Apartment in a sentence | Use of the word apartment examples

She lives down the street, in an apartment building just outside the park.

Tucked away in an apartment building, Yoğunluk’s Artist Atelier is the smallest of the Biennial’s six venues, showcasing “The House” (2017).

The most expensive apartment for rent in Los Angeles was just unveiled — and it comes with a $100,000-a-month price tag.

Keep scrolling for a peek inside this over-the-top apartment.

In total, the apartment has 10 bathrooms.

This apartment, designed and furnished by Canadian designer Robert Bailey, comes with a $100,000-a-month price tag.

‘Her new apartment comes complete with a nursery that she’s started painting pink,’ a source close to the star said.

“We started with a shared apartment in Edinburgh and a list of song concepts written on a pizza box and taped to a wall.

Last year, I witnessed an angry mob of Israelis from the extremist “Lehava” group march past my Jerusalem apartment chanting “death to Arabs.”

Unfortunately, my refrigerator in my apartment doesn’t always comply with my standards.

I made him—while he was still weak—deep clean our whole apartment with hospital-grade cleaner that could kill every virus out there.

I spend several hours thinking about all the surfaces and things that are dirty in my apartment.

She remembers hanging out with friends after school, living in a three-bedroom apartment, and speaking English.

She remembers hanging out with friends after school, living in a three-bedroom apartment, and speaking English.

Meetings of leftist artists, art historians and philosophers were held in her apartment.

The victim, Mireille Knoll, was found dead after a fire broke out in her apartment in Paris’s 11th arrondissement on Friday night.

The victim, Mireille Knoll, was found dead after a fire broke out in her apartment in Paris’s 11th arrondissement on Friday night.

The brutal killing of 66-year-old Sarah Halimi sparked national outrage; she was beaten in her apartment and then thrown out a window.

Cover image: View of the apartment door of Mireille Knoll, 85, who was was slain last week, in Paris, France, Tuesday, March 27, 2018.

– Madeline, 25 “Fought over hummus outside our apartment.”

“At one point, the server actually moved into the apartment manager’s closet.

The story took another strange twist when police searched the apartment.

A couple of weeks ago, a messenger showed up to my apartment and handed me this FedEx package.

The report was conducted following a 2009 blaze at another apartment tower, Lakanal House, in which six people died.

The gangsters literally shoot from one apartment block to another across a street.

People were living in this apartment in New York and how were they interacting.

In 2013, Pedro Vargas went on a shooting rampage inside his apartment complex in Hialeah, Florida.

I can go on tour and come back and there will be a whole brand new apartment complex.

“Airbnb was founded in 2008 by two guys who couldn’t afford their rent and so they opened up their apartment to strangers.

2005), we see an angled view of two identical red brick apartment buildings with an alleyway between them.

He came home late afternoon and never left his apartment for the entire evening.

An apartment in Dubai.

Saipov’s apartment complex abuts the Omar Mosque, though several members said in the interviews they had never seen him there.

Wintrich shot all the photos in his apartment in the East Village, where he works in advertising.

All I had were my apartment keys.

So of course that meant the night had to start with pregaming at a friend’s apartment.

Instead, most days Brock doesn’t leave his studio apartment until after noon.

Instead, most days Brock doesn’t leave his studio apartment until after noon.

By the time he was 17, his father had given him part ownership of a 52-unit apartment building.

After visiting the fourth or fifth apartment I finally realized why everyone was so eager to see me at their doorstep.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads My roommate once noted that I only sing in the apartment when we play Brazilian music.

A weekend-long DIY festival titled 2nd Floor Rear showcases apartment galleries, migrant projects, and experimental collaborations taking place in various Chicago neighborhoods.

I didn’t want to drop my hobbies, or compact our family into an apartment.

The 49-year-old’s body was found slumped over in a chair in his apartment on Dec. 23.

“How long before the apartment complex I’m staying in throws me out because the State Department isn’t paying the bills?” he said.

Guyger entered the apartment and after seeing a “large silhouette” issued verbal commands and then fired twice, striking Jean in the chest.

She says she did not realize the mistake until she turned on the lights, called 911, and checked the apartment number outside the door.

The houses give way to apartment buildings, still beautiful, but now the bricks are crumbling and the windows are broken and boarded up.

Outside an apartment building, we met a woman named Linda* who was obviously high on something—benzodiazepines or opiates or both.

Linda wanted to show us her apartment, which she moved into after her recent divorce.

Other than that, the apartment was completely bare.

And for the past two years, anyone renewing a one-year lease for a rent-stabilized apartment was entitled to a rent freeze.

“If she had issues in her apartment and they didn’t fix them, she called 311.”

During that time, Taylor said, the leaks in her apartment continued but Fieldbridge “came to fix stuff less and less.”

During the tenancy, an increase in the preferential rent was subject to the same limits that applied to any other rent-stabilized apartment.

Landlords had little incentive to discount rents, since they couldn’t recoup the subsidy until the apartment switched hands.

apartment hunting in 2010, the Donaldsons spotted the ideal place to raise their growing family.

I ended up staying at his apartment for a few days, trying to figure out where to stay in LA.

A number of people have been critical of Kim for posing with her $4.5 million diamond ring in the apartment shortly before the hit.

So I threw him out of my apartment.”

Johnson had been charged with disorderly conduct and hindering police after officers responded to a 911 call at an apartment complex.

