Affected in a sentence | Use of the word affected examples

It’s not yet clear how many prisoners will be affected.

It was not immediately clear to what extent drilling operations there had been affected.

I think that’s more affected the immigration side of things.

France is more affected by climate-related phenomena, and people are getting ready for that.

The attacks we’ve seen in the last two years have also affected people’s mentalities and pushed them toward preparation.

The current electoral period hasn’t affected sales here, at least not yet.

But being swarmed by corruption allegations for more than a year hasn’t affected Lula’s popularity.

But being swarmed by corruption allegations for more than a year hasn’t affected Lula’s popularity.

The majority of people affected saw their personal information like names, physical and email addresses, and passport numbers compromised.

The majority of people affected saw their personal information like names, physical and email addresses, and passport numbers compromised.

Thousands of people across the affected region are homeless, according to the agency.

Third, polls after certain events can be affected by a phenomenon called differential non-response rates, as Jeff Stein explained earlier this year.

And this works in reverse too: The technology sector is strongly affected by larger economic forces.

“Solutions must come from those most directly affected,” she said.

The World Health Organization also demanded immediate unhindered access to the town Tuesday to provide treatment to those affected.

Brazil has been the country most affected.

I know that gun manufacturers do not want their profit margins affected by gun control laws.

With shuddering found-sound samples, droning synthesizers, and affected ambience too spectral to name, the enigmatic musician has made pieces that echo his own seclusion.

If anything in this article has affected you, SubRosa are working with The Trevor Project.

“Morale has been affected,” Sessions told Sen. John Cornyn of Texas during his confirmation hearing.

“And it’s affected the crime rates in Baltimore and the crime rates in Chicago.

Law enforcement officers are one of many groups of people whose lives are affected by public safety policy.

Reuters says its coverage is not affected.

But this success has not affected Duportet’s ego at all.

The Wall Street Journal reported that drugs affected included lung-cancer treatment Xalkori, blood-pressure medication Norvasc, and pain medication Lyrica.

“We are undertaking a review to determine which users have been affected by the breach.”

“We are undertaking a review to determine which users have been affected by the breach.”

Student loan debt cancellation, 43 million Americans who would be affected by my proposal there.

12 million kids who could be affected by child care and universal pre-K for all our 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds.

It really hasn’t negatively affected me that much though; I’m lucky the person I share a name with is generally well-liked.

However, auto sales jumped 1.1 percent last month likely as residents in the affected areas replaced damaged cars.

Sales at building material stores surged 1.0 percent in October, probably boosted by rebuilding efforts in areas affected by Florence. Boeing has set up a $100 million fund to help families and communities affected by two deadly crashes involving its 737 MAX aircraft.

Many of these affected younger folks, Xu said, noting that there was no change in life expectancy at age 65.

“One of a thousand users was affected.”

An Amnesty International account was affected, as well as one from UNICEF, and an information security journalist too.

Before the marchers set off, the crowd heard speeches from a series of student survivors and others affected by gun violence.

The insurgency has killed more than 30,000 people and displaced millions of civilians in affected areas.

The insurgency has killed more than 30,000 people and displaced millions of civilians in affected areas.

But those kinds of comments have never affected me.

They have the luxury of not weighing in, while the people involved — and the millions affected by proxy — do not.

Later, though the judge acknowledged the parents had been “affected by the greatest loss one can experience.”

And Noah, being a person, is deeply affected by witnessing that sort of devastation.

In fact, agriculture will be the sector that’s most affected, according to the United Nations.

In fact, agriculture will be the sector that’s most affected, according to the United Nations.

Earlier Thursday, Microsoft estimated that 27 of its workers — from engineers to sales associates — would be affected by the change to DACA.

An estimated 800,000 government employees have been affected by the shutdown — about 420,000 who are working without pay and another 380,000 on unpaid leave.

Men and women are equally affected, and the majority of users are teenagers or young adults.

It did not disclose how many users were affected.

A technical advisory published on Facebook’s security website said the vulnerability affected both Android and iPhones.

Cyber security experts said the vast majority of WhatsApp users were unlikely to have been affected.

For technical studies like the one proposed here, a technical advisory committee of affected stakeholders to vet study assumptions, scenarios, etc.

It was traumatizing, and it affected our freedom.

GM has found alternative work for 2,900 affected hourly workers.

The UK government is pointing people to Foundation for Peace an organization that supports British residents affected by terrorism.

Not allowing countries or refugees into America is not right, and we must stand with those who are affected.

1000’s of drivers affected – 2/ Any driver who can’t work because of the ban will be compensated for lost earnings.

We’ve covered software, but how have recent tech developments affected companies that work with heavy-duty machinery?

Let everyone who is complaining about Mercury retrograde know that, actually, you’re really the only one affected.

The EU guidelines apply to customers of cartels, indirect customers and final consumers who are affected when cartels passed on price increases to them.

American Airlines and Southwest Airlines, which fly Boeing 737 Max 8 planes, will be affected, as well United, which has Boeing 737 Max 9s.

What parts of me will be affected, doc?

Keeping all affected in my thoughts & prayers.

At @TMobile we’re standing by to help federal government employees who are directly affected by the shutdown.

The stakes are high for the estimated 15 percent of the federal workforce whose agencies are affected.

