Affection in a sentence | Use of the word affection examples

It’s not affection.

She wants money and so does her husband, for loss of affection as a result of her injuries.

I felt this deep affection and sense of reverence for the tree—it was like a feeling of love for Rainbow Birch.

Evangelicals’ tenacious affection for Donald Trump is not a bug driven by expediency.

You may wish to soothe yourself with a 12″ record, something that represents both your affection for the past and your move into adulthood.

The men have a deep affection for the scarlet macaws.

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd had to sneak some affection at Coachella …making out in between snack breaks.

But there’s no evidence the shooter had any affection toward Paul.

Odds of Biden showing affection are -150 (2/3), meaning you need to wager $150 to win $100.

But unlike your mom’s unending affection, Queen Chow’s love is 100-percent conditional —and it seems to be based on what you order.

In a flashback, Singh chooses Preeti (Kiara Advani), a junior medical student, as the object of his affection.

The warmth and genuine affection of their bond comes alive in the wake of heartbreak, and it’s lovely to watch.

For me, there is no doubt that the duo harbor an intense affection for Technos’ game that borders on mania.

Here, the audience ends up feeling a certain affection for the frightening creature—even when it’s 1,000 times the realistic size.

“There’s affection for the object; there’s pleasure,” notes the creator.

The affection he showed first lady Michelle Obama could melt anyone’s heart.

Awe and sadness, these are the only two ways men know how to negotiate for the affection of beautiful women.

We’re told their connection went beyond the fact they were co-parenting 3 kids … they genuinely had love and affection for each other.

Such feelings of affection are mutual.

Oliver was beloved by readers for her direct, unpretentious poetry, which glows with affection for the natural world.

they convey their affection for said movies so enthusiastically that you can’t help but be swept up by the whole thing in the end.

It may seem weird that an idle egg could inspire such widespread affection.

The Moon clashes with Venus at 8:54 PM, revealing insecurities and encouraging us to seek love, affection, and feel-good vibes.

Earlier today, I conveyed to Gwen the devoted love and affection of all of us at WETA/NewsHour.

The newlyweds showed a rare public display of affection as they attended the Olympic Games in 2012.

“I have offered countless handshakes, hugs, expressions of affection, support and comfort.

Being an object of the public’s affection isn’t easy, regardless of whether you’re Pikachu or Adam Levine.

But everyone knows of my affection for Joe Biden.

EJ claims in addition to the physical pain, he’s suffered “loss of love, affection, companionship, comfort, society and sexual relations.”

/ When all I want is that love and affection.

Sex, romance, anger, and affection are all there on the screen, letting the audience witness the more intimate of experiences.

Reagan was not campaigning out of affection for Bush but, like Obama, to defend his legacy.

Perhaps the most famous Big Issue scoop was Lambeth police commander Brian Paddick declaring his affection for anarchism to us.

In order to preserve any affection for Israel among younger Jews, Beinart argued, mainstream Jewish organizations need to champion what’s called “liberal Zionism.”

“We value the passionate views we heard in recent days concerning this matter and the public’s affection for the national collection.”

“An affair of more than passing affection,” Brokaw told her.

Then, from what we can tell, he showed some affection from behind.

Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and Marco Rubio, who have repeatedly expressed discomfort with Trump’s affection for Vladimir Putin.

Barbee saunters around the stage in a suit, and is sometimes the object of the dancers’ affection.

But either way there’s a healthy temptation to believe Syd’s desire is also affection.

Kelleher won the affection of customers and employees with low fares, good wages and his own high spirits.

Let me tell you something, li’l pup: You are worthy of love and affection and sweet gestures, just as you are.

His deep affection for juke and footwork in particular was a factor in the genre translating beyond Chicago’s borders.

But I feel an affection for the spirit of music like this nevertheless, all these years later.

Nevertheless, there is a great deal of affection and generosity churned into the ongoing saga of the architect-turned-diamond.

Trump’s affection for the guy is almost sensual.

Even Britney herself maintains an enduring affection for the film.

I just don’t have great affection for it.

They pal around all afternoon, trading jokes and affection.

I have developed some affection for the enterprise, which is much more diffuse than other New York fairs.

In N.C., that can constitute “alienation of affection” … what Cox is being sued for.

Jamie’s best friend since childhood, Julie (Elle Fanning), is 17, at loose ends, and the object of Jamie’s affection.

He’s not afraid to express affection for his teammates, or to bounce around in the dugout in celebration.

Credit the rise of other Th- names like Theo, as well as our affection for strong boy names.

Indeed, in interviews, several members of the Democratic caucus spoke to their personal affection for Lieberman.

I grew up in rural America; I still have a great deal of affection for rural America.

Even so, the mutual affection between Trump and Putin was evident.

And then there’s “Love Kernels,” Rebecca’s pop ballad dedicated to wringing every ounce of affection she can from Josh.

I think it’s not somewhere that you feel affection for in quite the same way as you do with India.

Erin Storm, who competed for the affection of Matt Grant on “The Bachelor,” has died in a plane crash.

