Alter in a sentence | Use of the word alter examples

To alter Howard’s diet, though, Shanahan first had to understand it.

Jerry and Rita alter worked in public schools for most of their careers.

Cabán’s victory in New York City’s second-largest borough will alter the criminal justice system that presides over 2.4 million people.

Cabán’s victory in New York City’s second-largest borough will alter the criminal justice system that presides over 2.4 million people.

The potential for Democrats to alter Trump’s tax-cut package or to start impeachment proceedings could jar investor and business confidence.

I think they can alter their lenses.

Russia-linked hackers had access to “alter or delete” US voter registration data before the 2016 election.

The addition of Trump appointees Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch could alter the conservative-majority court’s approach to abortion.

FaceApp can alter your image to look older or younger, male or female, smiling or wearing glasses.

We have to remember, though, that none of this diminishes the capacity of presidents to fundamentally alter politics.

In other words, nothing — not indulgences, not confession or penance, not even good works — can alter the course of a person’s salvation.

These themes would ripple beyond his own 12 albums, and alter the shape of the genre as it moved into the internet age.

BNEF acknowledges that two things could substantially alter this forecast.

“Yes, jam-packed cycles of important (and problematic) news alter our perception of time,” says Michael Flaherty, a psychology professor at Eckerd College in Florida.

The hit-or-miss closures forced tourists and residents alike to alter their plans.

There is no conservative alter ego of EMILY’s List.

He’s getting dinged as corrupt by Republican friends and is trying to redeem his reputation,” MSNBC analyst Jonathan alter wrote.

The Alphabet startup believes that more digital technologies, like sensors and autonomous vehicles, will alter the way cities plan and spend money.

The FBI also wants Apple to alter its iOS operating system so passcodes can be input electronically.

This would significantly alter the premium parties now put on candidate fundraising prowess in their candidate recruitment strategies.

First, the bad news: it turns out that the fructose found in so many American foods can actually alter the genes in your brain.

Childish Gambino, Donald Glover’s musical alter ego, opened the festival Friday along with Janelle Monae, the 1975, Blackpink, and others.

He also found that he could alter those surface proteins through the virus’ genome.

It does so with no real clue of what will happen next—of how its action will alter public-sector labor relations.

It is not known whether the White House may alter the guidance.

And the other key feature is mobilizing the inventiveness to alter these circumstances.

The high alter inside the nave of #NotreDame cathedral after the fire was brought under control.

That means that while avoiding “acidifying” foods may feel good for Brady, it’s not actually going to alter his pH level.

Hoenig’s warning may not lead lawmakers to alter the bill, which was carefully crafted to garner support from both parties.

“When you use a cleansing wipe you actually alter that PH.”

“Congressional intervention at this point would serve to alter the rule of law,” he said in a statement.

The really tough question, of course, is who will play his superheroic alter ego, Torpedo Boy?

The August announcement drew widespread criticism throughout privacy-conscious Europe, leading Facebook by November to alter its practices there.

Symbols and certain images mean what they mean, and an artist’s good intention does little to alter that.

Stereophonics, a Welsh rock band, don’t alter the song much at all — the main addition is lead singer Kelly Jones’s signature scratchy delivery.

I tried to do this, but it is one of many game mechanics a mod simply cannot alter.

Waypoint: The changes you’ve made alter the aesthetic and tone of playing the game.

Those who knew him remember a quiet Lamont Coleman at odds with his trigger-happy alter ego.

I see it as a privilege for someone to put their body in my hands to alter.

News that an administration might alter the tax landscape of international payments catches their ear.

Does this alter the security situation with South Korea and the United States?

“For the past two years Planet Giza has been seen as three guys that simply make beats and we want to alter that perception.

These small but meaningful ripple effects could fundamentally alter Twitter as we know it.

He has used regulatory power to alter policy, including trying to kill the Affordable Care Act and severely curtail environmental protections.

Antibiotics could alter the composition of the microbiome, especially the one in our guts, Collins says.

The idea is these factors may alter the microbiome — the ecology of diverse bacteria lining the intestines and colon.

Here are 21 facts about the election that just might alter your perception of what’s happening this year.

One-time “Unsolved Mysteries” murder victim Matthew McConaughey is Brandon Lang, and is also John Anthony, Lang’s high-rolling alter ego.

At times, the carrier crew, to ensure safe passage, will alert their uninvited Chinese escorts, should the Reagan sharply alter course, officers said.

He is known to rock alter egos every now and then … sounds like this could be his latest.

Valiant’s Faith is built on the tried-and-true credos of hope, optimism, and alter egos.

For the SEC to fulfill its mission, it must reverse its intended course and not alter its rules to fit one participant’s needs.

“La La Land” shows her adding new production to her softer, harmonizing alter ego Tacobella (see this year’s Tales of Tacobella tape).

She’s due for a Wrestlemania showdown with Asuka, and nothing is going to alter that.

Hand in hand with the rise of social media itself, the hashtag has helped completely alter the way we use the internet.

In contrast, how people scored on neuroticism did not alter the impact of either type of error.

And how will it alter the value of our interactions online if we know some of our friend’s are employing Autonomous Self-Agents?

But Castro’s plan is bigger than one-time amnesty: It would fundamentally alter the immigration enforcement system.

Other settings allow users to alter who can view their posts, who can tag them in images, among other “control” options.

Absent external pressure that changes Israel’s cost-benefit analysis, diplomatic proclamations will not alter the reality on the ground.

