Angles in a sentence | Use of the word angles examples

But then there are the obvious partisan political angles.

Conversely, the fact that there actually weren’t very many negative angles to pursue against Clinton ended up blowing the email story out of proportion.

He came at oblique angles: Was I uncomfortable surrounded by so many women?

“Suddenly you had to think about camera angles, camera motions, depths of field, almost as though you were a videographer.

The technology skills gap in our country is not only undeniable, it has become unmanageable, and will quickly escalate without change from multiple angles.

And you can use pi to describe the size of angles.

It’s more precise to describe the size of angles in terms of pi.

They were showing pictures that were very unflattering, as unflattering — from certain angles — that were taken early and lots of other things.

“He must have been doing the math in his head about the angles of his routes,” Ferrara said.

This point was challenged from several angles.

Prolific gadget leaker Evan Blass revealed apparent press photos of the Galaxy S8, showing the device in different angles and colors.

Her fluidity is stark as she glides, ghost-like, in a room of sharp and lifeless angles.

Many of his works from the 1960s are minimal, some recalling Calder in their stark geometries, bright monochrome surfaces, and tense angles.

It’s coming from a lot of different angles.

It’s more about ways of seeing and camera styles, camera angles, lighting, things like that.

Just to the right of the kiosk, five people squeeze and half-squat together while one of them angles his selfie stick.

The paintings, with their unflattering figures rendered in unnatural tones from improbable angles, evoke some absurdist fusion of Jules de Balincourt and Peter Saul.

And the emergency declaration is already being challenged in the courts from numerous different angles.

They’re filmed with multiple cameras, in order to capture as many angles of each take as possible.

Lightly wet one of the bottom angles of the pasta and then bring both bottom angles together.

In reputable newsrooms, that’s engineering that focuses on graphic selection, headlines, and story angles while maintaining a commitment to accuracy and basic integrity.

Lawsuits over family separation have already hit the federal government from several angles.

It’s a structure that avoids curves and right angles.

The stunt was filmed from several angles and was up on YouTube immediately.

Think about those camera angles in the Spencer Mansion of the original Resident Evil.

Trump wanted to keep sanctions under his control as he angles to turn things around in the rapidly souring US-Russian relationship.

It seemed to hang from the steep steeple of the Town Hall tower, tall, all angles, and radiated violet.

What the show really struggled to figure out were which shots, camera angles, and composition to use during the non-musical scenes.

There are hardly any right angles either within or outside; the Pavilion is made of curves and points, both sinuous and spiky.

The roof angles downwards and hangs over the porch, supported by wood beams.

(Originally a flat, static icon, she brings him to life, portraying him from many angles.)

I have carefully weighed the contenders, considering them from all angles, and have laid out their pros and cons below.

Republicans were quick to seize on her rocky rollout of the Green New Deal and are constantly looking for angles of attack.

Given Kavanaugh’s extensive paper trail, there are a couple angles lawmakers are taking as they seek to block his nomination.

I think it’s a combination of the angles and the intense interaction between the figures.

Maybe we will see fresh new angles and interpretations in her designer’s visual sensibility.

The building itself is a stunning zig-zagging contemporary creation of beautifully sharp angles and smooth surfaces by architect Farshid Moussavi.

“However a lot of things you might want to tag in your photo can be at funny angles and perspectives.

In “Memory City II” (2015), a multistorey structure wobbles atop three crooked columns, their slanting angles disappearing at the base, as if into fog.

This jittery work sets up a conflict between hard angles and the feminine litheness of curves.

Facebook, obvious Trump angles there.

Members of the McMahon family are known largely by the fictionalized versions of themselves that populate WWE angles.

All these different angles confuse the muscles, creating definition.

As with Yang’s figures, seeing these semi-abstract forms from multiple angles delivers pleasurable surprises.

But there’s power there and it comes from strange angles and at odd times.

There’s a couple angles, and they all look cool.

I stretch around people in the aisles, hitting all their angles visible.

The artists make mundane scenery look sublime with all sorts of interesting angles and right-place-right-time storytelling.

Or, was he simply interested in the cinematography and unique camera angles?

DeepNude failed entirely with some photographs that used weird angles, lighting, or clothing that seem to throw off the neural network it uses.

JFK Library There are a couple of scholarly and analytical angles here.

Quijano is well-positioned to steer various angles of the conversation.

Kourt made sure her man got a really good look at her nude-colored bikini … from all angles.

In his idle moments, he’s usually shadowboxing, throwing combinations and cutting angles.

Golden State’s offense is all clockwork and counterweights and preposterous distances and angles that usually end in layups or open 25-footers.

Light breaks in at unexpected angles, stirring up dust motes, revealing a citified greyness that manages not to be dreary.

I just love the certain figures of speech he uses, it’s an edgy character and a lot of different angles to him.

Alternatively go and read about angles in Finding the Art.

But the Brazilian kept his head (and remembered to move it) and then cut tighter angles out to the side.

Most mayors courting China focus solely on investment, but Parris was playing all the angles.

It’s all about angles!

The silhouette of strong shoulders and angles also mirrors that of her brother Viserys, as Clapton explained to Vanity Fair.

Robin Thicke found the right angles playing amateur photographer with GF April Love Geary.

