Applies in a sentence | Use of the word applies examples

“That applies to lesbians and gay men, too.”

The order applies to citizens from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.

But there’s another view: The Constitution applies to Congress.

If that standard applies here, the IRS can deny the request.

It applies to all pass-through vehicles, including those owned by Trump and his counterparts.

“The future of crypto — especially as it applies to the means of exchange — that future is undetermined,” Collison said.

“A policy that applies only to certain people based on who they are and how they identify is the definition of discrimination,” Louie said.

Of course, that point applies with even greater force to the nation as a whole.

But there is some question as to whether the Federal Vacancies Act applies if Shulkin was, as he claims, fired.

But the CRA only applies to regulation, and only to regulations that were recently finalized.

“It’s my choice—one protected by the first amendment.” The same applies to gender diversity and equality.

This is a particular problem that applies to us, Ukrainians, most of all.

The opposite point applies for Democrats.

The correlation applies globally.

The same applies for Long Island, upstate New York, and New Jersey.

The judge says the right to bear arms is not limited to guns … it applies to all weapons that have some legal purpose.

And this is because Prohibition still applies to us.

The same golden rule of flatulence applies with: potage, velouté, and broth.

Obamacare’s ban on those limits applies only to things that are considered essential health benefits.

The GDPR even applies to charities and nonprofit organizations that collect information from individuals in the EU.

And the same point applies to the other policy issues Thiel mentions in his speech.

Same applies for the broken-hearted and depressed.

This situation is very different from those in which scholars have disagreed over whether the take care clause applies.

Robey’s insight fittingly applies to the Korean skin care trend too — that people have already moved on.

The certification, given on Friday, applies to certain property held in accounts belonging to the Venezuelan government or its central bank.

First, as it suggests, it only applies between an attorney and her client.

Darryl teaches Michael phrases to “help with his interracial conversations” that are completely absurd and fabricated but which Michael eagerly applies anyway (2:22).

The same theory applies to games.

I asked Mike Edwards, General Manager for Audible Magic, on how this applies to live sport: “Live presents technical issues.

Obviously, that applies only to people who are willing to advocate for particular moralities in public: politicians and certain businesspeople and celebrities.

The same most likely applies to you, too.

And that same statement applies overseas, where comic artists can find more visibility.

A terminally ill individual who applies for this program is not suicidal.

Crucially, this almost always applies to female bodies.

The same concern applies to Scott’s death.

Finally, as if mapping his own creation, he applies another layer of calligraphic blue pencil, echoing and extending the initial graphite outline.

The issue before the courts is whether “sex” also applies to gender identity.

Their claims to transpartisan authority — authority that applies equally to all political factions and parties — are fraudulent.

Otherwise, the same basic structure applies: Our guy is good; the other guy is bad.

The same applies to genitals, my friends.

It’s a quote from Shakespeare (The Tempest, specifically), but it also applies perfectly to the conditions the Hosts live in in Westworld.

This applies not only to Reyes, but a litany of batterers before him such as Julio Lugo, Wilfredo Cordero, Milton Bradley, and Brett Myers.

Now if you start with that definition, that applies to most jobs and most organizations, whether they’re starting up or already established.

The fiduciary standard is much stricter than the “suitability standard” that applies to brokers, insurance agents, and other financial professionals.

And it applies to games like Knights of the Old Republic and Republic Commando, as well.

But earnings would remain flat if the United States applies 25 percent tariffs to all China imports, Goldman Sachs said.

Enacted by former President Barack Obama, DACA applies to children who were brought to the United States illegally before their 16th birthday.

It applies to me definitely.

Kidanu’s recent work applies an analogical approach to thinking about cities and space.

The map takes that formula and applies it to every data point and then returns a list of new data points.

But when I asked Cornyn if that applies to Ford’s testimony, his answer was slightly different.

Federal Rule of Evidence 609 applies to all witnesses — in fact, it’s ingrained in how we think about justice.

A similar dynamic applies to Trump’s cozying up to Putin.

That even applies for “natural” or “no makeup” looks that Joshi says still rely heavily on makeup.

The ban applies to goods and services with 25% or more of U.S.-originated technology or materials, and may, therefore, affect non-American firms.

While Petersen’s book focuses on Eastern Europe, his framework applies to all different kinds of countries.

In 1998, the Supreme Court ruled that the ADA applies to prisons and jails.

In New Jersey, New Jersey law applies.

He’s skeptical the South Korea lesson applies neatly to the US, given South Korea’s advantage on wages and labor productivity.

China’s ban also applies to carfentanil’s cousins valeryl fentanyl, acryl fentanyl, and furanyl fentanyl.

Could you explain a little bit about your philosophy and whether you think it applies to the US context?

It applies to all contexts in the world, I think.

Of course it does apply to America, as it applies to all the world.

