Advice in a sentence | Use of the word advice examples

Here’s his advice, and the advice of the new report: “Eat fat to get slim, don’t fear fat, fat is your friend.”

Top White House officials were uncertain what advice Bolton may have given Trump about Syria, said a U.S. official.

The women reportedly endured limited bathroom breaks and heavy lifting, against their doctors’ advice.

Ellevest offers advice to accomplish this, but edits can be made to both the cost and timeline at any point.

For these people, they will not have received the care, benefits, support or advice that people with a diagnosis are given.

The government also says consider getting in touch a “personal attorney” for advice on dealing with creditors.

It all started on March 20, when a woman at the company sent an email asking female colleagues for career advice.

I gave the graduates this advice: Cherish your friends.

In retrospect, that advice probably didn’t help win over many voters.

Although Brennan had not heard from other gay soccer players, he urged them to get in touch so he could offer advice.

At the bottom is some advice to deal with marketing sites.

Her advice to me when I graduated college was: “It takes an employer a long time to discover incompetence.”

We asked the co-CEOs — who founded the company with venture capitalist Andrew Hunt and Harry’s founder Jeff Raider — for their best money advice.

Welcome to the VICE Guide to Life, our imperfect advice on becoming an adult.

So far, the advice has stayed in the realm of what not to do.

“Pariahdog119” offers the following advice: “If the prison bans D&D, play Pathfinder.

In them they trade advice and often news about upcoming iPhone changes that may impact their work.

We do not give investment advice or encourage you to adopt a certain investment strategy.

Choose from strategic lists and itineraries, and receive advice for linking multiple parks, interesting stops between them, and nearby attractions and state parks.

When Dr. Eric Topol joined an experiment on using artificial intelligence to get personalized nutrition advice, he was hopeful.

The diet advice he got back stunned him: Eat Bratwurst, nuts, danishes, strawberries, and cheesecake.

We’ll see if Kraft takes Daymond’s advice when he appears in court later this month.

Luckily, Lucy, a seasoned lesbian, had a wealth of advice to offer.

Sick of getting advice from out-of-touch adults, 16-year-old Ruby Karp authored her own advice book, “Earth Hates Me: True Confessions from a Teenage Girl.”

A convening authority relies on a staff judge advocate (or “SJA”) for legal advice on this sort of thing.

An SJA has to give very specific legal advice, which has two parts.

To students who asked how they can avoid falling under the watchful eye of government agencies, Snowden offered little in the way of advice.

His advice for young musicians?

However, the same advice doesn’t always apply to family members.

Perrine-Gifford believes this advice can harm abuse survivors, causing them to feel misunderstood and alone.

While her advice stems from clinical experience, it’s also informed by her own trauma.

The Echo Look is designed specifically for fashion advice.

“I’m looking to acquire some rare cards,” Shkreli wrote in a post titled “advice for a new and wealthy player.”

He took his own advice to heart.

What is your advice for the next president?

We do not give investment advice or encourage you to adopt a certain investment strategy.

LG: Kara can probably also give you some advice on VCs if you ever need that.

As it turns out, the US isn’t the only country struggling to give diet advice.

But don’t let all that specific and science-y nutrition advice fool you — this food guide is heavily flawed.

Every productivity book I’ve ever read has some form of this advice: Take time away from your work to renew yourself.

Then I went to to acclaimed Williamsburg wine-focused restaurant The Four Horsemen to get advice from wine director Justin Chearno.

Biden told MSNBC the president had sought his advice but they had yet to discuss potential candidates.

We asked Markus Lust, the editor in chief of VICE Austria, for some advice on this matter.

That was one piece of advice Saunders gave to Rautins.

That’s the advice coming from Charles Barkley — who’s dealt with plenty of hecklers during and after his NBA career.

But they aren’t taking their own advice.

Germann’s advice?

After getting their advice, I down a beer and leave.

When we spoke, Klain said he offered this advice for a few reasons.

Coates will dress up, perform a shamanistic ritual, enter a state of imaginative trance, and return to his audience with practical advice.

He would also offer his advice to the president on criminal prosecution and civil rights matters.

(Tinder declined to comment on this story, and only pointed me to its website’s “dating safely” advice section.)

And here’s an unpopular opinion: some small part of me thinks Tarverdyan takes too much heat for his simplistic, sore-throat-screamed cornering advice.

He has also enlisted the advice of a 37-year veteran Pebble Beach caddie in another effort to ensure a good course set-up.

“So,” the president says, “got any advice for me?”

She’s got some Destiny’s Child advice for future Women’s Marchers too.

It’s in many ways an advice column, right?

We’re told Harvey has decided to take the advice of the people around him and leave immediately.

So we accidentally became advice givers.

Female Founder Office Hours, formed last fall, arranges one-on-one meetings between women VCs and founders looking for advice.

I think it has naturally taken this form of giving advice, and we kind of go where our audience wants to go.

