Advertisements in a sentence | Use of the word advertisements examples

They made plans based on those predictions: rented office space and started buying advertisements for the open enrollment season, which begins on November 1.

Conductor (March 2018) — A digital marketing startup that helps businesses target advertisements to their customers based on user data.

Juul said that beginning in early 2017 it required models used in advertisements of its products be older than 35.

Facebook is reversing its ban on cryptocurrency advertisements and will now allow some preapproved advertisers to promote crypto businesses and services, like exchanges.

It can help target advertisements for products that we’re interested in.

Increasingly, these sorts of shows are advertisements for their future selves.

Users will see political advertisements with “published by” and “paid by” disclaimers, the Menlo Park, California-headquartered company said in a statement.

The first April Fool’s Day brand pranks weren’t that elaborate because they could basically only be fake print advertisements.

To them, criticism from members of the establishment and money spent on advertisements against the measure is only further evidence of a rigged system.

He was a fine draftsman, turning out illustrations for magazines and advertisements for various products, including Molson’s beer.

FACEBOOK’S AD-BASED MODEL Zuckerberg, speaking via video message, said Facebook users were aware of the trade-off between a free service and advertisements.

“When advertisements are combined with rewards, both cognitive and emotional processes respond to persuasion.

They take our attention, they sell advertisements.

Woods will still wear Nike clothing — in fact, he’s rocking a Swoosh shirt in his new TaylorMade advertisements.

AstraZeneca, the drugmaker, pulled its advertisements from Carlson’s slot, and is the only advertiser to publicly do so after the recordings were released.

This is done because browser extensions are given a higher “privilege” than advertisements and ad blocker detectors.

I see people fighting through the press about this or through advertisements in the New York Times.

But these advertisements featuring ‘the new girl’ were marketing a lifestyle unattainable by most.

He also said sorry in full-page advertisements in British and U.S. newspapers.

He took material from comic strips, movies, early advertisements, high and low culture.

Facebook makes money by convincing people to spend as much time within its app viewing advertisements as possible.

“Our investigation did not find any election-related advertisements of the nature found on other platforms,” Huffman said.

The report calls for the creation of new standards and practices to amend these biased and biasing advertisements.

Mastodon has no money, no advertisements, no venture capital—and doesn’t plan on getting any.

Often tiny, dingy spots, these makeshift businesses are found via word-of-mouth or illegal internet advertisements.

The exhibition includes these lanterns, along with vintage photographs, advertisements, brochures, and more.

There are two main ways the federal government has typically handled Obamacare outreach: with advertisements and in-person assistance.

In the 2010 election, the CHGO spent about $4 million on campaign advertisements without disclosing its donors.

Earlier this fall, for example, Facebook announced new hires and investments to monitor election-related advertisements.

Often, most problematically, advertisements seem to substitute for art-historical information.

That’s the play of the game, on-face, but where Parkitect swerves a bit is its treatment of loans and advertisements.

The micro-targeting of social media users with political advertisements is “an ongoing issue”, it added.

He kept advertisements, ticket stubs, posters, programs, and scores that were ordinarily treated like trash, and built an archive of thousands of objects.

Ending Spending Inc, a Republican Super PAC, is reported to be spending at least $1 million on advertisements to support Saccone.

This would effectively require online service providers to self-police their platforms for content and advertisements that facilitate sex with minors.

In contrast, ads for plain water were only featured six times among the 273 advertisements in the sample the researchers examined.

“They’re basically just walking advertisements — ‘whether you like it or not, you’re doing to be advertising for us.'”

Despite the monthly decline, advertisements increased 10% from a year earlier, fitting with recent strength seen in the labour market.

Newspaper advertisements – making up just 2% of all job postings – slid 1.2% to 2,877, leaving the annual decline at 13.8%.

Online advertisements fell by 0.1%, leaving the annual increase at 10.6%.

This allows Facebook to serve tailored advertisements to users.

First, Congress could pass legislation, with presidential encouragement, that would require transparency of all funding sources for social media advertisements and political messaging.

I was no stranger to the lure of advertisements.

We see the alluring advertisements on a window, then a shot of the inside of the building reveals that it is empty.

No one can remove all of their advertisements from their Facebook experience, as this option might just put Facebook out of business.

Now get ready for the intuitive, and annoying, extension of that: advertisements that do this on purpose.

Operating through online advertisements, they can screen clients and agree on terms, such as using protection, before meeting them.

Keywords from Google searches tailor advertisements to the user’s interests.

It has already stopped serving advertisements for abuse-related searches.

The ad solutions on those are not necessarily going … they’re not going to be all host-read advertisements.

The restaurant is complete with a McDonald’s sign, a “drive-thru,” a patio with seating, and advertisements on the windows.

Well, let’s do some more labeling and stereotyping, but first, let’s hear some fine advertisements.

The poll found that many people take a dim view of those “targeted” advertisements.

Job advertisements in September for Ant Financial’s Malaysia office listed remittances as a responsibility.

Mahata had agreed to pay Garuda in exchange for installing Wi-Fi connectivity and advertisements on some planes.

Clients find her through various channels: advertisements, chat rooms, twitter, her books, word of mouth, referrals and a prime SEO.

Bird even bought Facebook advertisements attempting to activate its most loyal users.

That’s how you see the advertisements and stuff like that.

Left-wing publications don’t run advertisements by shady vendors who sell their products based on political paranoia.

Facebook has found another place to show advertisements to its users.

Most of the murals in the neighborhood are his, and they’re immediately recognizable — bright and colorful, they include advertisements, signs, and inspirational visions.

Mahata had agreed to pay Garuda in exchange for installing Wi-Fi connectivity and advertisements on some planes.

Organisers have produced witty advertisements to urge people to join the march.

Our goal was to test how crowdedness affects a consumer’s responsiveness to mobile advertisements.

