Acknowledges in a sentence | Use of the word acknowledges examples

Shanahan acknowledges each response and then continues with, “That’s right!

But she acknowledges that even her job isn’t safe.

Unfortunately, he acknowledges most people aren’t set up to be good investors.

This would cause massive disruption in current Medicaid expansion states, which would near certainly see their residents lose coverage — a fact Cassidy readily acknowledges.

Even the DEA acknowledges marijuana has never caused a fatal overdose, so the baby’s death would indeed be the first of its kind.

She now acknowledges that he made “errors,” including the forced sterilizations of thousands of poor, largely indigenous women.

On the other hand, Martha Stewart regularly acknowledges the value of our time and recommends convenience.

It acknowledges its own way of life as an extreme, rendered for our pleasure and convenience.

Ted is the guy who weaponizes his apparent harmlessness to acquire and then discard women who he fully acknowledges are out of his league.

The result is haunting, a call for peace that simultaneously acknowledges wounds.

The UCLA report acknowledges that there are some nuances it doesn’t fully dig into.

She has heard a range of expert opinions, and acknowledges that the new attribution will draw controversy.

BNEF acknowledges that two things could substantially alter this forecast.

Hayes acknowledges that meritocracy has advantages over the system of special privilege for white Protestants that it replaced.

In long rant on ‘Fox & Friends,’ Trump acknowledges staying overnight in Moscow — alluding to the most salacious allegation in the Steele dossier

A letter to the state from one of Fieldbridge’s attorneys acknowledges that Taylor fulfilled these terms.

In it, he acknowledges the loss of territory while also celebrating the horrific attacks in Sri Lanka that killed 253 people on Easter Sunday.

In it, he acknowledges the loss of territory while also celebrating the horrific attacks in Sri Lanka that killed 253 people on Easter Sunday.

I don’t think the current administration acknowledges that this is happening.

Hell, even Pitino acknowledges this.

The team has, aptly, dubbed it “Summer in a Cup.” Sandler acknowledges that the pickling and preserving can be precarious endeavors for home cooks.

How would you perform writing in a way that acknowledges the importance of the performance of music to Sun Ra?

The Centers for Disease Control acknowledges as much, in so many words, on its website.

But even without a confidentiality agreement, the abuser rarely acknowledges what happened publicly, for obvious reasons.

But, he acknowledges, a lot of the young people he interacts with are more anti-capitalist than they are socialist.

Benjamin acknowledges that bump stocks were not on his radar before the Las Vegas tragedy.

Tesla acknowledges this is an aggressive target, but it’s not shying away from the challenge.

That’s a reality that even Cruz acknowledges.

On the dedication page, it acknowledges Lucifer, the original radical who gained his own kingdom.

So are we willing to elect someone as president who has, as their role model, somebody who acknowledges Lucifer?

McDougal acknowledges that hers is not a story of harassment or assault.

That view, Levy readily acknowledges, comes from a place of privilege, and that’s the largest complaint that’s been levied against her memoir.

And he also implicitly acknowledges that Supreme Court appointments are ideological.

Manafort’s filing also acknowledges its advisory role to Brussels-based nonprofit the Centre for a Modern Ukraine.

While Belcourt’s paintings don’t fit within the tradition of realism, her work acknowledges the real world.

And the possibilities — which Jepsen readily acknowledges could be both empowering and frightening — don’t stop there, she said.

Weinstein’s rep tells TMZ, “Mr. Weinstein acknowledges the valuable input both Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence have contributed to this conversation and apologizes.

Subsection (b) acknowledges that impact.

Album cut “Comanche Moon” takes a risky leap—one that Maas acknowledges.

And he’s a character that no one ever acknowledges.

Singer acknowledges Khloe’s stylist did request several catsuits back in December, but none resembled the one Khloe ultimately designed.

The CEA paper acknowledges that this problem has existed in the recent past, but then assumes it will disappear.

Again … the audio is interesting because Kevin fully acknowledges the pain and suffering of the LGBTQ community due to hate crimes and bullying.

As he prepares to leave our meeting, he acknowledges this, but adds, “What we experience in the field is not healthy or normal.

He also acknowledges that he’s played a role in his situation, but is still maintaining his innocence.

Penn’s article acknowledges that the American government — or at least the DEA — knew about his trip to visit El Chapo.

“Being a society that acknowledges that people suffer from mental illnesses, and that we should try and do something about them?

But, he acknowledges, “The world doesn’t fit me because I’m not supposed to be this big.” Go behind the scenes.

But he acknowledges that the sharing economy hasn’t reached as deeply into consumers’ lives as early enthusiasts predicted.

Botsman herself acknowledges that sharing economy services have a tendency toward professionalization.

“You may think it is,” she acknowledges.

He acknowledges that he can pick and choose who he wants on Discover.

The USDA acknowledges the relationship is imbalanced.

The USDA acknowledges the relationship is imbalanced.

He acknowledges the tensions between Israelis and Palestinians, cresting again as U.S. President Donald Trump weighs in on a long-stalled peacemaking initiative.

BCB: The blockchain is like triple-entry accounting, which acknowledges that any human can make a mistake.

In doing so, though, Feinstein also acknowledges the difficult nature of her own request.

Thomas acknowledges that his game was changing by the night right now.

And in this photo essay, “she acknowledges that she is more than herself; there’s room for others inside her truth.

And he was not alone, even though he acknowledges that it was somewhat of an aesthetic sacrifice.

The study also acknowledges the “potential conflict” that could arise in a FWB relationship if both people aren’t on the same page.

Beck acknowledges there’s plenty of mistrust of the mainstream media in conservative circles.

Even he has bad days, he acknowledges.

Even Wolff acknowledges that conventional reporting isn’t his bag.

He also acknowledges there’s no proof that everyone hanging out in the Daily Stormer chat room is a neo-Nazi.

