After in a sentence | Use of the word after examples

“Passions” is released as France’s center-right fights for survival two years after President Emmanuel Macron’s election win dynamited the political landscape.

Sarkozy has retired twice from politics: the first time after he lost his re-election bid in 2012.

Les Republicains are again without a leader after Laurent Wauquiez stepped down following the party’s dismal showing in May’s European election.

Monty died Sunday after a long battle with cancer … and the loss is obviously hitting Paris hard.

He made clear that he plans to return to his company after his presidency.

For 10 days after the election, offers of assistance and guidance on ensuring an ethical transition were rebuffed.

But even a week after the fire passed, the panicked early moments when the flames roared in remain vivid for Paradise residents like Jenkins.

And she couldn’t imagine moving away herself after a disaster.

after they ruined one room and started a flood, they rammed their way into another and continued their rampage.

after they ruined one room and started a flood, they rammed their way into another and continued their rampage.

Cops reportedly broke up the fight after it spilled into the hotel parking lot.

As you know … Kylie and Jordyn’s super close friendship ended back in February after Jordyn hooked up with Tristan at a house party.

after a weak start to the year, sales in the last couple of months have been largely flat versus 2018.

He’s looking for antelope and I’m after the sesh.

It collapses, and we’re left in a venue named after a very, very different novel—D.M.

after a year and a half hiatus, they roared back to the stage with an intense, memorable performance at the Ankara festival.

Miranda said he’d be honored to play Alexander Hamilton if Rivera goes to see the play in Chicago after his release in May.

Three years after my first effort, if feels like an opportune time to revisit the analysis and take a look at some new trends.

I willingly moved back to Turkey with my family in 2008 after having spent eight years in Germany.

They were two college-educated individuals who worked hard day after day after day.

I think I worked my butt off day after day to try to become the best player I could.

Jeremy and Sonni Pacheco have been at war since she filed for divorce in December 2014 after being married for only 10 months.

COX’S BAZAR, Bangladesh — “My mother was killed after the military set my home and village on fire,” 8-year-old Yasmin Noor said.

COX’S BAZAR, Bangladesh — “My mother was killed after the military set my home and village on fire,” 8-year-old Yasmin Noor said.

” Read more: Rohingya refugees face catastrophe after escape from Myanmar

Will slinked into a Calabasas theater just after the joint went dark for a showing of “Aladdin.”

Just like guns tend to sell well after mass shootings, it’s possible bump stocks are flying off the shelves post-Vegas.

after the jury left.

Oliver was fired just days after the shooting.

The shooting came after Oliver and his partner, Tyler Gross, had broken up the party.

Prosecutors said Oliver fired after the vehicle passed Gross.

** MSCI’s broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan was up 0.30%, after U.S. stocks closed at record highs.

A Steam group named after the neo-Nazi Atomwaffen Division, a neo-Nazi organization associated with several recent murders, regularly posted to YouTube and Steam.

Cox herself had experienced such harassment, and her security was reportedly increased after a three-month campaign of harassing messages against her.

Xpeditr founded its Emergency Response Team after Superstorm Sandy destroyed millions of dollars worth of wine when it struck the East Coast in 2012.

Of course, Snap is far from doomed just three days into trading — the stock is simply settling after a crazy IPO rush.

Cambridge University will consider repatriating a sculpture of a bronze cockerel after the Jesus College student union voted to return the work to Nigeria.

But there’s a reason that, prior to Obama, president after president failed to pass health care reform.

MSCI’s gauge of stocks across the globe shed 0.46 percent, after it posted on Friday its biggest one-day drop in about three months.

Wall Street’s main indexes ended little changed during a choppy session after falling sharply on Friday.

In one economic bright spot, a survey showed German business morale improved unexpectedly in March after six consecutive drops.

In English-via-Yiddish, a mitzvah sounds like a favor: “It would be a mitzvah if you did the dishes after Seder.”

I can’t blame my peers who started eating kitniyot years ago, or who stop observing Passover entirely after the Seder ends.

In his testimony, Simpson said he met with Ohr after the election to provide information about how the dossier was made.

after being demoted from deputy assistant attorney general, Ohr was demoted again in January, losing his title of head of the OCDETF.

after serving the nation most use security clearances (and their trustworthiness) to contribute to national defense or to help US industries maintain an advantage.

Jesse Jackson’s failed 1988 presidential run became a must-have in South Korea this year after rapper Moonbyul of Mamamoo wore it.

Three years ago, the group faced a similar controversy after taking part in a photo shoot at the Holocaust memorial in Berlin.

It took mid- and high-end brands years to embrace hip-hop after rappers stepped out in brands like Coach, Gucci, and Cartier.

Earnings repatriation peaked at $294.7 billion in the first quarter immediately after the law took effect but has tailed off each quarter since.

He will fly back to Beijing on Oct 28, just after the congress ends.

after his death in July, even the sporadic communications she’s had with friends have been nearly entirely severed, two of them told Reuters.

The airline earlier said that it was investigating what happened after videos of the incident provoked an angry response on social media.

She first went after ride-hail apps, like Uber or Lyft, back in November for not properly vetting its drivers.

She went after them again in January and tied them to the #MeToo movement.

This was the modus operandi of Gawker in large part, to go after people who had no chance of fighting back.

The detention comes after China warned Canada of consequences for its recent arrest of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou at Vancouver’s airport.

In Google’s blog, DeRoy explained that Indigenous peoples felt underrepresented in their mapping software after participating in Indigenous Mapping Workshops.

