Ace in a sentence | Use of the word ace examples

Jarlin Garcia might never be an ace.

Those kind of characters—I’m gonna be the ace pilot and save the day—they’re a little done.

“It’s now a three-game series, and we’ve got our ace going tomorrow.

“One she hit an ace, unreturnable serve.

But the Japanese government has an ace up its sleeve: Sailor Moon.

That leaves you with ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 of all four sets.

The superbly written ace Attorney games introduced me to extravagantly coiffed legal hero Phoenix Wright.

Raonic, who closed out the match with an ace, won 93 percent of his first-serve points, in comparison with the 58 percent of Opelka.

He is no longer the sure All-Star, the unquestionable ace.

Nadal hit back from 0-40 in the next game, ending a 51-minute set with an ace that kissed the line.

He’ll likely remain very effective, even if he’s not the ace he once was.

ace Capital then began backing creators on the website, using the hashtag #BackedByAxe on social media.

Urias’ surgery is the same one that whittled Johan Santana down from an ace into an also-ran.

Thiem lost heart in the deciding set which whizzed by in 20 minutes, Querrey finishing him off with another ace.

Play any of these games enough, and you’d ace them.

That was the opening the 27-year-old needed as she switched gears and closed out the set with her sixth ace.

ace Hotel & Swim Club, April 14-25.

Watch the ace Hotel for RSVP info.

The speech will also mark the EPA’s formal completion of the Affordable Clean Energy (ace) rule to encourage efficiency from coal-fired power plants.

During my last ace show, I was making all these crazy installations and ping-pong tables and ladders and fifteen-thousand-foot video paintings.

The ninth-inning comeback by the Cardinals extended Mets ace Jacob deGrom’s winless streak to six starts.

Chicago White Sox ace Chris Sale is a man of action.

Like Tommy, it was adapted into a movie, and it features Sting making his film debut as ace Face, King of the Mods.

The second was our show at the ace Hotel in Palm Springs for What Youth magazine.

He’s the Steering Committee Chair and Founder of ace conference.

Cheok told Motherboard that Bannon’s nationalism is the whole reason he invited him to speak at ace.

Since ace announced Bannon as a keynote speaker, other prominent members of the academic community have spoken out on Twitter.

“The number of submissions to ace 2018 compared to previous years is extremely low and remains well behind expectations.

The ace also restricts what states can do to push coal-fired power plants to become cleaner.

The ace would reduce emissions between 0.7 and 1.5 percent in the same time frame.

So all the ace would do is give some of the oldest, dirtiest coal-fired power plants a few more wheezing gasps of life.

“Job Interviews: ace the Interview AND Get the Job Offer”

Job interviews can make even the most qualified candidates nervous and tongue-tied.

Job Interviews: ace the Interview AND Get the Job Offer, $10 (originally $20), available at Udemy.

The superbly written ace Attorney games introduced me to extravagantly coiffed legal hero Phoenix Wright.

Jason Derulo’s no dummy, he’s planning to write off more than $70k he dropped inside ace of Diamonds strip club!!!

Gibb tried wrapping an ace bandage around her chest and that didn’t work, so she wore a tank top bathing suit while running.

That leaves 28-year-old Mariners left-hander James Paxton as the clear ace if he elects to play.

The manufacturer, ace Specialties, is owned by Christl Mahfouz, a board member on Eric Trump’s charitable foundation.

The manufacturer, ace Specialties, is owned by Christl Mahfouz, a board member on Eric Trump’s charitable foundation.

That ongoing dialogue takes place virtually, through an IBM mobile and desktop app called “ace,” which stands for “Appreciation, Coaching, Evaluation.”

That culture shift, Murphy said, has been the biggest challenge associated with implementing the ace app.

IBM said that, at some point, it could market ace to other companies, something it’s done with other internal apps.

McKinnon is an ace at playing over-the-top characters whose matter-of-fact explanations of their bizarre antics leave her conversation partners baffled and mildly disturbed.

One could easily picture ace Ventura or the Mask making any of these ridiculous exaggerated O-faces.

She’s also hosting at Penthouse and ace of Diamonds.

The master and crew were quickly rescued from a lifeboat by the Coastal ace, a nearby vessel.

One crew man from the Kokuka Courageous was slightly injured in the incident and received first aid on board the Coastal ace.

Baltimore’s Duff Goldman of ace of Cakes fame made the original cake for Obama’s inauguration, and pointed out the copy on Twitter.

— the Theatre at the ace on March 5.

Minor Obsessions premieres at the Theatre at ace Hotel in Los Angeles for one night only on Sunday March 5.

The Echo Society performs “V” at the ace Hotel in LA on August 31 at 8 PM.

The first half of 2016 has been far more kind to the former Phillies ace: a 2.79 ERA (161 ERA+) in 96.2 IP.

By ace SantanaDrakeo The Ruler – “Mud Walkin'”Drakeo The Ruler – “Big Banc Unchies” prod.

It’s starting to feel like the season six finale might tug mercilessly at the heartstrings, which could be an ace in the hole.

FYI — a regular bottle of ace of Spades will set you back around $300 … so it’s an expensive booze shower.

With their periodic ace back in the fold, they also have a bit of magic.

Cleveland Indians ace Trevor Bauer added … “We came up together.

Great news for CC Sabathia … the Yankees ace has been officially cleared to work out after undergoing heart surgery last month.

The other two vessels, formerly Panama-flagged KOTI and Talent ace, remain detained, the official said.

For example, some ace people, and this isn’t statistically the norm—are cisgender and heteroromantic, and have relationships that would externally read as straight.

