Adopted in a sentence | Use of the word adopted examples

As the “hack-a” strategy becomes more widely adopted in the NBA, that question gets asked more and more often.

“China’s suspension of its tariff concessions is a legitimate action adopted under WTO rules to safeguard China’s interests,” the finance ministry said.

On Tuesday, member states adopted a new outcome document that is meant to reposition drug policy.

In the movie, Gru and Lucy are the adopted parents to three adorable little girls.

She spends her days calling local pharmacies in her newly adopted neighborhood in Pittsburgh as well as in her hometown of Detroit.

What Democrats haven’t adopted is the GOP’s policy intransigence.

And yet he’s adopted an extremely Trumpy campaign strategy.

Jobs was adopted.

He wasn’t adopted, but he had a pretty miserable childhood.

Eight months after the unpopular move to below-zero rates, the BOJ adopted so-called yield curve control, known in BOJ shorthand as YCC.

– Kevin, 25 “adopted a dog without telling me.”

Since then, an ever-growing list of states have adopted the practice, which basically flips the way people are registered to vote on its head.

The IQs of those adopted children are substantially higher than they would have been if they had been raised by their biological parents.

Italy has often adopted cautious lines in key diplomatic areas, seeking to serve as a bridge between various worlds.

The whole purpose of the band is to spread those messages, because Budgie and Basil are adopted, rescued dogs.”

Until he died, Meyer was modest about the work of plant exploration his role played in transforming his adopted country.

So we have a lot of universal time that’s being adopted and used, and we don’t realize it’s being used.

And universal time is already spontaneously being adopted from the ground up for lots of practical reasons.

When universal time is adopted, we’ll still have to consider if the people we’re communicating with are awake or not.

“The economy will be significantly weaker if Mr. Trump’s economic proposals are adopted,” Moody’s report found.

But that had little to do with whether a child adopted those beliefs.

But if they provided strong social support, then you probably adopted what you thought to be their politics — even if that perception was wrong.

If they had clear and transparent goals that were adopted throughout the organization, it would be unlikely that they would have those problems.

A handful of automakers have adopted aspects of a similar system, pioneered by Japan’s Toyota Motor Corp.

We adopted a ‘no leather’ rule very early on and have been money ever since.

Conversely, it was Southern white Democrats who not only opposed civil rights but also adopted a virulently anti-union stance.

An exhibition in Washington, DC examines how Japanese artists and designers adopted Art Deco to capture the seductive qualities of a rapidly modernizing society.

American leaders have adopted policies to promote clean energy, too.

Facebook adopted filters and you could have said the same thing at the time.

In May, the MTA then adopted a new advertising policy that banned political advertising in the subway.

Spicer soon adopted the phrase as “a personal mantra” Wolff says.

Nevertheless, Ridgway’s colors were not widely adopted as a system.

Around the 19th century, the Dutch adopted the red paraffin wax that makes the cheese identifiable today.

A similar approach has been adopted by some in the U.S. tech industry.

Meanwhile, large conferences run by Oracle Corp (ORCL.N) and RSA Security have not adopted such a code.

Since that ruling, states like Georgia and Texas have adopted some of the strictest voting measures in the country.

He adopted his father’s position that capitalism and free markets are code words for economic plunder.”

But in 2012, they adopted Serina, a rescue kitten, and everything changed, he says.

Most rich countries have adopted a policy called a child allowance to address this phenomenon.

Like many celebrities before him, he adopted a special diet, which he sold to the public in a 2005 book, The Karl Lagerfeld Diet.

Importantly, the church remains opposed to same-sex marriage, but church leaders have adopted much more inclusive language when discussing LGBTQ members of the church.

They might have already adopted the procedural changes that make sense for them, and get little out of training programs.

That’s no way to be remembered.” Merely reading that line doesn’t do justice to the voice Portman adopted for the role.

Once undue burden was adopted, those kinds of provisions were viable for states to pass again.

There could have been many more egregious policies that would’ve been adopted if we weren’t out there protesting.

Shortly after the motion on the Leap Manifesto was adopted, Alberta’s opposition leader came out swinging.

I adopted Facebook my sophomore year in college, so they were first just for universities.

Clay took drubbings in the gym from seasoned vets but never adopted a more orthodox style.

Moore adopted his deep crouch, bent at the waist and utilized his legendary cross guard.

Remember that adorable puppy the St. Louis Blues adopted during the season and occasionally let loose on the ice??

Notably, days before Cramer’s adult adopted son died in March, the congressman said Heitkamp privately offered her sympathy.

The Habsburgs were the leading Catholic dynasty of the 16th century, whereas many residents of the provinces had adopted Protestantism.

It seems as though Stranger Things has adopted a “go dark or go home” approach.

A resolution needs nine votes in favor and no vetoes by the United States, France, Russia, Britain or China to be adopted.

The policy covers mothers and fathers, same-sex couples, and adopted children.

Designed by architect John Scott, the Futuna Chapel was created for a Catholic religious order with elements adopted from Māori culture.

Under the procedure, other spending cuts or taxes would need to be adopted in following years.

But once back in Jamaica, he also quickly adopted another role: amateur crocodile rescuer.

Helguera is part of a younger generation of socially engaged artists that has increasingly adopted Lacy’s ways of engaging passerby in public space.

So far, most people haven’t adopted them as a common form of payment.

In total, Security Council diplomats said the new course of sanctions were the strongest the body had adopted in two decades.

Trump has fully adopted the optics of that.

Some lawmakers have adopted the administration’s posture on Canada, pressuring them to get in line or else.

I’ve consistently tried to reach common ground; even in the previous administration, some of these orders were adopted on party-line votes.

We would much rather have the free market light-touch approach that the Clinton administration adopted.