(The piece referred to in the copied advertisements is actually “Jail’s Seeking Prisoners [The Cage]” (2014) by Miao Jiaxin.)

Defendants made various expenditures to carry out those activities, including buying political advertisements on social media in the names of U.S. persons and entities.

The drug reps didn’t bombard these physicians with high-level marketing or glossy advertisements.

The drug reps didn’t bombard these physicians with high-level marketing or glossy advertisements.

It’s being used to ‘enhance your experience’ and have better advertisements targeted to you.

Instead, they are using the data they have acquired to continue to perfectly target content (and advertisements) to interested parties.

They are both pages of content, usually produced by humans, used to sell advertisements against.

Job advertisements on Geely’s website show the automaker is looking to fill at least 20 Wuhan-based roles for the Lotus project.

Next in line is promotion — “All advertisements MUST use the proper spelling and correct pronunciation.”

advertisements must include a registration number to help ensure properties are not rented out for longer.

It grows maddening quickly, particularly when several enemy popups hog the screen at once, much as advertisements popups did on early browsers.

1:18 PM PT — A rep for Uber tells TMZ … “The NLA’s advertisements continue to be misleading.

Restrictions on how social media companies collect information about users could hurt their ability to sell advertisements, a key source of profit.

Cove Haven Resorts are still flourishing, cranking out new advertisements every year.

The agency has been placing hand, leg, feet, and body models in advertisements and catalogs work since 1986.

You can find early-20th-century German tobacco advertisements, 1980s Olympics posters, and Soviet propaganda prints, all in the same place.

Beyond advertisements, the has also crept in the top tier of mainstream music.

Potentially require drug makers to disclose list prices in advertisements This is a good example of our limited ability to influence list prices.

We would make sure that we are including appropriate warnings as part of those advertisements.

This means that the typical super PAC methods — advertisements on television, radio or the internet — won’t be effective in these communities.

Ambani even splashed Modi’s face on advertisements for the Reliance Jio telecoms launch in 2016.

Women and girls are negatively comparing themselves to what they see on the web, or advertisements from clinics that promote these procedures.

My second company I learned that selling advertisements is really hard.

Facebook’s move to reject anti-vaxx advertisements may also affect the private groups.

The artist’s earliest works appropriated images by famous male artists (including Longo), pairing them with advertisements and sexualized images of women.

On Tuesday morning, though, a big riverside video screen displayed advertisements, not news of the summit.

I think I thought the proverbial instincts would kick in and it would be as pretty as Pampers advertisements.

Will one episode be full of UBIK advertisements?

Jingles from old television advertisements, the name of the second-to-last President, the punchline to a joke: Memories are the constituent parts of individual identities.

After these reports surfaced last week, many began pulling their advertisements from YouTube.

Because you’re paying for their pageantry, their marketing, the two-page glossy advertisements alerting you to their existence.

Perhaps in response, Amazon has been trying to convince consumer brands to feature Alexa shopping commands on their advertisements and packaging.

Only advertisements do, in the form of listings.

The advertisements were prominent and were definitely a step in the right direction.

Territory’s soligrams are advertisements and street signs, which have been digitally painted over the live action footage.

Overheard conversations, radio advertisements, and enemy barks offered insight into places where a space cop had no reason to go.

Donors can already spend as much as they want on “independent” Super PACs that take out millions in political advertisements.

Do they think their kids’ lives are enhanced when they’re exposed to the advertisements of marijuana candies and lollipops?

Now they’re on screens surrounded by advertisements.

Many advertisements and runway shows aren’t just selling clothes, in other words.

Under existing regulations, the Swedish advertising authorities were able to ban advertisements that are degrading, sexist, or depict women as sexual objects.

The main advertisements for these movies are photos of that sticky moment.

The main issue is the reliance on old app industry measures and revenue models, such as volume of downloads, in-app advertisements, and premium content.

Facebook’s automated programs are intended to generate eyeballs for advertisements.

He told me usually he doesn’t usually notice BART advertisements.

The advertisements we were actually responsible for.

Snapchat is fun — and so are its advertisements, says Kleiner Perkins partner Mary Meeker.

You don’t often hear about users, especially teens, “playing” with advertisements.

“By replacing advertisements with artwork, Art in Ad Places provides a public service and alternative vision of our public environment,” Rushmore continues.

She would like to point out that if you sign up for the Knot, you receive paper advertisements from wedding-related businesses for years.

Time spent matters because more time in the app means people probably see more advertisements, which is how all these apps make money.

There are “archive” sections where you research events in newspapers and advertisements, finding addresses and clues and connections via (very pre-Google) investigative research.

Encrypted conversations also limit Facebook’s ability to send targeted advertisements.

Fox News fans are destroying their Keurig coffeemakers in protest of the company pulling its advertisements from Sean Hannity’s show.

The color in Jensdotter’s series is provided by other artists’ work and advertisements.

No plot details or character descriptions were leaked; there were no set photos, no interviews with stars, no advertisements or media of any kind.

Redei says the speed of TV advertisements alone makes us rush in our daily lives.

The app uses targeted advertisements to help users find what they want to buy and recommends related products nearby.

There’s this text, Gender advertisements.

advertisements have traditionally exploited individuals’ fears.

Later advertisements incorporated photography, such as those in the early 1970s by Ivan Chermayeff that visualized remote destinations.

They are feature-length advertisements for more feature-length advertisements, each one designed to sell the next thing as much as itself.

This is just one more way in which Instagrammers are blurring the lines between advertisements and reality.

In the latest push for attention, activists took out full-page advertisements in several international newspapers to appeal to the G20 leaders.

Richard Prince rose to prominence with his “rephotographs,” prints of cropped, decontextualized details from advertisements.

The advertisements made it clear that this toy was different: “Her hair can be shampooed and recurled by little girls.

The app uses targeted advertisements to help users find what they want to buy and recommends related products nearby.

You’re looking at advertisements, okay.