It is deep because you can approach it from a dozen angles and only get a partial picture.

Deadspin streamed the whole thing on Facebook Live, a kind of mock-ESPY Awards with multiple camera angles and crowd reaction shots.

Just a lot of angles from that basic pose,” reads the notes.

It’s more conservatory than mirrorball, bringing in the light, and making it dance across the crystalline angles.

Soccer girls stand like they know which angles are bad for their knees and spines.

Then four 40K projectors were used at two locations to ensure the artwork could be viewed from all angles.

The portrait is superimposed on a silhouette of a figure riding a winged creature, along with outlines of angles within the picture frame.

Groups of Cuban women organize their own line dances in the thick crowd, moving their hips at mystifying angles.

We’re gonna chalk this up to really, really bad camera angles … even though the profile shot isn’t all that cheeky either.

She drags the blade across her skin from various angles to achieve the closest cut possible.

Dulac avails herself of dramatic camera angles, taking a cue from such early 20th century formalist photographers as Rodchenko.

No matter where you are sitting in the audience, you can see the dancer from multiple angles.

They can only ever be performers and reflections in mirrors, various angles, ass, face, right here, right now.

The post-war architecture of the Barbican is a fitting setting for Into the Unknown, with its concrete angles and utopian spirit.

Wednesday’s oral arguments might give the public a few hints about what legal angles the Court finds most important.

“When you see the art up close you see all of those right angles, distinct lines and sharp corners,” explains Sawaya.

So what was a bunch of sharp angles is now a curve.”

As she talks about her art and her perspective, she often angles her eyes towards the floor.

Instead of a sexy stubble, I grow a few strands of wiry black hair that stick out of my face at haphazard angles.

The tapered bands, whose angles become less pronounced, add a disruptive twist to the experience.

Fitness, fashion and tech seemed to be the common angles for Apple Watch owners as a combination, more so than any other wearable.

The idea that facial angles could separate out White from Black bodies was itself developed by Dutch anatomist and artist Petrus Camper (1722–1789).

This is one of the things I hear all the time is, “My sons.” From all kinds of angles.

I tried to really reflect all of those angles, like the Sixteen Candles vibes, the R&B vibes, the pop-punk vibes.

He seemed impossibly tall and thin, his limbs coming to sharp angles like a screwed up trapezoid made human.

This is what Deevo does: he’s a mechanical dynamo who frequently notches pinpoint volleys from all sorts of perplexing angles.

The dapples and apparitions and hole sizes are all the same, but then placed at different angles to create the optical pattern.

It alters the facade of a beige brick housing project to make it three dimensional, with walls and windows projected at multiple angles.

The angles are created by laying bricks in diamond shapes across the middle of the building.

Its colors are muted and dull, its has a strange blue hue from certain angles, and the navigation bar will probably burn in.

And, yes, from side angles the screen had a strange blue tint.

This definitely encourages the surrealist aesthetic, and it works hand in hand with obscure angles, layering, reflections, and colors.

I always try to get accurate color and close-up shots, and make sure I get all the angles and any flaws.

But it must be flawless, so I pick a Brand face and try to recreate the precise angles.

6:55pm: I watch someone attempt a selfie in a mirrored artwork from three different angles and walk away dissatisfied.

At the time he was painting architectural interiors made of archways and planes intersecting at unlikely angles.

It’s worth watching the footage in full if you can stomach blood, especially the fan angles which popped up all over Twitter.

Other neighborhoods are hit hard by liquefaction, with houses tipped and twisted at odd, unnatural angles.

Eyes shut, he angles his head around the mic like he’s making out with it.

Below, check out some more angles of the stunning wearable artwork.

Above: The boss battle in the Amusement Park area, showcasing the game’s auto-aiming and switching of camera angles.

I’m going to have to be very aware and use my footwork to create some decent angles.

Once more, there’s great verticality to this course, as karts and bikes cling to walls at 90-degree angles.

Three days after the shooting, police released two videos that showed how the incident unfolded from different angles.

Three days after the shooting, police released two videos that showed how the incident unfolded from different angles.

She moves around their various angles and orientations with her own.

Lower angles are bad.

In “Untitled Videowall (Butterflies)” (2008), six video monitors depict footage of a single monarch butterfly taken from different angles.

“It means you’re being attacked from multiple angles.

“He can throw from all kinds of angles.

At certain angles, the spindly legs of Giacometti’s figures look like prison bars.

It sometimes seems like we’re facing dangers from all angles in the 21st century.

She instructs us to photograph her “good side,” but from all angles, her beauty remains intact.

Then everyone on the team, from our EP to our producers, we’re all thinking of, okay, what are the angles?

There are all sorts of smart people who have thought it through from all sorts of angles and run all sorts of models.

Benglis has ensured that viewers can see the sculptures from all angles.

Its steel-and-cement construction, skewed angles, and aggressive stance feel like a deliberate invocation of Brutalist architecture and the raw power it personifies.

The interior is a pleasure to walk around in, with everything at awkward angles and telescoping lines.

But the question of whether we should stay or go was turning out to be complicated; even the angles that seemed straightforward weren’t.

“When I have 16 people coming at me from 16 different angles, you don’t want to be so presidential.

The lighting was fine and the angles were okay, but when it was posted online I felt kind of embarrassed.

