Anticipate in a sentence | Use of the word anticipate examples

Mockingbird came to define Lee in a way that she obviously did not anticipate.

“Our ongoing investigation continues to uncover additional evidence, and we anticipate bringing more claims involving additional companies and drugs at the appropriate time.”

The intersection of social justice and history is a place within which Ridley usually works well, so this is one to anticipate.

Because clearly certain things are gonna do better than others, or do you anticipate any differences?

If CARB implemented that system today, it would immediately push prices upward, as investors anticipate cap adjustments.

He said the workers haven’t yet been told about the border wall bid, but he doesn’t anticipate any objections.

I didn’t anticipate any violence,” Bissonnette told Global News.

They also anticipate Deutsche will be told to continue improving the systems it uses to monitor its business and risks, the sources said.

“I anticipate that we’re going to get this massive dump of social media stuff that’s in Russian,” Dubelier said.

He and others said they anticipate the attack being unfairly blamed on the group, heightening existing safety concerns.

You can’t even anticipate them.

England should anticipate a headache to a dubstep beat in the morning.

We will anticipate your arrival, and facilitate access.

There are certain trends you can anticipate.

The Earnest Family does not anticipate giving any more public statements on this matter until after the criminal case is resolved.

We anticipate some widebody orders that you’ll be hearing about through the week.

Executives do anticipate more ups and downs in the fuel oil market, a less active market than crude trading.

One furious official told CNN’s Jim Acosta that the White House didn’t anticipate the move.

You know, I think one of the things was we didn’t anticipate

He was going somewhere that process and concept-driven paintings of the 1970s and ‘80s did not anticipate.

Here are some fascinating things researchers have learned about penalty kicks, and what they’re analyzing to anticipate the next shot.

Other players mix it up, but statistical models can still find patterns that goalkeepers can use to anticipate where the ball will go.

It’s impossible for engineers to anticipate every situation.

I do anticipate import delays and shortages during a transition period, though, and probably price hikes in the longer term.

And despite lingering suspicions in some of the more remote parts of Africa of western medicines, experts anticipate widespread public acceptance.

However, there was one part of that that I didn’t anticipate, that makes it much harder than I suggested.

“It’s hard to know and hard to anticipate.

We anticipate that the voting system we use will help us identify this majority preference.

“We anticipate that side-by-side, air-to-air and air-to-ground tests will be illustrative of the fifth generation fighter’s advanced interdiction capabilities,” Sholtis said.

Anything aggressive that Trump does on trade now is likely to shape how negotiators anticipate what his posture will be like in the future.

We don’t anticipate hearing anything about AR glasses, AirPods 2.0, Apple cars or new iPhones.

Do I anticipate this game becoming a massive sensation?

A catch with reinforcement learning is that human programmers might not always anticipate every possible way there is to reach a given reward.

The other thing I could not anticipate [was] the divides this would create.

-Uematsu now faces at least one charge of attempted murder, but authorities anticipate more charges to come, the Times reported.

Where do you see trends in house and techno going and what do you anticipate the impact of a club like WildPitch will bring?

That would cover the bulk of the costs, but Urban does anticipate the need for new federal funding.

What Ottawa did not anticipate was that in the eyes of the Saudis they had crossed a red line.

And people could anticipate what I was gonna say if they were going to bring me another male restaurant chef or something.

Doing this can help overcome the biases in how we remember and anticipate situations.

Using data to improve risk analysis, make faster credit decisions and anticipate customer needs is particularly appealing for banks looking to cut costs.

To do that, we need to use our imaginations to anticipate what hackers might come up with, staying always one step ahead of them.

The regulatory framework for texting comes from legislation passed in 1991, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, which did not anticipate smartphone technology.

Though the spectators are entirely reduced, we sense their presence and enthusiasm as they excitedly anticipate the next jab or punch.

Of course, the people there didn’t anticipate those issues as well as they should have.

Despite having the support of some people in the government, the gangs anticipate significant disruption to their activities in the coming months.

What they could anticipate, you could do it like Facebook Live, they could have anticipated a bullying incident.

I didn’t anticipate a round the clock assignment when I pulled out of my garage Monday morning.

Google said it is policy will attempt to anticipate these tricks.

As for photographs, my iPod touch takes beautiful ones, and I bring it whenever I anticipate an event worth recording.

“We don’t anticipate water back to the lake.

We don’t anticipate more precipitation in the future.

We anticipate that this drought is a permanent fixture and is likely going to get worse,” she says.

Now I can anticipate a little bit better and see the rhythm of the game more.”

Forward-thinking policymakers today should anticipate the virtual reality needs of tomorrow.

“We anticipate this last round of tariffs, the $200 billion, it’s only probably going to add 0.2 percentage points to consumer prices.

And we want to make sure that we anticipate that as much as we possibly can.

When volunteering to be a part of a human obstacle, you have to anticipate the worst.

In addition, the staff continued to anticipate that supply constraints might restrain output growth somewhat.

Since most passengers are sleeping, they anticipate a fairly easy service of coffee, juice, and water in no more than 20 minutes.

Plus, it gives us more time to anticipate, and makes the show’s rich debt to John Carpenter that much clearer.

A Pentagon official once said that the only instrument of control that George Orwell did not anticipate in 1984 was the computer.

“We anticipate the offshore lobster industry will be affected to the tune of about $10 million per year,” Vanasse told NPR.