I know a couple with three adopted kids.

Supporters argued that the wide-ranging law adopted this spring in Florida would protect women’s health.

(One of McCain’s daughters, Meghan McCain, is white; the other, Bridget McCain, was adopted from Bangladesh.)

He also adopted the word “collusion” — a word often used in accusations against him and his allies — to go after his opponents.

Franklin lay in a glistening golden casket before thousands including dignitaries, contemporaries, and fans from her adopted hometown and beyond.

And yes, in Turkey, a country that has adopted increasingly conservative social policies in recent years.

adopted shortly after birth, Eldred said, she was told she’d probably been exposed to cocaine in utero.

All 50 states have adopted it, with minor changes.

Over the past 20 years, gay rights activists have by and large adopted this “essentialist” view, and the strategy has proven effective.

And then become adopted if they’re unaccompanied?

With few policy ideas of his own, he has adopted the standard-issue Republican agenda by default.

Instead, they adopted a national income tax, tough antitrust enforcement, and anti-corruption measures to prevent unjust fortunes from amassing in the first place.

In the US, for a 20-year cap to really have an impact, the policy would have to be adopted by the states.

The structure is the same as the one Myanmar adopted when it privatized its market in 2013.

Miller told me that early carmakers adopted a variety of marketing techniques to sell cars that weren’t particularly cheap or reliable.

It’s been adopted for reasons such as colonial heritage and as a method for curbing the purchase of votes.

Since shortly after President Trump took office, it has adopted a policy to attempt to prevent those minors from getting abortions.

The city council adopted a resolution last month opposing the ballot measure.

A number of states have adopted laws aimed at dissuading internet providers from abandoning net neutrality.

During his campaign, Trump adopted this strategy of full-fledged, explicit, and bellicose rhetoric against not only Muslims but a whole range of people.

Katchadourian not only fashioned her bare-bones accoutrements into splendid outfits, but she also adopted different personae.

On Tuesday, member states adopted a new outcome document that is meant to reposition drug policy.

We adopted the first Zero-Emission-Vehicles (ZEV) mandate in Canada.

And the Chinese government adopted its 13th five-year plan [which boosted its RE goals, see here].

Bay promised to give Freya a home — and a role in the next ‘Transformers’ — if no one adopted her.

Louis, for his part, adopted his name after a smooth guy he admired as a means of making himself feel more at ease.

Twenty-six states have adopted laws that punish companies that choose to boycott Israel.

Clinton and Sanders have profoundly different political styles and have adopted meaningfully distinct stances on the issues in 2016.

Some have adopted the “doctrine of retribution”; others blame original sin; others point to divine mystery — the idea that we can never know God.

Maine and Alaska — two states with moderate Republican senators — have already adopted similar approaches in their states that have shown signs of success.

The U.N. Security Council has unanimously adopted nine sanctions resolutions on North Korea since 2006.

“That’s a trait that I adopted and I took on, and it helped me get to where I am.”

In the 20th century, yakuza organizations adopted this practice.

Parliament later adopted a resolution accepting responsibility.

To address those concerns, the FCC in 2015 adopted new rules that dramatically expanded its authority to regulate the behavior of broadband providers.

This follows in the footsteps of states including Oregon and Tennessee who have already adopted free tuition for two year institutions.

The new French Republican calendar, adopted in 1792, had 12 identical months of 30 days.

Legal authorities have adopted a policy that “strikes the right balance between compassion and severity”, the government said in its white paper.

It found that the facilities eligible for the bonus payments adopted digital records at a much faster pace than those without much incentive.

So we hope to see this structure be adopted by other people.

According to The Siberian Times, Semyon recovered and has been adopted.

Other gyms, starting with the Singer brothers at the Hardcore Gym in Athens, Georgia adopted the method.

Trotter suggests a coping mechanism I adopted a few years ago, and highly recommend: getting a dog.

In January, New York’s Assembly adopted legislation similar to Delaware’s, but it has stalled in the Senate.

I just think that we’ve got the algorithm that has worked most successfully and therefore been most heavily adopted.

It’s an extractive, ‘mining’ mentality and it’s been very successful and massively adopted.

New York and eight other states have also adopted this ZEV mandate, and it’s a major impetus for US electric car sales.

So both parties adopted reforms that created the modern nominating system.

So when the framers of the Constitution adopted this language from fiduciary law, they were drawing from those core legal principles.

But Robertson and Wyland didn’t find out about Gignac’s true identity—and his criminal past—until an associate googled his adopted name.

Nine other states, including Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York, have adopted those requirements.

After Google’s college-like atmosphere was covered extensively, other companies have adopted the approach.

ILLINOIS: Illinois is a major producer of corn, and adopted popcorn as its official snack in 2003.

He added that the euro zone’s central bank is ready to use “other available measures” beyond those adopted on Thursday if needed.

Kantrowitz adopted Sanders as his project for 2016.

It was the ninth sanctions resolution unanimously adopted by the council since 2006 over North Korea’s ballistic missile and nuclear programs.

Why have you adopted this format?

A recent British government report found that “Norway has adopted three quarters of the EU’s rules and legislation.”

In 2014 Norway adopted a currency designed by Snøhetta that was reminiscent of pixel and glitch art.

Snapchat is the first platform that I have not adopted, which shows that I’m old.

NM: In a recent article for the New York Times, Holland Cotter criticized many museums that have adopted “corporate strategies” of marketing and expansion.

Ntombi was never adopted and Chris maintained she was not his daughter.

But I will argue that position 2, the one adopted by several states, is morally untenable.

The overall decrease appears to reflect a more compassionate strategy for dealing with sex workers the police adopted in 2011.

