Apparently in a sentence | Use of the word apparently examples

#shehasaplan Warren apparently followed up with a phone call, Black said Monday on Twitter.

The PCLOB annual report has repeatedly expressed concerns over the FBI’s apparently unlimited access to American’s private communications.

Trump apparently can’t stick to his own talking points.

Trump apparently can’t stick to his own talking points.

Several people repeat an apparently well-known mantra that goes something like, “If your bike goes missing, you’ll find it at Poole’s Land.”

apparently we “care,” on an emotional level, about the app.

apparently we trust it to select what we see.

Trump’s clearest foreign policy program has been a bifurcated effort aimed, apparently, at deepening tensions with the two countries.

apparently, she just couldn’t stick with that program.

apparently President Donald Trump is right: There really is a “deep state” of top government officials conspiring to thwart his will.

Yeah, so apparently, I can’t remember which state it was, it was somewhere east.

When people are thinking about their own deaths, they apparently have little time for such niceties.

He apparently “likes to give hugs,” and befriends goldfish and bullfrogs rather than eat them.

He wasn’t a formal Kitty Hawk employee, apparently, but he was allegedly testing prototype aircrafts with Page at one point.

apparently something much, much worse.

The DEA apparently took those concerns seriously enough to withdraw its proposed ban — at least until it gets public feedback.

There are some sublimely tender moments here amongst the dreamlike sound design – which makes sense as apparently these songs are love songs.

apparently money is now growing on trees in favor of Netflix after my show was released.

People apparently are falling for it.

She also gets off on calling people “snowflakes,” apparently seeing no irony in being the whitest, most delicate person on the planet.

apparently, no crime committed in the name of political corruption is too awful to bounce back from.

apparently, it’s getting harder for many women at Microsoft to stay silent.

Now, they’re being used for effectively the same cause — except out of fear, apparently, of voter fraud.

But apparently only the parrot knows for sure.

apparently we’re doing their homework for them.

Pregnant mothers are apparently reaching for their bongs more than ever.

The only problem was Garbrandt had already gone home for the day, apparently having already waited several hours for the king to arrive.

Don’t have him on the show if you don’t want him.” The Tonight Show apparently decided quite swiftly that it did not want Macdonald.

And apparently, the arcade has a dark, violent history that is “a story for another time.”

apparently, all Junior needed to know about his mystery guest was that they worked for Trump family friend Vladimir Putin.

It’s an argument that several Republican lawmakers have made in recent weeks, and one that Trump has apparently taken seriously.

apparently, McCabe’s memos also contain information about his conversations with Comey.

They also have a new album out soon apparently?

Trump himself just lit into her, apparently in response to the new audio, saying she was “wacky” and “begged” him for the administration role.

It’s interesting how much of this apparently homegrown material emulates–and often outdoes–mainstream marketing.

It ended up being the most polarizing track on the album—it’s a love or hate thing, apparently.

And apparently, students there didn’t want to wait any longer for someone else to take it down.

There’s not a lot of crime in there, apparently.

While Chapo was in prison in Mexico between 2014 and 2015, little apparently changed in the Sinaloa organization.

That, apparently, is Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s new mantra.

That, apparently, is Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s new mantra.

There’s, apparently, the woman who runs it.

#Midterms2018(And, yeah, I apparently take requests…) Three clear patterns emerge from this data.

The security guy apparently got frustrated a block away, and gave the equipment to one of Kylie’s friends.

The message: Making your friends laugh by bragging about kissing and touching women, apparently without asking permission, is completely acceptable in America today.

It’s rare for the CIA to send spies to foreign countries without diplomatic protections, which Whelan apparently did not have.

These are one-minute videos that are apparently supposed to teach Canadian people about their “rich” heritage.

I learned through these that apparently white Canadian guys in suits invented basketball (Why aren’t ya’ll so obsessed with that sport then…?

Not in Kick Off Revival: if the goalie’s got it in his hands, wherever he’s stood, it’s still in play, apparently.

Hardiman fits the bill, apparently.

It’s apparently the longest HR ESPN has recorded since 2009, and certainly the longest in the MLB this year.

Maria’s apparently taking advantage of the political climate to promote her upcoming comedy tour, which fires up Tuesday.

apparently, this triggered an argument which got so crazy people called the cops, who came out to restore the peace.

But that’s just what President Donald Trump apparently did — again.

In addition to this, the administration apparently has no notes of any of the many Trump-Putin interactions over a two-year span.

But it also apparently leads to more gun deaths in Mexico.

apparently, Muse fans are everywhere, although I have absolutely no idea who they are.

apparently he made the switch over to radical Islam in 2014.

The superstar DJ hit up Cabo San Lucas with his on-off — and apparently now totally on again — ex-gf Aarika Wolf.

apparently they made some bet, which he lost, and now MBJ has to do on-call, on-demand push-ups.

This is, apparently, a critique of McDonald’s Happy Meals.

apparently the guy’s got some serious mana burn.

But yes, apparently Thor believes he’ll find his father on Earth.

Having apparently hacked my dreams somehow, National Geographic has just greenlit a show where Jeff Goldblum will just talk about everyday things.

