Afternoon in a sentence | Use of the word afternoon examples

The smoke has bathed the city in a sunset glow even in the middle of the afternoon.

Following the quartet of morning fourballs, the afternoon will see four foursomes matches, in which team mates play alternate shots using the same ball.

Your ruling planet Venus begins its retrograde this afternoon in water sign Scorpio!

Venus retrograde begins in your sign this afternoon, Scorpio!

Venus retrograde begins in Scorpio this afternoon, Sagittarius!

Venus begins its retrograde in Scorpio this afternoon, Capricorn, which will find you rethinking your social life over the next few weeks.

Your planetary ruler, Venus, begins its retrograde in your opposite sign Scorpio this afternoon, turning up the intensity in your one-on-one relationships.

Venus retrograde begins in Scorpio this afternoon, Gemini, and accountability is going to be a major theme for you over the next few weeks.

Venus begins its retrograde in fellow water sign Scorpio this afternoon!

As a last word, though, I did see some liberals Thursday afternoon doing the “correlation isn’t causation” routine on this finding of the study.

On Wednesday afternoon, Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif called Donald Trump to talk about working together in the future.

In the afternoon, those same senators feted Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, the man Ford accused of attacking her.

In the afternoon, Kavanaugh simply denied all charges.

But Trump went one step further: on Wednesday afternoon, Trump himself put out a statement saying he recognizes Guaidó as Venezuela’s interim president.

Until this afternoon, the Steelers seemed to be an offensive Doomsday Machine chewing up the rest of the league.

“Every time we have a proposal, it is yanked back by staff members,” Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican, told reporters Sunday afternoon.

Confusion about which bills would be getting a vote started Wednesday afternoon.

Prime minister Matteo Renzi said in a press conference that he plans to visit Amatrice on Wednesday afternoon.

A court order posted on Monday afternoon formally dismissed the case at the Justice Department’s request.

Along the border, South Korea started taking down its loudspeakers on Tuesday afternoon, a defense official said.

On this score, Donald Trump’s speech this afternoon failed utterly.

To which I say: When was the last time you knocked on 50 strangers’ doors in an afternoon to talk about an upcoming election?

All the games support up to six players and can be completed in an afternoon.

My best mile ever—5 minutes 21 seconds—came at a practice on a sunny afternoon during my senior year.

Officers killed Younes Abouyaaqoub, 22, around 4pm local time (CEST) on Monday afternoon in the Spanish town of Subirats, 32km west of Barcelona.

At a press conference on Monday afternoon, Obama, who is reportedly still tutoring Trump on the presidency, laid out his basic pitch.

In typical British seaside fashion, rain lashes down on Southampton on a spring afternoon when I go to meet the band.

The president of the Russian Olympic Committee apologized Tuesday afternoon, according to Bach.

On Saturday afternoon, multiple news outlets reported that McCabe took notes about his interactions with Trump.

Share prices for Baker Hughes closed down 5.1 percent at $39.36 late Tuesday afternoon while Halliburton ended up 1.2 percent at $34.40.

The Australian intruder, Peanut, however, was seemingly just out for a leisurely afternoon stroll.

She took the afternoon off and went back to work the next day.

Those who were waiting on the sidelines before offering their opinions emerged Saturday afternoon unconvinced that Northam should remain in office.

Fiat Chrysler shares were down 2 percent in afternoon trading in New York on the recall.

The stadium (and crowd within it) looks like it was made in an afternoon.

He went to the house late Monday afternoon, packed up some of his stuff, and told our photog the allegations were untrue.

Not preparing for the rain

It is a fact of summer in Florida that around three or four in the afternoon, it will rain.

She appeared in court Tuesday afternoon … and posted a $5,000 bond.

The bank’s shares were 5.5 percent lower in late afternoon on Friday.

But the death toll went up to 39 when rescuers recovered another two bodies from the rubble on Thursday afternoon.

Bill Scott: A Beautiful afternoon continues at Cerulean Arts (1355 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) through December 24.

General Motors shares were down 0.9 percent at $45.04 in early afternoon trading.

Even the hard-hit S&P500 energy and financial sectors managed to close the session with slight gains after a late afternoon rally.

The settlement was first revealed in a pair of Friday afternoon tweets posted by the NFL and Kaepernick’s lawyer, Mark Geragos.

Here are a few other things to look for Tuesday afternoon.

As of this afternoon, it is now the most-downloaded iPhone app in Apple’s U.S. app store.

As of Thursday afternoon, fire conditions remained extreme in the province.

The moon in Taurus connects with Venus at 12:04 PM, creating a gentle atmosphere this afternoon.

— unsettled: I had a constructive meeting and conversation with the leaders of the Intelligence Community this afternoon.

He came home late afternoon and never left his apartment for the entire evening.

Thank you to the brave first responders who risked their lives this afternoon and apprehended the shooter.

As of early afternoon trading in New York, 3,951 one-month contracts had changed hands, meaning around $73.1 million had been notionally traded.

Like a government official dropping bad news on a Friday afternoon, the UFC is burying the lede.

On Friday afternoon, the Trump team succeeded again — this time, in cheapening their accomplishment with an exceptionally bizarre video.

AT&T shares were down 6.1 percent at $31.01 early Wednesday afternoon.

On a recent fall afternoon, however, Rocks has a different sort of problem to contend with.

Lawmakers on Nadler’s committee said they hoped to see material as early as Tuesday afternoon.

The Freedom Caucus plans to meet again Tuesday afternoon (earlier this week, they said they would not oppose the bill officially).

We’ll be back in two weeks for the second installment of our afternoon with Ina Garten.

In volatile trading, bitcoin recovered some of that ground by early afternoon to trade down 6% at $9,953.

The attack began in the afternoon when a suicide bomber blew himself up in a car outside the public works ministry.

The 2 were at a cinema a few miles outside Cleveland Tuesday afternoon, and looking very much like a couple again.