My hair was growing in frizzy, my hips jutting out at weird angles, and my face was suddenly pimple city.

They’re too outré to drum up much awards talk, with too many odd angles and frayed ends.

Montage likewise found its way onto the posters with their actors, typography, and geometric forms intersecting at unexpected angles.

Behind us a hall of blades swished and sliced at odd angles, presenting a difficult escape.

No one effortlessly sits around with their makeup perfectly done in flattering lighting and angles.

With some clever angles and Photoshop magic, photographer Gilmar Silva shows how it’s possible to transform dull locations into stunning settings.

In fact, every episode of The Carmichael Show so far has taken on contentious issues — prayer, protests, gender, and more — from several different angles.

Ever the pun fan, Stella works her comedic angles.

Raymond said the company is exploring all angles: Software as a service, traditional advertising models, in-app purchases, possibly even a subscription service.

Silhouetted skyscrapers rise from a deep fog, casting shadows at stark angles.

These city locations and rural topographies, however, are patchwork or a pastiche of images from various angles and satellite sources.

So there are two angles to that.

That day, it was a little overcast and the outfielders kept sunglasses on, sunglasses off, sunglasses on, sunglasses off — trying angles.

Rather, they’re due to the changing angles between the sun, Earth, and moon.

Police are investigating all angles of the case.

There’s video from all angles — it’s pretty amazing stuff.

The stadium loved it … and other angles of the chant revealed a DOPE scene.

We’re told he helped them with camera angles, and also worked with the music director on a plan to build the choir.

It takes a lot longer, and you’re limited to your angles.

No waiting for fans fumbling with their phones and struggling to find the right angles.

It needs to be kept in your hand for a while, then held up to the light and observed from different angles.

You’ve seen the video, but now we have pics from all angles.

Check out the gnarly angles in the vid.

Behind us a hall of blades swished and sliced at odd angles, presenting a difficult escape.

Nevertheless, most elite spot-up shooting prospects have developed little tricks for finding angles off the ball to get open.

The Thunder have erased those angles with their length and athleticism, keeping their hands in every passing lane.

Body parts are uneven, shapes are not proportional, and there are no hands on hips or turns at certain angles.

He routinely covers more ground than his opponents anticipate, narrowing passing lanes and cutting off angles to the basket.

The composition of the image has clear lines, and there are harmonious angles to provide us with light.

The protester’s eyes, right in the center of the frame, offer a circular component amid all of the angles.

There’s sculpture that requires viewing from multiple angles, then there’s the kind that stops viewers in their tracks.

They explained that they looked into this from all angles, “We don’t know you.

Every week, I’ll try to unwrap some unique angles from around the league.

The wings and tail section are strewn at odd angles in a pile of wreckage.

Marshall: Selling vinyl still needs to be a labour of love, as it’s a tough game from all angles.

Those 20 terrible jokes might have come from 50 half-baked ideas, batted around and examined from several different angles before they were discarded.

I get so many different angles that way.”

At times, the DNC has felt like an attempt to shield Clinton from attacks from all angles.

Martin says he can’t (or won’t) tell us what the new shows will be about, but does rule out some potential angles.

What’s strange is seeing the monster without CGI or clever editing and camera angles.

He moved around the room like a pro, capturing a variety of interesting angles.

The buzzword throughout the buildup to this fight has been “angles.”

The assertion that there are “MMA angles” that differ from “boxing angles” is now commonplace.

angles typically aren’t hard to explain.

To quickly explain those for the layman, here is Manny Pacquiao, a master of utilizing both angles, on the lead and on the counter.

that I’ve just swallowed, and only under certain angles am able to see the pretty medley of colors on my plate.

And so I decided to look at the issue from a few different angles.

Ava Sambora’s early in her modeling career but she’s looking like a seasoned pro in her latest photo shoot … from all angles.

It doesn’t automatically trigger—I’ve got to get into different angles and lighting.

As for Antarctica, talk about being attacked from all angles.

Since all the other tables in the restaurant were open, I tried out a few different angles.

In photos, shadows appear at multiple angles, but shouldn’t there just be a single light source in space, the sun?

From here, take an exaggerated step backward with one leg, and slowly lower your body until both of your legs form 90-degree angles.

It’s the concert experience like you’ve never had it before, with impossible angles available from the comfort of your sofa.

She angles her camera so that the objects she places atop magazine images meld with their backgrounds, forming a seamless, yet oftentimes startling, whole.

These elements are aligned corner-to-corner, so that the acute angles are just a few inches apart.

By analyzing which unique penetration angles lead to conception, researchers can predict or recommend the best alignments for successful breeding.

Thomas’ ability to slither into the lane, evade taller defenders, and play angles has made him a menace to opposing defenses.

We’ll shoot dozens of angles and scrutinize the disadvantages of each.

Photoshop is helpful for minor imperfections, but I think you’d do better to learn the flattering angles of your body.

“Right now they come at you from 15 different angles.

Petrosyan would strike and move constantly, cutting angles, smothering the shorter fighter in clinches, and pushing him away on other occasions.

The BFFs were front and center for parades all day and night, and fans captured the action from ALL angles.

June kicked off with one of the most dramatic and news-packed weeks in recent memory, with significant stories flying in from all angles.

