Adjacent in a sentence | Use of the word adjacent examples

Many of the museum’s permanent and site-specific works are also by women and seem to address themes adjacent to those of the exhibition.

It’s set on a grassy field, adjacent to a looming lava escarpment.

A 50-foot, heated pool — and an adjacent 12-person hot tub — is the main attraction on the rooftop.

High-risk prisoners are locked up for 22 hours each day, exercising for two hours in a small yard adjacent to their cell.

Once we develop the linguistic term for it, though, we can describe it and feel it as distinct from other shades of adjacent emotions.

Now two workers sit comfortably on adjacent chairs that follow the vehicle.

The Patriots game was on every TV, but the people at the adjacent tables were focused only on Little.

Abi Roach has been operating HotBox Cafe, a cannabis-friendly lounge with an adjacent head shop in Toronto’s Kensington Market, for 15 years.

These artists’ practices evolved in close conversation with each other, in adjacent studios.

Plastic suitcases were stacked in an adjacent room, and a teary grandmother sat dabbing her eyes on the couch.

The tower stands adjacent to the infamously sinking Millennium Tower and catty corner from the Salesforce Tower.

TMZ obtained this footage from a business adjacent to Nipsey’s The Marathon Clothing store.

Investments there could benefit Palestinians living in adjacent Gaza.

These videos are the only pieces that are cordoned off, so to speak, from adjacent works.

These connections are presented as a node-link diagram on the adjacent wall, the blue-on-white color scheme suspiciously reminiscent of Facebook’s visual identity.

The llama enclosure was exotic yet sad; the poor animals had traded the Andes for a distant view of Martha’s adjacent estate.

My studio is adjacent to the living area, with an easy flow back and forth.

Properties adjacent to bulkheads experience stronger wave impacts, like an innocent bystander being hit by a ricocheting bullet.

On the East Side, floodable green space 11 blocks deep will be added adjacent to the water as a buffer zone.

He paid $30 million to buy the 4 houses adjacent to his Palo Alto home so he could have more privacy.

The New Museum selected Rem Koolhaas and Shohei Shigematsu to design an expansion using an adjacent property at 231 Bowery.

To date, $100 million has been allocated to the Statue of Liberty and adjacent Ellis Island for restoration efforts necessitated by Hurricane Sandy.

The blue of a police barricade can be detected on one oar, while broadsides they’ve issued for boat building cover an adjacent wall.

“I think, again, looking at shuttle service, and how to get mass transit service improved and expanded, without overburdening adjacent side streets.”

Often, when Lorelai and Rory have a falling out, money is either at the center of that argument or directly adjacent to it.

Or if it couldn’t be “true,” something adjacent to a concept with a drop of truth in it.

Tags that are adjacent to other tags, but are not within them, are considered to be siblings of those tags.

I liked the old business school tool of like 70, 20, 10: 70 percent in the core, 20 in the adjacent tenet and new.

My grandfather, a quality control inspector for NASA, was one of six men in the room adjacent to the capsule that night.

They’re founded on inclusion and equality.” The feeling of completeness from Underestimated is challenged by the adjacent work of Ylva Sonberg’s “Naked.

I had three people standing adjacent with fire extinguishers and a big bucket of water.

Finally, where Sixth Street runs through downtown, it sits adjacent to its tech epicenter which is currently booming on a national scale.

They could float in the adjacent purgatory of the Championship, the next rung down the league ladder, or they could fall even farther.

In an adjacent room, Caruana has collected a fine selection from her mother’s teapot collection.

In an adjacent room, Anna Plesset stages another inter-generational project.

We’re told it appears to have come from a neighborhood adjacent to the amphitheater.

She shouldn’t be Aretha adjacent,” political and cultural commentator Marc Lamont Hill wrote on Twitter.

I also turn to adjacent areas like music, film, literature—everything that unfolds in dialogue and dreams.

Sooo … he definitely stretched the truth, but the beef is at least Trump adjacent.

Consumption is only allowed in private residences, or the land adjacent to it.

Soon after, she said, he invited her to see him perform in California, where they stayed in adjacent hotel rooms.

Other times, they feel more adjacent to reality, delivering dire warnings of technology run amok in fallible hands.

Pebble Beach, adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, could be an even bigger challenge.

The homes are adjacent, and the billionaire just had to have them.

While Trump keeps saying he won’t do this, he’s already broken a lot of adjacent promises.

A group of rebel soldiers at an adjacent table was knocking back beers, their assault rifles propped next to them.

And increasingly, companies in adjacent financial tech spaces are adding those similar services.

Eventually, the startup could deploy its data in adjacent markets, like health insurance.

I park in the adjacent lot, hoping they validate.

Why not incorporate other MMAA (mixed martial arts adjacent) people into the game?

The floor beneath the studios, which formerly housed a furniture company, has already been gutted, as have all of the adjacent buildings.

He was very House adjacent.

We’re told he plans to connect the adjacent home he owns with the Playboy Mansion and restore both estates to their original versions.

Others were relegated to an overflow area in a baseball diamond adjacent to the park, where they watched Sanders speak on a big screen.

Idlib and adjacent areas are the last stronghold of the rebels, who rose up against Assad in 2011.

Mirrors line the back wall of the stage, the ceiling above the stage, and another side of the wall adjacent to the stage.

Entire fields have burned down, and one rocket managed to obliterate the roofs of two adjacent houses in one go.

At the adjacent Kapoho Beach Lots to the north.

In 1979, it was a fishing village with a population of 300,000 that happened to be adjacent to the British-ruled metropolis of Hong Kong.

I want to do that?” Or, “I want to be adjacent to it.” I wanted to be the business partner to a designer.

Or is that adjacent to your core stuff, which is more fashion design?

Smashed cars at the adjacent metal recycling facility and trash floating in the polluted water warn that this is no ordinary park.

A small gallery adjacent to Shaw’s work features Kelley’s installation Mechanical Toy Guts (1991-2012).

