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Outside analyses have estimated that more than 25 percent of taxpayers would pay more by 2027 under the House bill.

The independent analyses have been less rosy.

Another lesson is that the path back to power often looks very different from what the post-election analyses suggest.

Two separate, independent analyses of the AHCA find this isn’t true.

(Please see our supplemental blog post for many more graphs and analyses, including those for Fiorina and Christie supporters).

(See our supplemental blog post for graphs and extended analyses of each foundation separately.)

To find out, we conducted a very stringent test: We performed a series of regression analyses, one for each candidate.

By most analyses, this is largely a false promise.

— Here are additional analyses from Mary Wisniewski, Larry Summers, Tyler Cowen, David Dayen, Nicole Gelinas, and Jim Tankersley and Max Ehrenfreud.

To read the full report, including in-depth analyses of artistic freedom violations in individual countries, go here.

The international partnership analyses the possible influence of climate change on extreme weather events, from floods to droughts.

Two remarkable facts, drawn from two recent analyses, serve to illustrate the point in dramatic fashion — not “world’s cheapest” dramatic, but pretty dramatic.

“The current report’s analyses confirm that suicides often occur in response to short-term crises,” Nelson wrote.

It put up a database of gun laws, which it hopes will help researchers conduct more accurate analyses of the effects of such laws.

“We have not been collecting some of the right data to do these analyses well,” Morral said.

There was also, of course, a race element to political experts’ analyses.

But that doesn’t mean that, as some people have claimed in their analyses of 4:44, he wasn’t sentimental until now.

The climate impact is particularly uncertain, since all the analyses have had to speculate about inputs and energy required in lab-grown meat.

None of the analyses (that I’ve seen) take into account the impact of having to find substitutes for animal byproducts.

(Although sensitivity analyses in the study for people who had lapses in insurance produced similar results.)

By running many analyses, you’re bound to find something significant just by chance alone.

Postmortem analyses have stressed what a mess the bill was.

In the wake of Franklin’s death, the song has already inspired numerous analyses and tributes.

After 200 years, it’s still the most cost-effective and practical first step in most diagnostic analyses.

You can scan your skin and your hair, and you can do personalized analyses of things and get more data, and I appreciate that.

Korn Ferry put together a report last year on women CEOs based on interviews and analyses of 57 top executives.

“It’s fascinating stuff, but it does not limit itself to tidy analyses or conclusions about what it all means.”

The four-minute video offers a series of interesting analyses as well as showcases some unforgettable filmic moments.

Using footage from any conventional camera source—including your smartphone—the software analyses changes in skin colour to track emotions.

Different analyses of a problem lead to different proposed solutions.

Other people do different kinds of cost-benefit analyses with often a more economic lens.

The research is far from conclusive, and work is already being done to create even larger genomic analyses to corroborate these findings.

Democrats have pointed to analyses showing millions of Americans could end up with a tax hike because of eliminated deductions.

But when researchers do weighted analyses, it’s really just price, taste, and convenience that even break zero.

People all over the world tried to debunk them, of course, performing detailed analyses of every frame.

Other analyses have reached similar conclusions.

The WEO is IEA’s annual compendium of facts, statistics, scenarios, and analyses on global energy trends.

Its analyses of crude oil prices and supplies make headlines, roil Wall Street, and shape how policymakers see the world.

Roy Larke, who analyses Japan’s retail industry as editor of, said he sees the sector as saturated and consolidation inevitable.

More persuasive are analyses that posit genres such as landscape painting and photography, street photography, and nude as historical processes.

The Boston-based non-profit, established in 2006, carries out cost-benefit analyses on drugs that it calls independent of “Big Pharma”, insurers and government.

Whiteshift’s clarity about the ultimate implications of anti–political correctness politics is, second to the statistical analyses, its core virtue.

As President Barack Obama’s Secretary of State, Clinton frequently handled sensitive intelligence documents containing classified information and analyses about the geopolitical climate.

As President Barack Obama’s Secretary of State, Clinton frequently handled sensitive intelligence documents containing classified information and analyses about the geopolitical climate.

The file was subsequently transmitted to the Senate, where lawmakers will have to make their own analyses of the information that’s presented.

Anyone can publish data to it, with the hope that the freely accessible information will spur innovation and keep scientists accountable for their analyses.

Moment-by-moment analyses of Google searches by the data scientist Seth Stephens-Davidowitz show that Islamophobia strongly tracks incidents of terrorism with Muslim perpetrators.

According to analyses by the Washington Post, it didn’t exactly wind up being that equitable.

FiveThirtyEight and NPR both did similar analyses on word count and speaking time and found relatively similar results to the Post’s.

NICE runs dozens of these analyses each year, on drugs and surgeries and scanning devices.

First, most of the cost-benefit analyses of climate change mitigation strategies project its harmful health impact decades from now.

The burns at Radford, the single largest polluter in Virginia, have long been permitted based on analyses that showed they were safe.

Plenty of other analyses have argued that the increased number of veto points in presidential systems leads to lower spending.

These analyses were controversial in political science for lots of reasons, but they give us something to think about in the party politics arena.

But in the 2018 primaries, female candidates have been outperforming their male counterparts, multiple analyses have found.

Paulson and a team of researchers conducted mutation analyses on the H7N9 strain, which began infecting people in 2013.

Again: All of the death toll estimates, from reputable, epidemiological statistical analyses, number in the hundreds and thousands.

This prevents them from cherry-picking results and analyses that are more favorable to their favored conclusions.

Young evangelical support for Trump is also more complicated than initial analyses suggest.

And his legal analyses of certain incidents involving Trump sure seem to suggest he violated the law.

What sort of internal analyses were written on this topic?

