Accessories in a sentence | Use of the word accessories examples

Beyonce’s working with sour accessories in Hawaii … call it a sweet marketing ploy.

Through August 6, you can score amazing discounts on its selection of clothes, accessories, and much more.

There’s little to say about the regular USB port; use it to connect older accessories and peripherals to your computer.

“And there’s some light terrorism this week when Nordstrom’s decided to stop selling Ivanka’s Trump’s line of clothing and accessories.

Many have called her choice in accessories problematic given the helmet’s tie to colonial rule.

Rather than posed like accessories, Vaun’s photos cast them as owners and experts instead of models, and highlight motor vehicles as personal vehicles.

McGregor also has a soft spot for accessories.

What it is: rainbow hues presented in stripes or gradients all over clothing, jewelry, and other accessories for grown-ups.

The popularity of rainbows in fashion and accessories seems to hinge upon the color scheme’s exuberance and joyfulness.

You can save up to 50% on all Nespresso machines and accessories like a milk frother.

Some of her accessories included a huge bow on her head, giant eyelashes and, of course, a jaw-dropping train.

Michael Kors KORS.N jumped 14.70 percent after the fashion accessories maker raised its 2017 revenue forecast.

Mattel’s website shows 33 new dolls in total; we counted 25 wearing pink in their dresses or accessories.

After more than a decade in accessories design at Gucci, Michele was promoted to creative director in January 2015.

Walmart stopped selling assault firearms and accessories in 2015 and only sells handguns in Alaska.

KOHL’S CORP: Tariffs will primarily hit China-sourced merchandise in home and accessories business but apparel and footwear are not impacted at this point.

The rapper recently filed paperwork to clear the path for him to slap “Astroworld” all over a wide variety of jewelry and accessories.

Post’s biz will produce THC and CBD products, as well as some dank accessories.

Weaver owns Eastern Beacon Industries, a company that makes tactical gear and accessories for civilians.

The choices that authors make about apparel and accessories can bring a character to life, or they can push fiction into fantasy.

Perhaps it was her Midwestern roots, but the Kansas City native preferred accessories that were both simple and fun.

The couple launched a men’s accessories line around this time too, and called it Jack Spade.

“The novelty bags are very popular,” says Erica Russo, Bloomingdale’s fashion director of accessories and beauty.

The measure also proposes banning other similar enhancement accessories, including gat cranks and trigger cranks.

The measure also proposes banning other similar enhancement accessories, including gat cranks and trigger cranks.

The groomer often spices photos up with some dog accessories.

The shoes and accessories are also on point, and to top it all off, most items are under $100.

The new and popular online marketplace Yanxuan showcases simple and “normcore” styles and basic daily accessories.

Attorneys Matthew Fletcher and Thaddeus Culpepper were arrested on charges of acting as accessories after the fact … a felony.

accessories though, right?

— Taki Skouras, CEO of cell phone repair and accessories brand, Cellairis.

You can sell pretty much everything here: women’s, kids’, and men’s clothing and accessories are accepted from a giant swath of brands.

Her work also graced a collection of scarves before she started the line of jeans and expanded to perfume, shoes, leather goods and accessories.

She also has color-coordinated sea shell accessories.

But in a market saturated with Apple accessories, how do you differentiate the good, the bad, and the ugly?

Easy rule of thumb: Look for accessories with an MFi certification.

MFi is a licensing program ensuring all those third-party accessories are actually designed to work—under Apple’s specs—with your iDevices.

At the time, the press denounced MFi as a gimmick—an attempt by Apple to make companies pay for the privilege of making accessories.

Some of those aftermarket accessories are pretty innocuous, like a third-party watch band and a not-so-Apple iPad case.

(The Google Home Hub is the store’s star attraction, but you can also buy the Pixel 3, Google Home speakers, and other accessories.)

Fashion accessories with technological superpowers!

That’s because many independent repair shop owners regularly deal with importing iPhone parts and accessories from China’s grey market.

The Spinner is a fad but in the end they’re going to come back to you for repair or accessories.”

The agency spent a staggering $88,603 on radios and accessories, including holsters and travel chargers.

In the meantime, it is starting with accessories, much like Xiaomi has done.

The Museum of London acquired 100 items of clothing and accessories worn by Francis Golding, a former secretary of the Royal Fine Art Commission.

One crew to buck the trend was Vampire Vape, a British company that makes and distributes e-liquids and accessories.

Most hope to make it up via accessories or other services.

Clothing and accessories brand Cuyana will also be donating 10 percent of their Black Friday proceeds to the California Wildfire Relief Funds.

Instead of logos, Jiang says, Essential made design choices like adding magnetic connectors for accessories like Essential’s 360 camera.

The Essential Phone has a magnetic connector for accessories and wireless data transfer capabilities.

One of the first accessories will be what Rubin called the world’s smallest 360-degree camera.

Smartphones, it seems, have gone from accessories to necessities, from sunglasses to shoes.

It’s still a great way to listen to music, but it can also answer questions, control smart home accessories, and take voice commands.

Sotheby’s acquired Viyet, an online marketplace dedicated to furniture and accessories.

The 7 grilling accessories you need this summer

From small leather accessories to home decor, none of these gifts look or feel cheap.

From the outside, the concealed carry market may be more closely associated with clothing and accessories that appear as inconspicuous as possible.

The Apple 1 up for auction contains original manuals, a cassette tape with BASIC programming language and other accessories and documentation.

Right now is the best time to shop for apparel, gear, and accessories for men and women.

Industrious users can build their own cardboard accessories and mess with the software’s features to do their own thing.

Along with the anticipated G5 flagship smartphone, LG announced some interesting accessories designed specifically for the G5 it calls “friends.”

Since 2016, Amazon has steadily increased its private-label brands, offering in-house, generic versions of products like diapers, laundry detergent, and electronics accessories.