Even if this only applies to violent cases like Turner’s, that would still perpetuate mass incarceration.

Same rule applies to breakups.

Element applies the finishing touches in South Carolina, such as the insertion of printed circuit boards.

And I don’t think it just applies to Argentina.”

Which privilege applies here?

If that executive privilege is the privilege that Kasowitz has in mind, a court would have to determine if it applies to these communications.

If you don’t consider all of the jurisdictions that the vote applies to, that’s not very inclusive.

Do you feel like that immortality only applies to the most famous artists?

But the exact same tax rate applies to imports sold in the US and to US-manufactured goods sold in the US.

Tariffs, by contrast, are a sales tax that only applies to imported goods.

This also applies to acronyms.

The same principle applies to state legislatures.

Trump’s order applies to future purchases and does not address existing hardware, officials said Wednesday.

(Since I am not actually an Amazon Prime member, I don’t know that this horoscope technically applies to me.)

At the heart of this argument is the concept of how copyright law applies to code written by programmers.

Even though the decision applies to only one state — Virginia.

Even though the decision applies to only one state — Virginia.

Mean reversion applies to populism, too, and oftentimes one consequence of populist wins is for the pendulum to swing back in the other direction.

But he’s chiefly made a name for himself by pushing against the constraints Abramović applies to theatre.

And it applies just as much to the question of a new AUMF against Assad.

Obviously this applies to the core parts of the job (making arrests and detaining suspects, for example).

The program currently applies only to non-teaching staff like janitors and athletic coaches.

The program currently applies only to non-teaching staff like janitors and athletic coaches.

We’re used to the idea of businesses, self-promoters, and “branded” individuals needing and using Facebook, but this pressure also applies to schools.

That applies to their own businesses as much as to the products and services they sell.

The other method—which applies to those who have violated probation after being released from jail—lives up to its name.

This applies not just to lawmakers, but the media, which is also disproportionately white, and the public, which is majority white, as well.

The mission for the company is to get more users on the bike and ride more, so this applies into two phases, right?

‘Free speech’ applies to governments, not subreddits.”

But if the tax applies to capital income too, then April ends up taxed twice.

The exemption says this part of the law still applies to any plans sold to Congress.

Legal experts disagree on whether the law applies to the president and to jobs in the White House.

It applies to policy.

Again, the paperclip scenario applies to strong AI, not superintelligence.

This applies to individual health care providers, who under federal law have to go through special courses to prescribe buprenorphine.

“This applies no matter what also in the treatment of terrorists and killers.”

It applies to emergency rooms, the great majority of which do little to nothing to treat addiction.

It applies to health care in other settings, such as prisons.

It applies to health insurers, who often resist paying for addiction treatment.

“This applies no matter what also in the treatment of terrorists and killers.”

It’s unclear whether this rule applies to credit monitoring firms like Equifax.

It only vaguely applies those ideas to the new-newspeak of the Bush/Blair era.

The same applies to the non-unanimous jury rule.

But because it applies to the Valley, because so much of the talent, what is it, like 30% of the IPOs …

But they may vote for him anyway Anderson’s cynicism applies not just to the media but to the entire political system.

This is something people have not paid enough attention to — the carbon cap applies to transportation fuels.

According to a new study, it looks like that same principle applies to CEOs.

That applies to strategy and tactics as well.

Right now, this hate is directed to one of your employees, but the message applies equally to your wife and daughter.

(This post mostly focuses on restructured areas, though it applies beyond them as well.)

DC: I don’t think that it applies to us, to be honest.

It still applies today, but as the technology and norms of warfare are changing, Carter says deterrence needs to change as well.

The T-Charge, short for toxicity charge, mainly applies to cars that either use diesel or fail to meet European emissions standards adopted in 2006.

But it also applies to the continent tens of thousands of years ago.

But it also applies to the continent tens of thousands of years ago.

When painting, the surfaces of Douglas’ artworks usually lie flat as she applies her media, and she works silently and alone, often outside.

My scholarship applies these lessons to the agricultural sector, where I investigate the impact of new technologies on farmers and communities.

“That applies to lesbians and gay men, too.”

And framing the whole order as a “visa ban” invites confusion — because it only applies to seven countries.

But many low-income families can’t take advantage of the credit because it only applies if you make enough money to owe income taxes.

That same calculus applies today.

Of course, this also applies to data protection regulations in all jurisdictions in which we operate.” Writing by Douglas Busvine; Editing by Keith Weir

This effect also applies to the kinds of drugs that traffickers trade in.

I think this applies to you and me and to the most powerful people in the world.”

It turns out that applies to his ongoing feud with the NFL too.

The PCP not only applies to players — but ALL league personnel including coaches, owners and officials.

For one, it only applies to CO2 from oil, gas, and coal use, which accounts for just four-fifths of total US greenhouse gas emissions.

