Abandoning in a sentence | Use of the word abandoning examples

Think of David Cameron jacking it all in, abandoning his post after losing the referendum he called to protect his own career.

However, it feels naive to expect authenticity or sincerity from Hollywood when it has always manufactured fictions that seduce us into abandoning our realities.

By abandoning the summit, experts said, Trump left the door open for China to further involve itself in the process.

The government shows no sign of abandoning its assertiveness when the future of strategic national industries is at stake.

U.S. consumers last month continued a longstanding trend of abandoning passenger cars for larger, more comfortable pickup trucks and SUVs.

The gambit depended on moderates not abandoning the bill over the projected coverage losses.

So it is a kind of abandoning of principles because power feels really good.

New Hampshire became the 21st state to drop the death penalty on Thursday — the latest on a growing list of states abandoning capital punishment.

“And”The DPRK committed to abandoning all nuclear weapons and existing nuclear programs” https://t.co/gVFzNG7fLV There’s even more reason to doubt North Korea’s sincerity.

Instead of abandoning democracy, maybe what we need is more and better democracy.

Despite abandoning the deal, Washington has demanded European countries ensure Iran comply with it.

And what would be the penalty for abandoning it?

What would prevent them from abandoning it?

We got Brown at LAX and he told us he has ZERO intention of abandoning his working relationship with the White House.

While Trump couldn’t just scuttle a global deal by himself, he could certainly undermine it by abandoning America’s efforts to cut emissions.

Ahead of the summit, North Korea rejected unilaterally abandoning an arsenal it has called an essential deterrent against U.S. aggression.

Republicans abandoning him because it looks like he’ll lose?

He said he was abandoning support for the measure because he also changed his opinion on universal, government-run health insurance.

That doesn’t mean abandoning our principles—we will vigorously appeal TfL’s decision—but rather building trust through our actions and our behavior.

Why is Sam suddenly abandoning his plan and endangering his family?

The track record of the last few decades makes a strong case for abandoning the status quo.

Trump is abandoning this role entirely; in fact, he’s reversing it.

For many people, that could be the difference between staying, or abandoning their country.

U.S. history abounds with examples of members of dominant groups abandoning class solidarity after concluding that opportunity is a zero-sum game.

Turkey has shown interest in the Patriot system, but not at the expense of abandoning the S-400.

In Guatemala, for example, one U.S. assistance program under threat was established to keep farmers from abandoning the land and migrating north.

In mid-September, sources at the campaign suggested they were abandoning this plan.

So Nintendo isn’t looking at these numbers and abandoning its hardware business altogether.

“The Trump administration is abandoning this country’s promise to refugees,” said Mace.

But don’t worry about Kim abandoning filters altogether … she posted a vid of Chicago later with plenty of them.

Critics loved it, too, praising the way it offered a thought-provoking and inventive take on familiar genres without abandoning characters for plot machinations.

Republicans in Congress have for the most part circled the wagons around the president rather than abandoning him.

Witch Hunt.” Rosenstein somehow managed to navigate the Comey firing drama deftly, pleasing Trump just enough to keep his job without abandoning his principles.

He tried to write the story of his father abandoning the family as a novel twice before writing his memoir Furthering My Education.

Was Emelianenko abandoning retirement because of rekindled passion for fighting, or on a lark?

It’s no secret that millennials are abandoning the open web, swapping blogs and news sites for Facebook and OkCupid for Tinder.

It was evolve or fail, and we were okay with abandoning months of work in order to truly thrive.

They also have a habit of abandoning sinking ships.

Until Twitter addresses those issues in a way that makes sense, the rumblings about abandoning the platform won’t stop.

In an emailed statement to Business Insider, Alphabet CEO Larry Page said the company was not abandoning its role in the internet service business.

The company did not give any reason for abandoning the deal.

Fiorina endorsed the Texas senator last month, after abandoning her own White House bid in February.

Criticize Johnson’s coaches for abandoning their fighter after the bout, but it was a performance unbecoming of the division’s number-one contender.

The ferocity of the flames forced authorities to focus primarily on getting people out safely, even if it meant abandoning structures to the fire.

Steve made the absolute wrong move of abandoning a drunk girl at a party, and Jonathan is simply picking up the pieces.

We are going to work to find areas of agreement without abandoning our principals,” said Peronist lawmaker Hector Recalde.

As tech-savvy government efforts like 18F and the USDS take technological strides forward, other parts of the government are abandoning modern technology altogether.

Kim has never announced the intention of abandoning his existing nuclear arsenal, which he calls a “treasured sword”.

Universities are abandoning vestigial constraints on time, like the credit hour, and are developing programs more tightly coupled with employer demands.

Wall Street is abandoning Wall Street because it’s too expensive.

President Donald Trump pulled America out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership on Monday, abandoning the trade deal he spent much of the presidential campaign deriding.

I’m abandoning this humpty dumpty lookin ass,” El wrote.

He didn’t say anything more about that window, but it sounds like YouTube isn’t fully abandoning paid subscriptions yet.

“She talks about abandoning the word ‘diversity’ and replacing it with ‘normalizing.

The Education Department is reportedly abandoning an Obama-era policy that erased the student debt of people who had been defrauded by for-profit colleges.

“The user either finds something of interest or the risk of the user abandoning our service increases substantially.”

On that note … Lamar says Sherri abandoning their son is between her and her God.

This is true because even when Joel noted during his post-sex heart-to-heart with Midge he never apologized for abandoning her, he still doesn’t apologize.

Mattis appears to be rebuking Trump for abandoning allies without consultation or planning.

From this message, it’s clear that Jenner isn’t abandoning her fans or completely cutting her cords.

Open-source companies are providing SaaS licenses, and commercial vendors are abandoning expensive upfront licenses, support and maintenance agreements.