They arrived to find Erick Reyes, who was suspected of trying to forcibly enter his ex-girlfriend’s apartment, and Johnson.

The priciest, Unit 53, a four-bedroom, 7,984-square-foot apartment, is asking $95 million.

Hatcher was found dead from a gunshot wound in the parking garage of her Dallas apartment complex on September 2, 2015.

William is the loneliest of all, something we knew from the first moment that we saw his sad apartment, covered in plastic barriers.

It came down to William’s plastic-wrapped apartment, and the terrible loneliness that marked so much of his life.

Large-scale photographs by Louis Chan from his ongoing series, My Home, reveal the cramped apartment interiors of Chinese immigrants.

Zabit shares an apartment in Paris with three other Afghans, who also come to the camp in the day to help with interpreting.

Same with renting an apartment or buying a car.

To support his nascent career, Leonelli had worked odd jobs—as an apartment leasing agent in Boston, an overnight dock worker outside of Springfield, Mass.

Bit by bit, the “other apartment” is becoming home, and the place I share with friends in Dorchester is becoming “the old place”.

What he was known for, neighbors told media outlets, was watching television late at night and not leaving his apartment for days on end.

According to court records, Parker convinced her to come back to his apartment, where he and another man took turns having sex with her.

Cops tell us they were called to an apartment building late Wednesday night and made the discovery.

Police bugged the suspects’ apartment, and grew concerned when the two men appeared to talk in code.

After years of peering out at busy streets from apartment windows, I have a balcony that overlooks a lake flanked by waterfalls and forests.

After ensuring he was not within her apartment, Mercer would lock herself in her bedroom, watching television until she fell asleep.

Rob bikes from his apartment to the beach every day to get in the sea.

“Mind you, it was an apartment bathroom, not a public bathroom, so at least it wasn’t dirty.”

Here’s how Branson recalls it: “Some years ago, Mr. Trump invited me to lunch for a one-to-one meeting at his apartment in Manhattan.

Right now we have no jobs, no apartment.

Our old apartment said we can stay a night, and we have to leave tomorrow.

Still, according to the op-ed, she was renting an apartment as recently as 2016.

“I am life-long renter, living in a rent-controlled apartment with a roommate.

It is located in North Salt Lake about 20 minutes from Lueck’s apartment.

The Tribune reported that police were called to their apartment after neighborhoods heard the sounds of “a woman being murdered.”

It’s half a block from our apartment, so we are very lucky!

We ate at Shalom Japan, a hybrid Jewish-Japanese restaurant near Wise’s apartment and studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Sara Reinis, a 26-year-old creative strategist at Vox Media, held her first Friendsgiving last year at her apartment in Brooklyn.

For all the insanity of spending seven years sequestered in a 330-square-foot apartment, Belmarsh’s conditions could prove to be even more intimate.

For all the insanity of spending seven years sequestered in a 330-square-foot apartment, Belmarsh’s conditions could prove to be even more intimate.

She lived in a luxury Rio de Janeiro apartment funded by a Nissan subsidiary, according to the report, which cited unidentified sources.

“Save it and use it to hire someone to clean your apartment before a potential romantic partner comes over.”

She helped buy her mother an apartment in Queens, sent her brothers to college and her sisters to Katharine Gibbs.

Earlier this week, Hilary Thornton was filmed while trying to block a black man from entering his own apartment in St. Louis.

During this time, he came to my apartment for dinner.

“Come to my apartment, and I’ll show you how angry I can get.” To me this sounded threatening.

There was a multiplex not far from his apartment, and with a dozen movies to choose from, we decided to see The Martian.

In their towns, potholed streets had been repaired, bridges had been built, new apartment buildings were going up.

Footage of the explosion’s aftermath that was broadcast by local media showed the blown-out apartment building, with debris strewn across the entire street.

“Perhaps both groups were using the apartment to test explosives,” he speculated.

Octopus’s garden apartment complex Let’s try this again: “South Park” messes with Alexa in viewers’ homes.

Anyone who has lived in a cockroach-infested apartment knows how hard they can be to kill.

It’s called CRAM (compressible robot with articulated mechanisms), and I’d much rather live in an apartment filled with them.

303 of the Princess Eugenia apartment complex in Santa Monica with Greig.

We’re told police eventually nabbed him about a mile north of her apartment.

We’re told the model’s security called police after she noticed the man had posted a photo of her apartment building.

And for cash-strapped millennials, renting a room as opposed to a one-bedroom apartment could save them thousands of dollars annually.

He offered to drive her home, then insisted that she come up to his apartment for a drink.

Breest eventually lost consciousness; when she woke up, she quickly left the apartment.

Bentley lived in her own apartment that Angel Reach had found her for two years.

There viewers can explore by neighborhood, typologies (like detached houses and apartment buildings), and architectural details (including stoops and gardens).

Here’s how 3 guys turned renting an air mattress in their apartment into a $25 billion company.

Once, one of my friends was away for the weekend and let me use his apartment.

All I need is someone at home to stop by the apartment, change the sheets, clean a little, and give this person the key.

Something is up with your apartment.”

I imagine they’ve held a giant rave at the apartment and made a huge mess or something.

The feeling of helplessness makes me physically ill. My apartment has been turned into a brothel, and no one can help me.

They both emit a symphony of “arghs” and “ewwws” from different rooms while checking out the apartment.

And around this time last year, another transgender woman from Dallas, Karla Patricia Flores-Pavón, was found dead in her apartment.