So you’ve got people who try to anticipate everything.

Phil Torrey: I think Chicago feels like they’ve been backed into a corner as they anticipate potentially losing JAG funding.

So trying to anticipate the unanticipated consequences, in terms of health, and think about those disenfranchised populations.

And so what are we doing today to anticipate what happens if there is a tightening coming down the line?

We continue to anticipate benefits from recent ad product rollouts (Expanded Text Ads, etc.)

Both sides will resume talks on Saturday to address the Church’s proposal to anticipate general elections and implement political reforms.

What should readers anticipate about that project.

It was a development that US military personnel didn’t anticipate early on, Eissenstat, who is also a St. Lawrence University professor, told me.

Testing waste could help anticipate the sharp rise in carfentanil or fentanyl overdoses, for example, by detecting the drug in sewage.

They influenced American artists such as Adolph Gottlieb and Louise Nevelson, as well as anticipate the work of A.R.

Stylistically speaking, they also anticipate the overly refined paintings of Toma Abst and the luminous, shallow spaces of some of Juan Uslé’s paintings.

Today, they seem to anticipate, eerily, the cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants.

The companies anticipate closing the transaction by the end of third quarter 2017.

“We anticipate that this reversal will persist,” IHS analyst Merrick Kingston wrote.

Similarly, the positioning of feet, hips and shoulders provide enough information for the boxing brain to anticipate a punch well in advance.

And Apple has a lot of these regular consumers as its users, and they may likely behave in unpredictable ways Apple can’t anticipate.

Thanks to CHIRPS and other technologies, we can now anticipate drought emergencies and watch them unfold almost unimaginably better than in 1984.

Did you anticipate Republican voters would elect an anti-trade, pro-status-quo-on-entitlements Democrat as their nominee?

The system is designed to anticipate a stall.

The MCAS was designed to use an automated system to anticipate a stall and act to prevent it without the pilot’s intervention.

“Given that the evidence against this former assistant is vast and deplorable, we anticipate a victorious resolution.

“I didn’t anticipate that… my purchase would arrive packaged this way.

Yeah, I anticipate it.

This is important to know, as retailers are always trying to anticipate demand and thus are constantly changing their prices, especially online.

I anticipate selling 35-75 million Facebook shares in the next 18 months to fund our work in education, science, and advocacy.

The law doesn’t anticipate this kind of search, and apparently, cannot express whatever uneasiness the ordinary person might have about it.

“While I anticipate that a few rate rises will be needed, the timing of those rate rises is an open question,” she said.

ESA founded its Clean Space initiative to anticipate future problems with space debris.

“Based on this evaluation at the level of the FSB, I do not anticipate any review, revisiting of the current rules,” Knot said.

Did you anticipate the media explosion that you were going to generate?

Others defended the company, saying that PEZ couldn’t anticipate that parents would act like “barbarian marauders.”

But the secondary stuff is real and we appreciate it, and it’s something … again, we didn’t anticipate it.

Positive: Fitch does not anticipate further positive rating actions.

We anticipate Accenture will continue to use FCF for share repurchases and acquisitions.

I anticipate either people won’t notice or they’ll appreciate the dynamic shift.”

“I would anticipate that if there are no changes to the behavior of China … then we would move forward” with tariffs, she told reporters.

When he first dipped into cannabis, Davidson says, he didn’t anticipate running an entire operation, or working twelve hours a day.

“A less dovish view than the markets anticipate could, instead, see renewed rand weakness,” Bishop added in a note.

What he probably did not anticipate was ushering in an era of mass brain fascination, bordering on obsession.

We have to anticipate what these things are,” she said.

We eagerly anticipate Chuck Klosterman’s 10,000 word essay for AV Club.

Consequently, Fitch does not currently anticipate developments with a high likelihood of leading to an upgrade.

“They didn’t anticipate the publicity—or what was going to happen.”

Finally, some vegetables contain more protein than you might anticipate.

But the world changes, and lawyers for cities and universities can’t anticipate every variation that might pop up.

This necessity requirement also has a timing component: You can’t anticipate that someone’s going to attack you.

But, for now, it’s something to savor; for next week it’s something to anticipate.

We’ll also seek to explore how art can sometimes unintentionally anticipate life, for better and for worse.

“We anticipate that with the substantial plasma physics expertise we’ve developed over recent years that this will be a manageable challenge.”

It also allows us to anticipate where we might be going next, for better and for worse.

He doesn’t anticipate anything like that: “I don’t see what would,” Flake said, adding he believes Kavanaugh will be confirmed.

Channel Zero creator Nick Antosca knows this — and he’s right there, ready to anticipate your expectations and keep you from getting bored.

“Now, I would hate to see it go away,” Wilson said of the It’s On Us program, which SUNY-Cortland does not anticipate changing.

But I do anticipate recordings that never were released, scrapped ideas, Phife’s EP and album (!)

I do anticipate this album and this moment becoming a part of my memories like all the other Tribe albums.

I anticipate one day calling We Got It From Here, Thank You 4 Your Service a classic.

Incorporating OPEC’s cuts into our supply and demand outlook, we anticipate a relatively balanced market in 2019 and 2020.

@SenatorBaldwin on “Medicare for All” proposal: “I anticipate I will” support it, but waiting til there’s a bill.

Has the media attention exceeded what you’d anticipate the public interest to be?It’s not the media.