The Neighbourhood Genrification The Regrettes THEESatisfaction The War on Drugs Trickle-down economics were apparently already booked up.

apparently, the stars belong to the hottest person on the date,” Watt said.

apparently the residents help them stash guns and blend in with the others as soon as the boere (pigs) show up.

Santa Clara County voters were apparently unmoved by the recall opponents’ concerns, however, and voted to recall Persky.

By contrast, the 2012 Pillar of Defense interceptions apparently blocked less than 32 per cent of threatening rockets.

The duck phone, always a high point for drama, has apparently reappeared without causing a permanent severing of relationships.

On Monday, Russia apparently bombed three Syrian hospitals and a school.

apparently, it will be so fast-acting that it’ll unlock your phone in 0.01 seconds, according to South Korean news outlet, The Investor.

apparently, the chicken story was just one of several odd tales that came out of the hijacked EgyptAir debacle.

The apparently warm tone of their talks followed nearly a year of tense relations between the two countries.

Musk deleted the Facebook pages for Tesla and SpaceX on Friday — pages he apparently didn’t know existed.

Musk deleted the Facebook pages for Tesla and SpaceX on Friday — pages he apparently didn’t know existed.

apparently, Biff from “Back to the Future II” exists in real life.

But McCabe apparently lied about his authorization during an interview with the months-long probe.

Yung Berg apparently loves to learn the hard way — not showing up to court is asking for trouble.

(Selling a tax bill that disproportionately benefits the corporations and the wealthy apparently isn’t as easy as anticipated.)

apparently, this is also a frustrating question for experts.

At evening’s end, as she and her mean-girl friends leave a party, they’re in a car accident that apparently kills her.

Young and old people, happy and distressed couples, single folks and married partners—all apparently buy the classic adage about love.

Cohen apparently never followed through on the threat and denied making that angry call.

He’s currently sitting in the US prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba — and he’s apparently got something to say about Gina Haspel.

“I haven’t run out of ideas yet, and while some of them don’t fit with TTA, many still do, apparently.”

apparently she’s a really big fan of drag music and she knows every word to every song I’ve ever put out.

Plus: Last week’s case of who bought the maybe-Caravaggio painting has apparently been solved, and the Fyre Festival island is up for sale.

“We’re defending the world,” he said, apparently meaning it as a complaint.

I had all of it and that apparently was not what management wanted.

Second, the oft-voiced worry that EV batteries will use up all the earth’s rare minerals is apparently misplaced.

“It became really apparently to me that there was no portion of the reef that was spared.”

apparently, Perkins’s son was making micro-transactions from EA’s FIFA soccer series.

That’s how venture capital works, apparently.

apparently, her spell only seemed to affect canines.

But the only way we’re going to get there, apparently, is to be able to band together and have one industry voice.

apparently, he was devastated by that news but, in response, he produced a “Rejection Phase” series of paintings and then moved on.

It’s also put restrictions on packages before, and daigou declined a bit from 2014 to 2015, but apparently that wasn’t enough.

She had ambitions, apparently backed up by support from big banks, to start a sort of “arts club” in an elite—and massive—Manhattan space.

Except for on Netflix, apparently.

Things apparently took a turn for the worse Friday … our sources say Brown died at home after some type of cardiac episode.

It’s because the people around you are turd burglars whose biggest accomplishment, apparently, is owning a shorter belt.

Ryan, apparently growing tired at this line of questioning, cut me off and refused to answer.

Crimes of epic proportions have just taken place in Tennessee and North Carolina, where two giant chicken statues were stolen, in apparently unrelated incidents.

He was not German enough to fight for the title, but apparently German enough to fight for the country.

A small hole is made on the eggshell with a diamond drill, apparently.

These are apparently the 10 absolute hottest fashion brands in the world at this very moment.

He was shown wearing a camouflage shirt and carrying an assault rifle, but was apparently just exercising his “open carry” gun rights.

Marshals apparently later suggested in court their automatic weapons were a safety precaution, and that they had concerns Aker might be armed—which he denies.

The order’s drafters apparently think that many states are not providing information we need to serve these two goals in our admissions process.

one apparently yelled, crying.)

This was apparently overruled by Steve Bannon and Steven Miller, top White House aides.

Shocked to hear Steven Woolfe has apparently collapsed in the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Umzantsia was about 28 inches long (70 cm) with a long, slender lower jaw, apparently armed with small pointed teeth.

apparently it did happen again, because another segment aired on ESPN no less.

He was out on the lawn giving guitar lessons to kids apparently.

apparently responded and asked to speak on the phone, which they briefly did, but not to the tipster’s satisfaction.

apparently, a pink dolphin swam in the toilet.

But the boyish and apparently not so subtle joy Brady exhibited after is delicious in its pettiness.

apparently that’s what PEOPLE is there for.

It’s unclear why Drake’s Twitter account was apparently targeted for hacking.

apparently the venue had no problem with the threat, because the concert continued without incident.

Rob’s apparently not on board with the rest of the family’s approach of not pressuring Khloe to dump him either.

Mossos apparently did not do so.

The couple have apparently been on the rocks for some time.

But she’s apparently developed one; a White House official told NBC News that Trump is “very fond” of Nielsen.

During the same time period, Ruiz and Hernandez-Gonzalez each invested $60,000 to open The Blossoms Experience, Ruiz apparently admitted.

apparently, I’m allergic to cannabis or whatever it was in that very high dose.”

