Analyze in a sentence | Use of the word analyze examples

Smartphones equipped with sensors can monitor blood pressure, perform ECGs and even analyze DNA.

I had a VCR at home and I would record on VHS tapes matches of players and I would analyze that.

In June 2018, Alphabet Inc’s Google faced internal upheaval over a contract to help the U.S. military analyze aerial drone imagery.

They’ve also implemented a third-party “filter team” or “taint team” to analyze and exclude privileged documents from being shared with investigators.

The debate rages on today as we analyze the values applied to selfie art.

He’s an artist, but you can also hire him to analyze statistics or create a presentation.

We can’t analyze away his multiplicities.

Despite Cline’s claims that the technology was “simple,” the software used to analyze the photos was built from scratch.

“It’s one thing to be able to analyze something.

For example, Google cloud customer Spotify uses BigQuery to analyze user listening data, according to a report from analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group.

The company can then tell the drone’s make and model and analyze whether it’s carrying a malicious payload.

To analyze the data, we first ordered the candidates from left to right based on their supporters’ self-described political ideology.

It’s the kind of thing my parents and my grandparents would never talk about, never analyze.

They then used Bayesian statistics to analyze their results, and found the medication didn’t work after running the trial for 12 months.

“All we can do is just analyze the data we got until communications were disrupted.

“I think we have too much to analyze,” he says, “and the best way to do it is ‘ironically’ with the internet.”

So there are ultimately too many variables at play and too few tools to analyze them in a meaningful way.

Using software wizardry (uh, details in the paper), they analyze the stories in three steps.

If our players are unhappy with it, we have to analyze to the nth degree the cause of their unhappiness.

The significance of these seven groupings depends on how you analyze the data; put differently, the seven tribes exist only because researchers created them.

“We still need to analyze the results of the meeting,” said Peskov.

Ungar did not “select a sample” of his data to analyze.

An Oxford University spin-off company is now developing a service to analyze CT scans from across the globe in around 24 hours.

Wait, now let’s analyze that again.

But let’s be clear: Those who spy and analyze North Korea for a living believe North Korea won’t give up its nuclear weapons.

I found myself quickly trying to intellectualize my loss by turning it into a feminist issue that I could analyze.

So when you have those moments when you get lost in the music again, and I don’t want to analyze it.

She had previously used the Botometer to analyze the makeup of mobs of angry Star Wars fans.

Can you walk me through how you analyze the difference between semi-automated and fully automated?

We don’t analyze the aspiration.

Throughout the week, Noisey will analyze this iconic era with articles looking back in time.

It would be much more difficult for them to be recording this audio, and then transcribing it and trying to analyze it.

After all, it was his job to collect and analyze much of the intelligence in this sphere.

Adapting scanners used to analyze the Mona Lisa, a Canadian tech company is entering the art market with a crucial blockchain partnership.

For conservation reasons, scientists wanted to forensically analyze the Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece’s rate of degradation and warping patterns.

Another suggestion is to analyze your employee networks.

The study used homicide data to analyze the intimate partner and family-related homicide killing of women and girls around the world.

I could make movies and watch it and analyze and fix it.

I guess I really have to analyze it.

From that resting spot and distance, I can analyze a painting and see its good and bad parts.

We still need the data in a format that we can analyze, and we also don’t have exactly the data we want yet.

This is no time to question or analyze the theological implications of the Lil B-Based God duality.

When law enforcement collects DNA from a suspect, they typically analyze it with a technique called STR (Short Tandem Repeat).

Get to know the different roles in the company, analyze your competitors, research the company’s history.

This analysis does not include the effects of a replacement bill because, at the moment, there is no such plan to analyze.

This analysis does not include the effects of a replacement bill because, at the moment, there is no such plan to analyze.

The system should also be able to analyze tattoos and body marks, it says.

As more cities go smart, expect transit planners to analyze ridership data through machine learning programs, he predicted.

If the president’s conduct amounts to obstruction of justice, Pence’s personal lawyers need to analyze legal liability for conspiracy (18 U.S.C.

Google said it plans to incorporate this technology with 3D imaging to analyze the layers of the eye in detail for better diagnosis.

Phillips says that though we can’t necessarily tell who these people are, we can analyze, critique, and draw conclusions from their online behavior.

So there are ultimately too many variables at play and too few tools to analyze them in a meaningful way.

It’s important to note this in order to accurately analyze the deal value.)

They will analyze comprehensive customs cooperation arrangements, facilitative arrangements and technology solutions, which have all been UK demands.

That’s the most succinct way I can analyze it.

A camera takes photos after each brushstroke, so the AI can analyze its work as it progresses.

But it cannot produce students who think creatively, reason independently, and analyze critically.

France’s air accident investigation agency BEA will analyze black-box cockpit voice and data recorders from the crashed plane, a spokesman said.

I also write about and analyze politics for a living.

We have to continue to analyze our culture.

The whole idea of going behind the scenes, to analyze a political campaign strategically, only starts getting going in the 1960s.

We are enmeshed in our own waste; we frequently fail to read it, to analyze it, or engage with it critically.

I think that is a big difference in how progressives think about and analyze the world.

“It’s good to analyze what you did.

Those same Amazon in-store cameras can analyze customer sentiment.

Some of my favorite films, if you actually analyze what happens narratively, very little happens narratively.

But now more than ever, it’s possible to analyze how voters reacted in real time thanks to social media and online search.

