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That raised the question of how forthcoming central banks should be with any additional accommodation.

But for many women, accommodation is seen as strength.

Lead claimant Tag Bashir pictured with his two youngest children at their accommodation in Richmond Village, Cyprus.

The remaining $50,000 went toward his son receiving services for additional accommodation for testing.

Currently, more than 175,000 migrants are registered in Italy’s asylum system and are living in the country’s 3,000 emergency accommodation centers.

For those who remain in Italy awaiting an asylum decision, conditions in the country’s 3,000 “emergency accommodation centers” are often extremely poor.

“We sell haj journeys by bus with accommodation for around 12,000 riyals,” its manager said.

When ultranationalists do overstep the line, the response from authorities is now silence, and sometimes accommodation.

Instead, it praised a “very compact” accommodation plan.

Liberty Living’s properties in Cardiff will be sold to the Unite Student accommodation Fund for 253 million pounds as part of the transaction.

Many had to pay for private accommodation for their families because the CRPF could not provide a decent alternative, he added.

A spokesperson for the city said that the migrants were being driven to emergency accommodation in and around the French capital.

A spokesperson for the city said that the migrants were being driven to emergency accommodation in and around the French capital.

The Stalingrad camp was already evacuated on March 7, 2015, when 393 migrants were offered alternative accommodation in the city.

The planned construction at the base is aimed at improving power supplies and accommodation for U.S. and South Korean troops stationed there.

That raised the question of how forthcoming central banks should be with any additional accommodation.

Today she lives in comfortable accommodation in a secret location near Stuttgart, along with one of her sisters.

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The enemies made clear the pause was an armed stand-off rather than a long-term accommodation.

Once Birhan arrived we got a taxi to his current accommodation.

Winnipeg is coordinating with the Manitoba government to find accommodation for refugee claimants, the city said.

Another diplomatic success — Pinckney’s Treaty, a friendship treaty with Spain — followed (it was spurred by the US-British accommodation).

One night I came back from a night out to my shared accommodation with a new friend called Patrick.

In private, members can admit that they care about some things more than others and find a way to reach an accommodation.

Trump’s conservative backers were not happy about his accommodation with Democrats about DACA and the wall.

Prices for hotel accommodation surged 10.1% in May, the most since April 2009.

We are a place of public accommodation and do not discriminate against any individuals or groups.”

A different muscle in the eye adjusts itself to make sure the object we’re looking at is in focus—this is known as accommodation.

“In VR, monovision has the potential to reduce the vergence accommodation conflict one eye at a time,” the team explained via email.

preview event, with transport and accommodation covered by Focus Home Interactive.

The central bank’s core inflation measure excludes changes in the price of cars and accommodation, which are influenced more by government policies.

“The culprit is the construction of massive tourism accommodation, without a proper regard to Bali’s environment.

Airbnb, once a saviour from overpriced hotels, has become the new overpriced hotels since becoming the short-term accommodation staple.

If that’s a problem for you, you ought to look for some other accommodation.

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According to France’s Inter-ministerial Delegation for accommodation and Access to Housing, the police dismantled 111 Roma slums in 2015, evicting 11,128 people.

The Sahakyan family receive free accommodation and food at a hotel in Nagorno-Karabakh’s capital, Stepanakert.

Under the current religious accommodation, by contrast, firing a worker because she is pregnant is a form of sex discrimination that is not accommodated.

The tiny villages and small towns along the way depend on the pilgrims, offering accommodation and food in all price ranges.

Over the second half of 2017, the FOMC continued to gradually reduce monetary policy accommodation.

Prices for hotel accommodation surged 10.1% in May, the most since April 2009.

It is time for our complicity and our accommodation of the unacceptable to end.

It was going to cost 600 euros ($718), plus extra for flights and accommodation.

I needed this accommodation due to an arm condition I have called lymphedema, which is the result of breast cancer treatment.

But a receptionist might not necessarily know this, and assume the machine can’t service someone who needs that kind of accommodation.

The plaintiffs say their religious freedom will be infringed upon if they are forced to comply with the administration’s accommodation.

Is filling out a form to comply with the administration’s religious accommodation a “substantial” burden on religion?

The Afghans are a very resilient people, they will find some accommodation.

Uniplaces is creating a trusted, global brand for student accommodation.

Built during the Blitz, the tunnels were also used as temporary accommodation for immigrants after the war.

Consumer spending last month was boosted by spending at restaurants and on accommodation.

“We pay for accommodation, meals and other utility costs in order not to lose them to another factory,” said Kim.

I think everybody who provides an accommodation, I don’t speak about hotels or Airbnb, or whatever.

Sikh temples are offering accommodation and food for all.

It negatively affected her job performance—just as if she had been denied a similar accommodation for a different disability covered under the ADA.

Regulations also prohibit venture capital funds from investing in financial, real estate, accommodation and restaurant sectors in South Korea.

The organization paid for travel and accommodation.

Nearly a third of U.S. military families, some 700,000 people, live in rented accommodation on bases.

So we’re encouraging federal employees to exercise their religious liberty rights and ask for an accommodation.

Now can you, your place of public accommodation, can you restrict to just married couples of the opposite sex?

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Washington has also signaled possible accommodation with Israel’s West Bank settlements, dropping the term “occupied” from some U.S. documentation about the territory.

The committee stands ready to resume the accommodation process to attempt to reach a compromise,” Nadler wrote.

“We have kept down violence, and the facility has not responded with a kind accommodation.