Of his anti-imperialist, Pan-American dream, apparently condemned to shipwreck as the remaining power of the Latin American left staggers toward its next debacle?

Of course, Trump Jr. is perfectly entitled to waive the privilege, and apparently has decided he doesn’t want to for reasons that remain unclear.

Now, apparently, she has.

apparently he does funerals and weddings: Beautiful—so much wrestling love.

Since then, he’s often been spotted with former teammate Josh Gordon, and apparently the two were traveling together today.

I hope the new industry will help the state’s economically depressed southern section — apparently it’s fertile land for growing cannabis.

apparently, Amazon is very serious about its fledgling restaurant-delivery business.

After apparently doing some off-screen research about how not to get owned by ballistas, Dany promptly whomped the entire Lannister army.

Everyone tries to coin their own subgenres apparently these days!

Intrigue is not always sexy, apparently.

They have a tremendous amount of cash they can spend that they hired these guys from Sony, who apparently know what they’re doing.

They are apparently self-inflating as well.

Trump apparently didn’t address the subject of obstruction of justice, another fundamental question Mueller has been tasked with investigating.

Trump apparently didn’t address the subject of obstruction of justice, another fundamental question Mueller has been tasked with investigating.

apparently one bone got away.

The shooter’s gun apparently jammed, and he then left the building.

Trump apparently had a pretty quiet day for once.

The Trump administration again postponed a meeting to discuss the Paris climate change agreement, which Ivanka Trump has apparently been leading.

He apparently had surgery on Monday but there were complications and he was rushed back Thursday night from Memphis to L.A. for the procedure.

A steel-slat wall on the border, apparently, will only work if someone trying to cross doesn’t have a saw handy.

A steel-slat wall on the border, apparently, will only work if someone trying to cross doesn’t have a saw handy.

“Someone is apparently trying to sell naked photos of me to my fans,” Sia wrote.

Moreover, local press apparently had limited access to the site and the artist, unlike major international outlets.

“It’s not even a complete plan.” Even so, enough of those concerns were apparently assuaged for the vote.

The researchers apparently hadn’t considered how the technology they were developing could be misused.

Yet in Rubio’s world, down is up and up is down — and he’s apparently still winning.

In my view, it is totally fine that Trump (apparently) plays golf a lot.

Chrissy, John Legend and daughter Luna all showed up Monday for the shoot, which apparently requires Mom to show off some MAJOR cleavage.

One officer then seems to point toward a wall near the elevator, apparently ordering Johnson to move there.

apparently the former House Freedom Caucus leader is enjoying his newly discovered power.

Moorehead was apparently unhappy with this decision and proceeded to rant about loyalty.

He’d apparently taken off his pants, climbed through the ceiling, then fallen into the restaurant dining room.

apparently, she doesn’t ONLY get down on Fridays.

23rd in line and apparently I’m too late.

Its chips are apparently so mind-blowing that after leaving jail, people become obsessed with finding the snack.

But apparently because of the antidepressant and attendant apathy, my superego wasn’t operating well.

However, Western governments have refused all Russian calls for reconstruction money in Syria, apparently as part of sanctions on the Assad government.

“I need monies m8,” said an account apparently belonging to Diego, the app’s creator, when asked on Product Hunt about the price tag.

After the trial, Kardashian expressed doubts about Simpson’s innocence and apparently ended their friendship by doing so.

The number started at 16, but shrank to 13 as some contenders withdrew, apparently fretting about the political optics of the selection process.

Lohr has apparently tapped that enthusiasm for an absolutely prolific output of Jones remixes.

apparently, the answer is drugs!

(apparently, this woman treats her friends like they’re Cavalier King Charles Spaniels who have to be tricked into taking their heartworm pills.)

apparently some people do that—and then eat it.

Her last song, “Porcelain” apparently topped Hype Machine’s “Most Blogged Chart”—which is a chart we didn’t even know existed, but kudos!

He asked me to explain the game, apparently stunned by the word devil in the title.

apparently, Uber found this out after Recode broke the news of the hire earlier this month, which disqualified Ronen for the job.

apparently, Philip isn’t a Netflix guy.

Edam is popular in Belize, where it was, for a time, apparently one of few available cheeses.

The third star: This little girl—Via Mashable, apparently everyone loves watching this little girl eats a slice of pizza bigger than her head.

But that, apparently, may not be enough at the current pace.

I’m very wealthy in bitcoin, apparently.

Sebastian Gorka, an under-credentialed national security adviser with ties to the Hungarian far right, is apparently on his way out.

“We have done extensive polling on a carbon tax,” Podesta apparently told Clinton adviser Jake Sullivan back in January 2015.

It was a private school, and I’d just come from a public school; apparently, I wasn’t dressed “cool.”

A YouTube video apparently filmed during the attack shows children taking cover under their desks as shots ring out.

He whipped his 35mm camera up to his eyes, and snapped it, apparently without having taken stock of the scene itself.

A YouTube video apparently filmed during the attack shows children taking cover under their desks as shots ring out.

Iranians who protested apparently fraudulent election results in 2009 faced violent, deadly crackdowns.

apparently the asset became toxic, and they (the owners) wanted to get rid of it,” Elizaveta Osetinskaya, the former editor-in-chief, told Reuters on Friday.

