complete picture of how the virus is afflicting Indigenous populations around the world.

There are 36.7 million people living with HIV around the world, 1.8 million of whom are children, according to the United Nations.

There is a lack of research around HIV in Indigenous populations, said Dr. Luis Loures, deputy executive director of UNAIDS.

The Moon is in fellow Earth sign Capricorn, sending you majorly good vibes around romance!

The president’s recent Kobach endorsement is another sign of Trump fashioning the Republican Party around loyalty to him.

Visit Markets Insider for constantly updated market quotes for individual stocks, ETFs, indices, commodities and currencies traded around the world.

This one-room exhibition is most interesting when it walks around the intersection of many worlds.

It did not detail discussions around the question of steep online discounts.

Right, I was around for that.

Not sure he took full advantage of his earliness, but he certainly was around, compared to other Hollywood people.

I think Ted was still around, Ted Leonsis was still around.

I don’t hang around with a lot of young women teens.

There’s usually a single company and a small ecosystem around it.

One is around the migration of video consumption from television to mobile and online.

You do walk around San Francisco and everybody’s doing this, staring at their phones, which is fascinating.

I know they declared victory and ran around.

I also think that specifically around investing, the micro trumps the macro.

It seems a little more serious around drones and cars and health care.

I think there has been a widening of the aperture because of some technology advancements, specifically around AI.

Facebook has slowly come around to the fact that perhaps they have some impact, “Oh, no, no we don’t.

It’s not necessarily around politics.

There were some “extraordinary” losses in the Square books, to the tune of around $43 million, and naturally those books needed some balancing.

Following the debate, Trump wandered amongst the reporters gathered around a metal pen the Secret Service hastily built for him after the debate ended.

In the press release, Lundvall says that this new set is reflective of his music’s longtime relation with the world around it.

“My strongest and most meaningful memories revolve around a park, a field, a quiet room or an empty beach.

The more Trump mucks around with American alliances, the more unstable the world becomes — making a large military conflict more imaginable.

And could Trump mucking around with a pillar of the global order, American alliances, put it in jeopardy?

The race to rescue them gripped public attention as experts from around the world volunteered to help.

A multiparty Congress would be a stronger Congress, because less of Congress would be oriented around two parties competing for narrow majorities.

“At that time, I was talking about a lot of issues around racial reconciliation in our community.

It made fellow troops and commanding officers think harder about the people around them.

Their tongues will grow nimble as they wrap a black band around their hearts.

Later, I could be found sprawled in the hallway with empty bags of Cheetos, Doritos, and Milky Way wrappers strewn around me like flowers.

In recent years, mass incarceration’s cost has typically been estimated to be in the ballpark of around $80 billion a year.

And there is plenty of rich public conversation today around gun control and a more inclusive America.

He has been vague on what he would do to spur an economy that has averaged growth at around 6 percent under Aquino.

Powerful shifts take place this evening, Pisces, especially around how you view the world and your belief systems.

The metal has added around $100 in the past week alone.

Starting at age 16, Danes can buy beer and wine around the clock from any convenience store.

In comparison, authorities in mainland China, where the anniversary remains taboo, deployed a security blanket in and around Tiananmen Square.

Earlier that day, in Oklahoma, the same candidate had inveighed against the protesters who followed him around the country.

Back to painting, I’m obsessed with Francis Bacon all around.

around 20 people were killed since the sit-in began.

Robinson was a known critic of illicit drug activity around Wingate.

Robinson was a known critic of illicit drug activity around Wingate.

around three hours and 45 minutes in, Nichols, exasperated, asks CARB staff to show their price forecast.

Officers killed Younes Abouyaaqoub, 22, around 4pm local time (CEST) on Monday afternoon in the Spanish town of Subirats, 32km west of Barcelona.

The waves of new abortion restrictions tend to cluster around specific approaches to regulation.

Our planning process was built around the strategy and around the best way to operate that strategy.

The government will next year offer privatisation projects in the education sector with investments worth around 1 billion riyals, according to the interview.

They have this glow around them, and they have a limited window of opportunity to seize on that.

If you were near the collision, everything around you would stretch and squash as though you were looking into a funhouse mirror.

“I was at a professional football club who had a duty to protect children, and there were hundreds of children running around that place.

Is the black river they’ve gathered around in fact a pool of oil, the engine of wealth for the Bushes and Cheneys?