Apparently, the same contrast applies to their arguing styles.

The proposal, which also applies to other sectors hiring for different roles, was put forward by the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) today.

In one campaign ad, she applies makeup at a bathroom mirror and takes hormone pills.

The ban applies to goods that have 25% or more of U.S.-originated technology or materials, and may affect non-American firms.

Now, the campaigns themselves insist that the deal only applies to resource allocation, not who they’re telling supporters to vote for.

This phenomenon, the “illusion of explanatory depth,” applies equally to people on the left and the right.

… But the key is how the Court interprets and applies those rules.

If that applies to alcohol, Dr. Hoffmann told me, then it applies to pot too—despite what lots of people believe.

She’s influenced by marine biology and applies the practice of biomimicry, or adapting natural concepts to artificial structures, to her curvaceous, modern creations.

“We understand that.” The same concept applies to different groups and their words.

This applies to Amazon “kid skills”—or Echo commands that conjure up kid-specific content—which are often developed by third parties.

The same applies to politics.

Sessions’s memo only applies to federal prosecutors.

Ramses: Yeah, and that applies to everything, right?

I think that applies to everybody.

This concept applies to more than facial recognition.

It also applies to so many other technologies that work for some, but not all of society.

The government argues that rule applies to this case.

“This applies in my view, for example, to the Siemens CEO who has confirmed his attendance,” he told the Welt am Sonntag newspaper.

Due process is a legal concept that applies to government action.

And, as we’ve seen, this now applies to greenhouse gases too.

This is a situation where the norm of reciprocity which has evolved over time no longer applies.

If that’s the evidence you give me, I think the most plausible hypothesis is that it applies to other means of nutritional effects.

In any negotiation, the old adage applies: If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.

This applies equally to youth: There’s no correlation between youth unemployment, youth crime, and mass incarceration.

And they shouldn’t take any comfort from their experience south of the border where different legislation applies.”

“The deductible in an HDHP applies to all services except for preventive services,” says Palanker.

The tax applies to processed foods which have more than 275 calories per 100 grams.

But a clearer way of understanding her pitch is she’s got one plan that she applies over and over again.

Yet for each bottle, the same question applies: Is it any good?

But we don’t know if the relationship we observed applies to other wine-producing countries or regions, like Spain, Chile, Burgundy, and Oregon.

He’s an antihero in the most jagged sense of the word, and will make you question whether the hero part even applies.

It’s still unclear whether Trump’s exemption for military personnel applies here.

The same is true of states’ powers to prosecute, for a president’s power applies only to federal crimes.

“It doesn’t just apply to animal cruelty undercover investigators, it applies to virtually everybody.”

When making their choices, each individual applies their own judgment regarding the films’ creative, artistic and technical merits.

Mostly, this applies to consumer goods: food, clothes, and other necessary items.

Barr’s decision applies to migrants who crossed illegally into the United States.

The ban applies to goods that have 25% or more of U.S.-originated technology or materials, and may affect non-American firms.

The same applies to the non-unanimous jury rule.

I tell you this because it applies to how I think about the positioning of the iPad Pro and the Surface Pro 4.

But it also applies to situations of monopsony power, in which market concentration offers undue leverage over workers or upstream suppliers.

This is not the same thing as your marginal tax rate, which just applies to the last dollar earned.

Section 1505 applies only when the defendant attempts to influence a “pending proceeding” before a federal department or agency or a congressional committee.

When he applies a color inside the rectangle, he doesn’t completely fill the white space.

If they result in convictions, those state charges would be immune to a presidential pardon, which only applies to federal crimes.

She applies science behind the Quantum Realm.

If he applies another color or changes the contour of a shape, traces of its earlier existence often peek through the paint.

A gear pulls down the press, which applies pressure to the phone.

It is difficult to tease this out to see exactly how it applies to Trump supporters.

It only applies to card-carrying APA psychiatrists.

A similar principle applies to social media technologies: The most popular services tend to be the ones that demand the least from their users.

In theory, if just one tiny state applies for a waiver, it could be more than enough money.

Related: Here’s How Much of the World’s Forests Could Vanish by 2050 The measure applies only to the Norwegian government.

That same logic applies with even more force to the iPhone.

We also don’t know whether it applies to Mike Pence’s women staffers, or just to social relationships outside of work.

“But I like to think that it applies to anything that can hang over you.

The same critique applies to Schwab’s non-cash recommendations.

So I don’t know if it applies to him having meetings with staff or anything like that, which was true in Congress.

This applies across the US.

She did say there’s ONE situation where it’s relevant, and we highly doubt it applies to tribal council.

Even if oxytocin only works narrowly, it’s worth finding out if that narrow effect applies to this population.

Sometimes, she applies bleaching cream and occasionally takes skin lightening pills.