When the resulting data are compiled, the areas enduring less pressure than average appear blue and the most affected parts shine red.

And it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to say whether the hacks affected the outcome of the election.

Many of the people affected by the opioid crisis are in rural, low income, industrial communities.

“(Political parties) need to ensure fiscal sustainability is not too adversely affected.

These places, after all, had become important meeting points for men who have sex with men — the group most affected by the HIV epidemic.

Bangladesh is not among the countries affected by the ban.

The key problem was that people with the worm were submerging affected body parts into the same water sources that other people would drink.

“Having met with the families, having met with the victims, having seen myself what had happened there, it’s affected me deeply,” Sandoval said.

Having met with the families, having met with the victims, having seen myself what had happened there, it’s affected me deeply.

Sir, you talked about how the shooting in your state affected you personally.


It is reported that 1 in 10 Americans are affected by depression at one point in there life.

Are you a worker at a detention center, or do you aid families who have been affected?

In total, almost 50,000 men were affected.

In total, almost 50,000 men were affected.

Here’s what affected users saw when trying to load Facebook’s homepage.

Zuckerberg has vehemently defended the network against such criticism, calling the idea that Facebook affected the election “crazy” at a conference on Thursday.

“There are potentially even more phones affected that we don’t know about yet,” he said.

The music magazine The FADER and the hip-hop blog Pigeons & Planes were affected, as were the websites 2DopeBoyz and Hip Hop n More.

The music magazine The FADER and the hip-hop blog Pigeons & Planes were affected, as were the websites 2DopeBoyz and Hip Hop n More.

The company said the number of those affected was only a “handful” of the company’s 400 employees.

“We were affected by the traffic … I asked who is coming.

Cambridge Analytica disputed Facebook’s estimate of how many users were affected.

So it’s affected a massive part of our lives.

Marriott said it would inform affected guests about the breach, starting Friday, and that it had reported it to law enforcement and regulatory authorities.

Without such plans, financial stability could be affected directly — by the impact on the direct provision of financial services — and indirectly — through macroeconomic shocks.”

He didn’t reveal when the breach occurred or how many customers were affected by it.

Shoppers who made purchases at or at Sears stores were not affected by the breach.

These MPs show us passionate support as they know someone being directly affected by the law.”

[Laughs] Brandon, how has fatherhood affected you?

Microsoft, for example, promised on Tuesday to pay for affected employees’ legal counsel.

The question is, was he more affected by the reaction or the right thing to do?

Poetic Research Bureau has organized a more intimate event, focused on just one individual whose future will be drastically affected by the ban.

Tell the story of a friend or family member whose life will be affected by a Trump presidency.

Facebook has contacted the users affected, telling them the contacts were not shared with anyone and that they are now being deleted.

Manufacturers were still affected by power outages.

A source speaking to CNBC said affected users were not limited to the U.S.

T-Mobile blamed a temporary issue with its systems, telling Motherboard that only a small number of people were affected.

affected diesel models include the 2009-2015 Audi A3, the 2009-2015 Beetle, the 2009-2015 Golf, the 2014-2015 Passat, and the 2009-2015 Volkswagen Jetta.

But a much larger area outside the coastal flooding zone will be affected by heavy rain and is at risk of inland flooding.

“We come together as Londoners tonight to remember those who have lost their lives and all those affected by the horrific attack yesterday.

“It’s affected some people way more than others.

And a week later, it’s likely even Democrats will forget how this ad affected them.

And every part of the planet is affected [by humans] at this point, and that’s increasingly going to be true.”

LONDON — Electronics retailer CeX has been hacked, and up to 2 million customers may be affected.

“If I had been made aware of this disclaimer, it would have affected my testimony,” Waranowitz wrote.

The firm is also recommending that affected customers change their passwords if they reused it across multiple accounts and services.

The following Spanish stocks may be affected by newspaper reports and other factors on Monday.

DowDuPont’s agriculture unit, Corteva Agriscience, also could see its U.S. share affected “pro rata based on our current share,” he said.

Of course, Twitter taking more serious action against Jones’s abusers couldn’t have affected their hacking of a totally different website.

Other airports, including Denver International Airport, also said they were affected.

Issue affected other US airports.

She called these people “collaterals,” as in collateral damage, but said it was the first time a DACA recipient has been affected.

These rate-sensitive groups are less likely to be affected by a decline in the dollar as they have a more domestic focus.

CDC issues guidelines for pregnant women who live in and traveled to affected area in a Miami neighborhood.

“In existing phones, which have been pre-loaded, it won’t be affected.

Because many people have short attention spans online, they can easily be affected by information that looks like something it is not.

Because here’s the reality: They won’t be affected by the fallout.

Teachers vowed to extend into next week their already five-day-old strike, which has affected more than 500,000 students statewide.

Even more animals would be affected, since the new requirements apply to any farmer who wants to sell animal products within California.

“It never affected, nothing about my family ever affected any job I ever got,” she said.

According to media reports, the problem affected Target stores across the country.

They find that “super-severe” disasters with 100 or more deaths substantially increase out-migration from affected counties, by nearly 3 percentage points.

“We know from animal studies that the same areas of the brain affected by opioids are affected by food and sex.