Kim is the founder of the Los Angeles–based company dosa, which produces clothing, housewares, and accessories.

Bo Muller-Moore won the right to make “Eat More Kale” T-shirts and other accessories in 2014, after a three-year legal battle with the chain.

Lenovo didn’t offer price details on the Moto Z or accessories, but said they should be ready this summer.

Although the 3DS is a great system on its own, using it with a few additional accessories makes using it even better.

None of these accessories cost more than $20, so you can get even more out of your game system without breaking the bank.

Tinsley is quietly legendary on UT’s 431 acres for donning sky-high platform heels, as well as blue lipstick or other vibrant accessories.

Pendarvis sported a jersey that read, “Krapperdick” across the front — with accessories that included an adult diaper, a pacifier and an afro.

One supply chain involved Albuquerque importer Sterling Islands Inc, which purchases jewelry from its Philippines-based manufacturer Fashion accessories 4 U.

She kept the accessories simple, which let the dress be the center of attention.

“Right around the time Fashion accessories 4 U got their footing here, demand for my work started going down.

It seems like dads always only pack travel essentials, and to hell with unnecessary accessories.

The victims, four men and a woman, were all employees of Fiamma, a company that makes accessories for motor homes.

The company says that the category includes “Apple TV, Apple Watch, Beats products, iPod and Apple-branded and third-party accessories.”

Each dress ranges in price from $98 to $198 and hangs next to matching accessories that go along with the individual style.

This dog only has to worry about her hair accessories and remaining tiny enough to bathe smugly in the sink.

It also plans to raise the share of higher-margin accessories and footwear to 60 percent of sales from 35 percent.

And it’s not just leather, these same themes carry over to other materials and accessories… People react so strongly to objects as symbols.

The company makes carry-on bags and full-size suitcases, along with accessories like luggage tags and travel blankets.

According to law enforcement … the staffer found a bunch of stuff was missing, including luggage, sunglasses and other accessories.

New York City-based Spring runs an online department store that sells fashion and accessories from more than 1,500 brands — from Levi’s to Gucci.

This year (in addition to Christmas trees), Amazon will be hawking today’s whole new line of gift-price-range Alexa-connected devices and smart home accessories.

It also has a front organizer compartment with pockets for pens, chargers, and other accessories.

The bag is adorned with a few smaller pockets near the outside, which are perfect for storing pens, accessories, or travel documents.

“We also recommend switching out your accessories seasonally so that the items you wear most often are front and center,” Ellie said.

He has a bunch of black bodies around him like props and accessories.

The clean lines and supple cuts were punctuated by threadbare, frayed hats and other accessories.

Celebrity egos aren’t the only thing larger than life in Hollywood … now their pool accessories are overinflated too!

The Grandassa models wore natural hair and flaunted African diasporic designs and accessories they created themselves.

By then, Vanderbilt had sold the rights to her name to Murjani, which expanded beyond jeans into clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Depending on the one you choose, you may need a few accessories to use your turntable.

The racks themselves are draped with hats and accessories.

The company makes carry-on bags and full-size suitcases, along with accessories like luggage tags and travel blankets.

It also has a unique magnetic connector for accessories, including a tiny 360-degree camera that’s also offered by Essential.

Sean Kingston’s got an accessories problem … someone straight up yanked a $300k chain off his neck … so claims the singer.

3 accessories to make your iPhone X experience more complete

The ATF redefined “a bump stock” in order to make the accessories subject to the federal ban on machine guns.

The clean lines and supple cuts were punctuated by threadbare, frayed hats and other accessories.

As cryptocurreny has grown more popular, its co-opted the power grid, PC gaming parts, charity, and now marijuana growing accessories.

The site presented only cool clothes, bags, and accessories, all chosen by individual humans, since algorithmic feeds weren’t widely deployed at the time.

Firas Saroufim owns Smart Phones Mobile and accessories in Zgharta, Lebanon, a city about 55 miles north of Beirut.

The song “Gucci On My” is finally here, and features each artist boasting about their expensive gear and accessories.

Paddock, who had amassed an arsenal of high-powered weapons and accessories, did not leave a suicide note or manifesto explaining his actions, Lombardo said.

The easiest place to shop for used luxury clothing and accessories was once a consignment store.

We love you!” Tuesday Bassen designs and sells fashion and accessories primarily aimed at millennial and Gen Z customers.

The Everest Gym Bag has a large primary compartment with plenty of room for shoes, clothes, showering accessories, and more.

The 10 accessories below can solve all of these problems (and more) without you having to spend more than $50.

You can use its two standard USB ports to charge your phone, tablet, and other tech accessories.

Subscribers get other perks like premium support, access to music soundtracks and discounts on accessories.

These subjects appear in a various states of dress: some wear contemporary clothing, some wear Indigenous accessories, and others wear cowboy hats.

“Are there comfortable and affordable accessories to help keep them in your ears?

It eventually acquired its German blade manufacturer and has expanded into skin care and shower products, and accessories like travel kits.

Stitch Fix then sends them five items — a mix of clothing and accessories — that aims to match each customer’s taste.

Flight 001 has a great range of stylish, modern, and functional travel accessories.

She showed that women could be the centers of their own lives, rather than mere accessories of husband, family, and household.

“We’ve elected not to do that.” Apple, of course, makes money from selling products (iPhones, Macs, accessories, etc.)

Once the demand for Barbie dolls was met, the demand for Barbie’s clothing and accessories continued.

“With things like kink, so many people are really intimidated by the need for accessories or ‘things,'” says Knight.

We watch as Julian arranges accessories from his abuela’s home into his outfit, a wraparound skirt with a necklace and headdress.

Made by Barcelona-based Pulltex, one of the world’s preeminent wine accessories companies, this double-hinged corkscrew does the job and does it well.

Laguiole has long been considered the Lamborgini of the wine accessories industry.