But while abandoning populism has been a political failure, it has won Trump fans in the Republican congressional caucus.

So far, Fox is showing no signs of abandoning its star, who hosts the No.

I would travel with him through many poor acting decisions, abandoning him only when his eccentricity became a flimsy cover-up for alleged abuse.

The idea of them abandoning the move-fast-and-break-things, grow-at-all-costs mentality they’ve embraced for years, even in the slightest, makes Wall Street nervous.

That brought about its own controversy; some were upset that they were abandoning their activist roots.

And though the Shapiros are abandoning Case for the new Token business, they haven’t forgotten about the initial customers who bought their first product.

abandoning currency counterfeiting would be a big change for North Korea.

That could make Standard Cognition appealing for retailers that want to embrace the future without abandoning the past.

That stat will let Facebook hide how younger users are abandoning it in favor of Instagram.

To wit, Ramaswamy has said he noticed pharmaceutical firms abandoning promising drugs for various reasons having nothing to do with their efficacy.

But even with all of this controversy, few are suggesting abandoning the p-value all together.

His elite Republican support is rapidly abandoning him.

“That doesn’t mean abandoning our principles — we will vigorously appeal TfL’s decision — but rather building trust through our actions and our behavior.

That doesn’t mean abandoning our principles—we will vigorously appeal TfL’s decision—but rather building trust through our actions and our behavior.

But Trump isn’t totally abandoning his outsider credentials.

What potential downsides would come with abandoning the values of labor and discriminatory resource attribution?

If nothing else, abandoning the technique will save women some pain.

It might just have you abandoning wires once and for all.

If abandoning your childhood team for your partner isn’t love, I don’t know what is.

Some experts think that Trump abandoning US commitments on aid could be nearly as damaging to international climate efforts as withdrawing from Paris altogether.

But USTR later clarified in a statement that it was not abandoning the threat of increasing the tariffs to 25 percent from 10 percent.

Many government supporters view him as a traitor for abandoning the party, while members of the opposition view his roots with suspicion.

Relatedly, the public shouldn’t get to decide which cases sufficiently offend us to warrant a judge abandoning impartiality.

“I was angry, yes, for abandoning me, my kids, but now it’s been replaced,” she said crying.

This memory of abandoning her sister must be on of Annie’s more buried regrets.

But that would have meant abandoning the people who showed them love.

So what does the US accomplish by abandoning the deal?

He’s desperately trying to find the Outpost to seek vengeance on Coco for abandoning him.

Leaving that would mean abandoning all international cooperative efforts on climate change.

And Apple isn’t abandoning macOS in favor of iOS.

I have to say, I’m glad they seem to be abandoning this city council run.

Tory supporters appear to be abandoning the Brexit mission in their droves.

Rizvi speaks directly to agnostics, atheists, and humanists living in the Muslim world, enjoining them to embrace secular culture without abandoning their Muslim identity.

But her husband soon left for South Africa, abandoning her with a baby.

Why is Microsoft seemingly abandoning the quest for Windows hegemony?

Stirring anti-Catalan feelings has always been a successful electoral strategy for Spanish right-wing politicians, so it is hard to imagine them abandoning it now.

But while you might be stressed to the point of abandoning ship and eloping with your S.O.

Some defectors have cited harsh working conditions as reasons for abandoning their posts.

The Justice Department has said the Trump administration would be abandoning the original order, which should render moot ongoing court challenges to that order.

“I don’t think in any way the U.S. is abandoning its leadership in the global economy, quite the contrary.

abandoning the binary and redefining the classic tuxedo, the Broadway veteran dripped in velvet wearing a custom Christian Siriano tux gown.

Although this technology is still in its infancy, it’s not quite as hard to imagine abandoning touch screens for mind control anymore.

On Monday, Hyflux took legal action against SM investments for abandoning the deal.

And it appears they got there by abandoning a longstanding Republican concern about the national debt.

It isn’t abandoning its consumer base.

Like a rat abandoning a sinking ship, Trump pulled out his interests in Atlantic City little by little.

Chaudry hopes it works — though abandoning Syed’s case isn’t a question.

It’s a uniform of sorts and one that Wintour says she’s considering abandoning in large part because of the duchess.

Tambor, who has denied the allegations, is abandoning his Emmy-winning role over what he calls the hostile “politicized atmosphere” on the set.

abandoning the duties they swore to uphold would threaten both the Constitution and our democracy itself.”

abandoning the duties they swore to uphold would threaten both the Constitution and our democracy itself.

abandoning the existing sources leaves communities like Pooja’s worse off, but staying in is rife with problems, too.

Iran says that by abandoning the agreement Washington has shown it cannot negotiate in good faith.

The tabloid press later accused Bowie of abandoning his brother (Bowie stayed away from the funeral, fearing it would become a media circus).

That fight did devolve somewhat into Eye abandoning her jab and squaring up to trade rights with Tate whenever the two came together.

But Deliveroo is looking at abandoning the hourly rate and moving to a per delivery payment structure, where drivers would earn £3.75/delivery.

Amnesty International has said deporting and abandoning the Rohingya would be “unconscionable”.

The country, already enduring a deepening economic crisis, has been quick to dismiss suggestions that ships were abandoning the Suez Canal.

Google says these fast-loading mobile webpages keep people from abandoning searches and by extension drive more traffic to websites.

“One by one,” the story reads, “America’s food outlets are abandoning the century-old American staple.

Al Qureshi, managing director of analytics at Incenter said he prefers more tweaks to LIBOR rather than abandoning it for an imperfect alternative.

I didn’t want a stranger in the grave.” Other Iranians under pressure from sanctions are considering abandoning tradition altogether.

For example, airlines in the U.S. are now solidly profitable, after abandoning decades of crash-and-burn pricing.