The stakes of the Whitefish case are high: A verdict against Anglin could substantially alter the arsenal of the alt-right.

Chronic stress can alter the brain’s structure and connectivity, increasing a person’s chances of developing conditions like depression, anxiety responses or disorders.

Traumatic experiences in childhood alter the development of brain structures during adolescence.

These disorders in turn further alter the way the brain develops.

Political changes may swing sentiment but they don’t alter the fundamentals of the local economy or corporate outlook.

Three “Accumulations” hang in the gallery’s second space (dubbed Soloway alter Ego).

Since then, they’ve been remarkably successful in retelling the story of what happened, using digital tools to alter and amplify their narrative.

Others store ballots on memory cards, which could be used to insert viruses that can cause the machines to malfunction or alter votes.

That development would fundamentally alter some of the dynamics of the war against ISIS.

Jo-Marie Burt, from Washington Office for Latin America (WOLA), says Friday’s verdict could help to alter attitudes to violence against women.

She got a driver’s license as this alter ego of Roberta.

TG: How does Trump alter this dynamic?

“Sometimes people will try to train themselves to consciously alter the dream.

Jason Wright’s “Brand New Subway” puts you in command of the New York City underground, able to alter maps going back to 1900.

Several of the insurance commissioners endorsed ways to streamline or otherwise alter the waivers to make them easier for states to utilize.

That move in September made it easier for Republicans to alter the laws after November’s election, though Democrats have vowed to sue.

Subtle changes in gene expression won’t turn your neurons into blood cells, but they can alter how they function.

It was a trip that would alter the course of his life one photograph at a time.

And while many women are choosing to surgically alter their physical features, the subject is still often considered taboo.

If they don’t complete the classes, the judge could alter the arrangement again — affecting everything from Gilbert’s financial obligation to visitation.

It’s not clear Congress can ultimately force Trump to alter his Saudi policy.

Whichever way it goes, the Georgia Sixth race will not radically alter the balance of power in Washington.

Deliberations have been more complicated, however, on how to alter export rules for missile-equipped drones like the Predator and Reaper.

Each piece can at any time flip to alter its capacity to move.

(There’s been similar discussion about therapeutic use of other psychedelics like psilocybin and LSD, which can fundamentally alter the way people see themselves.)

From the AP: The tweeted video also does not have any audio, which Shapiro said would make it easier to alter.

This allowed Napolean to alter her analog modular studio setup in a new way.

Some consumers have rallied behind the notion that localization should aim to alter as little of the game’s content as possible.

I asked Jenny if developers opt to alter their own games for overseas versions.

“No one on staff really wants to alter a game in any way.

“We believe the Trump administration has no legal authority to alter or erase protections for national treasures,” he continued.

“It has the ability to dramatically alter the face of the landscape in a few short days to weeks.”

What if you disrupt the past as you knew it to be and completely alter your present?

She often feels particularly compelled to take completed pieces and alter them through deconstruction, reconstruction, addition, and subtraction—sometimes for years at a time.

This is my plan: We’re going to alter [some parts of the deal].

If she did, would that alter the legal implications here?

Lawson has taken advantage of photography’s ability to alter perception.

It’s also helpful if you need to alter the amount of your monthly payment.

Dismissing “the art of the past” as “fraudulent,” that new-art tract’s cri de coeur declared, “Gutai art does not alter matter.

The Fate of the Furious tosses away its civilian alter ego, goes full superhero, and leans into the absolute ridiculousness of its characters.

Rebel Wilson is playing some cat named Jennyanydots, and we don’t yet know who James Corden’s feline alter ego will be.

But one thing all three have in common is a categorical refusal to ever alter their signature because of someone else’s sins.

Dr. Siegel’s research has firmly established that mammals are attracted to plants that will alter consciousness.

The drive to alter consciousness represents a human instinct beyond sex, hunger, and sleep.

“It’s definitely not easy to alter or change any traditions here that have been present for many years.

And even if the committee does not propose any changes that will radically alter the functioning of Congress, gradual improvements may still be worthwhile.

The resolution of the Mexico trade dispute did not fundamentally alter the chances of a deal with China, Lyngen said.

Because I believe that yoga can alter your perception and lead you to new insight without drugs.

The authoritarians, in the coming years, will not break the GOP, but they will deeply alter its electoral politics.

To alter that would entail re-creation of Iraq’s civil, political and military structures,” they write.

There are breathing exercises that can access and alter state of conscious that I experimented with too.

The researchers said that in the future, knowledge of the scutoid can shed light on diseases that complicate or alter organ development.

Additionally, these changes don’t alter the fundamental architecture of the service, which allows misinformation to thrive.

Did you alter the way you thought about story because you knew every episode was dropping on the same day?

Mindsets, formed at an early age, can be difficult to alter.

Redditors often host Photoshop battles to alter photographs of Trump; entire Twitter and Instagram accounts devoted entirely to such hilarious output have also emerged.

So the new season will fundamentally alter the dynamic we’ve come to accept as the basis of the show.

Trump sensed that Republican primary voters didn’t want a sober, experienced conservative who might alter the course of the Obama years.

The strip stars Pence’s alter ego, called “Law School Daze,” a quivering, incompetent wreck of a law student.

Small disruptions in our sleep have been shown to alter basic indicators of our health and dull our mental edge.

Its job is to evaluate, alter, delay, reject, and otherwise administer regulations making their way through the government.