It’s a natural adjacent business for Walgreens or a CVS or something like that.

Companies like Amazon and Google are much better protected against a collapse or backlash because they’re involved in so many adjacent businesses.

And should the adjacent business be using the girl’s entrepreneurship in its own marketing?

A guest house used by foreigners is also adjacent to the restaurant.

A guest house used by foreigners is also adjacent to the restaurant.

But Twin Peaks is at least adjacent to that second colloquial definition.

So I was really grateful to be able to live adjacent to the law.

Light is projected onto the shifting structures, reflecting an index of multi-layered gridded patterns onto an adjacent wall.

“They clearly form a significant inter-reef habitat which covers an area greater than the adjacent coral reefs.”

Their comrades from 2nd Cavalry had to rough it on a field adjacent to the base.

Damascus, backed by Russia and Iran, has been preparing a major assault to recover Idlib and adjacent areas of northwest Syria from rebels.

Below is Pyongyang’s Konsol metro station, which is adjacent to the hotel.

Instead, the suit says, the government sat idly by for decades as oil and gas companies operating on adjacent lands drained the resources away.

A popular destination for swimmers and strollers, it inspired an adjacent pleasure pier, opened in 1916 by amusement park entrepreneur Charles Looff.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads The unsubtle symbolism begins with the closed door adjacent to the attendants’ desk.

It’s only when I enter the adjacent gallery filled with 1960s furniture that I realize the sun has begun to shine outside.

The staff worked from a parking lot in a garage adjacent to the building to ensure that the paper was released on time.

adjacent to her photoshoot in the print magazine are multiple other nude photoshoots featuring women who have written no manifesto.

His proposals, seemingly produced on an antediluvian manual typewriter, are primly framed on the wall adjacent to the gallery space.

It’s so big it can’t even fit into the spacious gallery, with its 39-foot neck poking out into the adjacent elevator bank.

The precarious security situation also prevents UNRWA from continuing its humanitarian missions to the adjacent area of Yalda,” it said.

Afterwards, we stayed up late to watch reruns of 30 Rock, and finally staggered upstairs to our respective bedrooms, which share an adjacent bath.

More than 175 rangers have died protecting the park, which is in the rugged mountains and volcanic plains adjacent to Rwanda and Uganda.

But then shots rang out in an adjacent parking lot.

According to the Airbnb listing, you’ll be sleeping next to Thompson’s peacock pen, which is directly adjacent to the cabin.

Sometimes krill fishing occurs adjacent to penguin colonies.

There’s a part of the house that has two rooms adjacent to each other.

This adjacent territory is the clear next target for expansion.

About a dozen outbuildings went up in flames on an adjacent ranch, fire officials said.

In April of 2015, the body-positive singer celebrated her adjacent thighs with an Instagram post, adding, “Phuckkk yo thigh gap.”

However, Leo’s more than welcome to light up in one of the smoking sections set up adjacent to the theater.

It can trace the path not only from the serverless infrastructure, but also to adjacent services like database and storage.

The new piece looks to be adjacent to the one she just got in honor of her father.

After that rupture, SoCalGas took the adjacent Line 4000 out of service for inspection and maintenance.

(This was the beginning of the modern town of Palmyra adjacent to the ruins.)

The service is $50 a month — considerably less than some adjacent competitors, while considerably more than Amazon Prime — and promises same-day delivery.

So you commented on scooters, so this is sort of adjacent to what you had been doing.

It’s sort of an adjacent space, and it’s a good area for us where we’ve seen success before.”

The floor-to-ceiling wall of words is nigh unreadable, as is the content of the adjacent works by Bethany Collins that bookend Simmons’s installation.

The Baltic Sea is, of course, adjacent to the Baltic nations (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania), NATO allies that border Russia.

From there, it could potentially conquer adjacent markets to chat and become a hub for more sporadically used workplace products.

The work consists of forty-six snapshots lined edge to edge on two adjacent walls.

Once protesters hit the barricades, they filtered through the adjacent streets off Fifth Avenue.

These useful items are often located adjacent to email, sometimes closely integrated, but they’re never actually part of it.

Early in their career, Gatlin had once tried to psyche out Bolt when racing in an adjacent lane by spitting in it.

Exxon has made discoveries of more 4 billion barrels in an adjacent block.

YouTube mostly generates its revenue from selling ads placed adjacent to, before or during videos on its service.

The plan is to complete the construction of the droneport with its adjacent training facilities in about three years.

They can do adjacent things, hotels and airlines.

Sadly, the ice cream will only be available for one night at an event adjacent to Madison Square Garden at the Pennsy.

I would trust them because I trust them on their Airbnb home, so I could see that, if it’s adjacent.

If it’s adjacent, Scott, I would do it.

It’s also invested in startups and technologies adjacent to the core transportation experience, for example taking a stake in battery startup StoreDot.

Elliott realizes that the humor in Kushner’s play is adjacent to loss.

Hanging adjacent to this work is “Manifest” (2017), an enormous wall relief made in two components, each nearly 15 feet in height.

In Borges’ story, “The Library of Babel” (1941), the narrator describes the universe as adjacent hexagonal rooms.

(Again, Mobileye with its in-car self-driving technology seems like a ripe opportunity for developing adjacent and integrated automotive security solutions.)

The underground station of Varby Gard and an adjacent square were closed while police carry out checks, they said in a statement.

But we can measure Dark Matter’s impact on adjacent internet markets.

adjacent, but growth.

It’s also tapping into a large economy that is adjacent and tightly connected to that of Salesforce’s home market.

By 1909, there were 42 nickelodeons adjacent to the Lower East Side and 10 uptown in Jewish Harlem.

adjacent to this form is a series of wispy strokes, or a calligraphic bundle that reminded me of a knot.

Still, the championing of small business needs does not accurately represent the effect of the BSA on adjacent regulated industries like jewelry and numismatics.

That, per Hofeller’s study, would make the adjacent red districts safer for Republicans.