The President of the United States apparently dug through O’Donnell’s Twitter archives to find a tweet dating back to December 2016.

The stud brand is apparently a brand that works, still, to a certain degree, in this country.

apparently it’s like the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, except without the journalists and the roasts — just famous people.

She’s recruiting for her A Seat At The Table tour, and is apparently seeking new talent to join her backing band.

But from North Korea, apparently, he’ll take an IOU.

Shown pictures of some of the people who apparently voted twice, including at Ust-Djeguta’s polling station no.

But from North Korea, apparently, he’ll take an IOU.

apparently, gas-based burglaries have been happening on-and-off in the area for a few years now.

apparently Mueller knows about both of these incidents because people with knowledge of them told his investigators.

apparently, Hillary said something like: I’m so tired.

The newly unemployed sub had apparently been working at the school for years without drawing complaints.

Some of bill’s biggest proponents are building off those bold predictions, and offering additions apparently.

Some of bill’s biggest proponents are building off those bold predictions, and offering additions apparently.

Yeah, and ABC, apparently their game is just to get big, but where does that end?

Even if you’re willing to buy something from an app, apparently, you still want to be told to buy it from a TV.

apparently, Snapchat hasn’t gotten that memo.

Democrats, including former President Barack Obama, are lamenting how apparently easy it might’ve been for the suspected shooter to get a gun.

That hasn’t happened so far, and it’s apparently dampened the mood.

I asked, and apparently no tourist has fallen victim, but there was an urban myth of one local who wasn’t quite so lucky.

Harsher vetting will eat up more government resources, apparently pushing the United State to to cut down on the refugees it takes in.

Chris apparently hadn’t heard about the blunder until we told him, and he says there’s no good excuse for it.

And also I might not have stopped immediately, which apparently is evading the police.

Erlij, who owned a steel mill, apparently sponsored the trip for two of his friends who graduated with him in 1987.

De Worgan was apparently told her that he could cure her, but only if she traveled with him to the neighboring town of Ross-on-Wye.

And that’s when it apparently found its way into the hands of the president, who tweeted it.

Trump posted a GIF that apparently originated with this Reddit user, who regularly uses the N-word.

apparently, in the last few years, we have all turned into my mother.

Instead, in order to honor her commitment to the awards show, she apparently decided to perform the interpretative dance.

apparently, that made the house affordable, and someone anted up close to $30 mil to seal the deal.

Win-win, and apparently working.

Things apparently took a turn for the worse, because he filed Tuesday citing irreconcilable differences.

Pulling out his cell phone, he smiles widely and winks at the camera, saying, “Wait and see, fellas” while apparently dialing Slash’s number.

apparently the first lady — wherever she is — was outraged by the body-double speculation.

Almost immediately, the initiative was criticized by people within Anonymous as irresponsible and “cringeworthy,” but a dedicated group apparently moved on with the plan.

Valentin was also committed to depicting distinct individuals rather than abstracted types, apparently working, like Caravaggio, from a cast of regular models.

But this Twitter user caught it: apparently not?

On Wednesday, Fusion officials invoked their Fifth Amendment rights before the House Intelligence Committee, apparently sparking Trump’s ire.

apparently six years is the gestation period for a paper engine.

Except, apparently, when he makes them with the families of fallen service members.

apparently her Chinese is very good — she learned it from a Chinese nanny — and the video went viral.

“When the old pie shop finished in the late 70s, apparently they asked the local community what shops they wanted,” says Cooke.

The pair will apparently be living together while Gomez films her new Woody Allen movie.

But, apparently, Dana’s not down for a second bite of that apple.

But most people aren’t entomologists (people who study bugs), and apparently, some entomologists live for this shit.

The conservative group Project Veritas and its controversial founder, James O’Keefe, apparently wanted to help cast doubt on the women’s stories.

The feud apparently started after Vicky called out Danielle in a post.

The Flip would formalize what Trump was apparently willing to accept last spring.)

The school that collapsed in September in Mexico City apparently was an older building that was not earthquake-resistant.

In this case, the right place was apparently Kohl’s, who sells a fancy roaring Chewbacca mask.

(In much less significant photoshop news, the shoot also apparently provided Oprah and Reese Witherspoon with extra hands and legs.)

Truaxe had fired and rehired co-CEO Nicola Kilner, but apparently fired her again prior to shuttering stores.

Republicans, apparently, were unbowed.

Leo did some quick work … pouncing on a brunette who apparently needed some sorta mouth-to-mouth treatment.

But it apparently felt the message the execution would send at home was well worth the risk.

It’s not just that paramedics, police officers, firefighters, and NHS workers apparently get a 20 percent discount.

Yet Trump, citing no evidence of his own, apparently decided to undo all of that progress.

The president moved so quickly, in fact, that members of the military were apparently not alerted about the policy change before Trump’s tweets.

Trump apparently saw that as too big of a threat to his policy agenda.

apparently, one Instagram user had started the hashtag to pay homage to all those Sues who had already killed themselves.

But European commissioners are apparently listening.

Later that same year, Jeanne apparently married, which lends more credence to claims that her ‘marriage’ to the Italian Count was indeed fictitious.

Gustave apparently had a history of mental health issues, or, as the papers of the time described, he was “a mental case.”