Is it odd at all to be giving advice to people who are in their twenties?

MORE FROM INC.: • Why Square Co-Founder Jim McKelvey Says Be Wary of advice from Successful People

Morgan Stanley spoke to a handful of its senior women and published their best pieces of advice in a recent blog post.

My boss told me I should never apologize for being myself, and that advice has been transformative.”

And then our buddy Andrew Golis, who we called to ask for feminist advice.

And we, like, banded together, and we gave each other advice.

My advice in the past has been to try to befriend the bully.

Bill Cosby’s dishing out parenting and life advice to his fellow inmates … no joke.

), but Mexican native Dan Pichardo’s suggestion stood out: “Ask them for advice on how to deal with authoritarian presidents and governments,” she wrote.

Sestak sought the advice of ex-boss Bill Clinton about what to do; Clinton reportedly told Sestak, “Go with your gut.”

But they noted the lack of context around some of the site’s medical advice, as well as a smattering of misinformation.

Cipollone has also given informal advice to Trump’s legal team on the Russia probe since at least June, according to the Washington Post.

Putin took Flynn’s advice — the next day, he released a statement saying he wouldn’t retaliate.

Have you gone to people in the industry and said, “Can you help me out, can I get advice from you”?

Andre’s got some HOF advice for the kid — and if Allen was smart (he is), dude should listen up.

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So the family flew to Rochester, Minnesota, to seek advice from a surgeon at the Mayo Clinic.

If Copeland had gone with that first doctor’s advice, he said, “I would be dead right now or permanently disabled.

“I was very lucky that my mom had a bad feeling [about the first doctor’s advice],” Copeland added.

After a few more failed meetings, I took his advice.

The advice of surgeons here seemed to be more of an impressionistic art than a science.

Included below are insights and advice that, along with my story, I hope may help you launch or grow your own company.

If you need advice or have questions, our information sessions begin Wednesday, May 8th.

The best piece of advice I can offer in regards to being in a relationship in college is to not be.

Courses are available in: For advice on courses, visit

Shouldn’t people be naturally taking your advice?

Zervos accused Trump of subjecting her to unwanted kissing and groping after she sought career advice in 2007.

For more advice on starting college, read this essential guide we put together a few years ago.

Her advice is cryptic, but delivered sternly—and she definitely has tattooed eyeliner.

“And it’s about getting them proper support, advice, and access, and stopping the pointless arrests of people who are innocent and suffering.”

“They all had their own paths before becoming developers, so each of them can offer advice in different areas of life.

It’s best to have or form a relationship with someone before you start asking them for advice or discuss mentorship.

Mysterio is presented as a hero — just as he was in Far From Home’s first trailer — and gives Parker some advice.

They find humor in insufferability with a list of “Parisian Snobbisms” that includes the following advice: “Never lose control.

And if you’re asking for help, make sure you’re listening to your mentor and actually acting on their advice.

They’re giving you life advice for free, they won’t expect, but may just appreciate something in return.

If we are fortunate, we have people we look up to for advice and guidance—whether or not we call them mentors.

According to Chabari, the project has trained about 100 ambassadors since launching in 2014, who have given advice to more than 80,000 people.

Consistent with that advice, General Barr has decided not to recuse,” Justice Department spokeswoman Kerri Kupec said.

I’m not a very good one to give advice; but just don’t let the critics discourage you or push you off course.

I spoke to Mckesson about his views on how to improve policing and his advice for a new generation of activists, among other topics.

What advice do you have for people who are getting started doing this work?

My brother works at a recovery center down in Austin, so Shawna called him for advice.

I must take my own advice.”

“The advice I gave was, be as transparent as possible,” Kushner said.

Luis Rego, a 32-year-old alleged pot farmer, was having trouble with his current crop and wanted some advice.

“I’m not good—that’s why I don’t like to give advice around the gym.

Maybe the best advice I can give is: Watch this show.

That is some f’d-up advice.

Second, there is no evidence that these statements were made with the purpose of receiving legal advice.

They immediately struck up a warm rapport, partly based on Obama giving Trudeau advice about being young, exciting political phenom entrusted with power.

The privilege does not apply unless the conversation is with the attorney for the purpose of seeking legal advice.

They decide to consult with an attorney, or a group of attorneys, and have a confidential conversation for the purpose of receiving legal advice.

It’s not much to go on, Pilarinos says, if you’re a parent looking for practical advice.

Our advice, Drea … don’t let Uncle Silvio take ’em to soccer practice!

I haven’t had a chance to go out and apply Rick’s advice, but I suspect that it’s pretty good.

This is absurd advice to be giving to pregnant women in a country like India.”

“This advice is detrimental to women’s heath,” Amit Sengupta of the Delhi Science Forum told the AP.

AT&T paid Essential Consultants LLC, a firm set up by Cohen, a total of $600,000 over 2017 for the advice.