But now more than ever, it’s possible to analyze how voters reacted in real time thanks to social media and online search.

Instead of trying to analyze the world around you, look within.

Don’t overanalyze it, just go with it; after Neptune’s haze clears, in early October, you can analyze it.

The problem, however, is that even when the budget hints at a good idea, it is not detailed enough to meaningfully analyze it.

So I decided to analyze it.

According to The Telegraph, there was a hearing on Monday, wherein a judge began to analyze evidence, including written witness statement from Blue.

Download the full data set
Download data for individual departments below.See the code we used to analyze the data on GitHub.

Walmart bought Israeli artificial intelligence startup Aspectiva last month for its language-processing technology, to help it analyze millions of customer opinions at once.

Since most of the lesions are so selective, they could analyze different sub-regions within the frontal and temporal lobes.

It’s entirely possible to analyze text and identify who wrote it.

But the Obama administration certainly made an effort to analyze mistakes and do better next time.

It turns out this had much to do with how the researchers chose to measure and analyze their data.

But, even in his death, it’s crucial to analyze how regularly irresponsible XXXtentacion was with his platform and influence.

TNC: When something catastrophic happens, we like to analyze it at the point of conflict.

We can analyze how he’s twice as accurate when he executes a statuesque two-footed landing versus his off-balance one-legged post-jumper stance.

A group called Global Fishing Watch developed an algorithm based on AIS to analyze vessel movements and figure out which ships are fishing ships.

That’s the work of analyze breaking down the starch to sugar).

Another asks students to analyze an ongoing experiment offering housing vouchers to encourage poor families to move to higher-opportunity areas.

Oregon State University analyze songbirds’ chirping, treating certain noises as a “canary in a coal mine” for larger ecological issues.

Two blonde twins, DesignByMiami, “analyze” guests.

Failing to analyze the spillover means you’ll be badly mistaken about the effects of the program.

They then extract that DNA and analyze it by putting it into a machine.

The challenge for today’s wearables innovators is not in how to collect and analyze data; in many respects, we’re already there.

The challenge for today’s wearables innovators is not in how to collect and analyze data; in many respects, we’re already there.

The school says the system can analyze pupils’ facial expressions to determine whether they’re enjoying lessons and are attentive.

The school says the system can analyze pupils’ facial expressions to determine whether they’re enjoying lessons and are attentive.

We’re just really beginning to quantify and analyze and emotionally dissect that.

Do we really need to analyze what happened over and over again?

“We have to analyze whether it’s worth being in congress,” he said.

They allow a user to identify automated accounts, also known as bots, and analyze how they spread information on specific topics.

But because of the comic’s political parallels, there was always an inclination to analyze the comic based on real-life policy.

Most have never thought to analyze religiosity using psychology or economics.

Scientists can then analyze the winners to see what makes them tick.

St. John entered transcriptions of every interview into a database in order to analyze more than 300 possible success factors.

According to journalist Brian Krebs, both Netflix and Facebook analyze major data breaches and cross-check them with their own databases.

The Americans and British militaries are primarily relying on drones to pick and analyze targets.

Companies can analyze half a million SNPs or more in an ancestry test.

But how companies analyze that raw data varies.

You have a chance to just analyze the material in a different way, and see it through different sets of filters.

As members of the art community, we must analyze who serves on museum boards and why.

The software will let people collect, track, analyze, and also monetize their data.

Private companies such as New Mexico-based crop forecaster Descartes Labs can still access the open-sourced data and analyze it.

We need to monitor and analyze what’s going on thoroughly.

You can filter for marine protected areas, filter for where fishing is restricted, analyze fishing in Indonesia, and change the colors.

Google sells smart speakers, routers and home security devices that all could benefit from chips that analyze voice commands and videos better and faster.

The history of efforts to analyze and address it is filled with bad predictions and, worse, cruel solutions.

GroupM is using video analytics company OpenSlate to analyze the content of channels on the list GroupM obtained.

This risks creating an environment through which you think through problems, make decisions, and seek information when you’re trying to analyze complex situations.

The press tends to analyze proposals like these in terms of how much they cost, how realistic their passage is, and so on.

Adjust, founded in 2012, provides a subscription service for marketers to analyze audience behavior.

Fundamentally, it means feeding a large dataset of high-definition biopsy images into a program designed to analyze them.

They looked at federal data to analyze the circumstances in which a homicide was deemed “justifiable” by police.

My brain’s capacity to analyze and opine on these things has been depleted.

To analyze Hieronymus Bosch’s triptych is an attempt to describe the indescribable and to decipher the indecipherable — an exercise in madness.

The Christie’s chairman ordered Herbert’s department to analyze Norman’s auction coverage and determine the extent of her bias for Sotheby’s.

The Cruz amendment’s language deregulating the individual market has reportedly been quite difficult for the scorekeeping agency to analyze.

When the emotions settle, we will be able to analyze more clearly.

Steen and his colleagues first had to analyze its morphology and genetics to demonstrate its difference from closely related species.

During the journey, IoT devices will gather and analyze data from the traveler’s experience in order to improve it.

“If you sit down and analyze their bigger hits, they’re basically doing the exact same thing.

Over two days, senior company officials were questioned about pricing, their computer hard-disks copied and mobile phones cloned to analyze communications over WhatsApp.

“The SPD suffered a serious loss and we have to analyze clearly what went wrong.

While the CDC provides a very clear picture of these rising rates, they don’t analyze why it’s happening.