“It’s a good step as this is the first time ASEAN formally acknowledges the issue of marine debris,” said marine biologist Thon Thamrongnawasawat.

And so my actual question is you are one of the leaders who acknowledges the importance of mindfulness and meditation and Buddhist practices.

Parris, for his part, acknowledges accusations of authoritarian tendencies, and says he understands why many felt the “gang candidate” flier was race baiting.

In the current political climate, she acknowledges a major shift away from that spirit.

He acknowledges Tammy took Zoey to a hospital, but says he saw evidence she was fine … and revealed his conspiracy theory about his ex.

She acknowledges that reconciling the two is no easy task.

In each of his new photobashed portraits, Chanthara acknowledges Japanese manga artist Tsutomu Nihei as a major influence on the work.

She acknowledges that her lighter skin tone has made her experience easier than that of many others.

Granduciel happily acknowledges those influences.

Khan seems to be asking where the true center is, a kind of questioning that he acknowledges some might see as blasphemous.

He acknowledges he could have done better.

She acknowledges Anthony paid, saying, “Anthony personally undertook to help Bennett economically.”

Money is a major factor in the initial viability of a campaign, but Project 100 acknowledges that it’s not the only factor.

By suturing parts together with barbed wire, Saini Kallat acknowledges the implicit violence in the act of joining.

She acknowledges having a “suicidal compulsion” and says to the men in her family … “Every one of you had better pray I die.

Whether they chose to add drugs into the mix or not, everyone acknowledges the potency of the basic Gatecrasher infusion.

To mark their 25th year of publishing they are running a special edition that acknowledges 25 dance music pioneers.

He acknowledges the FDA’s efforts to crack down on clinics but suggests that much more can be done.

“Forty-eight hours after the May 16 battle, for example, Hamas now acknowledges that 50 of the 62 killed were its own gunmen.

He acknowledges the tensions between Israelis and Palestinians, cresting again as U.S. President Donald Trump weighs in on a long-stalled peacemaking initiative.

Bushnell, 73, acknowledges some of the challenges presented by his techno-utopia, but seems to have no problem picturing it happening within his lifetime.

In her CNN op-ed, Klobuchar acknowledges some of the limitations, calling for reforms that Congress would need to approve.

“I don’t see it as the imminent security threat that perhaps others do,” Tillerson acknowledges.

She acknowledges being haunted and preoccupied.

The study even acknowledges that there are questions about whether the data is nationally representative.

The art acknowledges the elegance of futility, the strangeness of attempts at permanence, and the absurdity of technological advances.

But he also acknowledges the complete and total lack of data to support them.

Hastert “acknowledges that as a young man he committed transgressions for which he is profoundly sorry,” the statement said.

“The Department fully acknowledges that the information provided in an objection may not be correct,” the agency said.

Rolles acknowledges Transform’s model won’t fix every problem related to drugs.

“So are we willing to elect someone as president somebody who has as their role model somebody acknowledges Lucifer?”

(For the record, he acknowledges the self-absorption and douchiness of writing a memoir in your twenties.)

For Fulutudilu, this World Cup is potentially her only chance to play on this stage, something she acknowledges will drive her ambition.

Still, he acknowledges that an open approach also has issues.

It acknowledges the problem, but advocates a policy (a “globally applicable, revenue-neutral carbon tax”) that has no chance of ever being implemented.

In the statement, Bachelet said she acknowledges the complexity of the immigration crisis and the challenges that the US faces.

Even the mayor acknowledges that the town may never be rebuilt.

She also acknowledges that some people have mixed feelings about going to HR, and suggests turning to a trusted manager if necessary.

This is something Obama acknowledges, paying respect to Robinson and Williams.

Uber’s IPO, released last Thursday, acknowledges the profit it has made off this arrangement.

“It’s a good step as this is the first time ASEAN formally acknowledges the issue of marine debris,” said marine biologist Thon Thamrongnawasawat.

orientation to achieving change, it acknowledges that our inner forces — motivation and willpower — are necessary ingredients to make those behavior changes.

But he acknowledges that too much of a good thing can be bad.

In a blog post announcing the shutdown of the Sponsored Messaged program, VoiceLabs CEO Adam Marchick acknowledges the problem this change created.

Like Veale, Wirz-Justice acknowledges the close link between circadian rhythms and the bipolar.

Thomas himself acknowledges the limitations of their wringing-resources-dry approach. acknowledges a non malicious definition but also includes the common, negative, connotation: And, In my experience, these definitions are totally inaccurate.

Balyasny, the fund manager, acknowledges that Balyasny the firm grew too quickly, managing $13 billion at its peak in 2017.

Balyasny, the fund manager, acknowledges that Balyasny the firm grew too quickly, managing $13 billion at its peak in 2017.

The Whitney acknowledges this phenomenon in its concurrent Incomplete History of Protest exhibit — and then participates in historicization anyway.

The original text acknowledges homosexual sex between men—but nevertheless has been used to condemn homosexuality in some Hindu communities.

She made no such endorsement, and his campaign now acknowledges Bryce made a “mistake.” That mistake, however, was not an isolated incident.

Pager acknowledges that diagnosing a patient incorrectly is a big risk that the startup is mindful of.

Bourdon acknowledges as much.

“Deep inside, we’re all just pink,” she acknowledges.

Later in the conversation, however, Carpenter acknowledges that Bentley appears to be doing well.

He acknowledges some players will screw up — but they’re probably in the minority.

He acknowledges there are “unhealthy” aspects to what he’s doing, but remains committed to it.

It is an innate connection that he detects, acknowledges, and strengthens through his art.

No one really acknowledges what Mims is doing, they just usher him into the waiting police vehicle to take him to jail.

In the other is Hannah Gadsby, who acknowledges the power that jokes have to harm people and make society worse—or better.