In addition, both NASCAR drivers and (non-UFC) fighters wear enough advertisements on their uniforms to pass for bulletin boards or Sunday newspaper coupon inserts.

Instead, Bishop Museum graphic designer Ross Yamanaka laid out scans of the assorted advertisements into a sprawling wallpaper where no two images are repeated.

They also purchased political advertisements on social media networks.

Their oddly stilted presence in political settings seems to transform all occasions, no matter how “presidential,” into advertisements.

“Facebook, Google, and Twitter have amassed unprecedented amounts of personal data and use this data when selling advertising, including political advertisements,” the senators wrote.

While they operate Xi-Design, a hand-painted advertisements company, it’s their never-for-profit crew Die Dixons that built THE HAUS.

Between hotel advertisements, billboards splashed with scantily-clad models, and flashing neon marquees, it can be difficult to focus on the road.

Perhaps the tone of these advertisements will adjust, over the coming year, in response to their new neighbor.)

It’s About Time (2014–17) features collages of high-end watch advertisements, highlighting current obsessions with time, status, and luxury.

So not all Periscope video will be eligible for advertisements.

advertisements and postcards joked about the leap year as an opportunity for marriage-hungry single women to pressure men into marrying them.

A business like Fox News knows firsthand that they cost even more than the millions in settlements and lost revenue from pulled advertisements.

His earnings come mainly from online tokens bought by followers and advertisements embedded in his videos.

The minister said he had given orders for his team to block all online cigarette advertisements after the health minister sought the ban.

And I’m pretty sure I read advertisements for some of them on this podcast and also on Recode Decode.

These sound bites and Trumpisms are why he has been able to spend less on campaign advertisements, Trump said in Iowa.

While all these materials and techniques are ostensibly advertising the Prime deals, they also necessarily function as advertisements for Prime itself — and only Prime.

Today’s advertisements are less aspirational, and about the simple ways a multinational corporation’s beverage supports your everyday life.

Any flyers or advertisements claiming otherwise are false.

As you know, we accept advertisements from both republican and democratic candidates and we were pleased to accept this advertising order from the RNC.

Brand posts are advertisements, as are many posts by influencers and micro-influencers, even when they don’t bear the requisite #ad tag.

Most of the Big Game will be advertisements, men talking while surrounded by various brand logos, and a sponsored halftime show.

Television networks are full of short, 30-second advertisements either introducing candidates to voters or hitting the opposing candidates on their records.

Neon first appeared in Paris in 1910, and before World War I there were already more than 160 neon advertisements throughout France.

He has not spent anything on advertisements in the last month, nor has he devoted any resources to campaigning in battleground states.

I look at film stills, I find images online, and I look at old advertisements.

Probably as a result, advertisements for vibrators gradually disappeared from respectable publications.”

Every day, hundreds of advertisements scream at us from billboards and phone screens and televisions.

The annual project replaces a wide network of billboards and street advertisements with art.

While in junior college, Howard took a job dressing windows and drawing advertisements at Goodfriends, a fashion store in Austin, Texas.

Snaps’s third-quarter revenue, the bulk of which comes from advertisements, rose to $207.9 million from $128.2 million.

“Brand playlists are advertisements, even if Spotify strives to imbue them with so-called editorial integrity.

Facebook has built a big business by employing personal data in order to target users with advertisements.

As much as I hate posting advertisements in here, they’re always pretty fun.

We are inundated with marketing and advertisements encouraging us to go for that carnitas burrito and the double bacon cheeseburger.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads advertisements declared her the “Ape Woman” or the “Nondescript,” a creature that could not be described.

The ad buy comprises broadcast and cable TV ads and an LED truck running advertisements throughout the week.

It’s also vowed to avoid advertisements, which drive the bulk of revenue for Instagram and parent company Facebook.

There were no pre-roll advertisements, because YouTube didn’t exist.

Nowadays, that’s the first step that everybody takes is adding those pre-roll advertisements.

Neither company has ruled out allowing advertisements on its devices.

Their artificiality is fitting, as they recall advertisements, which proclaim truth through undemanding imagery yet invite a dose of our skepticism.

That means digging through sources like diaries, government records, old advertisements, and even consulting historical experts to get the colors right.

Mars is able to pay those employees thanks to voluntary listener donations, advertisements and grants made to PRX.

They will also have to carry health warnings on packaging and in advertisements.

They will also have to carry health warnings on packaging and in advertisements.

Trump has a bare-bones staff and has refused to pay for political advertisements.

advertisements do not necessarily reflect the views of Vox Media or our editorial teams.

In 1963, advertisements started popping up in magazines such as Guns.

As suggested in the company’s first advertisements, private citizens bought the guns for competition shooting, hunting, self-defense and simple novelty.

Backpage has long been known for its advertisements for sex workers (though these were formally removed from the site last year).

Enter FOSTA-SESTA, which create enforceable loopholes in websites if they appear to be allowing prostitution advertisements.

SESTA’s provisions allow for legal action against any website found to be “knowingly assisting, supporting, or facilitating” advertisements for sex work.

Joanna is suing Pink Pony Tampa, claiming the club slapped her image all over advertisements for the “dance and shower” shows.

In 2014, Google actually removed advertisements to these misleading sources after being pressured by abortion rights groups such as NARAL.

One of the most obvious and successful forms of confronting sexism at the time was the attack on sexist advertisements.

When a snowstorm hit Chicago, Project X updated its digital advertisements for the local Kmart to showcase snow shovels.

Last year, Princeton researchers created a perceptual ad blocker, which could visually locate advertisements on a webpage and filter them out.

One attack, for example, slightly altered the AdChoices logo that is commonly used to disclose advertisements to fool the perceptual ad blocker.

Among other things, the companies would be expected to keep copies of the advertisements and information about the organizations that purchased them.