I wasn’t scared because I knew I wasn’t going to be affected, but you could see …

African-Americans, who favor the Democratic Party, have been disproportionately affected by felon voter disenfranchisement.

The National Mediation Board told VICE News that their agency is still funded, and employees and contractors are not affected by the shutdown.

Personally, we have a lot of people who were affected by it, close family members, a lot of people who lost jobs.

The very process of making the art is affected by things like austerity.

“5.8 million Syrians are on the move, whether externally or internally … and half of this is children, so children are affected most,” Fore said.

Check out the video above to see how the burdensome requirements for updating IDs have affected two transgender women in the South.

The judge also said 24 relatives could recover for emotional distress from seeing how the bombing affected their loved ones.

Many telecom companies also objected because tech companies like Facebook and Google would not have been affected by the rules.

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai on Tuesday called for wireless carriers to waive bills for customers affected by the storm.

9 federal departments will close, and some non-governmental agencies will be affected.

The Smithsonian Museums will be affected since both programs get their funding from the Department of Interior, according to the data report.

How has that affected you?

Mohammed also believes that therapy is necessary to help restore the trust and self-belief of the girls affected.

Now he works as a recovery specialist and trainer for professionals who work with populations affected by addiction and other mental health issues.

The following Spanish stocks may be affected by newspaper reports and other factors on Thursday.

The posts, made on various websites, were seen by co-workers and adversely affected the flight attendant’s working environment, according to the lawsuit.

The law would have negatively affected the plastic bag manufacturing businesses that would in-turn impact the jobs and livelihoods of their employees.

VICE News went to meet those behind the changes, as well as the people most affected.

Even the government’s own data contradicts its optimistic narrative and shows how severely water services have been affected by the ongoing power outages.

“All Trains affected by this issue are back on the move,” Amtrak posted on Twitter.

The temporary outage, which also affected some commuter trains operated by New Jersey Transit, was causing some residual delays, Amtrak added.

This conflict surfaced in practically every facet of public life, work, and school, where social hierarchies and relationships were affected by this divide.

In fact, taxing supersized returns does not distort investment at all, since investment decisions are not affected by taxes on rents.

We don’t know how boxing really affected Muhammad Ali.

NASA said it did not believe agency missions were jeopardized by the hacking and took immediate action to secure affected servers.

But the $2.4 trillion rate cut in the corporate tax is not affected at all.

Other estimates put the number of affected staffers as high as 12.

The shutdown, which has affected a quarter of the government, including the Commerce Department, has left 800,000 employees furloughed or working without pay.

The model affected is the Mercedes-Benz GLK 220 produced between 2012 and 2015.

LGBT travellers may be affected by legislation passed recently in the states of North Carolina and Mississippi.

Hiring more staff and doubling your fork supply is expensive, and Bang readily admits that the adjustment has affected the restaurant’s bottom line.

Many of the convicts affected by the order are African-Americans or Latinos, two groups that have voted overwhelmingly for Democratic candidates in the past.

And although federal employees are getting hit the hardest, most Americans are affected by the shutdown as well.

It has affected our workplace too.

It has affected our workplace too.

No one disputed the need to provide aid to affected regions as soon as Congress came back into session.

Vodacom Congo also holds 3G and 4G licenses, which are not affected by the order.

It is not clear how many of its 12 million customers have been affected by the April order.

The actions may open the door to possible litigation from affected creditors.

Nine federal departments have been affected by the shutdown, including Homeland Security, Justice, and State.

Aamjiwnaang residents say they have higher rates of cancer, and Gray says her family members have been directly affected.

The people affected by the water crisis in Flint are disproportionately poor and African-American.

I remember wondering why the reporters could not tell us which areas were affected or where the photos they kept showing were taken.

A partial shutdown begins with affected agencies limiting staff to those deemed “essential” to public safety.

For clergy in affected areas of California, wrestling with the problem of evil is part of the job description.

And since black people are more likely to be affected, collateral effects may help perpetuate crime in black communities in particular.

The process of consolidating the pigment layers in the areas affected by the scratches began immediately.

Since 2014, Dawn Astle has been contacted by families of numerous other footballers affected by degenerative brain disease.

The U.S. State Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether U.S. Iran policy might have affected the deal.

The point, according to the researchers, is to inform affected vendors and get any lingering security vulnerabilities fixed.

“When violence is remote — racially, culturally and geographically, ‘we’ have control — we are not affected personally, we can distance ourselves,” Fajardo-Hill writes.

Zika only rarely affected humans before the massive outbreak in Brazil began in 2015.

“We are deeply sorry for the pain we have caused this passenger and her family and to any other customers affected by the incident.”

Younger women were more deeply affected, in some ways, by #MeToo.

In both cases, the Times publicly stated that Greenhouse broke their rules but did not mention if the violation affected her role.

The amount of people affected by this are going to work together to create something new, and it’s going to be great.

How has the Ghost Ship tragedy affected you as a band, particularly as one that’s played a lot of DIY spaces?

They are, in turn, affected by my absence, especially during this special time of year.

The operations of Livent Corp in nearby Argentina were also affected by the rains earlier this year.

Uber declined to say what other countries may be affected.

Some 10,000 products that are traded around the world are now affected by the trade war.