We’re told after hitting the ground, Emma hugged a mystery man but there wasn’t much affection beyond that.

Was it warmly, with big-hearted affection (“Silly sod!”)

And like Trump, Flynn has an odd affection for Russia and its authoritarian government.

The Moon opposes Venus at 6:56 PM, finding us craving affection.

The whole thing has a rosy, nostalgic air, and shows some moments of unabashed affection between mothers and children.

But I just have a real affection for Latin culture.

But the affection for documentaries built into Documentary Now!

But, despite the affection, we might feel toward someone, some hurdles are simply too high to clear.

They’ve won the affection of our nation’s children.

Expressing your affection in a strange but tender way comes easily on or around Saturday as your planetary ruler Venus harmonizes with rebellious Uranus.

Soon after this incident, which Armajani recounts with great affection so many years later, he started rummaging through piles of textiles in their home.

This song has one purpose: to continue painting Zayn as the object of one’s affection.

Part of my affection towards both Breath of the Wild and Wind Waker stems from stupid mistakes I made in their early moments.

Bush ought to step outside his personal affection for Gillespie and think about the concrete stakes in the election.

I’ve made my affection for iOS’s Dynamic Type feature known countless times.

An affection for cheese, however, is almost definitely mandatory.

And this much is true: when you deal with a person, as time passes a bond of affection is formed.”

“Love and gestures of affection are universal,” he says.

She’s telling us her story as an old woman, and she looks back at her 19-year-old self with refreshingly clear-eyed affection.

My affection for the youngest Weasley boy has not dimmed, nor has my nephew’s.

She resists a characterization of Lynch as any sort of lothario, and says his roving affection was never based in selfishness.

Unfortunately, the object of her affection has had some bad news.

An affection for Japanese culture shows through in references to the films of Akira Kurosawa, the artworks of Hokusai, and even Mechagodzilla.

The two main reasons that their own fans seem to be turning against the couple’s public displays of affection are: 1.

What drives this affection for a 90s supermodel and a man who has been accused of domestic abuse?

There’s no reason that I should ever subjugate the affection that I have for my wife to that—and yet, I was doing that.

This affection may explain why new songs often find themselves compared with Toto’s stone-cold classic.

Even in the sequel, Gus still has an affection for using Windex for every affliction under the sun.

), its clear affection for the source material, and the generous runtime a movie adaptation could never allow.

For CEOs, it seems that being the object of affection for an increasing number of strangers is now part of the job description.

“It can mean the difference between affection and horror.

It’s a rare public display of affection for the couple and fans are declaring it #couplegoals.

To this day, I listen to that song with affection.

Venus, Mercury, and the Sun all enter your sign this month, bringing you lots of affection, conversation, attention, and confidence.

I think sex and affection kind of connote your relationship, singular.

In true mom form, Britney reclaims their affection with a silly dog-based video.

Smith explained that a combo of history and camaraderie fuels his affection for the restaurant.

According to multiple reports, the pair have cooled things off despite a few months of very public displays of affection.

He doesn’t use traditional reflexes to detail an unreciprocated affection.

That term is exactly what it sounds like: a tiny animal that captures the imagination and affection of humans.

But our affection for charismatic mini- and megafauna can be applied to more than just skillful marketing.

She had an out-of-vogue affection for masculinity that led her to celebrate some of cinema’s most macho filmmakers.

But you should still see this movie if you have any affection for big, bold science fiction at all.

“Conventions appeal to those with some affiliation or affection for that party,” Ladd says.

When I used to walk down the street with my girlfriend, I’d look around nervously before holding her hand or showing any affection.

So today Chloë Grace Moretz showed off her affection for Brooklyn Beckham by sharing a photo of Beckham kissing her head.

The object of the fun-loving legion’s affection carries the same optimism as them.

Bien qu’ils n’appartiennent pas au clade des dinosaures, ces créatures ont marqué l’imaginaire populaire qui retient difficilement son affection pour les énormes masses volantes.

Yet he is never shown treating anybody with anything remotely resembling affection or appreciation.

But even Superwoman showers her son in affection.

The world is on your emotional wavelength today, which certainly isn’t a bad way to spend a day that’s all about affection.

Above all, it was for real love and affection.

Either way, they probably never received much fatherly affection.

We will never tire of your gushy public displays of love and affection.

Though, make no mistake, Solomon’s fandom has always been rooted in something deeper than an affection for her danceable beats.

The new moon on the 6th illuminates a scorching-hot prospect — or gives you the courage to go there with the object of your affection.

A smattering of the men who will vie for the affection of JoJo Fletcher are unlike many of the contestants we’ve seen before.

One of the men wins back her affection by complimenting.

All well and good as long as we’re all respecting the privacy of the objects of our affection (cough, nude photo leak, cough).

“Conventions appeal to those with some affiliation or affection for that party,” Ladd says.

It’s an affection that infuses his politics even today.

That yearbook reference was “Renate Alum” was intended to show affection in that she was one of us.

And while their exchanges are often swollen with swear words, the delivery carries genuine affection.

Make time today to reflect on whether you’re getting the attention and affection you want—and if you’re not, ask for it!