The point of these various fancy desk accessories isn’t just to help you get your work done.

Personally, it was the early 80s Batcave look that first drew me in—big backcombed crimped hair, torn fishnets, bondage shop accessories.

Tulerie allows users to rent clothing, shoes, and accessories to one another, with the app acting as a medium for borrowers and lenders.

He takes out boxes full of doll accessories: purses, high heels, and boots.

“When I was growing up and used to visit the factory, I would always wonder, ‘Who buys these elaborate costumes and accessories?'”

The RealReal is a marketplace for second-hand luxury items including clothing and accessories.

“By plugging directly into an outlet, you eliminate the need for wires, accessories and general complexity,” he added.

Museum visitors may touch, try on, and purchase clothing and accessories designed specifically for the exhibit by fashion design duo Eckhaus Latta.

I had so many flashbacks to my Hot Topic accessories and green iPod mini.

Figurines become discernible through a clamor of exaggerated facial expressions, pairs of eyes, protruding limbs, accessories, hairbrushes, and cars.

ICE has already conducted a major operation to arrest 400 parents as accessories in the smuggling of their own children.

They’re perfect accessories for anyone who loves the internet and all things digital but also values time away from screen.

The clothing and accessories category was the top-selling e-commerce category in three of the four quarters of 2015.

KOHL’S CORP: Tariffs will primarily hit China-sourced merchandise in home and accessories business but apparel and footwear are not impacted at this point.

KOHL’S CORP: Tariffs will primarily hit China-sourced merchandise in home and accessories business but apparel and footwear are not impacted at this point.

I have all sorts of accessories, and I don’t think I have to explain why.

T-Mobile: T-Mobile offers up to $60 off smartphones and 20% off phone accessories for students and teachers.

The package was bound for Calgary and was falsely marked as printer accessories.

The package was bound for Calgary and was falsely marked as printer accessories.

I also spend a lot on clothes and accessories, which Dušan hates.

Kickstarter and Indiegogo declined to comment beyond referring to their published policies, which prohibit crowd-funding projects involving weapons, replica weapons and weapon accessories.

Among the artifacts are ceramics, glassware, accessories, metalware, uniforms, and other clothing from the 19th and 20th century.

KOHL’S CORP: Tariffs will primarily hit China-sourced merchandise in home and accessories business but apparel and footwear are not impacted at this point.

The launch comes 20 months after Rent the Runway first announced a similar service, which cost $75 and just included accessories.

The show has sparked an influx of castoff clothing and accessories to New York’s trendiest thrift store.

Their bodies, hair, and hair accessories such as head wraps are policed more, the study found.

It can control your smart home accessories, play media from a variety of services, and answer questions all thanks to the built-in Google Assistant.

Not only that, but it comes with loads of accessories so you won’t need to buy anything more.

Machines have become commonplace accessories, often drivers of our daily activities.

Here, you can pick up a Joule sous vide cooking device, plus related books and accessories, right in one spot.

Ariana Grande’s got the only accessories she needs to live her best life … her smile, her boys and a brand new album.

No ostentatious jewelry or accessories.

Plenty of male designers could have carried on Philo’s work making subtle, elegant, sometimes weird clothing and accessories.

The five-year-old company, founded by CEO Katrina Lake, sends boxes of clothing and accessories to customers personalized to their tastes.

The carrier had a bunch of cute puppies have their way with LG’s latest G5 smartphone and accessories.

Related Leather Landscapes as Self-Portraits of Fetish and Devotion Take a Bite into Fetish Culture with ‘BRKFST’ Russian Japanophiles Craft Kawaii Clay accessories

Camera maker GoPro Inc would be able to import 31 types of camera accessories duty-free.

While these are made for shoes, I’ve found that they also work well for holding other accessories like bags and scarves.

Put these on a shelf in your closet for easy access to accessories and linens.

Which brings everything full circle—apologies—to that most common and iconic of sprinter accessories: the sunglasses.

They also announce a lot of accessories that go with it, and new services that they’re launching this year as well.

KOHL’S CORP: Tariffs will primarily hit China-sourced merchandise in home and accessories business but apparel and footwear are not impacted at this point.

If they have an American Girl doll they ask for accessories.

KOHL’S CORP: Tariffs will primarily hit China-sourced merchandise in home and accessories business but apparel and footwear are not impacted at this point.

“They have a special clearance section for maternity clothes and accessories,” she said.

Galembo’s photographs celebrate the materiality of these garments, focusing on them as individual objects rather than as accessories for rituals.

This June, Amazon unveiled Prime Wardrobe in the United States, allowing Prime members to try on clothing, shoes, and accessories before purchase.

Once Upon A Laurén, an artist who hand paints vintage leather jackets and accessories, transforming them into totally unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art.

“For some, it’s new accessories.

The RealReal is a marketplace for second-hand luxury items including clothing and accessories.

Watching a bunch of iPhone 7 parts and accessories get destroyed in a shredder is somehow cathartic.

The video goes on to show other iPhone accessories get destroyed as well.

Mission makes clothing and accessories that are intended to cool its wearers in the heat.

Tournament directors — some of whom wore New Orleans-appropriate accessories — were on hand to settle disputes between players.

For the past few years, festival-goers have gotten creative by fashioning their own edible accessories, most popularly pretzel necklaces.

The STM Cable Wrap is a foot-long fold-up bag designed to hold all your technological accessories: charging cords, batteries, earbuds, whatever.

The STM Cable Wrap can pack a Didion-esque list of writerly accessories vital for the late 2010s: But its real advantage is transparency.

Consumer gun sales affect a $40 billion industry of manufacturers and retailers of guns, ammunition and accessories.

10 awesome and weird iPhone accessories you probably need

Trump, however, didn’t call for a ban on the accessories until Feb. 20, after the shooting in Parkland, Florida, that killed 17 people.