Some 10,000 products that are traded around the world are now affected by the trade war.

Pentagon photos showed that destruction at the base affected every aircraft hangar, including one holding F-22s that was severely damaged.

Deloitte disputed the story, saying “very few” clients were affected” in a statement emailed to Reuters.

The amount, as the department announced yesterday, will be paid in back wages and other monetary relief to over 1,300 affected individuals.

Recent violence in Halifax has disproportionately affected the city’s black community.

So affected countries would be obliged to exact compensation by imposing tariffs or other measures on goods that they import from the United States.

“China’s territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests in the South China Sea shall under no circumstances be affected by those awards.

“pearls and melting brie,” “blonde with affected posture,” “redhead smokes marijuana from wooden pipe”).

The dissatisfaction among Alphabet’s 94,000 employees and tens of thousands contractors has not noticeably affected the company’s share price.

Employers would have grumbled, but at least it would have been crystal clear who was affected.

His paper found 45 species and three subspecies that the current fence has affected this way.

Many were looking for places where they could talk openly and collaborate around the issues that affected them.

This allows the organization to distribute supplies in a timely manner to people in the regions most affected by the event—at least, hypothetically.

But I think the verdict on how the thesis affected a certain subset of political writers is already clear — and it’s not good.

I think Netflix has certainly been affected because of Kevin Spacey and some others.

But both Al-Jayab and Al Hardan came to the US as refugees from countries that would have been affected by a refugee ban.

Until, suddenly, they heard him—because what he said affected them.

Skoda Auto said it had rejected the claims and continued to maintain that owners of affected vehicles did not suffer any damage.

Safe Diesel said it has been collecting demands from more owners of the affected cars.

It added there were 165,000 cars affected by the emissions scandal in the Czech Republic.

“I was wrong, it means a lot to people who were affected by them.

It is also that innocent people who are affected by the sanctions will suffer meaninglessly.

Russian oil pipeline monopoly Transneft put the volume of oil affected at 3 million tonnes, or nearly 22 million barrels.

Davidson says that those who stand to be most affected are small business owners whose month-to-month earnings are dependent on the influx of riders.

It has affected our workplace too.

It has affected our workplace too.

Thomson agrees, saying that she has not seen any other museums nationwide with preexisting programs to support communities affected by drug overdose.

In addition to seeking relief for all those affected, OFCCP is requiring that B&H develop formal hiring and compensation policies.

Cyber security firms and Western governments have warned about Cloudhopper several times since 2017 but have not disclosed the identities of the companies affected.

Facebook similarly did not announce any specific steps to come or the total number of affected employees.

Sudan was being treated for age-related complications that had affected his muscles and bones and also gave him extensive skin wounds.

The transmission of Reuters stories on Tiananmen to other media organizations and to the Reuters website was not affected by the Refinitiv action.

The privacy threats may be pervasive, but not everybody is affected equally: the poor and marginalized get the worst of it.

PM Justin Trudeau has since clarified “that holders of Canadian passports, including dual citizens, will not be affected by the ban.”

On Thursday morning, Valls traveled to Nemours, a town to the southeast of Paris that was particularly affected by the torrential downpour.

But the community most affected by the student debt crisis overall: middle-class minorities.

The data did not include how many visa applications were made by citizens from countries affected by the travel ban.

The current shutdown has not affected three-quarters of the government, including the Department of Defense and the Postal Service, which have secure funding.

Some city government services in the District of Columbia also are affected by the shutdown.

Victoria & I are praying for everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey.

The shutdown has affected some 800,000 federal workers — 420,000 of them forced to work without pay — since Dec. 22.

“What we need to avoid at all costs is an uncontrolled situation in the communities affected,” she said.

An estimated $700 million in aid will be affected by the cutoff.

The shutdown has affected some 800,000 federal workers — 420,000 of them forced to work without pay — since Dec. 22.

Chiang’s cooking style is also affected by the decade he spent training in the south of France.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention predicts 16 million people over the age of 40 will be affected with the disease by 2050.

The social network famously allowed researchers in 2014 to manipulate the News Feed to try and determine how it affected people’s emotions.

“They couldn’t see anything not affected,” she said.

I could also see how it affected patients’ lives, particularly in the neediest and most complicated cases.

More explicit kinds of racism probably affected the policy response as well.

London-based Cambridge Analytica, which has counted U.S. President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign among its clients, disputed Facebook’s estimate of affected users.

The screens on affected phones may not respond correctly to touch or it could react even without being touched, the Cupertino, California-based company said.

Apple said it would service those affected drives.

This was someone she greatly admired and [who] affected all of her philosophy subsequently.

“That’s not a concern at this time,” Wolters said, noting that the radar would not be affected by the S-400 system.

As a show of solidarity to all affected, you’ll see a peace sign in our app.

What kinds of health care might be affected by this rule?

In 1962, members of the military staged a successful coup, which affected all cultural production.

“Ultimately, those who will be most affected by such sanctions would be everyday Venezuelans, already suffering from widespread shortages of food and medicine.”

They won’t hear from the people that every single day are ultimately affected by the decisions they make.

The goods affected include a wide array of electronic devices, in addition to food items, chemicals, and other materials.