(After this story was published, Walmart emailed a statement saying, “Our new policy applies to initial acute opioid prescriptions only.

And this applies to sex scenes in Wild Hunt as well.”

In some respects, this same argument applies to any prejudice — racism, white supremacism, Islamophobia.

Marissa Mayer An obsessive baker, Mayer applies a CEO’s rigor to her cupcakes.

The formula that they’ve known and worked under for years no longer applies, and they’ve had to adjust accordingly.

The same story applies further down ballot, where most elected attorneys general, insurance commissioners, secretaries of state, and so forth are Republicans.

The same thing applies to them.

That applies to this situation.”

It absolutely also applies to these new tools that we haven’t even invented yet.

It is regulated by the July 20 1881 law on the freedom of press — which also applies to images.

The prevailing test for whether the 4th Amendment applies is whether there is a reasonable expectation of privacy in what the government is searching.

The law applies to all stops by agents who work for US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

And the strategy applies across the board!

The tax credit applies if the company reimburses at least 50 percent of the income and if workers earn less than $72,000 a year.

That advice applies to all people everywhere but it’s particularly important for pregnant women living in areas of active Zika transmission.

— but it applies to most.

Yet as season two proceeds, it seems more and more likely that the Great Divorce reading applies.

Once Ronda applies for the permit, it usually takes around 90 days before she’ll get her card in the mail.

Doctors are still allowed to use it for this purpose, and the law only applies to living fetuses.)

He applies this to Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern, Asian countries, or European countries that have gone rather right-wing and fascist.

Since 1998, we’ve been frozen with a public domain that only applies to works from before 1923 (and government works).

The “private nuisance” claim, on the other hand, applies as well.

Leathern and Harbath said they hoped to have a set of tools that applies to advertisers globally by the end of June.

The same applies to other perishables that are stocked in abundance.

The law, which applies to any supermarket larger than 400 square meters, was passed unanimously by the French Senate on Wednesday.

In the docs, Burke says Spitz has a history of making false statements as it applies to the “brutal murder of young girls.”

“This applies to recalled, replacement and newly purchased Note 7s.” This article originally appeared on

The same indictment applies to the pundits of the left.

Katherine Poe’s portraits are based on archetypal manga heroines, but she applies the style unevenly, creating a gap between expectation and effect.

In “Push Comes to Shove,” this approach especially applies to Jane.

YouTube says the new pricing only applies to new customers.

But it applies to two big research arms of government, seriously curtailing the amount of money that can flow to studying gun violence.

That applies to a whole bunch of things.

The government argues that this is a case where “qualified immunity” applies to the agent responsible for the shooting.

“That applies to lesbians and gay men, too.”

“The [background check] system works, but the problem is that it only applies to these licensed gun dealers,” says Avore.

One caveat to the analysis: This only applies to Facebook, so real-life results could vary.

The House measure only applies to public schools, and it requires accommodations for a single-occupancy bathroom for trans students.

The ban extends beyond just men who have sex with men — it also applies to women they’ve had sexual relations with.

Most of that came from the alternative minimum tax, which applies to wealthy households that have taken a lot of tax deductions.

The ban likely also applies to transgender women.

The ban extends beyond just men who have sex with men — it also applies to women they’ve had sexual relations with.

But one of his favorite terms to describe people is “cookie,” and his usage applies to all types of folks.

The full list of sectors and activities the law applies to was not included in the WAM report.

Republicans claim this would only apply to the individual market, but Matt Fiedler at Brookings argues that it applies to employer-based plans too.

The ban likely also applies to transgender women.

“Half my heart is this hunger.” The hospitals to which Felicity applies, however, are less than encouraging.

The Supreme Court’s decision doesn’t automatically wipe those laws from the books; it only applies to Texas.

The following describes the legal doctrine of attorney-client privilege and whether it applies to communications between Trump and Cohen.

The top rate currently applies to singles with taxable income over $500,000, and married joint filers with taxable income over $600,000.

Thursday’s order applies to both companies’ cases.

First, executive privilege, if it even applies in this case, can only be invoked by the president, as it attaches to his office.

Trump’s version goes further because it applies to any organisation that receives funding from US Aid, not just those involved in family planning.

Trump’s EPA accepted the inside-the-fenceline restriction that Obama’s EPA found untenable, so ACE only applies to individual plants.

But Peru applies a narrower definition of refugee.

The same applies in schools: Under most states’ laws and federal law, LGBTQ people aren’t explicitly protected from discrimination in schools.

The Goldwater Rule only technically applies to APA members, though other mental health organizations have adopted it as an informal tradition.

They have like nice colorways and each one has a different pattern that applies to the content of the book.

And that applies to the menu as well.

He then applies multiple thin, transparent layers to the underpainting.