That, per Hofeller’s study, would make the adjacent red districts safer for Republicans.

What’s more, Russia says the event happened in the East China Sea, adjacent to — but different than — the Philippine Sea.

Sentences answering my questions appeared even though they were not directly adjacent to key words or particularly specific about doing so.

An adjacent villa — once the home of a princess — houses the artists, but the medieval castle would be my home for the month.

We sat in an adjacent room, holding onto each other like we were trying desperately not to fall off something.

Once Jessica does arrive squarely in the Defenders conflict, she still feels adjacent to the actual plot.

Reasonably priced printed dresses, perfectly worn-in French workmen wear, and tribal textiles are gorgeously displayed in this cooler-than-thou shop with adjacent café.

Reconstructed into a 21st century museum by architect Thomas Albrecht, it now contains two large, adjacent wings housing 17 galleries spread across three floors.

Telefonica bid less aggressively because it has a reserve of spectrum adjacent to the 2GHz band suited to bolstering its existing rural 4G coverage.

But fret not, Birkenstock is opening an adjacent pop-up that will be open until December.

Richie has always been celebrity adjacent, really.

Unlike traditional book fairs, SFABF integrates book-themed exhibitions from adjacent galleries into a concerted celebration of ink on paper.

Kylie scooped up the plot of land adjacent to her $12 million Hidden Hills home for a cool $5 million … ALL CASH!

Fitch expects no major synergies between BSB and KNB despite their adjacent geographical operations, as the two banks operate independently.

There are moments of genuine sublimity, such as when Jean Dujardin’s George Valentin is giving a performance that attempts to be Astaire adjacent.

On Tuesday, hundreds of reporters assembled for a sneak peek at the new wing, a 212-foot-tall pyramidal tower adjacent to the main building.

Identify adjacent markets your product will conquer.

“There are also opportunities adjacent to autonomous vehicles,” pointed out Pindeus.

In the fall of 1996, my family moved to a gated community adjacent to Orlando’s premiere golf course, Bay Hill.

adjacent to Neptune, hanging on Studio 301 NYC‘s wall are the bricolage sculpture/paintings of David Shrobe.

On the adjacent wall, “Our Status Quo” lays its focus on the cold reality of international politics.

In fact, there is a form in every panel that extends into the one adjacent to it.

It simply works better than having something adjacent on a screen that your eye may wander to or not.

The researchers looked at data from 2012 and 2015 covering an area of Mars adjacent to its geographic south pole.

Video from the scene shows multiple people injured on a bike path which runs adjacent to NYC’s West Side Highway.

adjacent signs tend to behave and think very differently from each other, and that can easily lead to friction and even conflict.

Rather, couples with adjacent elements are able to view each other’s strengths and weaknesses with a healthy amount of perspective.

Edmonton may as well be a magical land adjacent to Narnia for most U.S.-based voters.

The state’s Seventh Congressional District, which is also adjacent to the Atlanta metro area, is seen as an even tougher get for Democrats.

I wanted it to extend and wrap [it] across adjacent walls to stress the work’s eccentric length and its musicality.

It makes for an interesting companion piece to Bethlem’s permanent exhibition in the adjacent room.

Uber has been aggressively expanding into adjacent services like food delivery lately, so that explanation makes some sense.

Mark Zuckerberg: And you have a sense of, okay, this is– So what are the things that are adjacent to the policy, right?

But they want to have other businesses that are adjacent, I guess, right?

The video shows him nearly throwing her into an adjacent truck while trying to place her under arrest in a Wendy’s parking lot.

While it might not be racist, it is certainly racist adjacent.”

The images in the “thinspiration” gallery feature the same palm-tree adjacent blondes and gap-thighed peace-sign tossers that decorate mainstream wellness blogs and Instagram.

Down the line, as the startups seek to expand into adjacent markets, that tenuous alliance might change.

Telefonica bid less aggressively because it has a reserve of spectrum adjacent to the 2GHz band suited to bolstering its existing rural 4G coverage.

They are screened on adjacent perpendicular walls yet seem to cohere as a single work.

adjacent to Jankowski’s work, Muneteru Ujino recreates his brilliant musical sculpture, “Plywood Shinichi,” (2017), first made in 2008 for an exhibition in Berlin.

But, he said, “there’s an opportunity to build something that’s adjacent in the coverage area” to what Quartz is already doing.

Were you sitting around … you were at Yammer, which is not really adjacent.

The designers in the adjacent room are busy mocking up the pages where the new shirts will be sold.

And, of course, there are a lot of people adjacent to a pregnancy journey.

A “rocket ship” icon has popped up in the app of select users worldwide, adjacent to the News Feed button.

Austin Austin just built a medical school adjacent to a tier-one research university, the University of Texas.

Margaret Hunt Hill BridgeDallas’ version of the Brooklyn Bridge can be found adjacent to Trinity Grove, a popular retail and restaurant hub.

Kara Swisher: I want to talk about adjacent businesses that you’re looking into.

She alleged: “[Seagal] took my hand and led me into an adjacent room which appeared to be a bedroom.

Kara Swisher: Let’s talk about adjacent businesses.

Peter Kafka: Kara’s asking about adjacent businesses.

Billions, which premiered last night on Showtime, has always been adjacent to the real world, not of the real world.

Today there are dozens of adjacent projects and the organization is thriving.

We’re told houses adjacent to Kimmel’s corner lot were evacuated as a precaution.

This feels like a significant shift, considering Smith is closely adjacent to West and the Kardashian family.

In college, I wanted to be a fashion designer, but I majored in textiles and apparel for merchandising because it was dream adjacent.

I’ve always been startup adjacent.

And so I did interview about a dozen company founders, men and women, and some women who were kind of startup adjacent on background.

Ressler’s piece is comprised of 16 videos occupying a large room and an adjacent wall.

People in my cohort who graduated before me with basket-weaving adjacent majors were able to get great offers at competitive organizations.