All that tech is more accessible and easy to use than ever before, so I fully anticipate to see a lot more of that.

On U.S. 10-year inflation protected securities (TIPs), the “break-even” is around 1.6% which is where traders anticipate prices to be in a decade.

Those videos break down the play, walk through the rationale, and even anticipate the viewer’s objections.

So it’s not just failing to anticipate Trump’s victory.

For example, if your parent flew into rages over tiny things, maybe you learned to anticipate what would set them off and avoid it.

That’s kind of the most basic life-size version of the interactive, which we would anticipate in using.

Did you anticipate filming for four years?Originally when I started in 2012, I probably had a more conventional, simplistic arc in mind.

Programmers are very clever, but they are not yet clever enough to anticipate the vast variety of contexts from which meaning emerges.

It maybe can be exposed in ways people don’t anticipate.

I’m constantly trying to anticipate what the producer and artists are thinking so that I’m a step ahead of them.

Do you anticipate that brands will work to fill this niche?

What kind of organizations can we anticipate?

“There are questions around the league, whether he’s going the other way, and I don’t anticipate that whatsoever,” Casey says.

What can we anticipate hearing on your new album?

Though power grids across the country do try to anticipate blackouts, they only prepare for disruptions measured in minutes, not days, weeks, or months.

I certainly didn’t anticipate that, but I was moved watching those kids.” Hot shooting carried the Jayhawks.

When did you anticipate you’d see them taking this stance?

Consequently, Fitch’s sensitivity analysis does not currently anticipate developments with a high likelihood of leading to a negative rating change.

With texts or email, you typically don’t anticipate an immediate response, so the person can reply at their own pace.

The truth is, there’s far less randomness than you might anticipate.

Fed policymakers still anticipate three rate increases this year.

Did you anticipate that or you were just like “This is something real …” No.

“Finally, we anticipate Nintendo to announce a discount after the holidays to keep momentum.”

“As the future owner, I have full confidence in Sotheby’s management, and hence do not anticipate any change to the company’s strategy.

anticipate what your health needs may be.

Make sure the services covered are what you need—and what you anticipate you may need.

But it’s going to have its culture written into it in ways that you could never understand or anticipate.

When you’re making it, you don’t anticipate being held accountable for the rest of your life.

They learned how to anticipate when she was likely to give them something of interest beyond detailing which Frappuccino flavor is her favorite.

And we’re building systems we don’t understand, which means we can’t always anticipate their behavior.

Balancing verité grit with sometimes-howling humor, Matteo Garrone’s new movie is subtler than what viewers might anticipate.

Trying to anticipate every possible mishap keeps Quenzel up late at night during the run-up to the Super Bowl.

Balancing verité grit with sometimes-howling humor, Dogman takes a subtler, tenderer turn than Garrone fans might anticipate.

At the same time, I can’t anticipate what my clients’ personal lives are going to be when I meet them.

It’s also tougher if I’ve never met a client before and don’t know what to anticipate.

If you’re not looking for love, expect to have more fun, and anticipate a boost in inspiration and creativity.

anticipate an uptick in wild dreams and sudden bursts of intuitive insight as Uranus slows down to reverse its motion.

“They anticipate a self-centeredness and a lack of self-awareness.

Perhaps I’m just ashamed that the algorithm can anticipate me so well.

As opposed to trying anticipate how this new monetary system is going to emerge.

Fed officials anticipate three rate increases this year.

American officials do anticipate bringing further charges, CNN reported on Thursday, citing an unnamed U.S. official briefed on the matter.

Leandri worries most about the growing dependence on AI, or the “digital assistants” that anticipate our needs.

But there’s also stuff you wouldn’t quite anticipate, like a Bright Eyes song about infant death.

Over time, “the metadata, the actual operation of that circuit, becomes usable data,” Doerfler says, allowing the system to anticipate its needs.

As the Outlook is Positive, Fitch does not anticipate developments with a high likelihood of triggering a downgrade.

Do you anticipate antifa becoming larger and more active?

You always want to pay close attention to financial developments; those are very hard, obviously, to anticipate.

There are few players who fans can anticipate crushing baseballs with such impunity.

He also predicted that House Democrats would succeed in court: “I anticipate that it will be very quick.

You expect the game to go in places you don’t anticipate.

“Based on this evaluation at the level of the FSB, I do not anticipate any review, revisiting of the current rules,” Knot said.

It is laudable that Facebook is taking steps to try to anticipate suicidal behavior.

Did you anticipate this or did it just sort of happen to you?

“We anticipate that Powell will stick with a cautious line,” they wrote.

“We anticipate Hurricane Florence to be a historic storm that will impact all customers,” said Grace Rountree, a spokeswoman for the company.

In June, Tim Cook told CBS news he does not anticipate China targeting Apple amid the trade tensions.

“We do not anticipate that food products would cause exposures that exceed the proposed NSRL,” he said.

“Molecular biologists, microbiologists, and virologists can look ahead and anticipate that the nature of biological threats will change substantially over the coming years.

I wonder what we’ll fail to anticipate in the next 10 years.

Punch and clutch, punch and clutch, double up on the right hand once the opponent recognizes the pattern and begins to anticipate the clinch.

Although he’d acted like a total ass before, this was a nice gesture I didn’t anticipate.”

They made everyone anticipate Murda Muzik and everything on cemented them as rap royalty.