“This is an interesting and complex topic and applies to so many things—the ‘best’ vacation, pair of shoes, etc.

I think the word minuscule applies even more so in that instance.

According to the legal experts we spoke with, the New Hampshire ruling in September of 2016 also applies to Massachusetts.

The claim doesn’t match the logic that Rubio applies to other policy issues, and it’s disproved by the empirical research on gun control.

It applies to residents of Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, and Somalia.

The current exception only applies to minors attending music festivals with an expected attendance of more than 2,500 people.

Fetty even got fatherly with our photog, sharing what he’s learned about parenthood … especially as it applies to a having a daughter.

That mostly applies to athletes who love going downhill — Bumble says the alpine skiers are getting more hook-up action than their fellow Olympians.

The order applies to Hardeman’s case, which is scheduled to go to trial on Feb. 25, and two other upcoming cases.

Element applies the finishing touches in South Carolina, such as the insertion of printed circuit boards.

For all of his paintings, Morris typically starts to paint as soon as he applies the gesso.

This also applies to the NHL, but no one cares about hockey, so.

Like they say — the family that applies foundation together … has a makeup empire together.

The cops are making something else clear … their no tolerance policy applies to all sides … people demonstrating and people protesting the protesters.

The charges were quickly dismissed because the city’s “no touching” statute only applies to strippers who are regulars.

That’s a framework that applies to a whole host of things Democrats can be talking about between now and the election.”

The same basic accounting debate that applies to the Ex-Im Bank also recurs in the context of student loans.

Or, if it applies, “I feel bad, because I only want to have sex.” Be honest.

The agreement applies to anyone who turns the key or otherwise uses a John Deere tractor with embedded software.

The trouble, as you say, is when the game applies the same mentality to very real, painful, problems we’re dealing with today.

In TTYL, Paillé applies his evolving aesthetic to Montreal’s famously vibrant nightlife.

Three of the five officers who showed up were plainclothes, and the city’s body camera policy only applies only to uniformed officers.

Three of the five officers who showed up were plainclothes, and the city’s body camera policy only applies only to uniformed officers.

The sanction applies whether a candidate personally gives out the gifts or whether campaign activists do so on their behalf.

And the same, to be fair, applies for Chris Wood up front,” he added.

Part of the reason is that it applies to relatively easy sports questions.

The same basic principle applies to social media, which is, regrettably, still a great way to get your name out there.

In Motherboard’s feature documentary, The Most Unknown, Cleeremans demonstrates some of the ways he applies these findings into new experiments.

This philosophy, she explains, applies to everything in your life, from your relationships to your work.

The same principle applies to the drug trade.

The 65 percent rate only applies to estates worth $1 billion or more.

BR: Is there any chance this pattern only applies to Germans?

Instead, Mercedes invoked a simple agreement that applies in such circumstances.

“There are plenty more fish in the sea” is not a phase that applies to octopuses, he thought to himself.

It takes Hunter S. Thompson’s gonzo journalism approach and loosely applies it to what I do with fashion.

That applies to how we write and talk about race as well.

The benefits of a “less is more” approach to chomping pills applies not only to safety but also to general well-being.

The same applies to us as a group.

In this way, California straightforwardly applies its carbon price to imports.

But if Rosenstein is fired or resigns, Francisco could change all that, especially if Trump applies significant pressure.

I think it is; I think it really applies to white people.

The booty part also applies to Nathan Drake.

This principle applies to professional politicians as well, conferring advantages to those who aren’t as clearly tied to the status quo.

That also applies to how other people view people with mental illness.

A piston comes down on top of the battery and applies pressure.

The same applies to everything: to clothes and design and architecture.

This applies to women who have abortions outside Poland, too.”

If you don’t have a close brother or sister, the same theory applies to an especially close friend.

Otsmane-Elhaou thinks the basis for this video applies to jokes as a whole.

But it doesn’t matter if you’re single—this interpretation applies to all relationships, even ones you have with your enemies!

This applies to conversations that have nothing to do with cancer too.

For one thing, public sector workers are employed by the government, so the First Amendment applies to them.

But Hill and other advocates following the issue said that in practice, this longer timeframe only applies to the CBP compound in Tucson, Arizona.

If we’re creating an installation, again, the same thing applies.

This applies to each manufacturer up until they sell 200,000 models.

TLC taught us this important lesson for dating in the ’90s and early 2000s, but it also applies to washing your car.

1984: He applies multiple exposures of multiple colored flashes on to one negative in the camera.

Seriously though, letting the water run while you brush your teeth is a huge waste (this applies to shaving as well).

And this applies not just to the identity of the artists on view, but to the kind of work they make, as well.

This lesson applies well beyond immigration policy.

The same logic likely applies to McKay Greene and the other young two-way players in the class—but to a different extent.