She says when she got home and confronted him in the lobby, Weinstein “hushed her” and insisted on speaking in private … in her apartment.

When he opened the door, several police officers pushed him aside and rushed into his apartment.

French police reportedly found a six-week-old lion cub living in an apartment in Paris’ suburbs and arrested its suspected owner.

When he opened the door, several police officers pushed him aside and rushed into his apartment.


The British equivalent of an apartment, a flat has little to do with having a level surface.

“WILLIAM L. MACK: YOU BROKE TRUST” was projected onto the yellow brick facade of the real estate tycoon’s apartment building.

“Who’s William Mack?” a woman walking by 760 Park asked, gawking at the projection of his name and face on his apartment building.

“Does he live there?” she asked, watching the light shine into the apartment windows.

Foreign news channels are only available in luxury hotels and a handful of high-end apartment complexes in China.

So we actually have a state-of-the-art lab set up like a studio apartment here at Northeastern.

Mosqueda worked full time during her campaign and lives in a one-bedroom apartment that she rents.

His life was “in shambles.” “I sat in my apartment alone for a couple of days,” he said.

I was anxious to get to my apartment because my mom goes nuts with earthquakes.

“I tried to run down my apartment’s stairs, but I wasn’t able to because of the strength of the earthquake.

That clearly sounds like they have inside information about what went down at Jussie’s apartment building.

She rents an apartment, gets a job, and finds a boyfriend, while Enid refuses all of these things.

Iconic fashion designer Kate Spade was found dead of an apparent suicide Tuesday morning in her NYC apartment … TMZ has learned.

Life in this apartment block has a purgatorial quality to it.

I had a Steenbeck editing machine in my apartment, and I would rent it out in shifts.

Which was basically the internet version of the fun thing that was happening in our apartment with words and just conversation.

“I would look around my apartment and think, ‘Can I make an apple out of Lego?

Goli, 36, and five of her children feel like they’re killing time in the apartment complex.

Raid, Hazim, Goli, and the hundreds of other Yazidis in this quiet apartment block wait and wonder when their lives will resume.

Investigators have contacted Ledlow’s apartment complex for video footage.

I’m looking at the spray paint can right now in my van, and that trash can is still in my apartment.

If things remain like this, Israelis will take over all Silwan,” resident Hamed Awideh said after moving with his family to a rented apartment.

If things remain like this, Israelis will take over all Silwan,” resident Hamed Awideh said after moving with his family to a rented apartment.

Using photographs of apartment block windows in Šimkus’s childhood neighborhood, Gyva Grafika created stickers to put on top of the tiles.

Federal investigators joined local police in searching Perez’s apartment in North Bend, less than 16 miles from Cincinnati.

Federal investigators joined local police in searching Perez’s apartment in North Bend, less than 16 miles from Cincinnati.

I just moved into an apartment in the medical center, but I came home to be with my parents this weekend and help out.

The family has temporarily taken shelter in an apartment belonging to the policeman’s brother, the brother said.

We holed up in this tiny apartment in Los Feliz, made one of the bedrooms a recording studio.

The first chunk of the episodes, as Phil said, we made in an apartment.

Having all these amazing people, comedy people, come into our apartment and record with us for an hour — that was incredibly surreal.

Recreational drugs did no good, and neither did a real estate job and an apartment.

“My uncle was in the garage, he had a little apartment.

Last month, a cop suddenly entered her apartment without permission, she adds, after she left it unlocked while inside.

Samman was found unresponsive early Friday morning at an apartment in South Florida.

Two women sitting on the windowsill of their ground floor apartment have turned their living room into a cocktail stand.

Last time we saw Zayn leaving Gigi’s apartment, he was in a pretty good mood.

He lives with his teenage children in a one-bedroom apartment on which he owes three months back-rent, and has applied repeatedly for public housing.

Sources tell TMZ Sports … Coleman was involved in a massive brawl that broke out in a Cleveland apartment complex around 4 AM on Saturday.

“She then wrapped the body parts in bin bags and scrubbed her apartment.”

“I wanted to punch the screen,” she said in an interview in her apartment.

There’s video of the robbers fleeing Kim Kardashian’s Paris apartment alright, but it doesn’t show squat … TMZ has learned.

Another draw was that the apartment complex looked like a 60s motel, a mix of tacky and classy that referenced earlier eras.

The site is said to be a luxury apartment complex called the Viceroy Dubai Jumeirah Village.

I left rehab, rented an apartment just off the Stanford campus.

We see Gilbert & George set into the park’s wilderness and away from London’s palatial apartment buildings.

At the time, Gurley was coming down the stairs with his friend, Melissa Butler, after leaving her apartment.

For £12.95 million, you can buy the Wolfe House duplex apartment that merges two flats into one.

The penthouse apartment is located on 375 Kensington High Street and overlooks the wealthy area.

He broke his leg near the end of my stay and finally let me come into his apartment.

My friends and I get high and have food delivered to my apartment about once a week.

He lives in Hujar’s apartment, struggles against eviction, and occupies the space of death while managing his own imminent death.

I wasn’t very impressed by his apartment, for instance, where everything is horrible and fake.

In Project Heat, a family watches a man get killed over debts as they move a couch into their apartment.

The official said that three people came to his apartment in Dhaka posing as couriers and attacked him.

The official said that three people came to his apartment in Dhaka posing as couriers and attacked him.

Guglielmi also said police searched the Chicago apartment where the men lived.