In other words, just when we need our better angels the most, they seem to be in the process of abandoning us.

I was not—and am still not—interested in evolving or abandoning things or changing.

The White House’s framework forces Democrats to choose: Are they willing to win citizenship for 1.8 million unauthorized immigrants by abandoning future immigrants?

In mid-September, sources at the campaign suggested they were abandoning this plan.

… Royals manager Ned Yost said he is not “abandoning” Joakim Soria, who blew his seventh save Tuesday.

A number of states have adopted laws aimed at dissuading internet providers from abandoning net neutrality.

The two teenagers admitted considering the attack, before abandoning the idea, the daily reported.

And far from abandoning free-spirited imagination and play, Nina Katchadourian would eventually redirect both into her very remarkable art.

There are the cauliflower ears he acquired when, after abandoning his childhood pro soccer ambitions, he began fighting professionally nearly 13 years ago.

But while the network is being shut down, Al Jazeera isn’t abandoning the US market entirely.

If I were a venture capitalist, I’d see there’s a great big market out there of people abandoning Facebook.

Curtin writes: In Australia, the Trump Effect was repeatedly cited to support abandoning legislation to deliver compliance with its Paris pledge.

That would mean abandoning, at least formally, any focus on white supremacist violence or right-wing extremism.

But why should the US care if Saudi Arabia feels like we’re abandoning it?

Turkey has shown interest in the Patriot system, but not at the expense of abandoning the S-400.

Dawes, the physics professor, says he’s also abandoning the chase.

I wouldn’t be OK with just waving some flags at the border and abandoning the asylum seekers to the police.

Ware explains the idea came to him after abandoning a failing character he had been working on for a local paper.

Rhode Island is not abandoning all hedge funds.

The car’s six-speed manual transmission shifts like a tractor — an old one — and I briefly considered abandoning the car and catching a bus.

That aligns with what Meerkat CEO Ben Rubin told Recode back in March when he explained why he was abandoning the video livestream.

“Trump’s abandoning of the nuclear deal was a diplomatic show … Iran has no obligation to honor its commitments under the current situation …

Please stop abandoning your old fake pets in deference to new fake pets.

Beginning in the middle of the 20th century, the working class, once the core of the coalition, began abandoning the Democratic Party.

But this does not excuse liberals beating full retreat to the colleges and the cities, abandoning the dispossessed to their fate.

They will find, over and over, how easy it is to justify abandoning them further.

Well-off travelers like Kevin Lynch, an ad executive who lived in Hong Kong Airbnbs for three years, are abandoning permanent houses for digital nomadism.

Ultimately, everyone agreed that fixing Maps (which has noticeably improved in recent years) was a better option than abandoning it.

First Solar is bringing forward production of its Series 6 modules by a year to 2018 and abandoning plans for the Series 5 product.

I still feel guilty about just abandoning our mom.

She disappeared from his life 15 years ago without a word, abandoning her family, who looked to him for answers.

You might also say that they were calling for “triangulation” between Reaganism and New Deal liberalism — or, at worst, abandoning the FDR-style approach.

There’s one big one: abandoning shampoo.

The bloc’s negotiators believe abandoning this sequencing would allow Britain to stall on the Irish issue.

Apparently, the head of the youth program was concerned about young people catching on to the latest craze and abandoning their Islamic values.

Yet younger audiences have for years been abandoning cable for services like Snapchat, YouTube, and other forms of social and online media.

This resulted in Zimbabwe abandoning its own currency in 2009.

Even though Google is making its own hardware, it’s not completely abandoning its partners.

“By reinforcing his partisans’ predispositions, presidents can counter opposition party attacks and discourage his supporters from abandoning him.

No word yet on when this key update is hitting, but we look forward to further abandoning the written word.

Now he’s withdrawing that commitment — which might break the seal for other Republicans considering abandoning Trump.

abandoning the philosophical debates and chronological confusion that have leadened recent episodes, the hour of television focused on its characters.

A solar eclipse is the moment in which the sun disappears, abandoning the world.

Since abandoning communism 25 years ago, European Union membership candidate Albania has allowed the use of foreign currencies and adopted a free-floating exchange rate.

The storied movie studio and theme park operator is scrambling to keep viewers who are abandoning its current top money maker, cable networks.

By abandoning the scrawl, Lucasfilm and Disney are illustrating the challenge of preserving originality while maintaining a connection to the source.

Inmarsat isn’t totally abandoning SpaceX.

However, by the evening Maduro was still in charge, and there was little sign of the military leadership abandoning him.

I thought about abandoning the project once I found out it wasn’t a heroic story but a horror story.

—Harry S Truman Republicans have been accused of abandoning the poor.

By moving to Japan to train Yuri, however, he’s abandoning another Yuri — Yuri Plisetsky — a fellow Russian skater.

4/23 9:45 AM PT — Culwell has been charged with 7 felony counts of animal cruelty, plus 7 misdemeanor counts of abandoning the dogs.

As David, a controversial entrepreneur accused of abandoning numerous ventures, told Motherboard: “The city is currently freaking out about a Facebook group.”

They see Uber and Lyft and the trend of more people moving to cities and abandoning their cars, and they’re anxious.

Strategies, abandoning strategies, going toward technique and abandoning technique, all those things.

You credit Obama with abandoning the utopian fantasies of neoconservatism, but you also reproach him for failing to recognize the limits of American power.

They feel leaders are abandoning their original promises, even as more DACA recipients lose their protected status every day.

And with the advent of mobile, some investors have gone a step further, abandoning the notion altogether.

The performance there doesn’t feel like Charles sees Laura as a person, as an actual child they’re abandoning.

And if that’s not an endorsement for abandoning the ship for a leaking life raft, we don’t know what is.