So far, Conspiracy’s crack only applies to Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Earlier on, you mentioned there’s a question of whether the Vacancies Act applies in this case.

The new code applies to all minerals, including copper, of which Congo is Africa’s top producer.

Perpetual’s decision applies to its ethical Australian share product, which listed CBA as one of its largest holdings as recently as April.

The U.S. International Trade Commission’s finding applies to cut-to-length plate.

“But I guess it applies more now.”

None of them gave much thought to how the All Writs Act applies to compelled assistance in bypassing the security of iPhones.

Most recently, in a 2010 gun rights decision, it ruled that the Second Amendment right to bear arms applies to the states.

European antitrust law already applies something like this standard and has hit Google with fines for favoring Google content in Google searches.

This applies to other drugs, too.

And that applies, hopefully, to the humor that underlines it all without coming across as cartoonish.

This applies to the four albums reviewed below, several political despite themselves, each of which messes with established forms while representing desire.

This applies to the four albums reviewed below, several political despite themselves, each of which messes with established forms while representing desire.

This applies to anything else you use money for, like buying domains or cheap, pay-as-you-go phones, known as burners.

The no-booze bill applies to health care practitioners of all types, and excludes the use of prescription alcohol, as in, you know, mouthwash.

The Make Good program: applies only to purchases of defective merchandise made between January 1, 2016, and April 24, 2017.

The happiness policy: applies to purchases made on or after April 25, 2017.

The limited warranty applies to items purchased after April 24, 2017.

The “be realistic” rule applies to experienced partners, as well.

For Shevchenko the same advice applies here as to any fight she takes—throw more strikes!

“It applies to her,” she said through tears, referring to her family member who was being still being questioned.

But once you enter them, a different kind of logic applies.

He applies his unique style and unpredictable effect to an intelligent adaptation of J. G. Ballard’s dystopian novel High Rise.

As she studies for board exams and applies for jobs post-graduate school, Hawley said Griffin will be by her side.

Facebook has also updated its advertising policies to spell out that its ban on deceptive and misleading content applies to this type of content.

That applies to drug policies too, Roberts said.

“We believe the ruling applies to Mississippi as well.

“We believe the ruling applies to Mississippi as well.

“It should be a human right that applies to everyone regardless of their socioeconomic status.

This basically applies across the board with everybody.

The Shattering’s approach applies something so simple—consultation with mental health professionals—yet is already well on its way in tackling new ground.

The Democratic Party applies uniform rules to all states.

There isn’t only one way to be successful, and that applies to any industry.

The same also applies to young Miles Morales—the Robin to a Batman type—who loses a loved one in a rescue attempt.

The line itself is an event of sorts; the brewery applies for a municipal event permit and provides portable restrooms and trash pickup.

That applies to everyone, from Zoe Saldana’s Uhura to the late Anton Yelchin’s Chekov.

YouTube applies strikes, which the channel owner can then appeal.

His critique of polarization, whether of political parties and genders or relationship statuses, clearly applies to timely issues in the real world.

“But I like to think that it applies to anything that can hang over you.

(Not coincidentally, this algorithm also applies to my own group of friends.)

“I feel real happiness, but also uncertainty, because I don’t know if this applies to me,” Galdamez said.

But how that applies to the Tor Project and Tails isn’t clear.

The same principle applies to just about any short or long-term goal, from saving for college to buying a house.

And the same point applies to the many other senior positions Uber needs to fill.

Even then, the exemption only applies for the months in which you experienced the hardship, with a maximum exemption of one year.

This applies, too, to Elsa, of course, and to her very complicated relationship to her invalid son.

“People think about diversity on screen in fiction films but honestly the same applies to non-fiction,” Lenz says.

Anyone born in the US is automatically given citizenship; children born overseas to a US citizen also qualify, if their parent applies for them.

Talk of wisdom as it applies to notions of artistic genius makes me want to run away and listen to Cro Mags exclusively.

The ban applies to goods that have 25% or more of U.S.-originated technology or materials, and may affect non-American firms.

I think it applies more to Engels and to Marxism than to Marx himself.

If the statute does restrict protected speech, the court determines what level of scrutiny applies.

Paris-based Euronext applies a standard VAT rate for financial services on transaction fees for its commodity derivative markets.

Shaw skillfully applies lessons from the comics medium, moderating the level of detail in the animation to captivate his audience.

The 26-year-old applies that same business savvy to her primary job—wholesale distributing weed in New York State.

Marijuana remains illegal at the federal level, which applies in the Northern Mariana Islands.

Or maybe they have, and don’t think it applies to them.

It applies to all consumer loans, including credit cards.

It applies to all consumer loans, including credit cards.

The first tip, though most relevant to having sex with hearing loss, applies to any sex, and it involves lightening up.

The Cannibal Corpse formula applies to hip-hop and trap music, too.