William Buchina: In and around the Water continues at Slag Contemporary (81 Grand Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn) through April 3.

In fact, Assad was widely understood to be losing ground around the country — and possibly his grip on power.

By December, they had made significant advances around the city and, by February 2016, had nearly surrounded it.

This sort of siege is illegal under international law, but Assad has been doing it for years around the country.

Just because Apple shuffled things around a couple months ago didn’t mean it was out of the car business.

We’re simply creating new technologies and then organizing our lives around them after they’ve already overwhelmed us.

People are saying, “This is making me crazy; my phone is leading me around.

And then they’ll turn around and go, ‘Well, you guys don’t have any stars.’ Because you didn’t put any of them on!

Shares of the company have fallen by around $120 in 2019 and were trading at around $222 before the bell on Wednesday.

Huge cages of wood fill the railway arch enclosure, knots and gravy-coloured striations snarling back at me as we prowl around the cages.

People get their first dose of mumps immunization (together with measles and rubella) around age 1, and a second dose a year later.

It can lead to painful swelling around the ears and jaw, as well as in the pelvis and testicles.

For mumps, researchers believe the threshold should hover around 92 percent to prevent outbreaks.

In the US right now, herd immunity for mumps typically falls around 90 percent.

First, DNA was taken from 38 large seizures made around the world between 2006 and 2015.

There are collective actions — I helped start a Parents and Carers group at MoMA to organize around these issues — and individual ones too.

Woo!” That identity kind of eclipsed a lot of other things — and an awareness around racial politics and intersectionality.

This is so not okay.” Once they turned around and saw me, they stopped talking.

For far too long, we’ve been nibbling around the edges at it.

I think that there are so many people who look around and say this just isn’t working.

The construction was designed around a vertical fold in the rock, dividing the geometry of the house and allowing for windows and terraces.

We need to rally around and be passionate about these issues.

The good news is, so will everyone else around you including your date.

So, you actually drove around and took pictures?

And if there’s dead bodies lying around, then they’re gonna have a lot of blood on them.

And especially around their mouths, it was really interesting to look, especially the teeth, actually, some of the teeth were pretty awful.

With an accent that was “sort of British,” though Mrs. Lowenstein was not British, “she walked around as if she owned the Plaza.”

What’d ya do after raging around Philly all day in a Super Bowl parade?

“I started ignoring the mission and just going around in the submarine and just having a look at what was there.

“I know it’s not gonna be around for years,” he says.

The pages also organized around 190 events between August 2015 and January 2019.

Russia’s continuing intransigence is the greatest yoke around the necks of Russia’s athletes,” the statement reads.

All six are polling nationally around 1% or less.

The shootings reportedly occurred in the area around Boelter Hall, one of the school’s engineering buildings.

The shootings reportedly occurred in the area around Boelter Hall, one of the school’s engineering buildings.

According to Chowhound, Belgian waffles are bigger all around — in diameter and thickness — and also have deeper square pockets than their American counterparts.

Rubber feet keep the unit from sliding around and the lid is weighted so it doesn’t pop open.

around the web professional reviewers, including those at Top 10 Reviews, Best Products, and Best Reviews, recommend the Black & Decker 3-in-1 Waffle Maker.

around the time of Trump’s inauguration, he met Elliott Broidy, a business executive and a top Trump fundraiser.

The paintings are perfectly square (36 by 36 inches) and hung at equal intervals around one of the CMCA’s large spaces.

“Having been in this business for such a long time, there is great nostalgia around book fairs,” says Boyko.

Security is tight, with Chinese and other foreign visitors driven around in convoys of soldiers and armed police.

CPS removed her around 11:30 AM … and cops responded for the white powder around noon.

All year, we’re highlighting 50 States of Art projects around the United States, starting with Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, Utah, and Florida.

They are home to around 7,500 Brits, including service personnel, UK-based civilians, and their families.

He said his upbringing on the British military base was “great” because there were loads of people around and it was clean.

I walk around the tapestry, which rests on the floor, in an attempt to see its contents more clearly.

The sun and the heat are the biggest factors you have to work around.

The ‘Art Under Threat’ report records incidents of censorship, violence, and persecution against artists around the world.

The only difference was I was 19, and in the movie, he’s around 25.

They’re just dirty, bad, corrupt cops that need to be booted out of the profession to clean it up all around.

But suddenly, and to the surprise of reporters and other observers, Republican senators have coalesced around a new plan championed by Sens.