The unnamed protagonist in “Flowers of Mold” is curious about the other people living in the 90-unit apartment building.

The serial dater rode solo with the couple as they left Gigi’s apartment.

You are not supposed to want an apartment that is covered in pink marble and dipped in brass.

When deputies visited his apartment to do a health check, they found him to be in fine condition.

The report said it was not established if Trump personally knew of the proposal to give Putin the apartment.

Lovesac’s options come in family and apartment sizes, and even in pillow shape.

Nothing.” “apartments are very melancholy,” says Wayne K. “Any movie about apartment life is irradiated by melancholy.

On Monday, fans gathered outside his New York City apartment with flowers, LPs, notes, and more.

Though he’s been homeless, he also had an apartment and lost it as a result of being arrested so many times.

Vintage revolutionaries, Saïd and Batool met in a Damascus apartment long before war severed their lives from their dreams.

When she resisted, he chased her naked through the apartment, only stopping once she smashed a glass and threatened to cut him with it.

The rent for my one-bedroom apartment is $1,425 a month, plus utilities.

pic.twitter.com/GxJ3TLUYwQ One bachelor’s degree, one master’s degree, and one doctorate’s degree later, and I still can’t rent your apartment.

A video monitor shows pictures of Berryman’s apartment in Harlem.

A basement apartment.

It was still hot when I reached my apartment in Cihangir.

You will leave this dingy apartment, and its ring of messy strangers.

They are currently building a Trump luxury apartment complex south of Mumbai, The Hill reported.

Borodin told Bashkov that his apartment was surrounded by security forces in camouflage and masks.

Borodin told his friend that he thought his apartment would soon be broken into and searched.

Borodin said he suspected the security forces might be waiting for a court’s permission to enter his apartment.

They are currently building a Trump luxury apartment complex south of Mumbai, The Hill reported.

Officers also visited a nearby apartment building to ask for video.

Then she’ll wake up happy that she didn’t burn her apartment down.

I head over to any of the supermarkets within blocks of my apartment in the East Village.

But just 100 blocks north of my apartment, fruits and vegetables—exotic or otherwise—are not so easy to obtain.

Large apartment buildings can also be easily improved with better insulation , low-use electric appliances and high-performance windows.

I eventually moved out of the apartment my boyfriend and I had bought, into my own place in the Silver Lake hills.

The new kids that start out today are broke and live 24 people to an apartment,” Doyle says.

Trump invited Barrett to his Fifth Avenue apartment.

“And it was a very simple apartment.

Fortunately, Madsen was able to move into his parents’ house, allowing Andersen to hunker down in the apartment Madsen had been living in.

That apartment became a pseudo office.

It depicts the implosion of buildings and apartment blocks in Beirut.

Killer is a puppy-like massive pile of fur that flops around the apartment with abandon.

“During the ceremony, she felt overheated, so departed to go to her daughter’s apartment and is feeling much better.”

(Oh, and she’s making plans to rent an apartment nearby so she can continue to keep an eye on Celeste.)

When we got to my apartment, she opened up her suitcase to reveal that it was empty.

But the camera is still essential — it scans across Abbie’s apartment more than it pans, with a careful surveillance-like precision.

That’s how Patrick Bodnar, who lives in the Rosemont apartment behind the refrigerator, designed it.

We sit in the lobby of a hotel in downtown Helsinki, a few blocks from the apartment she lives in today.

Art dealer and collector Todd Brassner was killed after a fire broke out at his apartment at Trump Tower on Saturday.

Entertainment Tonight reports that they’ll be staying in a Greenwich Village apartment while she films a movie.

Disney CEO Bob Iger sold his palatial New York apartment on the Upper East Side earlier this week, according to Curbed NY.

The apartment has a private elevator that opens up to a vestibule outside the apartment.

The apartment has four bedrooms.

Perhaps the greatest luxury at the apartment (for a New Yorker, anyways) is the in-unit washer and dryer.

I did that at my apartment.

Aside from some faint street noise and car horns in the distance, the apartment was quiet.

2:57 PM PT — Paris just arrived at her L.A. apartment.

We’re told Dias was at his Brooklyn apartment Saturday with a friend.

We’re told the friend left the apartment and over the next 2 days called Dias, getting no response.

We’re also told the surveillance video of the robbers bicycling away from Kim’s apartment helped cops in their hunt.

I’m really feeling myself, even take a rare selfie before I leave my apartment.

I’m away from the apartment four or five times a week, and I work at night on the weekends.

The only times when we are at the apartment together is after work for an hour or two.

Shmurda says the 3 NYPD cops who claim they found him gun in hand in a NYC apartment have a history of lying.

Arguments became more frequent and virulent; I’d get minor panic attacks hearing her footsteps coming up the stairs to our apartment.

Forget ever owning an apartment.”

Forget ever owning an apartment.”

One woman who repeatedly told him to leave while he was walking her home eventually let him inside her apartment to use the bathroom.

Someone with time on their hands could feasibly fill a dating profile with AI-generated photos of themselves, their apartment, and their pet.

Growing up in Belgrade, there was only one computer in Maja Djordjevic’s entire apartment building.

She told them where it was in the apartment, but that was not the end.

We’re told a friend of Kim’s — Simone — was also in the apartment … sleeping in the downstairs bedroom.

Pascal got back to the apartment 2 minutes after the robbers left.

I moved from East LA to a little apartment on the beach in Santa Monica.