Apple is trying to calm professionals who are concerned the company is abandoning them and macOS.

Acting as though rules and norms still apply just seems to make Dems vulnerable, but abandoning them entirely doesn’t sound great either.

When the effects wore off they realized what they were doing and fled, abandoning us to find our way to the nearest hospital.

After initially abandoning Moore, the Republican Party resumed contributing funding to his election effort after Trump’s endorsement.

Eminem’s biological father — who the rapper frequently rapped about abandoning him — has died … TMZ has learned.

But she’s not abandoning her mission: she’s assembled a group of loyal friends to take on missions that the Corps wouldn’t.

For some developers, the tariff has meant abandoning nascent markets in the American heartland that last year posted the strongest growth in installations.

“I am not used to abandoning people who have worked alongside me,” Salvini, who serves as interior minister, told a political rally on Saturday.

In the film’s final act, Derek convinces Danny to join him in abandoning white supremacism.

abandoning those expectations makes him appreciate the connections he has in the moment.

A source familiar with the discussion said that Uber isn’t planning on completely abandoning its auto leasing ambitions.

But he added that his disagreement does not mean he will be abandoning Under Armour, with which he currently has a shoe line.

This is good news for Overwatch players, but it doesn’t mean Microsoft is totally abandoning Xbox Live bans.

CEOs from the business world are abandoning him.

CEOs from the business world are abandoning him.

Archconservatives are abandoning the bill for its domestic spending increases.

There’s no release date yet for X-Force, but it shows that Fox isn’t abandoning its darker, edgier takes on the superhero world.

The Sunday referendum is far too complex and far too many steps away from abandoning the euro to be considered comparable to Brexit.

When Polaroid announced it was abandoning its film in 2008, Impossible Project leased the fading company’s factory and bought the remaining equipment.

Not surprisingly, there is a pretty clear pattern in who is abandoning Trump now: it’s members whose reelection is in doubt.

“That doesn’t mean abandoning our principles — we will vigorously appeal TfL’s decision — but rather building trust through our actions and our behavior.

Would abandoning celibacy for diocesan priests help?

I can’t give you a good reason why (almost) everyone’s jumping aboard this bandwagon of abandoning the standard 3.5mm jack.

I know that that camp thinks that way, and I think they’re gonna … That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re abandoning the label.

These antics have taken Trump much further than anyone predicted they possibly could, and so he evidently has no intention of abandoning them.

Some experts think that Trump abandoning US commitments on aid could be nearly as damaging to international climate efforts as withdrawing from Paris altogether.

Thuy: I was glad to see more of Rey’s struggles, and her acceptance of her parents abandoning her on Jakku.

Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch said she is in favor of screening immigrants for “Canadian values” and of abandoning immigration quotas.

The buyers, who Jadallah wouldn’t name, apparently never gave a reason for abandoning the deal.

The political costs of abandoning these cases (through a pardon or other means) would be enormous.

Then, once you reach your destination, simply abandoning it by the side of the road.

Then, once you reach your destination, simply abandoning it by the side of the road.

“We are not abandoning the indie space,” he said.

Sony shut down its last manufacturing plants that same year, essentially abandoning its famous Trinitron CRT brand.

Over the past few years, several supposed CRT “recyclers” have been caught secretly abandoning their old displays in vast television graveyards.

Best Buy is abandoning the humble CD and will no longer sell them in its stores starting on July 1st, 2018, reports Billboard.

He said the company may even be abandoning plans to fly humans on the Falcon Heavy, moving those missions to the BFR.

abandoning their Senate duties would also prove that all the Republican talk about loving the Constitution is just that – empty talk.

Cruz is correct that the movie portrays politicians as “abandoning” the Americans in Benghazi.

Despite many electrification claims by other automakers, Smart is on the forefront of abandoning gasoline and diesel engines.

North Korea ended up abandoning the Clinton-era agreement.

abandoning interest rate targeting might seem radical, but the Fed has actually done it once before, in the late 1970s.

Interest rate targets had become a distraction, and abandoning them helped Volcker focus on the variable he really cared about: inflation.

According to the video, Paul is abandoning the daily model because he “wants to exercise his creativity in different ways…

Turkey has shown interest in the Patriot system, but not at the expense of abandoning the S-400.

More common than shutting down your Facebook account is simply abandoning it, avoiding the app for months on end.

Tivoli isn’t completely abandoning its audiophile-with-reliable-design-sensibilities roots, however.

Republicans will need to determine exactly which cuts they need, which they can reconcile themselves to abandoning, and which pay-fors they hate the least.

Amazon is cancelling its HQ2 project for New York, but it isn’t abandoning the city.

Israel can’t accept the right of return without abandoning either its Jewish or democratic identity.

Frank’s basic story was that the white working class was abandoning the Democratic Party.

Iran says that by abandoning the agreement Washington has shown it cannot negotiate in good faith.

“The agency that is supposed to protect you is abandoning you,” she said in December.

So while it doesn’t appear that Uber is abandoning its self-driving ambitions, it does seem to be scaling back.

That said, it appears likely that abandoning agency fees and making the whole country right-to-work would reduce public sector union membership at least somewhat.

Lysistrata is a play about women who collectively withhold sex from their male partners to pressure them into abandoning their war-making ways.

In June, Facebook announced it was abandoning the Aquila project, which explored the use of high-flying drones to deliver internet.

But on Monday, Brian made a surprise New Year’s announcement, that he was abandoning the “Rich Chigga” name.

Musk didn’t make things any easier by spending most of August exploring — and then abandoning — a suddenly announced plan to take the company private.

You can stop feeling guilty about abandoning your 3DS Animal Crossing town: Isabelle the Shih Tzu is coming to kick your ass.

“I love abandoning TV shows,” she says.