The team enlisted Princeton’s Tiger supercomputer cluster to analyze measurements from the quake, so that they could reconstruct the structures at the boundary.

3DFS is able to gather and analyze data so fast through a new method of real-time computing.

The Electoral Justice town halls are spaces to both analyze policies and strategize to win for our communities.

Then, we’ll analyze the answers and publish some stories about what it means.

Last year, Alphabet Inc’s Google GOOGLE.O faced internal upheaval over a contract to help the U.S. military analyze aerial drone imagery.

Reuters was unable to review the operating agreements needed to analyze the profitability of those contracts.

There are, according to Norris, two ways to analyze the global surge in populism.

Often we do analyze for gender and nothing comes of it―at least not in our laboratory experiments.”

“Kanye: “I can analyze people’s intentions.

Wouldn’t it be far more intriguing to analyze autism as such, instead of reducing it to a two-dimensional barrier?

Some prefer to focus on daily developments, others prefer to step back and analyze trends.

“They analyze and they measure,” she told us.

I mean, it’s not like now, where we have a whole investment team, we analyze stuff.

Siemens used CyPT to analyze how a bunch of different technologies could contribute to San Francisco’s goals.

We next used logistic regression to analyze subsequent admission decisions.

Any specific material, if such things arise, we are ready to analyze together.

For instance, we can analyze them through the joint working group on cyber security, the establishment of which we discussed during our previous contacts.

We will analyze it properly and we’ll send a formal response.

The drone uses artificial intelligence drone technology from Intel to help analyze the data it collects.

Right, but again, it becomes awfully tempting to analyze this disorder in a vacuum.

But then he casually suggested the following: “Any specific material — if such things arise — we are ready to analyze together.

But then he casually suggested the following: “Any specific material — if such things arise — we are ready to analyze together.

You and I have talked a lot about using a work to analyze the author’s view of the world.

This last option is hardly ever mentioned by serious people who analyze politics professionally.

Throughout the week, Noisey will analyze this iconic era with articles looking back in time.

— he develops a compelling lens to analyze the weird, borderline inexplicable phenomenon that is mass popularity.

You are there to analyze.

Publishers constantly gather data and analyze signals to optimize content for trending stories, timing and unique headlines.

But when you analyze it a little more closely, you’ll find much of its subject matter at home within Pet Sounds.

We need time to analyze this.

And thanks to an increase in online availability, they’re also easier to find, watch, rewatch, analyze and share theories about.

On a wider scale, the technology could be used to analyze the weapons used by large terrorist organizations or gangs.

You need to feel your chemistry, not analyze it at your computer screen while looking at your birth charts.

Yahoo will, with the assistance of its forensic experts, analyze and investigate the hacker’s claim that the data is Yahoo user account data.

But it is wrong to analyze the protests solely in terms of the zero-sum dynamics of partisan politics.

The study would also suggest ways that government agencies could later analyze the death estimates to improve their disaster-response plans.

to analyze the data formats and reverse engineer data against verified data that is shared with Watkins from friendly insiders.

How do we analyze the frenetic outbursts at Wednesday’s Congressional hearings through the lens of aesthetic protest.

Railroads are increasingly using “big data” to analyze the safety of equipment, looking at a combination of factors to discover potential safety problems.

The restructuring “better aligns with how investors actually prefer to analyze AIG,” said Meyer Shields, an analyst at Keefe, Bruyette & Woods.

This lines up with the Common Core, which has a similar requirement for students to analyze those documents while they’re in school.

Throughout the week, Noisey will analyze this iconic era with articles looking back in time.

“We must analyze the situation, together with the ruling, to resolve what steps to take,” the archbishopric’s statement said.

And for whatever reasons and I don’t want to try to analyze the reasons.

They go analyze all this data.

Where we grab the data off, we analyze it, you have a doctor in the system that analyzes it.

You can also see this dynamic at work when you analyze who wins from Republican proposals to reduce taxes on pass-throughs.

They also only focused on one city, and Krieger hopes to see more research to analyze the problem more broadly.

SoftBank will provide technology to collect and analyze transportation data to ensure cars are efficiently dispatched when and where they’re needed, they said.

U.S. law enforcement agencies are also very interested in the data companies like Mattersight aim to collect and analyze.

Companies like Textio focus on the recruitment process, helping businesses analyze job postings for bias.

This web app uses machine learning to analyze and repair your technical resume, allowing you to shine to recruiters at Google, Yahoo and Facebook.

Basically, there’s no difference between extracting environmental toxins to analyze them, or extracting aromatics to use them afterwards.

We were able to glean characteristics of this community by writing a computer program to analyze every single user who has commented on /r/greatawakening.

University of Toronto researchers trained their system to analyze an image, then compose lyrics and a tune.

Try to analyze yourself the way a con artist would.

In those contemplative moments when you’re in your prison cell at night, you really begin to analyze yourself.

China is already the world leader in deploying artificial intelligence and facial recognition technology to analyze CCTV footage of public spaces.

China is already the world leader in deploying artificial intelligence and facial recognition technology to analyze CCTV footage of public spaces.

My reasoning failures aside, the effective altruists’ tendency to rationally analyze everything is endearing, and I should disclose that I’ve been won over.

It’s the first known study to analyze the presence of potentially cancerous chemicals in the bodies of vaping teens.

We are in a position to gather and analyze more data than anyone.