Their own rep acknowledges thousands of customers are having the issue, and they won’t refund people’s money.

Indeed, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine acknowledges that 30 percent of adults have some symptoms of insomnia.

Sargeant acknowledges sanctions have derailed his deal.

He acknowledges the existence of misleading information on Facebook and says he hopes to make improvements to ensure readers have a well-rounded news experience.

The 49-year-old actress acknowledges the opportunities for an actress her age are few and far between.

A place that acknowledges that it stands on occupied indigenous territory, and takes reparative measures.

A place that acknowledges that it stands on occupied indigenous territory, and takes reparative measures.

Ali acknowledges it took him some time to become content, but said he’s happy with that arrangement.

Twitter has never acknowledged publicly that Trump has violated any of its guidelines — it rarely even acknowledges Trump’s tweets.

The Jedi, the old imperial way of thinking, must end, as Yoda acknowledges.

However, he later acknowledges the importance of the diversity of viewpoints.

Danforth acknowledges that her findings are preliminary.

The Leadership Conference Education Fund’s report acknowledges there are valid reasons for shutting down polling places, particularly budget constraints.

Agent IQ, a startup that has developed customer service bots, acknowledges that problem and today it announced a $6.3 million Series A investment.

With this detail, Irish subtly acknowledges China’s heavy cultural influence in Vietnam throughout history.

VICE Impact: Pretty much everyone acknowledges that homelessness is an issue, but hardly anyone wants the solution in their backyard.

Mark Zuckerberg now acknowledges the dangerous side of the social revolution he helped to start.

Canadian law acknowledges a lowered expectation of privacy at the border, and that Canadians may be asked for their device passwords or risk detention.

No one else really acknowledges Wilson’s there.

Friday’s letter acknowledges that there are still many uncertainties around the virus, but insists it is better to be safe than sorry.

Friday’s letter acknowledges that there are still many uncertainties around the virus, but insists it is better to be safe than sorry.

NHL owners: But even Forbes itself acknowledges that these are only estimates.

Stephens acknowledges that there’s been a “modest (0.85 degrees Celsius)” increase in global temperature.

After all, as Isabel Wilkerson acknowledges in our film, “Who would want to think about these awful things?”

Cray acknowledges that one of the reason people like the cloud is the cloud vendor takes care of all the heavy lifting for IT.

In an email sent from Thompson to Betsy Reed, that Thompson provided to Re/code (and Reed verified), Thompson acknowledges that he made mistakes.

I try to bring up the tougher aspects, the multi-layered experience of living in New York at this point”, he acknowledges.

‘The US Government acknowledges that there are differences between our assessments and reporting from non-governmental organizations.’

‘The US Government acknowledges that there are differences between our assessments and reporting from non-governmental organizations.’

“In releasing these figures, the US Government acknowledges that there are differences between US Government assessments and reporting from non-governmental organizations,” the report said.

Apple acknowledges the requirement at the tale end of its newly updated App Store Review Guidelines.

ACOG acknowledges that there is no foolproof way to confirm ahead of time that a fibroid is, in fact, benign.

Now, Paltrow acknowledges that her involvement is holding back the brand.

Yes and no, Borthwick acknowledges.

It’s a moment that acknowledges the elephant in the room: Alice is much, much better suited to being a hero than Quentin is.

Selkoe acknowledges that the experience taught him a number of lessons about running a business.

Though Kaufmann isn’t a fan of the term “right-wing authoritarianism,” he acknowledges its complexities.

Cohan acknowledges how difficult it can be to create any sort of meaningful change in this aspect of Greek life.

He acknowledges having known firm founder Nin Desai, but says he was never asked about joining Nin Ventures.

But she acknowledges that there are pros and cons to the role Instagram has played in the perception of fitness.

The hurdle of getting IFTTT recipes to be understood — let alone used — is something that Tibbets himself acknowledges.

But it also acknowledges that victims must now be more diligent than ever.

While he’s undertaking this challenge for positive reasons, Peter acknowledges that running once dominated his life – perhaps even to a negative degree.

Skinner also acknowledges that the insula doesn’t just correlate to feelings of disgust—students could have experienced other reflexes as well.

Why it matters: Health care companies and providers are legally required to protect patients’ medical privacy, as Aetna itself acknowledges.

However, the EPA acknowledges that the lead level at which there are no health risks for children is zero.

Bannon is in “communication” regularly with Burke, although Harnwell acknowledges that the three-times divorced Bannon “doesn’t pretend to be a model Catholic”.

The universe acknowledges and addresses Existence, as the viewer interacts with the world and is bound by its laws and underlying story.

She acknowledges me, asks questions—sometimes we cry in each others’ arms.

McIntyre acknowledges SIP is still small in scale, but he’s not concerned.

The original 1973 memo acknowledges that nothing in the Constitution explicitly says the president can’t be charged with a crime.

McGruder acknowledges how distracting something like a contract year can be, but he doesn’t let it disrupt his day-to-day progress.

She even acknowledges it: “We’ve gone too far than to go back into a race and religion issue.”

Simmons says he has a different memory of that evening, but acknowledges Jenny’s “feelings of fear and intimidation are real.”

It is a wild goose chase.” A wild goose chase that even Stone acknowledges might end up in an indictment.

He deferred questions to EPA, which has said only generally it acknowledges current law requires it to address carbon emissions somehow.

Lauren riddles her paintings with symbolic imagery that subtly acknowledges her world experience and nomadic lifestyle.

As Caulkins acknowledges, marijuana isn’t linked to deadly overdoses.

I am struck by all the different ways that Civera both acknowledges the circular form while trying to occupy it.

Gariépy, however, acknowledges that reform isn’t likely happen overnight.

First, even the National Catholic Bioethics Center (NCBC) acknowledges that the cells used to make vaccines are far removed from the aborted cells.

There have been mistakes, which Fugate acknowledges.