Robin Tunney’s advice to Miss USA, in the wake of her controversial healthcare stance, is pretty simple … stay in your lane, princess.

“I do more listening and giving advice to people than anything,” she says.

Keep this graphic of his best advice handy at your next BBQ.

Do you have advice for a “tech-wise office”?

Basically the advice that I get is: We’re cool with you running as long as you don’t run yourself into the ground.

It looks like Dwight listened to Daryl’s advice because he winds up on “Fear the Walking Dead” later this year.

The Alphabet firm cashing in on its advice alone.

The Verge obtained memos between the company and the DMV, which wanted to help Uber, but Uber ignored the agency’s legal advice.

Britain’s foreign ministry said its advice on Iran to diplomats was the same as to the British public.

USCIS officers abroad also look for fraud in visa applications and provide technical immigration advice to other U.S. government officials.

If not for mere diversity’s sake, it sounds like Akon believes there are actual dollars and cents to be had by following advice.

But in reality, there are often long delays as managers often wait for advice from their internal replay assistants before challenging.”

So having toys the kids like around is what I would say was good advice.

Be sure to check back every week for updated lists, and find more fantasy advice from Christopher here.

[ Portage Garage Sounds] is Shigeto’s first effort of actually following my advice, and I’m so proud of him.

Over the years, I’ve heard the same advice repeated to me by dermatologist after dermatologist: “the best skincare routine is a simple one.”

It’s the kind of common sense, anti-impulse consumerism advice that feels dissatisfying.

“The public should not be alarmed and the public health advice remains the same,” it added.

So, but to rewind it back, let’s say Viacom pays attention to your advice.

In the end, Andy caves and takes her friends’ advice.

WeWork has also moved into consulting, offering office-design advice, and recently won a deal to redesign a UBS office in New York.

They didn’t heed his advice, and the questions kept coming.

The book has been criticized for relying on generic advice for female professionals and featuring dozens of out-of-context quotes intended to be inspirational.

He was involved in almost every aspect of Trump’s campaign, offering advice on key personnel decisions, strategy, speeches, fundraising and other areas.

This is good advice for people shopping at any store that sells food.

You might respond to this advice with “duh,” but customers still commonly make this mistake.

Suddenly I had access to thousands of active ex-Muslims, their stories, advice and experiences of discrimination.

Who do you turn to when you need advice on writing standup material?

He had a lot of advice about how to do that.

But she didn’t take my advice, so just today it’s me.

The biggest Republican advice to Clinton is to stop Trump from taking control of the debate, by any means necessary.

He did say he was getting advice from others in the venture capital and investment world, so that’s…something.

It has never been easier to get health advice.

You wouldn’t believe the unsolicited advice I’m receiving.

Get on that bus is my advice.

Another week later, Sullivan’s parents removed her from school and took her to the hospital on the advice of another doctor.

I need some career advice from you, Kara.

Unfortunately, this is actually one of the harder information security threats to reliably give advice for.

Interesting advice, and you can take it if you want, but I have to say I think body modification is kind of overkill.

Let me give you some good advice … Yeah, so I went on to where I was like, “I don’t get this, I don’t know …

Do we have other advice to offer people?

It’s good advice — but as we all know, easier said than done.

Did he offer any advice you took to heart?

That’s one way we take advice from him.

“As one of the two major candidates for president, he will have to get advice or consultation with top national-security people,” King said.

Speaking to Reuters earlier on Wednesday on the sidelines of a Caracas forum, Rodriguez confirmed he was giving informal advice to Falcon.

There’s tons of advice floating around for individual journalists — be firm but fair, etc.

The advice I always give audiences when they say, “I don’t know who to trust.

He has some pretty straightforward/solid advice to the Emmys on how to avoid these screwups in the future.

He’s soliciting further advice from school leaders in other states, particularly Louisiana, whose schools faced similar obstacles in 2005 from Hurricane Katrina.

We sit and talk, compare, give each other advice, our kids play together.

So, I wish… well, I was taking into consideration their advice, because they’re good thinkers.

A number of experts whom Democratic politicians continue to rely on for policy advice remain deeply uncomfortable with this idea.

Shortly after they first met in 2014, Maloney approached Basson, who was a student at the university then, for advice.

40 Days For Life co-founder Shawn Carney, the day’s keynote speaker, offers attendees advice on building our campaigns.

Here are her 7 main pieces of advice for embracing diversity, and creating opportunities: 1.

Even more, it’s noted in the song that this was advice that Glover’s father said.

Scour LinkedIn to find connections who can give advice on international gigs — or perhaps even offer you one.

Bruce told the court on Friday that the police isolated Nuttall and Korody “from outside influences” and also gave them religious advice.

Judge says police isolated Nuttall & Korody ‘from outside influences’ couldn’t consult Imams, undercover officer gave religious advice.

It’s an important message, and advice worth heeding.

Head here for advice.

What advice would you give to people who are writing in this age?