FedEx’s announcement of its suit on Monday came shortly after the U.S. parcel delivery firm reignited Chinese ire over its business practices.

The stock soared 43.6 percent after its upbeat earnings report.

Chipotle Mexican Grill CNG.N shares extended their loss, dipping 1.8 percent after William Ackman’s Pershing Square cut its stake in the burrito chain.

I always get nervous watching Venus.” Swiss great Roger Federer, whose management company Team 8 also looks after Gauff, is excited.

“Short-term aid does not create long-term market stability,” said Doug Schroeder, Illinois Soybean Growers vice chairman, in a statement after the announcement.

The band lived in Belle Mead, New Jersey (right outside Princeton), in a farmhouse converted into a rehearsal/living space after graduation.

Soon after arriving, the country went into political upheaval, and ruthless dictator “Baby Doc” Duvalier fled.

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It’s just unthinkable.” Putin was speaking after winning a new term in a presidential election.

He was ousted in 2005, though, after an internal investigation discovered he had misused funds and charter planes.

And on November 17, 2016, just nine days after the election, Trump named Flynn as his national security adviser.

Moreover, it is doing so after the financial issues relating to insurance and transportation have been resolved with the IOC and IIHF.

Perez and several of his associates were later killed in a gun battle after more than six months on the run.

READ: Venezuelans continue their exodus after Maduro’s re-election “The government is increasingly shutting down any means of a peaceful democratic solution,” said Moya-Ocampos.

He was arrested soon after, but authorities say he would have continued his attack had he not been stopped.

He was arrested soon after, but authorities say he would have continued his attack had he not been stopped.

The Al Noor mosque announced it would hold Friday prayers this week, one week after the gunman killed 42 people there.

The attack underlines the country’s dire security situation after 17 years of war.

after careful fact-checking and, in consideration of the lack of credible sources, Esquire chose not to publish this piece of vendetta journalism.

We’ll talk about that after.

after asking her a few staggeringly intense questions straight out of Game of Thrones itself—”What is your quest?

Somehow, Joaquín had managed to claim her place atop it about ten minutes after HBO’s video went up.

He had progressed slowly through the minor leagues after signing with the Marlins in 2010 as a 17-year-old.

The foundation that delivers school supplies and support to children in Pedro Brand is named after her.

(This was after they were also previously briefly lost for a period of time by a Clinton staffer during an office move.)

When I ask what they do after the toilets on site fill up, he says, “Shovel.”

after initially going into remission, Turri was diagnosed with leukemia in 2015.

The Council of State is Gonzalez’s last hope of a legal resolution in France, after an administrative court denied her original request.

after initially going into remission, Turri was diagnosed with leukemia in 2015.

The Council of State is Gonzalez’s last hope of a legal resolution in France, after an administrative court denied her original request.

And yet here we are, almost 20 years after the first game, and he’s an incredibly loved character.

Shortly after the violence erupted, the hospital declared code black, meaning the 100-bed facility was operating at full capacity.

Last year, a lifestyle blogger received death threats after posting a photo of “pancakes” that were actually tortilla wraps.

He moved there after serving several years in jail, the former officer said.

Instead, just three minutes after the resumption, it was the Swedes who struck again.

after a year in space, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly returned to Earth a changed man.

Later in the press conference, Kelly explained he tried to shoot some hoops after returning to the ground.

after a few years, their unremitting kindness wore me down, and “fundamentally incompatible” stopped circling around my head.

after nine years together and three years of marriage, I finally feel at home with Rajiv’s family.

The deal between the Colombian government and the Marxist rebel group was reached on August 24 after four long years of fraught negotiations.

Speaking to journalists in Havana after Sunday’s referendum results, Timochenko said that his group remains committed to ending the conflict.

after all, the US has spent hundreds of billions on anti-drug law enforcement for decades — and it didn’t prevent the opioid epidemic.

Kathie Lee Gifford is saying sayonara to the “Today” show … after she reaches the 11-year mark.

after leaving that show in 2000, she took a break.

We know that, in part, because sign-ups fell off when the Trump administration pulled Obamacare ads in late January, shortly after taking office.

In-person enrollment groups are preparing to lay off staffs; one has already begun to furlough workers after learning of the budget cuts.

What happened after Portugal decriminalized all drugs, from weed to heroin.

What happened after Portugal decriminalized all drugs, from weed to heroin.

It’s worth noting, the call came 22 days after James heroically wrestled an AR-15 from a gunman … saving countless lives.

Excluding the volatile food and energy components, the PCE price index climbed 0.2% last month after a similar gain in April.

The increase in real spending in the last two months suggested consumer spending was struggling to accelerate after slowing in the first quarter.

after a tragedy, conspiracy theories emerge, and they are powerful, mean, and damaging.

Why wouldn’t we seek refuge in a theory that insists it wasn’t so bad after all?

House Republicans passed their tax bill exactly two weeks after detailed legislative text was released.

The GOP’s top priority, after the failure of Obamacare repeal, is charging ahead on momentum alone.

In the Senate, up next after the House passes their version, only Johnson has defected so far.

The German bank is one of the few banks that still lends money to Trump after his multiple bankruptcies and financial woes.

The Senate went on summer break this week, after a lame attempt to give working parents some relief.

We’re not the type of mezcal company who “gives back” after we make a lot of money.

after we got kicked out, we went on to project the image at Union Square and the CNN building.

An Uber driver has been arrested after shooting a passenger dead in the early hours of Friday morning in Denver.

An Uber driver has been arrested after shooting a passenger dead in the early hours of Friday morning in Denver.

Both Hancock and the victim, an adult male, were taken to hospital after the shooting.