Right, it’s 2018 and people are abandoning cable entirely.

3) Is Obama abandoning his constitutional obligation to “take care” to enforce Congress’s laws by implementing DAPA?

Now she’s abandoning her seat yet again to challenge Ige.

abandoning Google would mean abandoning the Play Store, which can mean shipping a device without Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and so on.

Fortunately, for the creators currently working with Drip as well as anyone looking for an alternative to Patreon, Kickstarter isn’t abandoning the platform.

He went silent on abandoning taxation of all investment income.

So how do you end up with the voters abandoning what their elites wanted?

Third, they can retreat inland, abandoning some areas to the sea.

How do you look … Do you think we are just abandoning the idea of that?

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron accused the government of “a betrayal of British values” in abandoning the scheme.

Some startups aiming to create real meat from animal cells are abandoning the term “clean meat.

Then again, there’s a case to be made for just abandoning punctuation altogether depending on who you’re talking to.

When Chappelle famously walked away from Chappelle’s Show in 2004, abandoning the third season of the critically acclaimed series, he became a myth.

But it also shows why we shouldn’t expect China to do anything as drastic as abandoning North Korea altogether.

Tesla is abandoning the 75kWh battery pack for both the Model X and Model S, CEO Elon Musk announced on Wednesday.

And what are the odds that Gates will wind up abandoning this approach as well?

For me, it was writing something that was kind of abandoning guitar chords.

As for abandoning song titles, we had that idea just to give the album less of an ego.

Never let the French be accused of abandoning their heritage of baroque ornamentalism.

In a rarity, Trump delivered his AIPAC speech with the aid of a TelePrompter, abandoning his typical free-wheeling style.

Defenders of Reef’s Edge, meanwhile, suggest that abandoning the underwater terrain denies some of what makes this International this International.

For a little under two decades, Acconci produced strikingly original and impressionable art, before abandoning it for experimental architecture and design.

For a little under two decades, Acconci produced strikingly original and impressionable art, before abandoning it for experimental architecture and design.

The AP isn’t abandoning its fact-checking partnership with Facebook.

In this week’s episode, tensions over Jon abandoning that title seem to have reawakened the grudge between House Glover and House Stark.

Iran says the United States must lift the sanctions in reimposed since abandoning the deal last year.

Trump called it bad for American jobs, but proponents worry that abandoning the project could further strengthen China’s economic hand in the region.

The network isn’t abandoning Westeros just yet, though — it has a handful of additional shows in development, and on his blog, George R.R.

By telling allies that the US will only support them if they pay up, he’s abandoning American promises to defend them.

Republicans aren’t abandoning Donald Trump.

However, the idea of abandoning SLS was met with strong resistance, especially by Shelby.

(+15) Daenerys’ entire life was full of men constantly betraying her, using her, and abandoning her.

In 2016, Groupon announced that it was abandoning its multi-class share structure, reverting to a conventional one-share, one-vote rule.

“People were abandoning their cars and running with their babies and kids.

BlackBerry CEO John Chen has said the company will consider abandoning the hardware effort if it can’t make money by this year.

abandoning them risks having weaker scaffolding for future plots.

Encourage your partner to share new experiences with you, rather than just abandoning her or him; your relationship will benefit from it.

Iran says the United States must lift the sanctions in reimposed since abandoning the deal last year.

This led to what Chen called “karma beggars.” Basically, players lovebomb strangers to win currency before abandoning them.

Witch Hunt.” Rosenstein somehow managed to navigate the Comey firing drama deftly, pleasing Trump just enough to keep his job without abandoning his principles.

All of a sudden, I felt like someone abandoning a puppy in the middle of a field.

“The record companies are abandoning him.

City officials were accused of abandoning inmates at New Orleans Parish Prison during Hurricane Katrina in 2005, as flood waters seemed into the facilities.

All of which is to say I am fully on board for abandoning most traditional books in favor of an eReader.

Adrian Dreshuan Middleton, 26, was charged with abandoning a child after he turned himself in to police on Monday, according to KHOU11.

The work of abandoning the tour bus for the borrowed van, of giving up a reliable paycheck for a cut of the door.

“We have never raised an issue about abandoning the Ukrainian transit.

abandoning TPP is the wrong decision,” he continued.

“I ended up abandoning my ascetic lifestyle after moving into a house with roommates.

Bankers fear that abandoning distortions that create customer alienation could create “first-mover disadvantage”.

With T-Mobile abandoning unpopular industry practices and cutting prices, other wireless providers were forced to follow suit.

Questions remain about how North Korea would define denuclearization, which Washington sees as Pyongyang abandoning its nuclear weapons program.

Don’t think of it as abandoning your pantry, you’re just on a break.

Kate Hudson has forgiven her estranged biological father for abandoning her as a child.

Like painting, which many artists began abandoning in the 1970s, the grid was considered exhausted or used up, as obsolete as VHS.

abandoning a pet is a felony crime in Massachusetts punishable with fines up to $5,000 and up to seven years in state prison.

“We will negotiate fairly with our British friends, but let’s not forget that the EU is not abandoning the United Kingdom.

For this month—and this month only—he’ll go on at you about growing your beard longer and abandoning Western clothing.

A California woman whose boyfriend allegedly killed her half-sister admitted Wednesday to abducting — but then abandoning — the slain woman’s three children, PEOPLE confirms.

Princess Mako of Akishino has officially announced that she will be abandoning her royal status to marry for love.

Ryan has indulged Trump on a personal level without abandoning any of his longstanding policy views.

But instead of abandoning the idea right away, Gerald resists.

Some defectors have cited harsh working conditions as reasons for abandoning their posts.

That would mean abandoning the current system of having four companies service outstanding loans.

The second is active processing, a term that means abandoning your gut instinct in favor of carefully thinking something through.