Days before the January 31 enrollment deadline for 2017 coverage, the Trump administration pulled advertisements reminding consumers to sign up.

Google and Facebook Inc collect personal data on users to target their advertisements.

CNN does not sell or control locally-run advertisements.”

Campaign Manager only lets players take a few actions: You can create advertisements, mount a ground campaign, and hire volunteers.

You can see this in the early advertisements for Listerine, a mouthwash product that was initially a floor cleaner and a battlefield disinfectant.

And it wanted to do so while giving its users more control over the advertisements shown to them.

CPM = cost per mille In the 1990s, banner advertisements began appearing on websites.

Among the most vivid examples is Puzder’s embrace of infamous graphic advertisements for Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s.

The walls are decorated with old sports equipment, advertisements, license plates, and other odes to Canadian-ness.

This may be due to the advertisements‘ failure to actually detail what responsible drinking looks like.

I am a woman with an Instagram account, therefore I look at advertisements for bathing suits several times a day.

That measure may have been deployed sloppily so far though—it appears some Bitcoin-related advertisements are still cropping up.

It is the advertisements plastered on the subway and the pop-up ads that appear in your browser.

It is the advertisements plastered on the subway and the pop-up ads that appear in your browser.

As spectators, we regularly experience advertisements for rival products — Pepsi and Coca-Cola, Delta and US Airways, The X-Factor and The Voice.

As of January 2017, the company decided to make all of the models in its advertisements older than 35.

But when they turned up, it didn’t look anything like the advertisements.

Those principles notably do not require a drug’s list price be disclosed in advertisements, as the Trump administration is expected to require.

It has proposed a new regulator to investigate how the companies rank advertisements and news articles.

Those advertisements became more lucrative, and then slowly, publishers ceded most of their page over to this behavioral advertising.

Among the most vivid examples is Puzder’s embrace of infamous graphic advertisements for Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s.

Twitter is planning to ban cryptocurrency advertisements, joining other big advertising platforms like Facebook and Google that have opted to do the same.

You know those dudes with deep tans who look after their bodies that you only ever see in advertisements?

Billboard advertisements for the website will appear in coming weeks.

In 2015, a researcher known as Kafeine detected a large-scale CSRF attack launched through malicious advertisements placed on legitimate websites.

We’re surrounded by lights, commercials, and advertisements everywhere we go.

They’re always flitting by them on TV and advertisements, everywhere.

AT&T plans to use mobile phone and video data, supplied by customers who have given permission, to sell targeted advertisements.

These apps need access to your microphone, but not to actually listen to you, just to “beacon” noises emitted in stores and by advertisements.

And because of its consistent place in advertisements, I’ve always believed two things: one, that J.D.

That I don’t have to have some big Y&R firm with 3,000 people who made 30,000 advertisements.

Power in many advertisements.

Look, I think that Facebook has a business model that is about taking people’s personal information and targeting advertisements.

Is your exchange for about $100 worth of advertisements sold based on our data?

I hated Charmin advertisements — there used to be this nasty little man that told people not to squeeze the Charmin.

Other accusers followed, which led nearly 100 companies to pull their advertisements from O’Reilly’s 8 p.m. time slot on the cable network.

David added that the automaker’s lawsuit is “particularly offensive,” as Mercedes has contacted her to license other works for similar advertisements.

In tiny print, right under the masthead, was a caveat that these were “paid political advertisements.”

AppValley offers a version of Spotify’s free streaming music service with the advertisements stripped away.

It contained no advertisements, it boasted a mammoth page count, and it was an anthology — far from the most popular format.

Asked about the tweet, Geng said that such advertisements by foreign media were commonplace and allowed by U.S. law.

It’s why my Facebook feed is a dizzying array of advertisements for LuLaRoe leggings, doTERRA essential oils, ItWorks!

They found pages and pages of advertisements.

One of the websites key to the FOSTA debate was Backpage, a site where users posted advertisements, frequently for sexual services.

A series of tweets were send out as advertisements, showing photos and video of the new iPhone and highlighting some of its top features.

This is why presidential candidates tell people that their opponent will “destroy the economy” and advertisements warn that “smoking kills.”

A 2016 study conducted by Nielsen found that viewers enjoy integrated advertisements much more than an advertisement that plays before a video begins.

I have mixed feelings about those types of advertisements.

I think the works are meant to resemble billboards, like giant satiric advertisements for the British way of life.

And is it changing now that older viewers are much more likely to be watching TV live (and, thus, watching advertisements live)?

Technically, we could go even deeper into this; the Nielsen ratings that matter are the ones [where] Nielsen measures who watches advertisements.

Now, even more explicitly, the biggest albums of the year are not just albums — they’re also advertisements.

And they work: more exposure to e-cig advertisements corresponds with more e-cig use in young adults, according to previous CDC research.

The CDC has repeatedly called for restricting e-cig marketing, but they have no control over advertisements.

Timehop says the format affords it some advantages — it’s easier to incorporate video, for example, and offers good opportunities for interstitial advertisements.

Pinterest monetizes its website through advertisements, which it places among the “pins” that users put on the site.

Facebook has bought radio advertisements in Nigeria and worked with local organizations to change that, she said.

Or, in other words, get ready to start seeing a whole lot more Snapcodes in advertisements in the near future.

But campaigns do need money to run advertisements and pay organizers.

In response, Charter claims it is “disappointed” by the lawsuit since the misleading speed advertisements occurred before the acquisition.

MarketWatch estimates that a full hour of the Super Bowl broadcast is advertisements, while the halftime show is usually about 13 minutes.

For example: Many advertisements include disclaimers — think of a car commercial that depicts a dangerous stunt and warns viewers not to attempt it.

It’s really fascinating because you can find all these hidden stories and unknown facts and frankly hilarious advertisements from that time.

Tracking what users actually look at in VR could be key for measuring and delivering better advertisements.

Google and Facebook have come under increased scrutiny in recent months for allowing advertisements to run against extremist content and fake news sites.