What do you anticipate changing in wrestling in the next five or so years?

“We anticipate doing two budget resolutions,” he said.

When the Yoruba priest christened Khan “woman of fire,” no one could anticipate how often the motif would resurface throughout her career.

Listening to a Migos track you anticipate each one.

Starting just hours after her birth we were confronted with costs we didn’t anticipate.

“We anticipate being out here through the night as part of our investigative effort,” Barberini said at a second press conference Tuesday evening.

“We anticipate being out here through the night as part of our investigative effort,” Barberini said at a second press conference Tuesday evening.

Sometimes reporting leads you to new, and unexpected places—stories that you didn’t anticipate, but that reveal themselves in time.

I think it’s more that that they don’t anticipate disaster well enough.

They only anticipate opportunity, which is I think … that’s a Silicon Valley personality trait.

“We anticipate anyway upwards of 250,000 tonnes will be coming from Mexico.

But America’s framers didn’t even anticipate that there would be political parties in the first place.

As a result, we anticipate only modest recovery.”

Insofar as they anticipate higher interest rates, they could be interpreted as a harbinger of stronger U.S. growth, which would support global growth.

At least with Joe, we can hear his thoughts and anticipate his next move.

He really did anticipate this.

How well they read their defensive assignments or anticipate their opponents is as important as how they hard they block shots.

“I’m still getting the swing of it, but I anticipate using it weekly when plotting my weekend outfits.

I don’t anticipate that will ever happening again.

Does he see Kosta Koufous through the corner of his eye and anticipate having to guard a high pick-and-roll?

And being comfortable with it leading someplace, that A, you didn’t anticipate and B, may not even want.

Surrounded by your family, you anticipate the meal but worry what will come after.

But again, I don’t anticipate a law being passed that shuts down Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh — we’re stuck with them.

Therefore, suicide can be hard for loved ones to anticipate.

The yield curve is already inverted from one year to three years ahead as bond traders anticipate falling rates in 2020/21.

We anticipate some widebody orders that you’ll be hearing about through the week.

“It’s hard to anticipate how the votes will go,” Dinez says.

“I anticipate I will see a surgeon.

“I anticipate I will see a surgeon.

From hidden expenses to housekeeping demands, it involves a lot more mental and monetary effort than most originally anticipate.

But there’s a lot to anticipate, and thanks to streaming platforms, more people can see them than ever before.

It’s an exciting time of year when we all anticipate blooming flowers.

Plus, it gives us more time to anticipate, and makes the show’s rich debt to John Carpenter that much clearer.

“We continue to anticipate another reduction in revenues, profitability and earnings, with another step up in net debt,” Shore Capital analyst Robin Speakman said.

I didn’t anticipate any of the love I’ve gotten and it’s a bit surreal because I’m just so thankful.

So knowing that, can you talk a bit about what you anticipate from the White House for the first six months of 2019?

Dubbed the E-Fan X program, the three companies anticipate flying a demonstrator aircraft in 2020 after ground tests, provisionally on a BAe 146 aircraft.

Now it may be his role to support her through turns he can’t anticipate.

The Cooper Hewitt is seated in the robber baron’s great palatial mansion, preserving the antiquated object while trying to anticipate our future needs.

Investors anticipate the U.S. central bank will reinforce its dovish approach toward further interest rate hikes.

anticipate a fresh start at work, with your habits, and with wellness during the new moon in Virgo on September 20.

A recent poll showed most economists expect the bank to stand pat until 2017, but a minority anticipate another cut this year.

To the contrary, our election laws anticipate human error and cheating, and guard against them at multiple levels.

Our election laws anticipate these types of errors and are designed to catch and fix them.

Mylan said it does not currently anticipate any supply issues as a result of the warning letter.

The Scott family also seemed to anticipate protests.

As his work has risen in value, Invader has adapted his materials to anticipate and deter thieves.

And we can now anticipate a renewed fight between America’s responsibility to protect federal lands and the administration’s staunchly pro-energy agenda.

They were able to read some warning signs ahead of the recent surge in activity and anticipate how it would play out.

What I didn’t anticipate is what he was going to speak on.

What I didn’t anticipate was just how close to home The Hate U Give would hit.

On top of all that, Wall Street investors anticipate the extra sales and move money accordingly.

Later in the novel, strange coincidences begin to occur that mirror how a Facebook advert might anticipate a user’s needs.

“We wholeheartedly anticipate that this law can in the future further raise the substantive relationship between Taiwan and the United States,” Lai said.

“We anticipate those will be finalized within two to three weeks,” Kuhnert-Tallman said.

Expect that as new AR hardware becomes available, the same arguments will come up and companies will need to rapidly anticipate and adjust.

A huge reason the program is struggling now is the federal government didn’t anticipate the severe storms we see today.

Where do you anticipate records being broken in winter Olympic sports?

What kinds of performance-enhancing strategies do you anticipate given our current understanding of endurance?

“Our forecasts and target price are under review, but we anticipate maintaining our ‘Sell’ rating primarily on valuation,” wrote analysts at brokerage Investec.

Mazrouei said he did not anticipate needing to call any extraordinary meeting of OPEC member countries before a scheduled meeting in December.

It’s an event that all fans anticipate throughout the first half of the season.

A late-September deadline is now looming for U.S. officials to raise the debt ceiling or risk default, leading investors to anticipate a volatile month.