Scalise was shot in the hip, Alexandria police confirmed, and remains in critical condition after surgery, MedStar Washington Hospital reported Wednesday afternoon.

The race stretched into Wednesday afternoon, when Democrat Conor Lamb, a 33-year-old former Marine, officially won the race in a stunning upset.

The main U.S. indexes were little changed in afternoon trade.

They wiled away the afternoon drinking in the sun, taking in some rare British rays.

Re/code will have coverage and analysis of the numbers and the conference call after earnings come out this afternoon.

Shares of Harley – down 13 percent this year – were little changed on Monday afternoon.

I fell asleep that afternoon to the sound of them testing their chainsaws.

The Senate voted on four immigration bills on Thursday afternoon; they need 60 votes to advance.

In the morning, it’s fine, and in the afternoon, it gets sad.”

The following afternoon, after receiving three photos of the plants from Rego, Hernandez-Gonzalez offered instructions via another recorded phone call.

A sense of desertion underlies these pictures, the eternal afternoon aspect of homes awaiting owners who might never return.

“We are going to continue talks this afternoon.

Pro-choice advocates sobbed openly at a news conference on Thursday afternoon.

Pro-choice advocates sobbed openly at a news conference on Thursday afternoon.

XXXTentacion was gunned down Monday afternoon in broad daylight as he sat in his car outside of a motorcycle dealer.

On Friday afternoon the U.S. embassy’s website said Beijing’s air was “very unhealthy” and the city issued a pollution alert on Thursday.

Bruno, the studio’s French Bulldog, who Rucci jokingly calls “Rucci,” is snoring the afternoon away.

Read more: How Columbine changed American schools forever The afternoon ceremony at times had the feel of a reunion.

Koplenko’s contribution on this particular Monday afternoon was musical entertainment.

But the fact that the rally went unchallenged despite going on all afternoon was also perhaps what made it so unsettling.

Trump transition team spokesman Jason Miller said the Cabinet selection would be announced in the early afternoon.

One afternoon at the Abundant Life youth group, a teen erupts into a startling and familiar-sounding rant against “political correctness,” seemingly out of nowhere.

The team’s starting pitcher was found dead on Monday afternoon in the team hotel just before the start of the series against Texas.

Jaime Barria (3-2) was announced as the Angels’ starter on Wednesday afternoon, and he went five innings, allowing two runs and four hits.

On Monday afternoon, Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) told reporters that he would be joining the Democratic filibuster against Gorsuch’s nomination.

This afternoon, I called her to let her know that I am grateful.

Beyond Meat declined to comment ahead of its first earnings report scheduled for Thursday afternoon.

Shares of the company were up 35% at $125.00 in afternoon trading.

Carrie Fisher suffered a “massive heart attack” onboard a flight Friday afternoon, TMZ reports.

There was another removal that afternoon.

And included in each unit are automatic draw shades to block the room from the afternoon or morning sun.

When the strong west wind ruffles the ground in the late afternoon, it makes the grass shimmer.

Your focus shifts to issues concerning intimacy as the Moon enters Aries this afternoon.

Your focus turns to your relationships this afternoon when the Moon enters your opposite sign, Aries.

You’re in an energetic mood when the Moon enters fiery Aries this afternoon, but communication issues come up early this evening.

The Moon enters fiery Aries this afternoon, lighting up the communication sector of your chart—but watch out for misunderstands early this evening.

The Moon enters Aries this afternoon, illuminating the financial sector of your chart.

It’s a busy and exciting morning, but you’ll have to slow down this afternoon, Taurus!

The Moon enters fellow fire sign Aries this afternoon, inspiring you to go on an adventure and learn something new!

Sixteen months later, on a brisk December afternoon, Leonelli stalked the sidelines of the Eagle Dome, Green Mountain’s fieldhouse.

On Wednesday afternoon, they presented more details about their findings at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Chicago.

Shares of the company were down 1% at $4.67 in afternoon trading.

Sonja’s husband, Andre Dubois, posted the sad news Friday afternoon.

Lisa Marie’s brother, Edward, went to Rogers’ home Tuesday afternoon looking for answers.

Ultimately the resolution was introduced and brought to a vote Friday afternoon.

I stopped by on a Wednesday afternoon and there was a small crowd of people from all backgrounds and classes huddled around the cart.

The first lady arrived at The Children’s Inn Thursday afternoon wearing head-to-toe pink.

By the afternoon.

Stallone and his civil lawyer, Marty Singer, showed up Friday afternoon at the law offices of Blair Berk.

On Friday afternoon, the Texas secretary of state agreed to end the controversial review as part of a settlement in the lawsuit.

TMZ broke the story … the Crenshaw rapper was killed Sunday afternoon, and 2 other people were shot, but survived.

“We were comrades.” That changed, she said, when she was over at his apartment one afternoon in 1984.

The room backs onto a spacious rooftop balcony, also littered with hints of afternoon drinks: ice buckets and bottle caps.

He’s expected to be arraigned this afternoon.

In afternoon trade on Nasdaq, Tesla shares were down nearly 1.1 percent at $335.24.

After an afternoon in the square, I felt restored by humanity and my spirits lifted.

This is a great afternoon for making art or connecting with others emotionally.

I have to set aside a lovely afternoon to do it, and it’s really mind-numbing to do it.

Indulge in some comfort food this afternoon.

The rally fills up in the early afternoon.

Each weekday I work hard for three to four hours in the morning, then lunch, then one to three hours in the afternoon.

Subban hit the sand Saturday afternoon in Miami Beach, and we’re guessing every step she took had to be carefully calculated.

Jane Sanders said on MSNBC on Tuesday afternoon.

The ISIS-affiliated news agency Amaq News broadcast a claim of responsibility from the terror group for the rampage late Sunday afternoon.

Later in the afternoon, we make our way to Oak Creek, to the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin.

Several blocks around the site of the blast remained cordoned off on Friday afternoon.