The city’s affection for the smoother side of the industry has a strong local heartbeat.

Something that says “I’m wagging my finger at you, but lightheartedly and with affection.”

To feel the affection of another?

But Trump’s affection for the former KGB officer — not generally a figure of great appeal to Americans — also spread to his supporters.

But Trump’s affection for the former KGB officer — not generally a figure of great appeal to Americans — also spread to his supporters.

Either Jenner’s a good actress (doubtful) or these two share some affection.

Per a source with knowledge, Trump has never had much affection for Coats.

There really is no greater show of affection.

And, of course, we aren’t alone in our affection for the brew.

“I guess his backstory has a lot to do with wanting his father’s affection and love.

Instead of the classic best-friend necklace, the young celebrity crowd is expressing affection with tattoos — yes, the permanent kind.

ACT returned his affection: In 2016, Pompeo received the organization’s National Security Eagle Award, its highest honor.

Faceless figures fill each photograph, colliding with each in embraces of affection and clashes of angst—it’s not entirely clear which.

affection for this product, sold in the thick of the holiday season, seems hardwired into America’s arteries.

Once they finish work this evening, it’s likely they’d appreciate some physical affection.

“That’s the main line to affection, I find.”

They may even have to avoid affection from a partner who may have accidentally eaten a forbidden ingredient.”

His constituents’ newfound affection for far-right populism, after a traumatic encounter with refugees, is a hard reality — but also a well-worn cliché.

I have great respect and affection for my friend, President Xi, but I have made clear our trade imbalance is just not acceptable.

We want the unity of hope, affection, and high purpose.”

His enthusiasm is boundless, his affection more generous than some can handle, and his khakis taller than most people.

“We’re all aware in this country of the president’s affection and respect for the military.

We know that whoever got second place lost Fletcher’s affection with one mistake.

I find it hard to internalize this event because it came from someone I held so much affection for.

For those who don’t understand your affection for your newly caught Pikachu.

But it’s funny in its very dry sort of way, and it brims with Akhavan and Riley’s deep affection for their characters.

The classic ’90s movie turned 20 this past Sunday, and Trachtenberg wanted everyone to know she still feels affection for her first film role.

Which only stoked the flames of affection in Victoria’s heart.

What’s personally concerning for me is Duggan’s seeming inability to differentiate sexual harassment from emotional affinity or affection in her own field.

We want the unity of hope, affection, and high purpose.”

Who needs companionship, romance, love, and affection when you can bite through three centimetres of hot buttered wheat and a smear of strawberry ooze?

And it’s clear he loves and has had a lot of fun getting positive affection at these rallies.

It’s this physical communication—tactile affection and gentle bruising—that is missing in the way we have come to characterise young men in nightclubs.

People will be hungry for attention and affection; watch out for obsessive or manipulative energy.

Seeing as Turner has a visible affection with the Batman series, it’s difficult not to imagine him thinking about the Bruce Wayne character.

He explains his affection for the Dosawaffle, a brunch menu staple that presses tangy dosa batter into the shape of a Belgian waffle.

I have a lot of affection for that.

His judgment of friends and evaluations of others, flippant at times, masked a desire for more affection and love, more idealized relationships.

But this isn’t the first time the notorious are-they-or-aren’t-they couple made us swoon with their public displays of affection.

So we discovered we had a mutual affection for puns that bordered on sort of torture to those around us.

Richie is being dragged for being the object of affection from Bieber.

ROMAN PATIENT: I’ve shown it some affection, yes.

Intimacy at Yossi Milo Gallery unites a diverse assembly of artists tracing the outline of affection from the 1980s to present day.

The exhibition unites a diverse assembly of artists tracing the outline of affection from the 1980s to present day.

And is the only proper term of affection for your significant other “Mother”, as favored by Vice-President Pence?

Looked like they were both into the show of affection — although Ryan wasn’t the one with his ass in the air.

These songs don’t beg for your affection; they let you come to them.

When a team wins you a bet, it’s natural that you develop an affection for them.

And that’s what I mean when I say he has affection for presidential power.

Humans often show their affection for others by hugging and cuddling them.

Naturally, in his pursuit of Annette, Sebastian falls madly and earnestly in love and chooses to embrace his newfound affection over his stepsister.

Such is the concept Newcastle’s Eat Fast wrap their heads around on their new track “Public Display of affection“.

“Public Display Of affection” comes out on November 2 via Weekend Denim.

Trump’s well-documented affection for Moscow could also destabilize global politics.

It sounds innocent enough, family and playmates showing one another affection.

These dogs don’t receive any affection, exercise or proper veterinary care,” according to the ASPCA website.

I might still hold some affection the eternal damp of a British weekender, but a two-day festival in a parking lot in October?

And candidates from both parties typically pledge their support for Israel and attempt to demonstrate their personal affection for the country.

“He also says that the affection towards the weapon is “as close to love as maybe Negan will ever have.”

One thing’s for sure — these two aren’t shy about showing affection in public … as seen here, here and here.

They are tightly wound, tightly edited blasts of comedy drawn from a Tarantino-like affection for films and filmmakers of the past.