He added that those evicted would be offered alternative accommodation: “Nobody will be left on the street,” he said.

Final Thoughts Advocating for accessibility isn’t just about standing up for people who need accommodation.

“We all sort of reached an accommodation and figured this out,” Lichtman told VICE News.

“We all sort of reached an accommodation and figured this out,” Lichtman told VICE News.

We spoke to my doctor, who recommended requesting accommodation for my next standardized test.

transport or accommodation service).

Furthermore, the complaint contends, Walmart continues to discriminate against pregnant employees under its current accommodation policies, though the lawsuit only addresses the previous ones.

She said (emphasis ours), “By some accounts, these policies appear to have provided additional policy accommodation.

If you require a medical or religious accommodation, please contact our Global Policy Team.

Couchsurf Hatton rarely spends money on accommodation, either choosing to couchsurf or camp.

Spotahome aims to solve the problem of how to find mid to long-term accommodation online, including negating in-person viewing for the tenant.

Key to this is the startup’s insistence that all accommodation is vetted in-person by members of the Spotahome team.

In the end, authorities succeeded in opening up 300 beds for migrants needing urgent accommodation.

Airbnb deleted the accounts of members it deemed to be white supremacists looking for Charlottesville accommodation.

This is especially true when an accommodation offers a swoon-worthy panoramic view that provides endless Instagram fodder.

The financial situation was likely tight because Stayzilla didn’t raise anything like the warchest of others in the business of digitizing accommodation.

The platform aims to simplify the accommodation search for international students needing to secure a base for their studies from a distance.

But one Canadian barber has made a special accommodation for his 6-year-old autistic client, and photo of it is going viral.

Liberty Living’s properties in Cardiff will be sold to the Unite Student accommodation Fund for 253 million pounds as part of the transaction.

It was not as if he were being refused a job, or accommodation, or baked goods in general, because of his political opinion.

It is for this reason that our Chairman, Trustees and senior staff have taken regular visits to the Saadiyat accommodation Village to view facilities.

Workers depend on their employers to provide the permit for them to stay in Qatar as well as to provide their physical accommodation.

Employment increased by 16,500 in healthcare and social assistance and by 15,400 in educational services, while dropping by 14,400 in accommodation and food services.

This is a website created to offer free tourist accommodation in Skopje for the upcoming UEFA Super Cup 2017,” the group wrote.

The central bank’s core inflation measure excludes changes in the price of cars and accommodation, which are more influenced by government policies.

He calls the subpoena “unnecessary” in light of the “additional accommodation offer made over three weeks ago” for Kline’s voluntary appearance.

Demba and his family’s time in SPRAR will be over soon, and they’ll need to find new accommodation and support themselves.

“Globally, our accommodation business booked 178 million room nights in the third quarter, up 19 percent over the same period last year.

Ms Y was returned to her state accommodation a week later.

As far as accommodation goes, internal data provided by indicates that December is the priciest month to book a ski lodge.

Travel and accommodation expenses, as well as insurance (a first in Poland), were also included.

Travel to and from Helsinki and hotel accommodation to make this feature possible were covered by Xbox.

The itineraries typically cover meals, accommodation, and on-the-ground activities.

He then paired these primary forms to produce three secondary forms: ludus plus storgē creates “pragma”, a rational, sensible long-term accommodation.

19% live in private rented accommodation.

They were able to flee Europe thanks to her US pro bono immigration attorney, who helped pay for the plane tickets and accommodation.

“OYO has solidified its position in India as the leading accommodation brand for consumer affordability and high quality standards.

They were able to flee Europe thanks to her US pro bono immigration attorney, who helped pay for the plane tickets and accommodation.

It said the accommodation and food service sector grew by 1 percent compared with 0.7 percent in first quarter 2015.

The store adds the manager made an accommodation and allowed the singer to get $400 worth of gift cards.

Handiscover, a startup that lets you find and book accessible travel accommodation, has raised $700,000 in new funding.

This leaves many fans of both clubs left to carry the cost of travel and accommodation.

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Circuit Court of Appeals that the SEC failed to engage in the collaborative process required by law to hash out an accommodation.

The apartment is the ideal size for the comfortable accommodation of one person, allowing enough tabletop and floor space for making art.

But I need accommodation, too.” “I think Jay (Powell) is great.” “I think he’s trying to do what he thinks is best.

Editor’s Note: Travel and accommodation to Älmhult, Sweden were provided by Ikea for the purpose of writing this story.

Editor’s Note: Travel and accommodation to Älmhult, Sweden were provided by Ikea for the purpose of writing this story.

With the entire squad chipping in for accommodation, travel costs, and various activities, it helps to be more considerate about the budget.

French startup wants to make it easier to search for accommodation across a wide range of services.

As with other on-demand e-commerce services like transportation, accommodation and food delivery, there is a race for economy of scale and market penetration.

Or it could seek greater accommodation with Beijing.

“Unless you need an accommodation for the interview it may not be wise to start the interview with your accommodation request,” Hirsh advises.

In the three years since he’d left his wife, he had been more or less camping in rented accommodation.

“The documentation only needs to establish that the employee has a disability and that they need an accommodation because of the disability.”

Not all states have sick leave, but depending on your location, that benefit might be deemed a “reasonable” accommodation for an employer to provide.

Under the law, workers with disabilities must be able to “perform the essential functions of their job, with or without reasonable accommodation.”

Cairo said it was finalizing details of a longer-term accommodation between Israel and the dominant Palestinian Islamist group Hamas.