Facebook nonetheless finds itself in congressional crosshairs for Russian-sponsored misinformation circulated in posts and advertisements before Election Day.

Last week, RT sharply criticized Twitter for even turning over copies of its advertisements to lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

That’s precisely why the company is spending millions of dollars to promote the platform using flashy TV advertisements and other high-profile marketing tools.

You can pore over original concept art, storyboards, and advertisements, and read stories about Disney and Capcom exchanging ideas over fax.

Those who lashed out at did so on Twitter, another free service that uses your data to target advertisements from third parties.

Not long after that, SNL was commissioned to write its first advertisements, for Verizon and Apple, which would run during its broadcast.

All three tech companies have committed to building new dashboards that will show information about who buys some campaign advertisements, for example.

I’ve seen your apples, advertisements, yeah.

After being commoditized as a free app loaded with advertisements and a VR game, fidget spinners are finally coming to desks.

“You pay with one currency or another — either cents, or you pay with your data, or you pay with the advertisements that you accept.

JPMorgan is removing its advertisements from NBC News in response to the interview with Jones, according to the Wall Street Journal.

JPMorgan is removing its advertisements from NBC News in response to the interview with Jones, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The minister said he had given orders for his team to block all online cigarette advertisements after the health minister sought the ban.

Online advertisements for converted containers, which are legal to build but illegal to live in, tout monthly rents of HK$3,000 to HK$5,000.

We could require groups running independent political ads to disclose their donors; research suggests that this reduces their influence relative to candidate-sponsored advertisements.

So as a political scientist, I have to constantly check my instincts when watching speeches and advertisements this year.

That program promotes Amazon and third-party products and services via lockscreen advertisements in exchange for Prime member discounts on budget devices.

As for Google, they allege that it essentially helps fund ISIS through advertisements that run before YouTube videos.

That would ensure that the stories, in whatever form they take, load fast, are uncluttered, and feature advertisements that Google serves and controls.

First, though, Facebook needs to prove that its users will watch longer video — and accompanying mid-roll advertisements — inside its apps.

As Sixth Tone notes, the messages are popular both with individuals and companies that use the videos as an inexpensive way to create advertisements.

Its advertisements often ridicule liberal elites concerned about the ingredients in their foods and who or what were harmed in making it.

The main sources of these images seem to be from Middle American magazines and advertisements.

If you’ve spent much time online in recent years, you’re familiar with the tropes of advertisements aimed at millennials.

These posters were ephemeral advertisements, not meant to be saved.

Last week, Facebook said it was introducing stricter rules for political advertisements in India.

In case you hadn’t caught him on TV already, Donald Trump is now officially running political advertisements.

In light of the news about Russian advertisements, it seems Facebook underestimated just how accessible their platform has become.

In case you hadn’t caught him on TV already, Donald Trump is now officially running political advertisements.

King was outraised by Scholten all along, though, and didn’t put out new advertisements or campaign heavily throughout the district.

The images inside the tunnel can be changed to show different landscapes, like deserts, or to display advertisements.

advertisements want to corral our thoughts and attention to sell us a better version of ourselves.

It also pledged to make more prominent disclosures about who paid for the ads on the advertisements themselves.

I called up other therapists whose advertisements bear the same disclaimer as Sara’s (about half the ads).

The law specifically prohibits advertisements intended to influence public policy.

Yet participants trusted Apple less than even Google, a company with a primary business model of collecting consumer data for targeting advertisements.

What was your problem with them, and are you still boycotting advertisements?

YouTube says it’s updated its automated flagging system to restrict advertisements on fewer videos.

The report documents multiple cases of advertisers getting slammed with high costs for serving advertisements.

I was able to run television advertisements in the United States in prime time, with prominent Republican leaders sitting alongside Democratic leaders.

The technology lets users scan magazines, books, posters, advertisements, and other physical products which could then launch 3D animations, product visualizations, and 360-degree videos.

Maybe I began to suspect Facebook of spying on me, and therefore now I see correlations between my advertisements and my conversations everywhere.

Some broadcasters have gone so far as to edit or speed up programs so they can stuff more advertisements into each viewing hour.

Coruscant might be lit up by bright advertisements, but there’s no news media.

Earlier this year, Google announced that it would be integrating an ad blocker into Chrome to cut down on spammy or intrusive advertisements.

As they marched across central Paris, they also scrawled explanations onto offending advertisements to alert passers-by.

Two friends and I decided to go to Châtelet [in central Paris] to paste stickers on sexist advertisements.

They’re losing online advertisements, bad date lists, online client screening, and their voice.

Alexa could eventually start sliding in advertisements for bleach or toothpaste when you go to shop.

It contains nearly 60,000 blocks and plates used to print advertisements for newspapers through the 1980s.

We’ll watch fewer videos, and we’ll see fewer advertisements.

Facebook is banning all advertisements for cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin and initial coin offerings, as part of an “intentionally broad” policy against deceptive marketers.

advertisements for a magazine.

We have the old documents and the old advertisements, but we also have old bottles, old water jugs and promotional materials.

Martini & Rossi have always been known for their iconic advertisements, like the famous woman in the white hat.

Just a few days ago, Facebook announced it would ban advertisements for cryptocurrencies as part of an “intentionally broad” policy against deceptive marketers.

One such discovery, made a few years back, may have included one of the earliest liquor advertisements ever committed to film.

People have been sharing fewer personal updates on the platform, as feeds become stuffed with brand advertisements, memes, and publisher videos.

My phone can become a magic wand that erases advertisements wherever they occur.

However, instead of creating positive mental associations with those colors, like in traditional advertisements, Dress Code uses them to communicate physical and emotional turmoil.

These groups attracted members with short advertisements in publications like Freedom’s Journal, the first African-American owned and operated newspaper in the United States.