The thing is, you can anticipate criticism to the point where you’re paralyzed.

Prior to the opening ceremony, Russia seemed to anticipate future accusations of cyberattacks.

I used to joyously anticipate this time of day, because it made things less lonely.

Boleyn feels indebted to him, but despite facing his own professional obstacles, Dio couldn’t anticipate the ones she would face as a woman.

What he didn’t anticipate was how different the NBA had become.

In time, Slack’s underlying AI will understand your role inside a company, anticipate your day-to-day needs and act like a well-trained office assistant.

“I didn’t necessarily anticipate that,” Boone said of the IL trip.

Basic research will drive new discoveries that we can’t even anticipate today.

Does he see Kosta Koufous through the corner of his eye and anticipate having to guard a high pick-and-roll?

At the time, Mylan said it did not anticipate any impact on EpiPen supply based on the warning letter.

Dataminr does not provide predictive analytics but the analytics can help anticipate what that might happen next.

More than any technical touch or physical attribute, Edgar’s greatest skill is his ability to anticipate his opponent’s thinking.

Does the robot made to anticipate your needs—whether they be medical, culinary, or military variety—deserve the same respect as your human coworker?

Warren’s proposal is yet another signal big tech should anticipate more scrutiny, not less, as the 2020 campaign takes off.

This, of course, is an approximate calculation, because each day is a fresh hell we can truly not anticipate.

But it’s becoming increasingly clear that Cruz is facing headwinds in an expensive state that most Republicans didn’t anticipate having to worry about.

But I didn’t anticipate as deeply the frustration.

And if Trump runs the country in the manner many anticipate, the people in Concordia will be among his first victims.

In part of the interview that was published after Wall Street closed, Trump said he did not anticipate much coming from the U.S.-China talks.

I don’t know that an AI would have sort of that historical context and be able to sort of anticipate those types of nuances.

I didn’t anticipate the extent to which white voters would double down on someone like Trump, however.

Artificial intelligence’s younger cousin, machine learning, can study these vitals and the growth of some crops to anticipate future needs.

We do not anticipate significant regulatory or other obstacles in consummating a mutually beneficial transaction promptly.

In fact, I anticipate that’s going to be the big story here: 5G’s role beyond mobile.

I would also anticipate seeing plenty of foldable concepts hinted at, even as the final product will still be a ways away.

How do you anticipate that atmosphere changing red-carpet interviews?

And when he’s caught up in all this pre-ecstasy, he can project forwards and anticipate the buzz.

We anticipate some widebody orders that you’ll be hearing about through the week.

It didn’t anticipate the reams of data that would be available to officials today.

I anticipate it to happen.

We try to anticipate what we think is going to happen.

They’ve personally sunk around $200,000 into the project and anticipate spending several thousand more before they’re finished.

Saudi stocks have been gathering momentum in recent months as investors anticipate foreign fund inflows when the kingdom joins emerging market indexes.

The show became a strangely prescient reflection of modern politics, in a way the writers have admitted they didn’t anticipate.

I was able to anticipate what was going to play next and it made a magical harmony.

“We anticipate to release the first version of the protocol in about four months,” co-founder Maex Ament told me.

I think that it impacted it in a way that the traditional campaigns didn’t anticipate.

“So today we have Google engineers working with UNICEF to analyze data to determine how to map and anticipate the virus.

To anticipate the latter doesn’t seem unreasonable.

It is also trying to anticipate possible negative consequences of an advanced technology such as the ability to eventually be able to break encryption.

“I anticipate this could be a very important wedge issue on the GOP side,” Saloner said.

While we are bombarded by a proliferation of information, some can’t help but nervously anticipate its loss.

The bot also potentially exposes people in ways they didn’t originally anticipate, touching on issues of consent and privacy.

So anticipate the chaos-forced order pattern to continue.

It also seems to me that Singh’s ungrounded figures in an abstract space anticipate the work of Francesco Clemente.

Fitch believes this should help keep SEMAPA’s budget in check and to anticipate potential cash flow problems.

Do you anticipate more of that, with companies going public with structures where shareholders don’t get much of a say?

I’ve learned now how to anticipate when and how that happens, and what vibe creates that.

“Our investigation remains ongoing,” he said, adding, “We anticipate taking criminal action wherever appropriate.” Grewal could not be reached for further comment.

The company writes, “We anticipate that most Pages won’t see any significant changes to their distribution in News Feed.

Households will be able to grow up to four plants, but they anticipate most people using licensed commercial vendors.

“The NSC coordinates policy and provides the President with options to anticipate and respond to a variety of threats,” Marquis said in an email.

They also anticipate installing an East German guard house on the campus for use as an art space.

But he failed to anticipate the rise of parties, and how they would reshape incentives.

The official added, however, that he didn’t anticipate resolving any issues on trade during this first meeting between the leaders.

Such a machine would be fulfilling its purpose, but through evil, even if the person who programmed the machine didn’t anticipate this reaction.

It’s the ability to anticipate and provide predictive scenarios based on the data you’ve collected.

It’s the portion that helps us anticipate things we enjoy, like bacon and being with friends.

Using data to improve risk analysis, make faster credit decisions and anticipate customer needs is particularly appealing for banks looking to cut costs.

Generally, the ADA did not anticipate the sharing economy.

Yet we still anticipate that diets will work.

From the statement (emphasis added): The outlook for 2016 sales and revenues does not anticipate improvement in world economic growth or commodity prices.