As an avowed fan of the Bachelor franchise, I especially love dating and proposal adjacent reality shows, like Dating Naked and Flavor of Love.

Stepping outside the exhibition into an adjacent Egyptian gallery, though, we see just how quickly Roman rule transformed Egyptian art.

It wasn’t long before a dozen stray cats emerged from an adjacent abandoned building.

This most recent statement appears to be in response to a mounting scrutiny on Meghan’s father and his adjacent family members.

Upstairs, in the hallways adjacent to the Rose Main Reading Room, is a companion exhibition of contemporary art.

Containing over 100 desks and supercomputers, it was built to observe the adjacent million square feet of stacked AI servers.

The work is installed in the foundation’s office space, around the reception area and in an adjacent conference room — not the optimal conditions.

Where were you located, specifically, and would you recommend staying in that part of town?We were in Carpinteria which is an adjacent city.

“The esophagus and the trachea are literally adjacent to each other by a thin membrane.

“If you look at her Instagram, it looks very adjacent to something you would see on Goop,” he says.

It’s hot, and the smoke from adjacent forest fires is starting to creep into the valley.

To my left, there was a hip-looking guy who happened to work in an industry adjacent to the product.

Those women, Karen said, are power adjacent.

The immersion begins as visitors ascend the museum’s main staircase, where they encounter four adjacent screens.

One can’t help but connect the familiar, politically symbolic stars to Calder’s small-scale “Constellation” (1943) in the gallery’s adjacent room.

It also lacked sufficient space separating it from the streets and adjacent buildings.

I head to another local discount department store that’s adjacent to the grocery store to get better deals on some things.

She is the co-creator of Famous adjacent.

At close range, the camera slowly tracks from left to right, bringing ever-changing combinations of adjacent works into view.

Los Angeles City Councilman Mitchell Englander represents communities adjacent to the leak and said that approximately 15,000 people had to leave the area.

A third horizontal element against an adjacent wall, Z from Domain of the Variable, is the most dramatic and colorful work in the exhibition.

The carbon paper has been folded on the diagonal and from adjacent corners to longer sides, to make a pair of isosceles triangles.

A fire on Monday at the adjacent Cardon refinery also knocked out operations of one of its units, Freites said.

Is that really an adjacent market where you’ll have an advantage?

We may live in a small town (and, in my case, teach in an even smaller, adjacent one!)

Cabanding paints adjacent to a photo of the actual painting to ensure accuracy.

We’re talking about Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) and Jughead Jones’ (Cole Sprouse) instantly iconic swimming-hole adjacent heart-to-heart.

For one thing, its title character is not a major historic figure, but rather existed adjacent to one.

They are representative of a woman-centric community that forms adjacent to the patriarchy, coalesced by its own customs.

All eighty works are pinned to three adjacent walls forming an alcove at the back of this basement gallery.

Some markers are barely detectable beneath dirt or grass, mostly crumbled away; others are strikingly preserved, adjacent to homes and roads.

The U.S. consulate is adjacent to the airport.

The exhibition includes an adjacent show that displays a number of paintings by a native artist who has similar interests — Eyes On: Julie Buffalohead.

[Reilly gestures toward the screening room adjacent to our interview room.]

The park was quickly at full capacity and attendants diverted the protestors into an overflow area adjacent to the park.

The affected forest had been left threadbare by the cull while an adjacent ELC was just empty hectares of khaki-coloured dust.

and skip on a rota in the adjacent car park.

It hangs adjacent from a portrait of Liang in court.

Using accessible language that multiple generations of Black girls and women can understand, female rappers stand adjacent to radical Black female empowerment.

It went so far as raids of residential areas adjacent to universities to check social media activity, leading to the arrest of 20 students.

Gecko expects to be profitable this year and plans to expand to adjacent industries soon.

Exxon has made discoveries of more 4 billion barrels in an adjacent block.

The excavation of workplace, and workplace adjacent, sexism doesn’t stop there.

However, as they grew, they moved into adjacent but related markets that could grow their TAM (total addressable market) to more than $50 billion.

Also, don’t forget about the windows in a bathroom, hall, or any space adjacent to your bedroom.

A new town was set up adjacent to the ancient site, and the residents were relocated.

7 p.m. — We finish our spa visit with dinner at the adjacent restaurant.

So when Houston decided to live solo, she sought out neighborhoods adjacent to greenery.

It was bare enough, in fact, that groups of families were playing soccer on adjacent fields.

The pain-free process, which cements the crowns to the adjacent teeth, usually takes about an hour and a half from start to finish.

Kilroy Realty acquired it along with an adjacent building in the Stanford Research Park for a total of $130,000,000.

Walking around the terrace, I came upon yet another bar and lounge area adjacent to the Terrace Restaurant.

It’s also looking at moving into “adjacent markets”, such as care homes, where its tech would also have obvious application.

“They started by building water containers for the adjacent settlement Ofra.

protest, however, grinning children join adults holding signs on a sidewalk adjacent to a school bus.

Those requirements represent opportunities for new projects, of course, but also for startups looking at building companies adjacent that open source community.

(Photo: PEDRO PARDO/AFP/Getty Images) Correction March 13, 2019: Due to an editing error, VICE News misstated the U.S. city adjacent to Reynosa, Mexico.

Along with the Reading Room, the adjacent Bill Blass Public Catalog Room also reopened today.

The 6-bed, 6-bath estate is adjacent to a private lake with a dock.

Because, in this day and age, an adjacent eyeshadow palette cements a movie as a cultural phenomenon.

Tencent is instead investing in adjacent industries.

I lean back into the plush, velvet loveseat adjacent to the Nightbell bar and take a sip.

Curling into the adjacent room I came upon the most beautiful pieces within the entire suite of exhibitions: Dark Matter: Joel Otterson.

Sometimes broadening your product line makes your company attractive to adjacent buyers, increasing your overall market.