The spill also affected biodiversity much further afield as it flowed into the Sweet River, Rio Doce in Portuguese, and eventually to the coast.

The spill also affected biodiversity much further afield as it flowed into the Sweet River, Rio Doce in Portuguese, and eventually to the coast.

At least 22 diplomatic personnel were affected by the unexplained incidents, which have caused hearing loss, dizziness, fatigue and cognitive issues.

Some private U.S. travelers also have been affected.

“Even if you are sitting on your butt in Des Moines working in insurance, you are affected by ag.”

Pipemaker EVRAZ declined to comment on how it has been affected.

“Clearly, my heart goes out to all our kids and their families who were affected,” Bob Nolting, the principal, said in a statement.

“People want to help because everyone knows someone who has been affected by one of these diseases,” he said.

Existing contracts were not affected and ongoing talks might yield a resolution of the issue within days, the Iraqi oil company chief said.

The strawberry industry, meanwhile, is reeling, with thousands of workers affected.

Just did a quick calculation: Memorial Day flood affected ~200 square miles.

And although that was thousands of miles away, it affected conversations right there in Jackson, Mississippi.

Amnesty based its findings on the testimonies of 60 people who were affected by the measures introduced with the state of emergency.

Tupac said the hate that was given to that little infant Latasha affected the entire city of Los Angeles.

The hate that was given to Trayvon Martin affected the entire city of Sanford, Florida.

That hate that was given to Tamir Rice affected the entire city of Cleveland, Ohio.

Yelp isn’t directly affected by the decision, which focused on comparison shopping services rather than review sites like Yelp.

The hate that was given to Michael Brown affected the entire city of Ferguson, [Missouri].

The closure affected an estimated 35,000 students and 8,000 employees.

The affected child had entered Uganda on June 9 through Bwera Border post.

Overall, 53 percent believed fracking has negatively affected the environment, while 45 percent believed it has had a positive effect on the economy.

Chipotle is still recovering from a year-long sales downturn triggered by an E. coli outbreak that affected its restaurants in 14 states.

Trump’s claims that voter fraud affected the election have repeatedly been shot down by fact-checkers and voting officials.

The Defense Department hasn’t been affected by the current shutdown.

Marijuana didn’t affect him the way it affected most other people.

Marijuana didn’t affect him the way it affected most other people.

Her decision has not affected her relationship with DiBella.

None of the three generals were affected by U.S. Treasury sanctions announced on Thursday.

An Interior Ministry spokeswoman said the ban would apply even if any of those affected held diplomatic passports.

South Dakota doesn’t have an income tax, so it’s particularly affected by the Quill decision.

It was the culture I came out in that affected my work, not necessarily my sexual orientation.

She said she sees how addiction has affected many of her neighbors, including former members of the military.

“We’re surrounded by licensed exploration — we’ll still be affected,” he said.

This was potentially very confusing, so it’s worth examining to see how it affected the state’s primary.

Aid agencies have been scrambling to help those affected and are struggling to access hard-to-reach mountain areas.

South Florida Wildlife Center: The group is centering its efforts on animals affected by the storm.

The affected parts “may be susceptible to premature failure or cracks resulting from the improper manufacturing process,” the FAA said.

There are over 40 different countries worldwide that are majority Muslim that are not affected by this order.

Even agencies that are affected never totally close, with workers deemed “essential” still performing their duties.

“In general if taxes go up, I would think the super-premium products will be affected less,” Magliocco said.

Most of the affected countries are in the Middle East and Africa, according to documents seen by Reuters.

Here are some quotes from people affected by the blaze.

Perhaps it was his nights at Studio 54, which fed a drug habit that affected his productivity.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the friends, families and people affected by this unspeakable tragedy.”

If he has been affected what happened in the confirmation hearings, it’s very difficult to assess that effect,” Somin added.

The attack primarily targeted Russia, Ukraine, and Taiwan, but also affected the United Kingdom, Chinese universities, and major companies such as FedEx.

People who work directly in the affected industries will certainly feel effects, but most of us don’t and likely won’t.

Harvey and Irma along with Hurricane Maria affected claims for Texas, Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, a Labor Department official said.

Those Who affected Me is an interactive light installation currently on view at the Gothenburg Museum of Art.

Those Who affected Me is displayed in a mirrored room, “creating a distorted universe where the sculpture is multiplied in infinity.”

Bobeck created the work as a self-portrait, a tribute to those who affected her as touch affects the piece.

affected skin may also change color and become white or pink.”

Some of the areas now most severely affected by vector-borne diseases, including Brazil, Venezuela, and Southern European nations, have recently experienced marked economic downturns.

I get emails every day from people who have been affected by this device.

The experience not only left her jobless with a new baby at home, it “affected every single part of who I am,” she says.

Other manufacturers may be affected, according to Alderson, because Engineer Mode is an app designed by the manufacturer Qualcomm.

And the people most likely to be affected by this?

He said three of five generators were affected and that 18 of 23 states saw power outages — affecting roughly 70 percent of the population.

He said three of five generators were affected and that 18 of 23 states saw power outages — affecting roughly 70 percent of the population.

affected websites included PayPal, the BBC, Etsy, Tumblr, Yelp, The New York Times, Starbucks, Visa, CNN, Spotify, the PlayStation Network, and Airbnb.