The assistance, she noted, would include “micro-business support, temporary accommodation, work placement and groceries.”

I’ve never had more invitations to corporate and sporting events and we’ve even upgraded our accommodation.

The assistance, she noted, would include “micro-business support, temporary accommodation, work placement and groceries.”

The one-sided policing is another example of the ruling Law and Justice party’s accommodation of the country’s ultranationalist fringe, warn rights advocates.

I mean, at what point does the failures of the claims become just an accommodation of the process?

“Our direct competition are relocation agents, expensive private agents used by corporates to find accommodation for their employees moving from one city to another.

The accommodation for fighters is, as Sean describes, amazing.

“Whether it’s finding accommodation, dealing with an addiction or something simple like buying food, clothing or an Oyster card.

Associates for Renewal in Education Inc had argued that Hill wasn’t entitled to an accommodation because he could do his job despite the pain.

accommodation is provided through the program, though as you read above it is not free.

It covers 500-plus music festivals across 40 countries via a network of 1,000 suppliers for accommodation and travel packages.

The flight is priced at about $1,605 per person, with the price including all flights, excursion, and accommodation costs.

Another way to think about Twitter isn’t as a media entity at all but as a type of public-private accommodation, like a shopping mall.

Airbnb is also my best friend for getting the best accommodation deals.

Spotahome, a Madrid-based startup that lets you view and book mid to long-term accommodation online, has closed €13.6 million in Series A backing.

Key to this is the startup’s insistence that all accommodation is vetted in-person by members of the Spotahome team.

It’s called “age related accommodation loss.”

In addition to the physical aspect of accommodation, there are also the social and interpersonal aspects of accommodation.

The Cardiff, Wales-based company’s core offering is an accommodation marketplace primarily targeting students and other renters aged 18-30.

ExpressJet wrongfully revoked the religious accommodation it directed Ms. Stanley to follow, and retaliated against her for following it by wrongfully suspending her employment.”

The support includes basic maintenance, health care and accommodation,” Tang writes.

I do recommend Airbnb for non-hotel accommodation.

While Starbucks provides free accommodation and charges for coffee, WeWork flips the equation to offer free coffee and paid space.

Beyond new capital, Traveloka has partnered with Expedia to add international hotel accommodation beyond Asia to its platform.

They need schools, accommodation, doctors—all that normal stuff.

The complaint is that the university rents out accommodation at a 45 percent profit margin, making accommodation unaffordable.

Jungle Ventures-backed RedDoorz enables budget accommodation owners to reach out.

In the accommodation sector, there is a new business model through proprietary last-minute discounts on leftover rooms.

The state has defended it as a reasonable accommodation intended to protect businesses and individuals seeking to exercise their religious views.

“This is the future of accommodation,” Museri said.

As a Londoner, Carey’s no stranger to sky-high rents, yet he says accommodation in San Francisco is much more expensive.

The larger company is famous for hotel chains like Travelodge and Ramada, but also has long had a business in self-catered and family accommodation.

He also said, “Consumers expect immediate gratification across every product category from accommodation to ground transportation to travel activities….

It’s a public accommodation.

This is not a public accommodation.

The construction and manufacturing sectors lost 28,700 and 12,900 jobs respectively while accommodation and food services grew by 20,200 positions.

It said accommodation and food service activities expanded 10.1% from 13.1% in first quarter 2018.

Near-zero interest rates have a cost, and the Fed should remove some monetary accommodation, he said.

Two years later, Japan implemented a law requiring that “reasonable accommodation” be offered to meet the needs of the disabled.

Instead of being roiled by this queer love triangle, they respond to it with compassion and accommodation.

“Every child anxiety symptom is likely to have a matching accommodation on the part of the parents.

The central bank’s core inflation measure excludes changes in the price of cars and accommodation, which are influenced more by government policies.

The contingent traveled to the via North Korean flights and a cruise ship, using the vessel as their accommodation.

There have also been attacks on asylum seekers and their accommodation facilities.

Most people refused to leave the site despite calls by ministers to return to accommodation centres and warnings that onward travel would be impossible.

It’s a denial of accommodation.

Young also argued that Hawaii did not give her fair notice that her business was covered by the public accommodation law.

If any destination has become accustomed to outrageous accommodation prices, it’s San Francisco.

Airbnb is offering its coolest accommodation yet: an underwater bedroom surrounded by 35 sharks.

Under the accommodation, employees still received coverage for birth control, but it came directly from the insurance company, not from the employer.

Potential customers were delaying decisions to sell their homes and move into retirement accommodation due to weakness in house prices, the company said.

This is music made with service in mind: stewardship over the planet, the accommodation of emotional needs, even straightforward fan service.

Suffering from asthma and exhausted from long hours in the store, he’s trying to find cheaper accommodation.

Suffering from asthma and exhausted from long hours in the store, he’s trying to find cheaper accommodation.

The underlying lesson of Joplin is the value of accommodation and coordination rather than central planning or a rigid chain of command.

Outlays on services gained 0.3 percent, with spending on health care offsetting a decrease in spending at restaurants and on accommodation.

Landlords can only rent accommodation to those with residency permits.

Tourism Victoria offers vacation guides, will book accommodation, make reservations, arrange transportation, and assist with tickets for attractions and tours.

The tickets don’t involve a great glass elevator (probably), but they do include round-trip economy class airfare, transportation, and accommodation in Reno.

And Airbnb, the world’s largest accommodation provider, owns no real estate.