On March 23, Chapman pled guilty to abandoning her cat.

The 2 woman are not abandoning R. Kelly as they attempt to launch careers.

But abandoning or trying to redo the agreement would free Iran from those restrictions.

Just the feeling of inevitability and also betrayal, like we were abandoning her, and that part of her still understood what was happening.

He thus opens himself up to criticism as dangerously disengaged while also abandoning a potentially useful line of attack that Clinton is too hawkish.

It actually just accelerated my abandoning of that lifestyle.

Pfizer Inc said last month that it was abandoning research to find new drugs aimed at treating Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

The ministry rejects that approach, saying that abandoning sanitary logging would mean “de-facto giving up”.

Ghosn cut more than 20,000 jobs, abandoning unprofitable car models, cutting adrift suppliers, and shutting down plants.

“A lot of hospitals are abandoning cooling, while a lot had never adopted it in the first place.”

That would put Washington in the unenviable position of either fighting a NATO ally or abandoning its proxy forces in Syria.

The husband and wife are charged with abandoning or endangering a child, and are free on bonds of $35,000, according to court records.

Apple is “not abandoning efforts to design its own vehicle,” Bloomberg had reported in late July.

“Future societies face the options of importing heat-tolerant varieties, developing new varieties, switching crop types altogether or abandoning farming,” the paper noted.

They claimed it was a protest against President Trump for abandoning “the peoples who getting you elected.

The thought of any parent abusing or abandoning their child just seemed outrageous to me.

As the pullback continues however, officials must persuade the public that it means more than just abandoning ground to the Taliban.

I haven’t seen a wholesale of Democrats overwhelmingly abandoning Feinstein,” said Mermin.

  Two pilots for an Indian airline have been suspended after starting a fight and abandoning the cockpit in the middle of a flight.

Clubs like Cream had emerged and punters were abandoning Warrington.

He escapes to EST, and seems to be contemplating abandoning the “faith” altogether — much more seriously than he was at the series’ beginning.

“Future societies face the options of importing heat-tolerant varieties, developing new varieties, switching crop types altogether or abandoning farming,” the paper noted.

If even all these Republicans are abandoning Trump, then what does it say about you if you vote for him?

Today, abandoning Trump is what you do if you’re a decent person.

The Silicon-valley mantra of “innovation at all costs” can have its perks, but it often means abandoning things which were already great—like Windows 95.

But where the younger women toned down their themes, Clark bigged up her production, abandoning the folkie decorum of showcase circuit.

That was, for many Southerners, a cause worthy of abandoning compromise and taking up arms.

“Because that’s me abandoning my country when I think I’ve got a good thing to say to my country.

However, it should not be construed as Riyadh abandoning moderate rebels fighting to topple Iranian-backed President Bashar al-Assad.

James Grigsby, 25, faces less severe charges linked to allegedly abandoning a corpse and tampering with evidence.

James Grigsby, 25, faces less severe charges linked to allegedly abandoning a corpse and tampering with evidence.

Parker was charged with tampering with a witness, injury to a child and abandoning or endangering a child, all felonies.

Will four justices join him in abandoning the agency-fee rule?

pic.twitter.com/0YPsExD3FM The majority of the protesters appeared to heed that warning, abandoning the legislative building and the possibility of a confrontation inside.

abandoning guns completely would be another in a long line of video games’ acts of willful ignorance.

What are the purposes of abandoning standard capitalization on platforms like Tumblr and Twitter?

That’s the trade off.” But Bay 12 Games isn’t abandoning the ASCII version of Dwarf Fortress.

Like America in the 1920s, many Indian states have tried prohibition before abandoning it.

North Korea needs time and proof to believe that abandoning its nuclear program will contribute to its own political and economic advantage.

The United States has long said it wants any talks to aim at Pyongyang abandoning its nuclear weapons and missile programs.

She’s scaled that back, now advocating for a referendum on the Euro than abandoning it outright.

In the book, you say that abandoning facts means abandoning freedom.

abandoning facts also means abandoning truth, and a civilization can’t get along without shared truths.

Companies are abandoning functional silos and organising employees into cross-disciplinary teams that focus on particular products, problems or customers.

abandoning some aspects of the nuclear deal is one way to look both tough and dismissive.

Her family fled North, abandoning their land to local whites.

Celldex said it was abandoning the study on the board’s recommendation and it did not expect to incur substantial additional costs.

“It’s not like we are turning our back on the IWC and abandoning international cooperation,” she said.

The more common, more watery reply usually involves sappy formulations about “not abandoning the party I love” and “staying to fight”.

Anger because she felt he was “abandoning me, my kids.”

This would not be “abandoning” their party.

After six decades of Arabisation programmes, the former French colonies in north Africa are abandoning the effort.

abandoning its pledge to produce surpluses, Mr Morrison now merely says that the budget will be balanced “over time”.

But USTR later clarified in a statement that it was not abandoning the threat of increasing the tariffs to 25 percent from 10 percent.

Instead, Mr Trump seems to be abandoning the balanced budget element, opting for Keynesianism with a twist.

In particular, abandoning the IMF’s programme just when it is beginning to work would be disastrous.

There are even suggestions that soldiers are paid late to discourage desertion, which would mean abandoning back pay.

There are lessons from the evolution of the MCU that DC could have learned from, rather than abandoning its flagship character.

Moderates cannot defeat extremists by abandoning their ideals.

Trump officially announced that the U.S. is abandoning the Paris climate deal.

They condemn Mr Thiel for abandoning his libertarian principles and trying to gag Gawker.

To simplify, the first group watches the second abandoning the moral high ground and wonders: What are they thinking?

One approach is to try to persuade entire villages to pledge publicly that they are abandoning the practice.