Cohen sometimes contrasts these lively visual assemblages with lithographs blanked of content, except for the graphic fields that represent the adjacent cover’s framing.

adjacent technologies combine, society either accelerates trends or breaks them while legislation, financing and business models have extraordinary effects.

As with any new technology, the more it scales the more the tools and adjacent technologies are required.

(That’s something to think about when considering that move the We Company, as it’s now called, makes into adjacent areas like accommodations.)

Photos on adjacent walls, like “Expanded Field (Villandry)” (2007), show the dizzying patterns of actual French gardens.

The father also had a friend working for military intelligence at the camp adjacent to the barrack buildings.

Update: A previous version of this article described the Hyde Park neighborhood as adjacent to the South Side rather than on the South Side.

Peering back into the central room, he could see Nicoll and Kasal in the bathroom off an adjacent wall.

In the meantime, several of Jacobs’ Marines tried entering the house through an adjacent entrance to a kitchen off the kill zone.

The tunnel had reached just a few meters from the border, adjacent to Israeli communities, the military said.

To figure out why, look no further than the adjacent Fort Gordon army base.

adjacent is the gloriously modern and beautifully designed main building known as ‘the Black Diamond’.

Thoratec’s device platforms are adjacent to St. Jude’s current cardiovascular platforms.

The MegaBot was meant to be taking on some drones from an adjacent event, but that didn’t end up happening.

A thick stripe of syrupy, dense crimson drips down glass, its image juxtaposed in reflection on an adjacent surface.

He was in New York in my office, which was also adjacent to my apartment.

The nearly one-mile-long test track will be built adjacent to SpaceX’s Hawthorne, California, headquarters.

His company recently selected a global construction firm to build a one-mile test track adjacent to SpaceX’s Hawthorne, Calif. headquarters.

Uber has been aggressively expanding into adjacent services like food delivery lately, so that explanation makes some sense.

I think everything they’ve done to now is still them planning around … And they’re sort of adjacent with selling books and music.

Still, while ground-floor retails adjacent to the hubs will likely benefit, the higher up you go the weaker the signal becomes.

The entire pod runs off the adjacent solar array.

Over time, the infection has continued to spread to adjacent skin and has developed pus under the scales.

One particular panel of coral tiles set adjacent to black tiles is especially evocative for me.

Dave climbed onto his flesh-powered VanMoof and began to cycle into the adjacent park.

There will be a live stream in an adjacent room to accommodate overflow.

The backplate features a removable section to allow better airflow between multiple graphics cards in adjacent SLI configuration.”

No brushstroke seems to possess exactly the same viscosity as any of the adjacent brushstrokes.

Just before 2015’s Bushwick Open Studios, billboards began to be installed around the neighborhood, which comprises adjacent residential and industrial areas.

Officials said there could be some 30,000 badly damaged homes in the adjacent states of Morelos and Puebla.

Like cities themselves, there are distinct benefits for putting districts in certain tiles, adjacent rainforests and mountains conferring research bonuses.

This can be caused by vehicles in adjacent lanes (especially on curves), or by stationary objects.

The film is projected onto the far wall and the adjacent walls’ corners.

VIDEO: The scene inside the Cielo Vista Mall, adjacent to the Walmart Supercenter, El Paso, Texas.

The highest concentration of drugs came from wildlife in a stream adjacent to a wastewater treatment facility.

The man had been playing with his son at a nearby playground and noticed a huge Nazi flag painted on an adjacent wall.

Along with its adjacent offshoot of Point Breeze, it was the childhood neighborhood of Malcolm McCormick, better known as Mac Miller.

We’re meeting tomorrow in Copley Square at 1:30 PM, which is adjacent to our offices.

“Nornikel has strengthened the environmental monitoring in the area of the river and adjacent production facilities,” the emailed statement read.

The bus terminal is adjacent to and above the subway station’s western section.

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see Spotify continue to invest in areas that are relevant or adjacent to our business,” he said.

London’s Colnaghi, for instance, is showing modern photography by Horst directly adjacent to work by the 16th-century artist Cesare Procaccini.

adjacent to the “Triumph of Caesar” are symmetrically arranged classical busts: a 2nd-century Marcus Aurelius that is an exercise in unmistakable Roman verisimilitude.

On an adjacent wall, Thomas’s “Polaroid Series #10” (2016) includes snapshots of the performers from the video smiling, laughing, staring at the camera.

They’re calling the trading tool NASDANQ, a cheeky financial system for an alternate universe adjacent to our own where meme is king.

What distinguishes VR from adjacent technologies is the level of immersion it promises.

Side collision warning: Alerts the driver when a collision with a vehicle in the adjacent lane is imminent.

Not to be deterred, though, Mitchell led her down a path into the adjacent woods.

On the wall facing it, two sconces project an amber glow, while hospital blankets hang, ghost-like, on the adjacent walls.

In 2008, he released Fordlandia, a record influenced by Henry Ford’s rubber plant (and adjacent town) in the Amazon rainforest.

And all the other things I read are sort of adjacent to the superhero world.

NBA Jam also inspired a rush of copycats and what I can only describe as “basketball adjacent” beat’em-up games.

There are 11 McDonald’s in adjacent ex-Soviet republic of Belarus.

An adjacent edifice buckles over and starts spinning, threatening to smash down on various characters like a maniacal rolling pin.

It managed to jump and flutter high enough up the branches of an adjacent tree to drop back into its family’s nest.

Some sport fashionably coiffed hair, others harkening to mid-century style, while the adjacent saintly bystanders allude to the origins of religious lore.

The town itself was established in 1615 and is adjacent to the thousand-year-old Taos Pueblo.

It was a clear, bright blue afternoon in Tesla-la-land, nestled east of San Francisco adjacent to the mountains, where optimism is easy to muster.

FSA officials said the attack targeted FSA groups in areas west of Aleppo and the adjacent rebel-held province of Idlib.

The sale includes Loblaw’s 213 retail gas stations and convenience stores adjacent to the gas stations across Canada.

The man has put more thought into the outlay and cultural makeup of Mid-World and its adjacent dimensions than the film puts into anything.