Public education, like the advertisements and videos released by Waymo in recent months, will be crucial in helping people overcome their initial fears.

Google has announced it will ban advertisements that promote cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs) starting from June.

These are not the simple holograms that you might see as 3D wall art or shifting billboard advertisements.

Following Facebook and Google’s footsteps, Twitter is reportedly planning to ban advertisements for cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs), according Sky News.

Sponsored content posted by influencers aren’t always identified as such, making it harder for consumers to tell the difference between original content and advertisements.

advertisements or not, it’s definitely good for tech companies to be pushing AI skills like this.

“Job advertisements indicate that employment growth is likely to continue over the coming months,” said David Plank, ANZ’s head of Australian economics.

Their advertisements feature Chinese phone numbers, and they’re connected to websites that list physical addresses in China.

Reggio had been responsible for creating the advertisements for the campaign, but after the campaign was over there was a $40,000 budget surplus.

And, all of a sudden, I start receiving advertisements for chocolate.

In a way, we can view these early PC Music “protégées” as walking, talking advertisements for what the label could do later.

What if I don’t want to receive those commercial advertisements?” Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA) tried to coin a new nickname for Palantir.

Google plans to resume accepting advertisements from alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers following a lengthy period of review, Reuters reports.

Lewis notes in a statement that the advertisements often promoted get-rich-quick schemes that were actually trading options with odds stacked against the consumer.

With other procedures, she says, her clean work has come back to bite her; her clients are not walking advertisements for her practice.

Unsurprisingly, Facebook—an advertising company—wanted to add advertisements to WhatsApp.

Some non-profit groups that sought to offer assistance said they have been obstructed by police, with their online advertisements blocked by censors.

The experience will also be more closely integrated with search rather than within Google Play or in-app advertisements.

“More than 50 percent of what’s carried by the postal service is advertisements, and usually unwanted advertisements,” he said.

Facebook introduced new disclosure rules for political advertisements this week designed to block bad actors from meddling in elections.

I’ve done a lot more work in that vein in the last 18 months—mostly for advertisements.

You can hear it in pop-ups, or the advertisements that precede any YouTube video.

On advertising, Trump has spent $48.7 million while Clinton has spent $204 million – allowing her to blanket the airwaves with a deluge of advertisements.

“Nine out of 10 sites that people visit are free, and that’s only because of advertisements working.”

It may also be able to one day discern the effectiveness of those advertisements.

This is to limit what information Facebook can collect from users as they surf the web, which is used to target advertisements.

Samsung began teasing the Note 9 today with advertisements promising long battery life, fast performance, and generous storage.

Facebook’s response has been to assure banks it won’t use data for targeted advertisements and will not share it with third parties.

In the 1980s, the term “computerphobia” cropped up in magazines, newspapers, advertisements, and computer manuals.

The sideline advertising boards scroll with gambling advertisements for much of every game.

Facebook has a new headache when it comes to housing advertisements.

According to Bartasi, Kindbody’s message will roll out first in print advertisements in Hamptons magazine, Vanity Fair, and Airbnb’s new sponcon glossy.

“The MTA’s decision to reject Dame’s advertisements reflects no legitimate principle of law,” Dame wrote in the complaint.

And, of course, filming advertisements in space is strictly forbidden for NASA crew members.

Manber also coordinated with Russia to do advertisements on Mir, which ran between $500,000 to $1.5 million, he says.

Monday’s lawsuit claims that the companies create unique content by combining ISIS postings with advertisements to target the viewer.

Of course, the company still has plenty of data it can target advertisements against, like Search history, YouTube views, and other Chrome actions.

It’s not adding a lot of unnecessary features for the sake of it, or advertisements.

Mosquito repellent advertisements covered luggage conveyer belts as thousands of athletes descended on Rio, while tourists wandered the city in clouds of DEET.

“Corporate branding and advertisements are ubiquitous in society today and almost impossible to avoid.

In May, Congress released more than 3,000 advertisements and memes used by Russian influencers leading up to the 2016 election.

A deal is procured for content in exchange for served advertisements on a website.

More shows were added, more celebrities were chased, and more advertisements were secured.

A content company can focus on making content so that a technology partnership can skim off the top of the remnants of remnant advertisements.

The user can only struggle to preserve their individuality by blocking the advertisements that are supposed to represent their marginalized interests.

advertisements will appear before videos, and everything will be free.

Subscriptions aren’t what YouTube is interested in — advertisements and celebrity channels are.

Note these advertisements from years past, below, that feature some giddily stoned people craving their artery-clogging food.

Many companies have figured out workarounds to vague data, both to measure success and to find shows worth pursuing for advertisements.

As in other countries where the requirements have been introduced, UK advertisers will have to verify their identities before they can post political advertisements.

Facebook said it has teams with Thai-language speakers to monitor posts and restricts electoral advertisements from outside the country.

There were no targeted advertisements, and none of us ever thought about “personal data” or what could be done with it.

“And the only way that I’m getting paid is through advertisements and referrals.

Most free GIF-making tools can only be found on the web, and usually involve wading through obnoxious advertisements or some cumbersome sign-in process.

It announced new original programming, too, called Snap Originals, that’ll feature unskippable six-second advertisements built-in.

We’re surrounded by lies — exaggerations, self-deceptions, the background hum of advertisements.

“They create unique content by combining ISIS postings with advertisements in a way that is specifically targeted at the viewer,” the lawsuit reads.

If you take a drive through Lima today, you will immediately notice the political advertisements plastered on every billboard, sign, and spare concrete wall.

Facebook said it has teams with Thai-language speakers to monitor posts and restricts electoral advertisements from outside the country.

Academic centers in particular should commit to doing better on their own, and subject their advertisements to an objective review, Woloshin said.

Facebook did not say how many people the advertisements reached.

The business has since expanded and specializes in contemporary artists, getting their songs on records or licensed to films, television, advertisements, and video games.