Other times people were hanging around, and I didn’t want to have to explain what I was doing.

around the time of Trump’s inauguration, he met Elliott Broidy, a business executive and a top Trump fundraiser.

That matters since the North Korean air force has around 1,000 planes.

Communication means not just wrapping our heads around terms we use but the actual framework through which we perceive reality.

Providers around the country say a wave of strict anti-abortion bills is making patients think the procedure has been outlawed.

Whatever the reason, New Balance officially makes the least-woke kicks around.

Yet they remain compelling examples of looking closely at the world around us.

But if you look around the country, in places like Kansas City, the mob also had influence there.

May set out a “generous offer” of a “time-limited” transition period of around two years on the “current terms” of the UK’s membership.

Other people being sick If someone around me is sick, my solution previously would have been to leave.

And now there’s a life-sized one flying about the fields and abandoned buildings around Saratov, Russia.

And because office spaces often have forced air systems, those “clouds” of viral particles could get pushed around and into your space.

I paused and thought about turning around before I opened the door.

Honey has raised around $40 million in venture capital from Anthos Capital and others to date.

And Michael suffered from myocarditis, which is an inflammation in or around the heart, often caused by infection.

But then we started playing around, and all of a sudden we had this disco jam going on.

On September 15, New York’s EDC solicited submissions for places around the city where Amazon could call home.

Are you interested in more discussions around health care policy?

I jumped on the back of his bike and he showed me around.

When we arrived I saw his tiny daughter in this little shack connected to the tombs, with bones and toys all around her.

All the tombs around were smashed open and empty.

And he would go around the ledge and do it again.

31-year-old Maybin was pulled over around 2:25 AM on Friday morning after cops say he was speeding and swerving in Scottsdale.

– Maggie, 38 “Played death metal around the clock.”

It was going to cost around £11, minus the £3 from the promo code.

There were no drivers around — Taxify was officially meant to launch the next day — so we opted for the 45-minute tube journey instead.

And relying on two ride-hailing apps meant he could boost his earnings rather than waiting around for someone to summon a ride on Uber.

At Play in the Carceral State is a week-long series investigating play in, around, and about prisons and prison culture.

You don’t want it rattling around.

There are endless materials around the prison that can be carved into dice, like soap, aspirin, and deodorant.

France spends around 1.8 percent of GDP on defense.

Divide the meat into 8 equal pieces and, using your hands, press the meat around the skewer.

Finally, we look at the history of basic income around the world and deconstruct the policy itself.

I wanted to be around her and spend time with her.

Ever walked around the newer parts of a city and thought it all sort of looked weirdly familiar?

The lack of clarity around the church’s position on transgender identity has consequences for trans Catholics.

Motherboard has been reporting on issues around GrayKey, a small, relatively cheap device that is capable of unlocking fully up-to-date iPhones. Google has far greater local data for advertisers and than anyone else, which is why Facebook’s efforts around local matter to Google.

Last year, around 32 million usernames and passwords for Twitter accounts surfaced.

Laughing as I walk out the door, I turn around to look at the house one more time.

Photographer Fábio Teixeira spent seven months in and around Vila Mimosa, trying to capture the neighborhood’s spirit for VICE Brazil.

The majority of these taxpayer subsidies — around $20 billion — contribute to overfishing by making it artificially cheap to hunt for fish.

If we want to ensure that there are enough fish around for future generations, subsidy reform wouldn’t be a bad place to start.

Unfortunately, not every country around the world has been equally prudent.

Auther also noted that Minter’s involvements in commercial campaigns will likely always problematize the narrative around her.

It is the world around me and I’m commenting on it.

around that time, many young Kashmiris started rallying around Burhan Wani, who had left home at the age of 15 to join the insurgency.

Thousands were injured, including around 700 who sustained eye injuries from the use of pellet guns by security forces, it said.

You went around for three years interviewing lots of different people from tech, everywhere.

Here’s the thing that I … It’s all based originally around sexual harassment, which is the …

Right now at Google there’s a lawsuit around that code review.

Just some cool stock photo Millennials chilling around bein’ political.

It’s practically a given that it would end on a logic-stretching plot while simultaneously rolling around in self-congratulatory glee at its own cleverness.

In January, the Nikkei reported that Foxconn had let go around 50,000 contract workers in China since October.

Through this vaccine, which they’re calling PrimeBEE, Freitak and Salmela have found a way around a roadblock in insect immunological research.