This has been a central tenet of the ace community.

(She pulls the Four of Coins, the Emperor, the Five of Swords, and the ace of Wands.)

In the ace of Wands card, a hand emerges from the sky to make a spiritual offer.

ace of Spades” — Motörhead 3.

The ace of Wands is about tapping into a creative force.

Nov. 7 – Bloomington, IN @ The Bishop Bar Wed. Nov. 8 – Columbus, OH @ ace of Cups Thu.

The starting rotation lacked an ace and the offense had a few too many soft spots, but sometimes luck just turns.

Trying to slow that offense on Friday will be right-hander Zack Wheeler while the Mets tackle Texas ace Yu Darvish.

Gillian McCain and Legs McNeil at the ace Hotel.

But the asexual, or ace, community has a lot more riding on Jughead’s arc.

“Having no explicit confirmation from the writers that they will keep this canon ace character ace makes me feel uneasy and worried,” she said.

Pup ace was wearing a black puppyhood that had a muzzle and fluffy ears.

ace explains that he’s the alpha puppy of his pack, which he’d started with his handler.

The ace of clubs is my sister Sophie, and so on.

Coric served an ace to fight off a match point at 6-5 in the final set.

This is prime Cueto, the guy who was a legit ace for the Reds all those years ago.

Gina Schaefer opened her first hardware store in 2003 as part of the ace Hardware buying cooperative.

“It was ace,” he says simply.

But in true champion style she fired an ace.

His nickname was ace Ventura, and he was on the team when the Royals won the World Series in 2015.

Now let’s pretend he (or she) also made 24 copies of the best pitcher in the world, Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw.

Today the Wisdom ace carries 5,000 Mercedes cars and SUVs from Germany, parked and lashed bumper to bumper on the ship’s many decks.

She’s ace.

Consider 2001’s Phoenix Wright: ace Attorney, originally a Japanese game but translated into English for a Western audience.

“A good localization… will be truer to the intentions of the original creators than a strict translation,” says ace Attorney translator Janet Hsu.

The offense is nice with Otani, but I’d rather have those quality innings and the guaranteed ace.”

But No Man’s Sky has an ace up its sleeve.

That talk inspired ace Volkov, a Brooklyn-based artist, to try to visualize something that by definition, isn’t very visual at all.

From there, Doug continued to ace the game.

Last night, Miami Marlins ace Jose Fernandez uncorked a doozy of a moonbeam after the home plate ump bailed mid-windup.

Then, ace found out I had a car and said that we should drive down into Banff for a pub crawl.

The next memory I have is opening my eyes, looking at a steel toilet, and seeing ace peeing into it.

ace was already outside smoking a cigarette, waiting for me.

Kelsey Wells is shivering in the lobby of the stylish ace Hotel in east London.

This article was created with Kit and ace and was developed independently from Broadly’s editorial staff.

Runway models don’t typically do their best work in casts or ace bandages.

But Toronto exposed just how little ace pitching truly guarantees, which means that Texas shouldn’t skimp if they can avoid it.

Maxwell’s 2-year-old brother, ace, takes advantage of the kissey pose, too.

LG: She’s going to ace this.

Ross Stripling, starting out of necessity, has been the team’s ace.

McFarlane used to be at the ace Hotel, one of Palm Springs’ most Instagrammable establishments.

That’s ace.

The company also uses an app called ace to facilitate a more casual, ongoing dialogue among employees.

Passing around a flippable GBA with someone’s interpretation of Helm’s Deep or ace Combat was a mainstay.

So it took me a long time to figure out I was an ace.”

Or sometimes watching ace Ventura is enough to make a Dolphins fan…

“Because I know it’s an ace,” Darden counters.

But as the hour goes on, I don’t really understand her character, ace private investigator Alice Vaughan.

Here’s a fun fact: ace Ventura: When Nature Calls was written and directed by Steve Oedekerk, of Kung Pow!

You may need to hit the books if you want to ace your next interview.

I remember we were at the ace Hotel, not impressed at all, and Rob told me that he believed in my vision and me.

So, in an effort to totally ace our swatching game, we called upon Sephora Pro makeup artist Shawn Lumaban to share his expert tips.

And, as for getting banned from ace of Diamonds after an altercation there … he has an explanation for that one, too.

Take two ace compression bandages, a two-inch and a three-inch, with Velcro enclosures.

No, a middleweight return is certainly not out of the question for the former Bellator ace.

The ninth-inning comeback by the Cardinals extended Mets ace Jacob deGrom’s winless streak to six starts.

Last week, I sat down with him at his suite at the ace Hotel overlooking the downtown Los Angeles skyline.

There’s a dreadful, rich-family murder case of the week, which eventually, despite her minor photo-browsing setback, ace P.I.

Ross is known for throwing elaborate parties for his daughter, with performers like Rich Homie Quan, Trina, Meek Mill and ace Hood.

NO TREND will be showcasing the art of skateboarders at ace Hotel New York until Sunday, March 26.

He has never threatened us with any court action, not at all,” ace Magashule told state broadcaster SABC on Tuesday.

The EPA said last year the ace rule could achieve carbon cuts similar to those targeted by the Clean Power Plan.

The Chase the ace fundraiser was for local fire departments.

On the other hand, Cersei always finds a new ace in the hole.

June 11 – Los Angeles, ace HotelJune 16th – NYC, Knockdown Center Andrea Domanick is Noisey’s West Coast Editor.

James McCann drove in two runs for Chicago, which scored three in the first inning against former White Sox ace Chris Sale.