Now he’s getting public displays of affection and declarations of love.

And it’s not just liberal affection Cohen is after, it’s their money as well.

(Hell, host and producer Jimmy Kimmel’s obvious affection for Lear even made me like Kimmel at least a little bit more.)

The reach he had, and the love for those around him—particularly his family—inspired a deep affection the world over.

Famously, Kavanaugh repeatedly expressed his affection for beer throughout his testimony.

The Nixons were from California, so their continued affection for citrus was only natural.

Louis-Jean-François Lagrenée’s “Maternal affection” (1773) went on display at the National Gallery in London.

Men like public displays of affection more regularly, which sounds romantic but isn’t.

I’ve always loved them, but my affection grew significantly when I hit legal drinking age.

“Eros” denotes passion and desire, “ludus” refers to flirtatious, playful affection, and “storgē” describes familial or companionate bonds of care.

You may even realize that the boy of your dreams in the early aughts will never deserve the love and affection of Rory Gilmore.

French Montana is himself no stranger to showing public affection on social media.

It’s easy to blame her stepdad, who has trouble expressing affection for anything other than his cat, Bonkerz.

You’ll feel a strong need for attention and affection.

Albani also believes that when parents prevent their children from accepting affection from non-immediate family members, it can blur boundaries instead of clarifying them.

When this happens, children may become confused about the “right” ways to show their affection.

His affection for Nakhichevan’s artifacts was not confined to Christian sites: Ayvazyan also surveyed the region’s seven Islamic mausoleums and 27 mosques.

Neuroscientists and psychologists have discovered that one of the most healing balms for this tangle of nerves is physical affection, like a hug.

The King’s bond with Willie is weakening, though, so he offers shackles beside him as a sign of affection.

There are critical moments in the gaze of my affection.

A lot of my affection for these two comes from their constant undercutting of the people around them.

In addition, issues concerning sex, affection, fun, and creative expression are huge in your life right now, with Mars reentering Scorpio.

Many of her fans turned to Twitter to show their affection, as she continues to deal with the emotional aftermath of her robbery.

Obama, who defeated McCain in 2008, has shown a public affection for the senator for years.

Jennifer Lopez still has affection for ex-BF Casper Smart, but she’s sure making him feel bad.

All in all, it’s a moving portrait of family affection and dysfunction, landing on Amazon just in time for Thanksgiving.

When that device can’t return the affection, there’s a sense of frustration and un-fulfillment.

Compatibility and mutual affection weren’t a priority.

But Cherry casually pontificates that Yusaf is still living in some degree of self-denial, and that his affection for trans women symbolizes that.

However, we are left to wonder whether Michiganers should be concerned to discover their state’s deep affection for Dexter.

It’s the same with Tom, so it’s like a familiar kind of affection.

His honeyed lilt sweetens dancehall macho with gentle affection and melodic cheer.

But if you’re a truly devoted PSL fan, you’ll want to wear your affection for the drink on your face.

The two companies are essentially leveraging the credibility of beloved characters and the universal affection for them to get children to try healthier foods.

At best, a nickname is a mark of affection.

There was a mutual affection and respect there.”

It’s fascinating that one family can simultaneously inspire so much vitriol and affection.

The Moon opposes Venus at 12:58 PM, finding us craving affection, and creativity flows as the Moon mingles with Neptune at 2:30 PM.

But I have a certain affection for their studio counterparts, which are carefully constructed and sequenced for maximum impact.

Also tenderly coupled, the artists show off not only their junk, but their mutual affection.

Others with more affection for the franchise have suggested it worked really well for them.

Instead of telling your sweetie that you want more affection, be more affectionate.

They had this wonderful affection for each other and appreciation for each other.

This is particularly so given the intense affection the play inspires among its fans.

Whose material excellencies and atonements capture my affection and instinct best?

She renders two tangled sets of legs with such a gentle touch she recalls the affection with which Arshile Gorky painted his mother.

“By the end we were all tired of it,” Derni says with more affection than irritation.

Unafraid of her feelings, she is able infuse the raucous and disorderly with exhilarating doses of affection.

That means that there are countless people around the world working to spread love, kindness, and affection.

Others don’t want to be seen as prudes, or as jealous if they are not the objects of affection.

But our judges could not be swayed in their affection for this stuff.

“I just have this affection for the breakfast sandwich,” he says.

But Trump would soon come to resent Comey’s disinterest in winning his affection.

It would be revolutionary to show 25 fame-hungry bachelors or bachelorettes vying for the affection of a disabled love interest on primetime.

From his introduction, Peter has a strong understanding of the kinds of affection and interactions that go into building a healthy romantic relationship.

The Moon opposes Venus at 6:42 PM, finding us in an indulgent mood and craving affection.

I was torn between genuine human affection and a self-preservation instinct that’s been a part of me since I was a child.

This evening, you and your partners are craving love and affection.

Venus is all about affection, and Pluto’s job is to go deep, making this a potent time for intimacy.

The only people who say this, or have an affection toward those dreadful years, are the sad souls who peaked in high school.