Our preferences, browsing habits, and perhaps even our conversations are strip-mined for data so that we might be shown advertisements to which we relate.

Lanterns were relegated to show advertisements before the start of movies, but soon lost that minor role as well.

Whenever you buy anything from Soleilmoon, you get advertisements for Death in June, so they’re really pushing this hardcore racist thing.”

While such advertisements may attract attention, the use of strong guilt in messaging like this may also backfire.

Nobody can tell you what to put in there, but people do suggest things all the time with advertisements.

CNN also reported that Amazon accepts paid advertisements for promoting anti-vaccine media.

They also stopped letting anti-vaccine videos show advertisements, thereby demonetizing those videos.

The plans Facebook announced today include turning away anti-vax advertisements.

It provides people more detailed information about cosmetic procedures through user-generated reviews and photos, and it makes money through doctors’ on-site advertisements.

Facebook has sued two Ukrainian men for allegedly using quiz apps to scrape Facebook users’ private data and inject advertisements into their News Feeds.

If it wasn’t already blurred, advertisements like the controversial Hers posts certainly raise the question.

For all I know, the people responsible for these advertisements have circumnavigated the globe with billboards.

It also announced plans to being showing advertisements, despite being founded on a promise of never showing ads.

It could easily be a design museum, with hundreds of old advertisements, game programs, and posters from the last century.

Instagram and Facebook are economies unto themselves where people can see advertisements and buy directly from them.

As part of a legal settlement with civil rights groups, Facebook said today that it will end some targeting options for potentially discriminatory advertisements.

The French robots have just rolled out their new line of Summer-themed merchandise on their website, which comes rife with their nostalgia-inducing, stylized advertisements.

“All these advertisements and propaganda—it’s all over the place.

They found that tailoring advertisements to people’s unique psychologies “significantly altered” their behavior, as measured by clicks and purchases.

Jackler has discovered that the link shows up subtly in industry advertisements that pair e-cigarettes and coffee in the same frame.

Overall, Matz said, what is surprising is not that people respond to advertisements that are crafted based on their personalities.

Following countless leaks and more than a few promotional advertisements, OnePlus has announced its latest smartphone — actually, it announced two.

The new policy will, in theory, prevent this kind of deception in the first place when it comes to advertisements on Google search.

As with major advertisements directly from bookmakers, running any responsible gambling advertising is completely optional.

Google already prohibits abortion advertisements in dozens of countries because of local laws, and it even restricts how they appear within certain countries.

Raddle doesn’t have advertisements or run analytical software, so its size is difficult to calculate—but that’s by design.

The site is meant to be an alternative to social networks that profit by monitoring user behavior and serving advertisements.

When someone entered a designated area, Copley tagged that person’s smartphone or other internet-enabled device and sent the advertisements to it, Healey said.

She made it clear that the girls at the front desk were walking advertisements for the salon.

Members share and comment everything from vintage Jell-O salad recipes and advertisements to images of their own recent creations.

Motherboard found several advertisements offering access to GSX accounts or related information online.

Following Sunday night’s advertisements, Twitter was alight with outrage from the U.S. corn industry.

Since the new allegations emerged, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, and BMW of North America have all pulled advertisements from Fox News—but O’Reilly maintains his innocence.

In online advertisements, Trudeau and her husband can be seen enjoying a twilight cruise, kissing on the deck of one of her sailboats.

The judge said the plaintiffs failed to show they actually viewed any of Mercedes’ advertisements touting the cleaner technology.

Media-savvy young people are all too aware that many, if not most, of the advertisements and fashion shoots they see are altered.

However, even without Youtube’s premium advertising program, users can still profit from advertisements, create sponsored content, or sell merchandise to support their brands.

But online, and specifically on dating apps, tacos are more than just beloved: They are advertisements for a stranger’s entire personality.

“Our notebooks are open and our assets are clear and they have just one source, our advertisements and subscriptions,” Sakr told Reuters.

I use Bitcoin to fund accounts that enable me to put up advertisements for the women who work each day.

There are advertisements and flyers and billboards for the Gig in the city’s public parks.

Others, though, are much more opaque, with hard to track down owners, and advertisements on crime-focused websites.

But earlier this year, the website suspended its section for “adult” advertisements.

In April, the FDA requested information about Juul’s marketing practices, believing the company purposely targeted minors in advertisements.

Exxon declined to comment on its outlays on advertisements.

Schneiderman also issued an alert warning consumers against the companies’ advertisements, which mainly promote ultrasonic and botanical oil-based mosquito repellants.

“We are shown images every day which are not realistic — even the small changes to photos or advertisements make a difference,” she says.

The pictures show construction workers, villagers and vendors posing against large, glossy advertisements for luxury developments, with construction sites looming behind them.

And when she was just 11 years old, she wrote to Procter and Gamble because she thought one of their advertisements was sexist.

Troian Bellisario knows how harmful it can be to see unnaturally perfect bodies in advertisements and magazine spreads.

“We in America Should have MANDITORY WARNINGS on images in advertisements & PRESS that have been doctored,” she wrote on Instagram.

Clicks on product advertisements paid for by third-party sellers grew 150 percent, Amazon said.

The Internet Archive, which is a nonprofit headquartered inside of an old church in San Francisco, California, does not run advertisements on its site.

The Judiciary Committee Chairman, Sen. Chuck Grassley, discussed how Facebook makes money by selling personalized advertisements using the data they collect from users.

On the contrary, they have to write detailed job advertisements — including levels of pay for advertised roles.

The actor stars in four 15-second teaser advertisements that drive speculation of what the actual multi-million dollar commercial might be on Feb. 4.

Flat-screen advertisements in subways have been around since 2005; in-flight movies and magazines have been around for much longer.

But when individuals are able to order up their own vehicle, these advertisements aimed at the masses will no longer be appropriate.

Instead, the individual will come to expect individualized service and in that, individualized advertisements.