It’s a little bit like asking if it will rain tomorrow afternoon at 3 o’clock.

Law enforcement sources in Darien, Connecticut tell us Wilkos was involved in a single-car accident Sunday afternoon.

On Monday afternoon, press secretary Sarah Sanders held her first press briefing since October 3rd to reiterate Trump’s sentiments.

By the time I arrived in Vegas Thursday afternoon, the convention was already well underway.

1 overall draft pick Adley Rutschman to the local media in the afternoon, put up a video montage saluting Machado before his first at-bat.

YouTube TV’s Twitter account confirmed the outage on Wednesday afternoon.

The congressional workweek usually goes from Monday evening to Thursday afternoon, with legislators returning to their districts and states for the weekend.

Red strip lights show the way upstairs where a buffet is available all afternoon (battered chicken, mashed potato and cheesecake).

DJ-ing is, after all, nothing if not a versatile art—but are there special requirements for DJ-ing at an afternoon nookie session?

It’s amazing how busy it is here this afternoon…There’s no more harmless date for a sex party than a Thursday afternoon!

The KBW Regional Banking Index of bank stocks turned positive around midday and was up about 1.4 percent after steadily climbing in afternoon trading.

They were picked up and excerpted by Page Six earlier this afternoon.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads PARIS — On Saturday afternoon, people trickled across the large plaza in front of the Hôtel de Ville.

The Moon enters Aries this afternoon, boosting your popularity.

Communication improves later this afternoon.

This mic was in the afternoon, so the only people there were other comics.

As the afternoon drew on, a tropical storm, Vicente, formed nearby off the Pacific coast.

One afternoon shortly after actor Aden Young had wrapped season one of Rectify, his wife called.

Doughnut-maker Krispy Kreme shares are dipping Tuesday afternoon after a slight miss on revenue and lower than expected guidance for the year ahead.

The Moon enters Cancer this afternoon, finding you busy with errands.

The Moon enters fellow water sign Cancer this afternoon, finding you in an artistic and romantic mood.

The Moon enters Cancer this afternoon, finding you craving comfort—but big shifts are soon taking place at home.

“Radiohead will play a surprise show for #occupywallstreet today at four in the afternoon,” Occupy organizers wrote in an email to supporters.

On a Friday afternoon, Carpenter drops by the Nest and the other homes unannounced to give me a tour.

May will address the other 27 EU leaders on Thursday afternoon, and they will then be able to ask her questions.

On Saturday afternoon, artist-run collective Slanguage Studio will be offering a workshop (RSVP required), followed by an evening of performance and celebration.

Messinger, who’s been at the company for five years, tweeted the news Tuesday afternoon.

Zachary Crockett / Vox On an overcast afternoon in May, I join Natalie for a check-in on Blaze’s stash.

The two retired to the patio for an emergency gala-summit, leaving Walter and I to ponder the possibilities of the afternoon.

And yet if it hits your sweet spot, you’ll devour all of it in an afternoon.

“I—I’m Jonathan…I came with Richard this afternoon?”

The events of that afternoon revealed Richard’s attitudes toward Walter were similar.

As we drove off the estate that afternoon, Walter’s dogs chased our car, barking.

My small sample of Link users that Saturday afternoon suggests these kiosks are indeed mostly used by the city’s least privileged.

Dozens of aftershocks rattled the area, including a 5.7 quake on Tuesday afternoon, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.

As soon as Tom stepped out of the gym Friday afternoon he was greeted by photogs peppering him with questions about his new gf.

Wouldn’t cupcake-decorating be an innocent, if not dull, way to while away an afternoon inevitably stretching toward a pizza and movie marathon?

TMZ Sports has learned … Piana’s fitness model girlfriend, Chanel Jansen, was with Piana when he collapsed and hit his head on Monday afternoon.

The group met with House leadership this morning and with Trump this afternoon.

The group met with House leadership this morning and with Trump this afternoon.

“They told them to return in the afternoon, and children and adults stayed out.

In a tweet from this afternoon, Reddi Wip really let O’Reilly have it.

That afternoon, we watched Rafael Cassiani Cassiani, who leads the Sexteto Tabalá band.

The windows face west and can be too bright toward late afternoon.

“Much different police posture this afternoon,” Madden reported on Twitter.

Law enforcement sources tell us the incident went down Tuesday afternoon at John Glenn Columbus International Airport.

Bowl Six: Minca, Sunday, Dec 7, 4 PM Another afternoon, another line.

As Mars enters Capricorn this afternoon, you’ll feel eager to get out there, meet new people, and share ideas.

Your planetary ruler Mars enters Capricorn this afternoon, encouraging you to focus on your professional goals.

Exciting new opportunities are on the way thanks to Mars entering Capricorn this afternoon.

But it’s still pretty high in the afternoon at 3 or 4 or 5 pm.

Mars enters Capricorn this afternoon, revving up the romance and creativity sector of your chart.

Mars enters Capricorn this afternoon, finding you confident around communication.

Other tech giants, however, were still considering their next steps by Tuesday afternoon.

Noodle shops are so popular that many of them sell out of food well before the afternoon hits.

It was a Thursday, and 28-year-old Charles Bruder was headed out for his daily afternoon swim.

Later that afternoon, Fisher died from his injuries.

The judge just called for a lunch break but Thomas could be back on the stand later this afternoon.

A spokesperson for Ford’s attorneys said she had still not been contacted by the FBI as of early Wednesday afternoon.

“I hope that after my resignation, an avenue of dialogue will open,” Mora said in a press conference Monday afternoon.

“This afternoon, we learned of media reports that the FBI does not intend to interview either Dr. Ford or Judge Kavanaugh.

The Dow Jones industrial average was down 635 points or 2.54 percent late afternoon.

Parts of the government shutdown on Friday night and by Saturday afternoon there was no sign of a deal coming together to reopen them.