We have, say, planets, and computers we use to anticipate what planets will do, but we do not have fancy planets inside computers.

It’s useful because it tracks closely with where we are now and serves as an upper boundary for what we can anticipate.

Another trick used by Curry and Thompson is stopping short on their cuts when defenders try to anticipate their angles or go under screens.

Security forces anticipate the high threat of international terrorism to persist.”

We did not anticipate an interloper, or counter-bid, and believe it will take time for fundamentals to command the same kind of premium.”

I anticipate breakthroughs that will boost the ability of the chips and subsystems on a phone to perform optimally for far longer.

West Wing staff anticipate John Kelly will act as more of a gatekeeper, as a traditional Chief of Staff would.

We want to anticipate and prevent that,” he said.

The Fed’s most recent projections point to two more rate hikes this year and three in 2019, more than what markets currently anticipate.

Testing waste could help anticipate the sharp rise in carfentanil or fentanyl overdoses, for example, by detecting the drug in sewage.

Washington is already waging a trade war with China that has recently escalated and led consumers to anticipate higher prices.

Calder emphasized that he’s not “anti-hydro” and that projects can “proactively anticipate these impacts.”

A part of me expected it, the same way you can anticipate being dumped.

It’s that consistency of surfaces and curves between venues that allows pros to anticipate bounces and pull off dazzling shots and plays.

And if they can’t anticipate bounces and movements, then we see sloppier play as viewers, despite their considerable mechanical prowess.

Each player needs to master limited ammunition, anticipate attacks patterns, and calculate clever routes across a 3D arena—all while communicating strategies with their teammate.

“We didn’t anticipate the market would fall off a cliff,” the soft-spoken Gong, now 26, told Reuters in a fast-food outlet in downtown Zhengzhou.

The specifics will vary from country to country, but you should anticipate frustrations and delays when and where you least expect them.

This year could still end up being the hottest year on record, as forecasters anticipate an El Niño cycle picking up.

And let me anticipate a question you didn’t ask.

“Yes, you can’t anticipate how your feelings will change so I guess be ready for some ugly feelings too,” added Samir.

“We anticipate a couple of impacts,” Wehner said.

If that is indeed happening, shouldn’t we anticipate a decline in usage or growth globally, not just in Europe?

Fourth, we have to anticipate the future.

“I’m not aware of any countries that we anticipate that happening at any point soon,” White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told reporters.

A third of states anticipate exhausting CHIP funding by the end of January, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation report out earlier in December.

In the next few months, I anticipate many conversations with volunteers eager to get me involved with their candidate.

And you anticipate that or you don’t know?

Intelligence can be wrong or incomplete, the enemy can behave in ways you didn’t anticipate, mechanical equipment can malfunction, and so on.

And, we do not anticipate the long awaited Flynn indictment will delay the Special Counsel’s conclusion of the inquiry into the White House.

But as with any new technology, there are inherent risks we should acknowledge, anticipate, and deal with as soon as possible.

We anticipate that path will continue,” Krishnamurthy told reporters after the release of the report.

anticipate how the person will react when it comes to deciding how to tell them.

“We fully anticipate that there will be questions raised about Mr. Gülen,” Secretary of State John Kerry said.

He also said he does not anticipate charges being brought against the shooter’s girlfriend.

From what we’ve seen so far, I wouldn’t anticipate anything major on the design front.

“Dopamine, this chemical we associate with reward and motivation, is actually higher when you anticipate pleasure than when you actually receive pleasure,” she says.

It’s pretty basic info, but the sort you would anticipate with an entry level fitness device like this.

It’s hard to anticipate how, but that could backfire and have the effect that Max is suggesting.

It’s crucial, Espinoza said, for communities to anticipate and avoid the gentrifying effects of amenities that every neighborhood should be entitled to.

After all, they couldn’t anticipate the hardware devices modern people would use to email with.

Much will wait until after their July elections where I anticipate big numbers!

“You would anticipate — and with good historical reasons — the kinds of approaches that would be applicable to one flavivirus would be applicable to another.”

Former students like Sarah Diffenbacher are frustrated, and they don’t anticipate any relief in the near future.

The best defense is to anticipate your earlier days and get to bed ahead of schedule the night before.

Yet like a fair-weather psychic, teletext did anticipate things to come.

Upon our relaunch, we anticipate this number to rapidly accelerate,” said Spann.

“It’s not adequate for what we anticipate states needing for any public health threats.

When you are talking to them — not publicly — about this, do they anticipate that you would be part of a core set of packages?

They couldn’t anticipate everything.

They leverage data, algorithms and ongoing learning to anticipate and improve interactions with the people and machines they interact with.

They did not anticipate political parties.

As Record Store Day continues to grow, we anticipate more questions and concerns to rise, not less.

“They’re trying to anticipate trends.”

As time passed, I, unfortunately, didn’t anticipate the consequences of deciding to be a “Ben Folds Fan.”

He didn’t tag West or Kardashian in the tweet, but we anticipate an aggressive response from West.

Most of us, though, will be voting against a catastrophic future, and the two campaigns will anticipate are anxiety.

The robot uses a Playstation 3 Eye Webcam to visually detect the cube’s colors and anticipate solutions before it makes a move.

Forty-eight hours to process the news and anticipate her final moments.

“If I have a really crappy party that I don’t anticipate, if I have cancellations, the weather.