The group said they reached a deal after an all-night negotiating session that ended at 6:15 am.

Negotiations stalled even after teachers, nurses, and librarians voted in August to authorize a strike.

Union leaders rejected the offer on Friday, calling it “woefully inadequate.” after spending the weekend back at the negotiating table, there was a breakthrough.

Bolsonaro landed in the brig for a couple of weeks in 1986 after a Brazilian news magazine published his complaints about paltry military pay.

Now, after nearly three decades in politics, Bolsonaro is riding a tsunami of voter frustration that may carry him to the presidency.

As we reported, there were rumors Younes was caught cheating after pics surfaced of him last month in Mexico with Jordan Ozuna.

Kourtney has NOT looked the least bit heartbroken since then — but after this weekend rendezvous in the ‘Bu … they’re clearly less distant.

after spending time studying the drink in Mexico, Mercer returned as a leading consultant, having fully earned the job title Tequila Goddess.

I’m actually named after a casino, which is really bizarre.

Varsha Sreekumar looks after Elvis Pawsley, a dog with “short legs” and “big dreams.”

Sreekumar added: “Interestingly enough, the change was made after Instagram opened the doors to brands to run ads.”

Charlie’s getting a divorce from his wife Giselle after only 9 months.

I think the real question that America should be asking is why, five years after Ferguson, every city doesn’t have this level of accountability.

She was 21 years old and was killed the day after graduating from college with a 4.0 grade point average.

Not only have our citizens endured domestic disaster, but they have lived through one international humiliation after another.

One after another.

after four years of Hillary Clinton, what do we have?

Immediately after Dallas, we have seen continued threats and violence against our law enforcement officials.

“Citizen Kane” only found acclaim in the years after its release.

“Speed Racer” opened the week after “Iron Man.”

As time passed a small following of fans accumulated for “Death to Smoochy,” especially after Williams’ passing in 2014.

Released six years after Steven Spielberg’s “E.T.

As Senator, after 9/11, she battled Congressional Republicans to care for the first responders who saved victims of that terrorist attack.

But you might have noticed, he has a habit of saying the same two words right after he makes the biggest promises.

But a year after opening, Trump filed for bankruptcy.

Charity after charity believed Donald Trump when he said he would contribute to them.

She said she didn’t know how any woman could vote for him after his offensive comments.

The S&P 500 .SPX zigzagged furiously between positive and negative territory after the 2 p.m.

Among the brighter spots was Netflix (NFLX.O), which rose 5.3 percent, after reporting blowout subscriber addition numbers.

United Airlines Inc (UAL.O) shares climbed 5.95 percent after a solid third-quarter profit and again raising its 2018 outlook.

after years of isolation, the once hermitic despot has now travelled abroad three times in three months.

after years of isolation, the once hermitic despot has now travelled abroad three times in three months.

Obviously, Scott and Sofia are still going strong after they started hanging out last spring.

Look at what happened after you committed this terrible, heinous sin!

A state of emergency was imposed after the failed putsch on July 15, 2016 and is set to expire this week.

after Trump won the election, some employees started asking Pihlaja-Olson if they would lose their jobs.

Whatever I had repressed all those years came rushing back the second after I gave birth.

Clinton was ostensibly hoping to win her second Grammy award for Best Spoken Word Album, after taking one home back in 1997.

The U.S. firm left the country after it could not reach a deal to convert its projects into joint ventures controlled by PDVSA.

after that fateful night, Mike started driving into the city to hang out in the Village in Manhattan, a historic gay enclave.

after that, “I started traveling a lot, and everything just blew up from there,” he says.

after the show, hanging around outside the venue waiting to get paid, his frustration is clear.

“Any effort to go after Mueller could be the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency,” said the South Carolina senator.

Seven hours after posting his original message, Scaramucci denied claims that he was seeking to get Priebus investigated.

Do you sell more of certain products after certain events or elections?

What did you notice before and after Trump was elected?

We definitely had a relatively strong reaction to preppers buying before Trump was elected, but after he was elected, that quieted down dramatically.

Notably, this court challenge could take a while to work up to the Supreme Court, likely until after Obama is out of office.

“The atmosphere after John got out of jail was one of great expectations for the future,” Leni Sinclair said.

after all these years, he professes not to care about money and property.

Think of David Cameron jacking it all in, abandoning his post after losing the referendum he called to protect his own career.

So after that, I started going back to the studio and would send everything I recorded to Juls.”

Rapping furiously at one door after the next, she cried for them to flee.

This high-contrast photo was processed by NASA software engineer Kevin M. Gill, who processes raw data from each perijove soon after it becomes available.

after the first half-hour of streaming, you’ll need a cable package login.

One night the following week, after dinner, my family gathered around the dining room table.

Even a week after Election Day, Democrats are still racking up wins as votes get counted and close races are called.

Democrats were widely expected to flip this seat after Pennsylvania’s court-mandated redistricting.

Poliquin was actually leading after Election Day but didn’t reach 50 percent.

Last year, he authorized a cruise missile strike on a Syrian air base days after a sarin gas attack on civilians.

Senator John McCain said Assad was “emboldened” after Trump’s remarks and said the U.S. president now needed to respond decisively.

His departure as CEO comes as U.S. automotive sales are cooling down after a solid run for several years following the 2008 financial crisis.

after that Shirley paid zilch.

Because Sulkowicz sent friendly texts to the student, Paul Nungesser, after the incident, doubt was cast on her story.

“You should have known better.” I heard that refrain many times in the years that followed about what happened after that kiss.