Kardashian has shared on social media explicit images of Chyna apparently without her consent.

apparently, time heals all wounds.

The attackers apparently pulled the 25-year-old player from his car, but left his girlfriend unharmed.

He apparently carried that sentiment as his health waned, telling The New Yorker, “I am ready to die,” in one of his final interviews.

The attackers apparently pulled the 25-year-old player from his car, but left his girlfriend unharmed.

Alas, the Sunday talk shows didn’t seem to satisfy the embattled aide, who apparently had more to say on the matter.

He’s now a legal permanent resident of the US (a green card holder), and applied for citizenship in 2014 (apparently unsuccessfully).

To many, apparently, a larger woman could never be swept away by a man of a thinner frame.

It’s apparently also a favorite of the rich and famous, from Olympian Usain Bolt to actor Hugh Jackman.

apparently the judge didn’t see eye-to-eye with Shmurda and has denied the rapper’s request.

“Speaker Pelosi now apparently telling senior Democrats that she’d like to see Trump behind bars,” Hannity said.

I asked why and they don’t have gutters, and apparently, it hadn’t rained in 116 days.

The prez apparently just realized Rosie tweeted 5 months ago that then-FBI Director James Comey should be fired.

You’re mourning all your exes.” apparently, therapy had opened some enormous emotional flood gates.

apparently this guy is impersonating Chris a lot and has hit up a number of women.

These dueling narratives are troublesome, especially since Trump and Kim had apparently been exchanging “love letters” only a few short weeks ago.

Also, it was apparently “infrastructure week,” according to the White House — although nobody noticed.

After authorities seized the laptop, apparently without the janitor’s knowledge, the janitor’s behavior became increasingly erratic.

“You need both a public and a private position,” Hillary Clinton apparently told the National Multi-Family Housing Council in private remarks in 2013.

After authorities seized the laptop, apparently without the janitor’s knowledge, the janitor’s behavior became increasingly erratic.

But the US apparently will stay by Saudi Arabia’s ruling family.

apparently they haven’t gotten the Hollywood memo about showing off your jewels.

(apparently Gary Cohn isn’t bothering, either.)

And that is apparently now a controversial act.

Tom apparently has Scott holding the knife which is connected with a measured cable, just a quarter of an inch from his exposed eye.

“Pocahontas” has apparently become Trump’s favorite nickname for Warren, who has said that she had Cherokee ancestors.

The forms in his work are complex paper cutouts delicately folded into a myriad of figures, apparently referencing Indonesian shadow puppetry.

It is apparently run by geniuses who want to put John Kasich and 2 Chainz in a room together.

AOC told him to “swing by [her] office,” and apparently, the entire Queer Eye gang took her up on the offer.

apparently unconcerned by this new information, Polonia then had sex with her again.

(Except in the eyes of the United States Supreme Court apparently, but that’s a whole other thing.)

The line apparently worked.

VICE: Flat caps have apparently become really popular recently.

Why, this looks like a human woman!” That’s where you’re (apparently) wrong, friends.

apparently, once you bleed purple, you never stop.

Selfies are already to blame for ruining art museums, memorials, gyms, and vacations in general, and now, apparently, even Central Park.

Lakewood Church apparently bought countless air mattresses and are prepping to open their doors.

Hulu made some news at CES because it has apparently signed CBS as part of its pay TV replacement service.

(That visual aid was apparently persuasive.)

The Walk of Fame wall was apparently taken down this afternoon.

The lineup had six white acts, but that was apparently beside the point.”

And Jon’s death and revival have apparently been part of Martin’s master plan for the series for well over a decade.

The victim apparently flagged down officers in the area who were conducting a traffic stop.

As strains between the two neighbors apparently eased, Pakistan said on Friday it would release 360 Indian prisoners this month.

“By 8 pm that night, O’Reilly had apparently been dealt with,” Kelly said.

Despite the claim that smuggling marijuana is easy, apparently the government doesn’t fall for the old lime trick anymore.

Kelly’s affinity for underage girls apparently spanned many years.

Kelly’s affinity for underage girls apparently spanned many years.

apparently psyched by the news, Roiland asked Kanye to hang out on Twitter—and now it looks like that’s actually happening.

It’s apparently not pricey.

He was found not guilty, but from a 2016 perspective, the evidence against him looked more damning than it apparently had in 1999.

King also mentioned an alert his 7-year-old granddaughter apparently received on her iPhone about him that said some not-so-flattering things.

(One statue in Alabama was toppled by a car crash in 2016, apparently accidentally.)

The Biebs clued in cops and the girl on his fan photo ban, but apparently just meeting him was enough.

(Texting is apparently the worst, but using phones to navigate is also a risk.)

Geraci then defended his apparent sexism with an apparently sexist statement.

They had to cover it because it was filthy apparently and it was buzzing the whole time.

apparently, Khosrowshahi was not just talking about Kalanick though — sources said the slide also referred to the very meddlesome board of Uber.

Flying Lotus apparently appreciates that, as he’s just dropped not one or two, but seven new tracks on Soundcloud, for our listening pleasure.

This is a day before Jeff Flake is going to go out and has apparently compared Trump to Stalin, not directly, but metaphorically.

The deal apparently was never settled, but the conversations in themselves were damning enough.