Government programs analyze this data to find out if there is enough affordable housing in a neighborhood and whether residents qualify for subsidized housing.

The researchers will analyze the difference in responses to gauge the effect of the tDCS.

Later, Syberg will chemically analyze the plastic, water and biological samples to test their toxicity.

It’s tough to analyze Medicare for all as a proposal since the specifics are so far away from being worked out.

She suggested we watch movies together and analyze the story structure, in order to appreciate the power of narrative.

Twin Metals must now submit a formal mine operation plan to the BLM, which will then analyze its potential environmental impacts.

Watch Ramsey chat about beauty trends and analyze where they come from, all while removing one layer of makeup at a time.

Sysomos is best known for enables organizations to analyze social media, news and other ‘human-generated’ content in one platform.

Get grounded and resist paranoia as the Moon meets Neptune at 10:20 PM—connect with your inner voice and don’t over analyze.

They may reveal more than you think.Believe it or not, there’s a field of experts who specialize in lipsology and analyze lip prints.

Automation and heavy-duty computing will allow researchers to analyze hundreds of millions of genetic combinations per experiment at the new lab, Barron added.

They discovered this by using cutting-edge molecular and other techniques to analyze the skin of crocodile, snake, and lizard embryos as they developed.

From here, Alter and the TFC team have sought to analyze other states that might be most likely to flip to Democratic control.

“They can amend but they must do it according to procedure … What kind of law will that committee analyze?

In a statement, Didi said it will continue to analyze the possibility of future participation in the program, depending on the impact for drivers.

To properly analyze Trump’s handling of the shutdown, it makes sense to look at his past.

Throughout the week, Noisey will analyze this iconic era with articles looking back in time.

Finishing the legislation’s revisions by Friday would be “optimal,” Cornyn said, so the CBO can analyze the new version..

(Cohn and others told associates that Ross didn’t properly analyze the negative downstream impacts of the steel tariffs.)

France’s air accident investigation agency BEA will analyze black-box cockpit voice and data recorders from the crashed plane, a spokesman said.

This kiwi-slipping incident, however, is much funnier and not as dark, so let’s analyze the moment of crisis beginning at the start.

“I need to analyze and see what the heck happened.

“System would analyze the data,” said Pace, “and there’d be a ruling.

TechCrunch commissioned Strafach to analyze the Facebook Research app and find out where it was sending data.

To prove it, the U.S. attorney’s office hired a land surveyor to analyze photos of the body at the scene of the shooting.

“How do you analyze the case of a drone strike in Iraq where the plane is piloted from Nevada?” Roberts asked.

Of course even a paying service like Netflix is going to harvest and analyze user data — for all sorts of purposes.

They’re also starting to analyze genetic associations to life outcomes.

I’ll delve into data, analyze the links going in, profile pages — all of this stuff that can be used to quantify news.

The details: TAA will analyze telemetric data from Symantec clients and report red flags to clients automatically.

Among tasks given to participants is to design tools that can disassemble software, analyze it and plug any potential security holes.

analyze the other player’s reactions.

The chronology does not analyze each event it lists, but rather leaves them open to our connections.

“Our success in credit quality is related to our ability to analyze and price individuals’ risk.” Santodomingo would not reveal Santander’s secret sauce.

At the Electome, a project of the Media Lab at MIT, we use complex machine learning algorithms to analyze the election conversation on Twitter.

This incredibly complex process requires technicians to disassemble and strip the paint off the entire plane to analyze every part and make repairs.

In 2016, a study by Warwick Business School used Flickr uploads to analyze the relationship between photos of street art and London property values.

For example, what if an e-commerce company uses proprietary AI technology to analyze customer sentiment, or robotics in its fulfillment process?

But that requires the EPA to follow up on leads, analyze the evidence, and build a legal case.

Company CEO and co-founder Satyen Sangani says they also use a method to analyze usage to display the most likely result.

Most of us don’t possess the skills to analyze primary data or construct climate models.

Those institutions gather and analyze knowledge and we collectively agree to grant them authority, to accept their results.

Another critical step is to analyze the source code.

The best way to analyze “Spygate” is not as a partisan dispute, but rather a conspiracy theory.

Nobel Peace Prize co-recipient Jerry White explains how leaders can analyze complex situations using decision science.

People immediately took to Twitter to analyze — and in some cases to mock — Christie’s response.

But even amidst the hype, it’s crucial to analyze if the Black Panther rollout caters to black people outside of the US.

The movies and TV shows we’re prompted to stream on Netflix are based on algorithms that analyze everything we’ve ever watched before.

Once POWarts has its data, two female economists, Maricar Mabutas and Ging Cee Ng, plan to analyze it.

Instead, he commits himself only to the moral reading view, which he associates with Finnis, and which he uses to analyze end-of-life issues.

I can’t fully analyze all the critics’ concerns in this post.

Every asylum decision and CF/RF screening determination must consider and analyze whether internal relocation would be reasonable, as provided for at 8 CFR 208.

We need to find ways to analyze and adapt how the wine is made.”

The initiative aims to analyze cannabis transactions and search forums as well as vendor and buyer profiles.

By making the tool open, he hopes someone will be able to analyze the data to be able to learn from this behavior.

I am going to analyze the shit out of it.

By the way, this kind of math is not just out there to analyze epics and soap operas.

After all, there was over 5GB of data for the teams to analyze, so you had to be more than up for it.

“Any specific material, if such things arise, we are ready to analyze together.