Frontline said a tugboat reached the Front Altair on Saturday afternoon and a specialist team would inspect its condition and damage.

On Thursday afternoon, the day before the game proper, the US team squared off against a squad composed of local ex-college players.

“This afternoon Their Royal Highnesses introduced Her Majesty The Queen to her eighth great-grandchild at Windsor Castle,” the couple said.

The Walk of Fame wall was apparently taken down this afternoon.

The unofficial addtion to the iconic star appeared early Tuesday afternoon, to the amusement of onlookers.

afternoon snacks consist of fruits, protein bars, and more protein shakes; dinners include more vegetables and sometimes soup broth.

“We commend this progress, and the rapid action which brought it about,” wrote the Google walkout organizers in a statement this afternoon.

Still, through Thursday afternoon, the HCFA seemed to gather steam.

“The torture report was released on a Friday afternoon in a barely readable JPEG,” he says.

Saffron- and scarlet-robed Buddhist monks from a nearby monastery handed out bottled water to mourners who gathered under a baking afternoon sun.

At lunch, she pairs bright pink trainers (in preparation for a run later that afternoon) with a formal necklace and floral top.

“Every afternoon former Speaker John Boehner calls me up, not to give advice, just to laugh.” Mckesson was released late Sunday afternoon, though his charges have not been dropped.

On one of their leisurely car rides, they cruised past a Muay Thai gym one afternoon during a training session.

Weather Advisory to builders and property owners: NYC may experience wind gusts of up to 60mph this afternoon – secure property & equipment.

New Yorkers took to social media Friday afternoon to react to the possibility of extreme weather.

Twitter shares fell 2.5 percent to $22.76 in afternoon trading.

On a recent winter afternoon, the band is crowded around a small table at a Logan Square coffeeshop-cum-Latin inspired-bar.

Wigan won that afternoon in dramatic circumstances, with Ben Watson scoring the winner in the 88th minute.

It’s wonderfully rich, and yes, lets you continue to celebrate Weed Week on any morning (or afternoon, or evening) that you’d like.

The FBI and US Attorney’s Office announced Tuesday afternoon that they are investigating the inmate’s death.

Firefighters attempted to gain access inside the building Saturday afternoon but said it was still too dangerous.

Local news station KATU-TV reported that the detained occupiers were expected to make an initial court appearance on Wednesday afternoon.

Senators began debate on the resolution Wednesday afternoon and continued debating into Thursday afternoon.

On the afternoon of February 14, 2008, my fiancé was at Northern Illinois University in a basement lecture hall.

Freeland, leaving their afternoon meeting, told reporters the talks had been constructive and said she would meet Lighthizer again on Thursday.

He has no official role until this afternoon, when he’ll MC the closing ceremonies.

As of Thursday afternoon, online court records did not include a sentence.

Instead, the White House released a brief written statement late Saturday afternoon.

Thursday afternoon, the trio were patched into Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones’s Highly Questionable.

The moon clashes with your ruling planet Mars this afternoon and you’re taking action to get what you want.

I stayed at her place until late the next afternoon.

9, as it were, goes by the name “Connect,” which I smoked with my partner on a Saturday afternoon.

“I am grateful to the Lord Mayor and all his team at the Mansion House for hosting us this afternoon.

The move contributed to a volatile morning across asset classes, but markets began trending decidedly in the red by the afternoon.

Sentiments like those were sending me into quiet rages on the subway all afternoon.

Shares of the world’s biggest retailer traded 1.6 percent down in afternoon trade after initially opening higher.

Kanye West’s two-hour-long interview with Charlamagne tha God was uploaded to a website called yesterday afternoon.

It would always be early in the afternoon when Owen would be like, ‘Right, time to go to the pub.’

This afternoon, TMZ released an extended clip of West’s interview with Levin and Latibeaudiere.

While the younger ones are also treated to an afternoon nap, all children participate in arts and crafts, games, and singing.

For a country that managed to set up a hotline for the entire nation, state-sponsored afternoon delight doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

Like many have said, you can get married in the morning and fired in the afternoon.

Hasbro’s shares were down 1.1 percent at $87.52 in afternoon trading.

Early Saturday afternoon on the National Mall, as the temperature approached 90 degrees, thousands began marching from the Capitol to the White House.

It doesn’t include kids’ shows that air in the afternoon — prime kid viewing time.

The padlock on the door reads “HARDENED”: Kalman removes it one afternoon to let me look at the artwork now called Future Aleppo.

On Sunday afternoon, a lone Palestinian attacker stabbed an Israeli security guard.

By Monday afternoon the storm had passed over Florida’s southern tip.

The camera pans around the clearing, then whirls faster, transforming the glimmering afternoon light into a kaleidoscope of blurred color.

While 68 percent of us sated our afternoon cravings with chocolate in 2014, in 2015, this had fallen to 59 percent.

Here’s a preview of Facebook’s report, which is out this afternoon, along with Microsoft.

Police stopped what they described as a suspicious rental car with two suspects, including Smith, in the afternoon of August 13.

In afternoon trading, Berkshire Class A shares were up $1,575 at $303,100, and Class B shares were up 64 cents at $202.06.

The energy later this afternoon is over-the-top but fun, when the Moon opposes gluttonous Jupiter at 4:24 PM.

VICE Sports spoke with Meyer on Thursday afternoon to get her perspective on Ledecky’s gold-medal run.

The Reuters/Ipsos survey was conducted before the news emerged Friday afternoon.

It’s a lovely morning and early afternoon for your relationships, Leo—both social and romantic.

On a recent afternoon, a pair of college students named Nick and Brady pulled up to the clinic and laughed as they walked inside.

“The judge will hear the people this afternoon.

But Wednesday afternoon, this is what CES attendees were seeing: Nor is it the first logistical and mildly biblical disaster CES encountered this week.

For instance, you no longer have to spend Saturday afternoon laying down on mattresses with your shoes on while a sales associate waits.