Year-over-year inflation has remained above target roughly 10 of the last 13 years since the central bank adopted explicit inflation targeting in 2006.

Perhaps some state, somewhere, comes up with something truly fantastic, and 10 years later, half the country has adopted it.

The new rules, if adopted in their current form, would require that Title X services be physically and financially separate from abortion services.

They have since been adopted in more than a dozen states, said Arup Kumar Srivastava, a heatwave expert at NDMA.

“The casualties would be much higher were it not for the heat action plans that many cities have adopted,” he said.

The EU adopted the GDPR data protection laws last year.

Betty has worked on the show for years, voicing Ike, Kyle’s adopted Canadian brother.

The recently adopted resolution appears to be in this vein and has strong language curtailing usage and potential abuse of cell site simulators.

Hoods and trunks, varied as the colors of a New England fall, line the walls like portraits of adopted children.

Warner Bros. has now adopted the habit with its DC Comics films, albeit more inconsistently.

When the first background check law was adopted, it required local sheriffs to run these background checks.

Lena’s been catching heat from BARC, the Brooklyn animal shelter where she adopted Lamby.

One of those laws, known as “stand your ground,” was later adopted by 21 other states.

Macron has adopted the toughest stance of EU leaders against Britain, reluctant to let the Brexit turmoil drag into the European Parliament election period.

When it comes to Zehm’s path in game development, he adopted a realistic approach to success.

So I’ve adopted that rule myself and I think it’s critical.”

The United States has adopted a hardline policy against Tehran, withdrawing from the 2015 nuclear deal and reimposing sanctions.

That the district stopped hassling kids about their appearance in the ’80s didn’t mean it had adopted a liberal approach to student dress.

Now, though, they’ve adopted a different line of attack.

A handful of punk bands adopted the swastika as well as anti-Semitic and anti-black slurs.

It noted: “In 2013, a U.S. government Interagency Working Group adopted $37 (in 2007 USD) as its central estimate for the SCC.”

Senator from New York winning tomorrow’s primary in her adopted home state — an important primary that Sanders, a Brooklyn native, hoped to win.

A number of tech companies have adopted expansive family leave policies, including Netflix, which gives employees an entire year off for parental leave.

But if it were adopted more broadly, the AI medical assistant could make doctors more efficient, he added.

In total, Security Council diplomats said the new course of sanctions were the strongest the body had adopted in two decades.

Through style, the deployment of our adopted syntax, we (humans) forge connections.

A number of countries around the world have adopted different types of single-payer systems, including Australia, Canada, and the UK.

This provision was adopted as part of the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (“FAST,” get it?

As Whelan and others have noted, the dress of the “Vandal” mosaics likely demonstrates a common court costume adopted by Romano-Africans under Vandal rule.

Seven months after they married, Rosie and Michelle adopted their daughter, Dakota, who is now 4 years old.

When New York State recently adopted exams reflecting Common Core standards, many charter schools suffered the same test score drops that district schools experienced.

Scotland Yard adopted fingerprinting in 1901, the New York City police department five years later.

And two progressive advocacy groups, CREDO and Democracy for America, have adopted similar lines.

Papa John’s has adopted a so-called poison pill defense to discourage a hostile takeover.

It seems as though Stranger Things has adopted a “go dark or go home” approach.

California recently adopted some of the world’s most ambitious carbon targets.

That done, Elisia locked up and headed back to her real work—caring for her six adopted and foster kids.

“These are the center of our lives,” she said, pointing to a picture of the three adopted children.

In some ways, they’d already outgrown rock’n’roll, but they hadn’t adopted bombastic electronics; they weren’t making stadium anthems.

The fiscal stimulus is part of measures adopted by the White House to boost annual growth to 3 percent on a sustainable basis.

Generally speaking, the most widely adopted tobacco regulations are aimed at preventing young people from trying cigarettes and becoming addicted.

But, at the very least, if my amendment is adopted, it will require the executive branch to give more information to Congress,” Grassley said.

Reality TV has exploded in popularity since Road Rules, and 24-hour cable news has adopted the he-who-screams-the-loudest-wins style that reality TV perfected.

Since Iowa adopted the caucus system in 1972, Iowa has been only been a predictor of national leaning roughly half of the time.

As noted, Singapore is my adopted home.

In the late 1980s, for example, Jean-Marie Le Pen boasted that he had adopted the principles of Reaganomics and Thatcherism before they became fashionable.

Lower the curtain.” Chung Ling Soo was just one of many performers who adopted “exotic” stage names and identities.

Other tech giants, including Microsoft, have adopted similar council structures to oversee AI development.

Well, civilian control of the military is one of those principles that’s been a part of the American Constitution since it was adopted.

Months into the dispute, Trump adopted a position more in line with that of the State Department.

Also, plants that have not adopted a fatigue reduction standard in earlier contracts, will commit to do so.

The T-Charge, short for toxicity charge, mainly applies to cars that either use diesel or fail to meet European emissions standards adopted in 2006.

The idea is that states get some flexibility in exchange for trying new ways of solving the problem that could, eventually, be adopted nationwide.

The last Republican administration adopted the soldier as its mascot — “supporting the troops” became synonymous with supporting the Bush administration’s interventionist foreign policy.

Law-enforcement officers have been adopted by one side of a culture war, and their specific interests happily championed.

In August, Nusra announced that it would henceforth be operating independently, and adopted the JFS name to signify its newfound independence.

If any dogs haven’t been adopted by the time the Puppy Bowl airs, come kickoff they’re likely to go quickly.

Now, the president has apparently adopted the new strategy of publicly praising the bill and keeping any concerns he has to himself.

But their words were easily adopted by people who did.