Rowdy Tellez singled, Freddy Galvis walked and Luke Maile tripled to right field when Soler apparently lost the ball in the sun.

Hebden apparently produced this record.

But street protest and YouTube cinematography apparently only go so far, and the group now wants to try to physically impede rescue missions.

(The New Yorker apparently heard about ZuckNet before any of us, but we forgot about it and figured you had, too.)

apparently, through force of will and religious practice of the wrong methods, it all started to come together.

But creators apparently feel strongly that the show’s musical essence has another side to it.

I was apparently the kind of person who loved shit like this.

apparently, her lawyer didn’t get that memo … and went ahead and filed a $3 million lawsuit for her.

But to get such efforts going, cities, counties, and states need more money — much more than Congress’s current budget deal will apparently include.

apparently I’m not alone.

According to People, EMTs immediately raced over to check out the actor, but apparently he was fine, all embarrassment aside.

Trump was apparently referring to the Republican presidential debate earlier this month in which Rubio was pounded by New Jersey Gov.

Hewson apparently said she “would look into it,” according to the Times.

apparently, he’s a big fan of the game … following its accounts on social media and even having his own profile — TheBoyDuddus.

(Nobody thought to keep an eye on the siblings, apparently.)

The tributes are still rolling in, but among the most notable so far is LeBron James, who was apparently a big Nipsey Hussle fan.

Weird horns that apparently have various mystical powers (like the ability to shatter the Wall, say) pop up with surprising frequency in the books.

apparently, though, Facebook did not provide any of the organic content posted by the 470 identified Russia-tied accounts.

(Battery woes aside—woes that Nintendo, save for my report, apparently hasn’t heard of anywhere else, despite one similar account below.)

Except now Delrahim has apparently changed his mind.

apparently they both now acknowledge that he will again become the primary custodial parent, at least until a formal custody agreement is worked out.

During the December appearance, apparently at a comedy club on Long Island, C.K.

apparently, Louis C.K.

Justin had tequila and apparently lots of it the night before, and he swears the green juice cures all that ails him.

In audio posted on YouTube, apparently from an appearance at the Governor’s Comedy Club on Long Island on December 16, C.K.

Kate del Castillo has resurfaced after Sean Penn’s Rolling Stone article … but apparently there’s still a fear factor.

Well, it’s apparently okay to be biased against one set of candidates — the unpopular.

The goal, apparently, was to control McDougal’s story.

The anger behind these disparities, along with longstanding racial tensions in Milwaukee, apparently fueled the riots.

As news of the shooting broke out, at least 200 people gathered — apparently organizing through social media — in demonstrations.

That’s apparently where we are.” This article originally appeared on

So apparently there’s tapes of Glenn Beck in his earlier days, when he was just a regular DJ.

Most egregiously of all, at this point the tempo is apparently being dictated by Donald Trump’s personal pique at recalcitrant House members.

Owners at the football league will apparently discuss the change at a meeting next week, according to a report from Dow Jones.

So the NFL is apparently considering drastic measures — by perhaps forcing its players to do something they clearly do not want to do.

And he’s apparently not even burnt out on stop-motion after all that as he’s already working on a stop-motion Ghostbusters film.

Andreessen told Re/code earlier this week he was taking a “soothing social media vacation.” Vacation over, apparently.

Kara is all about the recreational marijuana, apparently.

But there’s a remarkable amount of depth beneath this apparently conventional arc.

The upside of everything apparently unravelling at the seams is that people have never been more willing to take to the streets.

Living the lavish life has its inconveniences too, apparently.

apparently this is the second time he was a no show in the case, so the judge upped bail to $250k.

Making bail … apparently not so easy.

What’s puzzling … she apparently published the letter on her fansite ICON, but no one took notice.

Linehan apparently loses interest after finding that the existing community discourages posting publicly about Trump.

It’s an interesting time to bring it up,” Trump said, apparently not aware about the Netflix series.

apparently aiming for the heads of his victims, he shot 11 people, killing five.

People in suits spotted doing some of it apparently (an eye witness told us last week).

Tyson Fury has apparently hurt himself and has postponed his rematch with Wladimir Klitschko.

It was apparently to head off Roiphe’s article that Donegan decided to step forward at last.

(Those outlets do not, apparently, include the New York Times.

The man was taken to a hospital by ambulance, apparently having suffered injuries during the arrest.

To be fair, Acute Art does apparently plan to connect with and commission VR works by young and emerging artists.

People will apparently be allowed to vote without ID if they sign a statement affirming they were impeded from obtaining one.

But apparently, not all synagogue burnings are equal.

The abuse was apparently well-known among Wynn’s employees — to the point that some took steps to protect one another.

He also apparently stated a number of times that there were two sides to every story.

Only, according to some purported FaceApp users, the beautification process apparently involves lightening your skin tone, and making your features more European-looking.

She also did not want to go public with the charges, which is apparently why Google decided to allow Singhal to leave quietly.

In addition to his apparently inherent sunny disposition, Nowitzki has cause to smile, even at such rude, duffed-dunk proof of his body’s deterioration.

He’s also apparently pretty into Peter Dinklage’s character Tyrion Lannister, saying, “This little motherfucking midget is hilarious,” in a separate video.

For some voters, this apparently came down not just to quantity but to quality.