In a time of constant darkness, it’s nice to embrace a little over-the-top affection and mysterious bodice-ripping.

How can mutual, consensual expression of desire and affection be wrong?

“Conventions appeal to those with some affiliation or affection for that party,” Ladd says.

Our affection for Shannon Purser, who plays Barb on Stranger Things, is no secret.

Today it’s not just legal for same-sex couples to express their affection in public; it’s also much more socially acceptable.

[…] I have a real affection to this experience that we’re all having.

The exes hit up multiple parties Saturday night and were not shy about showing affection toward each other.

“I can’t say I love every new word I come across,” she says, “but I have true affection for new words generally.

Just understated moments of displaying genuine affection and platonic love – grappling for a small way to show someone you’re thinking about them.

Despite the Emmys’ ongoing affection for Transparent and its actors, this is Hahn’s first individual nomination, and it’s a welcome relief.

“—if the object of her affection were offstage.

But that is not to say I never feel a weird little pang of affection for the UK at other times.

Her husband Hugh—in very male fashion—buries himself in his work and doesn’t provide affection.

Trump seems to want to pick people for jobs based in part on how much affection they’ve shown for him.

So is our affection for the conspiracies, the paranormal activities, and the overarching mythology.

We’ve found unique ways to show each other affection.

Beyond just having a close friendship, we’ve also come up with creative and very personal ways to show each other love and affection.

As the documentary opens, their previously fractious relationship has clearly smoothed out into affection, even when it takes the form of affectionate bickering.

We can only imagine what it’s like to be on the receiving end of Kate Beckinsale’s affection.

Riders petting or stroking or otherwise showing affection.

So it’s a little out of the ordinary to see such public displays of affection from the family.

They’ll withhold affection, criticize everything about your ideas and appearance, and complain—a lot.

They gossip about students, too, though usually with affection or bewilderment as opposed to contempt.

Most people adopting a dog expect furry affection and bright-eyed companionship.

These studies show the brain chemical plays a role in the interplay of affection and receptivity between the two species.

Khaled’s very public affection for his son is well-known.

He didn’t have much affection for the people he had killed off.

And, of course, North Koreans still have a lot of affection for him.

It was so much fun, we’re heading back to the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly affection.

So there’s no affection, as such?Well, it pains me to say it, but no.

Oh, and they won’t let a little thing like the president of the United States get between them and a little affection.

I like to think that they show affection and that Khaleesi’s actually watching TV with me.

“There was no confirmation of a relationship, no public displays of affection.

But this enabled me to develop a pure affection for the franchise, not one based on nostalgia or romanticism—I just genuinely dug it.

Venus loves attention and affection; with this challenge to Uranus, you could feel some jealousy or some weepy vibes in the air.

In the wake of I. Gonzalez didn’t release another note till October 2015 when he dropped “affection,” the perfect sad-swoon follow-up.

Given the affection we feel for him by that point, it’s a little shocking.

In particular, support for Trump is characterized more by out-group hatred than by in-group affection.

Republican Party approval, on the other hand, is best explained by affection towards the groups who actually vote for Republican candidates.

But why would you have what appears to be a personal affection for an authoritarian leader?

About a bajillion years ago (over the summer) we premiered “School of Grand affection” lifted from the Birmingham band’s current album, Mothers.

“Something I learned late in life is, I have a ton of affection for Nintendo,” Robinson said.

This song is smooth, happy, and full of affection, with a simple singalong chorus to groove to.

It becomes clear that Chuck’s affection for Blair is supposed to make up for the actions he committed in the pilot.

But humans have yet to escape our deep, animal need for love, affection, and attention.I suppose I agree with Abdul-Jabbar in some ways.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Caitlyn Jenner were almost cheek-to-cheek Wednesday night at an event, proclaiming their undying affection for each other.

However, something tells me I could have deduced Stone’s affection for The Bachelor long ago.

It seems Qianlong had genuine affection for Chongqing, demonstrated through their constant interactions and his spectacular gifts, which fill the museum’s galleries.

I do not claim to love-hate her in that equivocating way that reality TV viewers sometimes declare affection.

It’s not affection.

“Even concrete birds do not owe you affection, Nigel,” one Twitter user said.

One of these who I recall with great affection was Capt.

It looks like their affection hasn’t changed a bit … even though her hair color has.

Dany has only a foothold, but she literally reaches out to touch the country with her hand, which Podeswa shoots with great affection.

We are not worthy of their endless affection.

Some are even declaring that Kanye’s show of affection is changing the way they see romance.

Some of country music’s biggest stars shared their affection for Alan.

No, if men want to express affection towards one another, there’s only one way to do it: with beef.

I knew that whatever I told would be done with affection, even if it made me wince a little to record it.

Tribal affection for rasgulla runs deep along state lines.

Capone, for his part, was enchanted with her and demonstrated his affection with sweet talk.

Clients seek validation, affection, approval, and release.

Craving the approval and affection we’re never going to get?

The term “love-marriage” was coined to describe those revolutionary couples who bucked tradition and married for the sake of mutual affection.