People from around the country said they’d been inspired by the Parkland students to make the trip to D.C.

It’s ridiculous they should be around people.

You’re not surprised or shocked anymore.” Walters hopes that the renewed energy around the gun control debate means that something may actually change.

“He was an all around good kid,” said Francis.

It’s ridiculous they should be around people.

Concern over Rosenstein’s position comes as special counsel Mueller has tightened his circle around Trump and his allies in recent weeks.

Chase was a passenger in a BMW cops pulled over Tuesday around 10 AM in Hollywood.

“Finding like-minded communities, even if they might be organized around self-harm — can actually have some positive effects,” Comer says.

Although Kleiner’s case is exceptional, around 35 percent of women around the world have experienced physical or sexual violence.

200-plus million people each month are watching Tastemade around the world, and they’re consuming about two billion streams.

Some of our content we’re traveling around the world exploring really interesting things or restaurants or cultures.

I think a billion-plus people around the world view it in the same light.

They have some new initiatives that they’re doing, whether it’s around their subscription service or even around YouTube TV.

But, with what they’re doing around their subscription service, they are picking shows and creating original programming specifically for their platform.

If there’s still a taboo around erotic art in Las Vegas, rest assured: Dr. Laura Henkel is breaking it.

This year, that number has grown to over 300 from around the world.

And observatories around the world and in space picked up on it too.

You open the app and you use it to check what’s around you.

From there on, you can travel around, discovering gyms (which, like Poké Stops, are tied to real-world landmarks) and claim them for your team.

The lofty market valuations will be in sharp focus with the first-quarter earnings season around the corner.

Lewandowski: Traffic was initially very low, but it was almost doubling every month around 2001-2002.

Amazon and eBay were around, but they weren’t really what they are today.

Because Butt thinks that they’re just going to sit around eating Oreo Cakesters all day, getting fat on the government’s bill.

“We’ve joked around that we’re trying to give our algorithm a liberal arts education,” Bastidas said.

Think of power demand (“load”) as spiking each day around midday, like a mountain; as demand rose, new tiers of plants were brought online.

In 2018, she lost it by 21.4 points — and lost her reelection bid due to similar rural swings around the state.

These results were mirrored around the country.

“Tax reform is going to be great for the economy … but I don’t think people are waiting around,” Donofrio said.

Exhibit 2: Rose was also there for the notorious 2017 Gordon Hayward injury (you thought this would be easy to watch this time around?!).

The publicity around the arrest is ironic considering that Fairey is a commercial street artist whose work tends to appear in areas undergoing gentrification.

The dispute comes at time when aviation deaths around the world have been falling.

I don’t leave my stuff out around people.

Catch the full-length Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer during halftime, likely around 10 PM EST.

I was living with three girls in a ground floor flat, and around 3AM one evening my housemate went to the bathroom.

She heard something and turned around and realized that there was a guy with his face to the window, watching her.

You’ve got to remember at that time, there was nothing around here.

It was mad, crazy, there so many people around, and so much entertainment.

The story broke around 11 am.

The things that get talked about around a table don’t get talked about anywhere else.”

Maternity leave has long been something network TV shows have had to work around.

While the villagers feasted, men walked around passing out coktéls, a potent drink made with singani, a grape brandy produced locally in the Andes.

The legislature also passed an “Amazon tax” that would bring in around $20 million in additional funding.

The legislature also passed an “Amazon tax” that would bring in around $20 million in additional funding.

Now, my first answer was ten crocodiles and five gorillas, but I came around on the eagles for one very important reason: sight.

You have this armada of birds throwing rats around like weapons.

Meanwhile, you’re just riding around on a bull blasting gorillas in the face with a rifle, which is extremely badass.

around four out of 10 young people do not have a job.

North Korea has been showing off its latest range of ballistic missiles by launching them into the Sea of Japan and parading them around.

around 6:40 a.m. BST (1:40 a.m.

around 6:45 a.m. BST (1:45 a.m.

So whatever phenomenon is driving this has been around in some shape or form for a long time.

Signs warning residents to “Beware the Dog Killer” pop up around town.

Some tardigrades can form bubbly cysts around their bodies.

560 septillion of them is “around a million years of total human energy production at current rates,” the authors note in the Conversation.

All in all, Young Thug tossed around $20k and Savage unloaded $10k.