Later Monday night Blac Chyna hosted a party at ace of Diamonds in West Hollywood and Amber was right by her side.

Big-serving Czech Karolina Pliskova fired an ace on match point to dispatch Agnieszka Radwanska 6-3 6-3 in their first-round match.

The master and crew were quickly rescued from a lifeboat by the Coastal ace, a nearby vessel.

Users receive access to their ace the morning of their check in, and can continue to use it throughout their stay.

One crew man from the Kokuka Courageous was slightly injured in the incident and received first aid on board the Coastal ace.

His family has since launched another apparel venture, Kit and ace.

These products are now sold on Paltrow’s popular lifestyle site Goop, at Urban Outfitters, in the super-trendy ace Hotel, and on Net-a-Porter.

Though many children, thankfully, are resilient to trauma, unnecessarily adding to a child’s ace burden is extremely risky.

Because the restaurant is attached to the ace Hotel, there is this certain type of customer that comes into the restaurant.

They scored just 20 points against the Detroit Lions, last place in defensive DVOA, despite the team being without ace cornerback Darius Slay.

Adam Vinatieri is still a good kicker, and ace punter Pat McAfee is a field position game-changer for the Colts.

Neither team can utilize ace wideouts DeAndre Hopkins and Allen Robinson, because neither team makes the offense easy.

The new Affordable Clean Energy (ace) rule is less stringent than the current policy and could result in increased carbon emissions.

Crawford gave him oxygen, IV diuretics, and ace inhibitors to relax his blood vessels.

Under the current rules, such investment triggers a provision requiring new pollution permits that limit the plant’s carbon emissions, but wouldn’t under ace.

The bottom line: ace might strengthen the hand of a few coal-fired power plants, but won’t fundamentally change where the market is heading.

For coal, ace is just too little too late.

Joe Rogan rewatched an old comedy classic recently — “ace Ventura: Pet Detective” — and pointed out something which seems crazy obvious now …

Bari argued that it’s important to NOT erase movies like “ace” but notes how far society has come since the movie came out.

The 2017 club has a parade of question marks in the starting rotation behind ace Masahiro Tanaka, and the lineup is largely unproven.

While at Kotaku, I spoke with localizer Alex Smith, who’s worked on everything from Final Fantasy X to Phoenix Wright: ace Attorney.

2 Chainz also hooked Stanton up with a magnum sized bottle of ace of Spades bubbly.

The Nationals’ ace held Detroit to one run on four hits and didn’t issue a walk in eight innings.

—Washington Nationals ace Max Scherzer started the second game of Wednesday’s doubleheader against the Philadelphia Phillies despite a broken nose.

The money comes from a collection of investors that include SeedPlus, 500 Startups, SEEDS Capital, ace Capital, undisclosed angels and family offices.

Washington Nationals ace Max Scherzer is starting the second game of Wednesday’s doubleheader against the Philadelphia Phillies despite a broken nose.

The cumulative ace metric factors in the number, intensity and duration of each storm in a season.

Long-lived, intense hurricanes have a high ace index while short-lived, weak tropical storms have a low value.

Those jets will participate in the five-day Vigilant ace exercise that will also feature around 230 aircraft and 12,000 US military personnel.

I forgot that I have an ace in my back pocket and now I win,’” Clarke told Entertainment Weekly.

The sun glints off his rose-glitter Gucci ace sneakers, which match his pink Gucci cap.

After allowing seven stolen bases during Jake Arrieta’s start last night, Montero essentially blamed the Cubs ace for making him look bad.

After 28-up and 27-down, Expos manager Felipe Alou came out to the mound and got his ace.

The ninth-inning comeback by the Cardinals extended Mets ace Jacob deGrom’s winless streak to six starts.

He followed up with another ace – via a gentle under-arm lob – though still lost the first set comfortably.]

The kids in the ad, shown giving Schumer advice about how to ace back-to-school shopping, are all YouTube stars.

to the literal (an ace of hearts card over her heart; a gunslinger at her hip).

The Engadget Experience will take place at LA’s ace Hotel on November 14th.

And Luis Severino, the rotation’s only true ace, has struggled immensely since the All-Star break, with a 9.60 ERA in 15 innings pitched.

Back at the ace Hotel, O’Brien is finally talking about weed.

The third-largest Italian bank completed last phase of ace project with creation of platform for the recovery of the non performing loans.

The ace Hotel is conveniently located on Shoreditch High Street, steps away from the London Underground.

When I get an ace, it’s like “whoa!”

He was chosen by Wintour to create a line for the Gap, and we watched as he worked tirelessly to ace the task.

So when you have an ace, you still have to play well to win.

Serving masterfully, Raonic nervelessly rocketed a smash that clipped the line to reach 5-2 before closing out the marathon 58-minute set with an ace.

Luma has an apparent ace up its sleeve, however.

Jay-Z’s biggest brand of all: ace of Spades Champagne, valued by Forbes at $310 million.

Serena Williams wants to serve an ace on yo face … with a new cosmetics line.

ace of Spades is far more popular at $750 a bottle than it was when it was called Cattier and cost $60.

I soon realise it’s ace, the new bassist who’s replacing Murdoc while he’s locked up.

Earlier this year, I was watching highlights of the Kentucky Derby, and noticed Noodle in the crowd with ace.

This NYFW, ace Hotel New York will showcase garments no one would wear in this lifetime.

I see this as a correction,” the official said in rolling out the current administration’s Affordable Clean Energy (ace) rule.

The ace Hotel gallery show kicks off September 8 and runs through the end of the month.