We don’t know who Tyrion is talking to, but as Game of Thrones fans know, the message applies to every character.

The same logic applies if Congress wants to reassert its authority as the first branch.

Sixty-five years later, Manfred Koller looks into his bathroom mirror and carefully applies some eyeliner.

So far, Conspiracy’s crack only applies to Rise of the Tomb Raider.

That applies to the estimated 11,000 people whose work permits have already expired since September.

This also applies to the “Sex Factor.”

The Housing First concept also applies to people like McClinton who live in hospitals or nursing homes, but don’t really need 24-hour care.

The same paradox applies to obsession, which, despite centering on a cool, interesting other person, is a deeply self-absorbed enterprise.

It’s not a partisan point, and indeed is not timebound: The argument applies to any party.

He just doesn’t think the same scrutiny applies to him.

The company’s most recent study applies these algorithms to the detection of mental illness and suicidal behavior using data collected on social media.

There have been at least four distinct answers from the government on whether the policy applies to green card holders.

That certainly applies to the lyrics on the record, too.

According to a Department of Homeland Security spokesperson, Trump’s entry ban applies to them too.

I have no idea if any of this applies to HanAssholeSolo.

The measure applies to imported parts used in vehicle manufacturing, including trailers, buses, trucks and agricultural machinery, according to the ministry.

The EPA hasn’t confirmed whether the freeze applies solely to new grants or to existing grants as well.

The most powerful thing—this applies to anything you want to accomplish—is to realize you didn’t become overweight overnight.

That theme applies to his thinking — or, lack thereof — about black people.

“We don’t really know why prosecutors do what they do” This applies at the state level, too, Pfaff explained.

And the same applies to those born in the mid-to-late 90s when it comes to Biggie and 2Pac.

Ultimately, the measure that passed only applies to those charged with their second illegal-possession offense.

This also applies to the firing question.

The “contiguous countries” provision applies to both cases.

“There is never a field where that applies more than cosmetic surgery.”

It’s unquestionably legal, requiring as it does an act of Congress, and it applies to many other rich people too.

This also applies to people getting ice cream.

“The same applies to Saudi Arabia.

The Fourth Amendment applies to the search and seizure of electronic devices as much as ordinary papers.

In the real world, that logic increasingly applies to patients themselves.

It’s a truism to say that a country’s landscape, culture and politics shapes its art, but this absolutely applies to metal.

And this same trick applies when we’re immersed in a bathtub or any other large body of water.

That applies to employers both small and large.

The TFR applies only to civilians; law enforcement helicopters and aircraft buzz over protesters with impunity.

It applies just as much to a lot of young bartenders who actually know more about mezcal than me.”

That same argument applies to a second referendum: Is anybody reading the 585-page withdrawal agreement?

A comparable situation applies with regard to racism.

(This also applies to Capela.)

That same logic applies to the rest of the industry.

A nominal $10 submission fee applies which goes directly to Slideroom to cover their costs of hosting the service.

The same risk applies to anyone whose genetic testing indicates a higher risk of developing diseases like diabetes or cancer in the future.

This applies to finding a job, going on dates, and shopping around for the best deals.

“Someone applies to the Patent Office, and they’re like, ‘Hey!

This advice especially applies to escobetilla mushrooms.

“I think the same applies to indie and foreign promotions.

A nominal $10 submission fee applies which goes directly to Slideroom to cover their costs of hosting the service.

Who applies for a job after emplacing IEDs?

Katie Fallow, one of the three lawyers behind the Trump letter, says that the same principle applies online.

Fallow argues that the same logic applies to Twitter.

I hope this applies to our viewers—we’ve tried to create a show that rewards active engagement.

Currently, the tax applies to any business with more than 50 employees.

The same applies to his defense.

This study applies specifically to trade shocks, and not economic shocks in general.

It promises to repeal the estate tax, which only applies to the top 0.2 percent of Americans and would save the president himself millions.

This applies even to Woodley’s 20-something and Witherspoon’s show-tune-obsessed character.

Hell, this applies to the 6-year-olds.

The same applies to genitals, my friends.

It applies to fossil-fuel power plants of 25 MW or greater (just shy of 170 facilities).

In New York, where Bobby Shmurda is from, there is an “Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal” provision, but it applies only in misdemeanor cases.

The CR only applies to “discretionary spending,” one of two big categories of the federal government.

For context: that only applies to about one half of one percent of U.S taxpayers.

Walmart’s offer applies to fewer products.

Flint employs a technique in which he repurposes vintage photos, digitizes them, and applies his own painted patterns over them.

Eventually, he applies his chosen to a digital medium, where the artist will experiment with a single image until inspiration eventually hits him.

The opinion also applies to a separate but similar partisan gerrymandering case, Lamone v. Benisek , taken up by the court this term.