It also acknowledges that group may not be very large.

(Though he acknowledges that wouldn’t be the deciding factor and says that all voter groups are key in this contentious race.)

“Frankly, virtually every one of my Republican colleagues acknowledges Russian intervention.

As the SEC order acknowledges, TPG disclosed its receipt of these fees.

Azlan’s food tastes just like in Afghanistan, even though there are fewer ways to cook here,” he acknowledges.

She also acknowledges having kept in contact with Pishevar in the subsequent years, including requests that he speak at work events she was organizing.

Watch: Maternity Leave: How America Is Failing Its Mothers She acknowledges that dealing with the boys has been tough at times.

“It is an issue no one talks about or acknowledges but everyone knows about.

Others, she acknowledges, have not been so lucky.

Today, it’s seeking to reassure anxious member companies that it acknowledges the science and concedes climate is a serious issue.

But even the organization itself acknowledges that maybe it went a little too far when it sprinkled parasitic insects all over a poppyseed muffin.

It acknowledges, though, that those directives haven’t always been followed.

To be sure: BofA acknowledges uncertainties in their forecast, especially the known unknowns about EV penetration.

Read acknowledges that there seemed to be an addictive element to it, which for many customers, “will just make or break their day.”

While the current CEO acknowledges that several employees left, following the organizational changes, he said Zesty has not laid off employees.

So with this redesign, Google acknowledges that and brings more and larger visuals to the Assistant experience.

A prank acknowledges that the generally accepted version of reality is worth challenging.

The report acknowledges that more money is needed to implement the recommendations.

(It’s a mistake that Mitchell Lichtenstein openly acknowledges during our conversation.)

It acknowledges the limitations of current understanding on how to ensure responsible development.

This is a move Zuckerberg himself acknowledges will probably, at least temporarily, decrease engagement and time spent on Facebook.

It’s possible that some other underlying cause affected the number of suicide deaths over that period, Fink acknowledges.

The EPA acknowledges that it didn’t tell Congress about the soundproof booth, but argues it didn’t have to.

It also acknowledges the role of the ideology and doctrine itself, rather than deflecting from it.

You have to love the unbridled enthusiasm with which Scott first acknowledges the rock, and the conspiratorial pauses that follow.

It acknowledges what’s often the undeniable fact of sadness—be that personal or about the world—but never plays down the sound.

It acknowledges that the advantages are substantial.

Muzyka acknowledges her victories and openly concedes her losses.

And, though it acknowledges enormous uncertainty around the solar roofing market, GTM doesn’t expect any huge leap any time soon.

The ICE memo acknowledges that space in detention facilities limits the number of undocumented immigrants who can be detained upon apprehension.

Appian acknowledges that its biggest competitors are Salesforce and ServiceNow.

In Silicon Valley, growth supersedes everything else.” He acknowledges that this slow pace is a privilege and a luxury.

It simply means that desires have to be introduced in a way that acknowledges the other person’s personhood.

Keo acknowledges that it can be difficult work.

Jerrod acknowledges that he has more learning to do, but that he wants to do it.

She then acknowledges the irony in that statement based on her family — “Now, my family stands out.

“It’s impossible for victims of errors in this system to get the problem fixed easily,” Dreyfus acknowledges.

Boeing now acknowledges the software is flawed.

“You can’t take all this stuff too seriously,” acknowledges Bea.

songs that straddle more genres than Britney usually acknowledges.

Fox herself acknowledges that How to Be Single walks the line between reality and wish-fulfillment fantasy.

The report acknowledges that animal agriculture can be beneficial to ecosystems in some contexts.

Listening to Arca is an uncomfortable experience—Ghersi acknowledges as much in that aforementioned press release.

This would, the campaign acknowledges, require getting money out of Congress.

)She also acknowledges her penchant to put her foot in her mouth with some regularity.

He acknowledges the lack at desire’s heart but simultaneously gives it a face or a dozen arms like a Hindu deity.

Schrader acknowledges the competition, but argues that building the best designed tools will keep bringing in developers.

Still, Jenner acknowledges the digital media environment is malleable.

This form conveys a desire to get beyond the frame even as it acknowledges that it cannot do so.

“There are tutoring agencies out there,” acknowledges O’Connor.

Zuckerberg also acknowledges that Facebook can and should do more.

The Kurds say the referendum acknowledges their contribution in confronting Islamic State after it overwhelmed the Iraqi army.

The solution: Berners-Lee acknowledges that the companies are trying to address the problems.

“I don’t see it as the imminent security threat that perhaps others do,” Tillerson acknowledges.

Gray also documented something she acknowledges no one involved expected.

On, writer Jenny Kutner acknowledges that Beyoncé is “entitled to feel that way.”

EDiMA acknowledges the importance of these issues but feels the need to highlight the fact that the industry has been rising to the challenge.

But, he acknowledges, the scale of this cheating makes it virtually impossible.

It’s very important the world acknowledges my mother was a classical musician whose dreams were not realized because of racism.

You can argue that the affair was consensual — Lewinsky herself acknowledges this is a complicated issue.

Voter registration always spikes in October, as acknowledges, because it’s the last month before the national election.

VanderZanden acknowledges the playbook similarities to Uber, but also says there are key differences.

But he acknowledges that the procedure will be hugely painful for some women.

But the rest of the film sorts through McCain’s life — and his mistakes, of which he acknowledges many.”

That’s a statistic that the company acknowledges it needs to improve.

As Roman acknowledges, it’s hard to know, from a research perspective, how much of an impact gentrification has had on the crime rate.

Even Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus acknowledges that a contested convention could happen.

What’s interesting, though, is that press coverage rarely acknowledges the radicalism at work here.

Jill Stein, the Green Party nominee for president, acknowledges the rationale behind this kind of conscious abstention.

It’s all very indirect — he talks about “what happened” and a few times acknowledges that his “actions” caused what happened.