He sees all the angles these days.

The film is full of furtive camera angles.

Blue and indigo shadows dance upon their surface, forming wave patterns and oblique angles that intersect and overlap symphonically.

aluminum angles cut to 14 inches (5) ½ in.

“Right now they come at you from 15 different angles.

“Whether you say it has nine sides or nine angles, that nine can be flipped in so many different ways.”

The film crew switches their angles, and the footage is edited together for the best possible end product.

“A lot of the ways some of these surf photographers and surf filmmakers were shooting things was really interesting—the angles.

“So I took those weird angles and those different weird methods and brought it to shooting music.”

“Suddenly you had to think about camera angles, camera motions, depths of field, almost as though you were a videographer.

The corners, rather than sharp right angles which a fighter can be herded into, are almost inconsequential.

The face was harshly beautiful, hollow-cheeked, sharp angles, a half-circle scar under one eye that made Millicia think of a squid’s sucker.

She posed for more snaps, twisting at precise angles as the follow cam made its orbit around her.

If you cross over slightly different angles, frequencies work in a different way.”

The final result allows users to access the bug and view it from all angles on their computer screen.

The series’ visual style reflected this dynamism, experimenting with heights and angles in fight scenes to great effect.

If, in 2016, you haven’t found ways to monetize yourself and your efforts from three different angles at once, you’re not trying.

You stopped having loads and loads of glass; you stopped having sweeping roofs; you stopped having bright colors; you stopped having crazy angles.

That means announcers, sideline reporters, multiple camera angles, replays and graphics.

His style is very specific and defined—certain angles, times of day, clean lines, high key contrast, and gorgeous printmaking.

Witte discovered that Taylor and Turner had different videos of the incident, shot from different angles.

There are still aspects that don’t make sense; angles that were never fully fleshed out, stories that were never squared.

The pair recorded the performance from different angles using Kinect sensors, meshing them together.

I’m constantly groping for them when trying to adjust viewing angles or move around.

We use several photos from different angles to create a template of an actress.

So yes, I was aware I was repeating those shots — the same angles for those shots.

“We were trying to be fairly conscious of camera angles,” says Graham.

You can also view this perspective in virtual reality, if you prefer to take in the sights from all available angles.

That mastery of shapes and angles is a rare gift; very few post scorers have it.

Even slow-footed players like Joe Ingles and Boris Diaw, two of the craftiest defenders in the NBA, are very good at playing angles.

Gentle angles, a set progression, rules to keep anything resembling madness at bay.

They used low angles, wide lenses and slow motion to enhance the impression of large-scale scenes.

He said in addition to a humanitarian perspective, handling the situation also required “considerations from security and political angles”.

It’s the look of some of those shots, taken from seemingly impossible angles with off-kilter positioning that makes it a particularly spectacular run.

He was even nice enough to post a few more angles on his Instagram.

Sometimes he focuses on her heavily mascaraed eyelashes, sometimes on her soft peroxide-blonde bangs, sometimes on her lips, and sometimes on strange, abstracted angles.

Cousins is also a magnet for drawing fouls: High-low allows for cutting angles off the ball at the elbow.

Garcetti pledged that the Los angles festival would proceed.

Garcetti pledged that the Los angles festival would proceed.

The eccentric, compound angles that join the wood require custom-fabricated metal plates.

Recognize the hatred that is thrown at us from so many angles.

(Also, the way those games split their screen, at all angles, seems to really throw him.

Post-surgery, you have to find the right angles.

I’m skipping ahead during the ring introductions, the iffy camera angles on the “ring girls,” the walkouts.

Are you elated about Doug Jones’s win in Alabama?Happy from so many angles.

She moved well on the back foot and kept the distance effectively, noticeably bothering her opponent with accuracy and angles.

The second round opened and Hales still showed her boxing superiority by executing shots from awkward angles.

Or does it just depend on timing and angles?

The plot veers of at wild angles even in the trailer.

Like his elder brother, Machida is great at cutting angles when he needs to.

Backdropped against the waning days of the Soviet Union, as Mikhail Gorbachev angles for perestroika and glasnost, the show tidily divorces morality from nationalism.

Second, maximize angles.

Too many acute angles make the graph tighter and denser, and contribute to complexity that may be unnecessary.

They hover around a wooden backed chair, which angles away from the viewer, and its unseen occupant.

At some angles, they look like paint but a close look reveals them as repetitions of Photoshop’s clone stamp: digital garbage turned delight.

And from certain angles, you’d swear your chin could cut glass.

So you can see the painting as land and as sky from certain angles or as both together.

The show beautifully exhibits several of these costumes on rotating platforms, which allow us to view the mannequins from all angles.

Hard to tell when this photo was taken, though … and angles make a huge difference.

“I hope this shoot influences those who peddle fat acceptance to reconsider their casting choices or selfie angles,” she explains.

I obsessed over camera angles, strategies for effective hashtagging, and found multiple ways to buy likes and followers.

In 13 Hours and the Bad Boys films’ car chases, you cut from high to low angles.

VICE News has obtained the videos, recorded on March 26 in Kenora, Ontario by two bystanders, that show the altercation from two different angles.