They hope to identify what factors—like marriage, education, or a change in socioeconomic status—might alter a child’s path toward safer outcomes.

Other shocks during the campaign — most notably two terrorist attacks — didn’t appear to fundamentally alter the race.

Another possibility is to pull back the drug war even further through decriminalization, but significantly alter how governments enforce prohibition and regulate legal drugs.

We need to alter our understanding of the world and our place in it.

Numerous experiments with birds and other species suggest that noise acts as an obstacle — something to be avoided — that can alter animals’ movements.

In 2010, Janelle Monáe told Rolling Stone, “I only date androids,” firmly tying herself to her cyborg alter ego, Cindi Mayweather.

Monáe uses her access to black culture and history to unite herself out of diaspora, drawing strength from her alter ego, Cindi.

The substantive promise and political peril of reengineering globalization is that it would alter the domestic distribution of wealth and income.

But that’s just racism and cultural resentment, and calling it a manifestation of some deeper anxiety doesn’t alter that fact.

This implantation was just the beginning of the ways that Ramirez’s lab is attempting to alter memories in mice.

People constantly switch jobs, move states, and make countless other decisions that alter their coverage.

You can expect a push to alter the rule in the offseason, or maybe even do away with it entirely.

She’s also working at a viral news website and has a dowdy civilian alter ego.

Many species of banana have stopped reproducing sexually, making them next to impossible for breeders to alter … unless they use genetic engineering.

When a printed book is in your possession, no one can track, alter or hack it.

Attaching things like chemotherapy drugs to the monoclonal antibodies turned out to alter their affinity for cancer cells.

What exactly changed in seven weeks to alter the outlook so much?

As the slogan “repeal and replace” nears reality, the fear of losing these benefits may well alter popular attitudes toward the ACA.

The dotted blue line is how it currently exists: If you have young children, Clinton wants to alter the provisions even more.

In a speech this fall, Doctoroff noted how ubiquitous sensor technology could alter how cities zone buildings.

“She has an alter ego.

His ArtThoughtz videos are basically vlogs, and work in part because they’re performed by his alter ego — not by him, the Artist.

The winner won’t automatically win the league, but the outcome will dramatically alter the Big Ten race.

Internal Balfour Beatty documents show the company issued broad instructions to employees to alter the books.

It’s also a story of how a frankly bland idea — fast shipping — was powerful enough to alter consumer psychology forever.

Lloyd alter tells that kooky story over on Treehugger.

As of now, it’s unclear how the committee’s efforts might alter Trump’s foreign policy, if at all.

How does this ideological rupture in the 1960s alter these sacred values?

They didn’t reverberate or alter anyone’s perspective.

If they do comply, then senators have to decide if they want to keep the waivers, alter them, or get rid of them entirely.

But long before that, doctors were searching for ways to alter people’s bodies to help them eat less food.

The U.S. central bank recently suspended its three-year interest rate hiking campaign and last month showed little desire to alter its monetary policy stance.

Ernst’s alter ego, “Loplop, Superior of the Birds,” was a mysterious birdman, poetic and portentous.

These kinds of errors could only alter the result of an election by a small margin.

But in order for the current auto industry to be replaced, Americans would need to alter the national personality.

Does global warming alter the picture you lay out in your book?

The core idea of the Accountable Capitalism Act is to alter that balance of interests in corporate decision-making.

“It definitely is kind of an alter ego,” says Rowley.

She has a new alter ego — a glittery metallic alien.

These indirect effects of stimulation on connected brain networks may alter brain functions that are unintended.

The proactive power fantasy of Fortnite is as ineffectual as any others are, and it’s because it cannot truly alter its format.

But your ability to alter this world is just an illusion, bound up in simple alchemy that turns tractors into ramps through player skill.

Instead, 59 percent said they chose to alter their pubes for the sake of hygiene.

And scientists are finding that while CO2, a greenhouse gas, helps plants grow, it can also radically alter the nutrient content in food crops.

Such a “parental dividend” would alter the long-run financial calculation of parenting.

However, I do believe art can alter the terms on which we meet the world.

It’s a plan that would alter the constitutional structure that’s been in place since Spain became a democracy in 1978.

San Francisco is a case study of how high housing costs alter the economics of everything, including restaurant service.

What motivates someone to drastically alter their skin tone?

It can alter atmospheric air currents, but it has a negligible impact on sea levels.

This does not alter my commitment to defend myself against the untrue piled up charges contained in the indictments against me.” Read the indictment:

It will alter human behavior.

We’re told any attempts by Rob to alter custody stipulations will be defended “by any means necessary” … legally speaking.

With such works, we become aware of how some images can permanently alter our way of looking.

It did not alter share buyback plans.

But he said there was hope he might alter his stance once elected.

But more to the point, it’s easy to alter your overall tax system to make a congestion charge clearly progressive.

Small disruptions in our sleep have been shown to alter basic indicators of our health and dull our mental edge.

MB: So how could biometric data alter your experience in a car?

But it doesn’t actually alter anything on the ground.

We’re told Bruce’s performance was a big hit … the crowd started chanting “Bruno,” his musical alter ego.

With this kind of link, even a centimeter adjustment could alter the connection quality.

Think, how a bridge might react to strong winds, or how building a dam could alter river flows.

As a producer I was unable to alter [films] creatively and that turned into ambition.

The barrier is expected to be completed by 2020, and as this rendering shows, it would not drastically alter the look of the bridge.