“You gotta plan for it, anticipate it, and pre-position it.

Brilliant reformers never fully anticipate possible defects in their reforms, and there are always unintended consequences.

I do not anticipate the ground shifting, but if it does, that will be a problem and we will go down screaming.”

Does that purported creativity extend into the kitchen that will be used to feed the over 2 million annual visitors that park founders anticipate?

But there are some things you simply cannot anticipate: a terrorist attack, an international crisis, a natural disaster, or a war.

The other side: Some critics argue that Ahmed is a party insider and may not enact the reform many anticipate, per the BBC.

The company is excellent, but the food is mediocre at best, so I eat an appetizer and anticipate being hungry later.

“We anticipate continued migration” from cars to SUVs over the next five years, he added.

You can anticipate this.

This year, eBay says sellers anticipate earning $350 to $600 for the iPhone 6 and above.

What’s next: “I don’t anticipate a significant change in Volkswagen’s strategy on electrification of their fleet,” Lindland said.

“They are still active, and I fully anticipate seeing continued attacks and escalation in Ukraine,” Lee said.

What in that ethos didn’t anticipate any of human nature?

“We don’t prejudge or anticipate any issues.”

“We don’t anticipate it coming back up again,” said Ben Veghte, spokesman for the NVCA.

In both cases, though, I’d anticipate spending plenty of time switching back and forth between 5G and LTE.

For now, I stand my ground and anticipate its sound whenever possible.

Still, the company is also trying to anticipate some problems.

But nowhere else do we anticipate a decapitation before it happens, as we do here.

They anticipate a kick-out/lob or convince themselves he won’t drive 1-on-3 and screw up L.A.’s floor balance going the other way.

“I anticipate that the children will need to transfer to public schools in 2017 and beyond.”

But these maps provide useful information for power grid companies to anticipate hazards.”

Thales added that it does not anticipate any reduction in Gemalto’s workforce as a consequence of the transaction.

He voiced his bemusement on Saturday, when he tweeted, “It’s a cheese festival and they didn’t anticipate a demand for cheese.”

“The beer has taken a number of directions we didn’t anticipate.

I don’t know what the trick is to anticipate all of them.

“We anticipate integrating flok’s technology into our portfolio of solutions for small businesses,” he said.

So, anticipate the shuffling of big talents at top-tier labels to continue for the foreseeable future.

It takes so much control to anticipate the rotation of the ball when it’s coming in from such distance like that.

I think that these are different kinds of threats that people widely didn’t anticipate, and that isn’t an excuse.

… Maybe [Swift] activated a base that he didn’t anticipate having.

I think it’s our job to anticipate this stuff on our platform and to make sure that people can’t use it for negative…

“News reports just days before the auction did not anticipate the chair would rake in such a high sum.

And even if they had, how could anyone anticipate opening the front door and being met with multiple armed officers for no reason?

I do not anticipate new entrants in 2017 at all.

Some analysts anticipate that Samsung might push forward the S8 Galaxy release date, in order to get past the Note 7 fiasco faster.

And it’s why Republicans would never do this — because they could anticipate exactly what would happen.

We anticipate this will support expanded participation in silver as well,” IBA President Finbarr Hutcheson said in a statement.

“If you give states flexibility, they’re going to use it, and they’re going to use it in ways you didn’t anticipate.”

I think one of the things I didn’t anticipate about 23andMe is how much learning your genetic information changes your sense of identity.

“We do not anticipate an impact on overall production,” the spokesman said.

Do you anticipate that being a potential fissure point with other Democrats?

What did early space station visionaries not anticipate about the construction of the first space stations?

Did you anticipate yourself getting to this point so quickly?

Drifting gives researchers a unique opportunity to study and test precise control and anticipate how cars respond to human operators.

Nikolai Vavilov was among the first scientists to anticipate the disappearance of plant diversity, and recognize its potentially catastrophic impact on our food production.

It’s not possible to anticipate every type of harassment, but here are a few ways to intervene in common harassment situations.

It’s time-consuming and hard to anticipate which apps you’ll need when.

Like a true engineer, it’s something he tried to anticipate and plan for.

We’ve reached out to TCL for more information, but I don’t anticipate hearing much until the phone is officially official.

“I do not anticipate asking for more dollars.

Two things that were not in her favor were her spectacles, which often led people (including herself) to incorrectly anticipate a sexy librarian effect.

anticipate a gentle yet sexy atmosphere.

So I will wait and eagerly anticipate, hopefully with grace, gratitude, and a good attitude (ummm pregnancy hormones are real, people).

And I fully anticipate my revisiting it in the years to come, if I’m being honest.

And now, I anticipate summer of 2016 with great joy.

Trump set a high bar for the antics Americans anticipate from him with his freewheeling campaigning style in 2015 and ’16.

“Something else we didn’t anticipate was that people can be more comfortable asking difficult questions to the prerecorded image than a real person.

Lemme just say, tech companies did not anticipate any of this stuff, and … didn’t anticipate, and they were sloppy.

“We do not anticipate that the result of the E.U.

Macy’s doesn’t anticipate that things will get any better.

The companies anticipate beginning this trial in the next few weeks and having results from the trial later in the year.

I know you can’t plan for every possible mishap, and I anticipate a few snags along the way.

We anticipate this being rainbow highlighter part two, so we advise stretching out those ordering fingers now.