Washington ace Max Scherzer was placed on the paternity list prior to the Nationals’ Wednesday game against the Miami Marlins.

Known as Vigilant ace, the drills include some 12,000 personnel and 230 aircraft, including six advanced F-22 Raptor stealth fighters.

After learning that The ace was renovating the historic theatre as a screening and concert venue, Sundance found their perfect location.

It has been listed on the ace market of Bursa Malaysia, a more junior exchange, since 2011.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters: Find this coffee chain in the lobby of the ace Hotel.

Apple still has an ace in the hole.

The middle third drags, especially when his drawl deteriorates into an incomprehensibility no guitar ace can right.

My oldest child, ace, was 2 years old during the Beijing Olympics, and he really doesn’t care if I win or lose.

Finch currently lives in rural Louisiana with her husband, former MLB pitcher Casey Daigle, and their three children, ace, Diesel, and Paisley.

We’re told the Oxygen show set its sights on filming inside L.A.’s ace of Diamonds.

Pittsburgh Pirates ace Gerrit Cole is eager for his season debut, but the opponent is one he hasn’t enjoyed facing in his young career.

James McCann drove in two runs for Chicago, which scored three in the first inning against former White Sox ace Chris Sale.

He has four grandchildren: Jessica’s children Maxwell and ace, and Ashlee’s son Bronx and daughter Jagger.

In the July 1924 issue of Popular Science, “ace of aces” fighter pilot E.V.

The DJ at ace of Diamonds strip club shouted out the newly engaged couple on Monday night.

Angelo Domenghini was their hero, the Inter Milan ace levelling the game and ensuring – no, not extra time – a replay.

He could be an ace, but again, I get why you would be concerned about his size.”

GRace (short for Gliding Robot ace) is as unusual among underwater robots as sea lampreys are among freshwater fishes.

Founder Qiaojia was a former ace asset adviser.

And yet so few single-camera comedies take advantage of this particular ace in the hole.

As a human ace machine, Karlovic was already playing a lot of one-shot points, but not enough.

Play these eight roles well and you’ll ace the role of a lifetime (being a parent): 1.

“Markets are generally assuming this is a lot of bluster, the tough talk on trade,” O’Sullivan, the ace forecaster, said.

But No Man’s Sky has an ace up its sleeve.

Today’s announcement comes less than 24-hours before ace had mandated that the protesters were to vacate their camp.

In just four feature films, Edgar Wright has established himself as both a skilled genre craftsman and an ace collaborator.

You’re gonna ace this.

The Mets were breathing a sigh of relief after the club ace’s exam came back clean.

The A’s ace rebounded to check the Rays on two runs and three hits.

“Right before Christmas, my little ace suffered a herniated disk.

ace of Diamonds strip club on Monday, 1 OAK on Tuesday and now Warwick.

And hang in there, ace!

An x-ray, an ace bandage, some ibuprofen, and the inmate is sent on his way.

ace’s numbers suggest that the diversity of England’s workforce does not extend to leadership roles.

Keuchel is an ace in his prime.

“For change to be real, there needs to be more diversity at the top,” ace’s Chief Executive Darren Henley told BBC News.

The report also includes detailed staff breakdowns of the 96 organizations with 50 or more employees that receive annual ace funding.

The other two vessels, formerly Panama-flagged KOTI and Talent ace, remain detained, the official said.

He might ace his medical boards, but have to carefully rehearse his bedside manner to avoid seeming brusque or uncaring.

In March, he performed a collaboration with Hardwell on Ultra Music Festival’s main stage during the big-room ace‘s headlining set.

“Every time I had a break point, it was an ace or a winner or something like that (from Osaka).

Todd VanDerWerff: From the earliest days of The Americans, writer Joshua Brand has been the show’s ace in the hole.

Romine went 0-for-3 against Cleveland ace Corey Kluber, though he did reach second on an error by first baseman Mike Napoli.

When Youman pitched for the Giants in 2013, the LG Twins had a right-handed ace in Radhames Liz, a black ballplayer from Dominican Republic.

During his only full season in the majors, in 2014, he showed flashes of becoming an ace, too.

To ace the application, “blur it with small back-and-forth motions and keep it slightly more accentuated in the middle” says Alexander.

Once upon a time, my style was inspired by Billy Joe Armstrong and ace Ventura.

Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw got served at his own charity ping-pong event Thursday night … courtesy of Will Ferrell.

This is the EIC’s ace in the hole — now they can bargain with the Prince Regent to get a complete tea monopoly.

She closed out the hard-fought match with her third ace of the day.

Trey, an accomplished DJ that goes by the name ace, enlisted his half sibs for his music video, “Find You Somewhere.”

The organization revealed that nearly half of all children have experienced some form of ace by the time they are a teen.

Last month, I suggested that Donald Trump’s campaign might have an ace in the hole.

The mogul celebrated the creation of a payment plan Monday night by hitting up ace of Diamonds LA.

Did you ace chem lab?

When: April 22–23 Where: ace Hotel & Swim Club LA-based collective Bears in Space heads to Palm Springs for weekend two of Desert Gold.

She’s so ace.

It was only with more awareness that he realized his ace score—the impact of an impoverished childhood without a mother—played a part too.

ace scores go back further than you can even remember.

But not after the tennis ace has screamed not once, but twice at Jim Parsons.

The tennis ace prefers that lens and the dog face.

And ironically, it’s Jim Carrey’s previous characters—from ace Ventura to Lloyd Christmas— that many kids energetically quoted throughout the 90s.