The Wall Street Journal reported Monday on two analyses that both found 2017 was a great year for airline safety.

We’re doing some analyses with American data, and we find a pretty similar pattern.

They began questioning bite mark analyses in 2007.

But there are some analyses that can be drawn on.

Further analyses by Eric McGhee and Jonathan Nagler demonstrate that it’s mainly the minority-party voters who are declining to participate.

But where these analyses agree is that SNAP has become a primary income support to poor individuals and especially families.

Previous analyses of similar legislation projected that the individual market would become unworkable under the ORRA.

“On the other, it was these groups: FAIR and NumbersUSA, Center for Immigration Studies.” (Other analyses suggested labor unions also helped torpedo the bill.)

“We do not share the analyses that the territorial caliphate (of Islamic State) has been annihilated,” Florence Parly said on RTL radio.

analyses of crime data, however, consistently indicate that the correlation between undocumented immigrants and crime is overstated.

He did not speculate on whether the intelligence community analyses would continue or not.

You would definitely assume they’d be working with experts to run deep, thorough analyses of their bill’s likely effects.

Preliminary analyses from the New York Times, taken from local records across the country, found that drug overdose deaths likely exceeded 59,000 in 2016.

Three recent analyses can help.

The coverage numbers aren’t likely to be good — at least according to independent analyses from outside experts.

You can see all of CBO’s historical analyses of Obamacare right here.

But leaked data and external analyses show there are irregularities with the voter count that point toward election fraud.

(For example, one could read political analyses of the contemporary Middle East like this, this, this.

Some analyses find that mass shootings are, contrary to popular perception, fairly stable over time.

Multiple analyses expect that premiums would increase and millions would lose coverage if this part of Obamacare went away.

Before the vote, Capital Economics produced a paper that was somewhat less dire than other economic analyses out there.

Most analyses agree that it had no effect overall on test scores or college enrollment rates.

While most analyses in mainstream American media in recent years have centered on automated cars and manufacturing, robots are coming for coders, too.

Dr. Nancy Krieger, a Harvard University professor, and colleagues have called out their unacceptability for small-area analyses.

We now have three separate analyses of how the Obamacare repeal bill offered by Sens.

Broadly, the two analyses agree: Graham-Cassidy means less money put toward health care programs.

Those are the CBPP and Avalere analyses.

Earlier analyses of existing flight data indicated there was smoke in the bathroom and the area directly below the cockpit.

Earlier analyses of existing flight data indicated there was smoke in the bathroom and the area directly below the cockpit.

But it’s still considerably less rigorous than analyses GiveWell does of charities.

That the possibly fake Hals and Cranach paintings passed some technical analyses and not others indicates an unprecedented sophistication in their forgery.

Many other analyses, of course, doubt that tax cuts for wealthy people’s investment income really are a surefire job creator.

Similar analyses of Trump’s speech from earlier in the campaign season found that the businessman spoke at a fourth- or fifth-grade level.

I have no problem with the horse race, and I certainly have done my share of consuming plenty of predictive analyses.

When social scientists use big data to engage in analyses of this type, the primary goal is to explain rather than predict.

And there are anxious analyses of Trump’s undemocratic rhetoric and impulses from people like, well, me.

These are persuasive, thoughtful analyses that match the anxiety I feel.

Together, they conduct massive research analyses and produce reports to help “solve complex problems and inform public policy decisions,” according to their website.

Kerwin Clayton, JPMorgan’s co-head of M&A for Asia Pacific, said analyses and dialogue regarding go-private transactions have increased in recent months.

How much should we worry about privacy and the types of analyses that can be done with voice?

That’s just a function of the Bush plan estimates being prepared earlier, and doesn’t make a real difference in the distributional analyses.

(The CLINIC report doesn’t offer data to prove that these are the most commonly missed hearings, but that characterization is consistent with other analyses.)

(The Day Ahead is an email and PDF publication that includes the day’s major stories and events, analyses and other features.

Here are the best analyses I could find of that question.

The report analyses the evolution of the Brazilian cooperative credit system, the prospects for growth and the profitability, and its challenges.

“Cat Person” was published in the Dec. 11 issue of the New Yorker, and promptly set off a frenzy of praise, backlash, and analyses.

The judge in Kaseberg’s case has already used similar analyses to disallow some of the writer’s claims.

Here is what we know of #NorthKorea 6th #nucleartest – revised @USGS (M6.3) & new @ctbto_alerts (M5.8) analyses

The researchers explored this idea using fMRI scans and mouse-tracking analyses.

You targeted them through analyses of their behavioral patterns.

It then analyses the information with data from governments, international bodies and research organizations to identify hotspots of potential conflict.

The French Bureau d’Enquêtes et d’analyses (BEA) will be downloading the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder.

It’s a product of bad analyses and lack of familiarity of the Syrian situation.

(The Day Ahead is an email and PDF publication that includes the day’s major stories and events, analyses and other features.

Increasingly, scientists prefer researchers preregister all their analyses in advance.

analyses like USA Today’s may help Americans to recognize race-related and other ploys to stoke divisions, but combating meddling is an ongoing project.

Called “Star Wars, the empirics strike back”, it analyses 50,000 tests published between 2005 and 2011 in three top American journals.

THIS week’s issue of The Economist includes an article that analyses the effectiveness of political advertising during the 2016 Republican presidential primaries.

In fact, some analyses suggest that it’s growing.

Both these analyses are working too hard to put France’s peculiarities on the psychoanalyst’s couch.

“So in subsequent analyses,” he told the paper, “we really could not identify asbestos or only on very rare occasions.”

It thus conserves its resources for those analyses that actually matter.