Who would want to work with me after that?

How much has really changed, after all?

McGregor still is, after all, the division’s undisputed king.

The move comes after hundreds of thousands of protesters filled the streets of Seoul for a third weekend in a row.

The move comes after hundreds of thousands of protesters filled the streets of Seoul for a third weekend in a row.

Pearson predicts that many drugs we know (and love) today will likely become legal after they’re chemically engineered to be safer.

Picture this scenario: You go to the club after dropping a pill of Molly—but nothing happens after you take it.

after that, he’ll probably be a first-round NFL Draft selection.

The Saban war machine will continue grinding bodies up long after Coker is gone.

after all, a “do nothing government” is at least doing nothing.

Tax reform is “possible,” and worth going after, from a programmatic/agenda perspective.

Chinese state media, after the meeting, struck a positive note.

Fetty Wap did a mea culpa after his rap video got a school principal benched.

Techno pioneers, avant-pop luminaries, and ambient zoners alike all took to Twitter after his death to process the passing of an inspiration.

after that, David Bowie has followed me through my life with music in a lot of different ways.

Bowie said he dove into this subject matter after living in sunny and coked-out Los Angeles (my current hometown).

after the government’s emergency order last week, this development was cut by 171 units, or two square kilometers, to protect the species.

The deal had been the largest all-cash U.S. antitrust settlement, although its value shrank to $5.7 billion after roughly 8,000 retailers opted out.

Kim Zolciak called the cops Wednesday morning after an alleged burglar broke into her daughter’s car at their home … TMZ has learned.

But after that, it was the little clown car.

We want to work on the part that comes after that.

In January of this year, Wynn resigned from the committee after dozens of women accused him of sexual assault and abuse.

Then, like now, a culturally polarizing Republican candidate was narrowly elected after a campaign waged atop nationalistic, identitarian appeals.

after introducing himself as “Diplo” before clarifying, “no, I’m Josh!”

But Rubin left a year after.

Gulf Coast and West Coast consumption growth also shows signs of levelling off or slowing after accelerating for much of last year.

Cops are on the hunt for Sinead O’Connor after someone in her family told cops she’s threatening to kill herself.

Soon after the acquisition, WeWork allotted $500 million for expansion to Southeast Asia and South Korea.

Boswell said he felt more confident after President Emmerson Mnangagwa replaced Mugabe in 2017, promising to restore property rights and revive the ravaged economy.

Slack’s head of product Jason Shellen has suddenly left the company, less than a year after joining.

“We don’t know anything about the documents they said they found in our phones,” Wa Lone told reporters after Monday’s hearing.

Police said human remains were collected in 37 body bags after sweeps of the site, roughly 15 km (nine miles) off the coast.

The pilot of flight JT610 had asked to return to base shortly after it took off, at about 6.20 a.m. on Monday.

** Banking stocks also weakened, after a report said that some Chinese banks may face U.S. action in N.Korean sanctions probe.

But after going to the teatox companies’ websites, she found little information about the teas themselves.

Instead, she saw photo after photo of “girls who fit the criteria of being young, good-looking, and in shape, holding the tea.”

after dating Vine star Curtis Lepore, Felske developed a nice-but-modest following of around 45,000 followers.

Someone from their marketing must have been told to go after the natural hair world.”

after successful surgery, all that Jones can do now is rest.

I find it hard to believe that I’m going to be restored back to 100 percent after this.

He’d been thinking about dropping live shows altogether, having lost faith in the industry after the fall.

after the election, Nader paid Zamel as much as $2 million, and what the money’s intended use isn’t clear.

(NPS was banned from releasing official crowd estimates after an especially controversial count involving attendance at the Million Man March in 1995.

Becker certainly had a profound affect on Rilke; she was a “courageous and combative” woman, he writes to her mother after Becker’s death.

A client once told me: “after our worst fights, my boyfriend always makes it up to me.

Young people’s brains are still developing; old people have brains that are less likely to bounce back and repair themselves after injury.

Trump’s challenger, Hillary Clinton, received a bump in the polls after last week’s Democratic National Convention and is now beating Trump nationally.

— Paul D’Agostino Paul D’Agostino: It seems you too were flooded with thoughts after watching Depraved.

And after you read the capsule?

Facebook pulled most of the headlines for its incredible ability to outdo itself with one controversy after another.

Facebook pulled most of the headlines for its incredible ability to outdo itself with one controversy after another.

after all, capitalism is a set of institutions designed by government in concert with business and civil society.

Washington accused ZTE of violating an agreement on punishing employees after the company illegally shipped U.S. goods to Iran.

And after hearing her testimony, and judging it credible, they simply ignored it.

They cut off the prosecutor they hired in order to give speech after speech lamenting the way he and his family have suffered.

after all, he’s been the great scourge of the #MeToo moment, the one whose misdeeds have never hurt him.

And one after the other, they apologized to Kavanaugh.

“Judge Kavanaugh showed America exactly why I nominated him,” he tweeted shortly after the hearing ended.

Chris Brown hopped off the stage and into a police cruiser after cops arrested him following a concert in Florida.

Live TV footage appeared to show a handful of protesters being detained after being wrestled to the ground.

after a delayed post-production schedule, the Somos el Muro video was released on social media in January 2018, but failed to gain much traction.

Soon after, FX would premiere Lights Out, a critically acclaimed, albeit ultimately short-lived series about a fighter with pugilistic dementia.

after a few clicks, the opaque image of the greenhouse is full of little pink spots.