Additionally, Rondinone’s exhibition is taking over a smaller adjacent gallery, where he is installing the approximately 5,000 children’s drawings.

In this way, the union of Lane and TST presented through the film is truly a match made in Heaven (or somewhere adjacent).

The observer ravens were located in an adjacent compartment that allowed them to see the demonstrator, but not the food options.

But the Google Brain model figures out other comedians who are similar but not exactly the same — even more adjacent relationships.

The Hammonds were convicted of arson in 2012 for setting fire to public land adjacent to their ranch land.

The Best Related Work category has traditionally included books or essays that involve critical commentary, tie-in works, or other works adjacent to speculative fiction.

The storm also made landfall in China’s Guangdong province, in Zhuhai city adjacent to Macau, the Chinese state news agency Xinhua reported.

As you’d expect, the sound profile changed dramatically as the sound waves started echoing weirdly on the suddenly adjacent walls.

The U.S. consulate is adjacent to the airport.

Just adjacent to that, a blue wrestling mat was barely visible in the grass.

The women gather in the adjacent field, for years, jilted and angry.

Facebook has competition, but they have adjacent competition.

When I arrived at Damon Davis and Katherine Simóne Reynolds’s adjacent studios in South St. Louis, the artists were already deep in conversation.

Directly adjacent to the Las Vegas Convention Center is a Renaissance hotel with a pair of special staff members: robots.

The Coul Links proposal outlines fairways adjacent to the dunes, with stunning views of the nearby Scottish highlands.

A hacker in an adjacent room had hijacked a simulated power plant, using the industrial controls against themselves to flood the cooling system.

Four large freestanding volumetric squares of different sizes, painted in warm whites and pastels are placed at adjacent angles.

The characters meet when they’re placed in adjacent cells in prison at the start of the game.

adjacent installations by Pio Abad and Shen Shaomin at the fair offer cautionary tales on the perils of communism and the evils of neoliberalism.

It’s also helping power new features in adjacent products like Google Maps.

In 1992, the trailhead is an empty dirt patch — and in 2018, it consists of two adjacent parking lots overflowing with cars and buses.

Outside, car horns entered into a chorus and pro-impeachment protesters on the lawn adjacent to the congressional building set off fireworks.

The goal is similar: click on tiles to reveal numbers which indicate how many adjacent tiles are mines.

Vice President Mike Pence, touring Baltic countries adjacent to Russia, has followed a hawkish line.

This method, he argued, orients the paper “adjacent to the wall rather than in the room.”

Dim, orange light was used in the room to protect projects in the adjacent room, which are sensitive to ultraviolet light.

Gonzalez led me into an adjacent, brightly-lit room designed for research that is less sensitive to ultraviolet light.

The militants are still fighting from inside a civilian house adjacent to the hotel…

Now it’s Amazon, Google, Apple, all in entertainment, which is adjacent to their businesses.

This also caused Kodi and adjacent plugin libraries to draw unwanted ire from traditional TV providers.

Damascus, backed by Russia and Iran, has been preparing a major assault to recover Idlib and adjacent areas of northwest Syria from rebels.

Newmont has 19 mines in the state, adjacent to Barrick’s own operations.

It said the risk to taxpayers was mitigated because GFG had pledged the smelter and adjacent power operation as security.

(Or something zombie adjacent, anyway, since she doesn’t appear to have a taste for human flesh just yet.)

The shootings occurred at Nathan Phillips Square, adjacent to City Hall.

That’s roughly as often as I bought groceries during some… oh, let’s just call them “fresh vegetable adjacent” periods of my life.

Frank Stella‘s former East Village studio was sold with an adjacent property for $21.5 million.

Later, she moved into an adjacent private room, where she hung out alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Rihanna and Charlotte McKinney.

What we’re going to do is what’s the next adjacent vertical to travel?

The show is in two adjacent exhibition spaces with black walls, lending a funereal air.

Five other parties were involved, including their neighbors and the adjacent furniture factory in which the fire started.

The two men were convicted of arson for setting fires on their property that spread to the adjacent Malheur wildlife refuge.

The 5-bedroom, 6-bathroom home is situated on an eight-acre lot, and comes with the opportunity to purchase the adjacent ten-acre lot.

The two men were convicted of arson for setting fires on their property that spread to the adjacent Malheur wildlife refuge.

YouTube mostly generates its revenue from selling ads placed adjacent to, before or during videos on its service.

The adjacent interstate would have made for an easy getaway.

The tunnel had reached just a few meters from the border, adjacent to Israeli communities, the military said.

You’re mogul adjacent, right?

The bodies of two men said to be grooms were found in an adjacent barber shop.

I was working an adjacent sector and was helping to coordinate some of the military stuff.

Freeport Luxembourg is a €50-million (~$56.5 million) high-security storage facility adjacent to Luxembourg Findel Airport.

Central Park buzzed with dog walkers, joggers, and cross-country skiers, while drivers on adjacent streets shoveled out their completely submerged cars.

Shots were first reported at the hospital at about 3:30 p.m., with the first bullets fired in the adjacent parking lot.

Central Park buzzed with dog walkers, joggers, and cross-country skiers, while drivers on adjacent streets shoveled out their completely submerged cars.

“The suspect ran southbound through an adjacent valley to a waiting vehicle.

Twenty-four oil-on-canvas monochromes, each 22 by 22 inches, are arranged in two grids on adjacent walls.

Certainly for each defense manufacturing job, other adjacent jobs are supported indirectly by higher demand for defense products.

A man in the adjacent room to hers, former delivery truck driver Michael David Barrett, shot the video.

Some were installed in prominent areas, including a site adjacent to the Trump Tower in Chicago and on Sunset Boulevard in LA.

A caretaker of the adjacent property tells PEOPLE that he hasn’t seen anyone tending to the memorial in months.

After that rupture, SoCalGas took the adjacent Line 4000 out of service for inspection and maintenance.