The company analyses ten genetic markers related to taste and smell and asks customers questions on basic taste preferences.

The data, he says, is simply too complicated, and the analyses too primitive, to come to such a hard conclusion.

That system is an expensive one, though — one that multiple analyses suggest Sanders’s current tax proposals would not fund entirely.

Such analyses have answered many of the questions asked about collective action online.

Unsurprisingly, the price of the HPV vaccine also influences the result of cost-benefit analyses.

Historical analyses have leant support to the idea that the longer a club spends in exile, the harder it is to return.

Religion, in such analyses, is incidental.

This isn’t to say that the 2013 analyses were wrong, per se.

But people sometimes take these types of analyses too far, using them to decry whole movements based on the actions of a few.

Economic analyses suggest that temporary anti-dumping tariffs are actually more damaging than run-of-the-mill protectionism.

Read more NASCAR news and analyses at

Laboratory analyses have linked a few cases in Kenya to the Angolan outbreak.

analyses have found evidence that each additional year in school adds 3.7 IQ points.

Laboratory analyses have linked a few cases in Kenya to the Angolan outbreak.

Walmart has built a new technology platform, changing everything from how its website works to how the company manages customer payments and analyses data.

All regulators would be required to conduct cost-benefit analyses on any proposed new rule.

The second half analyses where the old pros think they went wrong.

They repeated this process until they had performed nearly 3m analyses in total.

As a result, few policy analyses omit to mention the “distributional benefits” or “distributional costs” of whatever is being proposed.

But the study analyses a remarkable correlation.

Together with the Guardian and the New York Times, the reporting team commissioned several technical analyses of the app.

According to a website called Twitter Audit that analyses followers, 35% of Mr Dorsey’s own 3.8m followers are fake.

The Economist’s correspondents in America will live-tweet their analyses of the debate from 9pm New York time (2am London, 9am Hong Kong).

Many issues of Micro-Gram fascinatingly detail the methods and results of official analyses of drugs (the word “psychedelic” is almost never used).

The Economist’s correspondents in America will live-tweet their analyses of the debate from 9pm New York time (2am London, 9am Hong Kong).

“You’re either a cynic,” says Brian Wieser of Pivotal Research Group, which analyses the industry, “or you’re not paying attention.”

These analyses are the real story of the litigation — not the formulas that enabled them. But it’s also generated many wide-eyed, taken-aback analyses of just what is happening in these many videos.

These cleavages have been the focus of countless analyses, many focused on the source of the anger expressed by Trump-supporting, non-college-educated white men.

Trump’s Twitter use has been the subject of various analyses of his moods and habits and musings about potentially distractive strategies.

But these analyses, whether positive or negative, will be profoundly incomplete.

At the same time, historians have a point regarding the shortcomings of economic analyses.

It employs a laser beam to scan an area and then analyses the reflections that bounce back.

“We do not share the analyses that the territorial caliphate has been annihilated,” Parly said on RTL radio.

By now, multiple analyses have found that support for Trump tightly correlates with racist and sexist beliefs.

So Silverstein wrote her report, finding, as many similar analyses have, that: 1.

Traditional analyses focus on the financial performance of high-speed rail lines, plus indirect results such as reduced road congestion (see article).

(For other analyses with similar conclusions, see PJM itself, Rockland Capital, and Sierra Club.)

But new analyses from the Congressional Budget Office have drastically reduced the price tag — to less than $0 over the long run.

It analyses billions of users’ playlists to find songs that others with similar interests have liked.

The commentary tradition — where monks and others wrote extensive analyses literally between and around the lines of texts!

It then analyses the information with data from governments, international bodies and research organizations to identify hotspots of potential conflict.

Underlying most analyses is some sense of how the Court fits into the ideological spectrum defined by Congress and the president.

Another would make it easier to challenge cost-benefit analyses in court.

And we did all sorts of analyses.

The 1978 smallpox death was, most analyses found, caused by carelessness — poor lab safety procedures and badly designed ventilation.

The analyses came back, and it was verified—it was, the results determined, live footage, in the field, captured on location.

analyses of 2012 exit polls by the Pew Hispanic Center found that Latinos tend to vote Democrat.

analyses of 2012 exit polls by the Pew Hispanic Center found that Latinos tend to vote Democrat.

Drug prohibition drives but is inexplicably absent from analyses of the mounting lethality of the opioid crisis.

A lot of us, in our analyses, made a fundamental mistake.

Both analyses agree that a world in which the AHCA passes is a world in which millions fewer Americans have health insurance coverage.

Last year, for example, it launched a tool that measures the emotions of drivers by combining face and speech analyses.

“I think that this should help opponents of the rollbacks both politically and in court.” Many environmental rules hinge on cost-benefit analyses.

Other analyses of SIPP have come to similar conclusions as Edin and Shaefer.

Their analyses point to the best solution being a reinvestment in television first, followed by out-of-home, radio and to a lesser extent print.”

Other analyses suggest that is not an unreasonable guess.

The MammaPrint test, made by Agendia, based in Amsterdam, analyses the activity of genes in early-stage breast cancer.

But analyses of the text accompanying the images have found that they often include guilt-inducing messages that focus on body image (e.g.

Regulators are slowly turning to analyses of betting patterns as evidence.

Many Republicans claim a jump start in economic growth is going to offset that loss, but outside analyses are dubious.

Whichever analyses prevail will influence how the party responds to a bad result and approaches the prospect of a new “grand coalition” with her.

Conservative authors, by contrast, seem little interested in analyses of the minds of voters in Brooklyn or Berkeley.

Maybe such analyses are reserved only for the grandest of rock heroes, a stuffy category we consider Prince too good for, but really now.