Early this month, a U.N. panel that monitors sanctions against North Korea adopted U.S.-backed guidelines designed to facilitate humanitarian assistance to North Korea.

“That guy was such a Tralfamadorian,” they’ll say, perplexingly, in response to a story about how your sister just adopted a fox terrier.

I heard this and thought about it, and I’ve adopted the same posture of not voting in, particularly, presidential elections or primaries.

Every team that has adopted that style since has gone through some sort of search for a simulacrum.

It has been responsible for them being adopted by everyone from toddlers to the elderly.

It was briefly teased — though not confirmed — that Raven had adopted Stryker’s identity.

The study also found that the most commonly adopted identity was an unlabelled one.

So many restrictions have been adopted without any evidence whatsoever, and the court has said that this is impermissible,” Nash said.

“If the problem here is the radical groups, a common strategy needs to be adopted.

One reason publishers have adopted AMP is that the technical performance really is impressive.

Governance policies adopted by the board would make it difficult for Kalanick to return as CEO.

Bowers was a mother of three, who had adopted a 2-year-old girl in May, the newspaper reported.

The Strategic Capabilities Office took notice and adopted the robot design in 2013.

Back in the 1990s, New York City adopted a law enforcement tactic widely known as “broken-windows policing.”

So there’s things like that, sort of all up and down that can be adopted and adapted by different companies.

It is our job to ensure that the policies that he espoused are not adopted and affect our lives.

When I adopted most men’s perception of “good sex,” I gave up the opportunity to assert my own and truly enjoy myself.

Some African-American players have adopted the practice of kneeling during the anthem to protest against police treatment of racial minorities.

That’s largely because Trump adopted a fairly conventional conservative agenda, not because Flake was hypnotized into loving Trump.

What happened to Picasso’s adopted dog, Lump.

They instead adopted dog whistles and coded language that continue in much of public dialogue in America today.

If adopted, it would be the 10th resolution imposing new sanctions on North Korea over its missile and nuclear programs since 2006.

He adopted the same method with the pins.

One analysis suggests that up to 50 percent of global extreme poverty could be ended if developing countries adopted higher top tax rates.

It’s frankly shocking, in light of the gratuitous nudity embraced by the screen version, that this wasn’t adopted for the show.

During its years of activity, the theater offered a stage setting for indigenous performers who adopted the non-governmentally-funded site as their own.

Then he realized that he was two years older than Amp’s biological father, and tentatively adopted the title.

For its inaugural #MeTimeMonday in January, the museum chose a woman named Valerie, a mother of eight adopted kids.

Hurd has quickly become one of the unlikely faces of Kekistan, a fictional land adopted by the alt-right and white nationalists.

Mother of 8 adopted kids.

An outcome document that was adopted on Tuesday during UNGASS includes an entire section devoted to the the availability of controlled substances.

Last year, the resolution was adopted by the 193-member General Assembly with 191 votes in favor.

Gary was adopted as a service pet to help Carrie with her bipolar disorder.

He raised four kids, adopted another, fostered more; when they were all grown, he adopted two biracial sons.

BS: Speaking of aesthetics, Liberate Tate has so convincingly adopted the aesthetics of Tate and, in some cases, BP, in its performances and actions.

Now, instead of a “foreign accent,” most people think I’m from Los Angeles: I adopted the accent of the Olson twins.

For the 25th time, the 193-member General Assembly adopted the resolution with 191 votes in favor.

But it’s not the only office software that farmers have adopted.

Today the party is far more mainstream — Fillon even adopted some of Le Pen’s anti-immigrant rhetoric.

The 1935 Act adopted criminal penalties for selling items misrepresented as Native American made.

The insurers appealed, arguing that Supreme Court precedents require much more explicit legislative language to eliminate a previously adopted payment obligation.

while Milo Yiannopoulos’ old manager, Tim Treadstone, has also adopted the milk glass emoji and added “#MilkTwitter” to his bio.

Cities that voluntarily adopted DOJ-recommended reforms saw a 32 percent decline in officer-involved shootings in the first year.

And I adopted stuff as it came along.

The village of Sonning, a few miles upstream, is her adopted home.

When it came to happiness, he adopted the wisdom of the ancient Greeks.

The Security Council demanded a 30-day ceasefire across Syria in a unanimously adopted Feb. 24 resolution.

I was adopted as a baby and don’t know anything about my birth parents, family, or circumstances,” the artist reveals.

I make this prediction based on my years of research on how new technology gets adopted by consumers.

The RFS was adopted more than a decade ago as a way to boost farmers, cut petroleum imports and reduce air pollution.

“Nothing allows us to say at this stage that the agreement will ultimately be adopted,” he said.

Last year, the FCC started investigating BingeOn and similar policies adopted by other wireless carriers to see if they violated network neutrality.

JW: So we’re not talking about exports from Iraq and Syria; we’re talking about locals who have adopted the ISIS brand name.

Kickstarter has now widened the scope and hopes to reinvigorate its adopted model.

Sure enough, when Kansas adopted a rule like this, it led to massive tax evasion rather than economic growth.

It was here that I adopted the persona I’d use for the rest of my journey—a 2-D cutout of Ben Swolo.

According to the expert, the measure could be adopted by children who frequent Marseille’s Jewish schools.

Powell and his fellow Fed rate-setters have adopted a new “patient” approach to further interest rate hikes, putting their three-year-old policy tightening on hold.

Currently, 12 states have adopted California’s standards; last week, Colorado Gov.

Other cities, like Cincinnati, have adopted similar approaches.

Many of his inventions would be adopted for war, including the tank, glider, parachute, diving suit, crossbow, and now, 500 years later, the drone.

Despite this being a fringe theory, the alt-right has adopted it as another weapon in their arsenal for denigrating black folk.