Artists in the GDR continues at the Museum Barberini (alter Markt, Humboldtstrasse 5-6 Potsdam) through October 3.

We made sure that any changes to length or context wouldn’t alter the plot or leave any gaps.

Food delivery companies Postmates and Seamless have not made plans to significantly alter their services, either.

The Breitbart story was widely shared, attracting 715 comments, including “How many more innocent Californians must die on the alter of democrat immigration polices?”

alter Ego – Gary08.

Facetune is a photo-editing app mainly used to alter selfies.

But there’s something not quite usual about Claire Boucher and her alter ego Grimes’ incredibly intriguing public fascination with the sport.

Noida, like every city, is loud and crowded during the day, so these images alter our ingrained perceptions of our manufactured urban landscapes.

‘s desire to alter their sound and style around Out of Time’s writing and recording process.

But it did convince some to alter plans.

The event also features two group exhibitions, alter Ego and This Land Is Your Land, which include work by SCAD alumni, faculty and students.

But visual images alter how we think.

The new plan does not alter the schedule of bill revisions.

lets players personalize their army of crawlers as well as alter dozens of variables such as wind speed and weapon damage.

What exactly changed in seven weeks to alter the outlook so much?

I have spent countless years contorting and curtailing my life at the alter of music.

Where are bodies placed, how are bodies morphed for dramatic effect, and how is Spider-Man framed differently from his meeker alter ego?

The Navy is betting on lasers to alter that defensive calculation.

Last summer, Amazon proved just how easily it can alter the dynamics of self-publishing when it changed its payment system.

So we were thinking of ways to alter that setup, and I was like, “What do you like outside of music?”

Subsequent previews did nothing to alter that initial impression.

alter devised the idea to launch Tech for Campaigns while out for a run near San Francisco.

“I think he was sort of a wakeup call,” alter said during one of our conversations, weeks before the Montana special election.

And it was “a totally new tool for them,” alter said.

“I would never argue that tech is a panacea,” alter acknowledged before the Montana race entered its final week.

That’s going to alter the dynamic of our relationship.

The loss of mosquitoes could alter the paths of caribou herds, which migrate great distances to avoid being bitten.

The WHO said cancelling the games “will not significantly alter” the spread of the virus.

In Taylor’s scenario, we turn into Jon Nada from They Live, able to alter what we see by putting Ray-Bans on.

(Nine seats in the state Assembly are also up for grabs, but the outcomes won’t significantly alter the lower chamber’s makeup.)

Congress didn’t do anything to alter the trajectory of American government spending or give long-suffering bureaucrats the budgetary planning horizon they’ve been craving.

It alters us, even as we alter and create it.

A moment of inspiration struck when each artist decided to take on an alter ego as a way to refocus their energies.

The opportunity to draft a blue-chip prospect who can alter the course of this team has come and gone.

Internal Balfour Beatty documents show the company issued broad instructions to employees to alter the books.

Read This Next: Now That We Can alter Our Genetic Code, Should We?

Obviously, the federal government has a unique ability to alter the concentration of economic activity in the DC area.

And our colleague, Adam alter, has written a great book on this, Irresistible.

The junta tried for decades to alter the population balance by bolstering the number of Buddhists there.

On home game days I attend Jets home games as my alter ego “JETBO”.

By intervening with the right character at the right time, Ophelia can alter the events in the world, however marginally.

]org” under the name of Steve Rogers, Captain America’s alter ego.

A woman in track shoes and a low-cut top does not alter her gait.

Some American teens have apparently taken to playing the potentially deadly “choking game” to alter their consciousness—legal, but way more dangerous than pot.

Ultimately, Scotty may alter paleontologists’ understanding of how big and how old T. rexes could get.

Flügel landed his über-hit, “Rocker,” in 2004, together with Jörn Elling Wuttke, under the collaborative moniker, alter Ego.

Savchenko’s release won’t alter the fundamentals of the Ukraine conflict, but it’s nonetheless a pretty significant development for Ukrainians.

The strikes don’t alter that reality,” Ross said.

If Black Rock is a church of whisky then the 18-foot, 185-year-old, three-tonne English oak tree at its centre is the alter.

Whichever way it goes, the Georgia Sixth race will not radically alter the composition of power in Washington.

Unfortunately, this commission is ignoring the true danger in 2018, which is not voter fraud but Russian hacking to alter the vote.

Fat cells promote inflammation and alter hormone levels in ways that doctors now think increase the risk of at least 10 types of cancer.

These changes might alter the immune system, making them more susceptible to infections.

I didn’t expect emotional growth from Tony as he grapples with his new metal-cased alter ego, but I’m not mad about it.

As for human culture, it can alter designations of disgust quite quickly.

Data compiled by Aloompa has the potential to drastically alter the future of festivals.

In Taylor’s scenario, we turn into Jon Nada from They Live, able to alter what we see by putting Ray-Bans on.

Everybody has their little alter egos, the name people calls them.

Treatment requires the patient to visualize a specific bad dream, write it down, and alter it in any way that makes it less negative.

But Obama did not express any support for those hoping to alter the election results.

A “new” model of comfort foods suggests that stress activates the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, releasing cortisol which can alter metabolic processes.

You’ll adore and relate to the relationship between Issa and her wickedly funny alter ego.

And in the 90s, almost a decade before the internet would alter human behavior yet again, Freedman thought TV was threatening Balinese traditions.