Their grants would have covered flights, accommodation, and living expenses while in the UK.

“We have asked all managers to make every accommodation to allow Rioters to participate during the 2-4pm window, including freeing up meeting times.

But workers are still busy putting the finishing touches to the venues and dealing with problems in some Olympic accommodation.

The average total cost of office and housing accommodation per worker per year in the 20 cities measured is $56,855.

Further, the Fed is trimming its $4-trillion balance sheet, perhaps removing accommodation further.

It wouldn’t be “courage” to make an accommodation to the very real fact that we still need to use the 3.5mm jack.

French officials aim to relocate roughly 7,500 refugees and migrants to accommodation centers set up across the country.

There were an additional 84,000 jobs in the accommodation and food services sector.

French officials aim to relocate roughly 7,500 refugees and migrants to accommodation centers set up across the country.

“Kris was enabled by the intransigence of Mary and Tracey that they were unable to make any allowance or accommodation for [her].”

“There is nothing unusual about a stay of several weeks in transitional accommodation.”

The new initiative is called Airbnb Trips, and it now provides the company a way to offer an experience instead of an accommodation.


Definition: a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.

He has been discussing “some accommodation on this” with Senate President Steve Sweeney and other legislative leaders.

Part of the money was meant to meet accommodation costs for officials accompanying the Kenyan team in Rio de Janeiro.

Although the Philippines has moved closer to an accommodation with China over the contested waterway under Duterte, friction remains.

“This leaves the burden to request accommodation on minorities.

Good software accommodates its users’ frailties; it does not beg them for accommodation.

* All candidate host cities have existing transportation, accommodation, medical, technology, and other infrastructure that meet or exceed the requirements outlined by FIFA.

That means, as Sen. Marco Rubio said on Twitter, that Americans will have to find accommodation in privately controlled places, like Airbnbs.

Often such accommodation doesn’t hurt anyone.

“[T]he effect of the HHS-created accommodation on the women employed by Hobby Lobby … would be precisely zero,” the majority wrote.

The Trump accommodation has no such proviso.

The existing law of accommodation already contains within itself the resources to reject the claims that most trouble the left.

The lawsuit alleged Airbnb’s commercial design disproportionately impacts African-Americans seeking accommodation.

The Ministry of Unification spent around 130 million won on accommodation and 50 million won each for transport and food, the official said.

The Navy has not so far been asked to provide accommodation for migrants who have entered the United States illegally.

Cost-conscious but style-seeking millennials are increasingly choosing hostels offering higher standards of accommodation than the traditional backpacker fare.

Liverpool supporter Georgie Clarke, 27, said the inflated accommodation costs had prompted many fans to consider cancelling their trips to Ukraine altogether.

And at the University of Cape Town (UCT), students are protesting at a lack of adequate campus accommodation.

Indeed, the value of approved construction work for short-term accommodation catapulted to a record A$2.8 billion in the September quarter.

Families who build their own homes go into debt while others cram into increasingly expensive rented accommodation.

“We should be removing accommodation in 2017.

Unfortunately, there’s no accommodation for skipping tracks, nor is there a way to customize the controls.

The only accommodation Apple made is allowing users to remove the stand and replace it with a standard VESA mount themselves.

The feature, called Pay Less Up Front, effectively lets customers stagger the cost of accommodation.

Last November, it also debuted group payments, letting up to 16 guests book an accommodation together, splitting the cost within 72 hours of booking.

What’s not clear from Airbnb’s press statement is whether paying 50 percent upfront locks in the accommodation.

But I need accommodation too,” he said.

These were primarily offset by falls in holiday travel and accommodation, insurance and financial services and household furniture & equipment.

“More and more consumers book their holiday accommodation online and this sector has brought many new opportunities to holidaymakers.

It is time for our complicity and our accommodation of the unacceptable to end.

Rachel is, after all, fighting for their approval, and she eventually reaches an accommodation with them.

That accommodation is something that people develop, but also it’s about getting used to things.

Is your boy a millionaire?Seb: Nah, it’s uni accommodation.

Vacancies in the accommodation and food services industry fell by 103,000 jobs in February.

They should also choose air-conditioned accommodation.

The forward guidance is just suggesting that the BOJ will continue to provide sufficient accommodation.

It also doesn’t have any accommodation for cable management, which is a little disappointing.

Such accommodation earned Manchin the ire of many progressives, who have said they want to oppose him in the 2018 Democratic primary.

“Any of these policy changes would be interpreted as a step towards less monetary policy accommodation, dragging USD/JPY lower,” Haddad said.

The government maintains that the accommodation is adequate, so it should not have to expand automatic exemptions to religious nonprofits.

Little Sisters of the Poor is also critical of how the category system for the accommodation works.

“When you were not married, it was difficult to find accommodation or a home.

They may not be free but they’re a good cheap accommodation option if you’re willing to stay in a dorm-style room.

“Law enforcement brought people here to stay until they could find suitable accommodation elsewhere.

This outlook for policy accommodation lifted gold prices to a three-month high near $1,250 an ounce.

But what about those already sleeping rough or living in temporary accommodation?

He added, “We are confident that our accommodation is ready to receive athletes and will be to the highest standards within the village.

Many previously homeless people who have just gained accommodation are also vulnerable and require ongoing advice and assistance.

May 18 (Reuters) – Galliford Try Plc * Selected for student accommodation projects worth £102 million Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage: (London Newsroom)

I spent the period between November of 2008 and January of 2009 sofa-surfing, with no stable accommodation.