His second effort, below, was less of a solo act than a successful scrap after a team effort to drill Tottenham’s Hugo Lloris.

after seeing the improvements to her daughter’s encephalopathy symptoms after a weed-infused meal, Carrillo became a convert.

In December 2017, two months after his guilty plea, the FBI had plans for a follow-up meeting with Papadopoulos.

He was involved in implementing the Dodd-Frank reforms created after the 2008 financial crisis to prevent a repeat.

(And that continued to dog him, encouraged by such projects as his 1986 “Martin Bormann Gas Station,” named after the Nazi official.)

Twenty years after his death, Kippenberger’s art continues his self-performance, questioning preconceptions of the artist and opening into new selves.

VICE’s reporting has taken our audience from offshore oil rigs to anti-fracking rallies to flood lands left behind after Hurricane Harvey.

The topic came up after the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando back in June.

For instance, after the Orlando shootings, Trump conspiratorially implied that President Obama may sympathize with the attackers.

Perhaps the biggest reason to expect that Trump’s support would rise after a terror attack is, simply, the party he belongs to.

(Kerry had, after all, served in the military and had been his party’s presidential nominee.)

Indeed, Merolla told me that she and her colleagues conducted a similar follow-up study in 2012, after Clinton had gained foreign policy experience.

This era came about after generations of rich and powerful people used police for their own gain.

And it was especially tempting after the recent spate of police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota — and the subsequent targeting of police officers.

Later on, after slavery was outlawed, police enforced Jim Crow laws.

after four months on injections, Lauren Walker says she was starting to feel more like herself.

And after all this, it doesn’t seem that the British police paid any more attention to the documentary or the people in it.

Gigi Hadid got back on the horse Thursday night after her breakup with Zayn Malik … hoofing it with Kendall Jenner.

after the video surfaced last month, it was widely shared on Facebook, Twitter and Alphabet Inc’s YouTube.

after stints in finance and consulting, he and his father, Gabor Forgacs—an accomplished scientist— launched Organovo in 2007.

The staffer actually left the restaurant after the initial confrontation and Griffin followed him outside and hit him again.

after five days, an agreement was reached to reopen the government and continue negotiations.

What they said: “The partisan political purpose of this bill is patently clear,” Ford said after he refused to pass the first spending bill.

Recent reports indicate that some areas of the Punggye-ri test site have become unstable after the latest and largest nuclear test in September.

He has also joined with other progressive leaders who want to abolish the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency after the family separations crisis.

Soon after singer Henry Rollins joined Black Flag and moved to California, the bands Rollins came up alongside began getting attention.

“Rapid weakening is forecast after Gordon moves inland, and is forecast to become a tropical depression on Wednesday,” the NHC added.

Built after Hurricane Katrina, the home is made to withstand a 150 mile-an-hour wind, she said.

The raids were supposed to start two weeks ago but were postponed after Democrats objected.

The raids were supposed to start two weeks ago but were postponed after Democrats objected.

The ICE raids were scheduled to take place in late June, but Trump postponed them after Democrats expressed outrage.

But the White House reversed course after “recent conversations with Congress,” Vought said in the letter dated Wednesday.

But they kept adding their own contributions until people in the streets began calling them “flex dancers,” after the show’s name.

Later, after high school, he’d end up at Puff Daddy’s Bad Boy studios, where he knew one of the A&Rs.

It was after high school, and I didn’t have anything really to do.”

Soon after, Uninamise unveiled the Kaviar Dreams mixtape, which drew from the atmospheric vibes he’d cultivated through studying other genres.

(AP) — Indiana coach Tom Crean has been fired after nine often lackluster seasons.

(AP) — Indiana coach Tom Crean has been fired after nine often lackluster seasons.

In the split second after he’d seen his bails go flying, there was ice-cold shock.

Major media outlets have, after all, done reports on all of the following: One could further emphasize the point by adding to the list.

(Edwards eventually won, after a runoff election known for bumper stickers that said “Vote for the crook.

Steve’s suspicions grew after his father’s death in 1999.

(Google’s founders are, after all, artificial intelligence nerds.)

As you’d expect, it drew controversy after she said, “We have fought for everybody else’s equal rights.

Reports are coming in that a college senior has died after attending the Ultra Music Festival.

after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston in August, inmates reported dire conditions in the federal prison there, including food shortages and sewage flooding.

At that point the PASAJ team decided to withdraw from the biennial after finishing their work with the local children.

Bush voters were more likely than Kerry voters to refuse to answer a pollster’s questions after they left the voting booth.

Global stock markets lost about $2 trillion in value on Friday after the vote, while sterling fell to a 31-year low.

Wall Street’s major stock indexes closed higher after falling for two days as investors regained their appetite for risk assets.

Gold prices edged higher on expectations for a U.S. rate cut after the soft inflation data, although the uptick in equities capped gains.

The night, she said, ended on a Washington street corner, where Thrush left her in tears after she resisted his advances.

He said that the day after that night at the bar, Thrush told him about the incident, except with the roles reversed.

So I brought my concern about the night to an experienced colleague right after the incident.

“I remember stopping him at one point and saying, ‘Wait, you’re married.’” after that, she says, he left almost immediately.

after an incubation period of 10 to 12 days, measles comes on as a fever, cough, stuffy nose, and bloodshot and watery eyes.

(They stop being contagious about four days after the rash appears.)

Nearby is a 17th-century Lenape war club, newly returned to the city after centuries in Sweden.

Third, polls after certain events can be affected by a phenomenon called differential non-response rates, as Jeff Stein explained earlier this year.