Mexican authorities could not be reached immediately for further information on Sunday, but the operation was apparently carried out by Mexico’s Policia Federal.

The footage shows the Arizona rancher turning and waving his arms around as two officers approach him, apparently raising their weapons.

The footage shows the Arizona rancher turning and waving his arms around as two officers approach him, apparently raising their weapons.

President-elect Trump is apparently aware of this.

But wait, there’s more… My friend is called Charlie, but to his face and (apparently) online, I call him Carlos.

A lot of news organizations apparently used these photos at some point, including NBC News itself.

apparently, they’re not used to it yet.

apparently, once an unwitting thief cuts into the lock, the gas will shoot out, engulfing them in a noxious cloud.

Still, apparently some people at The House That Jack Built’s Monday night screening weren’t prepared for just how gruesome it would be.

The lounge apparently didn’t fit the bill for USADA requirements.

Fat Brown got caught, apparently for all eternity.

You also apparently need an eagle and Abe Lincoln.

Sen. Johnny Isakson, a Georgia Republican, apparently asked her to further explain her position on educating students with disabilities.

Even worse, he says she falsely stated, “people get paralyzed … apparently that happened” — again, referring to his company.

The pups are apparently to weak to even strand or are gone already.

“People need to look towards a company with credibility, and apparently Amazon has that,” he said.

And now, apparently, he plans to hold a big rally celebrating his first 100 days.

The CIA apparently then airdropped “Springfield rifles with telescopic sights” to help the agents along.

Yes, she wants women in positions of power, but, well, this 104-year-old feminist has her limitations, and Hillary Clinton apparently is one of them.

First the judges, now apparently the congressional budget office needs protecting.

Those, apparently, should be dismissed as teething pains.

Women’s magazine publishers were obsessed with the stuff, apparently.

[laughing] LG: Yeah, I still don’t know why he blocked me but we’re over it now apparently!

apparently, if Mufti indicates she’s found a truffle but then walks away, it means it’s rotten.

It’s not a huge shocker to find out that Pittenger is apparently in the latter camp.

apparently, it’s already working.

apparently, the founder “invited a gay national-anarchist from Germany to deliver a talk on ‘alternative communities,’ which he did in green spandex.

It’s worth noting that Gibson, though apparently now fit for family Christmas films, is by no means the Hollywood heavyweight he once was.

He’s an Iowa native, and his parents are apparently Republicans, which Colbert noted on his show during Swalwell’s announcement.

Grete is the 23-year-old Florida State track star who has apparently been dating the Browns QB for at least a month.

The shooter’s motive was apparently revenge for United States bombing campaigns on ISIS targets in the Middle East.

Finally, it seems, the police have come to some conclusions — namely, that the brutality was unprecedented and, apparently, illegal.

The trip to France apparently helped repair Trump-Macron relations after Macron attacked Trump during his 2017 presidential campaign.

apparently his own wasn’t good enough—fresh out of hits.

[The diocese eventually settled with survivors, though it’s still apparently dealing with the financial fallout.]

And now, apparently, debunking nonsense tweets from the next American president.

apparently, Bono found Robbie in the corridor staring intensely.

After 1981, following a five-year period of inactivity, EARONS committed only one more confirmed crime — and then apparently disappeared.

Oh, and apparently it’s called “brinner.”

He apparently fled from police in a traffic stop.

So why is this shooting apparently infuriating so many people?

The special, called OBJECTified: Donald Trump, was apparently filmed back in September when Trump was still just a presidential hopeful.

According to the press release, the special apparently features “a side of President-elect Donald Trump that has rarely been seen before.”

(He’s already been to 20, apparently.)

But if it wants to do “topical,” it has to do better than this apparently throwaway racism plot.

On Instagram, one video apparently recorded during the standoff remains.

apparently the threat level went up to as high as it had been in terms of the nuclear thing in a long time.

The franchise in its current rebooted incarnation is still electrifying, but series co-creator John Romero apparently isn’t over the infamous original just yet.

Robot series), discovered that OnePlus smartphones have been apparently shipping for years with a hidden backdoor.

McGahn had apparently wanted to exit the White House for some time, but Trump’s tweet may have been unexpected.

Other neighbors apparently came down and tried to calm Resnicow, to no avail.

(The off years came when the march was banned, not, apparently, for lack of interest.)

It also apparently featured this video being played on the scoreboard.

Trump picked a billionaire army vet named Vincent Viola for the job — apparently without giving Mattis a say.

Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons haven’t confirmed they’re an item yet, but they’re already eating from the same fridge, apparently.

When it comes to Father’s Day though … no love, apparently.

This is where Trump apparently got his “millions” figure.

And now you’re apparently gonna rip me to shreds.

Sandmann was criticized online for his apparently racist behavior toward Nathan Phillips.

So really, the online media money is apparently going to the theme parks.

Sandmann was criticized online for his apparently racist behavior toward Nathan Phillips.

Trump’s decision apparently caused some infighting within the administration, according to the New York Times.

Since the guidance dealt with schools, it required a sign-off from Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who was apparently uncomfortable leaving trans students unprotected.

A selfie posted on Twitter showed a man in front of the girl’s naked, and apparently drugged, body.

This is Lisa Dickey, author of “Bears in the Streets,” where apparently there are not any bears in the streets in Russia.

apparently, it has happened.