The Pilot ace consists of 800 vacuum tubes able to perform floating point arithmetic necessary for scientific calculations.

Khloe and ex-bf French Montana hit up ace of Diamonds strip club Monday night in L.A.

Riggs sets her wrist without pain meds, and wraps it in an ace bandage.

ace inhibitors for high blood pressure).

The ace rule would lower power sector emissions by 11 million tons by 2030, or between 0.7 percent and 1.5 percent.

So the new ace rule is likely to do little to slow the US power sector’s impact on the global climate.

However, environmental groups are gearing up to file legal challenges to the ace rule.

Now, Vancouver-based retailer Kit and ace is taking that idea one step further.

The ace rule is an attempt at that.

The critical detail here is how the ace rule intends to lower emissions compared to the CPP.

The new ace rule leans on one method: efficiency.

If that isn’t an ace, we don’t know what is.

Oxford extended a conditional offer to her, and in order to make it official, Malala still needs to ace her final assignments and tests.

—Washington ace Max Scherzer was placed on the paternity list prior to the Nationals’ Wednesday game against the Miami Marlins.

Flowers, notes, balloons, candles and more were placed around the stadium … most tributes bearing his nickname, “ace.”

Retailer ace Hardware Corp and investment firm Centerbridge Partners LP were together eyeing an offer for Sears’ home services division, Reuters reported this week.

The Cleveland Indians ace wished his lady, Kara Kavajecz, a happy birthday on Thursday … saying “Man ain’t she somethin?!

And ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown is going to offer that, more of that, when it comes out sometime in 2018.

Gucci ace Ambroidered Low-top Sneaker, $695, available at Gucci.

The Dodgers’ ace has won seven consecutive decisions and is limiting opponents to a .207 batting average entering the series finale.

“I think it’s f*cked up,” the actor said outside of ace of Diamonds.

Gimmicky appearances, meanwhile — like Jim Carrey’s pet detective in ace Ventura – placed the shirt firmly in cringe territory.

And according to ace, synchronous music can drive exercise intensity so that the faster the beat is, the higher the intensity of the workout.

The Oakland ace’s recovery is ahead of schedule, and Gray plans to throw another bullpen session on Friday.

Everyone from ace & Tate to Adam Selman have thrown our sunglasses style straight back to one of fashion’s most significant decades.

“I think if you’re serving maybe 180 (kph) against somebody else compared to Serena, that’s an ace,” said Sharapova.

When: Sunday, May 6, 3–9pm Where: ace Hotel DTLA (Segovia Hall, 929 S Broadway, Downtown, Los Angeles) More info at Los Angeles Performance Practice.

Again — biased — but Karros says the Dodgers’ ace will go down as one of the best pitchers ever.

“Sharp stopped the bleeding by cutting fixed costs, but that’s only a stopgap measure,” said analyst Hideki Yasuda at ace Research Institute.

The 29-year-old is a pastry chef at the ace Hotel in New Orleans.

No doubt there are Trump-cheerleading surrogates out there who ace every official requirement.

O’Connor’s journal included an “Outline for ace’s Massacre,” which described the planned mayhem.

Verdict: It sounds like ace’s king was long overdue for a royal flushing.

They are introductory sessions around topics like discovering social media marketing, digital storytelling and how to boost your resume and ace your interview.

When we meet his mentor ace, we know this isn’t true.

ace is done with the sex trade.

The UN report said Le Roux’s Southern ace company ceased operating in Somalia altogether in early 2011.

Even Kevin Brown, the Dodgers’ expensive, ornery ace, had good things to say.

“Quicker than I could say the ace of Spades, my wife was in bed.

As for A-Boogie, we’re told he dropped $5k on ace of Spades champagne and Patron.

My parents taped a copy of  ace Ventura: Pet Detective, edited by ABC for a network audience.

But this year, ace was able to make progress on those questions.

All ace’s top choices are working on either corporate outreach campaigns or plant-based meat alternatives, approaches that ace has identified as promising.

Finally, ace looks for programs that “have a demonstrated need for more funding.” Believe it or not, not all charities do.

Check out ace’s full list of recommended charities, and Vox’s general recommendations on how to do good this holiday season.

“Both consumers and partners have welcomed CompareEuropeGroup with open arms,” said Marc Syz, Managing Director at ace & Company, in a statement.

Then there’s ace Frehley, lead guitar (pronounced, “lead gee-TAWWW!”).

And no one sounds like ace.

Noisey caught up with some of the musicians that the Space ace has influenced.

Favorite ace solo: “Black Diamond” I feel it.

I guess that’s mostly it—I feel ace‘s playing.

You know, “You mean a lot to me, ace, so I want to show you that I use your licks.”

Favorite ace solo: “100,000 Years” Originally when we started I liked surf, and a lot of Riot Grrrl bands were big influences.

ace Frehley was the reason I sold all my crappy guitars and put all the money toward a Les Paul Studio.

The second I had that thing I felt like I was ace Frehley.

ace is very rock ‘n’ roll.

Favorite ace solo: “Got To Choose” I’ve never been drawn to the frontpeople in bands, with a few exceptions.

ace wasn’t in the background, but he wasn’t a focal point.

Favorite ace solo: “Deuce” ace has so much attack and style—he’s playing exactly what he’s feeling.

ace understands the power of not having a whole lot between you and the guitar and the amp—he was the master of that.

It was like, we want ace to join our band [laughs].

No, we really love the ace record a lot.

Favorite ace solo: “She” Oh yeah, ace is the cool one.