The transitional-justice fudge kept the FARC from abandoning the talks.

Tony Blair, abandoning the Labour Party’s commitment to common ownership, read its last rites.

Iran says the United States must lift the sanctions in reimposed since abandoning the deal last year.

Both countries were abandoning racist schemes that had favoured whites (Australia ran one called “bring out a Briton”).

They may culminate in centrist MPs abandoning a party that has abandoned them, and at a time when Britain needs a strong, united opposition.

Mr Trump offered promises of near-instant renewal once he took office and put Americans first, abandoning the rotten policies of “globalism”.

It really depends on his family, and other than the daughter, they all seem to be abandoning him.”

But don’t equate managing globalisation with abandoning it.

The government has tried to placate voters without abandoning its policies.

The bigger factor is that white Britons are abandoning common names in favour of more unusual ones.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll found older, white voters abandoning the Republican Party.

The only safeguard against healthy people abandoning those plans is the fact that they would be fined if they went without insurance.

This solution obviously has difficulties, including, perhaps, the necessity of abandoning the restrictions embodied in the agreements with the International Monetary Fund.

The bank is not abandoning cross-selling.

abandoning the pop limelight, Gabriel returned to his roots and attempted crossover links between visual art and music.

Its chances depend on it communicating a genuine sense of contrition for its crimes, and abandoning the Stalinist dogmatism that few share.

“I’ll just say we won’t be abandoning the Dad Steve magic,” the Duffers said, emphasizing the bond between Steve and Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo).

Authorities have declared an end to the professional football season, abandoning several rounds of matches.

For a year now, Republicans have been tossing out ideas and then abandoning them.

Weakened by years of neglect and corruption, the Iraqi army and its security forces crumbled, abandoning Mosul to the jihadists.

Apartheid came to an end, the Palestine Liberation Organisation said that it was abandoning terror, and economies around the world embraced the Washington consensus.

Remarkably, 72 percent of telemarketers studied by Sahin make it through two loops of Lenny’s recording before abandoning the call.

Many of the most educated give up and take to dinghies, abandoning the region.

abandoning the Iranian nuclear deal will make it more, not less, likely that Iran will get the bomb.

Or abandoning an IS-2 to defect for a Panzer IV.

Just look at how BlackBerry ended up abandoning its own software,” Wood said.

After abandoning the truck in Bangor, Marshall hopped on a bus to Boston.

His success in the first round matters because it signifies that his party, which already looked weak, is abandoning the centre of French politics.

More seriously, the worry is that America is abandoning the economic leadership that saw it champion free markets.

A trade war would mean abandoning an institution that recognises that countries are stronger when they work together.

(Updates with afternoon trade) * Pfizer falls after abandoning plan to split * U.S. presidential debate kicks off at 9:00 p.m.

Most importantly, Mr Erdogan has reversed course on Syria, abandoning his dream of ousting its blood-drenched president, Bashar al Assad.

Lefties who once supported the Labour leader are abandoning him.

To make a chip which can do both has led some scientists to look at abandoning transistors altogether.

In fact, because the cost of abandoning their careers is so high, mothers who earn more are less likely to leave the workforce.

The authors calculate that abandoning even a claim guaranteed to succeed is the rational response for 35-50% of would-be claimants.

But many in his party are uneasy about abandoning the filibuster.

abandoning the principle that Supreme Court justices should attract a supermajority of Senate support, though, entails considerable risks for both parties.

I managed to wait ’til I’d been wheeled out of the room before abandoning myself to blubbering sobs.

abandoning the Olympics removes one headache for Mr Bettman, but may give him another: a new front of conflict with the league’s players.

In some cases, parents are simply abandoning their kids.

Motorists worldwide have for years been abandoning four-door saloons in favour of bulkier SUVs.

“I am trying to lose weight in an hourglass way and that makes me worry that I am abandoning the BBWs,” she told me.

abandoning the centre did not make the established parties popular with the extremes.

With astonishing regularity Indian newspapers report stories of Congress grandees abandoning the party, all too often to join the BJP.

But as temperatures rise and inspections wane, others are already abandoning their bothersome hygienic garb.

“When you look at American comics, they’re abandoning those classical costumes and becoming more functional, becoming more like fighters.

Anxiety is, I think, the main reason why I find myself at 29 happily abandoning the fight to desire and be desired.

Quick take: Forces prompting the increased attention from Democratic voters and candidates include… Trump abandoning Obama-era policies.

“You’ve been talked into abandoning everything you ever thought was true about nutrition,” he says.

Passengers joined them in droves, abandoning hub airports in America and Europe as well as the airlines that use them.

Mathews was quickly arrested and charged with abandoning or endangering a child.

abandoning the now useless grip, Kisenosato was forced backwards towards the boundary, but angled out to throw Terunofuji down on his hands.

But when it disappeared, local media assailed the government for abandoning its principles.

abandoning the accord will delight his political base, droughts, deluges and disease be damned.

Instead, black voters now appear to be abandoning the DA.

A source told Reuters that Pfizer was leaning toward abandoning, not altering, the deal.

I could not find the proper combination of keys to perform this simple task without abandoning my keyboard and picking up the phone.

The party is abandoning the reformist spirit and open-mindedness associated with its early years, she charges.

The shopkeeper disappears into a back room when I tell her what I want, abandoning me for several minutes.

In other words, just when we need our better angels the most, they seem to be in the process of abandoning us.

The trick is making sure they do not respond by abandoning the vulnerable.

“Other documented effects include nesting birds and other small mammal parents abandoning their nests leaving their defenseless babies behind,” the website says.

Tesla Inc fell 3.1 percent, the most among Nasdaq 100 stocks trading premarket, after abandoning a plan to take the electric carmaker private.

But critics lashed out, accusing her of abandoning her husband.