The post-election analyses in Wisconsin for example estimate that between 100,000 to 200,000 people who were eligible to vote were prevented from voting.

By running many analyses, you’re bound to find something significant just by chance alone.

At the same time, far-right groups in France and Belgium—Nouvelle Droite and Vlaams Blok, respectively—were inspired by Gramsci’s analyses.

And he re-ran and extended the regression analyses for eight of those studies, suggesting four needed “major re-interpretation” as a result.

WITCH, constructed by Massimo Tavoni of Politecnico di Milano, is a model which analyses climate scenarios.

Most assessments of the Republican tax proposals, like most analyses of most tax plans, conclude their effects on growth will be small.

But this four-category model was based on analyses of primarily white adults’ responses to the CES-D.

A new paper* suggests that most analyses have been getting the answer badly wrong.

Bois’s analyses of Kelly’s art school realism emphasizes how these naively naturalistic works portend the stripped-down semi-abstractions that were soon to come.

For instance, past analyses based on the voting-age population have suggested that turnout has not increased much since a big drop in 2001.

The report analyses why the Democrats lost scores of voters in the Midwest in recent years and makes suggestions how to win them back.

The estimated benefit to rich taxpayers is similar to that from previous analyses by the left-leaning Citizens for Tax Justice and right-leaning Tax Foundation.

Our special report on lifelong education analyses the most important factors shaping career paths and the future of work.

This approach supplements, and differs from, analyses that have creatively used Twitter to identify language similarities between tweets and the op-ed piece.

He explains how each of the major works was conceived and written and analyses key passages bar by bar.

Modern economists have attempted to strip value judgments out of their policy analyses.

But there’s another important factor that these analyses have largely left out: sexism.

LOOKING back from the vantage point of 2025*, economic historians are starting to write their analyses of the Trump slump.

The great news organizations have at their core the same story, but they give you different analyses, different perspectives.

Figures from Inalytics, a company that analyses fund managers’ portfolios, suggest that active managers are changing strategy in response.

It analyses videos of candidates answering questions and uses AI to judge their verbal skills, intonation and gestures.

Both sides have presented dueling expert analyses over the data.

Yet even these analyses may understate subtler forms of discrimination, especially within the knowledge economy.

Rather than performing analyses after the fact, Nuijten and Hartgerink want Statcheck to stop errors from being published in the first place.

Air-quality rules and pesticide limits rely on analyses of confidential medical records—which Mr Pruitt may now label as suspect and try to undo.

There are also other key metrics (like cohort analyses) that can help indicate the health of these businesses as well.

This sample is relayed to a smartphone app, which analyses the recording using a database stored on a cloud computer.

For newer, less established markets, however, TAM is established through third-party research publications (commissioned or otherwise) along with detailed bottoms-up and tops-down analyses.

Frederick Douglass, the abolitionist, gifted orator, and politician, countered eugenicists, including the third president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson, with ethnological analyses.

When each of these rules were finalized, the scientific and cost-benefit analyses supported the date of implementation.

(Subgroup analyses like that often just turn up noise, and I’m skeptical that there are meaningful results for any category.)

Smaller-scale studies support these historical analyses.

They are generally not designed to be used in statistical analyses.

Such cost-benefit analyses may seem cold-hearted.

Stanislavski’s teachings emphasized critical, holistic analyses of scenes in tandem with self-reflection by the actor.

The most careful empirical analyses conducted by urban economists have failed to detect a rise in displacement within gentrifying neighbourhoods.

On June 15th both sides revealed duelling statistical analyses of admissions-decision data in court filings.

It’s actually really easy to de-compile the software, to attach debuggers to it, and to do various sorts of analyses on your end.

Forensic analyses suggested none were American, the report said.

Too often, gender neutrality is accomplished by neutralising services or analyses centred on women.

Other analyses have arrived at similar numbers.

Federal requirements since 2002 to disclose transaction prices and volumes have enabled closer analyses.

America’s Census Bureau has toyed with the idea of using data derived from analyses of household rubbish to adjust its survey data.

The differences in men’s and women’s numbers in PayScale’s analyses was largely driven by job choice.

But even the agreement’s non-binding emissions reduction pledges won’t hold human-caused global warming below dangerous levels, according to numerous climate analyses.

Forensic analyses suggested none were American, the report said.

Meanwhile, federal analyses of the project have endorsed alternative solutions.

), as well as data collected from strandings and sightings and genetic analyses of individual whales.

Some are daily briefs outlining the big stories we need to know; others offer smart analyses about the important news of the week.

The government and Bank of England have now published their analyses.

In fact, linguistic analyses show that Trump literally speaks at a fourth-grade reading level.

All the analyses also model the impact of a no-deal Brexit.

Historical analyses show that rates of violence in US resource boomtowns, particularly homicide, were much higher than in other Western towns.”

She does not deploy the term “fascism” loosely and deplores those who do; instead she cooly analyses the way countries can descend into tyranny.

analyses have found evidence that each additional year in school adds 3.7 IQ points.

As Edward Leamer of the University of California, Los Angeles noted earlier in the 1980s, “Hardly anyone takes data analyses seriously.

The centre collects, analyses and comprehends the data streaming in from multiple locations within the estate to make its services more efficient.

Chemical analyses must be performed.

Kerwin Clayton, JPMorgan’s co-head of M&A for Asia Pacific, said analyses and dialogue regarding go-private transactions have increased in recent months.

But the best analyses suggest that such gifts have been far less generous in the years since, in some countries at least (see chart).

analyses of differences between countries focus on culture: of course leisure-loving Europeans put in fewer hours than puritanical Americans and striving Koreans.