I rarely invited people over, dreading I would have to explain my bizarre apartment setup.

She’s not sure when she’ll be able to move into an affordable studio apartment.

EK: Tell me about your first apartment in New York.

We were on the ground floor, it was a three-bedroom apartment, and it was around $1,200.

We’re told her husband, Andy Spade, was not in the apartment.

Andy added he was at his apartment when he learned Kate had committed suicide.

She moved out of Redmond and into downtown Seattle, renting an apartment in a neighborhood known as a hub for 20-somethings.

According to LiveScience, Zangger examined Mellaart’s apartment and found what he called “prototypes” of murals, among other materials.

I felt like I was seven years old again when I encountered this Dratini near my apartment building yesterday.

It is integrated into the neighborhood, just around the corner from a driving school, near leafy streets and apartment blocks.

They tell us that guards who work in Yingshan are housed with their families in an apartment complex next to the prison.

She also said Clinton came to her apartment and knocked on her door.

According to Netflix, the upcoming series, Tuca & Bertie, will center on “two 30-year-old bird women who live in the same apartment building.”

When Maria Eriksson walks into her apartment, she’s never certain who’s in her bedroom.

For the past 366 days, Eriksson has been sleeping on the dining room floor of her apartment in Uppsala, Sweden.

Tomorrow, she’s not sure who will be in her apartment, but she knows they’ll be a couchsurfer or an Airbnb guest.

With more than 200 strangers in Eriksson’s apartment, she says the sharing economy has made her less-reserved and introverted.

There will be two different apartment options.

The design builds on Mini Living’s concept apartment, which was unveiled last year.

Shortly before this, the caller and their friend had gone to Loku’s apartment to complain about the noise he had been making.

Her life’s work was kept almost intact in her apartment in the Kantari neighborhood of Beirut, having only rarely been sold.

The suspect, a native of the former Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan, had rented an apartment in the city a month before the attack.

Three weeks later, seven men blew themselves up in a suburban apartment after police closed in on them.

Eventually, Crowley got back to her apartment with Manziel.

Crowley says she grabbed a knife out of fear for her safety — and that’s when Manziel ran out of the apartment.

I grew up in a one-bedroom apartment with my mother and brother up until I was 15 years old.

And then they replicate their dorm experience, three, four, five kids live in an apartment and they don’t get cable.

The bar opposite our apartment was where my new roommates became my best friends.

Being that the first question when entering a new apartment is, “What’s the Wi-Fi password?

These businesses include a lumber company in Pennsylvania, a Georgia-based construction firm, and an apartment rental company in Tampa, Florida.

With a handful of songs together, Jud Jud recorded their first demo in Steve’s apartment.

In her own apartment, the bird lurks, soaked in deep purples, reds, and blues.

-the search of Michael Cohen’s apartment in his hotel and his safety deposit box.

As a result, even though I had enough money in the bank, I didn’t have sufficient credit history to purchase my first apartment.

Law enforcement sources tell us O’Neill’s body was discovered by his girlfriend in the hallway of her Los Angeles apartment Wednesday night.

There’s really nowhere in the country where minimum wage workers can afford to rent a modest two-bedroom apartment if they work full time.

He also gravely wounded a third person in the apartment, forcing him into a closet and shooting him six times through the door.

There are at least two places within a five-minute walk of my Brooklyn apartment where I can get a CBD latte.

This was after throwing roasted soybeans around my apartment, and before impaling a sardine head with holly and hanging it on my door.

He was getting sued by the Justice Department for racial discrimination in his apartment buildings.

I threw some beans around my apartment and outside my front door while chanting “oni wa soto, fuku wa uchi.”

I mean, I sat in my apartment today on a very beautiful hotel down the street.

Queer television writer Michelle Badillo grew up on reruns, watching it in her Forest Hills, Queens apartment with her own divorced mom.

Ruffino was clearly busy with child-wrangling, but after just a few questions from Eastman, he invited them into his apartment to talk more.

Kylie, her sis and some friends were leaving an apartment Thursday evening, when their lift got stuck.

One was “diverted” by security forces while the second fell on its own and hit an apartment building, Reverol said.

UDR’s Davis said Haldeman impressed RETV members with his knowledge of the apartment market and its needs.

But apartment owners who get in early will be able to charge for the service, an opportunity that eventually will pass.

The company and KABR Group are raising money for a two-tower apartment complex in New Jersey called One Journal Square, marketing materials showed.

Howard announced the death Monday morning … saying Bob’s father had found him in his apartment in Texas.

They surrounded him in the living room so that I could not see him, and they started photographing the entire apartment.

Police speculate that Reinking ran home, grabbed a pair of pants and fled his apartment.

In San Bernardino, many people saw the bombs all over the apartment of the two people that killed 14 and wounded many, many people.

That apartment, like his home in Cairo, was all ritual and order.

Her first duty as his assistant was to help him “redecorate” his apartment.

He had been living in a shelter but recently moved to an apartment and enrolled in film production classes for the fall.

The bodies of Sumarti Ningsih, 23, and Seneng Mujiasih, 26, were found mutilated in his apartment in November 2014.

My sister and I tried using it as a sled, an unsatisfying experience in a carpeted apartment.

Here is an apartment building that is also being constructed next to the hotel.

Should these apartment dwellers have a desire for a little barbecue, they don’t let practical limitations get in their way.

We have a feeling some delightful ribs might be roasting right now on a flaming futon in apartment 3C.