The site was embarrassing then and is embarrassing now, but abandoning it was a terrible mistake.

Hundreds have been forced to choose between abandoning their jobs and families or facing fines and even prison for disobeying the orders.

We’d conspired about how we’d lose his sister, which basically involved abandoning her at a night club with some French guys.

She dreams of a life beyond her wrong-side-of-the-tracks home, finding solace in cool classmates and promptly abandoning her best friend.

The governor of West Virginia, Jim Justice, switched parties, abandoning the Democrats to become a Republican.

As I spoke up about my sex life, I learned the value of abandoning the secret confines I’d built around it.

abandoning religion doesn’t just mean turning your back on God.

Under Mr Trump, the party is on the point of abandoning its optimism about legal migration, too.

We’re going to cupping lessons and abandoning ancestral tea-drinking rituals.

Of course, scaling back a skincare routine doesn’t mean abandoning all forms of skincare for good.

Other PR companies have been abandoning the sort of work it does since activists and journalists became more adept at exposing covert PR campaigns.

Today their Nordic descendants are abandoning coins and notes in favour of electronic payments.

There was one major shift – abandoning plans for close ties for financial services, Britain’s biggest export industry.

abandoning plain English for equivocal gobbledegook, Starr nevertheless admitted the 14-point gap was an issue.

Puerto Ricans, who are American citizens, have been abandoning the island.

He did at least signal that it would find partners for self-driving technology, abandoning Mr Fields’s riskier strategy of doing everything internally.

“We see it chopped up into these experiences that are very exciting and emotionally driven.” The industry isn’t abandoning traditional games.

And they have no money.” Djibouti’s president accused France in 2015 of abandoning Djibouti and investing very little there.

The problem is that Republicans plan bigger cuts to business taxes than are affordable, especially after abandoning plans to raise money via so-called “border-adjustment”.

Now, under the threat of nationalization, some are abandoning these structures.

It is the cover America has given other countries to avoid acknowledging the problems of the agreement America is abandoning.

But abandoning the other red line, the commitment to an invisible border, would be worse.

No countermeasures were proposed, apparently in the hope that the Russians would be embarrassed into quietly abandoning the new system.

abandoning the attempt to connect them to the grid would mean more money to invest in urban areas.

Remember that being practical doesn’t need to mean abandoning your dreams.

“Investors are abandoning their flight to safety play and going back to a risk-on scenario, so they are buying equities and selling gold.

Is appearing you are abandoning “your base”, “the movement”, and the peoples who getting you elected.”

Elsewhere in the region, they are staying with Catholicism; in Chile they are abandoning faith altogether.

Reaching wider audiences is imperative for all American sports, as more fans at home are abandoning their cable-television subscriptions.

The latter spent some years deconstructing the medium, before abandoning his studio in 1970 and vowing only to do site-specific works when invited.

“People were abandoning their cars and running with their babies and kids,” one local, Whitney Vaughan, wrote on Facebook.

Whatever dirt he finds, there is little chance of Republican lawmakers abandoning Mr Trump as they abandoned Nixon.

By closing its doors it is abandoning them to a wretched future.

abandoning Abood after four decades would be a radical move for a handful of judges to foist on America, Justice Elena Kagan added.

Many of Terrafugia’s competitors, though, are abandoning the idea of flying machines that can also drive.

Hong Kong is abandoning its longstanding opposition to dual-class shares in order to grab a bigger share of Asia’s tech listings.

Each time he calls Jonze out, the crowd cheers louder, abandoning their uncertainty about the newcomer in favor of their hatred for Jonze.

abandoning online spaces can leave them isolated from their peer group.

Statoil, a Norwegian oil firm, is abandoning a name given to it almost 50 years ago to become the wispier Equinor.

In a last-ditch effort, Nokia struck a partnership with Microsoft to provide the hardware for its next generation of Windows Phones, abandoning MeeGo entirely.

Many countries are now abandoning indefinite bans.

But they do not claim that abandoning them makes things safer.

abandoning all ego.

Quietly postponing a policy is often the first step towards abandoning it.

That life there is so tough is why they are abandoning it faster than people on any other continent.

The device of abandoning the exhibition space was first deployed by Yves Klein, one of the fathers of conceptual art.

What is that?’” Explo Systems filed for bankruptcy in 2013, abandoning 7,800 tons of M6 at Camp Minden.

This is equivalent to 80,000 people each day abandoning their homes.

Apple was once said to have an eye on Tesla, before hatching and then abandoning plans to make cars itself.

Some have greeted the change with open arms, praising HHS for abandoning what Severino called the “outright hostility” of the Obama years.

In practice he seems to be offering no testing for the time being and some access to sites the programme might be abandoning anyway.

Striving to offer credit where some is due, veteran diplomats praised Mr Trump for abandoning his “fire and fury” threats.

In abandoning its past caution, it has waded into an unwinnable war in Yemen and split the GCC in a feud with Qatar.

According to Petticrew, by the 1970s stress researchers were increasingly abandoning Selye’s general adaptation syndrome paradigm of biological stress responses.

The justices will soon have another opportunity to weigh the merits of abandoning old precedents with significant implications for America’s economy.

An unmarried 30-year-old who set up on his or her own would have been seen as shamefully abandoning her family,” Cohen told me.

More and more people are abandoning traditional, linear television programming in favor of streaming services.

Companies are abandoning the NRA in droves, and around 1 million students participated in a nationwide walkout last week.

It is no mystery why so many women are abandoning the Republican Party.

No country has followed America in abandoning the Paris accord.

Its leadership has become more sensible, abandoning some of its previous wilder promises about what independence would mean for Scotland’s economy.

But she whiffed on the chance to try it again on Friday, abandoning the move mid-leap, known as “popping” the jump.

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