Recently, when Yang traveled to China, he still saw Yao plastered on billboards and advertisements everywhere.

Philipps wrote on Instagram that she spent most of her life trying to match the body types she saw in less-inclusive advertisements.

As is tradition, viewers can look forward to a slew of multimillion-dollar advertisements and a halftime show with a musical guest.

They are not the silver-haired septuagenarians depicted in drug advertisements, either.

“We are building a research team for our Auto-drive Team based in Palo Alto, CA,” the company said in job advertisements on LinkedIn.

The free Wikitribune, as it’s being called, will contain no advertisements.

From there, the privacy policy states, “These third parties may use that information to provide you advertisements, across the Internet and mobile applications.”

People and advertisements say, “You’re a girl, you can do what you want!”

Video also carries lucrative advertisements that are closer to the television commercials that brands are accustomed to making.

The search giant will now flag and warn users when they encounter web sites with what Google calls “social engineering” advertisements.

With today’s changes, those protections are being expanded to also include advertisements.

Premium users pay extra to use their own domains and the removal of advertisements as well as newly launched applications.

The Billboard Creative (TBC) filled the city’s ubiquitous roadside advertisements together with the help of nearly 50 artists.

Twitter Inc rose 9.1% after it posted better-than-expected quarterly revenue and an uptick in daily users who see advertisements on the site.

The mom of two added that sponsored content and advertisements on Instagram are getting excessive.

The modern internet runs on advertisements.

The Pirate Bay isn’t exactly known for its tasteful and legitimate advertisements, which are often laced with malware.

More recently, security researchers have been reporting an uptick in malicious advertisements that are used to mine cryptocurrencies within a web browser.

Twitter Inc jumped 8.3% after it posted better-than-expected second-quarter revenue and an uptick in daily users who see advertisements on the site.

Premium users pay extra to use their own domains and the removal of advertisements as well as newly launched applications.

A loose group of artists, designers, and troublemakers called Truth in Advertising (TIA) were makjing not-so-subtle changes to advertisements all over Santa Cruz.

Twitter Inc rose 8.9% after it posted better-than-expected second-quarter revenue and an uptick in daily users who see advertisements on the site.

Gou, who launched an extensive primary campaign including banners on buses and online advertisements, thanked supporters and congratulated Han.

Twitter Inc (TWTR.N) rose 8.9% after it posted better-than-expected quarterly revenue and an uptick in daily users who see advertisements on the site.

They soon began to notice little newspaper clippings and advertisements “all over the place, in files and used as bookmarks,” Ramie says.

Twitter Inc rose 9.9% after it posted better-than-expected second-quarter revenue and an uptick in daily users who see advertisements on the site.

Twitter Inc (TWTR.N) rose 8.9% after it posted better-than-expected quarterly revenue and an uptick in daily users who see advertisements on the site.

Platforms such as Google or Facebook massively benefit from users reading and sharing fake news articles which contain advertisements.

Local inhabitants said there had been a notable decline in miners flush with cash – and the advertisements that sought to part them from it.

Local newspapers, that rely overwhelmingly on government advertisements for revenue, are also facing increasing financial pressure.

The new regulations will be applied only to future advertisements.

That bill, which now moves to the Senate for consideration, targets sex traffickers who post advertisements for illegal services on social media websites.

The FTC alleges that the company used inflated figures in job advertisements.

“We are currently testing extra in app purchased features for our super users and targeted advertisements for parents.

Tjokrosaputro had also put out newspaper advertisements that damaged Goldman’s reputation, according to the documents.

The latest experiment, underway now, is the use of pre-roll advertisements that play before the show you’re about to watch.

But Mr Kishii’s on-air fulminations prompted a group of conservatives to take out newspaper advertisements accusing him of violating broadcasters’ mandated impartiality.

(“It’s like Woodstock, only with advertisements everywhere and tons of security guards,” says Lisa.)

The IAB is urging them to make advertisements less irksome, so that consumers are less inclined to block them.

From the late 1950s Levi Strauss & Co. ran advertisements and a letter-writing campaign urging schools to allow students to attend classes in denim.

They discounted advertisements and bot posts.

“HBO spends 12 million for Market Research and five million for GOT7 advertisements,” it reads.

“So consider us another budget for your advertisements!”

When a train car was empty, all three would place little fliers in between the plastic cover for advertisements.

In reality, it matches advertisements to users while keeping that information to itself.

Apps, including TenderTree and HomeHero, will replace the advertisements once crafted for fusty magazines.

When American diplomats placed advertisements in Indian newspapers proclaiming the right of all men to freedom, British censors quietly confiscated those editions.

BeenVerified: “At this time, we’re pulling our advertisements on The O’Reilly Factor.

“Currently, we have removed the video clip, related advertisements, and other planned materials to show our responsibility in this incident.”

The European Commission gave the project €200,000; after Turkish protests, the commission removed advertisements for “Aghet” from its website.

It can block annoying online advertisements and privacy-invading “trackers”, which lurk on websites to follow users around.

Not mentioned in the advertisements is one attractive feature of wind power: it doesn’t emit any carbon emissions.

advertisements with details of 20-somethings looking for a mate are plastered over upturned umbrellas.

In one of the advertisements, a wind worker describes wind as “reliable and limitless.”

What’s next: The advertisements will run through most of the summer.

In 2018, one study suggests nearly two hours out of every American’s day are devoted to advertisements.

But companies have caught on: in Zimbabwe recent advertisements cheerfully boasted: “Not British.

Want to trade derivatives, provide legal advice or design advertisements?

Trash litters the streets, dayglow advertisements assault you at every turn, and tech-junkies addicted to strange drugs quiver in dark alleys.

On a different delivery platform, the content capsules could become programmed against advertisements when the content market becomes more robust.

Sporting events must also stand out from the sponsor’s logos and flashing advertisements that adorn it.

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