But it goes to show that tensions between the president and branches of the federal government can alter the course of history.

“It’s not just a free pass to alter the program requirements for Medicaid.” That’s what the Obama administration thought, at least.

You see an effect, and you do some trial-and-error to alter or eliminate the cause.

“They will say the will of the people can’t alter,” Blair said.

Maybe something will happen in the next few years to drastically alter the political landscape and make an anti-Trump primary possible.

Beijing prioritizes stability on the peninsula, and it helps explain why it has been so unwilling to alter the status quo in North Korea.

As for Delle Donne, alter said, “ultimately, it was a decision our new coach and GM would be making.”

alter would not say what happened last summer to precipitate this thought process.

And a skillful attacker could alter the results of a vote without leaving any obvious fingerprints.

“No, because that would just be stupid,” alter said.

“I don’t want my comments to be misconstrued,” alter said.

We got to alter the light structure around this person.

“I didn’t alter the files at all,” Knorr says.

It can alter these relationships.

Not by much, mind you, but just enough to permanently alter how Senua looked, a stark reminder that failure will be tolerated—to a point.

These changes would fundamentally alter the power structure when it comes to gender, race, and economic inequality.

That’s what affirmative action was meant to alter — to make education a true means of upward mobility.

“We do not support standing still.” GM and Chrysler have also lobbied the administration to alter its plans.

Even when playing with mods that change your starting location, overhaul the graphics, or alter core systems, the familiarity remains.

I had never heard or seen this word used by anyone other than Beavis, whose alter ego, Cornholio, desperately sought TP for his bunghole.

The flag is a hand-pulled woodblock print of Rrose Sélavy (Marcel Duchamp’s feminine alter ego) on handmade Japanese paper painted with watercolor.

Given President Obama’s track record with whistleblowers and statements regarding Manning specifically, it does seem unlikely that he would alter Manning’s sentence.

But HMNY didn’t want to just buy MoviePass — it planned to radically alter its business model.

“I made one promise to myself on day one – I was not going to allow it to alter my life,” he said.

In any case, it doesn’t appear to be one that will alter the debate very much.

It allows him to alter tempos whenever/wherever he wants.

In the case of games, that model can fundamentally alter the user experience, from gaming to getting gamed.

For example, drugs could potentially be developed that would alter the function of these neurons in, say, chemotherapy patients who have a reduced appetite.

It is not too late to alter course and avert the spiral downwards to catastrophe that the detention of these activists represents,” he said.

So you have this alter ego.

It’s the product of Seth alter, himself a former teacher (if only for six months).

Every dynasty that intends to stay on top must eventually alter its fundamental makeup on the fly.

The gallery space seemed to alter its dimensions, whereby Kalliche’s visionary climes could be explored.

alter‘s game makes me aware of my ignorance.

Deep down, I was terrified that our break-up could lead him to end his life and alter mine forever.

Meshkov said it could alter the appearance of pages, scrape information from the user, or load additional extensions that a user hasn’t installed.

Tiny humans labor to alter the face of the earth in Sammy Baloji’s photographs of Congolese mines.

It allows us to alter genes effortlessly, almost at will.”

You said earlier that these technologies, especially bioengineering, might fundamentally alter what it means to be human.

I chased alter him.

The hit-or-miss closures forced tourists and residents alike to alter their plans.

If they haven’t been willing to alter certain patterns after you’ve voiced your concern, you may be setting a dangerous precedent.

What initially began as a jam between two friends anticipating the company of others quickly became something too special to alter.

The problem with those moments is that they’re by and large game-changing developments that will alter the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

They’re exquisitely good at it; you’re not going to alter your body’s pH based on your intake.

Much like his video game alter ego, Wintertime knows the recipe for simple fun.

Just the uncertainty associated with this possibility has the potential to permanently alter supply chains,” Furman said.

Every time we recall a memory, we may accidentally alter it or diminish its accuracy.

This may alter our memories too — in a subtle but profound way.

I elected to physically alter my body to control my weight.

The threat to get rid of or alter NAFTA is a potential problem for Canada, whose biggest trade partner is the United States.

None of this matters if Apple can alter the firmware running the Secure Enclave.


Amazon can alter the course of history for these 7 companies »

“Cooking can also alter compounds, so we need to do some work predicting how that can change a flavor profile,” Ahnert specified.

NHTSA on Thursday also posted guidance on how automakers can petition for permission to alter the recall schedule.

Sometimes it would come in late or the chefs would alter the recipes.

We need to be more proactive to stop forcing the people who’ve been stalked to constantly alter their lifestyles.

Throughout his career, Dill has been quick to alter the environment around him to suit his needs.

(Shaders alter the color of armor).

Instead, it was Davis who, unwilling to alter his report, was fired, he told the New York Times.

alter Ego – Gary 8.

“We want Tech for Campaigns to be the digital arm for the left,” alter said in an interview.

Hoenig’s warning may not lead lawmakers to alter the bill, which was carefully crafted to garner support from both parties.

From here, alter and the TFC team have sought to analyze other states that might be most likely to flip to Democratic control.

If it succeeds—and as we’ve seen above, that is still far from likely—it would profoundly alter our legal landscape.

The implication is almost that we shouldn’t be working to alter the very things that perpetuate human misery.

“Increasingly, these forces operate together … to alter the status quo, and employing coercion as necessary, but without resorting to war,” Erickson explained.

Walter is also skeptical that legalization in California alone will radically alter the landscape in the Emerald Triangle.