Poses seemingly inspired by Courbet and Watteau, as well as a study after a Masolino baptism, suggest an artist restocking her stores of inspiration.

after Sony’s Tobey Maguire-starring Spider-Man films fizzled out, ending with 2007’s Spider-Man 3, the studio wasted little time in rebooting them.

NASA footage of Comet 332P/Ikeya-Murakami after it was discovered in 2010.

The comments came after EU tech commissioner Andrus Ansip said the EU should be worried about the company.

after being elected to office, Chavez himself survived a putsch a decade later.

after Trump’s election, they refused to include Democrats in conversations around repealing the ACA and rushed through an error-ridden tax cut bill.

The danger may not be the current president but who comes after him.

Palladium slipped 0.5% to $1,527.01 after hitting its highest level since March 26 at $1,551, earlier in the session.

Whether that will change after Harris took him to task remains to be seen.

Whether that will change after Harris took him to task remains to be seen.

One bill that left an impression on me came from a woman seen in the emergency room the day after her wedding.

The hospital where he was seen was in network; he Googled this on his phone right after regaining consciousness.

Kohan ended up with a $7,924 bill from the surgeon, which was only reversed after I wrote about his bill in May.

She told me about going to an emergency room in New Jersey after she fell and cut her ear.

Our project, for example, has resulted in $45,107 in medical bills being reversed after Vox began inquiring about those charges.

Soon after, Bundy was arrested, charged, convicted, and sentenced to death for the three Florida murders.

She was executed by lethal injection in 2002, ten years after her conviction.

“These disappointing July figures came after a strong run for the data over the prior three months.

However, the company declared bankruptcy after being sued by an investor for supposedly misrepresenting finances.

Both Kurdish and Syrian government forces agreed to a ceasefire after a three-day eruption of heavy fighting left more than 26 civilians dead.

Both Kurdish and Syrian government forces agreed to a ceasefire after a three-day eruption of heavy fighting left more than 26 civilians dead.

Cain pulled out in mid-April after lawmakers expressed discomfort with the sexual harassment allegations that cut short his presidential bid in 2012.

From that episode of food poisoning emerged a vast and severe anxiety of being sick after I eat.

I’m convinced I’m sick after every meal.

Step one: after creating an account using an email address and password, we’re directed to the onboarding form.

after you’ve created a plan, the final step is to fund your account.

after my text was written and sent, I visited again.

You may find yourself singing and humming it for hours and days after.

It seems the poem struck a chord, going viral after being posted on Facebook.

This issue, of later life diagnosis, was brought to light recently after nature photographer and TV presenter, Chris Packham, went public with his experiences.

Because after all, it is through difference that we learn more, achieve more, and add more substance to day-to-day life in society.

Michael Strahan dropped a bomb on co-host Kelly Ripa after their show Tuesday … telling her for the first time he was leaving their show.

Since that policy was implemented in May, families have been routinely separated after apprehension.

When you flip through Instagram or a slideshow on a website after a red carpet event, it’s not at all apparent.

Mevlüt Cavusoglu was flying to Rotterdam in the Netherlands after a rally he had been due to speak at had been cancelled.

after they amassed a great number of fish, farmers needed a way to store them for an extended time.

after some time, the fish would be eaten and the rice thrown away.

“We’re all one click away from placing something in the wrong place,” Green told reporters after initially saying he was hacked.

“One way or another I’ll make that decision after the G20.

Yet after listening to Trump’s speech to the AIPAC conference on Monday evening, he was strangely sympathetic to the orange-haired firebrand.

A lot of AIPAC conference-goers had similarly mixed feelings after Trump’s address.

Yet despite the palpable enthusiasm during Trump’s speech, attendees still didn’t seem ready to support Trump after he left the room.

But it’s possible that he’s just not set up to do that kind of politics after months of the Donald Trump Show.

Franklin gloats in his lawsuit, highlighting the fact the show’s going off the air after its upcoming 5th season.

He joined the Nationals’ organization earlier in the month after being designated for assignment by Oakland.

Detroit starter Daniel Norris (2-7) left after five innings with a cut on his pitching thumb.

Tigers center fielder JaCoby Jones was a late scratch after fouling a ball off his foot during batting practice.

“Sales, information technology, marketing and finance roles are sought after in Hong Kong, but Working Holiday visas are limited.”

after it has rested overnight, divide the dough in half and place the dough on a well-oiled board.

Joel Embiid says he’s OVER Rihanna — officially declaring he’s moving on after trying to get a date with her for years.

Lovato is back in the game after spending time in rehab, following a near-fatal overdose back in July.

George Foreman boxed like the birthday boy going after the piñata, wild and hungry and relentless.

People were made pretty uncomfortable this week after the first trailer for Alita: Battle Angel hit the web.

after the war, however, Japan experienced a great economic boom, which included a pop culture explosion.

This was thanks in part to the American occupation of the country after 1945, but also because of a postwar fatigue.

after all, it was Western civilizations that turned the Japanese look into a caricature, used in propaganda material during the war.

after one cut, their home and the streets of the city are empty, save for a few soldiers.

Art and China after 1989: Theater of the World at SFMOMA.

Many weeks, after my recap of Westworld posts on Sunday nights, I hear from readers.

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Chicago soybeans futures contracts for May delivery fell 2 percent, closing at around $10.15 per bushel, retracing some losses after a 5 percent plunge.

The outlook for soybean prices was already robust after Argentina supplies took a hit from drought, while China’s demand has continued to rise.

after that, revisit the 10 best Rihanna remixes you’ve never heard.

“Apparently money is now growing on trees in favor of Netflix after my show was released.