I’m interested to see if the series can untangle this particular knot in a way that acknowledges its racist implications.

In other words, the report acknowledges that the sources replacing coal and nuclear plants are different and will require different thinking and strategies.

According to Frimpong at MAG, “The impact of Obama’s visit to Laos is that it acknowledges that the bombings in Laos did happen.

More recently, we’ve funded everything from big data to decentralized application platforms.” It’s still very early days, he acknowledges.

“I’m aware of what difficult emotions it triggers,” Bendell acknowledges.

Calton acknowledges the tragic toll gun violence in America has on women.

“We’re living in a time when drag seems to be more popular than ever,” acknowledges Finn.

With this gesture, Reed acknowledges that painting is contained by architecture, even as the artist attempts to extend it beyond its confines.

Though it clearly destroys her, Claire acknowledges that it’s time to hand Faith back.

In the published images, only one of the twelve individuals visibly acknowledges Evans’ presence.

This is the common through-line of his career, and he acknowledges it as such.

“Wahler acknowledges that his addictive behavior affected his tumultuous relationship with Lauren Conrad.

As such, she acknowledges, women composers often aren’t taught in schools and universities.

I think that, at its best, Western Christian thought acknowledges disgust, mortality, and empathy for the fallen body.

Blue acknowledges that the shift to non-monogamy takes relentless conversation: “It’s not an easy shift, for sure,” she says.

Mueller acknowledges that his office could not reach a definitive conclusion over whether the Trump campaign obstructed justice.

Hull readily acknowledges his love for the Chicago Imagists, but that does not mean he is derivative.

Cover: President Trump acknowledges the crowd at the end of his rally in Panama City Beach, Fla., Wednesday, May 8, 2019.

Only Evelyn could perfectly sum up the reasonable response when Beyoncé acknowledges your digital presence: “I don’t need LinkedIn, Beyoncé knows my name!”

“It’s a double-edged sword,” Kwen acknowledges.

The mom acknowledges someone pushed Kyle from the balcony, and she says, “I would never punish someone who was trying to help my son.

On Single Mothers’ sophomore release Our Pleasure frontman Drew Thomson acknowledges that self-reflection doesn’t always lead to self-improvement.

Bottom line: Abraaj acknowledges that it had poor financial controls, but insists didn’t commit any fraud.

The book is full of “Aha!” moments in which McPherson acknowledges his own complicity.

And he acknowledges when his initial assumptions were off.

Facebook is researching that technique, but Raimo acknowledges that “We want to make sure we don’t show you something totally opposite of the photo.

It was really important for me to make a film that acknowledges the challenges, but that’s not ultimately what the film is.

Kim acknowledges that they should have shown up for their mom.

Strategies and policies that were put in place, like the Dallas charter, were largely effective, which the Pennsylvania grand jury report acknowledges.

This is the moment the community acknowledges and blesses the couple.

At the same time, the the 47-year-old acknowledges that people have grown used to seeing Hermione portrayed as a white woman.

The Indivisible Guide openly acknowledges that it is drawing on organizational tactics used by the Tea Party — specifically, local activism and defensive politics.

There are also a lot of sex scenes, which she acknowledges are a “dangerous” territory for a writer.

There were many more who thought about it long and hard,” said Curbelo, who helped create a bipartisan caucus that acknowledges climate change.

She acknowledges the house is community property.

In the photo caption, Rodriguez acknowledges the liberation of cutting her hair.

He sort of acknowledges how crazy he appears on the show, but also seems quite entertained by his own wild antics.

He’s a co-founder of a bipartisan House caucus that acknowledges climate change.

To Dream Avant-Garde acknowledges the artistic innovators of today — those who push the cultural status quo in their work.

‘”He says that, although he acknowledges his status as a sex symbol, he prefers to spend time alone at home.

Khloé acknowledges her mother’s good intentions but is worried about Lamar’s sobriety.

Our sources say Mel B acknowledges the 3-ways, but she says it was at Belafonte’s insistence.

Regarding influences, the artist acknowledges the terracotta Haniwa figures of ancient Japan, Renaissance reliquary sculpture, and African masks.

the $1 taco double-standard that turn a higher profit—he acknowledges that it is time that carne asada gets the respect that it deserves.

Levie says the horrible mass murder in San Bernardino weighs on everyone, and acknowledges law enforcement has a difficult job.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk gave a lengthy interview to the NY Times, in which he acknowledges that he’s spread way too thin.

So, yes, Wayne acknowledges he’s doing this for a bag and that he’s on whatever drugs he feels like being on.

Molero-Chamizo designed the new study to address what he acknowledges were limitations of the first study.

“I learned about working as a collective group instead of as an individual,” she acknowledges.

Facebook launched video comments today, a feature that acknowledges the meteoric rise and continued growth of online video creation and consumption.

It also acknowledges the conflicts and paradoxes inherent in these strange cursory spaces and forms.

She acknowledges she’s an “easy target” and understands she’s not the only one going through this.

It seems that RAE seldom acknowledges the people standing outside watching him, instead concentrating on his work.

But he says the U.S. acknowledges it can’t win with force: “My assessment is the Taliban also realizes they cannot win militarily.

“A lot of wheels have been reinvented,” acknowledges Britt, who worked for a time at Google trying to put Android on various home electronics.

In India, the company acknowledges that it faces fierce competition from Hotstar, which is owned by 21st Century Fox.

Even Sarah Burns, who co-directed the documentary and wrote a 2011 book on the case, acknowledges it.

Because it is built on Messenger, Facebook now acknowledges that who you called and other metadata is gathered by Facebook for advertising purposes.

But the good stuff in Deadly Class happens when it acknowledges that it’s important nonetheless.

Flanagan acknowledges these chats can be difficult, especially in prior generations that aren’t used to talking openly about medical problems.