VICE News has obtained the videos, recorded on March 26 in Kenora, Ontario by two bystanders, that show the altercation from two different angles.

Everyone steps forward holding their flags at awkward angles, and the bulbs flash, and family members weep too.

We found some old farm equipment rusting away and found some rocks and just threw them and recorded from different angles.

Here are three angles the film could have used that would have made it more worthwhile.

He knows how to exploit angles to his advantage and positions himself well enough to block shots and deflect passes.

Luckily the whole thing was caught on camera, in a few angles, for our viewing pleasure.

And of course, cutting gorgeous angles and stepping out the side door only works with an aggressive opponent.

It isn’t choreographed, but the action is blocked out and the angles are set.

Enjoy the Isiah Thomas dervish routine and the technocrat tranquility of Al Horford and Paul Millsap as they exploit angles and elbows.

Haunted houses are often depicted with a few common features: decaying woodwork, steep angles, and Gothic-looking towers and turrets.

Her apt response towards the election’s winner: Donald Trump’s signature has absolutely no curves, only angles.

angles show a writer who is feeling angry, determined, fearful, competitive or challenged.

Nor do the visual exchanges in Picasso’s painting, like the right angles between the standing girl and seated man, that draw them together.

He couldn’t work his angles even if he had them.

A lot of the piece is about looking at text from different angles and trying to examine the frame in which it’s presented.

One of the several different angles of Clinton seeming to almost collapse, needing help getting into the van.

I thought that there were a number of important media angles to the story.

Another trick used by Curry and Thompson is stopping short on their cuts when defenders try to anticipate their angles or go under screens.

The 33-year-old Spaniard is difficult to wear down and he scuttled along the back of the court firing returns from all angles.

First he created some digital “scribbles” in order to set the mood, colors and angles for each scene.

“It’s much like photographing on the ground really—trying different angles and elevations and light,” Burdeny explains.

And its pared-down but unmistakable visual style, all close-ups and canted angles, added to the sense of paranoia.

Kevin made sure he got all the right angles … a responsibility every boyfriend/husband ought to take seriously while on vacay with bae.

Instead of careful camera angles that give viewers an eyeful, the scene is about Issa’s relationship with herself.

In British Columbia, troops would move en route to Victoria naval bases from Washington State (possibly Port angles) while also moving into Vancouver.

So official photography agency Getty Images is relying increasingly on technology to capture new angles and views that no smartphone can compete with.

And can see things from various angles?

“Right now they come at you from 15 different angles.

Mitchell’s music effectively captured the era from both angles, serving as both anthems and warnings for a generation coming into itself.

The problem is that Rockhold’s pressure is built around tools and angles that aren’t there as readily against fellow southpaws.

Their corresponding models — simple skeletons of their exteriors — allow visitors to observe their basic construction from all angles.

Abdu Ali and Dan Deacon attack from different angles, but they’re tearing towards the same location.

There’s so many different angles … KS: It is.

Because of its four arms, it can hit from a multitude of angles and pin all of its foe’s limbs at once.

The problem only gets worse when one factors in face angles in images.

“All of this stuff with the FBI forced my hand into following through on activist angles,” Katz said.

Before she starts, she finds head shots with different angles of the character online.

Golovkin is good at standing directly in front of his opponent but bringing his fists in from all angles.

The headphones are bafflingly stuck into Giuliani’s skull at both 30- and 45-degree angles, respectively.

Last year they released their second album together, Transport, and now they’re back with a two-song single on Tresor entitled angles.

Listen to “Concave 1” below and pre-order angles here.

and get a view of the vulvs from a wide range of angles.

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this post referred to Los angles Azules as Azules.

But her improbably pert, backside-revealing design may prove divisive, not to mention the “fan-service” elements, like up-skirt camera angles.

— is explored from a multitude of angles, and the narrative structure helps guide the reader.

Searching Callum’s aquiline angles for answers, I agree: This is the face of a man who eats meat responsibly.

It could even be very proactive, actively looking for new allegations and angles.

“And I saw posts where other teachers had their students calculate the angles of their dabs.”

The wire is embedded with five nano-accelerometer sensors that measure the angles of your posture on the connecting app via Bluetooth.

Just stupid shit, all day long, from all angles.”

I find myself considering it from different angles.

It offers different angles to be examined, including the many contemporary issues of our ever-changing modern era.

The design of this film has such a sharpness to its angles and sort of a ’60s “new frontier” aesthetic.

She says she couldn’t move around to get various angles during showtime, because she’d interrupt video documentation of the performance.

However, this needs to be looked at from many other angles.

A deft passer, Mudiay sees angles and already understands how to get the ball into even the tightest of spaces.

Rik angles the dish toward the sun in a way that the iron stove holder is directly above the focus point.

We wanted people who were willing to do the groundwork and research in order to ensure that everything felt covered from all angles.

Film directors often linger on Miller’s face, its catlike angles and Pacific-colored eyes.

Now watch the proposal go down: More angles!

He pitched different angles and ideas, and was unrelenting in doing so.

He had the look, the pedigree, the work rate, the mic skills, and an almost uncanny ability to get uninspiring angles and characters over.

The result is an image that imperceptibly teeters between multiple angles, collapsing or bending over backwards into convex arcs.