Speak about it, be open and be honest with your real friends around you.

Subconsciously, being around addicts most of my life kind of put me off.

The crowd here isn’t biting: The basket remains almost full, even after several turns around the market.

The black holes spun around each other several times per second before merging in a massive explosion — a process that generates huge gravitational waves.

He goes on to say that his imagery often becomes an alternative to the unpleasant reality around him: I think I paint bittersweet fictions.

Also around this time, Scott wrote to abstract painter Jane Piper, asking if he could visit her studio.

Suddenly, one of the guys angrily goes “fine,” gets up, and starts rummaging around in the kitchen.

He clangs around for a bit, but then returns a few moments later holding a wet cloth.

He asked me to take off my shoes and walk around his muddy garden.

Although the total amount of damaged has yet to be determined, current estimates place it at around $750,000.

It killed 50 million people plus around the world in 1918, and can make a huge impact now.

around this time, President-elect Trump was saying things like, “Keep them out of here,” about health workers who had helped the Ebola effort.

(I had a separate discussion with Lilliana Mason on this topic around the same time.)

For one thing, there were numerous moments in 2015-16 when the Republicans could have coordinated around an alternative to Donald Trump.

Neither a chef nor a restaurateur, Volf says he became interested in thinking about the ethical issues around food.

That faction has jumped around in its loyalties.

Hunter initially thought the idea to create a menu around what cows eat was slightly ridiculous.

O. Keraun had some intense moments around Houston Monday, and told us he’s desperately trying to get to trapped family members.

That output cut would lead to around 200 lost jobs.

Earlier this year, GM eliminated the plant’s second shift, saying it was laying off around 1,200 workers.

This is a subject that I’ve rarely seen addressed, perhaps because keeping the silence around it is in fact instrumental to whiteness.

The Platinum Card also comes with a Priority Pass Select membership — Priority Pass is a network of over 1,200 lounges around the world.

Was it when your white teacher got all awkward around those students when you read Huckleberry Finn out loud in class?

It can be tough to get one’s head around the age of these fossils,” Moysiuk told Motherboard over email.

Laura sat in the grass to watch [Pa] go once around.

The plan had been to travel around France and explore Brittany, which is the setting for the action in my book.

She offered to write a movie around me, and it was going to pay me a lot more money than modeling.

The movement has around 50 core members today, with dozens of sympathizers inflating their ranks during protests.

I felt like a rebel walking around with a dirty secret.

In light of Trump’s divisive behavior, publications around the world had plenty of thoughts on the image as well.

“This hinders both your security and our security and causes concern around the world.

Apple’s hardware business is highly seasonal, focused around the Christmas holiday and new-model-launch quarters.

“It’ll be interesting to see if Trump abandons his rhetoric on attacking other candidates around this issue,” Stewart says.

NASA estimated the cost of a flight would be around $50 million per seat.

It also makes the whole idea around the Fearless Girl feel like a bit of a fraud.

I needed to get out of the house more, to spend more time around people, to stop being so hard on myself.

The measure in both 2016 and 2017 got around 5 percent of shareholder support.

I was costing my boss money because people didn’t want to be around me.

Because I wasn’t fit to be around other people.

Other things stuck around.

No one fully understands everyone else, or the world around them.

Learning is all about realizing possibilities in the world around you, and right now those possibilities seem extraordinary.

At the end of voting, the Leave camp finished with a margin of around 1.3 million votes, with 382 of 382 voting districts reporting.

As you adhere to our core purpose, do not forget to innovate around it.

Instead, have the curiosity to look around corners and the courage to push for reinvention.

Rodgers bounced around in the pocket for a bit and then heaved it downfield to Cobb.

Artificial intelligence Zuckerberg and Facebook are building lots of artificial intelligence software, but it’s unclear where he falls on the debate around regulation.

When you take that into account, the current code is only around 2,600 pages.

After around five years of working as manager, Tim bought in as co-owner.

He meant everything to the people around him.

This conundrum is compounded by the fact that the Pistons are at a slight disadvantage in terms of arraying talent around Drummond.

New York City has witnessed some promising developments around disability artistry in the past two years.

I love running around out there,” Stephens said after the match.

Over 4,300 personnel assigned to the blaze have carved containment lines around 37 percent of the perimeter of the blaze.

Edmondson, the scion of an Oklahoma political family, unsuccessfully ran for the job in 2010, but has held a steady lead this time around.

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