But the best analyses suggest that such gifts have been far less generous in the years since, in some countries at least (see chart).

analyses of differences between countries focus on culture: of course leisure-loving Europeans put in fewer hours than puritanical Americans and striving Koreans.

Even with the internal analyses showing significant drops in response rate, the judge did not find enough evidence to substantiate such a charge.

The difficulties stem in part from diverging analyses of Europe’s place in the world.

And they spawned a cottage industry of studies by other scientists, who used the PREDIMED data to run hundreds of different analyses.

They use their Twitter feeds to disseminate policy analyses and direct their followers to the Republican lawmakers they think should be feeling the pressure.

Cargill in 2017 invested in a startup that analyses satellite images to forecast crop yields.

Topher, I know you’re working on real policy analyses.

What we’ve found is that it’s been a great way to disseminate the policy analyses.

As numerous expert analyses pointed out, that change could lead to the poorest Americans receiving substantially less help than under Obamacare.

Or it could be a trove of new facts and analyses.

Economic analyses include not only what is gained by a choice, but what is forgone.

There are two analyses that must be made of this.

analyses of large-scale pre-school programmes in the last few years have often been disappointing.

And although some climate analyses predicted more rainfall this century in the Colorado River basin, the rains haven’t yet, and might not ever, come.

analyses like that of Messrs Helland and Tabarrok nonetheless feel novel, because the implications of cost disease remain so underappreciated in policy circles.

If the CBO comes back with tens of millions more uninsured — Again it’s a number of analyses we will be looking at.

But Republicans have become accustomed to questioning the official analyses of their signature pieces of legislation.

And in the case of a project organised by Premise, a company in San Francisco that analyses geographical data, that nudge is financial.

Several analyses of the introduction of tuition fees in Britain found a negative effect on university attendance.

The data from his 2016 election have been scrutinised, and the resulting analyses, detailed in books and papers, are in agreement.

One challenge has been to do the analyses faster.

As a result, a European Union project planned to start before November will seek to provide contemporaneous weather-attribution analyses for the continent.

The new study bases its conclusions in part on chemical analyses from seven moon samples astronauts brought back to Earth during the Apollo missions.

For one, post-election analyses have also linked racism, sexism, and economic anxiety to Trump’s support.

But most analyses of the polls show him facing a defeat, perhaps a landslide, if the election were to be held today.

Muloni said Uganda’s gross crude reserves had also been revised downwards after new reservoir analyses, to 6 billion barrels from 6.5 billion previously.

The AP’s tally updates previous analyses of HB2’s financial impact.

But we also added original statistical analyses designed to test our arguments in particularly illuminating times and places.

You’ll learn all about the accounting that’s used in financial filings, statements, summaries, and trading analyses.

It’s a collection of analyses and sharp critiques, not theories.

There’s a vast number of sites that purport to provide objective analyses and ratings of products.

You can dispute the precise figures here; these are regression analyses, which are hardly perfect.

Emotionally Broken Psychos If you love reality television, this podcast analyses your favourite shows “in a quest for self-improvement.”

230+ proposals from institutions globally across topics: echo chambers, bots/misinformation, healthy discourse, info analyses & more.

The center’s models do not yet include spending programs, so the analyses cannot show the effects of expanded government spending.

“She backed it up with statistical analyses.”

By November 28, industry analyses were forecasting a sharp deregulatory tilt from a Trump Federal Communications Commission.

Then the genetic analyses proved much more complicated than expected, because it turns out there may be more species of sirens than thought.

This isn’t dumping on the concept of trailer analyses in general.

Until now, the only public analyses had come from the left-leaning Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and Cassidy’s office.

And that also means regularly producing fresh analyses that will draw attention, when so many bonds are coming to market every single day.

“If Congress wanted to bury CBO analyses and put the budget committees out front, she held press conferences,” Joyce recalls.

(The Day Ahead is an email and PDF publication that includes the day’s major stories and events, analyses and other features.

You’ll learn everything from how to analyze corporate financial statements to how to perform technical analyses.

They did not have to reveal the results of their analyses; the pledge was also completely voluntary, lacking any mechanism for oversight or enforcement.

This finding was consistent with Fraunhofer’s previous assessments and other independent analyses.

“We are very excited about the genetic analyses to come,” Pitman said.

More recent analyses show China’s emissions could peak closer to the middle of the decade than 2030.

Since it’s tasked with communicating with members of Congress, it’s also tried to focus on making its analyses accessible.

It continues, “The analyses found that people living near the SSFL were not at increased risk for developing cancers associated with radiation exposure.

More recent analyses show China’s emissions could peak closer to the middle of the decade than 2030.

But there have been much more thorough statistical analyses than what Libresco published at FiveThirtyEight or wrote about in the Washington Post.

Usually, political scientists scoff at most of pundits’ analyses of campaign ads and speeches.

(The Day Ahead is an email and PDF publication that includes the day’s major stories and events, analyses and other features.

Other independent analyses have found the bill would have devastating impacts on the insurance market.

Till then, analyses of Iraq’s post-ISIS future are a little premature.

analyses of previous outbreaks, such as one in the French Polynesian islands, revealed a rise in birth defects following the arrival of Zika virus.

More state-by-state analyses will be released in the coming days.

The reason is obvious – China,” said retired Indian Air Force group captain Ajay Lele at the New Delhi-based Institute for Defence Studies and analyses.

There are two economic analyses of CARE Act available at this point.

considering the fact that numerous analyses in the scientific literature show that humans now play the dominant role in our changing climate.

Text Analysis uses Natural Language Processing to linguistically understand the text and apply statistical techniques to facilitate the analyses.

Very few of the microcephaly cases can be attributed to causes other than Zika, after extensive analyses and testing, the health ministry said.