Favorite ace solo: “Parasite” I’ve always loved ace and…you know, his spaced-out swagger.

I was surprised at their performance, especially ace Frehley’s posture, wearing his platform shoes and bending his knees.

ace‘s guitar playing is very rock ‘n’ roll, and his distorted sound is very comfortable for my ears.

I mean that is the pinnacle of perfection, ace Frehley sing-along solo.

And ace Frehley has that in spades.

ace Frehley receives my total respect, and I’m proud to have had him as my first guitar hero.

And ace Frehley is incredible.

Favorite ace solo(s): “Strange Ways,” “Almost Human” I love ace.

He settled on a 12″ Lazy Susan bearing he found at an ace Hardware for $13.

“GLAAD would like to see the series address this moving forward, as the ace community remains nearly invisible in media.”

Turns out, several black activists had an ace up their sleeves.

It’s bizarre, gross, and shatters the notion that we’re going to see a bunch of perfectly polished ladies singing ace of Base.

He’s not really an ace, and at this point, he likely never will be.

If the Rockies find or develop a true ace next year they’re not in a bad spot.

He winds up whipping out the ace up his sleeve for all to see: “You want transparency?

Watch the trailer for ace in the Hole:

The game’s director, Shu Takumi, is best known for the ace Attorney series.

ace this test and you’re in.

Charles is still being stubborn, refusing to make nice with Chuck (will he be Axe’s ace up the sleeve?

Gareb is the currently CEO and founder at ace Universe

The ace of the staff gave up three runs on two home runs in the first inning and that was it.

After meeting with Mack at the ace Hotel in Manhattan, Mack promised that joining the group would “fix” how she was feeling.

“My ace .My apex .

Learning to ace a meeting is a critical skill not only for your job but for your whole career as well.

ace Frehley will not be back, back in a New York groove … instead he’s laid up in a hospital bed.

A message posted on his official website says ace will head back to L.A. to recover once he’s released from the hospital.

How they obtain them is not our problem.” ace did not respond to a request for comment Wednesday.

Some asexual people call themselves “gray ace” or “demisexual,” because they feel that they’re in an in-between space.

Don an Augmented Reality Outfit at the ace Hotel

So, we asked four celeb-favorite MUAs how they ace their beauty routines when they’re on the go and up in the air.

3 on Billboard’s Alternative Album chart and inspire a performance at the ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles staged by Goldenvoice.

He also introduces Major Lloyd “ace” Gruver (played by Brando) to a Japanese woman, Hana-ogi (played by Miiko Taka).

The Tennessee native, named after his great grandfather rather than the sport, remained focused throughout and sealed victory with his 11th ace.

In April, the company partnered with Indonesia-based insurance company Jaya Proteksi, a member of ace Group, to provide microinsurance customers in Indonesia.

The ninth-inning comeback by the Cardinals extended Mets ace Jacob deGrom’s winless streak to six starts.

The former MLB ace was a Hall of Fame prankster during his Hall of Fame career.

UrWork was a participant alongside U.S. firm Social Capital (which is increasingly active at Indonesia), Fortune Union Investments, ace Capital and other undisclosed backers.

We reached out to the ace, so far no word back.

The Nationals’ ace held Detroit to one run on four hits and didn’t issue a walk in eight innings.

If Ronnie wants to ace that couple’s therapy test, he may want to get out of the hot tub and cool down.

The ace family is a YouTube-famous fam with over 14 million subscribers.

ace Family (Alaïa)7.

But despite the sad quarterly earnings and disappointing user numbers, Twitter thinks it has an ace up its sleeve that will turn things around.

Many of the parents I worked with expected their children to ace the SAT without instruction, effort, or practice.

News in 2014 after the birth of her son ace.

PK: And your sort of ace in the hole is, “Look, you could be up for an Oscar.

You’re going to get buried in the Netflix queue.” Your ace in the hole, see, that question is very frustrating.

Reports are that the plane belonged to former Toronto Blue Jays and Philadelphia Phillies ace Roy Halladay.

The A’s ace rebounded to check the Rays on two runs and three hits over his six innings.

Wright leaving ace of Diamonds where she gave Jerry a ringing endorsement.

And then with my ace team of interns, all of us with our personalized tick-tock in hand, we started setting up the auditorium.

Opposed: Let’s just say it’s my… ace in the hole.

Making the series win in Cleveland even more impressive is that the Mariners did it without a start from ace Felix Hernandez.

She will join siblings ace Knute and Maxwell “Maxi” Drew.

Francisco “Catfish” Morales (Pedro Pascal) is an ace pilot who’s been grounded on a drug charge.

Demi delivered a $5,000 check Saturday to Kari Whitman, who runs ace of Hearts animal rescue.

Tampa Bay Rays ace Blake Snell is slated to return from a fractured toe to start Wednesday against the Kansas City Royals.

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OpenHouse is actually the result of the merger of two services: Santa Monica’s Agent ace and Toronto’s fypio in November 2015.

Agent ace was a data-driven real estate recommendation service also ranked real estate agents and fypio was a lifestyle-driven home search engine.

Before the merger, Agent ace and fypio raised $6 million and $2.5 million respectively.

Read: Does Paul Manafort have one last ace up his sleeve?

The application just got rejected because it would cause confusion in the marketplace, since an AOD and ace of Emeralds already exists.

I was also a Marble House Project artist in residency in 2018, as well as an ace Hotel AIR in 2017.

The band formed in ’75 and they produced some monster songs, including “Motorhead” and “ace of Spades.”

She outlines things to try to incorporate and things to avoid in order to ace your next job interview.