Banning the accessories is also a move that National Rifle Association (NRA) supports.

Trump, however, didn’t call for a ban on the accessories until Feb. 20, after the shooting in Parkland, Florida, that killed 17 people.

Banning the accessories is also a move that National Rifle Association (NRA) supports.

It’s Paola, the head of accessories, on the phone.

“It’s come to my attention that there are a number of accessories missing from the closet.”

The stylish midcentury men and women wear suits and dresses with exaggerated tailoring, donning brimmed hats and toting enviable accessories.

Right now is the best time to shop for apparel, gear, and accessories for men and women.

According to legal docs, trademark paperwork for “Space Force” has also been filed as recently as June to make action figures and accessories.

A set of accessories made for exploring the wild, wild, west, — or backyard

Hyde and Eek!

In addition to paper-based printed objects, the participants will be offering clothes, accessories, artworks, and more.

This portable battery can fully recharge your MacBook on the go

20 must-have tech accessories under $20

The objects on view will include papal robes and accessories from the Vatican.

At first glance, flower crowns are cute accessories.

accessories factor in pretty heavily in how I elevate an outfit.

I was dying to know what games they got and what accessories she grabbed them.

“You can choose a different array of optics and other accessories, but it doesn’t affect the function of the rifle,” he said.

But with that success has come a problem that nearly all smartphone accessories share: fakes.

I’m not really into phone accessories.

Speaking of USB, the first generations had a couple of USB ports for adding accessories to your network, but this new model does not.

Adding the accessories, it was probably 20 pounds altogether.

Greco has purchased similar accessories herself.

The sale includes dress pants, sweaters, and dress shirts, and smaller accessories like ties.

FUBU has now sold over $6 billion of clothing and accessories.

In addition to the all-foam Leesa and spring and foam Leesa Hybrid Mattresses, you can also save on accessories like pillows, sheets, and blankets.

With a new round of funding, the company that lends designer outfits and accessories just reached a billion dollar valuation, or “unicorn” status.

The company has come out with a few accessories of its own, including a 360-degree camera, a robot and virtual-reality goggles.

Suzuki plans to offer a number of cool genuine accessories including: • Café seat – Pleated cover provides a Tuck n’ Roll look.

Each month, the subscription service sends a curated selection of apparel and accessories straight to your door.

Right now is the best time to shop for apparel, gear, and accessories for men and women.

Amazon private label brands span 21 departments on the site, from car accessories to furniture to diapers.

There’s the Amazon Basics line of electronics accessories and there are Amazon Elements baby wipes, but not much else.

OpenSky’s product selection on its other sites, and, skews toward apparel and accessories.

Items must be returned in their original condition, and with all accessories, certificates of authenticity, and other such collateral included.

Instead, pressing the button will immediately disconnect the iPhone from Bluetooth accessories, but Bluetooth will continue to be available.

As far as accessories go, they have everything: Their message is straightforward and provocative, and protects the wearer as part of a “winning” team.

From watching Rembrandt Duran in person, it’s little wonder the former accessories designer has such an extensive group of friends.

(It can also tell the difference between human fingers and its no-batteries-or-Bluetooth-pairing-necessary stylus and eraser accessories.)

The rail system was the standard attachment point for other accessories, ranging from special grips to multiple sights to grenade launchers and suppressors.

Second, the rail as a platform fueled a market for better rail-mounted accessories and better rails.

Siege’s weapon customization options don’t begin and end with real-world accessories, either.

The figures in your paintings seem very specific, and you articulate details like accessories and makeup.

“Tattoos are not superficial accessories but rather powerful symbols that can be used to reclaim one’s body.

She kept it classy too … accessories around her neck, wrists and, of course, that ring finger.

Also featured on the runway will be jackets by Lumenus, a Los Angeles-based company which specializes in smart clothing and accessories.

Hologic Inc has been awarded a maximum $721 million firm-fixed-price, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract for radiology systems, accessories and training, the statement said.

), accessories, tattoos (the nautical star, the Labrys), flowers (violets, particularly), and other symbols were used to convey one’s sexual orientation and proclivities.

Under current law, accessories like bump stocks aren’t classified as firearms, meaning the law would have to change in order to ban these devices.

Influencers skirt the rules and restrictions platforms impose on official businesses that want to advertise guns or gun-related services and accessories.

They’re jewelry accessories.

I’ve spent money (real money) on dashboard accessories in Mechwarrior Online.

Switch is the only console with the confidence to release a suite of expensive cardboard accessories called Labo.

As he’s previously demonstrated, YouTuber vmln8r is great at crafting Lego accessories for the Switch.

It will sell clothing, shoes, accessories, and other things, all modeled by me, Melania, one of the most photographed women in the world.

Her work also graced a collection of scarves before she started the line of jeans and expanded to perfume, shoes, leather goods and accessories.

His administration is also working to block the use of bump stocks accessories that enable semiautomatic rifles to fire hundreds of rounds a minute.

The legislation bans certain ammunition and gun accessories.

Many Apple accessories, such as mice, keyboards, chargers and even leather covers for iPhones and iPads would face tariffs, Apple said.

The RealReal sells lightly-worn apparel and accessories from high-end brands like Chanel, Gucci and Prada and is focusing more on jewelry sales, too.

Also available are doll-sized filming accessories and a doll-sized desk set for Z’s miniature teal laptop.

Shop here for garter belts, corsets, and playsuits, as well as accessories like hosiery, chokers and chains, and extremely intricate whips.

Z will set you back $115, and that’s without any of the accessories.

), with arm accessories straight out of Baraka’s Slice ‘n’ Dice Discount Superstore?

Just a few minutes before everything kicked off, Amazon published a page advertising the iPhone 7, cases, and other accessories, as seen below.

Bottom of the forend is also equipped with Picatinny rail for various tactical accessories such as vertical grips, flashlights and lasers.