The upside to this was that it gave me more time to concentrate on gaining permanent accommodation.

Fortunately, after a while, the SHYPP helped me get housed in supported accommodation.

Jonuzi had booked the accommodation short-term but asked to extend his stay for a week.

Costs eligible for the rebate include stage and equipment rentals, set construction and local accommodation.

“They have every type of accommodation you could think of—it’s wild.

From penthouses to tree houses to even igloos, there is pretty much every type of accommodation that your heart could desire.”

“Greece will offer you accommodation, food and healthcare,” read the leaflets which were written in Arabic, Farsi and Pashtun.

The award provides a total of $30,000 towards the cost of accommodation and other living expenses during the program.

“I wouldn’t say there’s great dissent other than the speed at which we remove accommodation,” he said.

A lot of disabilities are disabilities because of a lack of accommodation, as opposed to lack of ability.

There’s electricity, accommodation, water and it’s free.

Hosting a refugee at Oxford costs at least £30,000 if you take accommodation and visa and travel fees into account.

Volunteers, helping the migrants with accommodation and food, say their numbers are double the official estimates.

“It’s not about tightening policy so much as pulling back a little bit” on monetary accommodation, Williams said.

There is no accommodation.

Same thing happened when we got our accommodation on the island.

So about fifty people had booked flights and accommodation.

“Thank you for free accommodation in return for exposure,” he began in an open letter on the social media site.

Services were restrained by a 3.2 percent drop in the cost of hotel accommodation, which was the biggest decline since September 2009.

Her attorney Sandra Moser welcomed the accommodation.

The author’s travel and accommodation expenses were paid for by the John Michael Kohler Arts Center.

Scroll down to see the list, including the average price of a meal and accommodation in each destination.

Despite being South American champions, Uruguay did not travel to Europe in style, instead sailing in third-class accommodation.

So perhaps an accommodation will be reached after all.

Cheerleaders traveled via a cruise ship, using the vessel as their accommodation.

She kept working even after her employer failed to offer a formal accommodation enabling her to stay seated during her shift.

Kennedy wrote a concurring opinion then saying an accommodation like the one now at issue could be acceptable.

Nothing he said during Wednesday’s arguments indicated he thinks the accommodation now before the court passes legal muster.

“We believe that hotels should be used for their intended purpose, which is to provide accommodation for the traveling public,” read its statement.

As most Colombian growers live on farms of five acres or less, so producers have started to diversify, offering accommodation and plantation tours.

Global housing body Habitat for Humanity estimates about 1.6 billion people lack adequate accommodation or live in substandard housing.

The central bank’s core inflation measure excludes changes in the prices of cars and accommodation, which are influenced more by government policies.

“There does seem to be a will in the Bank of England to reduce policy accommodation.

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This has put a strain on the system when registering for accommodation, attending language courses or applying for employment at designated job centres.

“With business confidence under threat from an uncertain economic outlook in the UK, accommodation sales have been weak,” he added.

Unless some degree of dialogue and accommodation is reached, regional insecurity will continue to be a pox on both houses.

from Syracuse University, where she studied painting and illustration, the latter major an accommodation of parental concerns about her financial future.

Quebec’s new rules follow similar legislation, and debates over religious accommodation, from Europe and beyond.

“We should be removing accommodation in 2017.

The experience includes accommodation on a tour bus stocked with Jonas’s favorite on-the-road essentials and a meet and greet with the musician-actor-producer.

The carriages provide accommodation for the royal household staff, railway staff and police personal protection officers.

They had overcome each other’s problems and had reached an accommodation with time, and the changes time brings.

A single evening for two, with wine pairings and accommodation, will set you back a cool SEK 12,000 (approximately $1,440 USD).

“ASEAN is in a precarious position now with the concessions, accommodation and even appeasement with China,” Thitinan said.

Since then, they have lived in temporary accommodation in northern Berlin, provided by the homeless charity Caritas.

As a condition of her accommodation agreement with Caritas, Alva must meet with a social worker at least once a week.

Refugees languish in supposedly temporary accommodation months after arriving in Germany.

Mr Sanders’s supporters want to undo the accommodation with business that the Democrats reached under Bill Clinton.

Villas at the luxury accommodation start at about $6,750 per night.

But the states provide accommodation and social services, as well as deporting rejected applicants.

“I think the case for removing some accommodation is strengthening,” said Kaplan, who also does not vote on policy this year.

STUDENT accommodation has changed beyond recognition in the past decade.

Currell called for better services for modern slavery survivors, including counseling and help finding accommodation and employment, as some ended up homeless.

Among the protesters’ complaints at UCT was the implausible claim that whites were given preferential access to university accommodation.

accommodation is a major issue, aid groups say.

(Apparently accommodation does get pricier during peak times.)

Since 2011 it has invested nearly £250m ($360m) in new student accommodation, across three different sites, to house 4,500 students.

One call-out is due to a fire alarm going off; we arrive at the accommodation to find students shivering outside, glaring.

The two industries reporting contraction were arts, entertainment and recreation, and accommodation and food services.

How the strange accommodation between the NLD and the state’s darker forces will work in practice remains unclear, and raises concerns.

Near the destroyed halting site, as such places are known, residents prevented survivors from moving into the temporary accommodation provided by the local council.

There were also reports of rising prices in the finance and insurance, mining and accommodation and food services industries.

My rate, which would be $36,000 for three days, plus the flight, plus accommodation here on the island, 8,000 … the participation fee.