We’ve adopted a philosophy vis-a-vis this White House, or you could argue, with any government.

And I think that we may well see a day when we’ll see digital tax proposals adopted.

Gillespie had adopted some of Trump’s hardline positions but had avoided campaigning with the unpopular president.

Distancing himself from the social circles that made up New York’s art-world elite, Varble adopted the city streets as his stage.

Sanders, meanwhile, has adopted an extremely progressive immigration platform but at times seems personally unfamiliar with its contents.

Still, it will likely be years before AR is widely adopted in the workplace.

Pai has maintained that the rules, adopted in 2015, are “heavy handed,” and his proposal would eliminate them entirely.

And Joel Manby, the company’s president and CEO, said it had adopted a policy ending the practice.

And Joel Manby, the company’s president and CEO, said it had adopted a policy ending the practice.

The clearest illegality derives from the fact that the league adopted its new policy without bargaining with the players union.

After the decision, the couple wed and formally adopted their five children.

When the band’s two female singers adopted the ‘do, it gave the B-52s an instant visual stamp.

For decades, the United States has led the world in aviation safety, often setting standards that were later adopted by other countries.

She adopted those terms very quickly and easily.

When Harry came into our lives, I said, “Oh my God, this is the son I never had.” So I adopted him.

He said he saw it as a way to support the victims the way his adopted home had supported him.

In January 1992, Mia Farrow discovered explicit nude photographs of her adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn, taken by Farrow’s then-long-term partner, Woody Allen.

More generally, the Bartonian narrative of American history has been adopted by some within the Republican Party more widely.

“Simply reducing hormone levels — the prescription most sports have adopted — does not solve the problem.

Maria de los Ángeles discusses her work, her relationship to her adopted country, and what DACA means in her life.

Despite the national police action, some polling stations remained open, especially in areas supervised by the Catalan police force which adopted much milder tactics.

Complicating this gesture were two amendments, pushed by Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas and adopted unanimously.

The Clark shooting prompted Sacramento to enact new police reforms, and the city adopted a new policy discouraging foot pursuits.

“It’s always been the compers’ board,” she says, using the nickname adopted by forum members.

The gun legislation that was adopted instead loosened gun restrictions.

Ergo, they and their adopted styles, facial hair included, need to get across that idea of rebellion.

Now, Clinton has adopted key planks of the Sanders plan, and she may be struggling with some of the fine print herself.

They are currently being worked on and will be adopted in the near future,” Zakharova said.

Now, Clinton has adopted key planks of the Sanders plan, and she may be struggling with some of the fine print herself.

But on Monday, EU leaders adopted a hard line against Britain.

For example, when Portugal decriminalized drugs, it also adopted special commissions that attempt to connect drug addicts to treatment.

“One tactic they have adopted is to mix in with the civilian population, and that makes targeting them very difficult,” he added.

While conducive to cupcakes and alcopops, rosé is less widely adopted as something that can beef up your main.

We should look to the other countries that have adopted the policies he proposes — and wonder about his vision for America.

“What we’re looking for is a policy mix that we think has been adopted.

In 2012 Cuba adopted its first comprehensive tax code since all personal taxes were abolished after the revolution.

“Exceptional measures need to be adopted when there are no other ways back to normality,” he said, to applause from lawmakers.

If adopted, they might end up being more lucrative for the conferences, too.

And encouragingly for fans like myself of such a policy, that idea is being rapidly adopted within the Democratic Party.

In Monday’s opinion, Judge Durkin adopted Frank’s reading of the 7th Circuit’s Walgreen precedent.

Apple bobbing, once a way to get close to potential suitors during autumnal gatherings, is adopted in the playful imagery.

It’s true that inc., his band with his brother Andrew, often adopted many of the genre’s signifiers.

So California’s standards tend to be adopted nationally.

It has instead adopted a blanket approach that assumes that any given family will evade the law if given the chance.

I recently made the agonizing decision to euthanize my cat Ollie, who I adopted 13 years before from the streets.

Is it fair to Ansari to hold him to a standard that, while undisputed in some progressive quarters, has not been universally adopted?

There’s no widely adopted way to quantify the health of human interaction, especially at the internet’s scale.

After Gründgens’s death, his adopted son sued the book’s publisher and won, halting its publication in West Germany for many years.

By the time “One More Time” arrived in November 2000, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo had adopted their now-infamous robot personas.

Clinton’s first budget — adopted in 1993 — created section 162(m) of the tax code, which implemented this proposal.

Despite the difficulties, Morrison is seizing the opportunity to help preserve his adopted home.

In 1987, philanthropist George Weiss “adopted” 112 inner-city sixth-graders in Philadelphia.

He even adopted a nickname from President Trump: “Sen.

The president adopted a sing-song cadence as he listed out a series of legal procedural steps that will likely happen.

The draft regulations now have to be discussed and adopted in parliament and signed by the president.

Hundreds of thousands of kids now have a chance to be adopted because I worked to change our adoption and foster-care system.

London nightclub fabric earlier this week adopted a new office cat, and staff need help naming it.

Meanwhile, other chargers seem to have adopted more of a stand-your-ground attitude.

Reforms adopted last year will cut the number of lower house seats to 465 from 475.

New Zealand’s central bank adopted its dual mandate as recently as 2018.

This grand tribute right on the museum reflected his esteem in his adopted city.

Last year, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution to expand UNCLOS to protect marine biodiversity and genetic resources in areas beyond national jurisdiction.

They also adopted the obtuse symbolism contained within the Arnolfini, as well as explicit citations of domestic objects.

“In the meantime, greenhouse gas emissions continue to climb and Canada will wildly miss the weak Conservative 2030 target — which this government adopted.”