A mirror that holds your jewelry

Get a full-body glimpse of your outfit for the day before you finish it off with accessories.

DASH stores in L.A. and Miami, which sell the sisters’ lines of clothing and accessories, will be closing up shop soon.

The database relates to the AA’s online store, where customers can buy a wide selection of car accessories, gadgets, and driving test guides.

Heart rate monitors and fitness trackers like Fitbit have become trendy wrist accessories, but heart doctors say they often aren’t accurate.

We’ve tested dozens of gadgets to find the best Android accessories you can buy.

These should be used instead of the wrist accessories, if it’s imperative that a medical patient track their heart rate, the authors suggested.

The victims, four men and a woman, were all employees of Fiamma, a company that makes accessories for motor homes.

Makeup, tattoos, and hair accessories are worn for self-expression, not to score points on the field or with viewers.

In her Subversion paintings, Donegan’s pieces are titled after commodities like eBay, The Skirt, and accessories.

Liu will create wearable sculpture and accessories, as well as 3D animations, so that viewers can better connect with the realities she is mining.

The lists are also important to celebrities who are vying for lucrative beauty, fashion, and accessories campaigns.

Macy’s is slated to rake in $22 billion in clothing and accessories sales in 2017, per the report.

Who knew the accessories we rocked in kindergarten would one day end up on the red carpet?

The accessories aren’t cheap, though.

Ditching the jack is a good way to alienate potential customers who don’t have the funds to switch all of their accessories to Bluetooth.

Police were filmed taking away at least 284 boxes of potential evidence, notably jewelery, cash, designer clothes and accessories.

Aria wears some wacky accessories, but we’re pretty sure that wearing a wedding veil for fun would be beyond the pale.

Standfest, now in his early 40s, is rarely to be seen without throwback fashion accessories: a porkpie hat, a button-down jacket, horn-rimmed glasses.

Native Fashion Now is full of clothing, jewelry and accessories that illustrate this idea beautifully.

Bundles make a lot of sense with a device for which accessories are a key selling point.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up 30 of the best Halloween lights, gadgets, and animatronic accessories.

It was a subscription to accessories and handbags.

Two years later, consumers spent $60 million on radio sets, parts, and accessories.

— figuring out which accessories to purchase is far easier.

Braid your hair to accentuate your glorious mane, and finish off the costume with glittery or feather accessories.

Even Chanel introduced Fresh Prince Of Bel Air-worthy hair accessories to its Spring 2017 collection.

APA says the Kardashians made millions after they locked deals for clothing, footwear, accessories, and hair products.

Pastels on steroids, red lips reinvented, easy accessories, gloss, non-gothic black, and half-up hair.

“There are some accessories and clothes that I have bought with my own money.

And it isn’t that I don’t like the appearance of these smart accessories.

“I’m on Raya,” the British star, who just launched the Pop & Suki accessories line with pal Poppy Jamie, shared.

For a $19.95 listing fee, you can sell your dress and accessories (there’s also a bridesmaids tab) with no commission charged.

For evening, Mama relied on accessories to liven things up.

PacSun: It’s the brand you loved in middle school for its surfer-chic clothes and accessories.

Still, with these accessories, could Lagerfeld have hacked the industry’s difficulty with making tech products luxury?

The latest evidence: The neon-bright Chanel hair accessories sported on the spring 2017 runways.

The lists are also important to celebrities who are vying for lucrative beauty, fashion, and accessories campaigns.

She pushes Caitlyn towards higher heels and fewer accessories.

But since most laptop accessories still plug in via the USB port, Apple owners might have to use an adaptor, or upgrade their technology.

A fair few accessories and earrings as well.

For its part, Apple sells accessibility accessories in its shop, even though the accessories are made by third party vendors.

Le Tote, which markets itself as the “Netflix for fashion,” loans its members a handful of garments and accessories each month.

The accessories department also needs some tidying.

“If you need bud at your wedding or party, we bring all of the accessories and expertise.

Because there are no clothing items or accessories, this is a good option for dogs who are likely to eat or shred a costume.

There are a lot of tattoo-aesthetic influenced pins that don’t translate very well into ‘real life’ accessories.

What you need: A crop top, fun accessories, oversized sunglasses, and jeans or denim shorts.

What you need: A red or black dress, heart-shaped accessories, two decks of playing cards, a stapler, and some bobby pins.

What you need: A white or green dress, metallic accessories, bobby pins, and rubber snakes.

Because Kendall had given Rob the iPad and its accessories as a Christmas present.

Your phone chargers and tech accessories?

The rapper recently filed paperwork to blaze a trail into the marijuana accessories market.

Acquiring wealth — signified here by the gold accessories — at the price of one’s sexuality?

Hailey Baldwin has pulled off one of Justin Bieber’s favorite accessories.

Hailey Baldwin has pulled off one of Justin Bieber’s favorite accessories.

Why did it feel like the right time to launch an accessories brand together?

And accessories, like this keyboard.

There was bling on clothing, jewelry, accessories,” says Christina Binkley, who covered fashion for the Wall Street Journal.

Go crazy with your accessories.

If you have enough followers, the brands—typically small clothing and accessories start-ups aimin g to court Generation Z—will even come to you.

Click through for twenty cameras and accessories that will help take your photos off your iPhone screen.

For a fashion-forward look that reflects this progress, pair high-waisted trousers with a tucked-in graphic blouse, metallic red booties, and minimal accessories.

Undereye bags, those not-so-cute accessories you never asked for, are notoriously difficult to deal with.

There’s the Pogo dock for the keyboard and a single USB-C — so good luck with those accessories.

On November 5, 2016, they all grabbed an iPhone 7, their favorite accessories and captured some great shots.

Ann Bartges sold “shadow, middle-aged,” listed under “Other Women’s accessories,” for $2.25.

That gives you a little more wiggle room on the accessories front.