Tell me about your new record for alter.

He invented a series of alter egos to distance himself from a market that would swallow the identities of many other, less savvy musicians.

The Lonesome Dealer is out Sept. 3 via alter, pre-order here.

And is there anything that can be done to alter or prevent these outcomes?

What if that disaster was set to alter your life’s path for the foreseeable future?

In contrast to that, I felt very present in my mind and body as my male alter ego.

Two, the likelihood that Lagarde was unlikely to alter the ECB’s current dovish policy stance, judging by recent comments.

“This should not be dismissed as trivial, but it would also not substantially alter the Canadian economy,” the report writes.

On her alter ego Candy Abundance is to Angelica Ross what Sasha Fierce is to Beyoncé.

Instead, he said it was important the exchange resolve the probe and alter an outside perception that NSE is insular and opaque.

I find him peering inside the metre-long alter for meat that sits behind the open bar of the venue: the hallowed Kamaasa Shoten grill.

Over the years, Jackson underwent various plastic surgeries to alter his appearance.

Here, real-life archaeologist alter S. Reiss describes a fictional excavation of an all-too-real place—Las Vegas—to wager a guess.

But Trump and Bannon need congressional support to radically alter State’s size and role.

They’ve been interested in looking at how these drugs alter the mind, and how they might be helpful in clinical practice.

“Psychedelics alter the mind in such a way that they reveal aspects of the mind that we are not ordinarily conscious about.

“He is Trump’s alter ego.

“He is Trump’s alter ego.

“Those plans, if you like, harden, become more firm, at the point at which they start to alter contractual paperwork.

We still don’t know if he can alter the past or change the future, but he’s no doubt a key player.

The inquiry also heard on Tuesday that Allianz unsuccessfully tried to alter the conclusions of a second risk report completed by Ernst & Young.

I manifest alter egos and their internal circumstances among theatrical environments, ready to be integrated into any physical, cultural, or emotional landscape.

(Nine seats in the overwhelmingly Democratic state Assembly are also up for grabs, but the outcomes won’t significantly alter the lower chamber’s makeup.)

This could significantly alter the premium parties now put on big-donor fundraising prowess in their candidate recruitment strategies.

Democratic lawmakers have accused Icahn of self-dealing in his proposal to alter the 12-year-old RFS regulation.

There are limits to how much Trump, or Kennedy, can actually alter vaccine policy.

And seeing as we’re not a race of immortals (sad), such a change will alter our socialization generationally.

How might artists take responsibility for how we alter people’s lives, in terms of the impacts of real estate speculation and gentrification?

Their council stated this meant a “person of ordinary skill” in genetics could use the researchers’ techniques to alter eukaryotic cells.

It seems that by altering the spacing between these crystals, chameleons can alter the wavelength of reflected light.

For example, the plant had to alter its design after the state began phasing out power plants that use seawater for cooling purposes.

FaceApp allows users to alter an image of their face to make them smile, appear older or younger, or swap gender.

It would completely alter how the Hawks are viewed, and give Schlenk a foundational centerpiece to build around for the next decade.

Which unfortunately turned out to be, with no exaggeration, a couple million-dollar mistake, one that would alter my life for sure.

Why alter a record that people already love?Well, I didn’t do it for them.

And what they found was striking: We don’t merely develop new devices for expressing our emotions — our devices actually alter what emotions we express.

The issuance is not expected to materially alter SYF’s overall funding mix, and proceeds will be used for general corporate purposes.

It also said it could alter the pace of its balance sheet reduction “in light of economic and financial developments”.

Also, new relationships literally alter your brain chemistry.

Since more than 30 percent of voters are expected to cast their ballots early, missing these voters could significantly alter the results.

Cellebrite develops methods for gaining access to phones that do not change or alter data on the device, the spokesperson continued.

Fat cells promote inflammation and alter hormone levels in ways that doctors now think increase the risk of at least 10 types of cancer.

“The speed at which you stop somebody from bleeding to death will alter their outcome.

and Dowsing, and embracing their snarkier alter egos.

“Tonight’s results are not going to alter Gov.

I just finished reading Robert alter’s The Art of Biblical Narrative, and it’s brilliant stuff.

“GM is aiming to more fundamentally alter investor perception on their position,” wrote Barclays analyst Brian Johnson in a note to clients on Tuesday.

However, Childish Gambino, the music alter ego of actor Donald Glover, was not around to accept the honor.

I see it as another way to alter consciousness and listening, and to alter the space within a room and its architecture.”

This time around the photographers can alter the vantage point and lens focal length, and swivel the camera 300 degrees.

In the Museum of Modern Art’s current Ernst retrospective, the artist’s avian alter ego, Loplop, reveals a realer reality.

Pornography can alter expectations about what sex, and partners, are like in real life.

The strongest argument against making the nets bigger is that it’s a drastic change, one that will fundamentally alter the game forever.

News that will forever alter the way you see things will arrive this weekend, Scorpio.

Finally, the proposals would alter premiums by age, increasing premiums for older people and reducing premiums for younger people.

We then used the mathematical relationship between premiums and cost sharing to estimate how those plans would change if or when Republicans alter regulations.

It’s never clear how one song might alter history.

There are eight different “levers” you can work to alter your retirement outlook, Wendel’s research found.

“However, the current findings are broadly consistent with the notion that psychedelics alter the breadth and flexibility of cognition.”