I can tell you the personal story of how our company really adopted and really made fasting a part of the community.

The idea has been adopted in Texas and some other states, but teachers’ unions and some law enforcement groups have panned it.

In 2008, in response to George’s first experiment, parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity adopted resolutions frowning on ocean fertilization and geoengineering.

The 47-member state forum has never adopted a resolution on China.

Congress later adopted the so-called “termination” policy in 1953, designed to assimilate Native Americans into U.S. society.

Wilder is survived by a daughter, Katharine — whom he adopted in 1967 when he married her mother, Mary Joan Schutz.

Very early in life, I adopted a belief as self-evident: Violence is never the answer.

“Such actions, when not repudiated by the Chinese government, are deemed to have been adopted by it,” the department said in a statement.

Now adopted by Australian PM.

Malaysia adopted a Westminster parliamentary model after gaining independence from Britain in 1957.

USA Gymnastics unanimously adopted all 70 of the recommendations for implementation.

A few states, including Texas and Florida, have adopted “sunshine” rules and laws that limit the sealing of health and safety records.

According to EU rules, the withdrawal treaty is adopted by qualified majority and not unanimity, so a single state cannot block it.

Most of the children were then adopted, and Carpenter has adopted eight herself.

Your prognosis is better if you get adopted to a loving home young, worse if you don’t.

As a historical side note, the US almost adopted a constitutional provision that, today, would likely require Congress to have 6,489 members.

Or that he adopted an injured turtle?

Turtle Adoption Paperwork

Breakdown: Apparently Burt Reynolds adopted an injured sea turtle found on a shore near his Florida home.

“And she was horrified when greeting card companies adopted it, and started using the holiday to guilt people into spending money.

She seems to have adopted a theme of “when Trump wins, you lose.”

The Pareto Principle was adopted in business and management curriculum and engineering continued to use it as a way to explain product development decisions.

… One of my close friends is married to a wonderful guy, and they’ve adopted a child.

He subsequently adopted her name.

When they started getting heat about this game, then they adopted the ratings system and put ratings on it.

It will ultimately take years until 5G is widely adopted in the US.

Alabama is among about 14 states which have adopted laws banning or drastically restricting access to abortion, according to activists.

But while the younger Garcia listens to his father, he hasn’t adopted Angel’s flamboyant style.

The measures still need to be adopted by the European Commission, whose next scheduled meeting is June 20.

A budget resolution that passed the Senate last week was adopted verbatim by House Republicans on Thursday.

It’s an industry that, for a lot of reasons, has not adopted technology as fast as other companies.

People heard of SMM through music and they adopted the name like a franchise.

Is it a tactic to undermine the net neutrality protections adopted in 2015 that are currently parked at the Supreme Court?

The New Black Panther Party was founded in 1989 and adopted a more radical approach than the 1960s Black Panther Party.

Anthony adopted the Yorkie 4-and-a-half years ago.

The practice of prescribing opioids for chronic pain was quickly adopted by physicians, who bought into the campaign.

His first impression of his adopted city is as fresh as the day he arrived.

Her life is an inspiration—she had two children of her own, adopted one, fostered many others.

As Snapchat has gotten bigger, it has more readily adopted the idea of preserving user content.

Under Democratic former President Barack Obama, HHS adopted a regulation that prohibited healthcare professionals from discriminating on the basis of gender identity.

FUN FACT: FJP founder Pino Pozzuoli adopted the name “Joe” because he thought it was the English equivalent of his Italian name.

The hashtag has been adopted by Facebook and Instagram, and has rooted itself into American popular culture.

And conservative “red state” legislatures have moved aggressively to override LGBTQ anti-discrimination laws adopted by progressive “blue” cities.

The constitution Tunisia adopted after the Arab Spring provides for a “Good Governance and Anti-Corruption Commission,” with several members serving nonrenewable six-year terms.

California and New Jersey, for example, have recently adopted various levels of bail reform.

They’ve even generated and adopted their own codes of ethics.

I was brought up in foster care, and I never felt that my adopted parents really loved me.

But luckily, I met my second husband, and he adopted my son.

So, to reduce their numbers, the U.S. government has adopted an unusual strategy: federal employees herd them into pens using helicopters.

The government’s hope is that many will get adopted.

So, to reduce their numbers, the U.S. government has adopted an unusual strategy: federal employees herd them into pens using helicopters.

The government’s hope is that many will get adopted.

Earlier in the movie, Gru had adopted the three girls and then abandoned them, and now he must fight to get them back.

Lucy, who married Gru in the second movie, is now a mother to her and Gru’s three adopted girls.

North Korean officials have adopted “failing economic and agricultural policies”, including central rationing systems plagued by shortcomings and discriminatory allocation, he said.

South Korea adopted Alstom’s technology for its KTX bullet trains introduced in 2004.

The dress code has been adopted by schools across the country with no reported upticks in misbehavior or other problems.

The Meissen pieces featured here were made from industrial plaster molds, which Shechet adopted as the basis for her work.

The practice was adopted by sporting teams of all types and is often performed at funerals, weddings and other major events.

Of course, Trump also adopted right-wing — at times far-right — positions on culture war and racial issues.

A rival gang known as the Cheetham Hillbillies also had designs on Konspiracy, and adopted one of the rooms as its unofficial HQ.

“Nevertheless, the Commission will continue to monitor political developments and assess if any extension of the adopted measures will be needed,” it added.

She wasn’t even wearing one of the fluorescent yellow vests adopted by the movement.

Policymakers, however, have adopted an unexpectedly hawkish stance.

We heard similar outcries when Apple adopted a USB Type-C only port for its MacBook.

He said Stanford should have adopted AIM policies that have already been identified as effective.