The opinion also applies to a separate but similar partisan gerrymandering case, Lamone v. Benisek , taken up by the court this term.

And the same applies to the federal government — it works better when people feel like the president thinks their jobs matter.

Same thing applies to snacks.

Imposium applies visual effects like datamoshing, sound interruption, sound flowing, motion tracking, and rotoscoping on the fly.

Kentucky’s proposed plan applies only to “‘able-bodied’ working age adults,” not including students and caregivers, per the Kaiser Family Foundation.

This usually applies to hobbies, personal interests, and so forth.

standard that applies and works for Kariya.

And while this applies to how much our labels are believed, it goes deeper than that.

Mowafi’s study found that, in Egypt, neither trend applies.

(That limit applies to how long children can be kept in Border Patrol custody – not HHS custody, as at Homestead.)

The same logic applies when it comes to talking about sex with teenage girls.

Boulder’s ordinance is a little more lax than Deerfield’s, as it applies only to new purchases of assault weapons.

But if this ruling applies across the nation, as many as 21,500 takeaways and 5,230 coffee shops could be seriously affected.

The Pixel 2’s new “squeeze” feature automatically turns on Google Assistant when the user applies pressure to the sides of the phone.

For example, Ed Halter in 4 Columns applies the quandaries about rising consciousness to the distant future.

Because, unlike so much of what this world is inundated with, it is a story that applies to you.

Asked if that same logic applies to a minor league manager hoping to get a big league job, Vonachen was less definitive.

The court’s ruling only applies to Massachusetts, but national police data shows similar disparities.

“The proposed solution applies one extra layer of security protection on the patient’s’ health data.”

The same rule applies for international tickets.

She lays out her beauty products on the sofa bed and applies her makeup.

You know the saying “the road to hell is paved with good intentions?” It applies big-time to things we do to be greener.

DS: When we do, I feel like that applies a lot to really simple classic American foods, like doing scrambled eggs.

Because people voluntarily turn over access to their calls to phone companies, the third-party doctrine applies.

I mean, I see the criticism around him in the same ways that applies to the fanbases of the Ghostbusters and Star Wars franchises.

To give dimension to his creations, the artist applies dyes to table salt to enhance the effect of depth and shading.

I’m not sure that even applies anymore.

This apparently also applies to breakfast.

The law applies to convicted stalkers, too, but not automatically: A court must determine that a victim’s safety is at risk.

An interesting side note here: Remember that the cost cap applies only to incremental costs related to meeting the carbon-free energy standard.

But this issue isn’t specific to the stock market — it applies to almost everything you might invest in.

Desi applies more pressure, but before he can secure the tap, the clock winds down.

Do you think kids can recognize context even with the censors Kidz Bop applies?

(FDA spokesman corrects information to show import ban only applies to a single Huahai factory.

This first applies before you accept WhatsApp’s newly updated terms and conditions.

The second method applies if you already accepted the new terms and conditions without having first opted-out.

The same rule applies to where sex offenders can live.

But it also applies to Roland Emmerich and the team behind the sequel.

That’s just one example, but it applies more generally across a variety of technical fields related to engineering and more.

Currently, when government agencies cite B5, which applies to internal deliberations and attorney-client privileged communications, government agencies can withhold records under that exemption forever.

But this is factually incorrect, considering that ICWA only applies to federally recognized tribes, each of whom determines their own standards for citizenship.

Same applies for sex.

Risk also applies to players who have health-related question marks or are teetering near the edge of a statistical fall off.

We should talk about how this applies to present day.

Of course, this applies to gender as well as race, religion and politics.

That also applies to web servers, control panels, and individual computers.

It applies to companies with more than 50 workers, requiring them to hash out reasonable communications policies with employees and unions.

Calle applies this same level of rigor and inspection of intimacy to her less controversial endeavors.

The same applies to “Private Idaho” and “Mesopotamia,” the offbeat title track from a 1982 EP produced by David Byrne.

Since the term “electro” applies to a hip-hop context (cf.

And that applies to whether the transformation in question is a new album, a simple hair re-do or a monumental ‘big life’ shift.

This applies to policy too.

Currently, when government agencies cite B5, which applies to internal deliberations, government agencies can withhold records under that exemption forever.

This tax applies only if assets given to heirs total more than $5.49 million.

There are two, in particular, from 2014 that this applies to: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.

When photographing, Turner applies many of the same principles that he does when he draws or paints.

But it only applies to securities with an investment grade rating — the ones that are by definition easier to sell.

Since most astronauts live in the Houston area, according to the Smithsonian article, this means that the rule applies to most American astronauts.

Ning Haiyao, a member of the all-female Chinese gaming team Twin Flower Girls, applies makeup before gaming practice.

It’s really applies to almost every situation.

We hope applies in a sentence examples were helpful.