“ or Expedia are adding more and more alternative accommodation to the inventory.

They must decide whether the accommodation constitutes a “substantial burden” on the organisations’ religious qualms.

Korir posted pictures of Team Kenya’s accommodation on Wednesday evening, showing a dilapidated building in one of Rio’s favelas.

“Could the currency fall far enough, hard enough, fast enough to warrant a reversal of course, and some removal of monetary accommodation?

The campus has decayed: today there is no accommodation for students, many of whom come from remote rural regions.

There were many implications to Mark Zuckerberg’s Congressional testimony regarding Facebook’s inappropriate data mining and accommodation of Russian propaganda.

But they make no accommodation either for people.

Airbnb is moving to provide free accommodation to anyone affected by travel restrictions.

Britons at university tend to live in short-term, rented accommodation, which makes it hard for the authorities to register them.

Pro-cyclical costs apply to a host of other services in the supply chain including catering, accommodation and transportation.

Given the critical shortage of emergency, short-term accommodation for domestic violence survivors, Mehala’s current situation seems absurd.

In other safe houses, Mehala has heard of people waiting up to two years before they can find alternative accommodation.

“Most women want to move on with their lives,” she said, pointing out that living in shared accommodation can be stressful.

The Australian team has had a troubled Games, starting with complaints over the standard of their accommodation, theft and a small basement fire.

“Emerging markets rode high on back of the commodity super-cycle and monetary accommodation, no questions asked,” he said.

Needle Craft says it would provide refugees with food and accommodation, as well as pay.

Perhaps an accommodation will be reached that allows the firms to return while everyone saves face.

“Most of this accommodation doesn’t even approach basic human decency.

It is also hindering his search for accommodation closer to town, which, within reason, the state would pay for.

One posting offered escort work along with accommodation.

Many young people who end up homeless are escaping abuse at home and need accommodation last minute, Barnes said.

In most countries asylum-seekers are placed in reception centres until their cases are heard (unless they can find their own accommodation).

“When you invite the public into your vehicle, you have the public accommodation law apply,” Sanders told Broadly.

“The arguments, for adding policy accommodation have strengthened over time.” Brainard, in a separate appearance in Scranton, Pennsylvania, piled on.

But few seem interested in arriving at a fresh accommodation that might keep Britain in the club.

“I don’t see the current levels of inflation or inflation expectations as a trigger for additional accommodation,” Barkin said.

When a company is footing the bill, the temptation is to spend more on flights and accommodation than is needed.

In the Warren and Burger courts of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, religious accommodation was a liberal tenet.

But a deep-seated conservatism has stopped big firms from embracing shared-economy accommodation as an option when booking trips for their employees.

“I think you’ll see us in the near future remove some accommodation,” Kaplan said.

It may have come to some kind of accommodation with him, or simply decided that interfering with the succession will only cause more trouble.

However, his current accommodation is a nine-hour drive from the Danish capital.

In just one mysterious transaction, Imo decided that 2 billion naira might be put to best use on the government accommodation account.

The number of European tourists buying deals bundling accommodation and transport has fallen by a quarter since demand peaked in the early 2000s.

The Lindenberg brand of accommodation is an example.

Common business-travel destinations, such as Frankfurt, often see prices for accommodation drop over the weekends.

They were an escape from cramped, substandard accommodation, as well as a place to organise if necessary.

Maybe get more accommodation in!

Either the conservative wing will reassert control and drive the nativists out or conservatives will abandon the party and seek other accommodation.

The company has been so successful that it turns away 90% of companies that apply for accommodation.

More and more families have applied for emergency accommodation, and growing numbers of young people have faced homelessness.

She is also likely to reach an accommodation of some kind with the LDP, on similar grounds.

The first day she and her son slept in emergency accommodation, they were awake all night.

IN HIS sheltered accommodation on the edge of London, Harry Jackson is worrying about the future.

But since the death of Mao in 1976, the two sides have reached an accommodation.

Recent changes inside Iraq encourage those who previously damned the post-2003 government to ask whether it might be possible to find accommodation with it.

In London, homeless advocates are warning of a disturbing trend of women being offered free accommodation in return for sex.

Sacks-Jones tells me she has heard first-hand of women being solicited for sex in return for accommodation.

But those European governments that seek accommodation with a Russia bent on confrontation are running out of arguments.

China has told Philippine officials that it is open to an accommodation.

The second is that, as more residences are converted into full-time Airbnb accommodation, so locals are forced out of the neighbourhood.

“I was put in accommodation with other asylum seekers.

Central banks elsewhere in the world will also be on their guard, ready to provide more accommodation if needed.

However, that meant I immediately had to move out from government accommodation.

Founded by Nina in 2015, the charity helps connect people with spare rooms with refugees in need of accommodation.

Tourist accommodation is scarce.

All of which suggests a strong demand for alternative accommodation providers like Airbnb.

On the other side of the market, bustling plutocrats are an ever-present source of demand for temporary accommodation and bursts of luxury.

The bill’s supporters say any extra costs will still be much cheaper than providing temporary accommodation once a family is kicked out.

Homeless placements in temporary accommodation rose by 12% last year.

Annual spending on temporary accommodation there has declined by 26% over the past five years.

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Still, the prospect of free accommodation some two hours’ journey from central Tokyo might tempt some young families.

The issue may prove to be the first test of the accommodation Republican congressmen have made with a leader few supported in the primary.