Have you gotten letters or emails from people who have been dealing with harassment at work and need advice?

Not all of their advice is revolutionary.

They’re called robo-advisers because they provide “advice” using an automated website instead of having you talk to a human investment adviser.

Welcome to the VICE Guide to Life, our imperfect advice on becoming an adult.

The body represents the interests of workers, giving out legal and consumer advice to its members and commenting on national legislature proposals.

I think that’s such important advice as an artist!

Most of the time, the volunteers simply add expertise, offering advice on everything from how to get more subscribers to technical support.

Anyway, most parenting advice is bullshit, especially any I might produce.

Hyperallergic’s horoscopes offer astrological advice for artists and art types, in art terms, every month.

More broadly, there seems to be a sense among some Trump advisers that the advice Bannon gives is often not so great.

In both cases, the advice is ignored; passion is chosen over consequence, and each situation ends up in a place of loneliness and longing.

I wanted to break up with her, but we had been together for a long time, so I sought out my friends’ advice.

When Jason asked braincels for advice on seeking therapy as an incel, however, the responses he received were, in a word, discouraging.

What advice would you give people who want to start a gym?It depends on their goals for growth.

By custom, the presiding officer follows the advice of the parliamentarian — but there’s nothing forcing him or her to do so.

The city appears to have followed the expert advice, establishing a temporary operational headquarters for the duration of the festival.

She says that a number of colleagues have reached out to the Currier about “The Art of Hope” program for advice.

What the Democrats lack right now in elected offices they more than make up for in advice on how to win them back.

Specifically, the president: Trump also continued to fitfully fight for pro-Russia policies in office — often against the advice of his top foreign policy officials.

Instead, we scheduled another appointment to talk through the difference of opinions — and even incorporate some of the other doctors’ advice into his plan.

Then again … she doesn’t have a sweetheart lined up for the 14th, so maybe take her advice with a grain of salt.

Let’s hope he follows their advice.

It can be hard to know if the common advice you’ll find floating around the internet is reliable.

STD TriageSTD Triage is an app- and web-based platform that employs licensed dermatologists to diagnose and offer advice about sexually transmitted infections.

“My best piece of advice is to talk to people,” says Noa Azulai, who interned at Broadly this past summer.

Attorney General Geoffrey Cox had said it was not in the public interest to publish the advice.

However, May’s government had argued that a separate convention against revealing confidential legal advice supplied to ministers had precedence.

In addition to these examples, fiduciaries must: Make sure all investment advice is accurate and complete, to the best of their knowledge.

I just could see it with all her Goopy advice that’s so medically unsound.

But to follow Lilla’s and others’ advice would be to precisely turn away from not only progress but also reality.

Which explains how we get into confusing situations like this: Why don’t people pay attention to health advice?

“[He’s] a terrible person who gives terrible advice and treats people like shit.

The PLOS One authors have some advice for reporters writing about new studies.

But investors are taking heart,” said Hiroyuki Fukunaga, chief executive of Investrust, a financial advice firm.

Everyone wants to give you advice when you’re young (and easy to manipulate).

Her advice remains the same: Get out of your head and focus on someone else.

Tyrion’s advice, even though it went sour and lost Dany three important allies, is still something she has to think about.

For advice on courses, visit

It’s great advice!

Palmquist turned to Delgado, a family practice doctor in San Diego, seeking advice.

Listen up, Christian McCaffrey … a (smoking hot) modeling vet has some advice for you …

Palmquist turned to Delgado, a family practice doctor in San Diego, seeking advice.

In other words, what’s your advice to those who are tempted to take more extreme measures?

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Hyperallergic’s horoscopes offer astrological advice for artists and art types, in art terms, every month.

Our advice … go buy a lotto ticket!!

Mandrake (Peter Sellers) to Col. Jack Ripper (Sterling Hayden) in Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove (1964) My advice is to look out for engineers.

“Any instructions you leave with regard to your body are really advice,” Madoff said.

Pisces (February 19-March 20): You are a selfless, compassionate human being who doles out sage advice and divinatory wisdom.

Taking advice from unqualified bloggers.

So that’s my advice: kindness.

The flight crew contacted a doctor on the ground for medical advice.

Such advice is typical of client notes from banks globally.

Pharmaceutical company Novartis also contracted Cohen for advice on how to deal with the Trump administration on healthcare issues.

What advice would you give a young Muslim woman entering the media industry?

Check our luggage buying guide and suitcase Ratings to find the best brands and advice on selecting bags that meet your needs.

All this said, some readers may want practical advice: Should they contribute to microcredit institutions?

Private cyber security expert Patrick Wardle said the official warnings constituted “really good advice.

Hopefully he takes Brian’s dad’s advice down there.

Now the world’s biggest firms pay Arnott for advice.

Punk’s advice for Making Art in Political Times At MoMA, Revolutionary Russian Art Provides a Roadmap for Artistic Dissent

He also dispensed advice on how to stop future attacks from happening both abroad and in the US.