Trump has in the past expressed affection for government-run systems that provide universal coverage.

What was the cause of all this unexpected affection?

It is quite another for the audience to infer affection and leave them guessing.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, many people are plotting displays of affection for their significant others.

Del Toro’s name is almost synonymous with a kind of monster-haunted gothic horror that’s often tinged with affection, magic, and even romance.

One is that Donald Trump has a curious and wrongheaded affection for the present government of Russia and its foreign policy.

And by that, we’re referring to the gifts people give to symbolize their affection.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik aren’t the only celebrity couple that show their affection through fashion choices.

After the outporing of affection for Eva, her dad took to Twitter to thank her fans.

Theirs is a self-interested kind of affection, of course, founded on completely different motivations.

It appears to be a symbol to declare her love and affection to the prince she loves.

Crucial to the band’s success is its members’ ability to directly communicate their love and affection to fans.

The show of affection with Khalifa sure looked like the real thing.

It looks like distance isn’t stopping this happy couple from basking in each other’s affection.

It’s the job of fan sites to gas up the object of their affection.

“Yes!” I laugh, from atop my tower of mild Peeta affection.

“When I saw her, it was a genuine expression of affection,” he told People.

I’ve learned not to hold hands or display affection in certain neighborhoods because of it.

Max sees Duke as a threat for Katie’s affection and feels none of the brother-brother relationship that Katie projects onto them.

Unlike other celeb couples, they’re not flaunting their affection on red carpets or heading to the club together.

Our flaws don’t make us unworthy of love or affection.

In a society where the primary routes to wealth are inheritance and marriage, marriages become more about strategy than about mutual affection.

“Thanks to the great affection of the medical team at the American hospital of Paris, I am travelling home soon.”

2) It also features horns—a good or a bad thing, depending on your affection toward tooting brass.

But as far as Pell is concerned, affection does not a couple make.

Rob Kardashian apparently likes his women wild, because he couldn’t wait to show his affection for the freshly freed Blac Chyna.

), Kedi may be a tougher sit for you than it will be for those who bear great affection for the animals.

The exchange is a demonstration of the two’s growing affection.

To the end, an unflinching optimism — the source of both affection and gentle derision from those who know him — shone through.

Dawn thanked fans for their “kindness and affection.”

It has to come from a place of honest respect and affection.

How did that guy or gal win your affection?

We certainly didn’t lack love or affection.

In typical teenage rhetoric, the girls exchange affection masquerading as insults.

It’s certainly made with a certain degree of love and affection that marks it as the work of talented people.

Those bonds of affection; that common creed.

I haven’t been back there since, but my affection for the most mercurial of family-friendly pets remains the same.

This was an Alien 3 that demanded time, attention and affection.

Everyone knows that splitting with a lover means losing a huge source of physical affection, intimacy, and mutual care.

Counterintuitively, the best way to do this may be to embrace your anger, rather than indulging in bittersweet feelings of tenderness and affection.

Kilgallen’s affection for how and why things are made is a reflection of her own practice.

We also have ideas about what makes something “good” that either informs this affection, or justifies after the fact.

And it’s not totally clear it’s a term of affection.

Her illustrations depict different types of affection and feelings that only certain languages can accurately describe.

Even the poor quality of the game’s servers and buggy coding can’t stop true affection or a sense of togetherness.

begging for affection from anyone while indian summer rain races towards wet earth,feeling the wilderness of your fades,to midnight,to three.

He offered them affection, or promised to boost their future careers.

Rainer’s earned Paige’s affection.

He offered them affection, or promised to boost their future careers.

@gomezdailyupdates is another account lucky enough to be noticed by the object of her affection.

It was a contract, sealed and consummated to benefit both families regardless of affection.

But they indicate the film’s overall affection for both its characters and its universe as well as anything else.

Still others love being showered with gifts, affection, and love from the person that cares most about them in the world.

Because of all the sweat, blood, miles, and emotions attached to those shoes, it’s more than just casual affection.

So when someone swoops in with a perfect, minimal-contact way to win over the object of your affection, we take notice.

(Note: The gushiest guy doesn’t always win the affection of their leading lady.

Things get even more romantic for Dev and the object of his affection when they head to a museum in Upstate New York.

One minute, we’re dying for closeness and affection, the next, we can’t get far enough away.

Anyone who tries to love me would be serving out a life without affection.

Those languages are gift giving, words of affirmation, physical affection, acts of service, and quality time.

There’s a lot of affection, but there’s plenty of pain in the title, which he keeps coming back to in the chorus.

But just in general there’s a strong affection for just about anything cute and/or fuzzy.

This photo, taken in 1993, is proof: Flash-forward two decades later, and Biden’s affection for sugary confections has sparked a slew of memes.

He’s nameless for now, but the woman desperately trying to gain his affection is Tracy.

Cars is an absolutely fine movie, and it has a sweet affection for small-town, forgotten life by way of Radiator Springs.

One wonders if the film’s affection for its characters is mixed with a tinge of judgment: Why didn’t they do more?

The shots were lensed by photographer Will Vendramini, who shot the images with the issue’s theme of “affection” in mind.