Weinstein’s reps told the NY Times, “Mr. Weinstein acknowledges making a pass at Ms. Thurman in England after misreading her signals in Paris.

Rob acknowledges that they need to talk, but it is obvious he is in major conflict-avoidance mode.

Sinek fully acknowledges this, and says there’s one key way to prevent greediness from obscuring your sense of purpose: Find a leadership buddy.

You see, Mann acknowledges it’s not “eighth grade white boys who created the system,” but they benefit from it every day.

Europol itself acknowledges that bottlenecks and informal camps have emerged to assist the crossing of the shutdown borders.

Indeed, Latzer acknowledges this.

While she acknowledges that there’s a time and a place for such flashy affairs, she felt the circumstances called for something more radical.

We still don’t even fully know why crime rose and fell during the period Latzer looks at — something Latzer acknowledges.

For establishment conservatives, Trump nods to US alliances, to US leadership for ideals and humanitarianism, and he acknowledges that the UN does have value.

“This is really a very big step for us as a company,” acknowledges Toca Boca president Caroline Ingeborn in an interview.

Stevens acknowledges that managing these issues can be tough.

New York City acknowledges its segregation but has no idea how to change it.

White acknowledges this, but puts the blame on other companies.

Rep. Carlos Curbelo, a Republican incumbent in Florida, readily acknowledges climate change and has even introduced carbon tax legislation.

What’s more, according to the settlement, Danica acknowledges the documents Josh was about to file conclusively proves she lied.

Rep. Carlos Curbelo, a Republican incumbent in Florida, readily acknowledges climate change and has even introduced carbon tax legislation.

Alfred acknowledges Batman’s history by slyly referring (several times) to the history of Batman films and eras, through which he has patiently assisted.

He happily acknowledges those influences.

It will also undermine our universal service construct for years to come, something which the Order implicitly acknowledges.

The lab has the makings of a terrible dollar store, each object chosen for its inconsistency of shape, Soft Robotics CEO Carl Vause acknowledges.

Lightspeed acknowledges that the document has no enforcement mechanism and effectively relies on company CEOs to honor their commitment.

In museum literature, Friedman identifies the participants’ tribal affiliations, but she also acknowledges their unique contributions by emphasizing the nuances of each performance.

It doesn’t show up in the NRDC data set even though Michigan’s attorney general freely acknowledges that the law was violated.

It doesn’t mention Trump, but it clearly acknowledges many of the anxieties about him.

Gupta acknowledges that coders are paid to crank out code, not to make sure it’s secure.

These are all questions Tenor will face as it tries to get brands on-board, Krebs acknowledges.

Sessions’s ruling acknowledges that adding all 350,000 cases at once would make the backlog impossible to manage.

Alexa can, as Kutcher acknowledges in his Instagram video, do it all.

If William Davies acknowledges the significance of race —specifically considering the Brexit/Trump parallelism — his analysis puts the accent on class.

In his new book, even Taubes acknowledges that his case isn’t ironclad.

She’s earned it.W’s feature acknowledges her successes, calling her “pop’s many-faced goddess.”

It’s a 316-page, chart-heavy filing that he acknowledges is geared toward the business set.

Bhageria acknowledges that Techstars and Plug and Play have both leveraged corporate partners and sponsorships to provide more weight to their early-stage programs.

Though Doucet, herself, did not consider her work intentionally feminist at the time, in hindsight, she acknowledges this reading.

Cover image: Donald Trump acknowledges his supporters as he speaks during a rally in Elkhart, Indiana, U.S., on Thursday, May 10, 2018.

Kim acknowledges that furry shoes aren’t the most sensible.

As for Allen’s performance, it’s not bad though he acknowledges he needs to keep working — adding the caption, “Practice Makes Perfect.”

He also acknowledges that there is likely to be significant personnel turnover.

The WHO acknowledges the challenging circumstances facing its nearly 500 personnel in the Congo.

That might seem like a lot, but as Levine acknowledges it’s only 15 business cycles, or about three generations.

The government acknowledges this in its motion.

Olszewski acknowledges that the wine world can be intimidating to the point of cheesiness.

Mash acknowledges that there could be other therapeutic uses for ibogaine.

Still, she acknowledges that the fight is far from over.

But even Wilkins acknowledges that wading into evolutionary psychology is a risky endeavor, and one he avoided.

This type of clinic acknowledges that people (especially gay men) have risky sex and need healthcare that accommodates this reality without judgement.

Kobe Steel acknowledges some customers have shifted orders to other suppliers.

(A fact that he apparently acknowledges.)

The insurer also acknowledges the disputes in financial documents, saying other cases “are in various stages of development.”

Ethnicity, class, and income level can all determine how a community defines, acknowledges, and responds to those issues.

Yes, but: The study also openly acknowledges that it rests on a range of limitations and unknowns.

Donegan acknowledges that as a tool for safety, too, the list was imperfect — it was not available to everyone who could have used it.

The Kurds say the referendum acknowledges their contribution in confronting Islamic State after it overwhelmed the Iraqi army.

As the MPS acknowledges, this is a much less serious crime than the one Swedish prosecutors were investigating.

He acknowledges using cracked software and tricks to obtain free long distance phone calls.

Learning Hammond acknowledges that companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are doing good work making artificial intelligence technologies available to developers.

That track was in response to the Truth and Reconciliation [Canada’s mandated organization that acknowledges and documents residential schools].

Ira Hernowitz, CEO of the fertility tracker app Kindara, acknowledges that this recognition has given a limited boost to the industry at large.

His staff rarely acknowledges that he plays, even when photos of him on the course pop up on social media.

Of course, Dorsey acknowledges this.

Pivotal also acknowledges that it faces competition from “legacy application infrastructure and middleware form vendors” like IBM and Oracle.

Scaramucci acknowledges Trump has made some mistakes in that department.