Through August 6, you can find deep discounts on its selection of clothes, accessories, and more.

The harvester has a range of accessories attached to it.

Even her accessories, like Gucci mini bags and Mulberry satchels, rose by 214 percent and 95 percent, respectively, on the site.

Perfect for: The fuccboiUnbound makes stealthy jewelry that doubles as sex accessories (sex-essories?

His entourage—donning bizarro American accessories like star-spangled neckties—turn into the greatest hype men of all time.

And, in a recent case of life imitating fashion, Blake Lively found herself basically mimicking her expressive accessories.

It also has an entire line of Sauce Packet-themed clothing and accessories, including socks, pillows, and even a garter.

We know the girl loves her jewels, and it seems Lively has found her match in Alison Lou’s extra-expressive accessories.

As always, the accessories were the standout pieces, and they win the award for “Most Likely To Be Spotted At Fashion Week Next Season.”

There was also a smart emphasis on accessories, a crucial stepping stone for Proenza’s success in scaling their brand.

Wine glasses as accessories?

It means decking out all of your Hip Lifestyle Garments with lots of Hip Lifestyle accessories.

You get your turtlenecks at one store, your functional outerwear at another, and your fun winter accessories somewhere completely different.

Plus, you can save 20% on select accessories, like sheets, pillows, and mattress protectors.

She’s lampshading in a Romeo Reya dress (that’s only $200), but we can’t get over the accessory (accessories?)

Many Apple accessories, such as mice, keyboards, chargers and even leather covers for iPhones and iPads would also face tariffs, it said.

accessories include these deliciously cozy faux-fur slippers, these elegantly embroidered ankle boots, and countless quirky pieces of jewelry that complete the look.

So, I started messing around with my knits, and realized that with a little creativity, they make for damn good accessories, too.

But bags and shoes aren’t the only accessories treading into the vegan terrain.

Tech accessories are also getting an update.

Read on to find some of our picks for faux and vegan leather tech accessories on the internet.

If the answer is no, consider its MIA status a sign that your accessories could use an update — and keep reading.

The Navajo Nation holds many trademarks on the use of its name, including those governing clothing and accessories.

Instead, it offers limited protection for “useful items,” such as apparel and accessories, Zerbo explains, which means only “separable creative elements” are covered.

And while these accessories might seem intimidating and/or super nerdy, we assure you they’re actually quite wearable.

The site is also a great stop for bridesmaid dresses (which start at $70) and accessories.

This study comes just a few weeks after Apple conducted its own study on third-party power accessories.

With matching accessories like miniature sunglasses and black loafers with gold tassels, the off-duty model looked casually cool during Paris Fashion Week.

The prospect of additional regulation has long been recognized as a surefire way to send demand for guns and accessories soaring.

It, too, is sweat-resistant, and the bundle of included accessories is a nice touch.

This is the perfect day look — but it can also work for a night out with the right accessories.

But when it comes to great clothing, shoes, and accessories that don’t cross into triple-digit territory, things start to get a little tricky.

The clothing and accessories industry is about a $250 billion market in the U.S., still in large part owned by traditional brick-and-mortar retailers.

Easy to sneak underneath pretty much anything, these base layers and accessories provide warmth while keeping our style intact.

Of course the most famous preschooler in the world would bust out the accessory to end all accessories.

Their former performance venue, not far away, burned to the ground in February, along with many of their costumes and accessories.

Students of this new practice are doing away with flashy qipao dresses, frivolous accessories, and fanciful hand movements.

Even hearing about my lack of accessories for the 100th time in a day doesn’t dampen my mood.

The clothing and accessories in the photos are meant to be tagged with product details from a database Project September is compiling.

“We have plenty of great dresses, shoes, bags and other accessories for the inauguration.

They converted their cluttered bedroom closet into a little room for West with a crib, creative vertical storage, accessories, and artwork.

Living in LA, I frequently come across these seemingly unnecessary meditation accessories with ludicrous price tags.

But nameplate accessories certainly aren’t ancient relics.

It still holds a soft spot in our hearts, although the brand’s accessories have significantly matured since the monogram’s heyday.

Her work also graced a collection of scarves before she started the line of jeans and expanded to perfume, shoes, leather goods and accessories.

Last year, the brand collaborated with & Other Stories on an extensive collection that comprised ready-to-wear, footwear, and accessories.

The difference, of course, it that they pair well with this season’s accessories of choice, like oversized earrings and chain belts.

The event included plenty of rainbow accessories, chants of “Daddy Pence, come dance,” and dancing…so much dancing.

That takes the form of beautifully designed smoking accessories, but also approachable education aimed specifically at new users.

Treating these like nice accessories other rather than cheap, disposable hair ties has made me take better care of them.

Aside from the bigger names, there’s no doubt you can score some compliment-getting accessories, and even shoes, for well under-$100.

But it’s Jenner’s entire ensemble — the dress, the hair, the accessories — that reminds us of Audrey Hepburn circa Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

Though this type of floating contemporary artwork is rather rare, beach- and pool-related accessories with comparable provenance are not unheard of.

Why would Universal Pictures drop $593 million on marketing last year that included clothes, accessories, fruit labeling, vehicles, life-size models, toys, linen and luggage?

This simple tool fixes one of the biggest problems people have after a workout

10 effective workout accessories you can buy for under $25

And judging from its first drop, it’s about to sparkle up the store’s accessories aisle.

“And with the girls comes the continual opportunity to buy what more unique fashion accessories from what we call from our lookbook.

The company earlier this year added to its brand portfolio with the acquisition of Belkin, a well-known U.S. maker of computer accessories.

They are usually considered accessories rather than participants, but in fact, they have tremendous responsibilities in historic talks such as these.

In 2016, they launched a new footwear and accessories brand called Frances Valentine, naming it after their daughter, who is now 13.