But Wednesday afternoon, this is what CES attendees were seeing: Nor is it the first logistical and mildly biblical disaster CES encountered this week.

In a press briefing that afternoon, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer called Ryan’s presentation a “very good Powerpoint.”

By Saturday afternoon, the barricades that police had erected around the bomb site had been dismantled, and an impromptu memorial had sprung up.

By Saturday afternoon, the barricades that police had erected around the bomb site had been dismantled, and an impromptu memorial had sprung up.

The Orlando police department released a photo of him on Sunday afternoon.

Fox shares rose 7 percent in afternoon trade.

section of a strip club at 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

After Trump announced his decision on Thursday afternoon, the pushback from the tech industry was swift.

A new version is likely to be discussed by the Senate Finance Committee on Monday afternoon.

This afternoon, your planetary ruler, Mars, connects with Jupiter, the planet of growth and abundance.

It’s an exciting afternoon to connect with people, Aquarius!

On Wednesday afternoon, Bernie Sanders gave a speech defining democratic socialism at George Washington University.

The suspect, Travion King, was arrested on campus at Arizona State University Wednesday afternoon, and cops describe him as a transient.

A federal judge is holding a hearing about CNN’s lawsuit on Wednesday afternoon.

With free 2-hour in-store pickup, you can order online and have your items as soon as later this afternoon.

The post drew more than 1,400 likes as of Friday afternoon.

“Proceed with caution” is the warning many conservatives are heeding after they seemingly got a massive boon on Friday afternoon.

We will do everything we can to support them,” said Putin, who canceled a public engagement on Tuesday afternoon to deal with the incident.

Meanwhile, “significant delays, overcrowding, and a breakdown in prisoner care occurred” at the detention centre, read the decision, released Wednesday afternoon.

The 41 and 73-year-old ladies hit up Bristol Farms Saturday afternoon, and Holland revealed … she has a tramp stamp!!!

I had a discussion this afternoon regarding the opioid crisis that they want our help with and vice versa.

It’s Thursday afternoon.

In a speech Wednesday afternoon, President Donald Trump made assurances that thorough investigations into the devices were underway.

Brown was released again Monday afternoon after spending the weekend at the FCI Seagoville prison in Texas.

The Senate will look at the House-passed bill on Friday afternoon but would need support from Democrats to vote quickly on it.

“We’re going to continue the discussions within our conference on the differences that we have,” McConnell said at a press conference Tuesday afternoon.

Shares of United were little changed on Friday afternoon at $80.95.

PC Music mastermind A.G. Cook dropped a new piano ballad this afternoon though and it’s, well, it’s definitely something.

HOUSTON — For a brief moment, a quiet descended here on Friday afternoon, as Texans prepared for an onslaught.

On a sunny Monday afternoon, the fridge contained some cupcakes, a sandwich-sized tupperware of soup, and 20 individual glass containers of gourmet yogurt.

Business people sauntered out early on Friday afternoon, as many workplaces closed after lunch.

The LVMPD has issued an official missing persons alert … saying Roger was last seen Saturday afternoon near the Mayweather Boxing Club in Las Vegas.

As the storm’s edge made first contact in Corpus Christi early Friday afternoon, authorities there announced: “The evacuation period has ended.

Some of the worst damage is centered around Florida’s Mexico Beach, where Hurricane Michael hit as a Category 4 storm Wednesday afternoon.

However, the absence of an official confirmation earlier Friday afternoon had caused confusion in the markets, leaving customs at major ports in limbo.

A fifth boy was rescued on Monday afternoon, a Royal Thai Navy official said.

The president still hadn’t commented on Hasson’s arrest as of Friday afternoon.

Bolsonaro had not formally invited Moro as of Tuesday afternoon, and the judge remained noncommittal on the proposal.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest told the press Thursday afternoon that he had not yet spoken to President Obama about the event.

Trump was on the South Lawn Monday afternoon when he was asked about Taylor’s foray into politics.

Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson told CNN Tuesday afternoon that the campaign has “total confidence” in Lewandowski and believes he will be exonerated.

Sunday afternoon, sources there told Politico they expected the long-awaited House vote to finally happen this week.

On Thursday afternoon, the former Mexican national team coach was announced as America’s new manager.

GE’s shares were down 0.9 percent at $9.04 in afternoon trading on Friday.

Daniel Vogelbach then lined a run-scoring double to right, ending Anderson’s afternoon.

Shares of Tableau jumped 38% to touch a record high of $173.09, while those of Salesforce fell nearly 6% in afternoon trading.

On the weekday afternoon that I visited, the show was not crowded.

The Dallas Mavericks owner and “Shark Tank” star met with Stephen Bannon Tuesday afternoon at the King Cole Bar in NYC’s St. Regis.

He was released Monday afternoon on $300k bond and held a press conference saying he’s confident he’ll be “fully exonerated.”

The three militants were shot dead, their bodies are inside the building,” police officer Captain Osman Mohamed told Reuters late on Friday afternoon.

As you emerge, eyes open and lungs gasping, letting the song ring out into the cool afternoon.

That hard fork plan, initially just a hypothetical, actually succeeded in splitting bitcoin into two versions on Tuesday afternoon.

It also organized a talk with Executive Director Lisa Melandri that occurred this afternoon to address any questions from the public regarding Direct Drive.

Law enforcement sources tell us it went down late afternoon at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Vegas.

A fuller update is expected to come to staff on Tuesday afternoon, when she is expected to describe the company’s next steps.

The next afternoon, I went to the same relative’s home to try the same thing.

“We are going to continue talks this afternoon.

As of Friday afternoon, over 261,000 Texans have reportedly signed a petition on the Texas Nationalist Movement’s website in favor of a “Texit.”

Jet’s share price was 9% lower in early afternoon trade.

It wasn’t until 1:30 that afternoon that agents got word that a rancher had happened across the two men.