Most provide miserable accommodation to those who are stuck in them, almost always against their will.

Of those, around 15 will be offered places in local authority accommodation.

“The arguments, for adding policy accommodation have strengthened over time.” Brainard, in a separate appearance in Scranton, Pennsylvania, piled on.

If this goes ahead the repairs are estimated to cost £4bn ($5bn) plus the cost of temporary accommodation.

Balance sheet shrinkage does, after all, represent a potentially significant removal of monetary accommodation.

accommodation is needed for the fighters and trainers.

On arrival people are given basic accommodation, food rations and water.

Many of them rent cramped accommodation in ramshackle “migrant villages” on the city’s edges.

And it is why luxury accommodation like the LAX Private Suite could reduce the incidence of fights like the Burbank brawl.

If you have a particular accommodation request, email

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By distancing Hamas from the Muslim Brotherhood, it signals accommodation with Egypt, which has eased the closure of the Rafah crossing.

It now plans to expand into other bits of the market for accommodation, including luxury trips and business travel.

Young also argued that Hawaii did not give her fair notice that her business was covered by the public accommodation law.

The combined expenses of the procedure, travel, and accommodation can be almost prohibitively expensive.

Priceline has been speedily adding alternative accommodation.

Globally, people spend around $700bn a year on travel accommodation, according to Euromonitor International, a research firm.

That suggests that alternative accommodation will not be a fringe activity for the young, but a mainstream part of the travel business.

The prolonged period of accommodation by the central bank has fanned ongoing arguments about the balance of monetary risks.

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This sector now has over 1.1 million jobs, making it the fourth largest employer after health, retail trade and accommodation and food services.

Thousands of people made donations from the useful (food, clothes, accommodation) to the bizarre (designer bikinis and a golf set).

The local authority was slow to find temporary accommodation.

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(After landing at Gatwick airport, they were given temporary accommodation nearby in Crawley, where most of them still live.)

But the disability office eventually ruled that her request was not a “reasonable accommodation,” the standard required under the law.

The chief executive and leader have resigned, but Grenfell’s residents are still angry, with some refusing alternative accommodation.

One is different sorts of accommodation.

“Today’s new normal counsels prudence in the removal of policy accommodation,” she said.

The UN’s refugee agency, UNHCR, reckons Italy currently hosts at least 170,000 people in reception centres and accommodation provided by local authorities.

The group, which took over the building in December, aimed to turn it into long-term accommodation for the homeless.

The 16-strong delegation also visited other African countries, with flights costings $144,000 and the accommodation bill for nights in top hotels surpassing $57,000.

It then continues to Manors, where student accommodation is of a different class: high-rise, purpose-built towers jut out, with more rising from the ground.

I think we were quite relatable as people back then because we were 20-somethings living in shared accommodation, getting high all the time.

Most students live either in halls of residence or squeezed, sometimes dilapidated accommodation near the university, in neighbourhoods like Heaton.

According to CBRE, a property company, in 2007-08 fewer than 50,000 students lived in such accommodation.

Others complain about the dismal architectural style of new-build student accommodation, which tends to consist of boxy structures with luminous cladding.

While you’re out on the boat, you don’t spend it, as your meals and accommodation are covered.

“That is, they are couch surfing, living in overcrowded accommodation, hostels or in crisis accommodation,” Catherine says.

These are the women who rely on charities to provide them with some sort of accommodation, often temporary and insecure, says Susan.

These have mostly been in Greece-based startups with an international outlook, including Blueground, a company offering high-quality mid-term accommodation for business executives ad expats.

Investors appear to be assuming an accommodation between big tech and the rest of big business, not a bloody showdown.

“I’m excited about joining forces with Wimdu to create one of the largest businesses within the online accommodation industry,” said Bach.

Safe to say, regional regulations look set to pose a growing headache for European accommodation platforms in the short term.

Two-thirds of the accommodation on plantations is in barrack-style “line-rooms” or sheds.

Higher minimum wages, modern rules on overtime and benefits, accommodation of unions and so on.

Among its latest U.S. deals is a purchase of a portfolio of student accommodation properties in North America worth $1.6 billion.

The strong point of the report is that its interviews were carried out by sex workers, recruited via local sheltered accommodation.

Crucially, 11 of the 20 women interviewed live in supported accommodation and others have lived in this type of housing in the past.

But it is also good for poorer people who are lucky enough to have subsidised accommodation within the sound of Bow Bells.

But it is not just the lack of roads, accommodation or communications that puts Japanese tourists off.

Washington has also signaled possible accommodation with Israel’s West Bank settlements, dropping the term “occupied” from some U.S. documentation about the territory.

The council says that all survivors have been offered temporary accommodation.

Mr Rasoul concedes that he has been offered temporary accommodation instead of his hotel, but says it was not suitable.

“I know a bloke who has been in temporary accommodation for 17 years,” he says.

His home just needed renovations and the authorities arranged alternative accommodation, he explained.

We’ve partnered with AllTheRooms to provide you with a multitude of accommodation options.

Austria’s new government also exemplifies the second sort of populist-mainstream accommodation: copying the populists’ ideas.

The fall of the wall saw another influx, as artists swept into former eastern districts to benefit from the cheap accommodation.

Not having to pay for accommodation means they have more disposable income.

“For me I think the Fed should continue to gradually remove accommodation,” he added.

Now, the prime cause is being turfed out of private rented accommodation.

Two hotly anticipated IPOs—of Aramco, a huge Saudi oil company, and Airbnb, a short-term accommodation site—have been delayed until at least next year.