And then there’s the system adopted by the Guardian, which moderates its comments and deletes those that don’t meet its community guidelines.

Sao Tome & Principe A new penal code adopted in 2012 removed the criminalisation of “acts against nature” in Sao Tome & Principe.

As Mexicans and Jews we back the actions adopted by our government … in the negotiations with the United States.”

Republicans scuttled internet privacy rules adopted under the Obama administration using the same procedural vehicle.

In the late Middle Ages, black denoted humbleness as adopted by the Black Monks, the Benedictines.

The Three Percenters, they’re a separate movement, but they have adopted the militia model.

A few states, including Texas and Florida, have adopted “sunshine” rules and laws that limit the sealing of health and safety records.

The Tea Party has become an amorphous symbol that can be adopted or lauded by anyone who opposes Obama.

Early last year, the institution adopted a new (and frankly dull) logo.

They instead adopted dog whistles and coded language that continue in much of public dialogue in America today.

Since then, Democrats up and down the ballot have adopted Sanders’s approach to campaigning.

4 spot in the Democratic hierarchy, setting himself up as a leading contender for speaker when newly adopted term limits take effect in 2022.

He and his wife adopted a baby from a homeless mother with an opioid addiction.

That’s the strategy Secretary of State Rex Tillerson adopted in his confirmation hearing.

And it’s the same strategy Pruitt adopted.

In France in the late 1930s, many on the political right adopted the slogan “Better Hitler than Blum.” That didn’t mean they were Nazis.

After meeting with Kim, however, the president effectively adopted the Chinese proposal.

DeLong believes we could have had rapid snapback growth if the government had adopted sufficiently stimulative policies in 2009 or 2010.

His terms, like the need to focus on “Time Well Spent,” have been adopted (or perhaps co-opted) by, among others, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The law school’s shield was adopted in 1936, and wasn’t widely used until the 1960s.

Instagram adopted new safety measures in February to better protect young users on the platform.

“I have adopted this and made it my own/cut back on weakness reinforce what is strong/watch me work!” screams Byrne.

It adopted Rueda’s plan to implement 500 superblocks across Barcelona, devoting almost 70 percent of city streets to mixed use.

With Adam Yauch drafted in to replace departed bassist Jeremy Shatan, the four-piece renamed themselves The Beastie Boys and adopted a straight hardcore sound.

Though it adopted a radical plan, Trias’s was not a radical administration.

Homeland Security licensed the slogan from the MTA in 2010, a strategy eventually adopted by at least 54 agencies around the globe.

North Korean officials have adopted “failing economic and agricultural policies,” including central rationing systems plagued by shortcomings and discriminatory allocation, he said.

Then the city of Genoa in Italy adopted the same approach.

Miltner, for her part, thinks the current political climate can hold another hint to why the internet has adopted “Africa” by Toto.

Pitt went to Ethiopia and toured AIDS orphanages, and he accompanied Jolie to the country when they adopted their daughter Zahara in 2005.

Since so few police departments have adopted the devices up to this point, the evidence surrounding body cameras is still hazy.

The FCC had already adopted net neutrality rules under a Republican majority in 2005, but were sued by Verizon.

When Congress adopted the individual mandate in 2010, it was an essential part of a broader scheme.

I have nine dogs, a cat, a pig, a parrot, a private plane and an adopted child.

Later in the 30s, 40s, and 50s, a gang of actors adopted the name for the theater, film, and TV.

Confirmed @josephboyden that Steven Galloway is #indigenous + was adopted.

New policies and programs were adopted at a declining rate after the mid-1970s, reflecting a rightward ideological shift in national politics.

And then my stepfather is Italian-American, he adopted me.

In 1927, the company adopted the more modern name of Vlisco.

Florida adopted stricter gun control measures earlier this month, despite the NRA’s strong grip on the state legislature.

Based on the “N” and “D” semaphore signals, it was widely adopted in the 1960s as the peace sign.

Vance’s Hillbilly Elegy has been adopted as the book that explains Trumpism.

Over 120 countries adopted the United Nations’ first-ever global ban on nuclear weapons Friday, in a significant milestone in the push against nuclear proliferation.

Except for one thing: None of the countries that actually have nuclear weapons adopted the treaty, so it doesn’t technically apply to them.

Over 120 countries adopted the United Nations’ first-ever global ban on nuclear weapons Friday, in a significant milestone in the push against nuclear proliferation.

Except for one thing: None of the countries that actually have nuclear weapons adopted the treaty, so it doesn’t technically apply to them.

Hundreds of thousands of kids now have a chance to be adopted because I worked to change our adoption and foster care system.

White supremacists today have largely adopted a policy of fitting into society rather than standing out.

She adopted him from Ethiopia.

And some of Sanders’ free tuition policy was ultimately adopted by the party’s eventual nominee, Hillary Clinton.

And some of Sanders’ free tuition policy was ultimately adopted by the party’s eventual nominee, Hillary Clinton.

Trump has vowed a sweeping cut in U.S. regulations and previously ordered agencies to repeal two rules for every new one adopted.

Aaron flaunted his Mexican credentials, saying he has a “100% Mexican manager and she is basically my adopted mom.

Indeed, several decades ago, Canada dealt with public outrage over this very topic — and adopted major reforms that helped solve the problem.

He, his wife, and their adopted infant looked on as Trump told their story.

Sao Tome & Principe A new penal code adopted in 2012 removed the criminalization of “acts against nature” in Sao Tome & Principe.

User experience is what everyone cares about.” This option has a big downside, which might explain why app makers haven’t adopted it.

Previn and Farrow had also adopted a daughter, Soon-Yi Previn, in 1978.

The couple have two adopted children and live in New York City.