“Our filters are really our product, and they’re meant to really alter and distort, to really be additive in a way,” Grenier says.

Is your alter ego, Adam, going to come out on Halloween?

What were the musical elements that drum & bass synthesized, and in which ways did it alter them?

Toward the end of the movie, Jane, a third, mild-mannered “alter,” enters the mix.

Such behaviors don’t alter perceptions of competence, but they do reduce likeability.

Paine was a prolific independent publisher whose objective was to alter the status quo.

The buildings could have had another environmental benefit had they contained apartments, alter says.

alter also touts the mental health benefits that the presence of trees and plants in the heart of a bustling city can provide.

Unlike other medications, these compounds alter the mind and consciousness.

“They will say the will of the people can’t alter.

The colorful paint used is first consecrated on an alter and later bestowed with blessings.

“They will say the will of the people can’t alter.

This is the Blue Morpho, the villainous Monarch’s superhero alter ego.

For them alter felt like “such a queer atmosphere.

alter” was also a nod to altars in a religious context.

To fund alter, the duo applied for and received a Rocket Grant, a local program supporting under-the-radar public art in Kansas City.

Boi Boy and Hubbard wanted the alter ethos to be inclusive of everyone.

“If you want to come to alter and you’re sober, you’re more than welcome.

“Lots of newer drag is more fluid, less about one specific alter ego.

If your Sybil-esque alter ego keeps body slamming you into an iron pipe to sabotage your work, it might come in handy.

The highly-anticipated tête-à-tête comes amid ongoing investigations into whether Trump’s campaign colluded with Moscow to alter the outcome of last year’s election.

Years in the fashion world can alter one’s perception of the female body, which is exactly what happened for Camilla Engstrom.

While the era of widespread bull-baiting ended, the Act did not eliminate blood sport, but rather alter it.

He insists that “Beaver” is not some sort of Ziggy Stardust-like alter ego, but admits that it does make an impression.

You might be screaming at your laptop or mobile phone: Rocks can’t alter your consciousness!

What’s brilliant is watching Reisman assess the situation and alter her language to get to Celeste.

Similarly, our own studies in mice revealed that a three-day course of Cipro did not alter the duration of pain.

Given that, his refusal to alter the way he interacts with women and girls may be part of his brand.

Both of these substances are known to profoundly alter a user’s mental state and and result in vivid hallucinations.

The presence of Donald Trump in the race may alter all the rules of politics as we know them.

Kara Rooney’s “alter No.

2) Unexpected technological changes can alter supply.

Of course, I imagine that this turn of events will alter the eventual work you produce from the residency.

I have all these ideas about how I want to come across, but for whatever reason, I can’t really alter my behavior.

“It demonstrates their ability to produce home-made arms and munitions at an industrial scale, and effectively alter munitions that they have captured.”

In many ways, R.J. Cipriani is a more compelling and mysterious figure than his alter ego.

Hermes carries his own, which he uses to alter his voice in a few scenes, and these effects enhance the story without seeming gimmicky.

In The Matrix, fictional AIs would occasionally alter the virtual world to further their oppressive goals.

They believe it could fundamentally alter, if not destroy, the Jewish and democratic state of Israel as we know it.

“2 The Sky” is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, packaged as a remix of a Traumprinz song by a Traumprinz alter ego.

Israeli native and graphic artist Yoni alter knows his way around a line in service of crafting a unique artistic vision.

She also pointed out that when ready-made clothes first came out, women were expected to alter clothes to fit them correctly.

alter shares with Creators that his work strives to focus on the “viewers’ perception, representation, semiotics, abstraction and deconstruction of iconic visuals.”

Check out more work from Yoni alter on his online web shop, website, and Instagram.

The potential for error here can dramatically alter the effectiveness of the flu shot in a given season.

Giving up meat won’t necessarily do much to alter the global agricultural system.

The accident obviously didn’t alter his passion for wheels.

As in many other countries, sports in South Africa are now a career choice that can alter lives and personal circumstances in an instant.

In an instance like Rest in Power, the education comes through insight—black POVs replacing white POVs that alter steadfast ideologies.

The prosecution pressed Ellis to alter instructions about comments the judge had made to emphasize that they should not be considered by the jury.

A scandal may erupt, or perhaps you’ll learn a secret that will forever alter how you view a friend or group.

The water source can alter the texture and shape of the sea-salt crystals.

Before 2013, Maricopa would have had to seek permission from the US Justice Department to alter its number of polling places.

If you’re in school, a decision that will alter the course of your studies may come.

“Travel can definitely alter menstrual habits,” Dr. Alyssa Dweck, MS, MD, practicing gynecologist at CareMount Medical in Westchester County, New York, told INSIDER.

Stress can alter ovulation and the well-orchestrated, accompanied hormonal changes entailed.”

Members are encouraged to listen and offer helpful suggestions on how to challenge hurtful tropes and hopefully alter racist behavior.

Switching time zones and sleep deprivation can alter your circadian rhythm Your circadian rhythm is essentially your body’s internal clock.

And to increase the natural limit we’d need to fundamentally alter our genetics.

But radicals of all kinds can and do alter their perspectives, moving past their extreme beliefs to become productive members of society.

“The biggest danger,” Shmatikov said, is that 7 percent of the OneDrive folders they found allowed anyone to modify or alter the files.

Still others may alter the statues.

The study wasn’t designed to prove whether or how penalties might alter the quality of care.