Here, I found the “Victory Rows,” or eight stacks in the upper right for complete suites stacked from ace to King.

The Detroit Tigers’ longtime ace recorded the 2,000th of his career as part of a 10-strikeout performance Wednesday.

“I’m an ace at cleaning.”

Under pressure in the 12th game Djokovic was given a time violation before saving three set points, one with an ace.

You can check out the Infinity Burial Suit in the Natural Causes exhibition currently at the ace Hotel New York.

Only one (ace inhibitors, a pharmaceutical drug) was still extensively used at the time of their publication.

The 26-year-old Argentine’s ace was the first at the Open since Louis Oosthuizen in 2016.

Max Holloway could be the ace up UFC’s sleeve.

“He’s pitching like an ace right now.

A true ace and a wonderful person.

Branson’s ace in the space race is pilot Mark Stucky, who manned the 60-foot-long SpaceShipTwo in a successful rocket-powered flight in April.

The sixth-seeded Londero struggled with his serve, hitting just 52 percent of his first offerings and posting just one ace.

The Warriors, led by ace shooter Stephen Curry, have appeared in the past five straight NBA finals and won three of them.

KISS cofounder ace Frehley isn’t with his former bandmates for this farewell tour … something Gene Simmons was tight-lipped about prior to the show.

He served a 120 mph ace on second serve on game point at 5-4 down in the first set.

When: Opens Saturday, November 12, 7-11pm Where: ace Gallery Beverly Hills (9430 Wilshire Blvd.

43 bottles of ace of Spades.

The Romanian clawed back from 1-5 to 4-5 but Keys did not panic and closed out victory with an ace.

According to some studies, Co2 emissions would go up under your proposed ace (Affordable Clean Energy Rule).

I believe the ace regulation is going to stand up in court.

We have to follow the statutory constraints Congress has given us, and I think we are doing that under the ace proposal.

We caught the “Fade” dancer leaving ace of Diamonds where you’d think she showed the girls there how to get down.

(It sounds a little like ace of Base, don’t you think?)

Sunday saw us host a party on The Rooftop at ace Hotel in Shoreditch, east London and it—to use the technical term—popped off.

Plus, Samsung has an ace up its sleeve — Samsung Pay works on traditional card readers thanks to technology acquired from LoopPay.

An artist rendering of NASA’s ace spacecraft.

Martin and his colleagues combed through the past 17 years of ace‘s data, looking for evidence of iron-60.

They found that 15 iron-60 nuclei had encounter the ace spacecraft during the 17-year time period, a rate of about one element per year.

“People have this idea of ace identities as a very singular thing [but] being asexual can encompass a multitude of identities.

You can be gay and ace.

You can be straight and ace.

She first discussed her new identification with other ace people on tumblr, then her housemates.

But the Star Wars branding is the ace that Lucasflim holds.

And engaging with the ace community both online and in her lived life has been a positive experience.

She marched in Melbourne’s Midsumma pride parade this year within the ace contingent.

“I’ve had three coming-outs: as bi, as trans, and as ace, which were all very different experiences.

ace I just never knew about.

That voice is her ace in the hole, and it’s one she needs given the density of talent in her chosen genre.

Her ace up her sleeve is a “Hacker Queen” who can strip the game’s users of their anonymity.

There are very few great crime games, and ace Attorney continues to build its own very specific niche within that category.

Phoenix Wright: ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice is available now on the Nintendo 3DS.

ace Books produced a cheaper paperback edition in 1966.

Men who are 1.82m (6 foot) and under recorded just one ace for every 20 serves.

Yet it is not just the ace count that explains why so many tall players are climbing the rankings.

Dre and Suge were ace boon coons back then.

—The Seattle Mariners activated ace left-hander James Paxton from the disabled list to start the team’s night game against the Oakland Athletics.

The auto-aim is very generous, meaning you don’t have to be an ace pilot to blow up dozens of TIE fighters.

Verdict: Something tells me that, for ace Gallery artists, there will be no Christmas this year.

So, with that in mind, here are the six things you need to know about Trump’s Affordable Clean Energy (ace) plan.

Trump’s EPA accepted the inside-the-fenceline restriction that Obama’s EPA found untenable, so ace only applies to individual plants.

ace might not reduce emissions at all.

In 1960, he found his way to electronic instruments at ace Electronic Industries.

That continues in the ace proposal.

In a fact sheet, for example, the EPA trumpets its finding that ace could save power plants up to $6.4 billion in compliance costs.

(Another possibility: Kavanaugh’s appointment is delayed or stymied, SCOTUS only has eight justices, and they deadlock 4-4 on ace.

L.A. fans might just have an ace in the hole to get Giancarlo Stanton in Dodger Blue — his rumored GF, singer Lexy Panterra.

The premise is that visitors are on a tourist trip with a company called Alpha Centauri Expeditions, or ace.

However, piracy has boomed as a result: ace says that last year saw 5.4 billion downloads of pirated films and TV shows.

Update 12:45pm ET: A previous version of this article stated that ace would forge agreements with pirates to reduce stealing.

After The Nice Guy, Johnny moved on to ace of Diamonds strip club … where the party train rolled on.

ace was taken into custody and charged with 2 misdemeanors — 1 count of DUI and 1 count of following too closely.

I dedicated months of studying to ace the SAT.

In addition, he appeared in a bunch of other popular flicks, including “Wall Street,” “True Romance” and “ace Ventura: Pet Detective.”

There are multiple reports the brothers bought the rope in question at an ace Hardware store in Chicago.