Patrick Wyman, FBI supervisory special agent at the financial crimes section of the agency’s anti-money laundering unit acknowledges cryptocurrencies pose some unique challenges.

Al-Hiwar’s founder, Azzam Tamimi, who publicly acknowledges ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Indeed, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine acknowledges that 30 percent of adults have some symptoms of insomnia.

No one listened.” Wynn acknowledges that to de-radicalize someone you have to engage with their ideas, but this method isn’t exactly popular.

Cruz highlights several anecdotes of arguable bias, but acknowledges that he doesn’t have statistical evidence of bias.

On its website, AMCC acknowledges many of its neighborhoods suffered widespread damage.

In the video, Baghdadi acknowledges the fall of Baghouz, ISIS’ last stronghold in Syria.

“He acknowledges he has been extremely foolish,” Morrow said.

Diddy acknowledges it’s gonna take some time to heal, if he ever does.

A place that acknowledges that our history isn’t just Black history; it’s American history.

Darden acknowledges he has a 2-year-old daughter with Smith.

Veksler acknowledges that costs do go up when retailers make larger sizes, but inclusive sizes also attract a broader customer base.

“Price acknowledges that 100 interviews is a lot to get through, so the site lets you choose your own path.

The Photography Show gratefully acknowledges the support of all of its partners and sponsors.

It acknowledges the countless ways in which black women and girls are silenced and taught to silence themselves.

Uggerhøj acknowledges that we can’t exactly test this experimentally, beyond calculating things according to the general relativity equation.

Girls is often best when it acknowledges that its characters are irritating but allows that their pain is valid too.

Although Tom admits he was not prepared to have sex that evening, he acknowledges he tacitly consented.

He acknowledges that since 1970 there have been big improvements in televisions, smartphones, and other information technologies.

The Fed acknowledges that leveraged loan credit performance has remained “solid” with low default rates,”in part reflecting the relatively strong economy.”

Brown acknowledges they are still at the beginning of the fight.

He and his colleagues know their stuff, a fact even Půta acknowledges: “They absolutely understand what they do,” he said.

Crockford acknowledges that she has never done any field research on polar bears.

He acknowledges that he was one of the earliest to hear Monday afternoon that Bernie wanted him to get people in line.

Gran tips her cap at the colonel and he acknowledges her with a sober wink.

But, but, but: Even Bigelow acknowledges the challenges presented by this kind of project.

Truly, this is a universal journey of curiosity and wonder, and Sisqo acknowledges it as such within the first few seconds of the video.

“It’s not for everybody,” acknowledges Greg Cohn, CEO of Ad Hoc Labs, which makes Burner and Firewall.

Yes, but: CEO Nimit Sawhney acknowledges that this is really the pregame, not even early innings.

Through his exquisite skill, Michelangelo acknowledges the human body as more than just the earthly flesh, but a vessel for an eternal soul.

And since fallout shelters are not blast shelters, the likelihood of injury is grim—an outcome the agency acknowledges in its prepared remarks.

Sessions’s ruling acknowledges that adding all 350,000 cases at once would make the backlog impossible to manage.

It’s intimidating, she acknowledges, but still: “You’re going to have to do it.”

“The therapist acknowledges that Stripe tried to warn them all that his implant wasn’t working.

Helina Metaferia’s exhibition By Way of Revolution connects histories of protest movements and acknowledges the overlooked labor of women within them.

Harmon’s statement acknowledges the power and influence he now wields as the creator of a very popular show with a rabid fanbase.

While he acknowledges that there are plenty of artists who live with mental illnesses, you don’t need your mental illness to be creative.

Beyond that, Steve acknowledges the difficulty of preventing acts by madmen … underscoring it by wishing our 25-year-old cameraman well in a scary world.

had never addressed her sexuality in public before … but in the Vogue piece acknowledges her fiancee Amanda Clifton … with whom she lives.

“This court acknowledges that this a harsh result,” Pauley wrote.

While Silk acknowledges that many have dismissed this timeline as pie in the sky, the demands aren’t necessarily as crazy as they sound.

“The festivals are often scared that if they include education or harm reduction services, it acknowledges that there’s going to be drugs on-site.

But the idea of Muslims putting their support behind someone as outspoken as Trump is about trashing Muslims seems exceptionally strange—and Ahmed acknowledges that.

Klement acknowledges that a perceived culture of consent can inoculate the community against allegations of sexual violence, giving violators plausible deniability.

She told Vulture that she acknowledges the entertainment industry’s racism, but tries not to let it hinder her artistic development.

Blind, Video Days (1991) Everyone talks about and acknowledges Video Days as the best video.

He acknowledges that the hype is, perhaps, overwhelming, but so too is the potential.

While he acknowledges that’s appropriate in certain settings, it’s not his target market.

This also sounds like one of those “launches” that acknowledges something that’s already in-progress.

“The experience is so strong that part of your brain acknowledges that you are somewhere else,” says Porter.

Like previous efforts to find a deal, the Moscow Declaration acknowledges that a political solution will be the only answer in Syria.

But he acknowledges that his enemy is well armed, better than his people, in fact.

“It may be a quixotic crusade,” Yarnell — who’s a Sanders supporter — acknowledges.

Some may feel that breadcrumbs are unorthodox for pesto, he acknowledges.

And even though he acknowledges that “things weren’t bad under Obama,” my dad truly believes that “Trump can make more people work.”

acknowledges others do see it Grayson Allen is also wrong.

Karmazin acknowledges the potential supply issue, but notes that plasma is relatively abundant and has a two-year shelf life.

For racism, they evaluated the extent that someone acknowledges and empathizes with racism — acting as a proxy measure for actual racist beliefs.

During all of the debates, as the book acknowledges, Clinton crushed Trump.

In his kinda-mea culpa vid, Biden acknowledges the boundaries of personal bubbles have been reset, and says he’ll change too.