I thought there was department stores, but now apparently there are so I could come now without socks and buy socks.

It’s there in the name even, their auspicious choice of colors to end, apparently, their long-running tradition of naming their records after pigments.

A Jenelle Evans house party ended abruptly with a visit from police and, apparently, a trip to the hospital for the “Teen Mom” star.

The gigantic, multi-faceted conspiracy that Evil Cooper is apparently part of gets a few new facets.

We’re told she doesn’t have any weapons, but apparently snapped enough for Dean to call police.

He apparently never stops to consider how the women he’s subjecting to all of this might feel.

Cyberdyne just won’t give up, apparently.

apparently, I had made national news.

In fact, he was apparently fanatic about it — classmates called him “Mr. Bug,” and he wanted to be an entomologist (who studies insects).

apparently, the people who hire tax preparers are super-organized types who want to file as early as possible to get their refunds.

(The worst time to go into the tax prep industry, apparently, is July.)

Until he met the undercover agent, Franey had apparently abided by the order to disarm.

But it’s apparently the world we live in — and, for better or worse, our policies might have to acknowledge that.

Some lawmakers say this is what they were promised; the government is less clear and has made statements apparently to the contrary.

That plan is apparently now scratched.

They have been celebrating, apparently, by sending music to aliens.

It apparently happened to hundreds of ill-fated people over 1,000 years ago.

And, apparently, neither does Mexico.

If you’re a Wall Street investor, you apparently love this thing.

In 2012, her computer had apparently searched for, “If your husband becomes a Shahid [martyr], what are the rewards for you?”

Lewandowski’s exit apparently came as a surprise to everyone on the Trump campaign.

Mateen also apparently referenced Moner Abu Salha, the first American citizen to carry out a suicide attack, in Syria, in 2014.

Lewandowski’s exit apparently came as a surprise to everyone on the Trump campaign.

Consolation caffeine hits the spot, apparently.

Bishop’s totem animal, apparently, is the fox.

But when messaging the victims directly, the hackers apparently have a different approach.

Warren Buffett, and former President Bill Clinton, apparently.

Maps, apparently, was a big mistake.

But just a few hours earlier, Trump told reporters he had made up his mind — though apparently he didn’t tell his secretary of state.

“An Oreo?” Carson replied, apparently thinking of cookies.

On that occasion, an exasperated Mnuchin — apparently worried about missing an “important meeting” — told Waters to “please dismiss everybody.

And I apparently am also checking in everywhere, ‘cause she tags me.

If anything, they are looser still — the part-to-whole relationships are more fluid, the organization apparently more improvised.

apparently he was able to convince Steam he was the rightful owner,” said Brian.

apparently, Alabama has an old law on its books that deems it illegal to “adulterate” alcohol.

Though the Fed announced last month that rates would hold steady for now, Trump is apparently still unhappy with Chair Jerome Powell.

In the lower right foreground, a member of the crowd points his camera not at King but toward the sky, apparently checking its settings.

apparently, leaving your riches to your pets—for their well-being, and maybe also to spite your family—is widely practiced among well-off pet owners.

During this period, the brand got picked up by Sephora and even got a shout out from Kim Kardashian, who was apparently a fan.

The former filed a complaint with Apple showing information from the ArtFact database that appears verbatim on the app, apparently including mistakes.

This is not the first time Low has apparently tried to lobby Trump.

apparently he’s not alone, as Lew has been getting a ton of complaints about dropping Hamilton from the bill.

The journalist then apparently shows Hoekstra a clip of him saying the very thing he’d just denied ever saying.

I start sneezing; my hay fever doesn’t appreciate contemporary art, apparently.

But Cohn apparently decided to abandon that last-ditch effort and go ahead and resign today.

Hartwell says she trampled his visitation rights because he was supposed to get Ella on Tuesday, but apparently Keshia was still out of town.

The kitchen is so discreet that apparently some of the home’s residents didn’t even realize it was there at all.

apparently, it’s come to that — fans are so accustomed to seeing Kim’s smoking hot body, they’d rather focus on appliances.

Her point with all this, apparently, was to prove that algorithms take a number of factors into consideration for returning search results.

apparently Silver signed an NDA!

Its XiaoIce chatbot is being used by 40 million people in China, apparently without any similar issues.

And that’s something even professional speech-cutters are apparently on board with.

He agreed, apparently to “avoid the potential zoo” that could come out of the game (which won’t be televised, but it will be streamed).

Another attendee provided Motherboard with screenshots of text messages apparently sent by the IMSI catcher.

Each work apparently comes in an edition of three with two artist proofs.

Jennifer Lawrence is attached, and apparently Deadline did announce the screenwriter.

Iranians who protested apparently fraudulent election results in 2009 faced violent, deadly crackdowns.

“Borodin called again, sounding guilty, and said he was mistaken, that it was apparently some sort of exercise,” Bashkov wrote.

Astronomers on Earth discovered it, apparently, in deep space, and it has taken “decades” to even work out how it can be interacted with.

The board was apparently not satisfied either, voting this month to oust Vestberg.

Subsequently, Rose Christo issued a series of increasingly impassioned tweets, apparently in direct address to the person claiming to be her brother.

We hope apparently in a sentence examples were helpful.