Since we live over an hour away from the hospital, we are required to rent an apartment nearby for 3-6 months after the transplant.

Should you get them some decor to liven up a new apartment?

One thing’s always been true: this is our view of Jerry’s apartment.

So, on the morning of March 13, Farrera-Brochez and Ler got to work in Ler’s apartment.

What if you could see the other side of Jerry’s apartment?

The person whom Farrera-Brochez accused of breaking into his apartment and stealing the registry denied all wrongdoing in an interview with VICE News.

But even if that’s the end of your exploration of Jerry’s apartment, don’t forget what you saw today.

Nishi was my only option for alt-meat outside of my apartment.

Oscar Santos, 54, left his apartment near Buffalo Bayou without knowing what condition he’d find it on his return.

A neighbor who didn’t leave has been sending Santos videos showing the bayou slowly overtaking his apartment.

Unfortunately, the burger wasn’t stocked at the Whole Foods near my apartment.

Today, we live in Austin, Texas, in a small apartment thousands of miles from most of our children and grandchildren.

We decided to rent an apartment across the border in Jordan.

After that, we all lived in the apartment in Jordan; we registered as refugees.

Police had said the 911 call was made 40 minutes after Jussie got back to his Chicago apartment.

We paid $1,500 for the furniture in our apartment; our rent and utilities are more than $1,000 a month.

The claims say her son Noah, 2, was exposed to lead paint in a hazardous Coney Island apartment.

Though Rollins doesn’t live in NYCHA housing, her suit alleges official neglect and improper enforcement of city lead inspection standards in a private apartment.

City officials told Reuters they are trying to contact Rollins to help her find a new apartment.

It follows Trump as he shows Levin around his gilded Manhattan apartment and explains the stories behind some of his “cherished keepsakes.”

Unable to work legally, Tabitha and her three children were recently evicted from an apartment by Haringey Council.

My mom and dad and brother and I lived in a three and a half room rent controlled apartment in Brooklyn, New York.

The campus was a long drive away from the family’s apartment and she was working long hours.

After finding an apartment on the corner of Ocean and Montana, Buddy settled in the affluent, beachside community of Santa Monica.

But instead of sitting empty while listed for sale for $4.1 million, the two-bedroom apartment has arrived onto the rental market.

Trump reportedly bought the apartment for $1 million in 2004, according to Luxury Listings.

The apartment is located in Trump Park Avenue, a doorman building on the Upper East Side.

The apartment is a two-bedroom unit, but every room appears oversized.

The master bedroom includes one of the apartment‘s two bathrooms.

The apartment building also has its own gym.

4) So I told asked if I could brush my teeth and get ready for they came to my apartment.

Hotels and apartment rental services like Airbnb are going to converge.

He is a loud and proud pro-feminist advocate on social media who also happens to live in my apartment building.

I was living in a shabby apartment.

I lived in a two-bedroom apartment with six other people.

In fact, she’s organizing a 20-person sex party at her apartment the night we speak.

Situated in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town, this classical apartment is just a short walk from Edinburgh castle and other sites.

Check out the rest of the apartment, including the secret guest room, here.

I imagine the ignominity of the emergency services breaking down my apartment door to find me incapacitated while Porky-Pigging it.

She wants to eat dinner at a little Vietnamese place near my apartment before we head back.

Joey’s studio apartment has one huge window with the blinds drawn, a bed with a mattress pad but no sheets, and a laptop.

His mom pays for his apartment.

(A companion painting made for the Rosenberg apartment will be added to the exhibition in January).

His mom pays for his apartment.

He told me about standing outside his apartment at night, and looking at the city lights.

I don’t really know that much about the person living in the apartment next to mine.

In 2016, the cartoonist was illegally evicted from her Greenpoint apartment and finished the book in her mother’s attic in California.

For example, I was given an apartment to live in, eliminating the need to pay rent.

The penthouse apartment at San Francisco’s yet-to-be-completed 181 Fremont residential building hit the market this week for a whopping $42 million.

Officers left, but 20 minutes later, the roommate ran downstairs, claiming he’d escaped the apartment where Nicholas was holding him at knifepoint.

Cops immediately searched the apartment, and say they found the knife and marijuana.

“He said the Cuban police had forced their way into his apartment complex, and they were now beating down his door,” she says.

Hudson was found strangled and beaten in a closet in her apartment.

I’ve just had my apartment for a long time.

Hudson was found strangled and beaten in a closet in her apartment.

SNL went back to Torres’s acquaintance’s apartment to capture footage of the actual sink, a grandiose accoutrement in an otherwise mundane bathroom.

As for the alleged water damage … the rep says Justin’s deck and apartment had nothing to do with it.

September tot in seinem apartment im San Fernando Valley / Kalifornien aufgefunden.

I met this Eisenstein expert, Naum Kleiman, in Moscow, and visited Eisenstein’s apartment.

A construction worker tipped police off to Reinking’s location, which was less than a mile away from his apartment.

But nearly 4,000 miles away, someone was listening from their New York apartment.

A construction worker tipped police off to Reinking’s location, which was less than a mile away from his apartment.

Onlookers cheered from apartment balconies along the parade route, much of which was lined with balloons, flags and signs supporting the LGBT community.

The officers used the car’s GPS to track Reinking back to his apartment, but at the time, he wasn’t a suspect.

A pistol, another of the weapons seized after the incident last July, is still missing from his apartment.