But many analyses of women and their appearance inevitably come down to hair.

It analyses industrial facilities in China using imagery from space and algorithms measuring the level of manufacturing activity.

(See here for the EPA’s own cost-benefit analyses on the CAA.)

The site relies on a highly detailed matching system stemming from a questionnaire that analyses 29 unique character traits.

The app gives you access to lessons, study plans, practice questions and exams, flashcards, and analyses of your strong or weak skills.

Vanderpoel gives few details about her approach to creating the color analyses.

Foursquare’s data on Trump comes after several other analyses of retail impact.

There have already been numerous analyses of what this could mean for Brazilian politics—but what could it mean for the environment?

However, other analyses have shown improved outcomes, particularly among participants in New York.

However, we’ve had to do all the various analyses in order to confirm the extraterrestrial origin.

In several emails and conversations, she offered steep analyses of the show’s ratings and gushed about her peers’ beauty.

“The indictment was not unexpected, but politically, it creates noise,” said Ignacio Labaqui, who analyses Argentina for emerging markets consultancy Medley Global Advisors.

For the purposes of analyses and international peer comparison, Fitch adjusts the weightings of such loans to 100%.

(The Day Ahead is an email and PDF publication that includes the day’s major stories and events, analyses and other features.

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He’s a film enthusiast and analyses the recent #OscarssoWhite controversy and why Beasts of No Nation failed to land a single nomination.

That means TRAPPIST analyses the dip in the light of the host star when a planet swings in front of it.

There is a need for correct analyses in every area, newly developed strategies, plans and programs for our country,” Babacan said.

However, most analyses of NAFTA do not approach anywhere near those numbers.

Unfortunately, analyses by several groups say the carbon cuts promised in Paris only get us to 3 degrees C (5.4 F) at best.

(CNN)”It’s another 1860,” some TV pundits have been exclaiming in their analyses of the raucous, mud-slinging presidential debates of 2016.

By some analyses, more than 80 percent of net neutrality comments were sent by bots.

Putin’s surprise decision has sent pundits and politicians scrambling to come up with plausible analyses.

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Instagram analyses people’s historical usage to make predictions about what posts are relevant to you.

Although mathematics and systems analyses can point to wealth redistribution as a solution, the actual implementation of this redistribution is mostly a political issue.

The EPA database compiles these analyses online, but not every water system has a report listed, and many of the links don’t work.

This video was excluded from analyses because, obviously, it would have thrown off the results.

TJX illustrates what our overall analyses show — that this effect flows deeper into the executive pool.

These researchers aren’t the first to perform genetic analyses on what were believed to be Yeti samples.

Our most recent studies at Fukushima have benefited from more sophisticated analyses of radiation doses received by animals.

The nonprofit works with restaurants to do lifecycle analyses that assess and address their carbon footprints.

Die-hards have been filling comment sections with concerned analyses: Is the 54-year-old losing his famous vocal range and power?

• The CIA produced 300 pages of new intelligence analyses.

“We conducted the analyses with and without the same-sex couples and the pattern of results remained the same,” they wrote in the study.

The Swedish diplomat-turned-economist and long-term observer of Russia analyses the last 15 or so years of Putin’s rule.

He said that almost every time he publishes one of these analyses or talks about them in the media, he receives death threats.

The think tank, under China’s cabinet, analyses prices recorded through online transactions in 30 major cities.

Researchers would then correlate two indicators—frequency of social media use and depression indicators—using statistical analyses.

Independent analyses of her plan find that her proposed tax hikes would squarely hit the most well off.

Similarly, Facebook now analyses text that has already been removed for praising or supporting militant organizations to develop text-based signals for such propaganda.

I put her to bed while my colleagues picked up my slack, writing their analyses well into the night.

We may live in a “post-fact” era, but these facts and analyses are hard to ignore.

Similarly, Facebook now analyses text that has already been removed for praising or supporting militant organizations to develop text-based signals for such propaganda.

Independent analyses, however, estimated the rate to be much higher—closer to 60 percent, according to the nonprofit Action Aid.

More severe cases may require specialized consultations and complementary analyses, which are costly.”

Some aspect of the environment is probably at play, but numerous large analyses rule out vaccines as a factor.

The latter already includes “proactive” boiler maintenance via data the app collects and analyses and Tado’s 40,000 strong network of heating engineer partners.

Instead, there have been chin-scratching analyses of the term inner city, implying that Trump is wrong to even consider there to exist such settings.

The applicants are subjected to exhaustive interviews, biometrics checks, and fraud and national security analyses.

analyses by OMB, which is tasked with weighing the costs and benefits of new significant rules, often find that regulations are a net good.

Independent analyses of the Target breach discovered that Target’s systems successfully detected the criminals several times during the attack.

But several analyses, like this from Modern Healthcare, have shown hospitals aren’t doing enough.

In fact, their analyses revealed employees experience a 5-percent increase in mood the next day when they reported having sex the night before.

AEI’s Mark Perry says outliers make those analyses less useful.

The company is also developing a teaching tool that will show how AlphaGo analyses various Go positions.

But I am coherent in my analyses.

In all, the scandal cast doubt on drug-testing analyses in about 40,000 cases from 2003 to 2012.

“While further details of the laboratory analyses will follow, the analytical results already obtained are incontrovertible,” Uzumcu said in a statement.

Walmart acquires Israel’s Aspectiva, which analyses UGC to recommend products to shoppers The startup will be joining Store No.

The analyses are expected to take at least a few weeks.

The most impactful part of the dashboard is the ability to break down culture analyses by gender, ethnicity, time at the company, etc.

The new report also includes analyses of previous studies on associations between breast cancer risk and overall diet, nutrition, physical activity and weight.