It suggests to me that Hollywood is most interested in giving these tropes attention when they’re approached ironically or at angles.

I was directing, helping coordinate movement, checking camera angles, and playing music as we moved throughout the city.

But Westworld’s are so often circling the exact same subject matter from slightly different angles, one after another, for a solid hour.

“He’s got 15 pitches you have to deal with, from different angles, and he can reach back and have velocity.

He’s all angles, rakishly slim, with slightly surprised, slightly sardonic blue eyes.

“[I’m trying to] shoot it from different angles at the basket,” he told VICE Sports.

Throughout The Woman Who Fooled the World, Donnelly and Toscano attack the same question from multiple angles: What made Gibson do it?

Our lives don’t only consist of the moments and angles deemed worthy of sharing, with 15 hashtags for good measure.

I think for us, having that open-mindedness and willingness to approach problems from different angles is really important.

That’s what SpaceX did, releasing its first footage on Facebook and YouTube, letting viewers take in the landing from all angles.

While most opponents send early help when Westbrook isolates in the post, the Rockets allow Beverley to guard him individually, taking away passing angles.

How much time went into developing the concept and story, and then actually directing the video?Mark: There are a lot of different angles.

This is a shot that angles either to the left or the right of your phone screen and curves back to hit the target.

He gave a television interview challenging Fields’s credibility from about three different angles in the course of a single minute.

He cannot give up angles for free, it’s human instinct to face your opponent.

⁃The third is to create angles and offensive opportunities.

The mannequins here are positioned at multiple angles, sometimes making the front of the outfits imperceptible.

Lightly wet one of the bottom angles of the wonton wrapper and then bring both bottom angles together.

They are able to tackle a problem from creative angles.

The hairstyle is rather simple: a high fade pompadour with sharp angles at the temple.

There are other angles to consider, too: urban growers often use water and fertilizer and pesticides less efficiently than large-scale rural farms do.

“I just saw that, if you put the angles together, he didn’t tag him on time, until he crossed the plate,” Counsell said.

I’m always learning, but timing swings and managing angles and knowing when to stab or kick an opponent is incredibly hard.

His shooting form was pristine, all sharply drawn angles and arcs, and it added up to one of the sweetest shots of his generation.

But beneath the surface there are some nice angles, some stance shifts, some draws, and above all some very high level understanding of distancing.

Some have you looking at the world from different angles to find a solution.

Jewish history is filled with arguments over texts with, often, multiple teachers, arguing over single sentences from multiple angles.

The stars had aligned for one of the most difficult angles in pro wrestling to work, and it did.

The double turn is the rarest of pro wrestling angles, and the reason is because it’s so hard to do well.

“People have commented on this for many years, but this study gets at the issue from several angles.”

Squares also have four 90 degree angles, which means that the angle at point C is 90 degrees.

So take a peek at some other angles of this ridiculous play: and Yup.

Directors can manipulate motion, stitching, camera angles, and even develop logic making scripts interactive.

All his gentle tunes and surprising sounds contextualize lyrics that both parse and come at you from trick angles.

What’s really cool about your book is the cross-cultural and travel angles used to explore butter in different regions and climates.

“The heel flared so much, in fact, that from certain angles it looked like a water ski,” Knight wrote.

People have come at it from different angles.

They want to hear angles that they’re not getting from media sources.

“They’ve made the controls and displays more advanced technologically as well as ergonomically better and along with some other human-factors-engineering angles,” Strawser said.

And maybe more camera angles and a close-up or two will reveal the mysteries behind this befuddling hairdo.

We could see the fireworks from all different angles; one thing led to another, and we started doing it.

You turn south and head out of the city, past the flooded retention pond and the geese with their necks broken to unnatural angles.

Nate’s a little bit more of a skillful volume puncher, different angles and stuff like that.

“Whether you say it has nine sides or nine angles, that nine can be flipped in so many different ways.”

Travel through time in spirals of different sizes, occasionally jutting out at odd angles.

And that was a B-show, where not a ton was going to change, but we got fun, good matches and hot shit angles.

And because its main characters are kids who are doing just that, the show can examine the experience from as many angles as possible.

The algorithm connects the points into a “star-net structure,” and uses the angles between the points to identify a face.

The algorithm can still identify those angles even when part of a person’s mug is obscured, by disguises including caps, scarves, and glasses.

Walid, Jaidaa and Abdulmalik had boarded a plane from Ankara on Feb. 7, and landed in Los angles the next day.

Hack photographed her muse in many positions to produce a range of works showcasing different angles and therefore reflecting her model’s energy.

Because of that, we used wider angles.

How you put together a match, how angles work, everything.

He picked up the tablet and eyed it from several angles.

It requires a shrewd awareness of lighting, consideration of angles, and a degree of lower back pain.

Yes, it’s the reporter’s job to try and dissect all of the angles of a storyline.

Parks is a master of angles, conjuring emotion through geometry, whether it’s Kitt, or the anonymous woman in “Untitled, Chicago, Illinois” (1950).

Each section of the building is occupied by lines, angles, and interlocking loops.

Watch out for manipulative angles in conversations.

The dynamics of Grindr, though, are complicated, and it can take time to work through all the angles.

Ross says cannabis-derived medications work so well for migraines because they’re tackling them from multiple angles.