I spent the darkness of that prairie winter depressed, unmedicated, clinically alcoholic, broke, and alone in an apartment with a malfunctioning heater.

These days, Simpson lives with his mother and younger brother in an apartment in Reisterstown, a suburb half an hour outside Baltimore.

In August, I had an Airbnb guest flee my apartment after seeing a tiny single cockroach.

He designed an app that could regulate the temperature and measure the air quality of his apartment through a couple Raspberry Pis.

They all star in the inaugural Super Bowl spot for the Chicago-based apartment listing site, produced by Los Angeles agency RPA.

Forensics experts suspect that Golik died of natural causes in 1973, but since her apartment window was open, the smell diminished.

It’s thought the balcony in question was from an Airbnb apartment Zoia was renting for a short period of time.

Or you may decide to move to a less expensive apartment to save on rent.

What happened: Burglars broke into a man’s apartment and stole his laptop.

Gabriela and her husband Yorth hid the kids in their bedroom closet as the apartment filled with thick gas after seven canisters crashed in.

Start calling the paparazzi before leaving the apartment.

The guards did not enter their apartment, but the family was unable to sleep that night and the apartment reeked for days.

Now, when he comes home to his top-floor apartment, “it feels like I’m entering a pre-heated oven.

On March 25, an empty apartment building in Queens was filled with dazzling art installations and participatory performances.

So the week before, I keep myself busy wrapping up my work and organizing my apartment.

We’ve just entered Dark Before Dawn, a one-night-only funhouse of art and spectacle, filling an entire empty apartment building in Ridgewood, Queens.

Amet told McAfee that she visited Tyson’s apartment when the two were graduate students in 1984.

Painterland was a bland three-story stucco and wood apartment building with seven rooms, with 14-foot ceilings in four large flats.

—Drew Schwartz, Junior Staff Writer While cleaning my apartment the other day, I was looking for some Whitney Houston to jam to.

Tony was shot in the face outside an apartment complex in 2008 and died at the hospital a few hours later.

In January 2016, on a day he was expected to appear in court, Kirkham was found dead in his apartment.

If your crystal collection is taking over your apartment, you won’t want to miss this one.

By the time her mother finds the electrodes and tries to destroy them, Aishwarya has saved enough rent for her own apartment.

Chicagoist notes that in 1992, a 7-year-old African-American boy named Dantrell Davis was killed by a sniper standing in an empty Cabrini apartment.

The apartment has one working lightbulb and even that hurts her eyes.

Over the 10 years, Trump’s core businesses, including casinos, hotels and apartment buildings, lost $1.17 billion, according to the newspaper.

In the second, agents burst in on a young couple and their toddler, upending their apartment in a warrantless search for identifying documents.

Because we’re going to have our nice apartment, and that’s it.

Do you have a huge house or a tiny apartment with no storage?

When she got back to Manhattan, she was overwhelmed by the amount of stuff she had in her apartment.

He also created a studio apartment for himself on the top floor of his parents’ house in Italy.

He’s lived in the same apartment on Grand Street for 23 years.

For most of my life, the inside of my head has felt like a cluttered apartment.

At some recently constructed high-rise apartment buildings, for example, potential residents fear facing dozens of flights of stairs during power outages.

Shields’ father, James Shields Sr., briefly spoke to reporters outside the apartment on Tuesday before being led away by police.

I was getting burnt out, and before I reached my breaking point, I decided to start making freeze-dried ice cream in my apartment.

Yeah, I was at an event with about 50 people in an apartment building.

That’s about the same as the median price of a one-bedroom apartment in the neighborhood: $3,330 according to real estate site Zumper.

The median price for a full one-bedroom apartment elsewhere in Williamsburg is a bit more, at $2,840.

Living in regular roommate situations — where several people split a multi-bedroom apartment or house — can cost substantially less.

Room and apartment size varies by company and location, but they generally offer less personal space than a typical apartment.

For comparison, studios in major US cities are about 500 square feet on average, according to apartment rental site Rent Café.

“single-family zoning”), onerous parking requirements, height limitations, and other zoning measures combine to artificially strangle the construction of new apartment units.

On another: Mekas’ haunting personal view of September 11th, as filmed from the roof of the his SoHo apartment.

That’s how Antonio Brown’s legal war ended after he was sued over a 2018 furniture-tossing rampage at his exclusive Florida apartment complex.

In one of her cases, two people were found dead and decomposing in an apartment.

VICE News follows Adam from a detention center in Washington state to a small studio apartment in Seoul, South Korea.

Marshall was reportedly found dead in his apartment.

Now a renter in downtown Ventura, her apartment is just five blocks from a downtown apartment complex that the fire destroyed.

I have an apartment in Venice, I’m in LA almost every week.

I’m in my car on the far side of that mountain I would see if my apartment were one story higher.

The pork of course is locally raised and purchased from the farm store within walking distance of my apartment.

Zay was arrested for felony vandalism … but was NOT charged after his family agreed to pay $20k for damages made to the apartment building.

A search was conducted of his apartment, he said.

What’s even more impressive is that it never leaves the main character’s apartment — and rarely leaves his bedroom.

She was unsure how well her old, wood-framed apartment block would hold up.

According to the complaint, surveillance footage taken that night showed a woman resembling Lopez backing a gray SUV into the Tribeca apartment‘s driveway.

Bourdain’s New York City apartment is available for rent.