As a persona or alter ego, the Hungry Ghost does not exactly hold the elegance of Duchamp’s Rrose Sélavy.

Weather conditions above the melting point of ice also alter how snow accumulates, leading to snowpacks that are more sensitive to heat.

Hayward’s points, athleticism, intelligence, and positional versatility are gone, but his departure will not fundamentally alter how the Jazz play.

Others may worry that close scrutiny, even in a positive context, could lead to negative evaluations alter on, Rodebaugh says.

He has said that Survivor is his chance to play as himself, not as his wrestling alter ego.

This process takes about 48 hours, but will actually alter the flavor of the wine to be more complex and Champagne-y.

The coming diversification of the astronaut population beyond governmental employees will no doubt alter the image and experience of the spacefaring profession.

So the perfectly understandable lags in implementing changes won’t be misrepresented, or used in campaigns to alter science education in schools.

In the comics, Domino has the power to alter the probability around her, essentially making her supernaturally lucky.

“The common theme among parties seeking to make rules changes to alter future outcomes is to overcorrect,” Putnam told me.

Twitter’s rules about using its logo explicitly state: “Don’t alter, rotate, or modify the logo.” This seems weird.

Wanda herself has the ability to alter reality and create life-like illusions, which is probably the most Pisces superpower there can be.

They’d no doubt love to, but they’ve already won by helping to alter the power dynamics in a top-heavy sport.

In both movies, the Phoenix was more alter ego than cosmic entity.

Medication can slow or alter the course of this kind of thinking, but it isn’t a cure-all.

It’s an alter ego.

He then promised to alter it, saying “we’re going to renegotiate that deal, or terminate it.”

At issue is Huffman’s comic book alter ego GI Bro.

When she finally transitioned, she was able to let go of this dissociative alter ego.

At shorter time scales, a huge variety of factors can alter the length of a day by around 0.2 to 0.3 milliseconds.

“Self-driving cars will alter this arrangement; there’s no doubt.

“it’s just one more demonstration that smartly applied, very weak electricity can alter brain function,” Frohlich says.

“It can alter brain function in a way that even awhile after stimulation, we still see this effect.” A Plea to Make Fiber Cool.

Waking people are not beholden to their sleeping alter egos.

He’s an alter ego, a more sensitive side of myself.

Perhaps it’s because, when I was young, I got through enough of it on a daily basis to permanently alter my body odor.

The livestreaming efforts have garnered attention, but it’s hard to imagine these streams will dramatically alter Twitter’s user growth.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if heavy weed intake could alter your smell,” Dr. Shelomi told me.

The actress asked how exactly he was going to alter the film.

Changing Rand’s race and gender would inevitably alter that story, and interactions he has with other characters.

Jonathan alter is the author of, most recently, “The Center Holds: Obama And His Enemies”.

Since then, I’ve wondered just how bad it is to go without sleep for a night—how drastically you should alter your schedule.

But that doesn’t alter the fact that states can save union finances in this straightforward way.

“The PPG wouldn’t alter your sentence, but you could indirectly extend your time,” Fernandez said.

But I guess I could alter them for each iteration.

One of my favorite books ever is Gray’s four-volume Smoking Diaries, in which his alter ego is the self-serious and bombastic Harold Pinter.

Interdisciplinary artist Jenny Sabin will create an installation in the courtyard for the 2017 season featuring photoluminescent textiles that alter their appearance over time.

In it, she explains how we can alter our nightmares, so they help rather than hinder us.

That will probably even out, but it’s his work on the defensive end that might potentially alter this series’ entire dynamic.

Small disruptions in our sleep have been shown to alter basic indicators of our health and dull our mental edge.

You’re ready to alter your look, but let it marinate first, you impulsive ram!

Rouhani, however, dismissed Trump’s ability to alter the agreement.

According to the ADA, “reasonable” means the adjustments don’t “fundamentally alter” the curriculum or level an “undue burden” on the school.

Rouhani, however, dismissed Trump’s ability to alter the agreement.

It doesn’t alter the artistry; it enhances it.

But a few years ago, the former career criminal hatched a plan that would forever alter his life.

But what about the stuff a hologram can’t do, like sleep in bed with you or take a trip to the alter?

Every dynasty that intends to stay on top must eventually alter its fundamental makeup on the fly.

Destiny and Esther are the alter egos of Sara Gardner and Lori Canada.

One public comment, made anonymously, urged Zinke not to bow to industry and political pressure to alter the Bears Ears monument.

We have to give people the room to be who they are, the courage to change and alter and grow.

Life choices, like smoking, can alter your sense of taste, too.

No wonder a recently suspended alt-right Twitter account used Vaughn as his alter ego.

Opponents have also taken the fight to court, hoping to alter or block the pipeline.

I have a whole persona for my female alter ego – she’s a Laurie Anderson, electroclash, T.S.

Still, the report does suggest the belief that body cameras will significantly alter police misconduct might be misplaced.

The project uses Microsoft Hololens to alter a viewer’s surroundings, bringing the grisly carnage of war into a familiar context.

“It departs from Rosler’s work by creating a stronger focus on how these images alter the meaning of your own reality.”

Will Saul: The label was founded as an outlet for Sideshow (Fink’s alter ego) and Lee Jones to release artist albums.

The university’s research found that lack of sleep may alter brain chemicals in a similar way to the hunger-boosting ingredient found in cannabis.

It employs scrim, which Irwin began using in the late 1970s to subtly alter the dimensions of a given space.

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