An adjacent shopping mall was reported to have been heavily damaged, and Erickson said a nursing home in Howard County also sustained storm damage.

The company said it had about 11 acres (5 hectares) of adjacent property to develop on the Cotai strip, but gave no further details.

The 21-year-old self-made almost-billionaire just listed an empty, 1.5-acre lot adjacent to her Hidden Hills home, TMZ reported on Monday.

He then runs out before a gallery assistant emerges from an adjacent room, visibly befuddled by the surprise assault.

In the adjacent Frogmore gardens is the mausoleum of Queen Victoria’s mother, the Duchess of Kent.

The adjacent wall is Flintstone-esque, resembling both a stacked quarry and a looming arrangement of rudimentary flowers or semi-sophisticated omelets.

adjacent to the aforementioned oil paintings from ca.

With the number and location of attackers still unknown, Medic joined a dozen maroon-bereted policemen in securing an adjacent office block, the Arlington building.

Aisles of high-end cosmetics were adjacent to discount toilet paper and tissues.

Two smaller adjacent spaces display work that supplements the installation.

The site includes petrochemical plants and an adjacent oil refinery with a capacity to process about 200,000 barrels of crude per day.

A complementary exhibition installed in an adjacent gallery—Hans Arp’s Constellations II—features one of the site-specific works commissioned for the Graduate Center.

In the adjacent Frogmore gardens is the mausoleum of Queen Victoria’s mother, the Duchess of Kent.

Locations on the edge of a current or former congressional district may inaccurately give results for an adjacent district instead.

All the research into therapeutic hypothermia has run adjacent to animal research in the field of “torpor,” which most people know as hibernation.

Along with the fame that came with being Jackass adjacent, a lifestyle of recklessness and self-harm was attached for the band.

Also joining the celebration was Orlando Bloom, who sat inconspicuously in a dark baseball hat at an adjacent table.

The vacancies can be easily and reproducibly manipulated by moving one of the four adjacent atoms using an STM tip.”

adjacent was Princess Leia, in a house where Bette Davis once lived.

Each set is installed on adjacent walls, eight to a side.

The new building will be linked by underground passages to adjacent blocks, according to the plans seen by Reuters.

The closure will impact families living in Ciudad Estructural, an adjacent community started by scavengers that has an estimated 40,000 inhabitants.

When Khanna and I left the roundtable, night was falling, and people were looking up at the adjacent Twitter building.

Two pedestrians also died after the limo struck an empty vehicle in the parking lot of an adjacent business.

Some men were shoveling snow off the roof of an adjacent building.

Each afternoon, he practiced with the soccer team and then headed over to an adjacent field to work with the football team.

After that rupture, SoCalGas took the adjacent Line 4000 out of service for inspection and maintenance.

Rowhammer is a problem with some recent D-RAM devices, in which repeatedly accessing a row of memory can cause bit flips in adjacent rows.

They met in 2011 when she bought the property adjacent to his.

The interest in portraying variation appears as well in an adjacent, wide mural of four cranes, each elegant and posing in different stances.

Video from the scene shows at least two people collapsed near overturned bikes on the path, which runs adjacent to the highway.

Shortly after 8 a.m., security footage shows Cummins at a gas station adjacent to the restaurant.

In an adjacent prison, Rada says it is holding some 2,500 people, including Islamic State suspects.

She had observed these while in Dalguise in Scotland, also jotting down notes on their behavior on an adjacent page of her sketchbook.

The park is situated on a flood plain and the vital annual floods drive animals up to the adjacent hills.

Sources say he plans on combining an adjacent estate he owns with the Mansion and restoring both to their OG condition.

Ideally, this would be accompanied by zoning changes that would allow higher-density housing and office space to be built immediately adjacent to the station.

The adjacent poem warns men about giving their faith to the charms of women, who lure with their looks while hiding their claws.

I went to George Washington University because I don’t know, I thought it would be fun to be politics adjacent.

“The suspect ran southbound through an adjacent valley to a waiting vehicle.

Other photos posted by the group show them alongside Ramzi, enjoying the Villa Oleandra and adjacent Villa Margarita gardens.

Still standing on an adjacent lot is the giant altar where Pope Francis himself held mass, only a couple months ago.

adjacent buildings are France s Ministry of Justice and two mansions owned by the Sultan of Brunei.

It managed to jump and flutter high enough up the branches of an adjacent tree to drop back into its family’s nest.

A second video showed customers in an adjacent business ducking for cover as the man sprayed bullets in the street outside.

A second video showed customers in an adjacent business ducking for cover as the man sprayed bullets in the street outside.

An upside to downsizing is an adjacent patio.

A man in an adjacent room, Michael David Barrett, shot the video of Andrews through a peep hole.

We are the real heirs of Palmyra, not the people who live in the adjacent town still known by that name (which we ignore).

Some adjacent streets were also closed temporarily.

Instead the vehicle plowed into the parking lot of an adjacent business, striking a vehicle there which killed two pedestrians.

Newmont has 19 mines in the state, adjacent to Barrick’s own operations.

He already owns the adjacent home, built two years after the Playboy mansion in 1929.

(Even more are in adjacent Bolivia but they are mostly untapped; see chart 1.)

Our index now covers 29 countries; our website has a full, interactive version of the adjacent chart.

Not to mention that the adjacent Capitol building, where these destructive foreign policy decisions were made, looms large over the exhibit.

Oliver has been by April’s side through the whole thing in the adjacent pen at the Animal Adventure Park in upstate New York.

In 2010 in Illinois, a Republican challenged a Democratic incumbent for the House even though the Republican lived in an adjacent district.

On an adjacent wall is the other set of photographs, these taken by professional photographer David Schalliol, who also documents the residents’ lives.

She might place closely related hues adjacent to each other, and edge them with contrasting colors.

The adjacent call centre is alive with the sound of employees touting for new business.

On the adjacent wall is a photograph of an unidentifiable landscaper in a white HAZMAT suit holding a lawn trimmer.