Requisitioned by the government for migrants repatriated from Libya, it offers new arrivals free accommodation for a few days while they find their feet.

“It’s not about adaptation or accommodation.

Alas, the chances of reaching such a sensible accommodation with China’s airlines are low.

“There seems little scope for accommodation, or for change of stance at the present juncture,” said RBI Deputy Governor Viral Acharya.

Transportation and accommodation costs for attending “Uncovered” were covered by Square Enix.

Gaps were widest in the construction and finance sectors, and narrowest in food and accommodation services.

The Economist will also provide an economy-class ticket and hotel accommodation for this person.

These cover not just kind of accommodation, but types of neighborhoods and prices.

Pope Francis may face criticism from Catholics for reaching accommodation with a repressive regime.

Each time there was an accommodation, there was a new demand.”

New York state directs doctors to show “reasonable accommodation” not only for religious protests against the brain-death standard, but also for moral ones.

They are the name of a firm that builds, buys and manages student accommodation across Britain.

But student accommodation has got an upgrade.

Student accommodation has some specific risks as an investment.

In America the average is 5.9% for student accommodation, compared with 5.6% for private residential rentals.

And student accommodation has a valuable countercyclical quality.

The “Anchorage accommodation“: Alaska is a very weird state, in terms of health care.

But they make no accommodation either for people.

Most of the residents are now in ISO Boxes—converted shipping containers—and regular buses take more people to accommodation in down-at-heel hotels rented by UNHCR.

He became isolated and soon relapsed, stopped his medication and let his new accommodation fall into chaos.

And Pope Francis would surely face some criticism for reaching an accommodation with a repressive regime.

These issues can include the regulation of gambling, the entitlement to religious accommodation at work and the general principle of religiously inspired schools.

On trade, China would surely prefer accommodation to confrontation.

The natural response would be to hedge bets and to reach an accommodation with China, dramatically diminishing America’s clout in the region.

“She could get help to move accommodation, and she may get a protection order, among other things.

Some firms unlawfully make big deductions from workers’ pay-packets for things like uniforms or accommodation.

“The change in Chinese attitudes toward consumption has been accompanied by the continuous improvement of short-term alternative accommodation products.

As businesses that are generally open to the public, Instagram and Facebook should be categorized as places of public accommodation under the ADA.

As a result, under Title III, places of public accommodation were typically brick-and-mortar business, and few online businesses fit that mold.

In National Federation of the Blind v. Scribd Inc., an internet-based document repository was deemed a place of public accommodation.

A more common term, related to Communication accommodation Theory, is code-switching.

Meanwhile, numerous users published infuriating accounts of being denied accommodation for being black.

The feature not only has the potential to reduce latency, but allow for greater accommodation of data sovereignty.

“A lot of it’s just being understanding, which isn’t really an accommodation per se,” Center says.

Perks include free flights home, accommodation, private health insurance and even a furniture allowance.

Their travel and accommodation are paid for and they are offered an honorarium.

They’re known as “public accommodation” laws.

The idea is to have the refugees use the funds to elevate the accommodation and food conditions in the refugee centers.

Maybe such an accommodation is the best I can hope for.

American visits would likely drop, hurting both U.S. airlines and accommodation services operating there, as well as the Cuban tourism industry.

If you’re just sitting around in luxury accommodation with all the comforts of home, it’s like doing yoga with a spotter.

That reduces accommodation on the market, inflates prices and imposes conditions such as a requirement to vacate the property from May to September.

The other immigrants also helped me to get a room in a house, so it was easy to find accommodation.

In the accommodation of such sedulous hosts I don’t even have to let my mind drift.

You check into a hotel, or whatever accommodation you can find.

The camp will offer “day care” as well as “longer-term accommodation for people arriving destitute”, Hidalgo said.

Not to mention that many large religiously affiliated organizations support the accommodation, including the Catholic Health Association.

Households spent more at restaurants and on accommodation last month.

It also means accommodation will be concentrated in one place, leaving Doha with a glut.

Plan your journeys carefully and book your accommodation in advance.

But Rocket League didn’t get that accommodation from Nintendo.

A few were offered accommodation in a homeless shelter in downtown Kingston.

“We fully support the valuable work carried out by domestic abuse refuges and other supported accommodation providers,” said a spokesperson.

The firm has litigated some of the most pivotal cases relating to housing, employment and public accommodation discrimination over the past two decades.

Two years later, the justices sidestepped a challenge to the Obama administration’s accommodation to religious non-profit groups in Zubik v Burwell.

The bottom line: For now, the Israeli-Palestinian arena will continue to see both confrontation and accommodation.

“The issue of short-term accommodation in private homes is complex and multi-faceted, and has wide-ranging implications.

The two came to an accommodation.

And not all older people will one day move into specialist accommodation.

As leaders of Britain and America, Tony Blair and Bill Clinton claimed to have found a “third way”, an accommodation between state and market.

Both winners will receive a bursary of £6,000 to cover accommodation and travel.

At most neidiban schools, ethnic-minority students attend separate classes and live in segregated accommodation (this is justified by schools on “security” grounds).

“The Bank (of Canada) is in the process of removing accommodation,” Chandler said.

It is time we faced them and stopped pretending that piecemeal reforms and sticking-plaster solutions will lead to a lasting, harmonious accommodation.

Mr Kim probably wants a deal of some sort, though not full disarmament … On trade, China would surely prefer accommodation to confrontation.”

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