Paiz was buried that afternoon in a concrete tomb on a hillside, next to his elder brother Ovidio.

We visited the baths on a recent Monday afternoon — on a “David week” — to see what we could find in the steam.

On Saturday afternoon, women of color are leading a “service for repair” at a Presbyterian church.

The heaving white mass materialized on Friday afternoon in an industrial section of Santa Clara, 45 miles from San Francisco.

A video of the incident has swept across the internet and sparked widespread outrage, prompting Starbucks to issue a less-than-satisfying apology on Saturday afternoon.

Tuesday afternoon, it became clear that the Trump administration doesn’t have a clear story about why.

It went down Saturday … a BBQ in the afternoon followed by a blow-out at the Mirage Grand Ballroom in Vegas.

According to his remarks at Tuesday afternoon’s press briefing, the president was apprised of the Justice Department’s concerns weeks ago.

“Change must come from where change in America always begins: the ballot box,” Schumer said Saturday afternoon during his prepared remarks.

But by Saturday afternoon, the runway where the plane made its emergency landing had been re-opened, the FAA said.

Like every house party, Thursday afternoon’s shindig at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is only as good as the guest list.

Like every house party, Thursday afternoon’s shindig at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is only as good as the guest list.

“It was after a bad gig, and my manager came round the next afternoon to have a massive chat.

On Saturday afternoon, designer Kerby Jean-Raymond’s Pyer Moss fashion label unveiled its fall/winter 2016 “double bind” collection.

As of Monday afternoon, 13 million people were under flood watches and warnings, and more flooding is expected in Louisiana as the week continues.

Houston had processed 75,000 emergency calls, officials said as of Monday afternoon.

Ford shares were up 3.9 percent at $8.70 on Wednesday afternoon.

On Sunday afternoon he said there was an agreement in principle and it would be enacted within 24-48 hours.

That is a thing that he actually said, in an MSNBC interview on Tuesday afternoon picked up by ThinkProgress’s Alice Ollstein.

Trump’s @realDonaldTrump account went down for 11 minutes Thursday afternoon, and it was originally unclear why.

Justin was staying at a fancy hotel in Laguna Beach Tuesday afternoon when the crasher suddenly burst in … according to law enforcement.

It meant that if you were still on the island on Thursday afternoon, there would be no way to leave.

After Ice Cube played a show, I went backstage to give him some photos we’d shot that afternoon.

That afternoon, I had taken pictures of Ice Cube with a cigar for State Magazine.

It sits right at the entrance to the new food hall Lote 23 in the Santurce neighborhood, where we sit to talk one afternoon.

As of Wednesday afternoon, there were more than 39,000 posts seeking commercial project managers from companies like AECOM and 84 Lumber.

Ji was scheduled to appear Tuesday afternoon in federal court in Chicago.

Dynavax shares rose 6.4% to $4.06 in afternoon trading.

It looks like it’s going to be a wild afternoon.

As of Friday afternoon, Hokkaido Electric Power Co had restored power to 1.54 million of the island’s 2.95 million households.

It was also trying to resume other train services on Friday afternoon, a spokesman said.

The Brazilian MC and rapper announced the unfortunate news on his official Facebook page earlier this afternoon.

Later Wednesday afternoon, the White House account tweeted out a crime story and framed it as evidence that “sanctuary cities” are unsafe. The results of the referendum are due Sunday afternoon.

As of Tuesday afternoon, it’s hard to find many people who have a reason to love the ACHA.

* WEDNESDAY, Oct. 17 – EU summit starts in the afternoon in Brussels.

Case in point: This morning, the Hill was buzzing about a new health care amendment that would supposedly receive a vote in the afternoon.

“This afternoon, the prime minister accepted the resignation of Boris Johnson as foreign secretary.

“This afternoon, the prime minister accepted the resignation of Boris Johnson as foreign secretary.

Beyond Meat declined to comment ahead of its first earnings report scheduled for Thursday afternoon.

EasyFoodstore closed on Wednesday afternoon after bargain-hunters, attracted by the low priced food, swamped the supermarket, stripping its shelves bare.

Nevertheless, Sedol will play the remaining two matches on Sunday and Tuesday afternoon in Seoul for the chance to win £15,000 for each victory.

Twitter reports earnings Wednesday afternoon and the new feature will give executives something to point to on the call.

Most days, I’ll catch a nap in the afternoon or evening to make up for any sleepiness.

The threat against Charlottesville High School was reported to the police on Wednesday afternoon, according to the police department.

I do, and the idea of the Coodle inspires happy thoughts of Netflix-bingeing on a gloomy afternoon.

This is how the poem, “My Mother’s afternoon Nap” ends: She feels the pillow crease her cheek, uncertain in the ache of waking.

It’s a sweltering Saturday afternoon in Norwalk, California, about 15 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles.

and it turns out they’ve got a hearing that afternoon, and they’ve never had a chance to talk to a lawyer.”

It’s late in the afternoon but still sunny, when I sit down at the entrance of Søndermarken Park.

Starbucks employees didn’t have to make any skinny caramel macchiatos on Tuesday afternoon.

Sally Kirkland was rushed to a hospital by ambulance Wednesday afternoon after taking a terrible fall during a radio appearance … TMZ has learned.

“He worked on our afternoon talk show, ‘The afternoon Shift,’ as part of the production team.

Like, arm bar me,” Stewart says during a lunchtime conversation the following afternoon.

It was a Tuesday at five o’clock or six o’clock in the afternoon or something like that, and we were so excited.

That was earlier this afternoon.

SB: That’s not a good … That doesn’t bode well for your afternoon meetings.

Elam—a sworn “anti-gynocentrist” and champion of the American men’s rights movement—demurred that he was the student that afternoon.

On this particular freezing Sunday afternoon, we’ve won.

From morning to afternoon.

On Tuesday afternoon, communication planet Mercury squares off with the planet of expansion Jupiter, providing clear foresight—a great day to set transformative goals!