Not long after she hit up ace of Diamonds.

The film clearly modeled Roland’s design after that of a frontier-era pistol ace.

They offer 4 different types, from the “Motorhead ace of Spades” to the “Motorhead Overkill.”

2 Chainz demands 4 bottles of ace of Spades, 3 bottles of Dom Perignon and 3 bottles of Ciroc, different flavors.

The charity — sponsored by the ace Family — is wide-ranging.

Well, another company is taking a chance on the concept with a pair of smart sunglasses called ace Eyewear.

One major point of difference from Spectacles is that the ace Eyewear records in a more standard rectangular format than Spectacles’ idiosyncratic round videos.

You can check out a video promo for ace Eyewear below, complete with tired, lame nagging girlfriend trope.

… in a strip club would get you immediately tossed out, but Mally Mall changed the game at ace of Diamonds.

But as with Tinder, there’s no option to select an orientation, ace or otherwise.

ace Frehley can no longer rock and roll all night — doctors orders.

If the social media professional does wind up with a long-term match, she says she doesn’t need that person to be ace.

CNN is reporting the brothers purchased what looks like the rope Jussie had around his neck at a Chicago ace Hardware store.

Parents will be required to make an account for children aged 12 and under to get them started on the Fitbit ace.

The goal for Fitbit ace, the company says, is to encourage kids to build habits around being physically active from an early age.

Like the Alta, the ace is showerproof and advertises a battery life of up to five days.

For kids, ace will display fitness and sleep goals that are appropriate for their age.

Both of those also happen to cost less than Fitbit ace.

WARNING STRIP CLUB BALLERS: Another Mally Mall-like stunt could mean curtains for your favorite ace of Diamonds dancers.

Prior to the layoffs, Kit and ace employed some 600 people, most of them in Vancouver.

But … bad news for Larry — the ace means drinks are on him!!!

On March 30, the ace Submarine cable cut out, dropping connectivity for much of West Africa.

ICYMI — Didi and Aaron Judge brought out the huge $300-a-bottle ace of Spades champagne after beating the Twins last week.

The longtime rivals were kicking it Monday night at ace of Diamonds in L.A. — and they were all smiles in the V.I.P.

#BurtReynolds “Stroker ace was born to race”Much respect to you Burt Reynolds.

I grew up watching Cannonball Run.. Smokey and the Bandit… Stroker ace and so many others.

Fitbit’s first fitness band designed just for kids, the Fitbit ace, is now available.

The ace, meant for kids eight and up, was first announced in March and is essentially an adaptation of the Fitbit Alta.

The ace tracks many of the same activities as Fitbit’s other models for adults, like steps, active minutes, and hours slept.

Williams and her crew celebrated ladies night by throwin’ down Benjamins at ace of Diamonds.

They’re ace computer programmers.

Holland is at ace Comic-Con in Seattle this weekend, appearing alongside other Marvel actors Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Mackie, and Elizabeth Olsen.

Some years later, Hollywood did it again with ace Ventura.

As soon as Carey gets over his busted mic, he rocks out almost as hard as he did to Cannibal Corpse in ace Ventura.

The Los Angeles ace threw 64 pitches over five rain-bothered frames, striking out five and walking none, allowing one hit and no runs.

Unlike those games, the fun in ace Attorney isn’t relegated to a single source—it emanates from every pore.

While at first it may grate, over time one begins to realize that the weirdness that defines ace Attorney is no mere affectation.

Phoenix Wright: ace Attorney—Spirit of Justice is out now for the Nintendo 3DS.

[Voice shouting in background] Did you tell them about the ace pads?

I had a very special moment in my life involving the bar at the ace Hotel in London.

So the ace Hotel notepads I have currently are from the one in LA because those were the ones readily available.

I like writing songs on the ace Hotel stationary.

ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown is a product of that shift.

Texas won its fifth consecutive game by blasting Seattle ace Felix Hernandez and three relievers on Wednesday.

You play as Trigger, an ace pilot in the Osean military in the year 2019.

That’s the heart of this game and every other game in the ace Combat franchise: flying.

In the real world, there are a ton more ace pilots.)

ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown is available now on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Gottfried truly announced himself to the world of tennis in 1934, when he beat Australian ace Jack Crawford and won Roland Garros.

Felitti asked Redding to complete a survey, known as the ace Questionnaire, which covered ten categories of child abuse, neglect, and household dysfunction.

The content being shown on the 5G device was a live stream of ace Combat 7 provided by Shadow, a cross-platform cloud gaming service.

Today, the ace research is recognized by the CDC and the World Health Organization.

“The ace Study happened totally by accident,” Felitti told VICE.

Soon after, the ace Study was born.

The original ace Study, while groundbreaking, examined correlations—associations between childhood experiences and adult health—not direct causes.

The artist replies are now part of the ongoing archive at the 404error gallery online and there’s 17 ace designs so far.

The ace 2 comes out later this summer.

That said, the ace Attorney games do use some weird video game logic at times, so I’d definitely recommend keeping a walkthrough handy.

There have been more modern ace Attorney games, but the original trilogy remains the series’s high point.

The Phoenix Wright: ace Attorney trilogy is available now on Xbox One, PS4, and Switch.

It was nice to see it bounce and kind of spin back into the hole.” Garcia said it was 12th ace in competition.

Baltimore’s ace hasn’t pitched since Aug. 20 because of right shoulder bursitis.

Kevin Gausman appears to have found a home in the rotation, but an ace he is not.

Have there been any instances where your team had to crunch while working on ace Combat?

We hope ace in a sentence examples were helpful.