His decisions will surely be affected by that thinking.

MEYERS: I agree that the Russians tried to interfere, whether it affected the outcome of the election or not.

One base metals trader said tin supplies to Korea, Japan and some parts of Europe were affected.

That’s affected by policies like a livable minimum wage and the protection of job lands in our region.

All of us feel affected when we play the songs because of where we were when we wrote them and what they mean.

The following Spanish stocks may be affected by newspaper reports and other factors on Friday.

Apart from Syria, the affected countries are Somalia, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Yemen and Libya.

The court has not yet ruled on how much Amazon will have to pay out to customers affected by the practice.

A Facebook spokesman said on Sunday that the company plans to begin telling affected users on Monday.

This was huge, and it affected the rest of the world, and it affected, to some extent, our standing in the world as well.

In reality Hitler had been more severely affected than it at first appeared.

The states most affected would have been those with large numbers of non-citizen residents like Texas, California, New York, Nevada, and Arizona.

The states most affected would have been those with large numbers of non-citizen residents like Texas, California, New York, Nevada, and Arizona.

The affected cars include Dodge, Ram, Chrysler, and Jeep.

“When’s the last time you were affected by a Halloween costume?”

The affected cities include Dallas, Denver, Houston, Miami, Atlanta, Seattle, Washington D.C., Sacramento, Ann Arbor, Bernardsville, NJ, and Brockton, MA.

They analyzed the seven countries the first order affected, and this is what they found: (View an interactive version of the map here.)

has not done anything that we know of to make up for his actions and the way they negatively affected his victims.

John agrees: “I don’t think it’s possible for people playing non-modded to be affected at all.”

People who fail to get the vaccine, the CDC says, should avoid going to the affected areas.

Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Kamala Harris (D-CA), both 2020 presidential hopefuls, asked workers affected by the shutdown to attend.

“The cybersecurity incident has affected millions of consumers, and I have been completely dedicated to making this right,” Smith said in a statement Tuesday.

SB: Because it’s affected all of our lives, it’s gender, it’s power, it’s …

Others sang songs like Oasis’s “Wonderwall,” a reminder of the people of Manchester affected by the last terror attack on UK soil.

Ireland’s Data Protection Commission announced Monday that approximately 10 percent — or 5 million — of the total affected accounts globally were EU-based.

That’s an unfortunate lost opportunity for the individuals affected, but also a potentially game-changing loss to all of society.

The breach may also have impacted third-party services that use Facebook to log users in, with Spotify, Airbnb, and Tinder potentially affected.

“To the best of our knowledge,” Brulte said, delegation staff members were the only people affected.

It deeply affected me.

Under the terms of the deal, announced on Tuesday, the automaker will set aside $10.03 billion to compensate affected US car owners.

Among the affected sites, which included the UK’s information commissioner and, were some prominent Canadian URLs.

Some of these events seem to have affected his relationship with retailers.

“I knew you when you didn’t have any money.” It was weird because some of them get affected.

Sadock says arousal—getting either hard or wet and then being physically responsive during sex—is not generally what’s affected.

Sessions has tasked Congress with devising a solution for those affected by the change.

[…] I became fascinated with that, and it has very much affected my art in general, and specifically this series.

Modeling which parts of the world will be affected by mosquitos is tricky, in part because lots of factors affect their spread.

Along with Dennis Nance, curator at the Galveston Art Center, she is assembling a list of artists affected by the storm.

First time homebuyers aren’t the only ones being affected by Vancouver’s housing crisis.

“Hundreds of thousands of children need immediate help,” she said, estimating 1.7 million people were affected by the storm.

That photograph truly affected me.

Large parts of Beira lacked running water, but everyone affected was getting 20 liters of water for washing, cooking and drinking.

“We anticipate the offshore lobster industry will be affected to the tune of about $10 million per year,” Vanasse told NPR.

“On top of that, one of most affected industries is going to be the Atlantic red crab industry.

It affected the industry across the board — even the president’s former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, lost millions after amassing around 30 medallions.

So it affected how we ran the restaurant.”

Five hundred borough workstations and 120 out of 150 servers were affected.

And the announcement leaves many, many details unspecified, including plans to shut down fossil fuel plants and transition plans for affected communities.

The UCLA team has since published an update, though it has not significantly affected the original conclusions.

You’ve already been affected by San Francisco.

But some consumer items will be affected, a Reuters analysis showed.

The practice devastated the jungle’s ecosystem, destroyed food crops of the rural communities, and affected the health of those exposed.

It quickly affected website traffic for smaller media outlets.

Mental illness is something that has affected people close to me, and it’s something that I care about.

Regardless of the motive, women’s lives can be profoundly affected by female rejuvenation surgeries.

NationBuilder is trying to regain access to Facebook event RSVPs, the only data it uses that is affected by the new policy, said Cowan-Brown.

Most of these hurricanes affected multiple states, but we’ve placed the dots below where the storm struck at the peak of its power.

During the game, several checks were handed out to families affected by the fires — and also to the Borderline Bar to help rebuild.

We have taken action to protect users against an email spam campaign impersonating Google Docs, which affected fewer than 0.1% of Gmail users.