That’s what drive me crazy because — for the first time, the past two years, people actually analyze all this detail, including yourself.

If you analyze human behavior, there is no stronger motivator than fear.

We had a computer analyze almost 100,000 ID portraits of French people.

I was in the right place at the right time—and ready to chronicle and analyze the emergence of an entirely new media landscape.

Scientists can then analyze the intensity of the echoes to learn more about the surface.

The laser is designed to analyze rock composition by vaporizing them.

You can use serious game theory to analyze such situations.

In June 2018, Alphabet Inc’s Google faced internal upheaval over a contract to help the U.S. military analyze aerial drone imagery.

Government agencies worked closely with NGOs to analyze the situation and draw up a balanced solution.

Then its team will analyze how people are using it and figure out what features will keep them interested.

But 100 years ago, there was no way to easily access, analyze and monitor government activities.

But the planted software recorded too much information for a mere mortal to ever hope to analyze, so they turned to artificial intelligence.

For the NBA elitists that tune in because they have to, who manage to stay awake only to analyze a handful of prospects.

And power metal is a kind of music that you have to analyze to understand it.

According to the manuals, moderators must analyze each post with respect to both its content and the laws of its country of origin.

Overkill said it’s doing this to give it time to go through player opinions and to analyze and make adjustments for future builds.

There are also additional startup opportunities to collect, analyze and act upon this data.

They help companies analyze spare part visibility and availability,” it said in a statement.

However, he pointed out that it’s difficult to analyze research without seeing the full study data.

If you’re trying to analyze a person’s body language, you first need to acquaint yourself with their typical mannerisms.

was able to analyze it and found a handwritten index describing eight documents.

GE collects real-time data from each turbine to analyze aberrations.

The details: Return Path, Inc., has computers analyze about 100 million emails per day.

Watch VICE News’ Jason Leopold analyze the Vaughn index.

From here we will analyze what happened to that flight,” Nurcahyo Utomo told reporters.

Drink up: Microsoft’s blog post describes how it helps analyze the data from Carlsberg’s sensors.

The law has generally been used to analyze other laws that might infringe on an individual’s religious freedom.

All you have to do is plug sentences into Tone analyzer and press the analyze button.

If you capture the tick that bit you, send it to a lab that will analyze it for its microbial hitchhikers.

I’m going to analyze that.” Heck no.

Samotin gave the example of a fraternity or sorority directory, which the firm can buy from a site like eBay and then analyze.

How it works: Agencies install network sensors to analyze cybersecurity gaps to help prioritize them.

Rather, it’s that they’ve used the efficiency gap (and other metrics) to analyze the Wisconsin plan in new and powerful ways.

Hypothetically, you could set up a process to analyze a Twitter mention to determine why the mention occurred.

Instead, he commits himself only to the moral reading view, which he associates with Finnis, and which he uses to analyze end-of-life issues.

The Meta tool uses AI to analyze and prioritize research papers so scientists don’t miss out on important new findings.

Instead, it belongs to the rest of us, to enjoy or analyze or pick apart or reinterpret as we see fit.

EmotionReader is a Limerick, Ireland-based startup that uses algorithms to analyze facial expressions around video content.

People are more interested in skin care than ever and analyze ingredients closely.

KS: Casey, how do you analyze that for Facebook now that they’ve bought it?

ToyTalk then uses software and data analytics to analyze those conversations and deliver personalized responses.

She used a neural network that can find patterns across answers rather than analyze each in isolation.

How would you analyze what’s happening right now?

Then, when they analyze the stories, they found that the same stories were told over and over again to illustrate cultures at different companies.

Do we really need to analyze what happened over and over again?

Polyteia is building a platform that would allow city leaders to unify and analyze the data that represents the constituents they serve.

According to a previously released document, the RCMP would like to store and analyze surveillance and cellphone video, “or other non-controlled, poor-quality sources.”

“We’d like to analyze (Fed chair Janet) Yellen and (ECB Gov.

The Tea Party’s use of the internet as its primary communication medium made it possible to collect and analyze their rhetoric.

There is a robust group of self-appointed watchdog/gossip channels that chronicle, expose, and analyze all manner of bad behavior perpetrated by so-called beauty gurus.

This is an opinion piece by Operation Serenata de Amor, a project that uses artificial intelligence to analyze public spending and fight corruption.

The company helps analyze a variety of sources to track and understand security threats quickly using machine learning.

It therefore makes sense to describe, analyze, and critique their arguments on those grounds.

To analyze this, I looked at how well each candidate held on to their presidential votes from 2016.

“I can analyze people’s intentions.

GitHub said it continues to analyze this attack, and others, to ensure it is suitably defended.

I then asked my students to analyze the ingredients of the dish and see how they can make it at home.

Republicans lawmakers are pushing through with the bill without waiting for the Joint Committee on Taxation to analyze its full impact.

There are even apps, like When To Gram, that help analyze when your followers will most likely be on the app.

The startup’s specialty is natural language processing — allowing computers to analyze relationships between words.

“The difference between success and failure is that you have to be able to analyze quickly and make a decision.

no blood removed from your body and swished around in a jar over your head) to analyze more than 130 blood parameters.

This is because we could detect, process, and analyze images much faster than we could with photographic plates.

You have to get out of the fire first, then you can analyze what went wrong after the smoke clears.

Using a fairly standard “item response theory” measurement model to analyze this data produces the dark blue line in the figure below.