Titus Andromedon (Tituss Burgess) is giving Kimmy life advice about men and … his doll collection.

No, and more importantly, it’s not that, we don’t want to give you bad advice.

Don’t believe the lies.” It seems that Trump forgot his own advice.

That isn’t just advice about millennials.

That’s advice about anyone.

Since you are writing an astrologer for advice, I’ll tell you this, too: Find out what both of your moon signs are.

Some astrological advice: Venus will go retrograde this year, from October 5 to November 16.

That said, this advice is for those who’ve already decided that it’s best for them not to go there.

That’s good advice.

When Shawn’s father sought Cortez’s advice after his retirement, he was eager to speak, finally sharing his sharp boxing mind.

What’s your advice for carrying that state?

She described the excitement of Trump recognizing her as an advice writer and then asking her to help select a gift for a woman.

Carroll, a New York-based advice columnist, claims Donald Trump sexually assaulted her in a dressing room at a Manhattan department store in the mid-1990s.

For fantasy football advice based on film review every single weekday from now until 2017, listen to the Harris Football Podcast at

She would give me some excellent advice.

Yes, wisdom is a matter of how you live and how you practice virtue, how you take advice and put it into action.

So those are my three parting pieces of advice.

Hyperallergic’s horoscopes offer astrological advice for artists and art types, in art terms, every month.

Right, so what advice do you give to people who are worried about this?

Need More advice?

At Pastime 32, a vintage-inspired craft shop just off Essex Street, a shopkeeper in velvet gives visitors advice about practicing magic.

Simple advice, yet profound.

What’s some advice you would give to someone who has a pet with a following and wants to monetize?

This advice extends to people who have recently undergone chemotherapy or have one of a handful of medical conditions that weaken the immune system.

warns Johnny to not get too eager to play just yet … “My advice is don’t rush back.

I never fell in love with a lesbian, though… What is your advice for someone trying to make it in music?

The vacuum of hard facts on new currencies has left investors vulnerable to hype and bad advice.

If you were advising Trump, what would be your advice to him heading into this meeting?

One huge piece of advice I had received was to drink lots of water.

I read books, gleaning them for advice.

Sessions wrote a resignation letter, but Trump rejected it on the advice of advisers, according to news reports.

They have sent emails out to members asking for advice, Vela said — noting that this kind of outreach to sitting members was new.

I’m also going to take the advice of that brave young woman in Parkland and call B.S.

Twitter users wasted no time mocking the moment Tuesday night, comparing the call to other infamous scenarios of people not following advice or instructions.

Check out his advice for Nick.

We also advise them to seek independent professional tax advice.”

That’s why standard legal advice is to simply refuse to talk to investigators under any circumstances.

Support for this advice seems to grow by the day.

Kesha’s taking the judge’s advice and getting back to recording music after losing her fight to get free from Sony.

Meanwhile, the advice from the UK healthcare authorities remains the same: Vaccinate your kids.

Liked these tips?Check out LexION Capital for more advice on becoming wealthy!

“When they frankly discussed their sexual difficulties and accepted a little sound professional advice, the difficulties gradually were eliminated,” Zehv writes.

Great advice as always, Will!

“I know you had your hardships with that, and I wonder what advice I should give him.” I thought for a long time.

What advice would I give to a half-Asian boy entering the same world that I did?

It could follow economist Roger Farmer’s advice and buy up normal stocks, as the Bank of Japan has.

We asked friends and co-workers about their best advice for someone about to give away their V-card.

If you dig through the troves of financial advice out there, you’re sure to find contradictory guidance.

Another source said Guajardo offered Freeland advice on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly last week about negotiating bilaterally with Lighthizer.

“Those two pieces of advice, if you follow them, will destroy your financial life,” he told Business Insider during a Facebook Live.

If you want to make a monster, Guillermo del Toro has some advice for you: Don’t look at monsters.

Buying a home and opening a 401(k) might not be the most sexy pieces financial advice, but they’re practical.

We do not give investment advice or encourage you to adopt a certain investment strategy.

If you want to make a monster, Guillermo del Toro has some advice for you: Don’t look at monsters.

As for Terence, he has this simple advice for gamblers — “If you wanna lose some money, bet on [Amir Khan].”

In a similar vein, what would your advice be to young activists coping with and responding to the immediacy of online criticism?

Finally, what advice do you wish you had been given before starting your career under the mask?

Levandowski asserted his Fifth Amendment rights to avoid potentially incriminating himself, on the advice of his personal criminal counsel.

But for the most part, these kids just wanted advice.

Some were young models or actresses who attended meetings with Cosby on the promise of reading a script or getting career advice.

I started off giving free love advice on the streets.

What do you have to say about love that differs from advice reality-TV matchmakers give?

But if they don’t, they’re getting doping advice from amateur coaches who are donating their time.

His advice was very encouraging, but it merits a follow-up if there does end up being a recession in 2016.