The Post said she considered replacing Clinton with then-Vice President Joe Biden after Clinton fainted in September 2016.

Do you really want to look at Jake Locker’s picture and lie to yourself summer after summer?

Shortly after Churchill was right here in Westminster College, the United States developed an extremely radical foreign policy initiative called the Marshall Plan.

Rather, we helped rebuild their economies, spending the equivalent of $130 billion just to reconstruct Western Europe after World War II.

And Trump’s Justice Department similarly infuriated Valley types after it unraveled Obama-era protections for transgender students using restrooms of their choice.

Seems Kelvin’s already started that process … telling media members after Thursday’s game, “I’m just moving on from it.”

A judge vacated their convictions in 2002 after another man confessed to the crime and DNA tests confirmed his guilt.

Washington, for example, set up a social media network for Cubans called ZunZuneo even after Gross had been jailed.

“I’m out here every day saying, ‘I’m going to shut them down; I’m going after them.'”

“I told her to bring home the gold,” President Obama said after meeting her.

Demand for these bonds has soared this year after months of uncertainty surrounding possible new U.S. sanctions on holdings of Russian debt.

“Another big factor is Trump further going after the tech sector, namely Amazon.

Putin was speaking after overseeing what the Kremlin said was a pre-deployment test of the new missile system, called Avangard.

Tripping on victory, filled with adrenaline, the players got together for a classic footballers-in-their-pants photo after the match.

It’s just a bit of ballsack, after all.

At least three other K-pop stars resigned after they were accused by police of sharing illicitly filmed sex tapes.

And, uh, after this finale, I still don’t know!

Flav’s also going after producer Gary G-Wiz for making a deal to create action figures of Public Enemy without his knowledge.

HBO’s “Vice Principals,” for example, was always set to be finished after two seasons.

“Mueller’s team put a lot of resources into going after Paul Manafort.

after DMing with Gage on Twitter, my fears were recently assuaged, and my hopes soared:

after working for 30 years toward ending water advisories in the community, the reserve opened its first water treatment plant last fall.

Then shortly after, the White House disputed the story — at least in part.

Shortly after, press secretary Sanders came out with a tweet negating a major part of the alleged agreement.

after the limit, the force of gravity would cause the white dwarf to collapse.

He fled his hometown of Damascus, Syria in 2012 after being kidnapped and tortured.

after fleeing Syria, Imam volunteered as an aid worker at a refugee camp in Lebanon’s Bakaa Valley.

Collins, another vote long thought to be in doubt, said that she was optimistic after the president’s visit.

And it also brings to mind the image of a disorderly amusement park, after hours.

Sirtex was de-listed in September after accepting a $1.4 billion buyout from a Chinese consortium seeking to import the firm’s liver treatment technology.

Police removed barricades early on Saturday morning while staff were able to go home, after a more than 15 hour blockade.

We’re told the guy has been professing his love for her, making a full-court press for a happily ever after relationship.

after two grueling nights, all the Democratic presidential candidates have had their say.

Anything she said after that did not matter; I had my validation that it was okay for me not to want to have children.

In Cuba, he put up video-game numbers year after year.

after his spectacular 2010-11 season with Cienfuegos, he accompanied the national team to a tournament in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

By that point, Puig had already become a superstar after just half a season in the majors.

He had signed a six-year deal for $68 million after defecting.

after making his debut on August 21, 2016, he batted .262 with a .292 OBP in 36 games.

Fifteen years after its release, I urge you to revisit “Signs.”

Aquarius”Got game like an Aquarius, switch moves after he been with you.”

after studying them intensely for her paintings, she wondered what would be the female equivalent to Truck Nutz.

Any president, after all, relies heavily on staff.

after hearing Trump’s speech on Monday, it’s clear that Trump has none of that and no interest in developing any of it.

after years of threatening it, Donald Trump is in the UK.

after netting four times in six minutes shortly after the restart, they then added six more goals in the last 16 minutes.

after six years doing the same job, she said, she didn’t see any opportunities to advance, according to Quartz, which reviewed the emails.

The meeting comes a week after Xi met North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Pyongyang.

President Trump got slapped down moments after touching down in Israel … from the First Lady.

after all, Walmart bought retail site for $3.3 billion in a bid to bolster its e-commerce offerings and counter Amazon’s rise.

after capturing the low-hanging fruit of gaming, the technology is becoming more of an enterprise solution.

after hearing about STRIVR, he decided to investigate, and tested out the technology after a Razorbacks game in the fall of 2016.

Staff members would routinely cry after these meetings.

after most of your ideas had been savaged, the pictures team would present the latest paparazzi shots and celeb Instagram posts.

I was lousy at my job, and I left after about six months of writing these stories.

What changed in your life after you stopped taking that money?

Chevrolet dealer Yev Kaplinskiy said his dealership located between San Francisco and Silicon Valley sold 15 Bolts last weekend, after Tesla’s latest delay.

You’ll meet exciting, eccentric people early this evening, and you’ll have some very deep conversations later on, after the Moon enters Capricorn.

The Moon will enter Capricorn later tonight, encouraging you to slow down after a busy day.

We’re told she’s hoping to do more modeling as she moves on after Jeremy.

He argued Robinson’s car drifted after he fell asleep at a red light … but barely went into the water.

However, those tax returns may have been under IRS audit after President Trump was elected or took office.

First, campaign finance reforms are one way that Congress can respond to restore faith in the government after a corruption scandal.

Colyer hasn’t been in the governor’s mansion for very long; he was appointed in 2018 after former Gov.

Yet, after all-night talks, no option was explicitly excluded.