Went back to Harvard Business School, and I had this curious situation … What did you analyze at Morgan Stanley?

While other language apps include pronunciation correction among their features, TerraTalk differentiates by using artificial intelligence to analyze things like grammar as well.

Two weeks ago, Mexico vowed to analyze all cooperation with the United States.

Journalists are using new data techniques to analyze economics and the environment, and to analyze candidates’ proposals.

The fact that the IG did not analyze whether these people were tortured after being transferred is alarming.”

Details: The API integrates apps with the Post Office’s “Informed Visibility” portal, which helps bulk mail senders track and analyze mail.

Dozens of firms are also selling employers “systems that analyze a person’s speech, facial expressions and online history.”

Advancements in edge computing enable software-powered devices to collect, process and analyze data locally, without resorting to the cloud.

Dozens of firms are also selling employers “systems that analyze a person’s speech, facial expressions and online history.”

(Just a note: Medicaid and CHIP are so intertwined that researchers often analyze them in tandem when looking at these issues for children.)

There’s really a range of reasons: making it more inclusive, more replayable, easier to critically analyze and discuss, etc.

Throughout the week, Noisey will analyze this iconic era with articles looking back in time.

My education taught me how to think, to take things apart and analyze them through.

How to analyze and measure the policy and emissions baseline against which actions are seeking to cut emissions.

“Once we analyze the source code, we will tell you we see this issue, and you should fix it.

Florida hired a cybersecurity firm to analyze its systems.

The companies then sell, use or analyze the data to better work with advertisers, retailers or hedge funds that seek insight into consumer behavior.

It’s hard to sit back and try to analyze a fetish when it’s not personal to you.

The retailer is attracting interest from outsiders, and Sears’ attorneys have said they will analyze bids to maximize value.

Journalists have also attempted to analyze the president’s behavior for evidence of cognitive decline.

Benjamin explained that he uses the tools in his lab to analyze in fine detail what happens to an explosive as it detonates.

This is done to analyze how the shock wave travels through the explosive.

A probe could take a year or more, in part because U.S. intelligence agencies have just begun to gather and analyze material.

And that insecurity feeds into the ‘pay-to-play notion’—that maybe if I paid people to analyze my script, I’d get better feedback.”

One other area the team improved is the ability to analyze and respond to user reviews.

Facebook and other companies are testing techniques to curtail the need for outsourced labeling, in part to analyze more data faster and cheaper.

There are lots of things to think through and analyze,” he said.

“With that, we further run our system to scan and analyze other contracts.

Facebook described the program as user research to analyze how teens use its own services and those of competitors.

He also acted with De Niro in “analyze That.”

Facebook described the program as research to analyze how people use its own services and those of competitors.

“We will analyze whether … our decision can include an end to the use … of Huawei products,” Karol Okonski told Reuters.

Details: 46brooklyn previously studied generic pricing trends using federal data, and has since expanded to analyze federal data on brand-name drugs.

The company uses its Decision as a Service algorithms to help online retailers analyze their exposure to fraud at the time of check-out.

With all that time to sit and analyze, there’s plenty of room for overthinking.

This provides the possibility for anyone in the world to access the data and analyze them.”

In it, they analyze the book series chapter by chapter, as if it were a traditional sacred religious text.

There’s a lot we can take away from this, and people will analyze that data in the coming days, weeks, and months.

Some try to analyze, or to run away; others, in the end, just give up.

They’ll also need to determine how well the device can analyze the effects of multiple diseases that may exist simultaneously.

It’s just hard to analyze it when the estimates are all over the place,” he said. The resulting furor led Marshall Kirkpatrick to analyze the Twitter accounts Trump had retweeted that week.

It’s harder to analyze than big conventional projects planned far in advance, like big Gulf of Mexico projects.

We decided to analyze the two speeches to see how similar they really are.

In the coming months, we will, together with the Member States, carefully analyze the different options.

In Contact Warhol, Peggy Phelan and Richard Meyer analyze never seen before contact sheets calling it Warhol’s final body of work.

Peggy Phelan and Richard Meyer analyze the contact sheets, never before seen, and their importance in Warhol’s oeuvre.

The whole idea of going behind the scenes, to analyze a political campaign strategically, only starts getting going in the 1960s.

It allows you to analyze logs and find race conditions that may leave your applications unstable.

However, this new research is the first to comprehensively analyze the gap between who generates pollution and who breathes it in.

“Digg has an engaged audience, an impressive ability to discover the best content on the web, and analyze content in real-time.

They have also tried to ram through legislation without giving the Congressional Budget Office much time to analyze the potential impacts.

“They said that he could play,” Wanda says … “And, so we still have to analyze that and see if they made the right decision.

And third, it’s the first research paper to analyze a wage hike as high as $15 an hour.

The app relies on near-infrared spectroscopy to analyze the molecular components of different foods, then generates a nutritional report for users.

Outside research reveals that the setup is structured around the Tavistock model of group therapy, wherein participants help one another analyze themselves.

But, the biochemicals can harm the cells, which means that they’re much harder for scientists to analyze in the future.

That let them analyze how often people were running, how far, and how fast.

Once you get an itemized bill, you can analyze it for mistakes.

Siri, analyze: Is this the most American pin it is possible to get?

It will analyze the current weather and precondition your house.

Wolf’s office retained Moon Duchin, a Tufts University mathematician, to analyze the Republican proposal.