Elections closed with a whiff of skulduggery in Haryana, a state adjacent to the capital, Delhi.

His former CBS sitcom Everybody Hates Chris was based on his childhood in the neighborhood of Bedford-Styvesant, adjacent to Clinton Hill.

If an idea is good, they can turn it into a business at the adjacent “startup sauna”, an incubator run by Aalto students.

The residents are currently rebuilding their homes, adjacent to where the fire took place on April 15.

In Ariel, a city of 19,000 adjacent to Salfit, residents experienced several brief outages this month.

This humour lives on in Weird Twitter and its adjacent ‘Dirtbag Left’, but has also been very visibly co-opted by the alt-right.

“Hainan Province, adjacent to the South China Sea, has ordered the building of 84 large militia fishing vessels.”

Chinese now has a word for NIMBY: linbi, a fusion of the words for “adjacent” and “shun”.

When he did make a mistake, it was usually to attribute sensation to a finger adjacent to the one being touched.

The exhibition opens with cinders, encompassed in a dual-projection video on two adjacent walls.

The games had to be stopped when balls were slogged out of the ground and onto adjacent train tracks.

The two apartments — which are adjacent to each other — take up the entire eighth floor.

Some of the families have since returned to adjacent land and, with FPI help, rebuilt their mosque.

He had his designed, like the adjacent arts centre, by OMA, the fashionable firm founded by Rem Koolhaas.

(If a weary shopper sat in the chair, say, a pot of tea on an adjacent table would automatically brew up.)

It’s set in a study space adjacent to the library.

Over time, the infection has continued to spread to adjacent skin and has developed pus under the scales.

Other worshippers come from cities across the island, such as Catania, Taormina or Palermo, or even from the adjacent mainland.

But Detroit’s revival is, very slowly, spreading to other parts of the city that are adjacent to the midtown and downtown areas.

Another 25 units will be built on a adjacent lot also belonging to the Sacred Heart Church.

I remember thinking, “This is kind of neat.” And if they are adjacent in terms of businesses.

The roots of adjacent hillside trees probably helped undermine the concrete chute’s foundations.

In Europe, Google stands accused of using its clout as a search engine to extend its power to adjacent businesses.

Most deals have been in industries adjacent to its core business, such as travel, tourism and logistics.

Besides the bus passengers, several people in an adjacent market were also wounded in the attack during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

It is a thrilling psychodrama that twists and turns with the residents of a few houses and their adjacent woods.

Nonetheless, adjacent to the Vietnamese naval base at Cam Ranh is a facility that receives foreign military vessels.

YouTube mostly generates its revenue from selling ads placed adjacent to, before or during videos on its service.

In addition to the noise, the “Baptism” now hangs adjacent to the gripping “Battle of San Romano” by his contemporary Paolo Uccello.

Leveling many adjacent properties attracts developers to build new subdivisions.

Newmont has 19 mines in the state, adjacent to Barrick’s own operations.

If the client lacks images to train the algorithm, Element AI’s work in an adjacent area—say, corrosion on railway tracks—could be used.

The Abu Dhabi-based carrier is offering flyers the chance to bid to keep adjacent seats on a flight empty.

An adjacent spectrometer then sucks in the aerosol and conducts an analysis.

We’ve learned the address where Salling was found dead near a little league field adjacent to a creek.

The 4,870-square-foot place is gated and has a pool with an adjacent outdoor kitchen.

Cummins was seen after 8 a.m. that day on surveillance camera at a local gas station adjacent to the Shoney’s.

There’s also a recording studio adjacent to a theater and bar on the third floor.

We’re told Cornell’s family just recently purchased the adjacent plot for around $120k.

These would be designed to include places of business, trade corridors and adjacent residential areas where EU citizens would be allowed to live.

This involves making two adjacent or near-adjacent points implying, but not confirming, that there is a direct relationship between the two.

Obama is speaking now, and I am watching on massive screens in Independence Mall just adjacent to the Liberty Bell.

The USIS ran the adjacent exhibition and lecture spaces as well, with a staff of nearly 100 and a budget of nearly $1m.

That way it can photograph internal surfaces adjacent to the blades as it passes.

At 17, I moved to L’Hospitalet, an adjacent city to Barcelona, to play for their junior level team.

After 8 a.m., alleged kidnapper Tad Cummins was seen on surveillance camera at a local gas station adjacent to the Shoney’s.

Pottery and basketry from the adjacent market adorn the handmade shelves.

He and the pigtailed bartender gave us the lowdown on the cast of characters that perched upon adjacent stools.

Schools and many offices were closed as smoke from farmers burning stubble in adjacent states caused air quality to plummet.

adjacent was Princess Leia, in a house where Bette Davis once lived.

(The man who works the corner store adjacent to the shop will always vouch for the roast chicken, too.)

The farm, run by Olivia and her husband, Greg Willerer, spread over a block of vacant lots in North Corktown, adjacent to downtown.

The department later spent over $31,000 on a new hardwood table, chairs and hutch for the dining room adjacent to Carson’s office.

Pastor takes his spot in a smaller booth adjacent to the sound board to lay down vocals and guitar.

The camera pans over to an adjacent bandshell: It is!).

But there are also some less funny and more obviously outwardly sexist ones, and all of these responses are adjacent to one another.

A similar fate awaits rebel groups that control a small adjacent area.

With other would-be investors waiting in adjacent conference rooms at Uber’s San Francisco offices, Maris and Krane made their pitch to invest.

The Standing Rock Sioux, whose land is adjacent to the pipeline, asked the thousands of protesters to disperse after the decision.

The trend has been most marked among adjacent countries at the continent’s edges.

It was initially Edmund Bacon’s idea to put a park at the end of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, adjacent to City Hall.

They dine in its restaurant or bring their children to picnic in an adjacent park.

Its boundaries, even after they were reset by judges to eliminate racial gerrymandering in an adjacent district, still favour Republicans.

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