The accident was reported between 2 and 3 p.m. on Friday afternoon, when the couple was found on the shore.

The Election Commission chairman said unofficial results would be announced on Monday afternoon.

The Uber app also began notifying New Jersey residents Saturday afternoon that service was suspended.

When they don’t, a picnic on the most gorgeous springtime afternoon, with all of your favorite people, can be an absolute chore.

On Sunday afternoon, several senators emerged from Collins’ office expressing cautious optimism.

Centene announced Tuesday afternoon it would fill the 14 rural Nevada counties that had no plans signed up to sell 2018 Obamacare coverage.

When he was released Thursday afternoon he said, “The truth will come out.”

Exxon’s stock dropped 6 percent in Friday afternoon trading, the biggest one-day drop since August 2011.

“The principle of a dialogue was agreed this afternoon,” the French official told reporters. Pool was told Trump was in meetings at Trump National this afternoon.

Hillary Clinton accused Donald Trump of allying with racists and racist ideas in a widely anticipated speech Thursday afternoon.

The Gulfstream G550 (registration M-ALAY) landed shortly after midnight and, according to publicly available flight records, flew back to Moscow that same afternoon.

The Gulfstream G550 (registration M-ALAY) landed shortly after midnight and, according to publicly available flight records, flew back to Moscow that same afternoon.

Venus opposes Mars at 12:54 PM on Thursday afternoon, heightening sexual tension—which could be sexy or scary.

Senate Republicans taking up their health care bill Tuesday afternoon were interrupted by protesters shouting at them from the public gallery above.

Thursday afternoon can be sexy or kind of scary, when love planet Venus creates tension with warrior planet Mars.

The ship was expected to reach the search zone some 430 kilometers (267 miles) off Argentina’s southern coast by Monday afternoon.

Tuesday afternoon opens you up to receiving some good news, when Mercury makes a harmonious aspect to optimistic Jupiter.

Dutch officials denied landing rights to Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu on Saturday afternoon.

Sexual tension is intense on Thursday afternoon, when your planetary ruler Venus opposes action planet Mars.

Avoid being too aggressive on Thursday afternoon, when your classical planetary ruler Mars creates tension with love planet Venus.

Good news from your partner comes on Tuesday afternoon, when communication planet Mercury (currently in your house of partnerships) harmonizes with optimistic Jupiter.

Avoid being too aggressive on Thursday afternoon, when Mars creates tension with love planet Venus.

On Thursday afternoon at 12:54 PM, your planetary ruler Venus opposes warrior planet Mars, creating tension between your work and home lives.

Wednesday afternoon, President Barack Obama made his first public appearance at an American mosque, the Islamic Society of Baltimore.

Our sources say Eric Chase was found in his bed Friday afternoon with the covers over him in normal position.

On a recent Saturday afternoon, eight children, a parent, and Liu focused on folding small strips of paper in primary colors.

You can always DVR it, of course, but why do that when you can watch it live and then nap in the afternoon?

1:50 PM PT — Gabriella had their baby girl Tuesday afternoon, and Emmanuel was there in the delivery room.

The Moon enters Gemini this afternoon, lighting up the sector of your chart that rules career and your life in the public eye.

The Moon enters Gemini this afternoon, lighting up a very sensitive sector of your chart and bringing your focus to your intimate relationships.

The Moon enters Air sign Gemini this afternoon, encouraging you to focus on your responsibilities.

Take it slow today, Cancer: The Moon enters Gemini this afternoon, lighting up the sector of your chart that rules solitude and rest.

Actually, I was at the Whole Foods that afternoon when it was over in D.C. and freezing cold that day.

The Senate confirmed the nominee, Andrew Wheeler, who mostly recently represented Murray Energy, on Thursday afternoon.

The Senate confirmed the nominee, Andrew Wheeler, who mostly recently represented Murray Energy, on Thursday afternoon.

Yes, I’m sorry, is that a bad way to end the afternoon?

Kim is due to leave on Tuesday afternoon, a source involved in the planning of his visit said on Sunday.

Then, I spent the afternoon hurriedly pitching my personal effects into cardboard boxes.

The Senate on Thursday afternoon voted to confirm David Bernhardt to lead the Department of the Interior.

And if what he just blessed us with this afternoon is any indication, we’re definitely in for something special come April.

Former prime minister David Cameron also supports May remaining in Downing Street, Sky News reported on Friday afternoon.

President Obama gave his final presidential press conference on Wednesday afternoon.

As of Thursday afternoon, the New York Times reported that 32 were currently committed to voting no and 15 were uncommitted or leaning no.

It’s the middle of the afternoon.

On Wednesday afternoon, the march culminated near the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial at the National Mall in Washington, DC.

Amy, her BF Ben Hanisch, Jerry and fellow comedian Bridget Everett enjoyed an awesome afternoon in what we think is the Bahamas.

“I feel somewhat like a dinosaur,” deficit hawk Bob Corker admitted on Friday afternoon.

The video shows students eating and talking at tables at what looks like a regular afternoon gathering on a patio.

Hughes, 43, was then airlifted to HSHS St. John’s Hospital in Springfield, Illinois, later that afternoon.

On Thursday afternoon, she was hawking Easter decorations: fake daffodil wreaths, fake chocolate bunnies, and fake candles shaped like eggs.

On a recent afternoon, a photographer was taking pictures of a necklace that the maker had filled with her mother’s ashes.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads On Saturday afternoon, a man took a screwdriver to Thomas Gainsborough’s portrait “Mr.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the USO was still promoting her work on its website.

The hours passed, and with the afternoon sun glaring down, the winners were crowned with wreaths of flowers on their sweating brows.

We may get a few answers this afternoon, when Alphabet, Google’s parent company, reports its Q1 results.

You’ll be able to form some supportive connections late this afternoon!

A responsible partner will come along for the ride late this afternoon.