Through binding international agreements, the international community has previously adopted prohibitions against land mines, cluster munitions and biological and chemical weapons.

So the party poured in more than $7 million and adopted aggressive strategies to try to make sure at least one Democrat would advance.

This is a mainstream TV show being adopted by folks who may never pick up a modern video game.

Until she was about ten, the experimental artist also thought her parents had adopted, rather than created and birthed, her.

I’ve adopted that.

US Air was bought by a financially healthy low-cost upstart called America West, which then adopted the US Air name.

But the company never adopted the Colorado lab’s 1973 recommendation that samples be concentrated before examination under a microscope.

The memo said recent presidents from both political parties adopted similar arguments during standoffs with Congress.

They also flat-out increased prison sentences, adopted harsh mandatory minimum sentences, and encouraged police and prosecutors to be tougher on criminals.

More broadly, his administration, under Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has adopted a “tough on crime” view toward drugs.

The GOP has adopted this as its own ethical standard.

Mueller’s indictment said the Russians adopted false online personas to push divisive messages and staged political rallies while posing as Americans.

Pompeo said Iran has launched ballistic missiles numerous times since the U.N. resolution was adopted.

Gove, who was adopted as a child, was educated at Oxford University.

This isn’t the first time Musk has adopted Trumpian tactics.

The McDaniels adopted James when he was four years old, and he was diagnosed early on with learning and mental disabilities.

In December 2014, the Smiths adopted a son.

If everyone adopted these techniques (plus others), livestock emissions could fall by one-sixth or so.

Then, when curry mixes took premade form, home cooks readily adopted the dish for its convenience.

The compromise bill did not include language adopted by a Senate Committee in 2017 that would have required the reasonable fee rules.

Politically, the gap between the “Islamic government policy” that Erdogan has adopted in his own personal style, and the traditional Kemalist regime is widening.

Kirkham spent much of his early life with his mother in Hay River, Canada, before moving to Montreal with an adopted family.

China in May adopted a new cyber security law that western companies have criticized for requiring overly strict data surveillance and storage requirements.

They’ve adopted strategies to go and help and go out and reach students where they are.

After undergoing hormone therapy, a 30-year-old transgender woman has been able to breastfeed her adopted baby.

But charging the purveyors of Trump-era racial conflict with cynicism is importantly different from the campaign themes Democrats adopted in 2016.

The Democratic committee adopted a provision that only allowed whites to participate in the Democratic primary.

In any case, legislation to raise the debt limit will need to be adopted, at the very latest, by mid-October, they said.

Finally, to maximize the immediate impact, the asylum offices and immigration courts adopted a last-in, first-out scheduling policy for judging claims.

It was the first time Congress has ever adopted such a resolution, directing Trump to remove troops involved in a war Congress never authorized.

Maduro’s government has for the last three years adopted increasingly sophisticated methods to block access to online content.

Fifteen states have adopted such measures since 2015, according to the Brennan Center.

“The withdrawal agreement and the ‘backstop’ were adopted by the British government and the 27 jointly in November.

Neither the United States nor Iran has adopted strategies that make it easy for the other side to quit.

He lives in Flint with his wife, two daughters, and two adopted rabbits.

John Kasich, has adopted anti-abortion legislation at a rate similar to Indiana and caused more than half the clinics there to close.

And his adopted home, New York City, was in the middle of it all.

It says that no substantially similar rule can ever be adopted again.

Voice interfaces have been adopted faster than nearly any other technology in history.

Ruth did this in defiance of a rule the owners had adopted that forbade members of the pennant-winning teams from barnstorming.

Depending on how those controls are adopted and set, there is a potential to impact targeting for our advertisers.

In fact, a lot of these ideas have adopted, or are being echoed, by other 2020 contenders.

In 2003, the EU adopted a measure called the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive, which required that heavy metals be replaced with safer alternatives.

“Nevertheless, the Commission will continue to monitor political developments and assess if any extension of the adopted measures will be needed,” it added.

According to EU rules, the withdrawal treaty is adopted by qualified majority and not unanimity.

“Rules” are regulations adopted by various executive branch agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency.

And if the 5 parts per billion were adopted nationally, many more cities would have a crisis on their hands.

(Even their relationship was avant-garde: Moore, née Suzanne Malherbe, and Cahun adopted gender-neutral names at the same time, and they were also stepsisters.)

Lethal injection was originally adopted because it seemed “medical,” University of California, Berkeley Law professor Franklin Zimring explained to VICE News earlier this year.

And yet the country’s new constitution — adopted in January 2014 — prohibits all forms of “mental and physical torture.”

FYI, a percentage of all sales from the doc are being donated to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland — Piper’s adopted hometown.

Brits have intense emotional bonds with their adopted U.S. side.

But according to the Beast, Maria’s is the first known case in which a parent has been threatened with having her child adopted.

Fearing this would make him into a target, he adopted the pseudonym Francisco Sánchez Nava.

That’s because, perhaps without realizing it, Aquilina overstepped her bounds as a judge and adopted the role of victim advocate.

As a poet, cultural historian, editor, and critic, O’Brien has adopted the posture of the para.

@NBCOlympics #simonebiles Biles’s parents are her biological grandparents, who adopted her when she was a child.

He thinks the SIP template can be adopted by other agricultural sectors, or they’ll implement segments into their own practices.

The Targaryens adopted the Faith of the Seven, while allowing the North and the Iron Islands to stick with their respective religions.

California’s zero emission rules have been adopted by nine other states and Colorado has said it plans to adopt them.

The Republicans of today may be the inheritors of the Dixiecrats’ seats, but they have adopted an entirely different strategy.

Under the procedure, other spending cuts or taxes would need to be adopted in following years.

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