It acknowledges what’s often the undeniable fact of sadness—be that personal or about the world—but never plays down the sound.

The DRRA gives a boost in infrastructure funding for pre-disaster mitigation, and acknowledges just how important preventative measures are.

“But it is the combination of beauty and destruction, beauty and melancholy, that really attracts me.” As Kander acknowledges, this is a common attraction.

He captures an ebullience whose presentation acknowledges ephemerality.

If one acknowledges that the fallen state of all mankind is a reason to forgive, not condemn, then there’s no basis for either.

As Levchin acknowledges, Baba Yaga generates more questions than answers.

While Chin acknowledges that there is more work to be done in Flint, the project both embodies a new politics and gestures towards more.

“The dots have never been joined up, and nobody acknowledges it.

But, as Bennett acknowledges, he’s still often recognized as “Chance’s little brother.”

“He won’t get anywhere near the doors of Number 10,” he acknowledges sadly.

Quarraisha Abdool Karim, an epidemiologist at the Center for the AIDS Program of Research in South Africa (CAPRISA), acknowledges these complexities.

Federer acknowledges the unlikeliness of his position.

These concerns create a barrier to effective donor identification, the report acknowledges.

But he acknowledges that the technology has a very long way to go before that’s realistic.

Getting Stamkos at that price to set an internal salary cap the rest of the team acknowledges is some sort of mind control tactic.

“It’s a good step as this is the first time ASEAN formally acknowledges the issue of marine debris,” said marine biologist Thon Thamrongnawasawat.

But its embrace of differential privacy acknowledges the value of data in delivering good software.

One, it seamlessly reintroduces the story, and acknowledges it was interrupted.

Cody, who was raised on the Arizona Navajo reservation, acknowledges home as both a rupture and an affirmation through her beautiful and jarring textiles.

They respected her authority, but, as she almost tearfully acknowledges in “Hidden Process,” she always knew that respect was provisional.

Still, Anderman acknowledges that if demand for the Model 3 is high, Tesla will enjoy an early edge.

Sen. Cory Booker acknowledges that the Senate’s criminal justice bill is not perfect.

If the Fed acknowledges that global markets are weak, it could reassure oil traders “that they can find a bottom” Flynn said.

Bruno acknowledges that such “hearsay” might really be hearsay but reiterates the importance of formal investigations to determine the truth.

At the end of the day, everyone acknowledges that there is statutory PAYGO that can only be waived with Republican votes.

Getting to that point took hundreds of people and many years, as Atala acknowledges, it’s difficult technology.

(Even ACOG acknowledges their recommendation of this invasive inspection is based on expert opinion, not data.

The study acknowledges that ‘gross energy’—the total amount of energy being produced—will continue to rise out to 2040.

Sanders correctly acknowledges the failure of past efforts to curb North Korea’s nuclear ambitions and the urgent need to confront the threat.

The show title, Grant Wood: American Gothic and Other Fables, acknowledges the elephant in the room.

The woman behind the counter of the meat truck acknowledges you with a “Bonjour.” So you wing it.

It’s weird to me that this is the way America acknowledges that there is a history of blackness in this country.

It has also questioned whether the eight other abductees North Korea acknowledges are actually dead, as Pyongyang claims.

she says.Of course, she acknowledges that it’s perfectly okay for women — and men — to want to look like the best version of themselves.

This barely seems to register with Zelda, but she acknowledges his tantrum.

Price said she has been pleased by the response to her photography project, though she acknowledges she also has her share of critics.

Pine also adorably acknowledges that he’s pretty sure he only got the Gilmore audition because of nepotism.

“I didn’t feel that confident, to be honest,” she acknowledges.

But Lyman acknowledges that prejudicial enforcement will unfortunately endure.

As Volsky acknowledges later in the interview, there’s more at play than money and campaigning from America’s gun lobby.

Rudrappa acknowledges that physical and cultural distance can assuage even principled buyers’ anxieties, especially in the case of breast milk.

Rowe acknowledges that Ashton-Gonzalez seemed, “a little impressed” by this “big-ass thing of cider” he’d hauled up the hill.

Molitor acknowledges that he’s put a lot on you for being a rookie.

“It took a while for us to say, we’ve got a problem here,” RSPCA chief inspector Mike Butcher acknowledges candidly.

Lyft acknowledges as much.

This is basically the Chainsmokers’ Closer in furniture form.Ikea acknowledges that it designed these collections with “modern nomads” in mind.

Or he would show the skull of Mozart, which is actually quite small, and everybody pretty much universally acknowledges him as a genius.

Williams acknowledges that Marnie wasn’t everyone’s favorite.

“That said, he also acknowledges that “It’s your choice, it’s your pan.”

The Temple also acknowledges that seeking hugs or kisses from other people can be misinterpreted, and warns participants to be aware of boundaries.

Eisen acknowledges that the QR code approach isn’t ideal, but he says it’s a starting point.

Implicitly, the Excel API acknowledges that most businesses use (and abuse) Excel to store lots of data.

“But Brennan also acknowledges that embracing your body as is, however, can often be easier said than done — but it’s still important.

That’s a good thing, too because, as the White House report acknowledges, we’re no longer necessarily the leader in the field.

She acknowledges her current state with a bright pop of self-deprecation: “I’m in my sweats cleaning up bird shit.”

“I’ve inherited a younger man’s reputation,” he acknowledges in a new interview with The New York Times.

Sykes also acknowledges that rolling out mobile payments won’t necessarily boost the app’s user base on its own.

C40 acknowledges that its data is extremely coarse and its conclusions extremely broad.

Zavala also acknowledges Williams never personally touched her.

Tara acknowledges that “it’s not going to be easy,” but is confident that the group will get the guns they need to fight.

We hope acknowledges in a sentence examples were helpful.