You’ll be able to form a helpful connection late this afternoon.

A supportive conversation will arrive late this afternoon.

A helpful conversation will arrive late this afternoon.

They are drawing helicopters flying over and they are drawing fire,” he told me Thursday afternoon.

appeared in court this afternoon and pled not guilty to misdemeanor domestic violence … before being released from jail.

About 450 hooligans wearing black shirts arrived in the square this afternoon & waved banners & flares ???????

About 450 hooligans wearing black shirts arrived in the square this afternoon & waved banners & flares ???????

Cruz fired his main spokesman, Rick Tyler, on Monday afternoon over a video that falsely showed Rubio dismissing the Bible.

She still has trouble tucking her daughter in for afternoon naps on the weekends.

Kelly sided with the White House’s interpretation of the law following a hearing on Tuesday afternoon.

Briggs, who joined Facebook in 2013 from Google, announced his plans to leave the social giant on his Facebook page Monday afternoon.

The Moon enters Aquarius this afternoon, encouraging you to get busy crossing items off your to-do list.

The Moon enters Aquarius this afternoon, lighting up the romance and creativity sector of your chart.

The Moon enters Aquarius this afternoon, putting you in the mood to connect with family.

The Moon enters Aquarius this afternoon, encouraging you to reflect on security and self-worth.

The Moon enters your sign this afternoon, encouraging you to focus on self-care.

You’ll find yourself focusing on your work and reputation this afternoon, too, when the Moon enters inventive Air sign Aquarius.

The Moon enters fellow Air sign Aquarius this afternoon, putting you in an adventurous, curious mood.

The Moon enters Aquarius this afternoon, illuminating the relationship sector of your chart.

On Thursday afternoon, Coons began telling a group of reporters, almost unprompted, about watching Biden’s moving speech for McCain last year.

The Freedom Party’s leadership will meet on Saturday afternoon to discuss next steps and nominate Hofer as party chief, news wire APA said.

US Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen will talk to Congress about the state of the economy this afternoon.

Recent tensions — North Korea firing an unidentified missile over Japan on Monday afternoon, most notably — illustrate just how real this threat is.

Spend time at home and with family as the moon enters Pisces later this afternoon.

But by Monday afternoon they pared some losses, rising 1 percent to $53.42 on the day.

Today is for you ✨ I would like to thank President Trump for his time this afternoon.

Your focus turns to your finances as the moon enters Pisces later this afternoon.

Plus, each book is only around 180 pages long, so you can read it in an afternoon.

The incident went down Monday afternoon on Delta Flight 613 from LAX to NYC.

Smith brought out two boxes of prints, which I went through over the course of the afternoon.

One’s in the morning, one’s in the afternoon, so it works out rather well.

Heads of the Colored People is the best book published in 2018; read it, as I did, in one long afternoon, grinning and grimacing.

But by late afternoon, many of the protesters in the capital Caracas had drifted home.

Ketterer was taken into custody Thursday afternoon by the LAPD in Hollywood.

Also, attending an “open house” on a sunny Saturday afternoon isn’t enough.

A brilliant breakthrough arrives this afternoon.

And then to this afternoon, I’m going to be doing a podcast with the CEO of Land O’Lakes, Beth Ford.

Unexpected connections take place this afternoon.

A dash of luck comes your way, but watch out for unexpected schedule changes this afternoon.

However, exciting and unexpected opportunities come your way this afternoon, and you’ll find yourself diving deeper into your relationships and creative work.

Just watch out for an unexpected issue around money—or self-esteem—to pop up this afternoon.

Some very surprising and exciting news—and even psychic flashes of insight—arrives this afternoon.

A surprising shift around what you value arrives this afternoon, Cancer.

Though unexpected issues will come up at work or in your public life this afternoon, you should still treat yourself!

As of Tuesday afternoon, the cemetery was able to reset about 50 headstones.

Popularity and success are on the way, but you’ll need to adjust your thinking this afternoon.

By Tuesday afternoon, the message seemed to have reached the National Guard units in Ciudad Juarez.

Late Friday afternoon, a faction of the Turkish military launched an attempt to overthrow the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Emergency services said the fire was under control by Tuesday afternoon.

It doesn’t have to happen this afternoon or this weekend.

“Just out according to CNN: ‘Utah officials report voting machine problems across entire country,'” Trump tweeted on Tuesday afternoon.

In the afternoon, an ad about immigration, aimed at firing up the president’s own supporters, appeared.

Eli Lilly shares were down 2.8 percent at $115.81 afternoon trading.

But by Tuesday afternoon, I think I had 4,500 more followers.

President Donald Trump held a joint press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday afternoon.

Witnesses said on Monday afternoon the LNA had lost control of the old airport and withdrawn from positions on the airport road.

Instead, the afternoon show will “pivot to short form content that will be featured on social and digital platforms.”

Things got so bad that Stoltenberg canceled Thursday afternoon’s meetings to call an emergency session to hear out Trump’s concerns.

(We’re still waiting on a Congressional Budget Office analysis of the Senate bill, which is expected to be released this afternoon).

Metro Nashville Police Department confirmed the arrest of Travis Reinking, 29, a native of Morton, Illinois, on Monday afternoon.

Shares of GrubHub were up 6% on the news in afternoon trading.

Metro Nashville Police Department confirmed the arrest of Travis Reinking, 29, a native of Morton, Illinois, on Monday afternoon.

Retiree Judith Palmar, 56, took advantage of having power to cook one afternoon last week in Maracaibo.

(The two men pleaded not guilty Monday afternoon.)

You’ll have a chance to work out an awkward situation this afternoon.

Justin Smoak hit two home runs for the Blue Jays, who won the first two games of the four-game series that ends Monday afternoon.

But during the company’s earnings call this afternoon, Hastings said any increase wouldn’t be a big increase.

It’s a Monday afternoon in early June and the football world wants to know, Where is Jalen Ramsey?

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