So, as a dear friend once said to me: utilize, don’t analyze.

If you step back to analyze what’s happened to the tech ecosystem in Brazil, there’s been a remarkable evolution.

And in the case of the works in this show, to analyze industry and its demise.

Gaiman uses the new gods to analyze and take swings at American identity circa 2001.

“The more you analyze the House results, the more the GOP’s suburban problem stands out.”

[laughs] I reckon it’s going to be one of those clips film schools will analyze.

Scientists will still be able to analyze and reanalyze the data Spitzer beamed to Earth during its long life in space.

“One of the great things about songwriting,” Ellis says, “is being able to step outside of a situation and analyze it.

Given enough good quality speech to analyze, we can convincingly match the speaker to one person from among a small group of suspects.

“We would love to analyze other species of ancient hominids,” she said.

We plan to analyze the survey results and write stories about how different views do or don’t line up with each other.

The discriminator is trained to analyze an image and decide if it’s real, or a creation of the generator.

Iterate operates on a freemium SaaS model, with a free tier that offers 10 surveys, 100 responses, and the ability to analyze the results.

“We have not had an opportunity to review or read or analyze [the documents],” she said.

Will the CBO have time to analyze the Cruz provision?

If the CBO can analyze the Cruz proposal, its findings will be crucial.

What they did: A team of researchers used remotely operated vehicles outfitted with specialized sampling devices to capture and analyze microplastics at various depths.

Last year, Alphabet Inc’s Google GOOGLE.O faced internal upheaval over a contract to help the U.S. military analyze aerial drone imagery.

But this was insufficient to satisfy the new doyens of death who hover over and analyze every hiccup from Tesla and CEO Elon Musk.

For each of the 38 papers, they analyze the data and methodology and attempt to replicate the conclusions.

The system is designed to consume video streams and other contextual information to analyze threats facing a home.

When I asked Molotch to analyze the outward-facing toilet paper tradition, he ventured that it might have its roots in the hospitality industry.

Uber also plans to use sensors on the driver’s phone to analyze acceleration data and other factors to detect probable crashes.

Already there are initiatives to sequence 100,000 people by Regeneron, and AstraZeneca recently announced a project to sequence, analyze and research 2 million patients.

He said the man—whom he wouldn’t name—took an eye and tooth back to London analyze.

Also, you can use participant ethnography to analyze the innocent bystander in relation to your product.

The restoration team is continuing to clean the paintings, survey them, and analyze their paint particles.

Sisense provides a set of proprietary tools and features that enables cybersecurity companies to quickly analyze huge sets of scattered data.

Mobileye — also provide software to analyze their sensor data.

The key was to humanize everyone and then really start to analyze these labels.

Experts say they can then analyze a consumer’s brainwaves to judge how they’re responding to the virtual environment, via electroencephalogram, or EEG.

Among its functionalities is to discover devices connected to the network, secure them and constantly analyze their network activity.

The Congressional Budget Office must analyze it, a process that precedent has shown could take two weeks or more.

(Its app uses sophisticated color metrics to analyze the strip and determine what’s what.)

You’ve got to analyze each situation.

If you analyze and then destroy your creations; that’s an overreaction.

The company said it continues to analyze the study data and expects to give detailed results from the trial in early July.

Stella was asked by dozens of labs for samples they could analyze, and for her advice on other measurements that might be useful.

They include police glasses with built-in facial recognition, cameras that analyze how people walk, drones and artificially-intelligent robots.

Deepgram, a YC backed startup using machine learning to analyze audio data for businesses, is open sourcing an internal deep learning tool called Kur.

“I’m sure there might have been mistakes but it’s too soon to analyze that.

For an even scarier example, apps can now record audio while you’re just going about your business and analyze it for marketing purposes.

For now, human radiologists still analyze the scans.

You can analyze the software running on your system.

This is extremely well documented, and we invite people to analyze that and look at that.

In this role, she’s emphasized the need to collect and analyze as much data as possible on poachers.

Machines can now hunt prey, generate accurate sounds for silent videos, and analyze the world’s imperceptible movements.

The computer would then analyze tonal differences in the color of the skin and use this analysis to estimate the person’s heart rate.

(The CBO report did not analyze findings from that study because it was only released last week.)

Finally, Stae wants to link together multiple sets of data to analyze them and draw some conclusions.

And third, it’s the first research paper to analyze a wage hike as high as $15 an hour.

Another area of major development is with natural-language processing, which is used to analyze audio and recognize and respond to spoken words.

It’s entirely possible to analyze literal shit to estimate drug use patterns of whole cities.

Meisel used deep learning to analyze the data and look for patterns.

After that, if they want to analyze more data, there’s a sliding scale price per article.

“I have learned not to analyze the gift or try to figure out the mechanics of how it flows through me.

But at least I can analyze tech policy & complain about dating now in a single tweet.

“I also imagine that people could use a tool like this to analyze their meals and determine its nutritional value.

Many of our survey respondents noted that perverse incentives can also push scientists to cut corners in how they analyze their data.

Like most bad boys, all he really wants to do is smash on some RomComs and analyze some plots, amirite?

It was 100 years ago, it’s so easy for us all to sit back and analyze now.

In other words, previous research had generated the noise in the individual pixels and then let the machine analyze the picture.

Satmiko said it had in the past taken up to three months to download, analyze and transcribe the contents of recorders.

Here, researchers could freely access the malware to analyze it.