Japan Airlines said two 737 jets in its fleet had engines with affected fan blades and inspections were due to be completed on Wednesday.

Not all airlines operating 737s are affected.

The pricing was likely affected by last year’s Van Gogh painting, “Labourer dans un champ” (1889), which sold for $81.3 million.

His account was affected along with that of Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, a spokeswoman said.

However, women’s rights activists say the scale of the issue is actually wider, for several reasons, including underreporting by affected families.

On the other hand, we need to consider the impact of the announcement on the affected persons with HIV,” Gan told Parliament.

Every aspect of my life was affected.

The Trump administration has reportedly assured Cook that the iPhone won’t be affected by tariffs.

On June 14, Ohio sought to be declared a similar disaster area, in order to make assistance available to affected farmers.

Google declined to comment on whether Breitbart would be affected.

Needless to say, another storm — especially one impacting Louisiana, parts of which were affected by Harvey — is not good news.

It has affected our workplace too.

I also think the war on drugs has disproportionately affected our African-American community.

On the latest Recode Decode, the CEO reflects on how the diversity debate sparked by James Damore’s memo affected her personally.

There’s no official or think tank estimate of how many people would be affected by the current bill.

Air traffic control will not be affected, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

That version was much less generous than the current version; it would have affected about 1.5 million immigrants.

The water will be sprayed from an unprecedented height of 100 meters (300 feet) over the worst affected districts of the city.

Regulations allowing US commercial flights and cruise ships to travel to Cuba will not be affected.

Government holdings will also be affected as 40 state-run companies have public shareholdings of less than 35%.

It’s unclear how many people will be affected by the repayment measure.

That lack of enthusiasm has ultimately affected our movement’s progression and the tenacity of its leaders.

Men who have sex with men continue to be the group most severely affected by HIV in the United States.

In many cases, children affected by conflict are already living in some of the most vulnerable countries in the world.

I know a lot of people who have been affected.

If a user was affected by the data breach, they’ll see a message detailing which website or app took their information.

Law enforcement officers are one of many groups of people whose lives are affected by public safety policy.

“We are all affected.”

The color relationships, the texture relationships, the way elements interact with each other—it affected me emotionally.

He listed current injustices and asked for audience members to fall when they felt than an issue personally affected them.

The suspension has not affected Vodacom Congo’s 3G or 4G licences in Congo.

Leaving corporate America has significantly affected our family in a good way.

Leaving corporate America has significantly affected our family in a good way.

Ghappour writes that affected countries may also take counter-measures against the US, and that operations may result in diplomatic fallout.

What about other patients in the areas that are still affected by flooding?

But it took errors being made and actual human lives being affected before we thought to reconsider.

“Some of our members are personally affected by issues Bernie is on the wrong side of, e.g.

The law would have affected funding for Planned Parenthood programs for mothers’ and infants’ health, HIV counseling and testing, and sex education.

Here are some quotes from people affected by the blaze.

Financials were mostly negatively affected with Firstrand down 1.76% at 65.97 rand and Discovery dipping 1.63% to 148.25 rand.

The reduction in rates are mostly at Gulf Coast plants but some on the East Coast are also affected, market sources said.

Policymakers have said they will not be affected by Trump’s recent criticism of the Fed’s push for higher borrowing costs.

This is because some of the banks and NBFCs are laden with bad debt which has affected their ability to lend.

Talking short-term again, who will be affected if the global stock market does crash?

Also affected directly by stock market fluctuations are those with private pensions.

That’s partly because many regional legacy industries such as equipment manufacturing and the railroad are directly affected by coal.

The fault also affected some phone lines and the main Maiquetia airport just outside the capital.

Small businesses are also affected.

Another thing was trying to pay attention to having healthy food options in these neighborhoods that are going to be most affected.

When arrests did take place in white neighborhoods, they disproportionately affected the small number of black and Hispanic people living in those areas.

The following Spanish stocks may be affected by newspaper reports and other factors on Wednesday.

So they are … they’re a behemoth in a way that really, really has affected publishers, maybe even more than Google has.

How has your work on the series affected your own practice?

It hasn’t affected you guys.

Southwest is notifying and accommodating customers affected by the amended schedule, it said.

In Thailand, it has badly affected the country’s corn crop, much of which is sold to the animal feed industry.

I wasn’t sleeping.” Friday would have been the second payday missed for those affected by the partial shutdown.

I am fascinated by all of these changes and the people whose lives are affected by these dynamics.

The post said user funds would not be affected because the company would use its secure asset fund for users to cover the loss.

Fifty-one of Madagascar’s 114 districts have been affected so far.

The Gentleman takes place in a world in which everyone speaks like a particularly affected Oscar Wilde character.

There’s also the possibility that Netflix’s quarrel with movie theaters may have affected his chances.

According to Millis, a wide variety of species are being affected by the current wall.

The two looked at the different communities affected by the displacement.

It’s all affected by tech, AI, automation, robotics.

If something has emotionally affected somebody in some powerful way sometime in their life, that doesn’t fade.

It had not been reported to affected parties.

Hunt received the data, got in touch with the affected company, and suggested they inform their customers.

Last week, Congress passed a $15 billion disaster relief program to aid those affected by the back-to-back hurricanes which struck Florida and Texas.