The labs are also part of a broader network, with facilities in member states performing their own analyses and double-checking duplicate samples.

“Both the CDC and the EPA have previously reviewed the scientific evidence, analyses, and published literature on the safety profile of Naled.

They ran 9 separate analyses from 2003 to 2014 over all of China.

However, several analyses have shown that the individual market is stabilizing and many insurers are no longer bleeding money.

However, the analyses cannot definitively conclude that the show caused the searches.

“Sequencing and analysis costs drive the expense of these analyses,” said Harvard University’s Keith Flaherty.

Pay for itself in economic growth, according to most credible analyses.

“What kind of internal analyses have these other companies done?”

In addition to the humanitarian concerns, supporters of the program point to analyses that show an economic impact from revoking it.

Express Scripts demanded Optum reveal internal documents and analyses to understand how Optum made the proposal.

Apple’s security division then examined its databases for Zhang’s network activity and ran forensic analyses of his devices.

Short summary: they’re better than outside analyses, but still not good.

These analyses will continue not only this year, but for decades to come,” says Kurth.

It will require men and women to listen, not shout, to the Mayim Bialiks of the world whose analyses do not match our own.

She monitors and analyses user responses and reacts accordingly with appropriate follow-up questions and empathetic nods.

All we know is that the emulator analyses ROMs that have been uploaded to the cloud, magically transforming previously flat gameplay into three-dimensional environments.

Earlier analyses have found that the property tax deduction accounts for approximately one-third of all state and local tax deductions.

To the benefit of the patients, the radiologists were also more meticulous in their analyses when presented with the photos.

Traditionally, linguistic analyses in this field have been carried out by researchers reading and taking notes.

DOT assigns a value of $9.6 million per life saved in its analyses.”

Here’s the reality: zero reputable analyses have said this bill would be paid for through growth.

For instance, using DNA analyses, they found that people who share ethnic backgrounds tend to have more similar face mites.3.

The analyses by the Congressional Budget Office, the Joint Tax Committee and almost all independent experts come to the same conclusion.

“The difference may be due to the fact that coroners are typically non-physicians who have less familiarity with toxicological analyses and terminology,” he said.

But Trulia also added the number of comfort food restaurants and drugstores in the area to its analyses.

Marx’s analyses and predictions were revolutionary.

The final analyses of the GOP House-Senate conference report are also starting to come in.

Multiple analyses suggest a major impact in Japan was the economic crisis that struck the country in the late 1990s.

Their analyses looked at two types of “extreme” changes in these categories.

KDDI also wants to start a service that analyses the amount of water needed to flush toilets.

Some analyses have found that moderate use of these technologies is “not intrinsically harmful” and can even improve social skills and develop resilience.

That prompted state and private institutions to undertake risk analyses.

A 53 mb drop in 21 hours, per their analyses.

Sure, the analyses of liquid biopsies will improve.

Our most recent studies at Fukushima have benefited from more sophisticated analyses of radiation doses received by animals.

But according to the authors of the Science paper, the NRC’s scientific analyses rely on a number of inaccurate assumptions.

“The NRC settled on a way to do these analyses that made almost every safety improvement look like it wasn’t justified.

Amino’s analyses showed that women are far more likely to be diagnosed with many of these conditions.

The lawyers said the parties’ experts have offered competing analyses of the same set of admissions data.

At the hospital, an EKG, a chest x-ray and basic blood analyses all showed normal results for the still-comatose woman.

Because they had more twins to include, they limited their analyses to women whose twin brothers died soon after birth.

Two new analyses argue that a widely cited idea in climate policy and academic circles — to impose a carbon budget — has outlived its usefulness.

Based on their analyses, the scientists adjusted the vaccine regimen and tested it in guinea pigs and monkeys.

“Clinicians and policy makers can use these analyses and rankings to reexamine why so many individuals still experience preventable injury, disease, and death.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance compares the conflicting analyses here.

The modern economy doesn’t allow much time for average citizens to investigate the most basic issues, let alone construct coherent political analyses.

However, there’s not enough information provided in this indictment — save references to Chinese market analyses — to know if that’s the case here.

(CNN)Political prognosticators usually shake their head at President Donald Trump’s electoral analyses.

Reality check: Experts have been building a body of ready analyses and policy designs if a political window opens in the future.

Overall, analyses showed that about four in 100 people worldwide have anxiety.

So the DPAA exhumed the remains in 2016 and conducted a series of analyses from dental, anthropological and chest radiography records.

If nearly all the analyses indicated that a patient has choroidal neovascularization, that diagnosis would be highlighted with high confidence in the final result.

“First, though the analyses are done well they demonstrate a very small correlation between digital media use and non-clinical measure of the ADHD symptoms.

Europol then provides these analyses to other agencies who may be able to dig up more details.

The analyses found several examples the secretary’s calendar not including a full list of attendees or agenda items.

A pair of analyses explore how rising heat, rising sea levels and powerful storms are threats to energy infrastructure.

Other analyses below include districts where one party or the other had candidates on the ballot in both years.

“The legal analyses that apply to Touch ID apply to Face ID.”

It was originally added to rectify a power imbalance between the executive and legislative branches, Yin wrote in earlier analyses of the provision.

The researchers ran microscopic and chemical analyses of the flake and its design.

“From what my coauthors and I believed, the independent analyses of our data sets confirmed all of our published findings.”

There are moving firsthand accounts, silly listicles, thought-provoking opinion pieces, in-depth analyses, etc.

It analyses your data to find performance gaps in your sales process and makes actual recommendations to improve it.