Profiling them and trying to enter their minds and anticipate their moves.

We could see the rise of industries we can’t even anticipate yet.”

They anticipate that this will save consumers money.

The actual physical space used in the sound design lets us breathe, reflect, and anticipate what’s next.

Once we get through that, we anticipate we won’t see very much toxicity or anything different from what’s been reported.

While U.S. corporate earnings are widely expected to drop year-over-year for the first quarter, analysts anticipate an increase in revenue.

“Recycling this is a bigger and more complex task than any of these companies anticipate.”

“What I would tell you, we don’t anticipate [over-competitiveness].

Scientists anticipate that climate change will make hurricanes more severe.

I anticipate that (an EU climate plan) is going to be agreed.

What are some of the obstacles you anticipate coming back to the U.S.?

Insurance is supposed to cover things that you can’t anticipate — and for us, this is one of them.” Here’s how it works.

“Instagram’s legal department has already been notified about this attempt to circumvent our efforts and we anticipate it being shut down very soon.

No amount of pre-mapping and route planning can completely anticipate changes in air circulation.

“I would anticipate it will be fairly quickly after we return to our home countries,” he said.

VICE: Did you anticipate the results of the referendum?Heather Cameron: No, I’m still in shock.

Experts anticipate a win for AT&T, with some conditions attached.

But Amazon cannot anticipate every potential problem because sensitivities change over time, Amazon’s Prasad said in an interview.

“This was an outside issue—harder to anticipate.

The DHS offical said, regarding election interference efforts, “We anticipate them going forward.”

I also recognize the pressures on parents to anticipate all possible outcomes and aim to control for them.

But this “colonization” of the new world could eventually lead to problems that the first wave of settlers could never anticipate.

Bobby Franklin: Based on rumors that I hear — if those rumors are true — I anticipate more shoes to drop.

I anticipate more people to be named.

And I anticipate more things to come out.

Look, you can’t write a book about Hillary Clinton and not anticipate some blowback, so I always knew it was going to be something.

But there are ways that people may not anticipate that there will be a lot of competition.”

Where it stands: Companies and academic labs are working on technology for AVs to anticipate hazards on the road.

“He’s indicated publicly that they will find no collusion and we anticipate getting that report sometime soon.”

Also, anticipate you might lose everything you’re carrying on your person and don’t bring anything you can’t replace.

“The communique is always fun to do, so I anticipate we’ll have some interesting conversations on trade, as well as other issues.

We don’t anticipate Phelps having any trouble keeping occupied.

Regardless of whether that was in fact the culprit, it’s tough to anticipate these days what Mexico’s starting lineup will be.

Certainly early adopters have come to anticipate questionable decisions from a new hardware startup.

Sure it may be wishful thinking for ProtonMail to anticipate a steady flow of US signups in the coming years.

We’ve reached out to Huawei for comment, but I don’t anticipate much in the way of insight there.

So, we don’t anticipate a robot takeover when it comes to getting inked anytime soon.

Do you anticipate that, or do you just wait and see what comes down the road?

I honestly did not anticipate how much this operation would benefit me, both from a physical and social perspective.

It relies on a neural-network framework that can anticipate people’s movements and change the configuration of a crossing or buffer zone accordingly.

The vulnerability of spacecraft to hacks and cyberwarfare is another major threat that US national security experts need to anticipate.

We anticipate more than 5,000 professionals in the arts to attend the conference in New York.

You didn’t anticipate this situation and how it would make you feel.

By recognizing these features, the algorithm was then able to anticipate which areas would exhibit high luminosity at night.

Delta assures its customers that systems are improving, but that they should still anticipate delays and cancelations.

We don’t anticipate having anymore explosive devices.”

Eventually, experts anticipate the two models will converge around 2030.

Most were super-futuristic silver and white behemoths, like how I anticipate we’ll be serving veal in 2050 when we all live in space.

Foxx also said “we anticipate [Kelly] will appear in bond court [Saturday] afternoon.”

Programming AVs to anticipate such scenarios would not improve safety.

The big picture: Scientists are racing to better understand and anticipate the pace, extent and impacts of melting glaciers, both in Greenland and Antarctica.

Doesn’t this painting’s title anticipate the direction Murray takes in the early 1980s?

And unlike his infamous previous startup, Kanojia doesn’t anticipate any legal challenges derailing his plans.

“When you are creating something, customers using it are likely to have all sorts of reactions that the designers didn’t anticipate,” Shestakofsky said.

Usually, every candidate acts simultaneously, and players must anticipate their opponents’ next moves while also juggling their limited resources.

“It’s much larger than anyone could ever anticipate.”

I don’t anticipate that we are going to be spending whole episodes at the State Department or embassies or anything like that.

KS: Let’s not anticipate that happening.

They never anticipate consequences.

What do you anticipate most about this trip?I always wanted to play in US, I am so excited it is finally happening.

They anticipate re-opening by the end of March.

They also anticipate Deutsche will be told to continue improving the systems it uses to monitor its business and risks, the sources said.

“We anticipate that people know what we want, that they know what we need.”

The aftereffects of a food binge are also harder to anticipate for people with autism.

We try to learn and prevent that abuse going forward, as well as anticipate the next forms.

We’re nearing completion and anticipate its certification and implementation on the 737 MAX fleet worldwide in the weeks ahead.

We hope anticipate in a sentence examples were helpful.