Participants analyze their own relationships with their family and their partners, learn about feminist theory, and engage in self-defence workshops.

Or they could analyze every line, because every line is its own nugget of something I thought to include in the movie.”

However it also emphasizes the need to analyze mobile services as well as fixed broadband, and says the report takes a “holistic approach.”

As the community has pushed to analyze adversary activity in networks, the field of threat intelligence has emerged as a hot topic.

At its core, threat intelligence seeks to analyze malicious actions and extract knowledge on how to detect these threats and counter them more efficiently.

“Women do not have a chance to analyze things further.

There’s a ton there to analyze in terms of, say, the religious allusions, which ranged from Judeo-Christian to Hindu to Renaissance era-art.

I think my style is to present it, analyze it and tell it in an entertaining way.

“You took a class in differential geometry, which helped you analyze another food product,” Trebek said.

The company “will analyze the appropriate measures and keep the market informed,” Eletrobras said.

Indeed, it’s hard to not analyze every detail on this one.

Index funds are tend to be good for people who have little or no idea of how to analyze corporations and their competitive advantages.

(You might also analyze it as a half-diminished “ii” 7th chord, but either interpretation seems accurate.)

And there will be a major focus on developing AI that can analyze posts faster and more efficiently to identify those which are dangerous.

The men had planned to travel on to a laboratory in Spiez, Switzerland used by the OPCW to analyze samples.

The number of data points in a typical poll is small enough to analyze in Excel.

Founder Adina Mangubat says existing software can’t analyze genome data at the massive scale it’ll be at in the coming years.

“They invited us to analyze the collection and spot the references, and we are finding their transparency refreshing… this is the way to go!”

Apple bans Facebook’s Research app that paid users for data Facebook isn’t the only one paying users to analyze all their phone data.

Let’s analyze this in terms of … Let’s try and be objective.

“Researchers have used the Enron emails specifically to analyze gender and power bias.”

Shaw had always treated songwriting as a form of problem-solving, a way to separate herself from an issue and analyze it from a distance.

But I won’t get ahead of myself, because it’s time to analyze the crazy.

The CDC and AMCHP are providing technical infrastructure to help states collect and analyze data collected by the individual review boards.

As a result, we can analyze the story behind every transaction and say with precision which transactions are fraud and which aren’t,” explains Laemmle.

We don’t use a single fixed algorithm to analyze transactions either.

A forthcoming book, titled Misinformation and Mass Audiences, is one of the first attempts to systematically analyze how misinformation functions in the modern age.

The moon enters your sign today, Libra, asking you to reflect on your emotions—feel them, don’t over analyze.

Google sells smart speakers, routers and home security devices that all could benefit from chips that analyze voice commands and videos better and faster.

They fed the abstracts to Word2vec, which used machine learning to analyze relationships between words.

Object Explorer The Object Explorer is a comprehensive analysis tool that lets police filter, sort, map, analyze, and export dozens of different data points.

After this deal was forged in hellfire, the House swiftly voted on the AHCA before the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office could analyze it.

In traditional systems, the vendor has to analyze each new file and push out new signatures or heuristics to their scanners to detect it.

Some of them analyze your browsing habits, sell data to advertisers, inject their own ads on non-secure pages and collaborate with local authorities.

The company’s technology is used to analyze meter data from 21 million customers globally in 13 regional energy markets.

They just decided to analyze the M87 data first, he says.

For instance, it doesn’t analyze anomalies or odd patterns in network traffic that might indicate an attack.

Interactive Intelligence provides software that helps call center operators analyze data and improve customer service calls.

This is how we analyze the situation,” he said.

Most are entrepreneurs and investors, said Xie, who charges 500 yuan ($73) to analyze the relevant spirits.

“With advances in technology, more data on Earth observation is coming in every day than we can analyze.

Komatsu will use Nvidia graphics processing units to visualize and analyze construction sites, Nvidia said on Tuesday.

This is a new platform that can automatically analyze scanned or digital documents.

It uses advanced machine learning to analyze the audio and visuals of a video to determine whether it’s ISIS propaganda.

It uses advanced machine learning to analyze the audio and visuals of a video to determine whether it’s ISIS propaganda.

Some fans have gone so far as to analyze the book of Braille that A.D. gave Jenna (Tammin Sursok).

One specific series comes to mind: My So-Called Life, one of the very first shows to analyze the internal life of a teenage girl.

The programs that can collect it, and analyze what it all means, are only going to grow more sophisticated.

Those layers essentially analyze the photo and figure out what to change to have it match the style of art you selected.

Vanity Fair reporter Joanna Robinson grabbed screenshots of the moments and posted them on Twitter, meaning now we can truly analyze every character.

But the HHS report doesn’t appear to analyze that scenario — what would happen if the Senate bill with the Cruz amendment became law.

The company will not be able to determine whether to redeploy its vehicles until its team of engineers analyze the data.

The Spanish phone company said on Thursday it would still analyze alternative options regarding the unit.

Unfortunately, as much as I would have loved to analyze his new tune, he cleverly blurred out the words.

A self-driving electric car is basically a computer on wheels with a big battery and a bunch of digital eyes and data to analyze.

Multiple neural nets analyze the data and reproduce the depth effect right in the viewfinder.

But it doesn’t analyze the content of the videos or analyze what effect they have on people who consume them.

That streams data to a hub device on a facility’s property that will collect the data and analyze it.

We hope analyze in a sentence examples were helpful.