Airbnb has grown to a $30 billion valuation as a global marketplace for home and apartment rentals.

“It’s also landlords deciding whether to rent you an apartment.

If granted bail, Ghosn said he would remain in a Tokyo apartment and wear a tracking device to monitor his whereabouts, the spokeswoman said.

Gilbert claims he now lives in a nearby apartment.

The backbone was made on a summer day by Merijn in his apartment.

Right, yeah, and then an apartment in the East Bay gets trashed and the owner …

Peaceful protesters were outside his NYC apartment building all weekend accompanied by mariachi music.

The reported five or six attackers gained entry into the apartment by posing as couriers.

He lived with his family in a downtown apartment and played golf, winning a small silver trophy at a Myanmar Golf Club holiday tournament.

This means tapped, basically, you can choose either to go to hotels and then you can choose to go to a private apartment.

If you’re only booking a private apartment, basically that should be the only result.

So that in your case when you are probable to, basically to, in the end, book a private apartment, you should see private apartments.

The woman allegedly went home, and invited Rose to come over to her apartment several hours later.

And these hotel chain startups, basically, the hotel’s look and feel is way more like an Airbnb apartment.

Rose, Hampton, and Allen all went over to her apartment.

Lammy said the condition in many apartment blocks was “unacceptable,” and called for them to be demolished.

The apartment complex where Chip’s wife has sequestered herself away is white and cold, as cosmopolitan as Bakersfield will allow.

Despite overcrowding caused by the flood of refugees from other parts of Syria, they were able to rent an apartment.

The bedbug experience has also made me more social, acting as a unifier for the tenants in my apartment building.

“Two or three families shared one small apartment, taking turns to sleep,” he said.

My apartment has also become a lot more minimalist and I have more space to think.

In our real estate effort, we’re developing and own a whole portfolio of multi-family apartment buildings in the United States and Mexico.

The three of us rented an apartment together in Minneapolis so that we would be close to the schools where we were teaching.

There’s these two girls in a car right in front of our apartment.

And, then, much like her friend asked, Tamika left and I went back into my apartment with Keith covered in chicken grease.

I don’t care much for commuting, nor do I like having a studio in a house or apartment.

Suddenly, there they were: in the apartment.

His apartment in Manhattan was also raided.

The fancy new apartment buildings have held together, just barely, but the older brick court apartments and motels lie in ruins.

Cops showed up to the apartment and questioned Cazier.

I can always depend on my little sister to lock herself out of my apartment.

His small apartment apparently reeked, but neighbors didn’t complain about the “sewage-type smell” for months, according to the Times.

A couple hours and several miles of walking later, she was back to the warmth of my apartment, exhausted and slightly humiliated.

In January, I began setting up my own smart apartment, but not simply for the novelty.

Like all of my most important realizations, this one came to me at the medium-bad Mexican restaurant across from my apartment.

But my apartment itself was soon to pose some challenges.

I live in (and love) my big, old, imperfect apartment.

I’ve worn them exactly once, in college, within the confines of an apartment.

Of all the devices now calling our apartment home, this one has given me, and especially my husband, pause.

In 1977, my father, looking for an upgrade to his studio in Jamaica, applied for an apartment in Jamaica Estates.

And when he first moved into our apartment, the Eufy was set to automatically run once a day.

Smart bulbs enabled me to dim my lights in my old apartment — something I hadn’t realized would be lovely.

On March 19 cops were called to his girlfriend Laura Leal’s apartment after an anonymous tipster told them Nick was there.

He had an apartment.

Eventually, we needed a larger apartment.

This was simply a well-kept, affordable New York City apartment building.

He was sure we’d be able to afford this apartment solely on my salary, and with our good renting history.

But my husband insisted that I had to come see the apartment, and I couldn’t do so until that Saturday.

Suddenly, he said we might not qualify for the apartment.

That’s when he sent us to an apartment in South Slope.

It was the same price as the apartment we wanted to live in, but in a building with other Puerto Ricans.

I told him sending us to that apartment was an insult, and we marched back out.

We just looked for a new apartment, and we found one; in South Slope, too.

We moved in quickly, told our friends to avoid that apartment broker at all costs, and left a ruthlessly thorough Yelp review.

What they pay is barely enough for my apartment, and I wouldn’t be able to save money.

BRHP includes a series of workshops, on goal-setting, banking and budgeting, dealing with landlords, and searching for an apartment on the private market.

She guides participants through downloading credit reports, setting goals, finding an apartment, and reams of paperwork.

It’s only 20 minutes southeast of her old apartment in Baltimore, but there are a lot of differences.

I was sitting in my bed in my first apartment off-campus during college.

To learn more about the villain behind the goofy grin, check out VICE’s intimate interview in Shkreli’s apartment.

A 20-unit Brooklyn apartment building is about to undergo quite the renovation, and soon it will be a single-family home.

“Mr. Adler, you need to leave your overpriced NY apartment and learn about real life,” Adreed opined.

Not at Harvard, but in my apartment in Brooklyn.

Reuters was unable to establish why the apartment was sold at below market prices.

It also said that the apartment’s price had been consistent with the then market level.

The Ukrainian central bank declared Brokbiznesbank illiquid on Feb. 28, 2014, 10 months after the apartment sale.

Zelenska is given as the current owner of the apartment in the Ukrainian property register.

When Rialmo and another officer arrived at the multi-unit apartment building, they began moving toward the LeGriers’ second-level apartment.

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