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If He had broken the law then He would have been sinful and He would not have been our Messiah.” White is referring to a part of the Biblical narrative recounted in the gospel of Matthew, as well as some books of Biblical apocrypha.

One is the Codex Sinaiticus, a fourth century CE codex comprising the books of the Old Testament, the books of the apocrypha, the New Testament, and some other Christian documents called the Epistle of Barnabas and the Shepherd of Hermas, all written in Greek.

The focus of the first gallery is Strange Früt: Rock apocrypha (2000), an installation comprised of a video and four mural-sized paintings created by the Destroy All Monsters Collective (Kelley, Loren, Shaw).

Now, when collections of Shakespeare’s work include “Shall I fly,” they list it as apocrypha or as a contested work; many don’t list it as all.

The Book of Futility, or BooFu, as religious scholars call it, was unfairly removed from the old testament and consigned to the apocrypha because, the famed Rabbi Eleazar tell us, “it was too damned depressing.”

The origins of the Rare Pepe phenomenon are murky 4chan apocrypha, but developer Joe Looney created the Rare Pepe Wallet, the main platform for buying and selling Rare Pepes, in 2016.

I didn’t remember hearing about Jesus in the curry house at Sunday School, but maybe it’s one of the stories that appears in the apocrypha.

If you approach these letters not just as sentimental apocrypha, but also with the eye of an aspiring forensic document examiner, they yield insights into lives and work of artistic legends — among them, Mary Cassatt, Robert Motherwell, Isamu Noguchi, John Singer Sargent, Marcel Duchamp, Berenice Abbott, Corita Kent, and Cy Twombly.

“We do things that would be considered apocrypha in the ‘normal’ event lighting world, like putting colored light directly on a person,” production artist Raj Medhekar told THUMP recently at the Nitemind studio located in an industrial corner of Williamsburg.

Blazblue is a little unique for having so much spinoff apocrypha; visual novels, manga, radio dramas, etc.

“Protestants began to reject it for its non-canonical status, and especially for its associations with the veneration of Mary [and] Catholics wishing to implement their own reforms also called for a return to the Bible… apocrypha were left behind in these debates about the Bible, doctrine, and [other] theological points.”

50 Cent seemed to confirm the account in a series of Instagram posts, including a now-deleted comment stating that he forgot he even “did that shit.” All in all, it’s a pretty amazing entry into the well-trod genre of “I forgot about my Bitcoin” apocrypha.

Such contracts exist only in the apocrypha of royal prenuptial agreements.

If you believe the common DJ Kenn apocrypha, he was walking his dog and ran into the GBE crew and started renting a room from Keef’s uncle.

Such is the mind of the internet’s self-proclaimed Ted Bundy expert, and keeper of a meticulous blog that is both a collection of Bundy apocrypha, like his yearbook posts and prison drawings, and a series of logical reappraisals of Bundy’s killings and trial.

Hopefully with apocrypha that won’t be the case.

China insists that virtually all the sea belongs to it, citing historical apocrypha.

Is it the fourth gospel, plumbing the mystery of the Bournian logos, or should we discard it as apocrypha?

Luther’s version is tendentious: he consigned the Book of James to the apocrypha, because it posited good works, rather than faith alone, as a route to salvation.

Zvyagintsev’s nine-minute segment, “apocrypha,” begins in a dark alley, where a teen-ager is greeted by his father, who lends him a video camera and asks, “How’s Mom?” We realize, without being told, that the parents are separated.

apocrypha” did not make the final cut of “New York, I Love You,” winding up as an extra on the DVD.

One attendee, Max Pulver, had
subsequently written of it that “an unconscious woman was carried out … Two
more people were laid low by [Kafka’s] words.” Stach methodically takes apart
this alluring bit of apocrypha, showing how this tale of three people
losing consciousness from listening to Kafka likely never happened.

The girls of Babymetal — the preteen Japanese “kawaii metal” band — know how to rage, and their graphic novel apocrypha: The Legend Of Babymetal (written by “the prophet of the Fox God”) offers a very fun origin story full of shape-shifting, time travel, and fighting evil.

These three tales — the three books, so to speak, of the Shostakovich apocrypha — correspond exactly to the three chapters of “The Noise of Time,” and there is nothing in Mr. Barnes’s account that cannot be found in the dubious sources he cites.

When Africa’s first female president was only a few days old, her parents received a visitor, “the Old Man,” whose anonymity is part of the apocrypha.

There are so many people around nowadays:color and temperature,words and altered nuances,overlaps and repetitions,the small ads and the apocrypha,shibboleth and battle cry,hill and dale,your known unknowns and your unknown unknowns,various pieces of identification and a briefly diverting life story.

The Romance series drills down into a very specific history and the apocrypha surrounding it, but with Three Houses, the story doesn’t have to adhere to a story people know.

As the person behind a Twitter account called Star Wars Visual Comparison, Stewart is a kind of unofficial keeper of apocrypha, of the sometimes subtle, sometimes extraordinary changes wrought by their makers upon three Star Wars movies: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and The Return of the Jedi.

Like the various translations and apocrypha that Christianity has had to declare, at various moments across millennia, in or out, differing movie versions offer different gospel truths.

Someday, a long time from now, in a castle far, far away, someone is going to have to excavate Drew Stewart’s Twitter feed and make some hard decisions about canon, and what’s apocrypha now.

It is a piece of apocrypha that is ironically the most canonized part of Han’s character now.

Drier still, if spiked with apocrypha, is Noël Coward ’s definition: “A perfect martini should be made by filling a glass with gin, then waving it in the general direction of Italy.” And yet, for decades, the fact of the Martini somehow clouded the choice of gin, if you could call it a choice at all.

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