Several photos of skyscrapers, cast in light and shadow, accentuate angles and perspectives, making the buildings look odd and unstable.

We adjusted for the most unflattering lighting and least forgiving angles.

“It’s all technical aspects and angles“—and footwork.

So getting back to as a producer you’re always looking for different angles.

Racism, sexism, ageism, and other discriminatory angles could easily be applied to the stash by a stash-outsider or dissenter.

Lightly wet one of the bottom angles of the wonton wrapper and then bring both bottom angles together.

There were so many angles I could have taken in this article.

But the hard angles of her jaw betray her.

There were a ton of wrestlers working similar angles in Undertaker’s orbit.

At certain angles.

Three days after the shooting, police released two videos that showed how the incident unfolded from different angles.

Three days after the shooting, police released two videos that showed how the incident unfolded from different angles.

His build is athletic without any defining angles: no Tyson biceps, no Holyfield traps, no Hearns sinew.

People arrive at this conclusion from different angles, like, “Oh, if it cheap to eat in the country, it should also be cheap here.”

“We could also cut to different angles when a bunch of pages would fly over together.”

Four large freestanding volumetric squares of different sizes, painted in warm whites and pastels are placed at adjacent angles.

Pocket drones could let anyone climb to the top of a mountain or reach angles that selfie sticks can’t.

Over that short time, the event has amassed an unshakeable reputation and the love for the festival comes from all angles.

Which is why these angles are the very definition of hackery.

The event will be scrutinized from all angles, from what the leaders say, to their body language, to what they’re wearing.

The event will be scrutinized from all angles, from what the leaders say, to their body language, to what they’re wearing.

From some angles, the shadows cast by “F.

The camera captures his ferocious serve in slow motion and we see his body move at uneven angles, both controlled and untamed.

And initially, the political angles of the book appear to be there to serve the story of this family.

I analyze it from different angles.

But Hillary’s email has already been exhaustively investigated from multiple different angles, and it shows no wrongdoing whatsoever.

This how they did it”—sparked responses from all angles, including the Anti-Defamation League.

They just took footage from a few angles, rewound it, and voila, you’ve got your landing.

Social media can be something akin to the turning of a gem, with new facets, angles, and lights reflecting from it.

It’s a confusing mess of dropped angles, real-life grudges, and missed opportunities.

After taking in a few different angles of this, you might just forget the shoot was done in the spirit of Christmas.

There’s a breathless power in the impossible angles of vaulted cathedral ceilings—a special stillness in the way afternoon light hits stained glass.

How else would we have gotten all those different angles of Travis Scott falling in the hole?

The sharp right angles of the house juxtapose with the swiveling oversized leaves and the curving wingspan of butterflies, accentuating the fantasy house.

Think about how young people know their angles and the use of light, and the use of lens.

His lead attorney, Ken Rosenfeld, is attacking this from all angles.

With her free hand she angles it out of the pocket.

There are four different high res images of the same scene taken from slightly different angles.

It’s more that the music is unrelentingly tense; the melodies intersect at obtuse and strange angles.

I recently went back to the book, and I was surprised at how dated I found some of the religious angles to be.

“They’re not well-lit, not great angles.

Bodies slam into one another from random angles.

All that’s left, now, are imaginary angles and broadcasts from the outer orbits of takesmanship.

It’s not about shooting models from angles that look overtly predatory.

The lobby is all angles and seating with a small customer service area.

There were so many angles I could have taken in this article.

They can function as different angles, lenses, and so forth, but it’s still the same writer seeing.

With alternating angles and close-ups of Owens pre- and post-race, the viewer gets an unusual sense of his power and grace.

Grass has always suited Federer’s aggressive style, which is based on footwork, pace and ability to find sharp angles.

It’s going to keep coming out because there are so many angles to it and so many people involved.

It also appears to work with objects mounted on a wall and from various angles, which is really awesome.

There’s a scatter of debris, police cars parked at hurried angles, and two ambulances sitting in a nearby forecourt.

The current Hawks uniform features sharp angles and patterns plus new-age fonts in gray, neon yellow and dark red.

The keyboard folio that attaches to the tablet provides limited viewing angles, forcing you to strain your neck.

Works from this time are playful and linear, stylized with wide angles.

The short catalogue essays by Kong, Jemison, and independent curator Danni Shen approach the exhibition from varied angles and are all insightful.

Stu Jackson has worked in and around professional basketball for nearly three decades, observing the NBA and its draft from numerous angles.

Maybe it’s the angles Gentilcore’s skeptical of the way this photo was shot.

You’re shooting from different angles so it looks like you have a higher budget than you really do.

No doubt, Daphne’s hitting all the angles this summer.

I start to see glass vitrines, embedded at impossible angles on a steep outcrop.

issued a statement saying they viewed footage from multiple angles and determined there wasn’t enough evidence to get an assault conviction.

At other times, she outlines bodies in sharp silhouette, revealing partial curves and angles reminiscent of Bill Brandt’s distorted photographic nudes.

It’s distinguished by a flat-topped arm or branch sticking up like (from some angles) the neck and head of a wary little creature.

Data spews at us from all angles, inundating us with ideas, culture, and creativity.

Not only that, but wouldn’t it be cool to be able to gather round a central location and watch the game from multiple angles?