Kendall and Ben ducked out after that while the rest of the gang headed over to Poppy — where they partied until 2 AM.

after all that’s quite a wacky take on to exploring the finer arts of checking out really nice bicycles.

after opening in affluent Chelsea in 1985, Nam Long soon became a magnet for aristocrats, pop stars, and MPs, as well as rogue traders.

But so many pop up and flunk after a short time.”

Deliveries were completed, on average, less than ten minutes after the order was placed, according to a statement from Flirtey.

Garneau said there had been “absolutely no political pressure” from Washington after Canada informed it of the grounding.

Both planes crashed shortly after takeoff.

after the first Republican debate in August 2015, Trump called Paul “truly weird” and criticized his performance.

Nobody, after all, is really “likable” — not when you get to know them.

after a few weeks I started to notice that there were no dissenting views appearing on my feed.

after speaking to her, I resolved not to avoid political talk and engage more with people, ask questions, and learn more about their beliefs.

Soon after, another friend who is a strong Hillary supporter chimed in.

after all, when I eliminated my cousins from my Facebook feed I didn’t only eliminate dissenting viewpoint.

It covers people who watched the broadcast either live or on their DVRs shortly after its broadcast.

Actually after that fell apart, I ended up going to business school.

after Michigan man Martin Duram was killed in May 2015, police suspected his wife Glenna of carrying out a botched murder-suicide.

Standing alongside Xi after the talks, Putin thanked China for entrusting the pandas to Moscow.

The pandas were given to Russia at the end of April after Putin visited Beijing, but were only unveiled to the public on Wednesday.

He also threatened to close the border with Colombia, after shutting Venezuela’s maritime borders earlier this week.

He also threatened to close the border with Colombia, after shutting Venezuela’s maritime borders earlier this week.

Be sure to serve this dish in shallow bowls: everyone will want to drink the super-vegetal broth after they’ve finished the fish.

Asian-American rock group, The Slants, are free and clear to trademark their name after a Supreme Court ruling in their favor.

Euro zone government bond yields held near recent lows reached after ECB chief Mario Draghi’s dovish speech in Sintra last week.

We spoke to Marlo after this week’s ‘RHOA’ reunion show where the two went at it.

Haffernan was fatally shot multiple times in a hotel room after officers, who called it a “high-risk situation,” found him holding a syringe.

after finally arriving in Vietnam, Kim checked in to the luxury Melia hotel, before paying a visit to North Korea’s embassy.

Following the debate, Trump wandered amongst the reporters gathered around a metal pen the Secret Service hastily built for him after the debate ended.

But just after the election, Christie claims, Jared Kushner engineered Christie’s ouster.

after his release, Charles went right back to work.

Then after Christie himself dropped out of the race, he became one of Trump’s most prominent early endorsers and surrogates.

Eventually, Kushner’s efforts were successful: Christie was fired from the Trump transition team just a few days after the election.

And it’s possible that the next president after Trump could reassure American allies that nothing like this could ever happen again.

“Every time they see me, they would run over just like back then right after their rescue,” she said.

Game creator Shoshana Kessock left the Orthodox Jewish faith when she was in her 20s, after spending her life under its teachings.

It’s written by the victors, after all, so much of the struggle and grace of ordinary people is left out of textbooks.

after WebTV, Britt founded Danger Research in 2000 with co-founders Andy Rubin and Matt Hershenson.

“We will never know exact numbers,” MSF said in a tweet after estimating that 900 had died during the week.

after all, transgender service people are a visible and easy target for Trump.

And once I was, the life I had after discharge was dark and disheartening, full of unexpected obstacles.

Discharges of queer military personnel actually went up after DADT.

Its license to provide abortions was set to expire after within a week.

I start envisioning my fastest mile constantly—before running, while running, after running, at the gym doing weight exercises to improve my running.

“You need to visualize the hard parts.” Hutchinson suggests that after a run, I write down whatever thoughts I had—positive and negative.

In the days after it came out, I was so traumatized.

And the idea of making a video to go with it came soon after, I was just really passionate about it.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Roger Clinton was arrested Sunday just after 8 PM in Redondo Beach.

But as history shows, these impassioned calls after a mass shooting never yield meaningful changes.

Think of the days after 9/11 when George W. Bush’s approval ratings were near 90 percent.

Research suggests that compromise or understanding grows dramatically harder — especially in the days after the attack.

Science can help us explain why political America may become more divided after an attack.

And right after, these off-the-cuff teams start to be distrustful of one another.

The Microsoft cofounder had announced nearly 3 weeks ago his cancer had returned after 9 years of remission.

These changes could last long after the Trump administration leaves office.

In fact, he had to resign after failing to disclose meetings with Russian diplomats.

“The market is still catching up after prices broke through the trading range that was in place for the last five years.

Palladium fell 0.5% to $1,527 an ounce after hitting its highest since March 27 at $1,545.87 earlier in the session.

Cops are rushing to Aaron Carter’s home after getting a report he appeared to be under the influence of something … TMZ has learned.

He really brought the emotion and intensity I was after and how brilliant is that whole look?!

Charlie Parker (who I was named after) was always playing.

The downfall of Bashir follows the toppling this month of Algerian strongman Abdelaziz Bouteflika, also following mass protests after two decades in power.

after watching this film and experiencing what can only be described as pure euphoria, we decided to peruse some of its contemporary reviews.

(Spoiler: He dies after generously giving away his power to his son in the form of lightning.)

For instance, last season James Harden failed to make an All-NBA team after a disappointing season (by his standards).

We hope after in a sentence examples were helpful.