Last week, Congress passed a $15 billion disaster relief program to aid those affected by the back-to-back hurricanes which struck Florida and Texas.

As a nurse I spent a lot of time working with patients who were affected by breast cancer.

Facebook said earlier this month that data of more than 87 million users may have been affected.

Chile is currently affected by a multi-year drought and creeping deserts, which are shifting fruit production to the more temperate south.

People affected by the law would include public-sector employees such as teachers, police officers, hospital and daycare workers.

It seemed that top aides had previously looked the other way, in part because Kushner was one person affected.

Renata Lira Vidal recently spent time in the city of Salvador, which has been far more affected by Zika than Rio.

April’s suspension of flows through the Druzhba pipeline affected refiners in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine and Belarus.

In docs, obtained by TMZ, affected users can sign up to claim their piece of the pie.

Cunha, whose position as a legislator has not been affected, claimed that he was the victim of retaliation for his role in impeachment proceedings.

And things aren’t getting any easier for those affected.

What mattered most to her was the morality of an action, no matter what domain of life it affected.

Some risked being branded troublemakers, while the psychological toll on others affected their ability to continue working, the report said.

Trump spoke out about the incident on Twitter early Monday morning, offering his “warmest condolences” to those affected.

When asked if fatherhood has affected them in any way, sole non-dad Borcherdt quips, “Did you notice the Steely Dan tones?”

While such supertankers have been targeted by Somali pirates in recent years, so far hijackings in Southeast Asia have mainly affected smaller vessels.

(Photo by Nicolás Ríos/VICE News) Meanwhile, those affected by the violence still live precariously.

So far, they seem to be delivering some relief to employees affected by cuts.

Or more broadly, do you think he directly affected the Department of Justice’s decision to file that suit?

Any suggestion that it’s politically motivated is not correct.” So he’s saying on the record, “I wasn’t affected by Donald Trump.” Right.

“It’s a matter of both who’s affected by it and the nature of the government intervention,” said Blendon.

In the meantime, the ministry has named interim directors to manage the five affected institutions.

None of those appointments were affected by Lazio tribunal’s decision, though one extremely high-profile future cultural hiring could be.

The average Haitian TPS holder affected by this decision has been in the US for 13 years, according to the Center for Migration Studies.

Anyone who was affected should connect to iTunes to complete the update or contact AppleCare for help.”

The report also found high schools are affected by other social problems, such as opioid addiction and firearms violence.

“The lived reality for people who are affected by this bill—it’s totally unthinkable to imagine living this bill out.”

“The number of people affected here is catastrophic.

More than 14,000 air traffic controllers were affected by the recent 35-day partial government shutdown.

These screw-ups affected Facebook’s stock price and users’ trust.

The hearing itself comes hours after Equifax admitted that an additional 2 million consumers had been affected by the cyber intrusion.

Around 700,000 tonnes of Kazakh oil sent via Russia were also affected.

The rest of the time, it’s a loss for the party, affected substantially by the economy and presidential approval.

As of now, only about 50 flights a day are affected by that moratorium.

But it still affected a huge portion of processed foods.

“The longer this situation continues, the more people will be killed and affected,” he said in Addis Ababa.

To switch gears a bit, how have the election results affected your work or you personally?

Obviously, the loss affected the mood … and Kraft poured his heart out on stage.

The closure affected an estimated 35,000 students and 8,000 employees.

(And as solder is affected by heat, there are limits as to how effective this technique is long-term.)

A deputy mayor in Marathon, which administers some of the affected area, on Saturday became the first official to resign over the wildfire.

“The best thing I can say is that it hasn’t affected the women or the children because the staff are just absorbing it.

Here are nine organizations that are helping assist people affected by the tsunami.

Hackers who discover vulnerabilities in certain products or services can inform the vendor affected, and get financial compensation in return.

Freight and regulation bodies will also be affected by Britain’s exit.

( GM dealers will update the power steering module software, free of charge for owners of the affected vehicles.

There are many people whose lives are affected by the battle over repeal.

I’m trying to do something for my fellow merchants and fellow restaurants, anyone that could be affected by this,” Medlen said.

They are American dream jobs.” It was a worthwhile reminder that the people affected by harassment in Hollywood aren’t all rich and famous.

“Ferguson was just regular people who made change that affected the entire world,” Bush told Broadly.

It’s a direct rebuke to Democrats: Judd was affected by the government shutdown, but he supported Trump during it.

How has this affected your sleep schedule?

The social giant declined to say, for example, precisely how many Facebook employees are even affected by Trump’s plans to end deportation protections.

Its legacy continues to affect our present, manifesting in the criminal justice system and mass incarceration, systems that have disproportionately affected black people.

In the midst of this financial apocalypse, some of the businesses that are affected the most are restaurants.

The first three months were the hardest—it affected me physically.

The OG Experience amplified the voices most directly affected by mass incarceration, putting the spotlight on artists thoughtfully grappling with the prison industrial complex.

Has this affected your social life in any way?

Seems fun!” and then walked away without feeling particularly affected one way or another.

This is the only class of Persinger’s that has been affected, says Kerr.

“In reality, it’s affected all of the Peruvian jungle,” Vizcarra told journalists in broadcast comments as he surveyed the damage in Yurimaguas.

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