Her post also includes photos of said brother, along with images of his Snapchat exchanges with the object of his affection.

They were walking Miles’ dogs and eventually parted ways, but not before showing their affection for each other.

Lucious and Cookie, in awe of the couple’s affection and happiness, are inspired to build a better relationship.

That show of sisterly affection earned Hyland’s tweet more than 3,000 likes, as well as this sweet response from Winter herself.

While tonight was Gwake’s first televised smooch, it was hardly their first televised exchange of affection.

We can’t wait to see whatever other public displays of affection the couple decides to bestow upon us.

Chris deals with her newfound infatuation by writing letters about the object of her ardent affection.

Create some kindness in the world and share some affection.

It aimed to preserve to the 2014 Same-Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act, which punishes same-sex unions or public displays of affection with lengthy prison sentences.

This only made me crave his affection all the more.

Our perception of this woman rests almost solely on the prism of Picasso’s gaze and, later, his cooling affection for her.

“I have a lot of affection for Televisa,” Del Castillo said.

Almost every rally-goer I interviewed admitted to struggling with how to square their personal affection for Sanders with his Clinton endorsement.

But in the enterprise space, everything comes down sales relationships — so winning the affection of Salesforce may prove meaningful for TalkIQ.

For as much as I loved season one, UnReal’s scattered, troubled second season killed a lot of that affection.

But the Selenators are a little weirded out by the affection, and called her out on it.

Even though their love is forced into privacy due to societal stigmas, the two share a great affection for one another.

Remember that time Niall Horan tweeted his love and affection for fellow “firework” Katy Perry?

And, like Thanksgiving, Doughnut Day actually commemorates a historical event, rather than just a national affection for iced pastries.

Kitty, in fact, is able to love and provide affection to 3 million people, and can effectively manage the bureaucratic aspects of government.

It soon becomes clear that he’ll be Holly’s next object of affection… and she’ll likely ruin his life as well.

His affection for his bird contradicts his tendency for violence.

It was the first time the friends showed any level of romantic affection, but likely not the first time their offscreen alter-egos did.

The affection I feel for these moms extends to their kids — I love them as a matter of course.

Yet despite its hurdles to achieving greatness, Microsoft Paint has inspired overwhelming affection in the many who have dabbled in the rudimentary software.

Grande was clearly touched by Miller’s display of affection, because she quickly slid into his comments to gush accordingly.

Not surprisingly, humans respond positively to such unrequited affection, assistance and loyalty.

But, according to another very telling quote from the new trailer, Kylie thrives the most when she is the object of affection — and obsession.

He offered young girls money, promised lofty careers and affection in exchange for sexual favors.

There’s definitely genuine affection there.

Yours sincerely, Louis Some One Direction fans view this affection as an obvious sign of more than friendship.

We would be so much better at all kinds of relationships—better at verbal communication, non-sexual physical affection.

I feel a wave of affection wash over me, and then I feel a little angry.

I have this real affection for older actresses.

They will reciprocate their affection by slamming their face into your neat cocaine piles, as is written in the bible.

At one point, he sells the only real advantage he has, his horse, in order to make a grand gesture for Laurey’s affection.

The familial feelings of affection are mutual, too.

It’s easy to see his affection for the city, but some of his images evince a coldness and confusion toward its inhabitants.

It’s possible these two are just very close, and their affection was mistaken for romance.

“I have offered countless handshakes, hugs, expressions of affection, support and comfort.

It’s not affection.

It is recorded that he also spent time with lepers and other people deemed “unworthy” of the general public’s love and affection.

“Explains my affection for places like London and Seattle,” he says.

In the clip, viewers first glimpse a moment of affection between TheWeeknd and Selena Gomez.

James Armistead then took the name of his friend out of affection and gratitude.

“I am here to give affection, security and friendship,” she said.

Neither Trump nor Cruz has the endearing affection and respect of the majority of Republicans usually exhibited toward a nominee.

And while they are extremely romantic, they prefer to give and receive physical affection in private.

And whenever the object of my affection has left, I need to catch my breath.

I have nothing but respect, affection and love for CNN.

I keep myself going day after day to make sure that she’s walked, fed, and given affection.

affection for the seasons is, quite possibly, the most fleeting of all love affairs.

DP: I have an affection toward their oddness.

The moon clashes with Venus, and you’re looking for affection, too—send a sweet message!

You were unresponsive to affection or food.

For the warmth, laughter and affection.

I grew up with so much affection in my family, so I have a certain level of comfort with that.

He’s like the quickest guy in the frat, with a mean streak matched only by his fierce affection for those he cares about.

“(as you can see I have a really tough time showing my affection for this human 😉)” she joked at the end.

This explains their shared affection for Donald Trump.

When Venus — the ruler of all things related to love, affection, and attraction — is occulted, our minds turn toward thoughts of true love.

Kelleher won the affection of customers and employees with low fares, good wages and his own high spirits.

You’re grappling with material that’s upsetting, but also the guilty party was someone I knew and had some affection for.