All those cold weather trends and bundled up layers — cashmere sweaters, faux-fur accessories, sturdy and weather-proof boots — don’t usually come cheap.

Not only Tito’s but also other guests’ suits and dresses, were often embellished with imaginative accessories, like caps, hats, Mexican sombreros…

Lastly, we’d choose my dress and my accessories.

But, now — er, come June — a “rebirth” of the iconic French brand is coming to Balmain boutiques near you in the form of accessories.

Given the ways her subjects blend materials and accessories, colors and patterns, it’s hard to imagine them not standing out in most settings.

Once you have your icy base, it’s time for some truly unique accessories.

Moon Bunny came to fruition because the makers couldn’t find similar accessories in Russia.

Kasztelan exposes the outrageous trappings of commercialized femininity by wrangling all the glittery, cake-topping, cartoon-like, clown-laden accessories of girl craft into watertight (and oh-so-sparkly!)

Per its official press release, the offering will include “a capsule collection of bridal and bridesmaids dresses, accessories, and lingerie.”

Not only are they fabulous accessories, they’re really important for carrying items in World of Warcraft.

Kahmune’s origin story is quite simple: Last year, founder and designer Jamela Acheampong was searching the web for nude-hued clothing and accessories.

Most of us ditched hair accessories way back when, opting for plain hair ties and bobby pins to keep our styles in check.

Mirrors serve two beneficial purposes: First, images, accessories, wall hangings, furniture, and light from lamps or recessed lighting will be reflected into the room.

She believes that the influencer trend is associated with a broader uptick in public purchasing around the home, including home fragrances and accessories.

The sedan also came with accessories: A matching pink rain cape, handbag, compact and lipstick.

The brand grew into a fashion empire, known for accessories that offered affordable luxury to younger working women.

In 2016, they launched a new footwear and accessories brand called Frances Valentine, naming it after their daughter, who is now 13.

If you haven’t heard, Witherspoon has a Southern-inspired lifestyle brand of clothes, accessories, and stories called Draper James.

The clothing and accessories it sells have been owned before.

Raid Each Other’s ClosetsEven if sizing is an issue, accessories are always fun to swap.

I’ve stuck with the same layering pieces and accessories.

The latest accessories we’ve seen are edgier than ever — and they are giving us some major throwback vibes to the grunge era.

All those iPhones and iPads and the vast majority of the Macs and accessories that fuel those profits are made in China.

The real triumph of the offering though, was (unsurprisingly) the accessories.

6 (also on the accessories front: lens-free, gilded face jewelry by Gabriela Artigas.

This cost the VSP $585,265, and came complete with a whole bunch of accessories, including a Chevrolet Suburban outfitted specifically to run the device.

Reed didn’t begin with Disney accessories.

All at once, they’re going to start shopping for new accessories designed to work with an iPhone 7.

Dozens of companies are going to be rushing to create headphones, speakers, converters, and other accessories designed to work in a post-headphone-jack world.

Believe it or not, Reed makes all of the accessories herself.

“I opened [a box] up to see what was in it, and it was just accessories for cellphones,” Miller said.

As far as accessories go, a pearl necklace is pretty much the farthest thing from trendy.

@stephencurry30 is not only an advisor and investor, but he is also active in designing and testing accessories.

Fur accents and accessories function as sort of a gateway drug in the industry.

Beyond the brand’s sustainable, ethical practices, its clothes and accessories really deliver on quality and style.

And there’s a separate trademark for candles and candle accessories.

Dia&Co, founded in 2014, sells clothing and accessories to women who wear plus-sized apparel via a try-on-at-home model.

Customers take an online survey to explain their tastes and then are shipped a five-item box of clothing and accessories.

With the help of a few fun accessories and some some innovative styling tricks, I put the offering to the test.

Amazon already sells things like electronic accessories, office supplies and even clothing under a variety of its own brand names.

Rebecca Minkoff, known for her outfit-completing accessories and fash-pirational, oh so regrammable Instagram account, has always thought outside the box.

Anker is a device maker that’s rapidly become a go-to brand for affordable, quality accessories include cables, chargers and backup batteries.

Walmart stopped selling assault firearms and accessories in 2015 and only sells handguns in Alaska.

Judging by his accessories — and that stack he empties out of his pockets — he’s showing no fear.

In October 2010, alongside his partner David Ramirez, he opened up Palmer Trading Company, a physical store selling vintage menswear, furniture, and accessories.

So check out these winter workout accessories — especially the clip-on studded rubber outsoles that’ll help keep you vertical.

Metal is primal for me, the sonic interpretation of humanity devoid of all the unnecessary bullshit and accessories with which we surround our lives.

We’re automating it with the word’s first connected accessories and third party integrations,” said Wilson.

These “Bargain Finds” include electronics, home goods, clothes, and accessories — it’s all strikingly similar to what Dollar Tree sells.

That’s right, she’s wearing pearl hair accessories.

She’s the co-owner of MeMe london, which appears to be some sort of midi-priced accessories company for men and women.

Happily, there are many products, services, and accessories out there for people who want more control over their high.

During his time as a freelancer, the German designer created clothing and accessories for the likes of Mario Valentino, Chloé, and shoemaker Charles Jourdan.

These weren’t frivolous, purely-for-the-aesthetics accessories — the pieces are meant to represent the idea of surviving and staying afloat in a tumultuous political environment.

In March, the company started banning videos made to sell guns or demonstrate how to make guns or gun accessories.

Just as we anticipated, these hair accessories are so much more than just… hair accessories.

Women are used to having a purse full of stuff with them — what’s a few more accessories if it’s for the planet?

Those include its budget-tier Redmi 6A phone and, in its accessories range, the Xiaomi Band 3 fitness device and the £399 Mi Electric Scooter.

Given that Apple loves to upsell you with accessories, I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple also introduced premium, wireless options.