Letting people spread out, pick sides, see things from different angles to analyze strategies — that would be fantastic.

All we need is for someone to invent a perfect, affordable holographic display that works from all angles and we’re set.

They tested how a laser mounted in space would impact spherical, aluminum debris, and whether different angles made the laser more or less efficient.

Neikirk placed a globe on a rotatable turntable, and a camera attached to the table took shots from all angles as it moved.

And then text and then WhatsApp and then email and then company … it’s like you’re being attacked from so many angles.

Looks like Katherine knows how to work her angles.

Freedman and Jaffrey, however, suggest new angles to this movement.

Genie Bouchard is now serving … some INCREDIBLE angles on the beach, with the perfect mix of sporty and sexy.

Each member of our team has a different background and perspective, so we come at the objectives from different angles.

The machines take weeks or months of trial-and-error, of making minute adjustments and alterations to get weights, trajectories, and angles just right.

“For three hours, the trainer shared photography techniques, angles, frames, action shots etc.

Unrefined line work and smudgy, newsprint-esque textures are offset by sequences that make use of a dynamic array of angles.

The hole is tearing off hot material from the star and then firing it out at various angles at light speed.

Scott Aukerman: I was just coming off Comedy Bang Bang—an in-studio, five-camera fake talk show—so I knew the exact angles to shoot this.

As the virtual camera drifts through an interstellar space, from certain angles it seems that matter is assembling or disassembling.

Why it matters: Read news carefully, because good reporters can come out with different angles on the same situation.

Users could pan, zoom or select different angles.

At the moment, it’s a very distracted argument that everyone is piping up on from all these different angles.

Messi’s free kick golazo vs USA from 9 different angles.

Some believe that the ‘gram has fried people’s brains into believing that perfection exists without gentle lighting and strategic angles.

The multisensory installation transformed notes on a keyboard into visual data that travels along the angles of the all-new Prius.

They have to keep finding new clever, fresh angles to cover an incredibly dumb and confused moment in history.

And companies like Slack and Sauna and Quip are all trying to take on this at different angles.

This week’s hits to the Executive Branch’s science agencies have been unrelenting, frightening, and have come from all angles.

Against Mayweather, McGregor’s jab actually raised some eyebrows as he was forced to circle the ring and cut angles.

Coachella is a place where people who know their Instagram angles can run wild.

Day in and day out, they are the sculptures looked at and talked about—seen from so many different angles, but rarely heard.

Clearly, his team is looking at all angles in this investigation.

When the ACL is torn, the shin can be pulled forward akin to opening a drawer, changing tendon angles and risking cartilage tears.

Across five episodes, The Act never quite went too far for me, as it kept finding new angles on its very difficult-to-watch story.

Some screens overlap or are at right angles, so no one will receive exactly the same lessons.

The home viewing category winner, LiveLike, lets you watch games in virtual reality from multiple angles.

Similar lawsuits with public health angles have been filed against the tobacco and gun manufacturing industries with varying results.

The format is particularly efficient, as it allows for longer scenes that are captured from several angles.

Big decisions fraught with peril become evident from many angles.

Cheddar, to me … there’s two angles on Cheddar.

As she left the cafeteria, she curled her wrists into 90-degree angles to keep the packets in her sleeves from falling to the ground.

Add in some strategic posing and camera angles and a pop music legacy is born.

“The computer combines those measurements from the sensors, then it knows the angles of the boat, the height and the speed,” he says.

In less than a minute, Foldio360 captures your photos from all angles.

We shoot in angles like a horror film.”

But because I only do money shots, we have to change camera angles and set it up.

It even uses a split screen to show the action from different angles.

Huawei’s brought some clever touches to the product category, and designed what looks to be a pretty slick devices from most angles.

But that never reappears, though frozen shots and cockeyed camera angles occur throughout.

So there’s so many different angles that you have to get on board.

Hinton has shown that this technique performs much better than existing systems in a challenge to recognize objects from different angles.

Why it matters: To existing neural networks, two images of the same object from different angles look like totally different objects.

Not only are the two activities co-extensive for Grullón but proposing the bill as art affords her otherwise unavailable angles of political approach.

Here is our edited transcript: Danny Crichton: I see three angles here in terms of evaluating the ISA concept: educational institutions, investors, and politics.

Several stations on the orange “Abstraction” line have names like “Weird angles” or “Elevated Ceilings” or simply “Skewness” and they are not kidding.

The duo employs an artful mix of right angles, mirrors, LED lights, and an original score of music to amplify a small space.

Lastly, there’s the wedge screen, where each big attacks Walker’s defender from opposite angles.

I now know what my back fat looks like from four unique angles, and this knowledge is not comforting.

The latter, a realm of coy sexual playtime, is rendered with vivid reds and purples and blues, and shot with more overtly theatrical angles.

Ryan wields her phone camera with impressive skill, snapping hands clutching, contorting, and resting from creative angles at precise moments of action.

That technique, specifically, is photogrammetry, which works by compiling a host of images taken from various angles and using them to create realistic depth.

Each asymptotically approaches simulation from sharply different angles, and collectively they reveal how subjective is this entire exercise.

This book, Dronescapes, is a tribute to embracing new technology and playing with new angles.

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