He’s known to get informal advice from other network stars, from Sean Hannity to Lou Dobbs.

AP’s just looking to give the kid some advice — and it’s advice that ALL the players in the draft should heed.

I followed the technicians’ advice and you see what happened.

But this is rather quiet and obscure advice, and there’s certainly no citywide program to cover up backyards everywhere with impermeable surfaces.

Bonus: Al’s got a piece of advice for LaVar Ball … and something tells us the Big Baller ain’t gonna like it.

Or would the best advice be: Just don’t drink loads in the first place?

Sounds like solid advice.

It can also give you advice about how to manage your funds.

What advice do you have for young activists?

In a series of Thursday morning tweets, Trump entirely blamed Cohen and bad advice of counsel for the illegal payments.

Hyperallergic’s horoscopes offer astrological advice for artists and art types, in art terms, every month.

“It is not a cheap program to run,” he says of his advice to other cities.

Gore gave a little free investment advice, too.

If you were giving someone advice on how to become a viral pop sensation, what would you say?

Or just be a legend, reject the Office of Legal Counsel’s past advice, and try to charge him anyway?

Rappers giving out dietary advice might sound overly self-righteous, but there’s nothing wrong with attempting to get fans to eat a little healthier.

1 piece of advice to Dez would be to get on a team NOW.

Here’s a little advice on how to motivate yourself to get moving when all you feel like doing is hibernating.

Instead, innovators must prioritize meaningful data curation that results in actionable, customized advice to consumers.

Instead, innovators must prioritize meaningful data curation that results in actionable, customized advice to consumers.

Among familiar tips about watching for online cookies and clocking up air miles, one piece of advice stood out.

That’s our advice.

Reactivating MCAS is contrary to advice issued by Boeing and the FAA after Lion Air.

And yes One can only continue to pray that you take your own advice and learn to peacefully co parent!

We give entrepreneurial advice to people.

Treat people well, and that’ll … Best advice you can take.

But this advice has failed miserably in practice.

Check out the vid … Rocky’s definitely got some advice — for would-be thieves out there.

Here is some tried and tested advice to help you along the way.

“Usually, the advice is to start low and go slow,” Giordano says.

Ariana Rockefeller Businesswoman, athlete, designer The best financial advice I got from my dad was to keep track of every dollar I spend.

“His appointment is intended to add fresh and independent perspectives to the advice given to the Board of Management,” Bayer said in a statement.

What advice d’you have for Harry?

His advice to achieve this isn’t anything you haven’t heard before.


Here’s a solid piece of advice: read the fine print.

“Just delete it.” I took his advice, quickly deleting the texts and blocking the unknown number.

Fear for my safety trumped the advice to build up my online profile and bury the ads.

Recognizing Carroll as “that advice lady,” Trump asked Carroll for help choosing a present for a female friend.

Recognizing Carroll as “that advice lady,” Trump asked Carroll for help choosing a present for a female friend.

I’ve got some advice for past Sean.

But ignoring the threat of climate change doesn’t just go against what climate activists warn — it goes against the Pentagon’s advice.

Software should be good at handling a range of tasks, Miner said, from scheduling meetings to offering investment advice to organizing your photos.

Reuters found that, since then, he has given nutrition and training advice in lectures at a Moscow gym.

“Every afternoon former Speaker John Boehner calls me up, not to give advice, just to laugh.”

The advice rings true, but it also provides no roadmap for Usher’s escape from angst.

Reuters could not confirm whether Mokhnev has received any payments for his advice.

Elite athletes who receive medical or nutrition advice from banned team personnel can face sanctions, according to the WADA code.

He offered advice on how to monitor blood components, and what nutrition to use for optimal training.

Hyperallergic’s horoscopes offer astrological advice for artists and art types, in art terms.

It’s solid advice.

While some people offered nutritional advice (“I went to a sugar free Montessori school!

No judgments here, just advice on the best Songs of the Summer.

That’s sound advice, coming from a choreographer whose integrity is clear from the first moments her dancers take the stage.

For fantasy football advice based on film review every single weekday from now until 2017, listen to the Harris Football Podcast at

The city advised those individuals to seek advice from a doctor.

But Trump has continued to seek advice from conservative hardliners.

Hey Justin free advice … don’t even think about it.

“If I could share any advice with my 22-year-old self, it would be very simple: Dream bigger,” the “Shark Tank” investor writes.

People who want to get fit, lose weight, and eat more healthfully often turn to trainers and dietitians for advice.

Bauer’s advice is to stick to the basics to get the same effects.

Need More advice?

He took my advice on Kristen Stewart…I hope!

Listen to their advice.

Our sources say they spent hours in the studio recording together, but they also dished out some advice to one another.

And I love millennials giving me life advice.

While that advice might sound trite, think about famous comedians like George Carlin and Lenny Bruce.

Whatever, they have all kinds of crazy, like, advice from 22-year-olds.