Le Pen has a history of ties to Russia and affection for its strongman leader.

“We didn’t learn affection,” she says.

Now, fans know which show is the apple of Murphy’s eye — and which one he holds the least amount of affection for.

Betty needed competition for Archie’s affection, and that’s what Veronica provided.

It might appear that he’s doing it out of love and affection.

“It’s the same affection one might have in the US for wondrous natural elements such as sequia trees or redwoods.

He and his brothers beam at each other, radiating genuine affection.

“My documentaries are expressions of love and affection for something that I want to share with the world …

Meehan, 62, said that he told his much younger former aide, over ice cream, that he had developed a deep affection for her.

Meehan, 62, said that he told his much younger former aide, over ice cream, that he had developed a deep affection for her.

He refused to mince words, fudge facts, or make plays for the affection of his audience.

Peter Kraus, a steely-eyed personal trainer from Wisconsin, was the frontrunner for Lindsay’s affection on The Bachelorette.

Almost immediately, Bonheur and Micas felt a strong affection toward one another, and they eventually decided to spend their lives together.

“Give your girl the space to decide when and how she wants to show affection,” the posts says.

Throughout an increasingly bizarre election, Trump’s affection for validation has been one of the few constants — and a predictable one at that.

It isn’t the first time the two have shown major affection on Instagram.

Though passion may have strained, it must not break the bonds of our affection.

The moon in Leo opposes Venus at 5:27 AM and we’re craving affection.

“Your affection for some people doesn’t always just disappear,” Youree says.

Developing an affection for a character is a beautiful thing, and one of the reasons that movies, TV, and pop culture are so special.

The two strolled in matching hoop earrings and T-shirts, and weren’t shy about showing their affection.

–Gerry Conway “Dear 25-year-old, you’re strong, capable, magical, beautiful inside, outside, and worthy of affection, worthy of people’s best.

Like he was doing something mechanical, devoid of any meaning or affection,” H.P.

Even a crude moment like this can be heartwarming when it evinces such affection.

Just compare hanging out at a candy shop to the many public displays of affection that were happening on various beaches in 2011.

She is someone I have great affection for.”

In response, she sends back a letter of thanks, filled with affection that Philip can’t repeat to the men on board.

Fattahi, Kaprealian, and al-Beik’s films are animated by a rage and an affection that will take them somewhere unpredictable, but definitively worth watching.

“Callie [Khouri’s] dialogue stoked a seduction where the characters actually talked to each other, with humor, affection and interest,” Aikman wrote.

Plenty of affection is coming your way!

Rowling relayed the story of of Dumbledore’s affection for Grindelwald in Carnegie Hall over ten years ago to huge applause.

There’s a casual, effortless affection between them.

“In Lebanon, love and affection are expressed through food, and this idea of sharing a meal with loved ones.

Nicki almost immediately responded to Em’s playful display of desired affection on Twitter, saying … “LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

This might be the origin of the “fake” accusations — Krystal uses a speech affection when she’s on camera.

“My Black is expression at the highest degree of love, affection, and what I feel is me at the time,” she told Essence.

Clad in demure, almost virginal, white, Victoria has her hand around the Prince of Wales, in a gesture of motherly affection.

Unfortunately, the nickname has nothing to do with an affection for Zorro (though that would be fun).

It’s also nearly universal that physical affection, in gestures large and small, is part of intimate partnerships.

To put it briefly, Luyendyk’s love language is almost definitely Physical affection — guy loves to make out.

In our straight-focused society, people who see affection between women often assume sisterhood or friendship before they assume romance.

You had your own sort of way about showing love and affection, though.

And love and affection aside, you were super fun.

“This is being fairly picky but: working too much, being quite cold with affection, and not being able to cook, lol.”

Perhaps, in a cruel turn, a new girl in town causes Mike’s affection to wander.

People are craving affection, but insecurity is also in the air (Neptune is the planet of fantasy and delusion).

Seeing Robertson portrayed as the antihero, he claimed, soured his affection for her.

He wants Bonnie’s affection as badly as Forky doesn’t want it.

Gabby Gabby’s obsession with affection isn’t that different from Woody’s.

Most people look back on the act with affection and, probably, a little embarrassment.

She took issue with his lack of warmth; Galavis wasn’t very expressive with his affection.

What I am is freaking out and shook and really craving the attention, love, and affection of someone.

Do words do the trick or would I prefer for someone to put some actions and affection to their ‘I love you’?

For example, if you have Venus, planet of love and affection, in Aquarius, you might act a little aloof around your crush.

I need affection to survive, I really do.”

Chic clearly doesn’t want to share Alice’s affection with anyone and seems like Betty is the last one in his way.

The rhetoric has also massively shifted from words of war to words of affection.

I immediately turn into a six-year-old girl who jumps for joy when her big brother shows affection.

Maybe the real problem is that any affection I might feel for another man would always be shared, at least in some way.

Following the outpouring of affection for Avicii expressed over the past couple of days, the singer’s family released a statement of gratitude.

Maybe, you feel a great affection for her because she was a big part of your young life.

We hope affection in a sentence examples were helpful.