(The study says there is “suggestive” evidence gleaned from observational analyses that recurrence-free breast cancer survival is linked to statins.)

analyses from the U.K. Met Office and the World Meteorological Organization also ranked 2018 among the top 4 warmest years on record.

analyses show that this is the result of passing through the digestive system of a large bird.

Even worse, he adds, if the variables are off, the predictive analyses can have negative ramifications.

Go deeper: analyses show companies ridiculed by Trump outperform ones he praised

Check out the charts above, which Axios data journalist Chris Canipe constructed from International Energy Agency analyses.

CAR-T is expensive, but Medicare is going to cover it, and independent analyses suggest it’s worth its high price tag.

These analyses showed that 40% of the flavored aldehydes turned into new compounds called aldehyde PG acetals.

“The results of both analyses confirm a large and robust effect of waiting periods on homicides,” the authors write.

The authors reported that “seasonal analyses showed more pronounced association of air temperature during warmer seasons.”

But the plans are sure to create opposition from environmentalist who fear that Trump is trying to run roughshod over ecological protections and analyses.

This report, one of the most comprehensive analyses of its kind, questions the conventional wisdom that says these policies are effectively addressing climate change.

For the study, the researchers constructed a unified global drought atlas, comprised of the data in each of the regional analyses.

Throughout the trial, she asked relatively few questions, mainly testing the presumptions behind the data analyses.

Why it matters: The U.S. government produces closely watched analyses that add to scientific and popular understanding.

analyses from the U.K. Met Office and the World Meteorological Organization also ranked 2018 among the top 4 warmest years on record.

analyses have suggested that improved contraceptive use played a role…

Roy Larke, who analyses Japan’s retail industry as editor of, said he sees the sector as saturated and consolidation inevitable.

feedback, advice, etc).Both of these subjects warrant additional study, but it’s likely too early to conduct these analyses today.

“We complete thorough statistical analyses to compare the compensation of men and women performing similar work.

But Kamiya also cites analyses showing much of the mining is in countries with lots of renewable electricity or in renewables-heavy regions of China.

Several more components from the study remain to be published, including detailed analyses on the radio frequencies tested.

As always, we consulted our friends, the Astrotwins, to get their spot-on astrological analyses of each sign.

He did not speculate on whether the intelligence community analyses would continue or not.

It’s urgent — Pinboard (@Pinboard) November 11, 2016 Drones I know you’re probably thinking I’m vastly overrating my own analyses.

Different softwares and researchers use different types of analyses to get their results.

Rekognition, which is part of Amazon Web Services, has the ability to conduct image and video analyses of faces.

“Despite combining data, we were still limited by sample size in some of our analyses,” Chung said.

We let people know about this activity and other ways that Onavo uses and analyses data before they download it.”

Multiple spectrographic analyses revealed the blue pigment to be ultramarine, a rare pigment made from crushed lapis lazuli stones.

Credit analyses on the nine Russian LRGs are available at

That results in the “garbage-in, garbage-out” problem: Without accurate data, analyses are meaningless.

Additionally, analyses would be based on aggregate data instead of individual user data.

These analyses are fascinating reads.

The Idaho State Police says their analyses, and canine units, can only test for the presence of THC — not the concentration.

Because dead bats are hard to find, the researchers employed search dogs (below) and audio analyses.

Past analyses document the lengthier media coverage devoted to Parkland compared to other infamous mass shootings.

The new report is one of the only comprehensive analyses of social media’s role in the illegal cheetah trade.

College for all Similar budget analyses demonstrate the feasibility of other parts of the Green New Deal.

Will the pleasant, nostalgia-producing Gilmore Girls find itself nominated among hard-hitting analyses of Hollywood sexism and America’s modern-day racism?

There are no police statements, expert analyses, or dramatic voice-overs in Casting JonBenét.

Experts say root cause analyses are the best way to identify what failed in a system and therefore, what needs to be fixed.

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The task force recommended screening with colonoscopy, stool analyses or flexible sigmoidoscopy combined with a fecal-occult blood test.

She tweets birth chart analyses on the fly, writes openly about her personal spiritual practices, and uses celestial transits to analyze pop culture.

They’ve since sent the device to Washington for further analyses, according to Garcia.

analyses conducted by different think tanks on his previous proposals suggest the price tag could be as much as $32 trillion over 10 years.

When questioned for the story, 23andMe noted that its analyses are “statistical estimates” — a phrase that customers should bear in mind.

As we’ve noted in past analyses, one of the primary issues for all the competitors is how late they were to the market.

The intricate system leads fans to obsessive numerology, and subsequent statistical analyses reveal that European politics do indeed influence the vote.

Such as for enabling clinicians to order additional follow on analyses, and with OLO streaming digitized blood images to remote experts.

Researchers used radiocarbon dating, archaeological data, genomic and isotopic analyses to learn more about the bodies found in the village of Koszyce.

You’ll learn how to run ratio analyses and common size analyses to delve even deeper into corporate financials.

Better yet, hunker down and read some of the 400 pages yourself while you wait for thoughtful analyses to materialize.

As most analyses noted, the logic behind the deal is clear.

We do rigorous compensation analyses and when you compare like-for-like, women are paid 99.7% of what men are paid at Google.”

Some analyses show that some Americans would see a tax increase under both plans.

“The time for analyses has passed.

“The OSHA FIU Pedestrian Bridge report is factually inaccurate and incomplete, and includes errors and flawed analyses.

You also have to provide original information, though there are exceptions; you can take publicly available information and synthesize it into analyses.

U.S. and European scientists swiftly denounced the Daily Mail story this weekend, pointing to multiple independent analyses supporting NOAA’s findings.

Experts conducted numerous tests, including simulations and soil sample analyses, during the closure, the track said.

We hope analyses in a sentence examples were helpful.