Mamie Till Mobley makes the decision, against much advice, to have those photographs of her son published.

You and your friends are going to have to heed my good advice.

So my best advice about writing a book is this: Learn to savor the work itself.

Kobe says he’s even dished out movie-makin’ advice to Barack Obama.

We asked McKinley and Shinn to share their best advice for decluttering your home.

Here, we speak to Singh about the pitfalls of celebrity, the darkness of creativity, and his advice for maintaining a successful spiritual practice.

28-year-old cofounder of liquor delivery platform shares his advice for aspiring entrepreneurs – Maxim Razmakhin has always been an entrepreneurial spirit.

What are your things, the advice you would give to people?

There’s more … Conor also released some footage of him giving boxing advice to one of his proteges.

On August 6, 2014, Trump tweeted some good advice.

— In the thick of it, the two hosts agree to take a few viewer questions, to which McKenzie offers his advice.

Dr. Tozer’s advice to young girls who’re struggling to accept how they look down there?

The money may be all green, but the advice is not all good.

My “incubator mentor” regularly popped up with advice, using buzzwords such as “disruptive” and “innovate,” highlighted in rainbows.

We see him often in the company of passing male figures, whose advice is fueled by personal regrets.

BankBot also provides financial advice.

For now, using bank bots for financial advice still seems like a good deal—as long as we don’t teach them too much.

Smartphone repair shop forums and Facebook groups have been flooded with spinner advertising advice, wholesaling tips, and sourcing information.

Republicans could decide they don’t like her advice, and keep their bill intact.

Satimiko told Reuters investigators were awaiting advice from the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board or Boeing.

I hope Yelp takes this advice.

And so like do you get a lot of unsolicited advice for how to make Product Hunt better?

I know you’ll never listen to this advice, Pisces, but just in case: Don’t put too much pressure on yourself today.

Before travelling please read our general travel advice for the LGBT community.

You probably don’t need to follow that advice.

But has President Trump brought us into a new era of politics where that advice doesn’t matter anymore?

We do not give investment advice or encourage you to adopt a certain investment strategy.

No word on who the lucky buyer is … but here’s some advice — put it in a good case.

She followed the advice and scored the role of Bloody Mary, the elderly supporting character in Rogers and Hammerstein’s South Pacific.

What advice do you have for health advocates in other cities eyeing soda taxes?

Please feel free to email me with tips and advice.

An ordinary politician, who listens to traditional political advice, would respond to such a problem by changing his positions or his tone.

Still, the right advice, offered under the right consumer protections, can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Of course, you shouldn’t spend money for financial advice if you get the information you need for free.

And this advice can be extremely valuable — saving thousands of dollars in lower fees, a lower tax bill, or saved expenses.

Others work for nonprofit organizations that provide financial advice for people who couldn’t otherwise afford it.

This guide from the National Association of Personal Financial Advisers (NAPFA) provides useful advice, including ways to check on complaints from past clients.

That’s valuable for some people who need ongoing investment management or have recurring life issues that require ongoing advice.

In fact, she has some advice for him on how best to use his time in lockup.

It has long been my belief that the greatest advice book ever published is Marjorie Hillis’s 1936 tract Live Alone and Like It.

No unsolicited medical advice to customers.

We also asked if he had any advice for Romo — and it’s clear he thinks Tony will do great.

But as we talk, I’m struck by how he doesn’t really offer treatment—his advice is simply to avoid any and all triggering exposures.

Finally, what advice would you give to aspiring photographers and image makers?

My advice to somebody post-baby would be to say just enjoy it.

Her advice frightened me into eating solid foods again.

We do not give investment advice or encourage you to adopt a certain investment strategy.

She misfiled forms and gave us poor advice, which resulted in the rejection of our green card application.

Follow Olivia Becker on Twitter: @oliviaLbecker Watch: The GOP ignored its own advice about how to win in 2016

Others get jobs providing services — restaurant meals, legal advice, medical care — to the new workers.

Durbin pointed out that the Constitution says Supreme Court justices are appointed with ”the advice and consent of the Senate.

Hyperallergic’s horoscopes offer astrological advice for artists and art types, in art terms, every month.

But there’s also an underlying legal issue on which Trump seems to be giving very bad advice.

“The best advice is to calm them down,” she says.

Here is his advice to the class of 2020.

So that’s my advice: Stay in school.

In my opinion this is the single most important piece of language learning advice you can ever get.

What should they expect?The classic advice is to bring layers, and I’d have to agree.

The last time Flake felt that way — last Friday — he turned to Coons for advice.

He offered his congratulations and made himself available for any advice that King might need when he came to the Capitol.

I gave the graduates this advice: Cherish your friends.

So, maybe don’t listen to his advice??

As always, my most important piece of advice when it comes to Obamacare and taxes is to seek the aid of a tax professional.

— Jamie, 25 Related: Check out Kool A.D.’s advice on parenting.