I noticed today on Twitter, a few college students were asking about Wi-Fi accessories for the dorm, so there might be some of that.

Why do I get the feeling these may soon be popular accessories?

Kylie’s older sister, Kendall, also recently filed docs to trademark bags, clothing and hair accessories under her own name.

Outside the store, Floyd and his crew showed off a BUNCH of bags filled with Gucci — dropping a fortune on clothing and accessories.

Occipital is trying to solve this by building portable, plug-and-play accessories that turn iPads and other devices into 3D scanning beasts.

There are also 49 accessories (think USB adapter, wheels, servo mounts, etc.).

It wasn’t clothes, shoes or accessories.

The deal calls for YEEZY retail shops that will hawk shoes, apparel, and accessories.

So, the company behind the snack is now offering solutions to this problem — in the form of Cheeto-themed clothing and accessories.

Steve Jobs’ widow brought her best accessories to Croatia — her daughter, hot bf and Steve’s yacht.

It has also expanded into maternity, petites, accessories, and footwear, and plans to launch support for plus sizing next year.

The California-based YouTuber previously started a photography accessories company, and originally thought his life was more about cameras and making videos.

But it’s not merely the slicked-back hair and amazing ‘stache that makes this costume so epic: it’s also the accessories.

accessories are what really make or break a look.

You get to protect your curls from heat and other harsh elements for a day, and let your accessories do all the talking, too.

Her chargers and laptop and purse would litter my furniture, along with weird feminine accessories that I could never quite identify.

We see Bey clad in a sleek baby bump-revealing dress and jacket, Blue in adorable braids, some luxe accessories, and so on.

This week: A biomedical research analyst who makes $56,000 per year and spends it on bike accessories and a sleeping bag.

For the second half of the performance, my friend Amy came out and cut all the clothing and accessories off my body.

For fans of Chanel, however, this isn’t the first time Lagerfeld has dipped his toes in the gender neutral accessories arena.

There wasn’t any rush to open the bar; Maverick’s main job was (and is) designing jewelry and accessories for his line Starlingear.

Has that been more challenging than choosing a top or a pair of accessories?

“These delicious floral accessories are perfect for pizza-loving couples looking to spice up their wedding with one-of-a-kind designs.

‘Better than nothing.’” – Alice, 34 “Pair of white XL granny panties.” – Amy, 25 “Fish tank and accessories.

“A lot of fashion designers […] use aspects of it in their accessories or details for retail or shows.

As far as accessories go, expect to see people carrying oversized teddy bear bags and wearing Ivy League-style scarves come fall.

From height to hair color to accessories, the production team will actually find half a dozen people that bring your “type” to life.

So, we’re bringing you the next best thing: A selection of cute kitchen accessories that won’t break the bank.

“It’s not just about the clothes,” said Kyle Anderson, market and accessories director at Marie Claire magazine.

To fully round out your packing list, R29 video producers Emily Curl and Serena Kerrigan show us the extra fun accessories you’ll need.

Kitty ears, studded dog collars, and several dance partners at once are all popular accessories.

You’re going to need accessories — a lot of them.

The thunderstorm-protecting accessories are called Panorellas, indicative of their hidden all-encompassing panoramic views.

If you buy three cameras, plus the mentioned accessories for a two-bedroom apartment, your total comes out to $657 (excluding taxes).

The art director was very strict on the lights or the accessories.

If you pay the premium for software and accessories, there’s not much you won’t be able to keep a visual on.

So I decided to head to a tween-centric accessories shop at a nearby mall in search of the perfect fake ring.

I’ve spent money (real money) on dashboard accessories in Mechwarrior Online.

CryptoPuppies CryptoPuppies is another clone involving dogs, but with accessories.

Josephs, 56, is a designer with a line of clothing and accessories called The Macbeth Collection.

Lego people — along with accompanying accessories.

“You cannot use it to sync or to connect to accessories.

And now, she’s making us wonder about the hidden meaning behind her choice of hair accessories.

While Buttendorf’s whimsical accessories may just seem like clever art objects, there are thoughtful concepts behind them.

You’ll find Zara Home stocked with slippers and accessories, too.

It is the most versatile of accessories.

“They’re the Hot Topic of accessories!”

And this spring, she’s bringing us new furniture, accessories, and more from her line.

Oftentimes, Goldstein told me, tech accessories geared toward femme people are fashionable, but not necessarily practical.

“I haven’t seen as many useful tech accessories in this space,” she said.

That same finesse is evident in the new creations from our accessories collection.

For now, that means third-party accessories.

This mixed casual anoraks, holster-style accessories and sleek trench coats, and drew hip hop royalty.

We can’t decide which photos we love more: Beyoncé’s gorgeous Gucci dress and glam accessories, or the ones of the Carter family.

Non-binary folks’ appearance/gender expression may depend on the access they have to the clothes, cosmetics, accessories, hormones, and medical procedures they want.

And, it’s certainly been interesting to see the knockoff culture move from accessories to activewear.

The green, blue and grey military army tones were leavened by metal sequins, suede and golden accessories, including practical hobo bags.

It included “accessories that would be used for sexual gratification purposes,” they said.

“One of the key learnings was that we received a tremendous number of requests to [produce] accessories outside of jewelry.”

The e-comm has also fielded plenty of customer requests for accessories beyond jewelry, the company’s co-founders told us.

(Is there anything cuter than a baby with bow-tie hair accessories?)

Some of Unicole’s pop star outfits or accessories look unexpectedly expensive.

The brand has used vegetarian leather in its accessories offerings for awhile now.

“I have the full works, even the floppy shoes and all the accessories.

The fall ’17 range of accessories, which include cap-toe heels and top-handle totes, are also rendered in the innovative “skin-free skin” fabric.

And pet accessories!

“I feel like we think of dead women as these sort of sexy accessories.

We hope accessories in a sentence examples were helpful.