Hyperallergic’s horoscopes offer astrological advice for artists and art types, in art terms.

Pete said this bought time until Kevin finally voluntarily checked himself into a hospital, upon his attorney’s advice.

Trump based his move on advice from senior advisers who have taken a harsher tone toward Russia than he has.

“Back up the truck” and buy more was the advice of Canaccord analyst Richard Davis.

Chris Bosh has some advice for Kyrie Irving and LeBron James — “Work it out.”

What’s your advice on staying up to date on all the changes once your column is no longer coming out?

Future advice for Drake: play the hits, bro.

Watch “The GOP ignored its own advice about how to win in 2016″ Watch “White Nationalist leader claims support among Trump delegates”

I was shutting my mouth and taking all of the advice from everybody.

For the time being, I’ll take his advice.

Know Your Price Chan’s advice: “Know how much you’re willing to spend before you engage in a conversation.

There’s more … Dennis also has some advice for the Raptors when it comes to visiting Donald Trump — DON’T.

Keep Your Calculator Ready Chan’s advice: “Depending on where you’re traveling, the language barrier can be a challenge.

Know When to Walk Away Chan’s advice: “Simply say ‘no thank you,’ ideally in the local language, and walk away.”

What are your average patterns for things?” Also, they heard your more criticism about holistic-type advice and they’re starting to introduce that, too.

In the absence of authoritative information from doctors, patients end up latching on to whatever advice they happen across.

He then invited her to his office later on … insinuating he wanted to give her more than job advice.

They dug into research and established cannabis literature, offering the best advice they could.

“I’m giving somebody else some medical advice and trying to help them.

If you need legal advice please consult with your personal attorney.

Anthony Bourdain has some solid advice for adventurous travelers.

“Would she have heeded the advice of netizens to seek professional help had they done so?”

Now, to be very clear: It would be a terrible mistake for anyone to take investment advice from me.

If you need to purge whatever’s going on inside you, Tygapaw’s advice is kind of like Nike’s: just do it.

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So let me conclude with some advice for you, Donald.

She has an advice for actresses and actors to whom this happens … and the message is simple … don’t cower.

The advice was simply to “get out of the path of the storm.” But the tracking models showed several different paths.

Seems like obvious advice, sure.

Providing “material support” for terrorism is defined by US law as providing “service,” “expert advice or assistance,” “training,” or “personnel” to known terrorist organizations.

You need his mentorship and advice to be successful.”

As Jessica Shortall, author of the pumping advice book Work.

So what practical advice do you have for people who want to minimize gift-giving waste?

She admitted then that she had talked to them, but only to solicit their advice.

Wiseau has advice for newcomers.

It’s good advice.

That was basically Kellyanne Conway’s advice to a group of students at a youth forum hosted at the White House on Wednesday.

That was basically Kellyanne Conway’s advice to a group of students at a youth forum hosted at the White House on Wednesday.

The donors might be able to give whatever advice they want, but Fidelity sat at the controls.

Speaking at a press conference, council spokesman Kabbashi said the United States had given it several pieces of advice.

Kushner said he ignored the email on the advice of a U.S. Secret Service agent.

This keeps with harm reduction advice to start with a low dose and wait for effects to kick in.

Trump would do well to take his own advice on dealmaking.

“I’ve gotten some advice to just say District 12 because no one knows what 12 is,” Bacelar says.

“I’ve gotten some advice to just say District 12 because no one knows what 12 is,” Bacelar says.

On Monday, Michael Vick had some career advice for the still unemployed Colin Kaepernick: get a haircut.

That’s a 180 from the advice most people have heard all their lives.

Do you have any advice, last thing, for people who really want to get into this as an industry, for entrepreneurs?

Can you give me any advice?” H: That must have been so reaffirming.

The advice of Strangers was Horowitz’s last major online performance.

He put my first EP out on Mixpak, and I would always go to him for advice.

(Generally, the advice from LGBTQ groups is to just ask and use what people prefer.)

His best advice, if you were counseling the kid, would be just literally to shut up.

Dowd comes off giving strong legal advice toward the end of the book trying to talk Trump out of meeting with Mueller.

But he never says to Trump his main reason motivating the advice: He is certain that Trump will lie under oath.

Tuan seems to take her advice seriously — but should he?

Maduro made a huge mistake … with taking advice from the Russians,” Foreign Relations Chair Jim Risch (R-Idaho) told VICE News at the Capitol.

“But that’s better than nothing.” Leaning on my expert’s advice, I headed to IKEA to find materials for my would-be apocalypse bunker.

Alsallal participated in Oasis 500, an incubator in Jordan, or a company which helps early-stage startups by giving them management and financial advice.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images News The NAACP has some advice for black travelers: Be careful when flying American Airlines.

Ninety three women reported experiencing any symptom for which they were advised to seek medical advice, and, of these, 87 sought attention.

We hope advice in a sentence examples were helpful.